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Full text of "The history of the island of Antigua, one of the Leeward Caribbees in the West Indies, from the first settlement in 1635 to the present time"

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Jsflanti of Qlntigua* 

From Johnson' s Account, 1830. 








M.k.C.S. ENG. ; L.R.C.P. LOND. 

2Folumc Mi. 




'0[ 3H 



My original intention had been to limit this Work to two volumes, but owing to the great 
increase of material, and a desire not to omit anything which might be useful, I have been 
compelled to issue this Third and final Volume. 

I wish to point out that owing to the shortness of my stay at Antigua in 1888-9, it was 
impossible for me to examine many of the later volumes of records — a matter for regret, 
as otherwise many pedigrees might huve been more fully set out. In regard to marriage 
licences, which were formerly invariably granted by the Governor or his Deputy, present 
officials have no knowledge of their existence. 

My thanks are due to the Publishers for the very able way in which they have carried out 
their difficult and troublesome work. 

February, 1899. 

iltst df Xllustiattons. 

Geological Map of the Island of Antigua, 1830 

View of St. John's, from Otto's 

Portrait of Captain E. Tyrrell .... 

View of St. John's Harbour, Antigua, from Friars Hill 

View near English Harbour, drawn about 1830 

View in Old North Soimd, from Fi-eeman's . 

English Harbour, from Monk's Hill . 

Court House, St. John's .... 

Panorama of St. John's, from a recent Photograph . 

Burial-ground of the Langford Family at Cassada Garden 

Marble Tablet to Rowland Oliver, at St. Michael's Church, Bath 



352, 353 

This Edition has been limited to 150 copies, 
of which this is No.jAl 

%\}t J|istorj> of Qlntigua. 


Rachel=pJohn Pare of " Pares " in Old North Sound,=rAnii Thomas= 

p. . . . 

Katherine (? sister of=p. . . . Tunkes of 

Antigua, of 153 acres ; died 15 July 1757, 


John Pare) of St. 



fet. 53. M.I. at Clifton, co. Gloucester. 

2nd dead in 

Michael's, Bardados. 

alias " Fore- 


Will dated 8 Nov. 1756, then of St. Paul's, 

wife. 1756. 

Will dated 21 Nov. 

stalles " alias 


Covent Garden ; proved 2 March 1758. 

1777 ; proved at Bar- 

" Tunckes " of 


(86 Hutton.) 

bados. 319 acres. 

Rachel Pare, 1st dan. and^pDr. Ashton Elizabeth=rRowlaiid Otto- 


Mary=rAnthonv Edward Pare,=r 

coheir (heir to her aunt 

Warner of Pare, 2nd ': Baijer, bapt. 



Pahie, Esq., of Bar- 

Mrs. Katharine Tunckes). 

"Belvidere" dau. and i 17 Jan. 1726 



Esq., vide bados 1757. 

Marriage Settlement dated 

alias coheir ; | at St. John's. 



vol. ii., Ex'or to his 

15 March 1754. Will 

" Homes," living | Will dated 24 

31 July 


p. 175. aunt Kathe- 

dated 26 May 1803; proved 

Antigua. 1761. | Nov. 1761 ; 



rine Tunkes 

-20 Dec. 1805. Owned 

Will dated 5 ! proved 12 Oct. 

at St. 



"Waterford" in Barbados, 

April 1789, i 1762. (411 



and a moiety of " Pares " 

and left Mrs. ! St. Eloy.) 

in Antigua. (See vol. i.. 

Mary Ann /|\ 


p. 29.) 

Massett his 



Edward Thomas Pare of St. Mary Hall, Oxford, matriculated 
30 March 1763, aet. 19. In 1757 to study Surgery. 

John Pare of Antigua, now living in St. Paul's, Covent 
Garden. Will dated 8 Nov. 1756 ; proved 2 March 1758 
by Richard Oliver, Augustus Boyd, and John Bond, the 
Attorneys of Rachel Warner the wife of Ashton Warner, 
and of Elizabeth Otto-Baijer wife of Rowland Otto-Baijer, 
Esq., the daus. (86 Hutton.) To each of my grandsons 
John & Rowland Otto £50 at 18. To my granddau. 
Frances Otto £50 at 18. To my nephew Edw^ Pare, son 
of my brother Tho. Pare, deceased, £50. To Cath. Wilson 
£200 at 16. To Ann Wilson £15 yearly for 7 years. All 
residue to my 2 daus. Rachel Warner & Eliz"' Otto, & 
appoint them Ex'trices. Witnessed by Matthew Christian, 
James Bogle French, Joseph Sanders. Recorded also at 
St. John's 9 June 1758. 

\st Codicil dated 15 March 1767. To my negro Pero 
£4 c. yearly, my ft-iend M'' Robinson Tudway of Bristol, 
hosier, to send him over to Antigua. Witnessed by Eliza- 
beth Rudge, R. Tudway, Ro. Fullwood. 

2nd Codicil dated 21 March 1757. To my son-in-law 
Anthony Fahie, Esq., £200. To Sam' Redhead of Antigua, 
Esq., £200. Witnessed by R. Tudway, John Powell, Ro. 

3rrf Codicil dated 25 March 1757. To Ann Wilson 
£20 c, not £15 a year. To my nephew Edw"" Pare of 
Barbados, Esq., £20. To Sara' Redhead, Esq., £20. My 
nephew Edw^ Pare to go to S' Thomas Hospital, London, 
for the better study of surgery, as my son-in-law D' Ashton 
Warner shall direct. Witnessed by Eliza Rudge, John 
Powell, fi. Tudway. 

1825, Nov. 19. In Park-street, Bath, the relict of 
Samuel Pare, esq. of Barbadoes. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 190.) 

i^ARiSH Register of St. John. 
July 3i Catherine the D. of John Pare, Esq', and 
Ann his wife. 

Clifton near Bristol. 
JOHN PARE, Esq. | of the Island of Antigua, | 
departed this Life 15 July 1757, aged 53. 

(Biglaud's ' Gloucestershire Collections,' p. 392.) 


Arms. — Azicre, an eagle displayed argent, armed or, guttee de sang. 
Crest.— yl?i eugWs head or, spotted ivith ermine spots, murally collared sable. 

LIEUT.-COLONEL DANIEL PARKE of Virginia; "Col. Parkes"sent by Goveruor=p(? dau. of. 
Sir W. Berkeley with a letter to the King 1669 ; Member of Council 1674. Will dated I Evelyn.) 
11 Aug. 1677 ; proved 16 Sep. 1679. (120 King.) 

Mrs. Kathe--^ 
rine Chester, j 
wife of Ed- \ 
ward Chester, ; 
senior, of St. ; 
John's. < 

Daniel Parke, mortgagee of Colonel George=T=. . . . Evelyn Parke, mar. 

Gamble's plantation of 316 acres for £6000 Gilbert Pepper, 

sterling, which descended to Lucy Chester- Esq. ; both living 

Parke; owned lands at Whitechurch, co. 1712 and 1715- 

Hants, of £500 a year; was M.P. for that 

borough ; expelled the House for bribery ; Eebekah Parke, 

Aide-de-camp to Duke of Marlborough 1704 : 

Governor-General of Leeward Isles 1706— 

1710; shot during an insurrection and bur. Jane Parke, 

at St. John's 9 Dec. 1710, ajt. 41. Will mar. 

dated 29 Jan. 1709-10; sworn 20 Dec. 1710; 

proved May 1711. (112 Young.) 

Colonel James=FEleanor, dau. 

Parke, nephew 
of the Gover- 
nor ; Member 
of Assembly 

of Chief Jus- 
tice Samuel 
Watkins ; 
mar. 1707 at 
St. John's. 

1., mar. 1st ... . Wallace, 
2ndly Colonel Farley of 

Thomas Dunbar=f=Lucy Chester, mar. 10 Dec. 1720 ; 
Parke, bur. 28 obtained possession of " Gambles " 
Nov. 1734 at St. 20 Nov. 1723; bur. 20 Nov. 1770 
John's. at St. John's. 

Frances Parke, inherited=j=( ? John) Custis* of Lucy Parke, 

the Virginia property. Virginia, Esq. mar 

Arms : Three par- Bird. 

Daniel Dun- 
bar Parke, 
bapt. 8 Feb. 
1728 at St. 
John's ; a 
lunatic 1767. 

bur. at St. 
John's 26 
Jan. 1770. 

pElizabeth Dunbar Parke, 
born 1725 ; mar. at St. 
John's 3 Oct. 1746 ; bur. 
there 27 May 1759 ; died 
26 May 1759, a3t. 34. 



J .. , 


:Martha=rGeorge Washing- 
ton, first Presi- 
dent U.S.A., born 
1732; mar. 1759; 
died 1799. 

Fanny=pWilliam Winch of 



George Washington Parke Custis of Arlington House, Virginia ; his dau. Mary mar. 
General Robert Lee, the Confederate (' Mis. Gen. et Her.,' Second Series, i., p. 107). 

* Captain Edmund Curtis or Custis, a Commissioner nominated by Parliament to reduce Virginia IG.'jl 

London, Virginia 
Merchant. Will 
dated 22 Jan. 1739; 
proved 4 Feb. 
1739-40. (56 

a merchant KJo-t. 

Daniell Parke of London, Esq. Will dated 11 Aug. 
1677; proved 16 Sep. 1679 by Micajah Perry and Thomas 
Lane ; power reserved to the others. (120 King.) To my 
son Daniell Parke my plantation and negros /n Virginia & 
to his heirs male ; heirs female to take my surname. To 
each of my daus. Evoling Parke (the eldest), Rebekah Parke, 
and Jane Parke £1500 at 18. Profits of sale of tobacco & 
shipping. All residue to my son Daniel at 21 & sole Ex'or. 
Loving friends Col. Edward Carter, M'' Michaiah Perry, & 
M' Tho. Lane Ex'ors in trust for England, & Jas. Bray, 
Esq., & M'- Rob' Cobb for Virginia, & £5 rings. Witnessed 
by Row. Place, jun., Samuel Pettit, John White, servant 
to Henry Faucon, scr. 

Daniel Parke, Captain-General and Chief Governor of 
all the Leeward Islands. Will dated 25) Jan. 1709-10 at 
St. John's; proved May 1711. (112 Young.) AUmyestate 
in these islands to Tho. Long, Esq., & M' Ceasar Rodney 

for Lucy Chester, dau. of Mistress Kath. Chester, but if 
she die under 21 to her mother, then to my godson Julius 
Cffisar Parke. Lucy Chester & her heirs to take my name 
& use my coat of arms which is yet of my family of the 
CO. of Essex,* but if they refuse then to my godson Julius 
Ceasar Parke, then to the heirs of my dau. Frances Curtis, 
then to the heirs of my dau. Lucy Bird. To my dau. 
Frances Curtis all my estate in Virginia or England, then 
to the heirs of my dau. Lucy Bird, then to the y=' dau. of 
Mistress Kath. Chester, then to the heirs of Julius Ceasar 
Parke, then to the poor of the parish of White Church in 
Hampshire. To my dau. Lucy Bird £1000. To Julius 
Ceasar Parke £50 a year. To my 3 sisters & their children 
£50 for rings. To each Ex'or £20. I appoint Tho. Long, 
Esq., of this island, & M"' Ceasar Rodney and Maj'' Sam' 

* A Pedigree of Parke of Gestingthorpe was entered in the 
Visitation of 1634. See also Moraut and Wrijjht's ' Essex.' 


Byam Ex'ors for the Leeward Islands ; Micajah Perry, 
Esq., M'' Tho. Laws, & M." Kich'' Perry of London, raereh', 
Ex'ors for England & Virginia. Witnessed by Hubert 
Pember, John Birmingham, and William Martin. 

Codicil dated 7 Dec. 1710. M' Abraham Redwood to 
be Ex'or in the place of Col. Thos. Long, deceased. On 
20 Dec. 1710 Hubert Pember, Esq., of Antigua, and William 
Martin of St. John's, vintner, were sworn before the Hon. 
Walter Hamilton, Esq., Lieut.-General and Commander-in- 
Chief of H.M. Leeward Charibbe Islands. 

William Winch of London, Virginia Merchant. Will 
dated 22 Jan. 1739 ; proved P.C.C. 4 Feb. 1739 by Francis 
William Massey. (5G Browne.) By the deed of settlement 
at my marriage with my now wife Fanny Parke Winch, 
dau. of John Curtis of Virginia, Esq., I was to have received 
ii-om him £1000, but he has not paid it. All my lands, 
negros, cattle, etc., to my cousin M"' Francis W™ Massey of 
Christ Church, London, apothecary, he & Messrs. Sam. 
Haswell, Tho. Brooks, & W™ Hunt to be Ex'ors. Witnessed 
by James Martin, Mary Martin, James Henry Kent. 

James Parke. On 4 May adm'oa of goods of James 
Parke, late of Antigua, but in St. Botolph's without Aldgate, 
deceased, granted to Henrietta Stevenson, wife of Thomas 
Stevenson, the widow and relict. Nov. 1741. 

Hugh Parke, planter. Will dated .... My Ex'ors to 
send to Philadelphia, Pennsilvania, 4 heavy British guineas 
to M'' Arch'' Bingham to purchase 4 gold rings, one to be 
sent to M'' Jn" Service in the said city or Virginia, another 
to my sister Hester, spouse of the said Arch*", another to my 
sister Eliz"', wife of the said John, & one to be kept by the 
said Arch'' in memory of me their affectionate brother. All 
residue to be divided. (Remainder of will has been lost.) 
Recorded at St. John's. 

1G74, Nov. 21. At a Court at James City, Virginia. 
Present : Sir William Berkeley, Knt., Governor, Lieut.- 
Colonel Daniel Parke, Sir Henry Chicheley, Knt., and others 
of the Council. 

For a biography of Governor Parke see : " The History 
of Col. Parke's Administration Whilst he was Captain- 
General and Chief Governor of the Leeward Islands; With 
an Account of the Rebellion in Antegoa : Wherein he, with 
several others, were Murther'd on the 7th of December 1710. 
By Mr. George French. London, 1717, pp. 427, 8"." His 
portrait* is given, painted by Sir Godfrey Kneller and 
engraved by G. Vertue, with his arms : Quarterly — 1 and 4, 
Azure(JgutUe), an eagle displayed ; 2 and 3, Azure, a griffin 
passant, a canton argent. Crest: An eagle's head couped, 
gorged with a mural crown with three enibattlements sabU. 
Died 7 Dec. 1710, set. 41. 

Letter from the Duke of Marlborough to Queen Anne. 

August 13, 1704. 
I have not time to say more, but to beg you will give 
my Duty to the Queen, and let her know her Army has had 
a glorious Victoi-y. Mon^ Tallard and two other Generals 
are in my Coach and I am following the rest. The bearer, 
my Aide-Camp C. M. Parkes, will give her an account of 
what has pass'd. I shal doe it in a day or two by a nother 
more att large. 

(A copy of this is given in W. A. Raton's ' Down the 
; p. 77.) 

1708, Feb. 4. Julius Ctesar Parke has been appointed 
youngest Ensign in Colonel Jones's Regiment. 

* This has been reproduced in vol. i. 

Memorial of Gilbert Pepper,* Esq., and Evelyn his wife, 
sister of the late Governor Parke, petitioning against the 
appointment of Edward Warner to the Council of Antigua. 
Received 21 March 1711-12. (B. T. Leeward Islands, 
vol. 12.) 

1715-16, Feb. 11. Gilbert Pepper and Evelyn his wife 
complain to the Assembly against the Governor. 

1723, Nov. 20. Cassar Rodney, merchant, Ex'or of late 
Governor Parke, hands over to Thomas D. Parke and Lucy 
his wife Governor Parke's estate of 316 acres, formerly 
mortgaged by Colonel George Gamble. 

1727, Dec. 11. James Parke, Esq., was returned as a 
Member of Assembly for Belfast Division. 

1728, March 8. Petition of Thomas Dunbar Parke and 
Lucy Chester his wife for settlement of the late Governor 
Parke's affairs. 

1729, March 9. Petition of Thomas Dunbar Parke 
that he married on 10 Dec. 1720 Lucy Chester, and hath 
now issue a son Daniel. Recites Governor Parke's will. 

1734. Thomas Dunbar Parke and Lucy his wife claim 
£4364 as house rent voted to the late Governor Parke, and 
still owing by the Assembly. They refuse to pay it. 

173(), Oct. A conspiracy discovered among the negros 
on the Widow Dunbar Parke's plantation. 

1736, Dec. 22. Julius Ctesar Parke then Master of the 
ship " St. George." 

1767, Aug. 15. Petition of Lucy D. Parke re her son 
Daniel Dunbar Parke, a lunatic, who is allowed £80 a year. 

Parish Register of St. John. 


1728 Feb. 8 Daniell the s. of Thomas Dunbar Parke 

& Lucey his wife. 
1732 Feb. 11 Patrick the s. of Thomas Parke & Mar- 

garett his wife. 
1798 Oct. 10 Georgiana D. of William Park & Isabella 

his wife. B. the 1 S'" March last. 
1806 Feb. 25 Jennet D. of William Park and Isabella 

his wife. B. the 17"' October last. 

1707 (May or June) 9 James Parkes 
kins. Lie. 

Elliuor Watt- 

1710 Dec. 9 His Excell^x Daniel Parke, Esq', Late 

Cap' General, etc. 
1732 Oct. 19 Thomas Parkes. 
1734 Nov. 28 M-- Thomas Dunbar Parke. 
1767 June 1 Andrew Park, Jun^ 
1770 Nov. 20 Lucy Dunbar Parke. 
1775 Dec. 30 Daniel Parke. 
1777 June 10 Robert Park. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 
1746 Oct. 3 Alexander Simms & Elizabeth Dunbar 
Parke ; l)y Lie. 

Parish Register of St. Philip. 
1795 Nov. 27 M' Hugh Park. 

* A Gilbert Peppar, son of Dennis Peppar of Aslackby, co. 
Lincoln, Gent., matriculated from Magdalen Hall, Oxford. 15 May 
1(;32, a3t. 16. of which family a pedigree is recorded in the Visitation 
of lO.?!. 

Major-General John Pepper, M.P. for Staining, co. Sussex, died 
Oct. 1725. (Mawson's ' Obits.') 

In St. Paul's, Covent Garden, is a M.I. to Mary wife of Gilbert 
Pepper, ob. 20 Nov. 1694. (Seymour's ' London,' p. 674.) 


Frances Traverse. Will dated 27 Sep. 1757. To Jane 
Parker, dau. of my son-in-law Thos. Parker, 7 slaves, & in 
default of issue to my granddau. Henrietta Parker. I give 
the latter 5 negros. To my granddaus. Marg* & Mary 
Parker each a negro, & to my granddau. Sarah Parker 
7 negros. To my grandson Thos. Parker a negro & all 
demands I have against the estate of Henry Warner, sen', 
dec''. To my godson Ashton Warner and my goddau. 
Sarah Warner each a negro. To my nephew Octavius 
Nibbs a ring of 3 gs. To my dau. Henrietta a negro, 
furniture, plate, & all residue. Tho. Warner, Esq., & my 
son-in-law Thos. Parker, Ex'ors. Witnessed by Richard 
Glover, Edward Monteigue, William Pigott. By his Excel- 
lency George Thomas was sworn Edward Monteigue 31 
March 1759. Recorded 2 July 1759. 

Richard Glover, carpenter, in his will dated 
names his partner Tiiomas Parker. 



Thomas Parker. Will dated IG Jan. 1779. Whereas 
Henry Warner, late of Antigua, by his will dated 6 Feb. 
1729 bequeathed Frances Haydon £3000 c, and there 
appears to be a large sum still due to the heir-at-law of 
Frances Headon, then Frances Traverse, as by her will 
dated 27 Sep. 1757 she gave to my son Tho. Parker, jun% 
her grandson, all such demands. ' My son Thos. Parker 
died an inf, & his legacy descended to me, & I bequeath 
all claims to my 4 daus. Jane Clapham, Sarah Nibbs, 
Henrietta Hawes, & Marg' Parker. To my dau. Jane 
Clapham a negro. To my dau. Sarah Nibbs, wife of Jer. 
Nibbs, jun', a negro. To Sarah Nibbs the younger, their 

inf dau., a negro. To Henrietta Hawes, dau. of Martin & 
Henrietta Hawes, a negro. All residue to my dau. Marg' 
Parker. Jer. Nibbs, John Martin Hawes, & John Hawes, 
Ex'ors. Witnessed by John Burton, E. Moore Mascall, 
Thomas Mackie. By his Excellency Tliomas Shirley was 
sworn Edmund Moore Mascall 25 March 1786. Recorded 
3 April 1786. 

Thomas Parker of Antigua, planter. Will dated 26 
April 1780. To my father and mother Isaac & Jane Parker 
of Gatesgill, co. Cumb., all estate. My friends and employers 
M'' Bertie Entwisle, M'' Jos'" Brown, Ex'ors. Witnessed by 
John F. Athill, Peter Corss. Before Thomas Jarvis, Esq., 
were sworn John F. Athill and Peter Corss. Recorded 
10 Sep. 1781. 

1786, Jan. 5. Will of John Parker, writing clerk. 

167.6, March 9. Ensign Robert Parker granted 100 
acres by Colonel Philip Warner ; surveyed 26 March 1677. 

Parish Register of St. John. 



.... 1 

Thomas Parker and Eliz^ Hill. 


July 23 

Thomas Parker & Henrietta Warner 
by Lye. 



July 5 

Cap' John Parker. 


Dec. 1 

Edward Parker (Planter). 

^ttiiflrte of ^3arrj^, 

John Symes of Montserrat=p. 
from CO. Gloucester. I 

JOHN PARRY of Antigua, Esq. ; in 1668 had a=pHenrietta, widow of 
grant of 325 acres ; Chief Secretary of Antigua I Mr. John Brand ; 
1671 ; styled Esq. in 1672 and 1678 ; living 1679. living 1674. 

Lieut. John 

Catherine Symes.=f 

Symes of 

Will dated 11 


Oct. 1721, sworn 

Will dated 2 

1 Nov. following, 

April 1709 ; 

then a widow. 

proved 20 
Jan. 1712. 

(249 Leeds.) 

Major Charles Lloyd of 
Antigua ; in 1699 bought 
300 acres called " Cinna- 
mon Valley " of Colonel 
Henry Lyons ; Member 
of Assembly 1710 and 
1711 anda J.P. 

Elizabeth =pColonel Samuel Parry 


of Antigua. Will 
dated C Feb. 1724-5 ; 
sworn 9 April 1725. 
His five sons and sis 
daughters all named 

Governor John 
Will dated 15 Dec. 1717. 
" Eliz. Symes dau. of my 
Wife's sister." " My 
cousin Sam. Parry & his 
s. John Parry." " M"' 
Paul Parry." 

Sarah Lloyd. (See under Amy Lloyd, mar.= 
Harman, vol. ii., p. 63.) 2ndly Theodore 
— Walrond ; Mar- 
Dorothy Lloyd, bapt. 6 Jan. riage Settlement 
1710 at St. John's ; mar. dated 11 Jan. 
Samuel Harman, Esq. ; she 1731; bur. 27 
died 29 May 1754, set. 44 ; March 1741 at 
he died 27 Nov. 1759, St. Philip's, 
aet. 63. 

Amy Parry, only dau. Will dated 27 Nov. 
1744 in London ; proved 1 July 1745. 
(202 Seymer.) 

John Parry, Symes Parry-Symes, heir to= 
) St son and his uncle Lieut. John Symes, 
heir, bur. 25 whose name he took ; under 
Nov.l730at 17 in 1709; bur. 13 Aug. 
St. Philip's. 1723at St. John's. Adm'on 

granted May 1728 to his 

brother Samuel. 

Samuel Parry-=j=, 
Symes, ast. 20 
in 1718; heir 
to his brother 
Symes 1728 ; 
dead in 1742. 

Elizabeth Parry-Symes, 
mar. William Steele. 
Adm'on of estate of 
Symes Parry-Symes 
granted to her 1742. 


Henrietta Parry-Symes, 
mar. Thomas Stevenson. 
Adm'on of estate of 
Symes Parry-Symes 
granted to her 1742. 

Amy Parry- 
Symes, liv- 
ing 1721. 


Catlierine Loyd, widow. Will dated 11 Oct. 1721. 
To my nephew John Parry, 1=' s. of my brother Col. Sam' 
Parry, £200 st., now in the hands of Nath' Carpenter, 
merch' at London, also a riding horse & negros. To Henry, 
l^t s. of Mr Henry Symes of Willoughby Bay, £30 c. & a 
negro. To my niece Cath. Parry, dau. of Col. Sam' Parry, 
negros. To Capt. John Eoynon of Montserrat £50 c. To 
my sister Eliz. Parry £100 st. To Henrietta, Eliz*, & 
Amy Parry, daus. of my nephew Sam' Parry, £20 c. each. 
All residue to my 3 children Amy Loyd, Sarah Loyd, & 
Dorothy Loyd equally. My brother Col. Sam' Parry & his 
son John Parry & M' Henry Lyons, Ex'ors. Witnessed by 
Walter Sydserfe, Symes Symes. Before Walter Hamilton, 
Esq., were sworn Walter Sydserfe and Symes Symes 1 Nov. 

Samuel Parry, sen. Will dated 6 Feb. 1724-5. To my 
daus. Kath. Parry, Mary Parry, Marg* Parry, Henrietta 
Parry, Frances Parry, & Rebecca Parry £300 c. each at 21 
or marriage. To my 3 sons W"*, Henry, & Geo. Parry 
£300 c. each & £60 c. for apprentice fee. To my wife 
Eliz"' a mulatto & all plate & furniture. To my loving son 
John all my estate. My wife, my son John, & Hon. 
Archibald Cochran, W™ Yeamaus, Esq., Thos. Kerby, Esq., 
M' Henry Lyons, Ex'ors & Guardians. Witnessed by 
N. Monk, jun., William Masters, Geff. Duncomb. By 
Edward Byam, Esq., was sworn [Afcrw^] 9 April 1725. 

Amy Parry of London, spinster. Will dated 27 Nov. 
1744 ; proved 1 July 1745 by Henry Lyons and Richard 
Boddicott, Esquires. (202 Seymer.) My sister-in-law 
Eliz. Walrond, now living with her mother-in-law at Exeter, 
£1000 at 21 ; if she die to the children of my aunt Dorothy 
Harman. at present wife of Samuel Harman of Antigua, 
planter. My uncle Henry Lyons of Antigua, Esq., £100, 
& to my aunt Amy his wife £100, & my cousins Joseph 
Lyons & John Lyons their sous £50 apiece. My friends 
Rich'' Boddicott of London, merchant, & Mary his wife & 
Eliz. Wilder £100 apiece. Rich'' Boddicott the younger 
their son £50. M"'' Mary Debeta of Spittlefields, school- 
mistress, £50. Guinea rings also to Mary, Frances, Martha, 
& Ann Smith & Eliz. Crabb. All residue to the said Henry 
Lyons & Rich'' Boddicott the elder, & Ex'ors. Witnessed 
by Edward Coulter, Thomas Smith, Chain Street, Crutched 
Fryars, Jonathan Evendon, Copthall Court. 

Close Roll, 18 Geo. IL, Part 7, No. 11. 
Indenture made the 7th Oct. 1744 between Amye Parry 
of London, spinster (only daughter of John Parry, late of 
Antigua, a planter, deceased), of the one part, and Henry 

Lyons of Antigua, Esq., of the other part, witnesseth that 
for docking, barring, and destroying all estate in tail, 
reversions, etc., made in or upon the negros hereinafter 
mentioned, and in consideration of 5s. Amye Parry has sold 
her 23 negro slaves, with their increase, in Antigua, late in 
the possession of Henry Lyons, and now in her possession, 
to Henry Lyons and his heirs for ever. Edward Coulter, 
Jonathan Evendon, witnesses. 

1668. Mr. John Parry and Mrs. Anne Washington 
granted 335 acres by patent. 

1671, Jan. 11. John Parry granted 150 acres by Gover- 
nor Warner; surveyed 20 Jan. 1671-2. 

1671, Feb. 1. John Parry then styled Chief Secretary 
of Antigua. 

1672, Aug. 29. John Roane of Antigua, Chirgion. 
Letter of Attorney to John Parry, Esq., re 2100 lbs. 
Witnessed by Jane Knight, Ralph Gordges. Recorded in 
Secretary's OflBce 16 Nov. 1672. 

1674, July 29. Warrant to divide the estate of Mr. 
John Brand, deceased— half to his widow Henrietta, now 
wife of Mr. John Parry, and half to his daughter Christian 
Brand. 16 Aug. 1674. 

1679, Nov. 9. John Parry, Gent., exchanges 3 acres 
with Robert Starkey. 

1680. John Parry, Esq., granted 10 acres by Colonel 
James Vaughan ; surveyed 1 680. 

John Parry granted parcell of land 28 Feb. 1680 by Sir 
W. Stapleton ; also 10 acres and one proportion on 22 May 

1709-10, March 14. John Parry of Antigua, planter, 
sells to John King of Antigua, planter, 11 acres. 

1718, Feb. 4. Deposition of Mr. Samuel Parry, Gent., 
aged 20. 

Parish Register of St. John. 
1700 Feb. 16 John S. of .John Parry. 
1710 Jan. 6 Dorothy d. of Maj. C. Loyd & Catherine 
his wife. 

1709 April 4 Tho' Lewis & Ann Parry. L. 

1740 Jan. 20 Henry Simms Parrie. 


Dec. 5 Samuel Parry. 
Dec. 25 Sarah Parry. 

George Parry,; 
bur. 23 Jan. 
1743 at St. 

i \ \ II II II 

Sarah Lyons, mar. 18 William=pGrace Henry Amy Parry, Katherine Parry, Margaret Frances 

Feb. 1735 at St. Phi- Parry Parry, mar. about living 1721 and Parry. Parry. 

lip's ; named in will 1723 H<mry 1724. — — 

of her uncle Colonel Lyons, E^q.; — Henrietta Rebecca 

John Lyons in 1742. he died 1746. Mary Parry. Parry. Parry. 

Elizabeth Parry, named in will of 
Colonel John Lyons in 1742. 

Thomas Parry, bapt. 
1732 at St. Paul's. 


Barbara Parry, bapt. 17 Feb. 1733 ; 
bur. 21 Oct. 1734 at St. Paul's. 


Parish Register of St. Philip. 
1735 Feb. 18 George Parry to Sarah Lyons. L. 
1741-2 Mar. 9 James Thiboii to Rebeckah Parry. 
1759 April 12 Jn" Lydiatt & \_Ma7ilt] Parry. 





Aug. 26 
Oct. 14 
Nov. 25 
May 16 
Jan. 23 

Jan. 3 

Alexander Parry. 
Robert Parry. 
John Parry. 

Rebecca D. of Sam' Parry. 
M'' George Parry. 
Rob' Parry, jun''. 
M" Ann Parry. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 

1732 July 27 Thomas S. of William & Grace Parry. 

1733 Feb. 17 Barbara D. of William Parry & Grace 1 


1727 April 10 W Andrew Bodkin and M« Parry, Wid- 

dow ; p'' L. 
1731 Dec. 11 Samuel Parry & Eleanor Hunt ; by L. 
1740 June 19 Samuel Alford & Grace Parry ; by Bans. 

1731 Nov. 23 M" Margaret Parry ; at S' Peter's, Par- 


1732 July 6 Thomas S. of William and Grace Parry. 
1734 Oct. 21 Barbara D. of William Parry & Grace his 


Belfast Burial-ground. 
On a headstone: — 

ROBERT JN° parry 

BORN THE 1 MAR. 1759 

DIED APR. 12. 1760. 

"Parrys," St. Peter's Parish, in 1852, contained 222 
acres, and was owned by George W. Ottley. 

dfamtlp of ^attersoiu 

John Patterson. Will dated Jan. 1732. (Fragmentary.) 
My son Walter .... John .... & my dr. Sarah all my 
estate. Appoint D^ . . . . Sydserfe & D"' Stephen Mignan, 
Ex'ors, & my wife Sarah during her widowhood. 

Codicil. I hereby bequeath to my son John a tankard, 
& to my dau. Sarah silver spoons. Witnessed by .... as 
Crawford .... Hawes .... Monteigue. Before Edward 
Byam, Esq., was sworn Thomas Crawford, merchant, 13 
June 1733. Recorded 17 ... . 

•Joseph Patterson, ivory-turner. Will dated 23 Aug. 
1754. All my estate to my wife, & after her death to my 3 
children. Witnessed by William Dickinson, Samuel Clay- 
ton. Recorded 27 Sep. 1759. 

Elizabeth Becket, widow. Will dated 9 Nov. 1792. 
My former husb'' Roger Ashley left all his est. to me, which, 
after my marriage with Peter Becket, I sold for £500 c, 
having no children. To my late husband's bro. Ed. Ashley 
£500 c, & in default to his bro. Chr. Ashley. My goddau. 
Ann Becket Bray £100 st. My sist. Ann M=Pherson £30 c. 
a year. My neph. Peter Becket Patterson £1000 c. All 
res. to my niece Rebecca Patterson, wid. She & Isaac 
Eccleston, Ex'ors. Witnessed by Mary Martin, Langford 
L. Hodge, James Grant. By Edward Byam, Esq., was 
sworn James Grant, writing clerk, 28 March 1794. Re- 
corded 29 March. 

1773, Oct. 21. Joseph Pattison, jun., heii- of Joseph 
Pattison, sen., deceased. (Minutes of Council.^ 

Parish Register of St. John. 


1708 Oct. 23 John S. of John Pattison :fe Hannah his 

1711 Jan. 27 Mary D. of John Patterson & Hannah 
his wife. 

1715 April 3 Elizabeth D. of John Patbirson & [*?««/<;] 

his wife. 

1716 Oct. 29 Hannah d. of John Patterson & Hannah 

his wife. 
1727 June 11 Alice the d. of John Patterson and Sarah 
his wife. 


























































































Sarah the d. of John Patterson and Sarah 
his wife. 

Walter the s. of John Patterson & Sarah 
his wife. 

John the s. of John Patterson & Sarah 
his wife. 

John S. of Robert Patterson and Margaret 
his wife ; b. the 4"' May 1787. 

George Infant S. of Captain William 
Patterson, R.N., and his wife. 

Eliza Jane Josephine D. of John Patter- 
son and Isabella his wife. B. 24"" 
Nov. 1815. 

Robert Patterson and Grace Abbott, 
Widow ; by L. 

John Patterson and Ann Murray, Spin- 
ster ; by L. 

Walter Patterson and Ann Smith (Widow) ; 
by L. 

Galbraith Patterson and Frances Sawcolt ; 

Peter Forster to Ann Patterson (Widow) ; 

John s. of John Patterson. 
Hannah Patterson. 
Hannah Patterson. 
Alice D. of John Patterson. 
M' John Patterson. 
James Patterson, Chymist. 
Henry Patterson. 
Mary Patterson. 
Walter Patterson, P. 
Robert Patterson. 
Ann Patterson. 
Frances Oressey Patterson. 
Alexander Patterson. 
John Patterson. 
Ann Patterson. 
John Patterson, Infant. 
Captain Patterson. 
Joseph Patterson. 
William Patterson. 


ifamil^ of ^aj^ne. 

1700, July 7. Will of Peter Brozett of S' Giles in the 
Fields, who was married with M" Anne de Clainenbrong, 
and issue was : Mary, Paulina, Peter, Cath., John, Jas., & 
Mary Brozett. Wife to be heiress, then children. Daniel 
Papon & Peter Soulegre* her sons-in-law. Overseers. 
Proved 26 July 1701. (91 Dyer.) Translated out of 

1757, July. Abraham Payne of St. Christopher's, Esq., 
Adm'ou to Mary Douglas, wife of James George 
Douglas, Esq., the dau., Anne Douglas the widow and relict 

1775, Aug. 7. Adm'on of George Thomas Payne, late 
of Antigua, Esq., bachelor, deceased, granted to Stephen 
Payne Galwey, Esq., the brother. 

John Brozet. Will dated at Southampton 6 Jan. 1777 ; 
proved 20 April 1780 by Peter Guinard and Catherine Dur- 
ban, spinster. (174 Collins.) All my estate to M' Peter 
Papon, M"' Peter Guinard, & M" Cath. Durban, & Ex'ors. 
Witnessed by Thomas Scott, Thomas Waight, James Gerard. 

Isf Codicil. 26 Dec. 1778. M" Paine of S' Christo- 
pher's dying without a will I have administered as heir, & I 
divide the neat produce thereof into 15 shares. To Miss 
Brozet that lived with her 4 parts, & to M' Brozet her 
brother 2 parts. To M"' John Brozet of S' Kitts 2 parts. 
To the late M"'* Percival's (formerly j\Iary Brozet, spinster) 
children at S' Kitts 2 parts. M"' Peter Brozet of Chelsea, 
Miss Cath. Durban, M" Guinard, John Smith Budgen, Esq., 
& M^ Papon my Ex'or, each 1 part. Witnessed by James 
Gerard, Joseph Norris, Thomas Scott. 

'2nd Codicil. 18 June 1779. Whereas Mary Pasquereau 
Payne, late of S* Christopher's, widow, died intestate, & all 
her real estate descended to me as her heir-at-law, & I took 
out letters of administration of her personal estate in the 
P.C.C., & have already received £1596. I give to my 2 

* See his will later, under Woodley. 

friends M"- Peter Guinard & M'' Cath. Durban all my real & 
personal estate in Trust to sell & divide into 15 shares (as 
in the will). Witnessed by Thomas Andrews, William 
Andrews, Thomas Adney Payne. Letter annexed refers to 
a dau. of Lewis Brozet, dated 25 Jan. 1779. Will translated 
from the French 10 April 1780. 

1778, July 1.3. Mary Payne, late of St. Christopher's, 
widow, deceased, adm'on to John Brozet, Esq., cousin 
german ouce removed and nest of kin. 

James Parson Ottley in his will dated 4 Feb. 1779 
names his mother Lucretia Payne and John Willett Payne 
and William Payne. 

1780, April 21. Further adm'on of goods left unad- 
ministered by JohH Brozet, Esq., deceased, now granted to 
Peter Guinard and Catharine Durban, his Ex'ors. 

Close Roll, 3 Geo. IIL, Part 2, Nos. 4 and 5. 

Indenture made the 4th June 1763 between Ralph 
Payne, late of St. Kitts, Esq., but now of St. George's 
Parish, Hanover Square (eldest son and heir, and likewise 
devisee named in the will of Ralph Payne of St. Kitts, Esq., 
his late fiither, deceased), of the one part, and Henry Wil- 
mot of Gray's Inn, Esq., of the other part, witnesseth that 
for ban-ing, docking, etc., all estates tail and all reversions 
and remainders in the messuages, etc., hereinafter mentioned, 
and in consideration of 5s. Ralph Payne grants, etc., to 
Henry Wilmot for one whole year all messuages, planta- 
tions, lands, etc., and negros and other slaves, etc., belonging 
to him in Nevis in America, late the estate of Ralph Payne, 
deceased, for the use of Ralph Payne and his heirs for ever, 
and Ralph Payne appoints, etc., Thomas Cottle of St. Kitts 
and Henry Sharpe of Nevis, Esquires, his Attornles in Nevis. 
No. 5. 

Indenture made the 3rd June 1763 between the same. 
(A mere counterpart.) 

^Setrticjree of ?3apnt. 

Arms. — Gules, a/ess hetween two lions passant argent. 

Crest. — A lion's gamb erased, holding the lower part of a tilting-lance in bend. 

topher's in 1669 and 1673. 

St. Christopher's in 1673. 

Colonel Stephen Payne of St. Christopher's ; Member of Council in 1704 ;=f=. . . 
£et. 47 in 1707-8; died 10 Sep. 1711, set. 50. M.I. in Middle Island i 

Abraham Payne of St. =p Anne, dau. of 

Christopher's, Esq., set. Ralph Willec 

28 in 1707-8; of Christ by Anne his 

Church, Nicholas Town, wife ; living 

1711 ; appointed Mem- 1711. 
ber of Council on 21 
April 1730 ; died 1740. 

Sir Charles=p. 



See Pedigree ^. 

Nathaniel Payne ;= 
of St. Anne, Sandy 
Point, Si. Chris- 
topher's, 1733. 

Lieutenant Abraham Payne of St. 
Chi-istopher's ; Member of the As- 
sembly 1683—1686. 

in n 

Stephen Payne, died Two 
£et.6. M.I.atMiddle daus. 

Samuel Payne, died 
a3t.9. M.I.atMiddle 



Alice, only dan. of Colonel Francis Car-=r Ralph Payne of St. Christopher's, Esq., matricu- 

lisle of Antigua, and sole heir of her 
brother Francis Carlisle ; mar. 8 July 
1734 at St. John's. 1st wife. 

lated ft-ora Oriel College, Oxon, 17 Dec. 1722, 
fet. 16; Barrister-at-Law Middle Temple 1730; 
appointed 1759 Chief Justice of St. Chris- 
topher's ; died 1762. 

Margaret, dau. of ... . Gallwey 
of St. Christopher's ; mar. before 
1750 ; she died there 1760. 2nd 

Ralph Payne.Baron Lavington,P.C.,K.B.,= 
1st son and heir ; inherited the paternal 
estate in Nevis ; born 19 March 1739 at 
St. George's, Basseterre, St. Christo- 
pher's ; M.P. Shaftesbury 1768; K.B. 
1771 ; Governor of Leeward Islands 
1771—1775; M.P. Camelford 1774, 
Plympton 1780, Woodstock 1795; created 
Baron Lavington 1 Oct. 1795 ; a second 
time Governor of Leeward Islands 1801 
till his death Aug. 1807 ; bur. at Car- 
lisles, in Antigua, 4 Aug. 1807. M.I. 
at St. John's. ' 

^Francoise Lamber- 
tine de Kolbel, dau. 
of Frederick Maxi- 
milian, Baron de 
Kolbel, Maj.-Gen. 
in Imperial Service; 
mar. 1 Sep. 1767 at 
St. George's, Han- 
over Square ; died 2 
May 1830 at Hamp- 
ton Court Palace. 

Elizabeth Payne, only 
dau., a minor 1753 ; 
William Payne 
of St. Chris- 
topher's. She mar. 
2Qdly Pickering, son 
of Dr. Lettsom, at 
Tortola, 22 Sep. 1808 ; 
he died 1 month after, 
£et. 27. (See vol. ii., 
p. 175.) 

Stephen Payne-Gall-=pMary, dau. 
of OUver 
de Lancey 
of New 
York ; died 
1795 at 

wey of Tofts Hall, 
CO. Norfolk ; ma- 
triculated from Oriel 
College, Oxon 14 
Feb.l767,ffit. 17;by 
Act of Parliament in 
1762 assumed name 

and arms of Gallwey ; 
died 31 March 1812, 
in Montague Street. 

A son, a Captain in the Armv, died Charlotte Payne-Gallwey, only dau. and heir, set. 14 in 1795 ; mar. 
19 April 1795, set. 18. " 25 May 1797 John Moseley of Great Glenham, co. Suffolk. 


Sir Charles Payne, Bart., of St. Christopher's ; aet. 24 in 1707-8 ; appointed Member of=p. . . . dau. and coheir 
Council 1730; knighted before 1733 ; created a Baronet 31 Oct. 1737; died 21 Dec. of William McArthur 
1744, sBt. 62. M.I. in Middle Island Churchyard, St. Christopher's. of St. Christopher's. 

Abraham Payne, junior, matriculated from Oriel College,^ 
Oxon, 17 Dec. 1723 ; set. 17 in 1729 ; Member of Council 
of St. Christopher's ; living 1733 ; died v.p. 

-. . . . dau. of Jeflrey 
Brown, Chief Justice 
of St. Christopher's. 

Sir Gillies Payne, 2nd Bart., of=r- 
Tempsford Hall, co. Bedford ; > 
died there 1801, »t. 80. 1 

Frances Payne, posthumous and 
only surviving dau., mar. 30 
March 1758, at St. George's, 
Hanover Square, William Wood- 
ley of St. Christopher's and later 
Governor of Leeward Islands ; 
he died 1793 at St. Christopher's ; 
she died 1813, a)t. 75, at BIox- 
worth, CO. Dorset. 

Sir John Payne,= 
3rd Bart., died 
1803. His le- 
gitimacy ques- 

=Mary, 1st surviving 
dau. and heir of Sir 
Philip Monnoux, 
Bart., of Wootton 
House and Sandy 
Place ; mar. 2ndly, 
20 Feb. 1811, J. F. 
Buckworth ; she 
died 1850. 

I I 

Mary Payne, died Dec. 1819 at Elstow near 

Christiana Payne, mar. 1st, Nov. 1788, 
George Sharpe of St. Vincent ; 2ndly, 21 Sep. 
1808, at St. Pancras, Thomas Swale ; she 
died 25 Jan. 1816. 

Charles Payne, died 1849. 
Claimed to be 4th Bart. 

Rev. Coventry Payne, Vicar of Hatfield Peverel,=T=Henrietta, 3rd dau. of Peter Wright of 
CO. Essex, 1823, and of Munden 1830 ; died 1849. I Hatfield Priory, co. Essex. 
Claimed to be 5tb Bart. 

Coventry Payne of Wootton House, co. Bedford, born 1821 ;=rHarriet, 1st dau. of John Wright of Wickham Place, co. 
died 1874. Claimed to be 6th Bart. I Essex ; first-cousin to her husband. 

Philip Monnoux Payne of Wootton, co. Bedford, born 1858 ; of Magdalen College,-=r Winifred, dau. of Richard Vigors 
Cambridge. Claims to be 7th Bart. Doyne ; mar. 1880. 



Colonel Stephen Payne, living Ann Payne, 
1711 ; Member of Council, St. living 1711. 
Christopher's, but resigned Dec. 

Eliza Payne, living 

Willet Payne= 

Clara Payne, mar. 
Stephen Adye of 
St. Christopher's ; 
he died 1756. 

John Willet=r, 
Payne, Rear- 
Admiral R.N 

Sir William Payne-Gallwey,=pHarriet, dau. 

Bart., Lieut.-General 
Colonel of 3rd Dragoon 
Guards ; created Baronet 8 
Dec. 1812 ; in 1814 assumed 
name and arms of Gallwey ; 
died 16 April 1831. 

of Valentine, 
1st Earl of 
Dunraven ; 
mar. 19 Nov. 
1804 ; died 
13 Dec. 1845. 

George Thomas Payne, 
bur. 7 June 1774 at 
St. John's ; died bache- 
lor. Adm'on granted 
7 Aug. 1775 to his 
brother Stephen Payne- 

=A son, Rec- Sir William Payne-Gall-=pEmily Anne, 3rd dan. and 
tor of a wey, 2nd Bart., born 1807; coheir of Sir Robert Frank- 
parish in Major in Army ; M.P. land Russell, Bart. ; mar. 
Barbados. Thirskl851— 1881 ; died 1847. 
19 Dec. 1881. 

I I . 


Ralph Payne, 
matric. from 
Oriel College, 
Oxon, 14Feb. 
1767, ffit. 17 ; 
B.A. 1770; 
M.A. 1773. 

Henry John William 
Fayne-Gallwey, Cap- 
tain R.N. ; died 25 
May 1875. 

Philip Payne-Gallwey, 
Captain 90th Light 
Infantry ; died at Pil- 
moor Hall, Yorkshire, 
23 Feb. 1894, est. 82.' 

Rev. William Charles Lane Payne, Bar-=r. . . . dau. of 
Payne. rister - at - Law Middle I . . . . Spence, 

Temple, Acting Solicitor- and widow of 
General British Guiana. | . . . . 

James F. Lavington^ 
Payne, Barrister-at- 
Law of Middle Tem- 
ple ; now of Grenada. 

dau. of Sir Ralph Wil-= 
Gittens Ham Payne- 
irbados. Gallwey, •3rd 


Charles Payne of St. Christopher's ; 
appointed Member of Council 1750 ; 
his death announced 27 Sep. 1765. 

Sarah Payne, m?ir. 1st Thomas Butler, senior ; 
2ndly William Buckley of St. Christopher's, 
Barrister-at-Law, circa 1736, and died before 

A dau., mar Estridge, 

son of President Estridge ; 
both Hving 1733. 

Peter Payne, M.P., of Blun-=pElizabeth Sarah, only dau. of Samuel Elizabeth Payne, 

ham House, Sandy, co. Bed- 
ford, died 1843. Claimed to 
be 3rd Bart, on the ground 
of the illegitimacy of his 
elder brother. 

Steward of Stourton Castle, co. Staf- nar. 1790 Rev. 
ford ; mar. 1789 at Kinver, co. Staf- iRichard Palmer, 
ford ; died 23 April 1832 at Leaming- 
ton, CO. Warwick. 

Janet Payne, mar. 1792 Richard 

Susannah Payne, youngest dau., 
mar. 1797 Hugh Perry Keane 
of St. Vincent. 

Charles Gillies Payne, matric. from Merton=rMary Elizabeth, Ist dan. of Rev. Thel- Robert Henley=i=Louisa, dau. of 

College, Oxon, 13 Dec. 1812, set. 18 ; B.A. 1815; 
M.A. 1818; Barrister-at-Law Middle Temple 
1823 ; died 21 May 1870. Claimed to be 
4th Bart. 

wall Salusbury, Rector of Graveley, 
CO. Herts ; died 8 Sep. 1855, set. 54. 
M.L at Offley, co. Herts. 

Payne of Bor- 
born 1795. 

Henry Chaw- 
ner of Newton 
Manor, co. 

Salusbury Gillies Payne, J.P., of Blunham House, Sandy ,=pCatherine Anno, 3rd dau. 
CO. Bedford, only son and heir, born 1829 ; entered ! of Robert Chadwick of 
Rugby 25 April 1845, fet. 1 5 ; matriculated from Brasenose High Bank, Manchester ; 
College,Oxford,22Junel848,a3t.l9; B.A.1852; Barrister- mar. 1858. 
at-Law Middle Temple 1857. Claims to be 5th Bart. 

Henry Lavington Payne, Other 
born 1833 ; late of 2nd issue. 
Dragoon Guards. 

Charles Robert Salusbnry=f=Aline Cecilia, only child of James Henry Murray of 34 Ovington Square, Alfred Lavingtoc 
Payne, 1st son, born 1859; | London ; mar. 22 Aug. 1893 at St. Paul's, Knightsbridge. Payne. 

Lieut. R.N. (retired). 



Close Roll, 7 Geo. III., Part 14, Nos. 25 and 20. 

Indenture made the 24th March 1767 between Sir Gillies 
Payne of St. Kitts, Bart., now residing at Roxton, Beds, 
of the one part, and John Willett of Broad Street, London, 
merchant, of the other part, witnesseth that in consideration 
of 5s. Sir Gillies Payne grants, etc., to John Willett those 
two messuages (late of Sir Charles Payne, Bart., his father, 
deceased), in the town of Sandy Point and in the parish of 
St. Ann, Sandy Point, St. Kitts, and the plantation in 
the tenure of Sir Gillies Payne called the French Ground 
Plantation containing 200 acres, and that other plantation 
in the tenure of Sir Gillies Payne in the said parish called 
Sandy Point Plantation containing 100 acres, and that other 
plantation in the tenure of Sir Gillies Payne in the parish of 
St. Thomas, Middle Island, called Half Way Tree Planta- 
tion containing 40 acres, and all tlie pasture and mountain 
lands, etc., and all messuages, etc., whatsoever for one whole 
year, yielding therefore one peppercorn if demanded, and 
Sir Gillies Payne appoints Hon. Colonel Stephen Payne, 
Walter Jodrel, and Archibald Esdaile, jun.. Esquires, all of 
St. Kitts, his Attorneys. 

No. 25. 

Indenture made the 25th March 1767 between Sir 
Gillies Payne, of the one part, and John Willett, of the 
other part, witnesseth that for barring, etc., of all estates 
taO, remainders, and revei'sions expectant, etc., and in con- 
sideration of 5s. Sir Gillies Payne bargains, etc., to John 
Willett all those messuages, plantations, etc. (as in No. 26), 
to the use of John Willett and his assigns for ever, to the 
use of Sir Gillies Payne and his heirs and assigns for ever. 

Close Roll, 7 Geo. III., Part 14, Nos. 23 and 24. 
Indenture made the 24th March 1767 between Sir Gillies 
Payne of St. Kitts, Bart., now residing at Roxton, Beds, of 
the one part, and John Willett of Broad Street, London, 
merchant, of the other part, witnesseth that in consideration 
of 5s. Sir Gillies Payne bargains, etc., to John Willett all 
that plantation or ground land of Charles Payne, Esq., his 
brother, deceased, and heretofore of Sir Charles Payne his 
father, deceased, in the parish of St. Thomas, Nevis, con- 
taining 300 acres, part tliereof cultivated cane land and the 
other part mountain land, and all messuages, etc., whatso- 
ever of Sir Charles Payne and afterwards of Charles Payne, 
Esq., in Nevis, and all negros and other slaves, _^nd all 
horses, mules, cows, sheep, and other cattle whatsiv/3ver for 
one whole year, and Sir Gillies Payne appoints ttie Hon. 
Colonel Stephen Payne, Walter Jodrel, Esq., and Archibald 
Esdaile, jun., Esq., all of St. Kitts, his Attorneys. 

No. 23. 
Indenture made the 25th March 1767 between Sir Gillies 
Payne, of the one part, and John Willett, of the other part, 
witnesseth that for settling and assigning to the uses men- 
tioned and in consideration of 5s. Sir Gillies Payne grants, 
bargains, etc., to John Willett all that plantation, etc. (as in 
No. 24), to the use of Sir Gillies Payne and his heirs for ever, 
and to no other use, intent, or purpose whatsoevci". 

Close Roll, 8 Geo. TIL, Part 13, Nos. 1 a- id 2. 
Indenture dated 3 March 1768. Ralph I'ayne, late of 
St. Christopher's, now of Queen Ann Street, Cavendish 
Square, Esq., 1st son and heir of Ralph Payne, Esq., deceased, 
for 5s. conveys to Valentine Henry Allott of Gray's Inn, 
Gent., all his plantations, slaves, and stock in Nevis, and 
nominates John Dasent, John Vanderpoole, and John Stan- 
ley, all of Nevis, his Attorneys. 

No. 1. 
Indenture tripartite dated 4 March 1768 between Ralph 
Payne, Esq., of 1st part, David Viscount Stormont and 
Henry Wilmot of Bloomsbury Square, Esq.. of 2nd part, 
and Valentine Henry Allott of Gray's Inn, Gent., of the 3rd. 
Whereas by Indentures of 3 and 4 June 1703 Ralph Payne 
conveyed to Henry Wilmot all his lands in Nevis ; and 

whereas by Indenture tripartite dated 31 Aug. 1767 between 
Ralph Payne, of the 1st part, Frances Kolbel, daughter of 
late Baron de Kolbell, Major-General in the Imperial Service, 
of the 2nd part, and David Viscount Stormont and Henry 
Wilmot, of the 3rd part, reciting the intended marriage 
(soon after solemnized) between Ralph Payne and Frances 
Kolbell, he agreed to secure to his wife £1000 a year if she 
survived him, and bound himself in £40,000 to Viscount 
Stormont and Henry Wilmot, and for 10s. granted to them 
a plantation called Walkers, or the Lower, or the Windmill 
in St. James Parish, and in Fig Tree Division of Nevis for 
99 years in trust, now, to remove doubts and confirm the 
deed of 3 and 4 June 17G3, and to secure the annuity, he 
conveys all his estates in Nevis to Valentine Henry Allott 
in trust, viz. : Walker's Plantation for Viscount Stormont 
and Henry Wilmot for remainder of term of 99 years. 
Walker's is bounded W. with John Ward, Esq., E. with the 
mountain, N. by the high road and lands of John Ward, S. 
by Ralph Willett, Esq., John Prater Pinney, Esq., Ralph 
Payne's other plantation called De Witts, all which lands 
had been heretofore purchased by his father Ralph Payne, 
deceased, of Thomas Walker, Esq. 

Close Roll, 54 Geo. III., Part 49, Nos. 8 and 9. 

Indenture made the 18th Nov. 1814 between Sir Charles 
Payne of Tempsford Hall, Beds, Bart, (eldest son of Sir 
John Payne, late of Tempsford Hall, Bart., deceased, who 
was eldest son of Sir Gillies Payne, formerly of Tempsford 
Hall, Bart., deceased), of the one part, and Thomas Farrer 
of Lincoln's Inn, Gent., of the other part, witnesseth that in 
consideration of 5s. Sir Charles Payne conveys to Thomas 
Farrer all that plantation, late in the tenure of Sir Gillies 
Payne, deceased, but now of .... in the parish of St. Ann, 
Sandy Point, in St. Kitts, called the French Ground 
Plantation, containing 200 acres, and all pasture and moun- 
tain land for one whole year. Thomas Atkinson, William 
Matthew Coulthurst, witnesses, both of 64 Lincoln's Inn, 

No. 8. 

Indenture made the 19th Nov. 1814 between the above 
for barring and destroying all estate tail, etc., and Sir 
Charles Payne appoints the Hon. John Julius, Robert 
Cleghorn, Esq., and John George Goldfrap, Esq., all of St. 
Kitts, his Attorneys. 

1668. Martyn Payne of Antigua granted a patent for 
15 acres. 

1669, March 22. Captain Philip Payne appointed one 
of the Commissioners to demand back the English portion 
of St. Kitts. In 1070 the inhabitants of that island 
petitioned that he and others, owners of estates in the 
Leeward Islands, might join the Commission. In 1673 it 
was reported that his estate and that of Captain Samuel 
Payne at St. Kitts had been devasted by the French since 
the peace. (Colonial Calendar, America and West Indies.) 

1678, Nov. 12. Martin Paine, planter, sells a parcell of 
land at Popeshead to Jonas Langford. 

1683-4. Abraham Payne then a member of the 
Assembly of St. Christopher's. 

1686, Nov. 16. Lieut. Abraham Payne a member of 
the Assembly of St. Christopher's. 

1704, Sep. 5. Stephen Payne, Esq., then a member of 
the Council of St. Christopher's. On 25 Nov. 1707 he was 
styled Colonel, and in 1712 his death was announced. 
(B. T. Leeward Islands, vol. 12.) 

1707-8, Jan. List of inhabitants of St. Christopher's : — 

Age. Men. Women. Boys. Girls. 

Stephen Payne, Esq. 47 White H 2 2 1 

Ne<rro.« 22 lU .s 5 

Charles Payne 24 White 1 1 2 

Negros 4 ."> 1 1 

Abraham Payne 28 White 12 11 

Negros 6 3 11 



1711, Aug. 10. Listof inhabitants of St. Christopher's: — 
Christ Church, Nichola Town. 

White \Vhite 

Woman. Children. Servant. Negros. 

Abraham Payne Ann Payne. Ralph Payne. 1 19 

Stephen Payne. 
Ann Payne. 
Eliza Payne. 

St. Anne's, Sandy Point. 
Man. Woman. Boys. Girl. Slaves. 

Charles Payne. Esq. 1 1 ,S 1 19 

St. Thomas, Middle Island. 

Men. Women. 
Col. Stephen Payne 2 2 

1729-30. Governor Mathew appoints Abraham Payne, 
Esq., to a seat in the Council of St. Kitts. 

1730. Mr. Ralph Payne produced his certificate of his 
having been called to the bar in London, and took the oaths 
previous to practising the Law here. (Minutes of Council, 
St. Kitts.) 

1733, Dee. 20. Abraham Payne, jun., Esq., was 
recommended for a seat in the Council of St. Christopher's, 
but objection was made that several of his family were 
already Councillors, viz. his father Sir Charles Payne and 
his uncle Abraham Payne, Esq. A sister of his was also 
married to a son of President Estridge, and Mr. Joseph 
Phipps was distantly related to the Paynes. 

1735. Sir Charles Payne petitions for a grant of land 
in St. John's, one of the Virgin Islands. 

174:0, May 20. Abraham Payne a member of the St. 
Kitts Council is dead. (B. T. Leeward Islands, vol. .05, 
p. 154.) 

1748, June 30. At Whitehall. Ralph Payne, Esq., 
appointed a Councillor of St. Christopher's. 

1750, March 29. Charles Payne, Esq., to be of the 
Council of Nevis. (America and West Indies, No. 103.) 

1753, June 14. Petition of Ralph Payne, Esq., and 
Ralph Payne, jun., his son and Elizabeth Payne his daughter 
(these two being under 21) for leave to bring in a bill to 
confirm the agreement between John Gray, Esq., and 
Elizabeth his wife in regard to the settlement of certain 

1755, Aug. 12. Stephen Payne, Esq., to be of the 
Council of St. Christopher's vice Jolm White, Esq., resigned. 

1759, Dec. 27. Ralph Payne appointed Chief Justice 
of St. Christopher's vice Richard Wilson, deceased. 

17G0. The wife of Ralph Payne, Esq., Mrs. Margaret 

1763, Jan. 18. The death announced of Mr. Payne, 
Chief Justice of St. Christopher's. 

1763, Aug. 4. Ralph Payne recommended for a seat at 
the Council Board of St. Kitts. 

17G5, Sep. 27. Governor Thomas announces the death 
of Charles Payne, Esq., of the Nevis Council. 

1768, Dec. Stephen Payne, Esq., resigns his seat at 
the Council of St. Christopher's. 

1771, May 15. Warrant ordered for Sir Ralph Payne 
to be Captain-General of the Leeward Islands. 

1771, May 31. Stephen Payne-Gallway recommended 
to be of the Council of St. Kitts. 

1778, Sep. 30. Governor W. M. Burt writes: "lam 
truly sorry to say Sir Gillies Payne, now in England, was 

always deemed a Strong North American Partizan 

His Manager is an avowed supporter of that Party." 

1789, Oct. 3. Sir Gillies Payne writes from Tempsford 
Hall that his father purchased Flat Island near Anguilla of 
a native of St. Christopher's sixty years ago. 

1892, July 8. The gross value has been sworn at 
£401,525 and the net value at £399,866 of the personal 
estate of Mr. James Chadwick, late of 12 Queen's Gate Place, 
and Hints Hall, Tamworth, the principal partner in the 
Manchester firms of J. and N. Philips and Co., and James 
Chadwick and Brother, his share and interest in whose 

business he leaves to his nephews and partners Alfred 
Lavington Pa^iie and Frank Morrison Geafiekl Grant. He 
bequeaths to each of them £1000, and to the former £6000 
and the latter £12,000, advanced by the testator to them 
respectively as capital. The executors may leave in the 
business, whilst his said nephews remain partners therein, 
not exceeding £200,000 without security. Mr. Chadwick 
bequeaths £10,000 for distribution amongst charitable 
institutions in Manchester, Salford, aud Birmingham. A 
sum of £200,000 is to be set apart to secure an annuity of 
£4000 for Mrs. Chadwick during her widowhood, or a life 
annuity of £2000 in the event of her re-marriage, aud the 
remainder of the income of the trust fund is to be paid as 
to two-fifths thereof to the testator's brother Mr. Robert 
Chadwick, and as to one-fifth each to his sisters Mrs. Milne, 
Mrs. Grant, and Lady Payne. On the death of Mrs. Chad- 
wick a legacy of £40,000 is to be paid to Mr. Robert 
Chadwick, and legacies of £20,000 each to the testator's 
three sisters. He bequeaths immediate legacies of £5000 
to his wife; £2000 to his said brother; £2000 to his 
brother-in-law Sir Salisbury Gillies Payne, Bart. ; £1000 to 
his partner Mr. William Morton Philips ; £10,000 to his 
nephew James Melville Grant ; £5000 each to his niece 
Eva Tatton and to Georgina Losack ; £5000 in trust for 
Elizabeth Clapham and her son ; £2000 to J. T. Barnett 
King ; and life annuities of £200 each to Harriott and 
Elizabeth Barnett, the Rev. William Baring Hayter, and 
Colonel King. Mrs. Chadwick is to have the use aud 
enjoyment for her life of Hints Hall and its furniture. 
The residue of the late Mr. Chadwick's property is left in 
trust for his nephews and nieces ; but " I revoke this will," 
he states, "in case I shall have any child living at my 
decease, or born in due time afterwards." 

1893, Aug. 23. Mr. Charles Robert Salusbury Payne, 
Lieut. R.N. (retired), eldest son of Sir Salusbury Gillies 
Payne of Blunham House, Sandy, Bedfordshire, was yester- 
day married at St. Paul's, Knightsbridge, to Miss Aline 
Cecilia Murray, only child of Mr. and Mrs. James Henry 
Murray of 34 Ovington Square. The bride's uncle, Mr. 
Frederick Sloane Stanley of Roche Court, Fareham, in the 
absence of her father through indisposition, gave her away. 
Mr. W. B. M. Bird was " best man." The service was con- 
ductec" by the Rev. Walter Welby, uncle of the bride. 

189 i, Feb. 23. At Pilmoor Hall, Yorkshire, Philip 
Payne-Gallwey, late Captain 90th Light Infantry, aged 82. 

Extracts from the 'Gentleman's Magazine.' 

1758, March 20. W°> Wordley of Hill Street, Esq — 
to Miss Payne of Hanover-square. 

1763, Jan. Hon. Ralph Payne, Esq ; of the island of 
S' Kitts (p. 97). 

1767, Sep. Ralph Payne, Esq ; to Mademoiselle Kobe! 
daughter of the late general. She came over with the 
Princess Poniatouski, Sister to the King of Poland (p. 478). 

1769. Ralph Payne (elected) M.P. for Shaftesbury in 
expectation of the captain-generalship of the Leeward 
Islands (p. 632). 

1771, Feb. 18. Ralph Payne, Esq., to be a K.B. 

1771, Nov. Sir Giles Payne, Knt. at S* Kitts (p. 522). 

1774, Aug. At Antigua, George Thomas Payne, Esq ; 
brother to his Excellency the Governour (p. 391). 

1788, May. John Payne, esq. eldest son of Sir Gillies 
P. bart. of Temford-hall, co. Bedford, to Miss Campbell, of 
Blunham, in the same county (p. 561). 

1788, Nov. At Tempsford, co. Bedford, Geo. Sharpe, 
esq. of S' Vinc'3nt'8, iu the West Indies, to Miss C. Payne, 
2d dau. of Sir Gillies P. bart. (p. 1026). 

1789. At Kinver, co. Stafford, Peter Payne, esq. son of 
Sir Gillies P. bart. to Miss Steward, of Stourton-castle (p. 859). 

1795, April 19. Capt. Payne-Galloway, only son of — 
Payne esq, who a few years ago, took the name of Galloway 
for an estate at Tofts, in Norfolk, and younger brother, by 
a second marriage, of Sir Ralph Payne, K.B., and married 



one of the three daughters of Oliver De Lancey, esq. of New 
York, wlio lost a large projjerty by his attachment to 
Government in the American war. His lady died at Salt- 
hill, about 10 years ago, and left two children, the above 
young gentleman and a daughter, now in her l.o^'' year etc. 
.... he was in his Vd^^ year (p. 440). 

1799. Capt. .John Willett Payne to be rear admiral of 
the blue, & Lord Lavington appointed Gov"^ of Leeward 
islands vice Maj'' Gen' Chas. Leigh (p. 537). 

1801. John Willett Payne to be Eear Admiral of the 
white (p. 178). 

1801, lately. At Tempford, co. Bedford, after an illness 
of a few hours, aged 80, Sir Gillies Payne bart. so created 
1737 (p. 189). 

1803, Nov. 17. At his apartments in Greenwich 
hospital, after a few days illness of a paralytic stroke, in his 
51^' year, Jn. Willett Payne, esq. rear-admiral of the Red, 
vice-admiral of the coasts of Devonshire and Cornwall, 
treasurer of Greenwich hospital, comptroller of the house- 
hold of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and lord 
warden of the Stanneries, etc. (long notice of his life). On 
the 25* he was interred in the vault at N.W. corner of S' 
Marg'^ Westm"' (p. 1187). 

1807, Aug. 1. Lord Lavington, governor of the West 
India Islands, and K.B. ; of whom a more particular account 
in our next (p. 889). 

Oct. Ralph Payne, Lord Lavington, K.B., Captain- 
general and Governor in Chief of his Majesty's Leeward 
Islands, and a Privy Counsellor, was born in 1738, and 
married Francoise Lambertine, Baroness de Kolbell, of a 
noble Saxon family, daughter of Frederick-Maximilian, 
Baron de Kolbel, a general in the Imperial Service, a lady 
eminently distinguished. Deceasing without issue, the 
barony of Lavington becomes extinct, making the sixth 
Irish peerage which has become extinct since the Union. 
Ralph Lord Lavington was a nobleman mucJi endeared in 
private life ; and in his public capacity esteemed and re- 
vered. He was descended from an antient family in Devon- 
shire ; and one of his ancestors eminently dist^ignished 
himself for his loyalty to Charles I. ; but fled to the West 
Indies after the battle of Worcester. From a younger 
branch of this noble House descended the Baronet family of 
Payne of Tempsford-hall co. Bedford. At a very e.i.rly age 
his Lordship discovered those shining talents which elevated 
him in life. After making the tour of Europe, on the 
General Election in 17G8 he was chosen Representative for 
the borough of Shaftesbury ; and served in the successive 
parliaments of 1774 and 1780 for Camelford and Plympton. 
In 1771, he was appointed Captain-general and Governor in 
Chief of the Leeward Islands ; and continued in that station 
until 1775, when he returned to England, and was appointed 
Clerk of the Board of Green Cloth ; in which department 
he continued during the existence of it. In 1772, his Lord- 
ship was invested with the military order of the Bath ; and 
died the senior Knight of the Order. In 1795 he was re- 
turned to Parliament for Woodstock ; and was advanced to 
the dignity of Baron Lavington in October in the same 
year ; in 1801 he was again appointed Captain-general of 
the Leeward Islands, and sworn of his Majesty's most 
honourable Privy Council (p. 974). 

1808, Sep. 21. At S' Pancras, Thomas Swale, esq. of 
Little Barton-lodge Suffolk, to M" Sharpe, widow of George 
Sharpe esq. of the Views, Huntingdon, ard one of the 
daughters of the late Sir Gillies Payne, bart. of Tempsford- 
hall, CO. Bedford (p. 951). 

1808, Sep. 22. At Tortola, Pickering Le'.tsom, esq. (son 
of D' Lettsom) to M""^ Georges, widow of William Payne 
Georges esq. of Manchester-square, sister to Lord Lavington 
and Mother of M''^ Charles Combe (p. 1038). 

1808, Sep. 29. At Tortola, Charles Combe, esq. young- 
est son of Dr Combe of Hart-street, Bloomsbury ; a young 
gentleman whose untimely loss will long be regretted by 
many who well knew and justly estimated his merit (p. 103',)). 

1811, Feb. 20. J. F. Buckworth, esq. Lieut.-col. in the 
Royal Cheshire militia, to Lady Mary Payne, of Wooton, 
Bedford, widow of Sir .John Payne, bt. of Timpsford-liall 
(p. 288). 

1812, March 31. In Montague-street, Portman-square, 
Stephen Payne Galwey, esq. of Thetford, Norfolk (p. 397). 

1816, Jan. 25. Christiana, relict of the late T. Swale, 
esq. of the Views, Hunts, and of Mildenhall, Suffolk, 
youngest daughter of the late Sir Gillies Payne, bart. of 
Tempsford-hall, co. Bedford (p. 187). 

1817, June 10. At the estate of her late father, Joseph 
Rawlins, esq. at St Christopher's, where she went for the 
recovery of her health, Frances George, wife of Lieut. J. 
Rawlins Thomas, R.N. great niece of Gen. Sir WiUiam 
Payne bart. and of the late Lord Lavington. And Sep. 7, 
at Stonehouse, Devon, aged 8 months, Frances Anne, infant 
daughter of the above. 

1819, Dec, Lately. At Elstow, near Bedford, Mary, 
eldest daughter of the late Sir Gillies Payne, bart. 
(p. 569). 

1830, May 2. In Hampton Court Palace, the Right 
Hon. Frances Lady Lavington. She was a daughter of 
Frederick Maximilian Baron de Kolbel, a general in the 
Imperial service ; and was left a widow by Ralph Lord 
Lavington, K.B. in 1807 (p. 477). 

1831, May. Lately. Sir William Payne Gallwey, Bart, 
a General in the army, and Colonel of the 3'' dragoon 
guards, half brother to the late Lord Lavington, and brother- 
in-law to the Earl of Dunraven. Long obituary notice 
follows (p. 466). 

1832, April 23. Warwick. At Leamington, Eliz-Sarah, 
wife of Sir Peter Payne, Bart. M.P. of Knuston-hall, North- 
amptonshire. She was the only dau. of Samuel Steward, 
esq. was married in 1789, and has left a numerous family 
(p. 478). 

1839, July 20. At Blunham, Beds, James Elsden 
Everard, of Congham, Norfolk, esq. to Isabella Emma, 
youngest dau. of Sir Peter Payne, Bart. (p. 308). 

1841, Jan. At Feltham Hill, aged 47, "Sir" Charles 
Payne, formerly of Tempsford hall, Bedfordshire, and Cap- 
tain of the 9th Lancers. This gentleman, as well as his 
uncle, " Sir " Peter Payne, claimed the title of Baronet, 
created in 1737 ; but their titles were equally defective. 
See Courthope's ' Extinct Baronetage ' (p. 332). 

1841, June 30. At Blunham House, Beds, the Rev. 
Peter Samuel Henry Payne, M.A. Fellow of Balliol college, 
Oxford. He was the youngest son of the soi-disant Sir 
Peter Payne, Bart, of Bluuham House (pp. 215, 338). 

1843, .fan. 23. At Blunham House Bedfordshire, in his 
82nd year. Sir Peter Payne, Bart, formerly M.P. for that 
county. Sir Charles Payne, of S' Christopher's, was created 
a Baronet in 1737 ; and his son Sir Gillies, the second 
Baronet, died 1801, when, says Courthope in his 'Extinct 
Baronetage, 1835,' the title became extinct. After a lapse of 
27 3^ears the title was assumed by Peter Payne, esq. claiming 
to be a legitimate son of the last Baronet. Burke in 
' Peerage and Baronetage,' states that Sir Peter " succeeded 
to the title in 1828, in consequence of a decree of the Court 
of Chancery, confirming a report, finding him the eldest son 
born in wedlock of his late father Sir Gillies Payne, of 
Tempsford, in Bedfordshire." This Wixs the cause Glascott 
V. Bridges Sir Peter Payne married in 1789, Elizabeth- 
Sarah, only daughter of Samnel Steward, esq. by whom he 
had issue three sons : 1, Charles Gillies, who succeeds ; he 
married Mary, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Thelwall 
Salusbury, Rector of Graveley, Herts, and niece of Sir Robert 
Salusbury, Bart, and became a widower in 1840; 2, Robert 
Henley : and 3, the Rev. Peter Samuel Henry Payne, M.A. 
Fellow of Balliol college, Oxford, who died June 30, 1841 : 
and four daughters: 1, Maria-Mary, married to Joseph 
Webster, esq. of Penns, in Warwickshire ; 2, Laura-Janet ; 
3, Elizabeth, married to Charles Barnett, esq. of Stratton 
Park, Bedfordshire ; and 4, Isabella-Emma (p. 94). 



1844, Feb. 9. At Bedford, aged 84, Frances, widow 
of John Macartha Sharpc, esq. Solicitor-Gen. of the Island 
of Grenada, and sister of the late Sir Peter Payne, Bart, 
(p. 440). 

1845, Dec. 16. In Eaton-sq. aged 61, the Lady Harriet 
Payne Gallwey, sister to the Earl of Dunraven. She was 
the daughter of Valentine-Richard the 1st Earl by Lady 
Frances Muriel Fox-Straugways, 6th dau. of Stephen Ist 
Earl of Ilchester ; was married in 1804 to the late Sir 
William Payne Gallwey, Bart, and left his widow in 1831 
(p. 216, 1846). 

Parish Register of St. George, Hanover Square, 



1758 Mar. 30 William Woodley, B., & Frances Payne, 

S. Licence. 
1767 Sep. 1 Ralph Payne, Esq'', of this parish, B., & 
Frances Kolbel of S' James's, Westm'', 
S. Licence. 

Parish Register of St. George, Antigua. 


1807 Aug. 4 Lord Lavington in his Garden at Carliles. 

Parish Register of St. John. 

1734 July 8 Ralph Paine, E.sq', and Ahce CarHle, 
married without Lyceuce by the ReV 
¥"■ Davis. 


1774 June 7 George Thomas Payne. 

1807 Aug. 4 His Excellency the Right Honourable 
Ralph, Lord Lavington, Baron of Lav- 
ington, One of his Majesty's most 
Honourable Privy Council, Knight 
Companion of the most Honourable 
Order of the Bath, Captain-General 
and Governor in Chief, in each and 
over all His Majesty's Leeward Charib- 
bee Islands in America, Chancellor, 
Vice Admiral and Ordinary of the 
same, etc. 

St. John's Cathedral. 
On a white marble slab lying loose on the floor in north 
transept. It was formerly part of the base of a very 
handsome mural monument which was thrown down by the 
earthquake in 1843, since which time it appears to have 
been neglected. I even saw fragments of it in the fernery 
of Dr. Freeland at Parham :^ 
[He] was born [in the Islan]d of Saint Chri/top\_hers of] 

an Enylifh Family, distinguished for its Loyalty and 

Public-Spirit. His Education | 
[h]e [re]ceived in England, and it prepared him [for the] 

Diftinctions which awaited his Return to his native 

Ifland, when he was elected a Member | 
of the House of Assembly, and on its first Meeting, 

unanimously called to the Chair of the House, in 

which high Situation he gave an early | 
Difplay of those fuperior Talents and eminent Qualifications, 

which afterwards fecured to him the CONFIDENCE 

of his KING, and the | 
ESTEEM of his COUNTRY. On his return to England, 

in 1762, he was elected a Member of the House of 

Commons for the Borough | 
of Plympton in Devon/hire ; and from his perfect knowledge 

of colonial Affairs, he was appointed, in the year 1771, 

a Period of great | 
national Intereft, to be Captain-General and Commander- 
in-Chief of the Leeward Islands, at which time he 

was also invefted with | 

the Moft-honourable Order of the Bath. He remained in 

the Exercife of his Government until the year 1774, 

when he returned to England \ 
and was appointed a Member of the Board of Green-Cloth. 

During the Period of his Residence in England he sat 

in five different Parliaments | 
and in the Year 1795, His-Majesty was moft graciously 

pleafed to raise him to the Dignity of a Peer of 

Ireland, by the Style and Tit[le] | 
of BARON LAVINGTON of Lavington. In 1799, he 

was fworn of His-Majesty's Most-Honourable Privy- 

CouNC'iLjiaud again appointed | 
to the Chief-Command of the Lemmrd Iflands ; in the wife 

and able Adminiftration of which important Truft he 

paffed his latter Years | 

and clofed his venerable Life. 


was as revered for his public Qualities 

as he was beloved for his private Virtues : 

He blended the dignity of his high Office with the Affability 

of his Dispofition and the Gracefulnel's of his Manners, | 
and at once commanded the Respect and conciliated the 

Affection of all Ranks of People | 

within the Circle of his Government. 
As a fincere and laftiug Teftimony of their veneration and 

Regret, | 
The LEGISLATURE of ANTIGUA have erected this 

Monument. | 
He died at the Government-House of this Ifland, on the 

third Day of Auguft, 1807, aged 68, and was interred 

at his Eftate called Carlifles. 

N.B. There is a good account of this monument in 
' Antigua and the Antiguans,' vol. i., p. 226, from which I 
copied the following M.I. : — 


To the memory of 


Of the kingdom of Ireland, 

One of His Jilajesty's most honourable Privy Council, 

Knight of the most honourable Order of the Bath, 

and Captain-general, and Commander-in-chief of 

The Leeward Islands. 

Offley Church, co. Herts. 
In memory of Dame Mary Elizabeth Payne, the beloved 
wife of Sir Charles Gillies Payne, of Bluuham, Co. Bedford, 
Bart., and eldest daughter of the Revd. Thelwall Salusbury, 
Rector of Graveley, in this County, who died the 8th 
Septembet 1855, in the 55th year of her age, leaving a 
husband and five children, with many relatives, to lament 
her sudden and unexpected death. Arms above : Gules, a 
fess between two lions passant argent, on an inescutcheon 
the Badge of Ulster; for Payne ; impaling, Gides, a lion 
rampant argent, crowned or, between three crescents of the 
last, for Salisbury. 

(Cussans's ' Herts,' vol. ii., p. 107.) 

Middle Island Church, St. Kitts. 
Sir Charles Payne, Knight and Baronet, Major 
of His Majeiity's, Leeward Islands. Dyed the 21 Day of 
December 1744, aged 62 years. 

In the churchyard : — 

Here lyetb the bodies of Colonel Stephen Payne who 
departed this life, the 10"» day of September 1711, in the 
51=' year of his age. 

And also of his sons Stephen and Samuel Payne, who 
departed this life in the 7"" and 10"' years of their age. 

(Communicated by Mr. N. Darnell Davis 
of George Town, Demerara.) 



dfamtl;> of iM}m ov ^3atn. 

John Jardine. Will dated 10 Oct. 1715. All property 
in America, Antigua, and Scotland to my nephew .Tames 
Paine, now resident in Antigua. Witnessed by Anthony 
Garrett, Bartholomew Bovine, Robert White, John Gierke. 
Before Walter Hamilton, Esq., were sworn Anthony Garrett, 
Robert White, and Bartholomew Bovine, Aug. 1719. 

Richard Oliver, Esq., in his will dated 17 Sep. 1761, 
names his niece Margaret Payne and her son Arthur. 

1708, May 31. In Chancery, Antigua. Richard Jarden 
of Cambridge, linendraper, son of Andrew Jarden, late of 
Cloughbray, co. Anoundell, Scotland, deceased, brother of 
William Jarden, late of Antigua, Gent., deceased, against 
Mr. John Wright, defendant. William Jarden of St. 
John's, merchant, by his will dated 29 June 1704, gave half 
of all his estate to his right heir. James Pain of Antigua 
claims to be son of a sister of testator. James Pain is son 
of William Pain of the parish of New Abby, co. Gallaway, 
Ireland, by Elizabeth his wife otherwise Elizabeth Jarden. 
She is half-sister to the deceased. John Jarden of St. 
John's, merchant, answers that the said Elizabeth Jarden or 
Pain is eleven years older than himself. Andrew and Rich- 
ard Jarden are no relations of testator. James Dickson also 
says that he has known James Pain twenty-five years. It is 
claimed that Andrew Jarden was brother of testator William 
Jarden, deceased. Nine months given to the parties for 

1709. Mr. Richard Jurdine, linendraper, of Cambridge, 
states that his near relation has died in Antigua, and that 
he has gone out there. (B. T. Leeward Islands; vol. 2.) 

Parish Register of St. John. 
1742 Dec. 12 Arthur the s. of Cap'" James Pain & Mar- 
garet his wife. 
1750 Feb. 21 Ann the D. of .John Payne and Mary his 

1754 Jan. 9 Thomas the S. of John Payne and Mary 

his wife : b. Aug. 26"' 1752. 

1755 Nov. 15 Edward the S. of John Payne and Mary 

his wife. 

1768 July 5 Ellinor Louise D. of John Payne by 

Rebecca his wife. 

1769 May 4 John James S. of John Payne and Rebecca 

his wife. 


1771 Feb. 3 Slargaret Dam the D. of John Payne and 

Rebecca his wife. 
1773 June 29 William the S. of John Payne & Rebeccah 

his wife. 

1780 April 19 Elvira the d. of Thomas Payne & Mary 

his wife. 

1781 Dec. 31 John Thomas s. of Edward Payne & Ann 

his wife. 
1784 Mar. 7 Mary the D. of Edward and Anne Payne. 

1714 (? Jan.) 20 .James Payne and .Jane Mackenny ; by 

L. from Gov Teamons. 
1718 Feb. 10 George Paine and Mary Raine ; by Banns 


1737 Feb. 16 James Paine & Margaret Turner. L. 
1767 Feb. 14 John Payn to Rebecca Hanson. L. 
1771 June 15 Thomas Halloran to Ann Payn. L. 
1787 Jan. 26 John Burke (Lieut, in 28"' Reg') to Mar- 
garet Payne, Spinster. L. 

1789 June 27 George Halloran to Mary Payne, Widow. 

1701 Sep. 6 M'^ Eliz. Paine. 

1738 Dec. 25 Mary y'' D. of James Paine. 
1744 Aug. 4 Henry Payne. 

1773 June 30 Rebeccah Payne & William Payne. 

1779 Oct. 13 Edward Payne. 

1781 Nov. 25 Thomas Payne. 

1784 Mar. 24 Mary Infant D. of Edward & Anne 


1785 Jan. 29 John Thomas Payne, Infant. 
1787 May 31 Achilles Gilles Payne, Infant. 
1796 Oct. 7 Edward Payne. 

Parish Register of St. Philip. 
1738 July 8 Robert Symes to Elizabeth Payne ; by M"' 

Parish Register of St. G 
June 30 .'Vnn Payne, from S' Jolin's. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 
Jan. 11 Edward Payne to Ann Sawcolt ; pr. L. 

PAYNTER=p Lieut. Edmond Paynter of Old North Sound Division ; had 5 children at the census of= 

I 1678 ; patent for 123 acres 1681 ; overseer to will of George Dewitt 1683 ; bur. 

13 Jan. 1711 at St. Philip's. (See will of Col. Samuel Jones 1684.) 

Captain John Paynter, Member of Assembly 1698-9 ; of New North Sound 1707. Will dated=pAnn .... living 1715. 
7 June 17 . . ; sworn 5 Jan. 1712-13. 

Esq., 1st 
son and 

Colonel William Paynter, left=pSarah, dau. of Lau- Joseph and Ann Paynter, mar. Colonel John 

Pigott, " Painters " of 278 acres in 

mar. 8 New North Sound to William 

Aug. 1734 Gunthorpe, Esq. Will dated 

at St. 11 June 1735 ; sworn 10 

George's. June 1736. 

renccCrabb by Sarah Benjamin Gunthorpe, who was buried 1 

his wife; bur. 13 Paynter, JIarch 1740 at St. .John's; she 

Oct. 1734 at St. bapt. 27 was bur. 17 Feb. 1761 at St. 

George's. Julyl710at George's. Will dated 4 Dec. 1754; 

^v St. John's, sworn 19 Feb. 1761. 

A son, bapt. 1735 at John Paynter, bapt. 31 Oct. 
St. John's. 1738 at St. John's. 

Edward Paynter, ? bur. 
1772 at St. Peter's. 

March=pElizabeth Lony, mar. 11 Nov. 
I 1753 at St. John's. 

William Paynter, bapt. 28 Feb. 1758 at St. John's. William Paynter, bapt. 12 Nov. 1759 at St. John's. 



Nicholas Painter of Anne Arundel! co., in the Province 
of Maryland, Gent., now residing in London. Will dated 
8 Sep. 1684; proved 8 Oct. 1G85 by Henry Bray. (423 
Cann.) To my cozen Hen. Bray of London, glazier, 4000 
acres in Dorchester co., Maryland. To my bro. Roger 
Painter of Andover, co. Hants, husbandman, 700 acres at 
Wye River in Talbott co. To my sist. Kath. Painter of 
Andover, sp'', 700 acres in Anne Arundell co. To M" 
Barbara Trinder of Abchurch Lane, sp^ 1050 acres in 
Caecill co. To Kath. Keate, dau. to Jn" Keate of Andover, 
400 acres in Tuckahoe in Talbott co. To W'" Hawkins of 
London, sc^ i of 1000 acres in Ctiester River in Talbott co., 
& of 1700 acres in Dorch"' co., & of 900 a. in Cfficill co., all 
which were granted to me by patent. To Jn" Hawkins of 
Lond., distiller, £5. My negros Tom & Sarah to be free. 
All res. to Heu. Bray, he sole Ex'or. Witnessed by William 
Evans, Joseph Huckebutt, John Jenkins. 

John Paynter. Will dated 7 June 17—. To my wife 
Ann .... of estate in lieu of dower. To my son John all 
my estate subject to charges .... To my son W"" .... 
Benjamin Paynter £800 c. at respective ages of 21, & 
£60 yearly till then. To my dau. Ann .... To my dau. 

Hester the like sum of £800 c Catherine £800 c. 

To ... . the like sum. Mary .... my wife now enseint 
.... If my son John die without issue then to my son W"', 
and in default to my son Joseph, then to my son Benj°. My 
brother W™ to have 6 years for payment of his debt. Col. 
Edw'' Byam, Major John Tomlinson, M'' Francis Carlile, 
Cap' John Duer, & my wife Ex'ors. Before Walter Douglas, 
Esq., was sworn M'' Rich'' Sherwood 5 Jan. 1712-13. 

Sam', son of my brother Sam' Martin, £100 c. All my 
plantation to my godson W™, 2" son of my brother-in-law 
Col. John Gunthorpe, if he die without issue then to his 
brother George, the 3'"* son. Witnessed by Rowland Ash, 
jun., Nicholas Collins. Before Edward Byam, Esq., was 
sworn Capt. Rowland Ash 10 June 1736. Recorded 7 Sep. 

Mary Paynter of Antigua, spinster. Will dated 1 Sep. 
1769. £50 c. for my funeral. To my sister Cath. White 
my negro. My negro woman to Billy Elliot, son of Sam' 
Elliot, Esq., and in default of issue to his brother Sam' 
Elliot, then to his sister Nancy Elliot. To my said sister 
my clothing & £100 c, & to her daus. £100 between the 3. 
To my cousin Ann Byaui, widow of W"" Byam, £50 c, & 
£50 c. each to my cousin M'" Harry Byam, M'* Alice Eliot, 
wife of Sam' Eliot, Esq., & to M''^ Anne, wife of Anthony 
Wyke, Esq., & £50 amongst Harry Byam's 3 daus. Polly, 
Nancy, & Hetty Byam. All residue to Billy Eliot. My 
cousin Ann Byam Ex'trix. Witnessed by Ashton Warner 
Byam. Before Hon. Thomas Jarvis, President of H.M.'s 
Council, was sworn Ann Warner of Antigua, widow, who 
stated that Ashton Warner Byam, Esq., late of Antigua, 
now of St. Vincent, had been absent for eight or niue years, 
10 April 1781. Recorded 28 May 1781. 

William Painter of Belfast Division, Antigua. Will dated 
9 March 1721-2. To my wife Cath. my black horse & 
saddle of £20 & a negro. To my dau. Eliz"" £400 c. To 
my grandson John Burton £50 c. at 21 in lieu of a negro I 
promised my dau. his mother Eliz"'. To my dau. Cath. 
£400 c. at 21. To my dau. Mary the same at 21. To my 
son John the same at 21. To my son Sam' the same at 21. 
To Peter Delany for the care his mother took of me £25 c. 
at 21. All my estate to my son W", & in default to my son 
John, then to my son Sam', then to my daus. eijually. My 
wife, John Gunthorpe, W"' Painter, John Brunckhurst, & 
John Richards Ex'ors. Witnessed by Walter Sydserfe, 
Nathaniel Crump, Henry Browne. Before Edward Byam, 
Lieut.-Governor, was sworn Nathaniel Crump 27 Aug. 1724. 
Recorded 8 Dec. 1747. 

William Paynter, Esq. AVill dated 11 June 1735. Col. 
John Gunthorpe & Col. John Tomlinson to be Ex'ors, & to 
pay £500 out of the profits of my estate to each of my 
unmarried sisters Eliz"" & Mary Paynter above what is 
bequeathed them by my late brother's will. To my godson 

Margaret Paynter of Antigua, widow. Will dated 
11 Sep. 1777. To Mary Monteigue 6 silver spoons & my 
sugar tongs. To my sister-in-law Mary Pigott my clothes. 
To Jas. Watson Roberts, son of Rob' Roberts, 3 negros. 
To Rob' Roberts, jun., son of Rob' Roberts, a negro. To my 
niece Eliz'" Roberts, wife of Rob' Roberts, my silver tankard 
& all furniture. Rob' Roberts Ex'or. Witnessed by Benja- 
min Roberts, Mary Wilson. By Thomas Shirley, Esq., was 
sworn Mary Wilson 3 June 1783. Recorded 12 June 1783. 

1671. 'Sir Tobias Bridge's Barbadoes Regiment. Cap- 
tain-Lieut. John Painter went in that capacity, continued 
with the regiment, and stays in Barbadoes. (Colonial 
Calendar, ' America and West Indies,' p. 258.) 

1676. Captain Samuel Painter, 75 acres. Surveyed 

1678, July 20. Samuel Jones, Esq., leases 150 acres for 
99 years to Edmond Painter and George Digby. 

1679. Edmond Painter granted 4 acres on 7 Aug. 1677 
by Colonel Philip Warner. Surveyed 12 Marcli 1679. 

1679, Dec. 26. Samuel Jones sells to Edmond Paynter 
75 acres at New North Sound. 

1681. Edmond Painter granted a patent for 123^ acres 
23 July by 'Sir W. Stapleton. 

16 Feb., 8 Queen Anne. John Paynter of Antigua, 
Gent., and Ann his wife for £1500 currency sell to John 
Richards of Antigua, Gent., 85 acres in Nonsuch. 

Captain William Paynter of Belfast Division i: 
9 March 1721-2 ; sworn 27 Aug. 1724. 

07 ; bur. 13 March 1721 at St. Philip's. 

Will dated=rCatherine .... 
Hving 1721. 

Elizabeth Gather 


Payn- Mary Paynter, bur. 

ter, mar. 6 May •22 Sep. 1779, spin- 

1729, at St. ster, at St. George's. 

John's, William Will dated 1 Sep. 

White ; living 1769 ; sworn 10 

1769. April 1781. 


William Paynter. Samuel Paynter, Catherine Payn- Mary Payn- 

— living 1721. ter, mar. 3 Feb. ter, mar. 18 

John Paynter, a — 

minor 1721. Elizabt. h Payn 

ter, mar Hall. Thomas Pi- 

Burton, gott. 

1732, at St. Junel735,at 
John's, John St. George's, 



1715, April 6. William Lyell of Antigua, tailor, leases 
to Mrs. Anne Paynter, widow and relict of Captain John 
Paynter, 4 acres. (Her son Mr. John Paynter.) 

1716, Aug. 1. William Painter petitions for 10 acres, 
lately belonging to John Hall, deceased, now descended to 
Samuel Hall who resides in Jamaica. 

1726, Nov. 12. In Chancery. Heir of William Payn- 
ter, deceased, v. Ex'ors of John Paynter. 

Paynters in St. George's Parish in 1852 contained 272 
acres, and was owned by K. B. Osborn, M.D. In 1789 it 
consisted of 278 acres and 148 slaves. (See Gunthorpe Deed 
for its boundaries.) 

About the year 1790 Mr. Samuel Painter, a free colored 
man of Antigua, and a member of the Methodist Society, 
came to reside in Grenada and to labour as a mechanic. 
(Dr. Coke's ' History of the West Indies,' vol. ii., pp. 68 
and 86.) 

Parish Kegister of St. John. 


1710 July 27 Joseph & Benjamin children of Cap' John 

Painter & his wife. 
1735 [blank'] S. of John Paynter & his wife. 
1738 Oct. 31 John y« S. of John Paynter & his wife. 

1758 Feb. 28 William the S. of Edward Paynter & 

Elizabeth his wife. 

1759 Nov. 12 William the S. of Edward Paynter & 

Elizabeth his wife. 


1729 May 6 William White and Catherine Paynter. 

1732 Feb. 3 John Hall and Catherine Paynter. L. 

1741 Jan. 6 John Painter and Mary Crawford. 

1753 Nov. 11 Edward Paynter and Elizabeth Lony. L. 


1718 June 8 William Paynter. 

1745 Mar. 31 Jarvis Painter. 

1748 Nov. 22 Mary Paynter wife of .John I'^inter. 

1748 Feb. 27 John Painter. 

1752 Nov. 22 .... Paynter. 

1756 May 16 Piebeccah Paynter. 

1764 April 4 Samuel Paynter, P. 

1768 Dec. 30 Elizabeth Paynter. 

Parish Register of St. George. 


1735 S. of John Paynter & his wife. 

1738 Oct. 31 John y«^ S. of John Paynter & his wife. 


1734 Aug. 8 John Paynter, Esq"', & Elizabeth Piggott, 


1735 June 18 Thomas Pigott & Mary Paynter, Spinster. 

1734 Oct. 13 Sarah y« wife of Coll" William Paynter. 
1740 Jan. 6 Elizabeth Paynter. 
1779 Sep. 22 Miss Mary Paynter. 

Parish Register of St. Peter. 
1772 Mar. 22 Edward Painter. 

Parish Register of St. Philip. 
1711 Jan. 13 Edmond Paynter. 
1717 April 13 Ann Paynter. 
1721 Mar. 13 Cap' Will"' Paynter. 

St. George's Churchyard. 
On a head stone : — 

Sacred to the Memory 

of Samuel Paynter 

Who departed this life 

On W" of April l^U 

Ayed 79 years. 

In Ringwood Churchyard, co. Hants, there is a flat stone 
with an inscription to the memory of William Paynter who 
died 1711, and to a dau. of William and Joan Paynter who 
died 15 Jan. 1753, set. 53, and on a shield these arms : 
.... within a hordure .... three billets .... (Paynter). 
Crest : 7'hree pheons handled .... two in saltire, one in pale. 
These are approximately the bearings of the Cornish family 
whose pedigree was entered in the Visitation of that county. 

^^ftitcjwt oi ^earne. 



Heni-y Pearne of Antigua,=pGrace, dau. of Colonel Captain William Pearne=rMary, only child of Captain=j=(? Henrietta 

^^sq.. Member of Council ; Philip Warner, Deputy of Antigua; bur. 15 

Colonel of Militia; bur. Governor of Antigua ; April 1726 at St. John's. 

21 Jan. 1705 at St. John's, mar. 21 March 1689 Will dated 12 April 

Will dated 17 Jan., and at St. Paul's; living 1726. 

Bworn 23 Jan. 1705-6. 1714. 

John Slicer, and John 
relict of Robert Pearne. 
Freeman ; mar. 
circa 1706. 

. bur. 23 
April 1730 at 
St. John's.) 

Robert Pearne, only= 
son and heir, a minor 
in 1705 ; owned 
"Blubber Valley "of 
1200 acres and 
" Musketo Cove " of 
600. Will dated 12 
July 1717 ; proved 
11 Nov. 1718. (221 

■Mary, youngest 
dau. of William 
Lisle, Esq., of 
Evenley, co. 
13 May 1756. 
M.I. lat Even- 
ley. Will dated 
9 June 1750; 
proved 13 July 
1756. (201 Gla- 

I I 

Jane Pearne, under 
18 in 1705 ; living 

Elizabeth Pearne, 
under 18 in 1705 ; 
mar. Captain Toby 
Lisle. R.N., son of 
Wiir im Lisle of 
Evi/ ley, Esq. Will 
datt.d25 Jan. 1717; 
prored P.C.C. 21 
July 1719. 








Richard Hamil- 
ton Pearne, liv- 

Mary Ann Pearne, 
mar. 1731, at St. 

ing 1726 and Paul's, 



William Loolin 
Pearne, ? bur. 
8 Jan. 1730 at 
St. John's; dead 

ton ; living 1749 a 

Sarah Grace Pearne, 
living 1726 ; dead 


Robert Pearne, only son and heir, bur. 31 March 
1757 at Evenley. Will dated 26 Jan. and proved 
4 April 1757. (132 Herring.) 

Mary Pearne, only dau., under 17 in 1717 ; mar. 
Samuel Pateshall of St. George's, Hanover Square, 
Esq. ; both living 1757. 



Henry Pearne of Antigua, Esq. "Will dated 17 Jan. 
1705. To my wife Grace my plate, furniture, coach & 
horses, 3 negros, & ^ of all produce. To my 2 daus. Jane 
& Eliz'" Pearne £2000 st. each at 18, & £50 a year till 
then. To my brother W™ Pearne £.300 c, my clothing & 
fiisil. To my brother Cap' John Pearne all the rents of my 
plantation in S' Christopher's, now in the possession of 
Michael Lambert, Esq., till my son Robert be 21. To my 
sisters-in-law M" Ann Barnes & M"'" Mary Burgeois & my 
cozen Eliz"" Burgeois £20 c. each. To my friend W™ 
Nevine, Esq., my bay mare. To John Mabson £10 c. All 
residue to my son Rob' his heirs, & in default to any 
younger son, then to my daus. equally, then to my said 2 
brothers John & W'". ]\Iy son Rob' Ex'or, & during his 
Minority Col. EdW^ Byam of Antigua, Esq., Archibald 
Hutchinson of the Inner Temple, Esq., Barry Tankard of 
Antigua, Esq., Capt. John Perry late of Antigua, Daniel 
Mackinen of Antigua, Chirurgeon, & my wife Ex'ors in 
Trust. Witnessed by Gousse Bonnin, Dorothy Crafford, 
Margaret Fowler. By John Yeamans, Esq., were sworn 
Gousse Bonnin, Chirurgeon, and Margaret Fowler, spinster, 
23 Jan. 1705-6. Recorded 25 Jan. 1705-6. 

Robert Pearne, Esq., of Antigua. Will dated 12 July 
1717; proved 11 Nov. 1718 by Patrick Lisle, power reserved 
to the other Ex'ors. (221 Tenison.) To my wife Mary 
£3000 charged on my estate in Blubber Valley. To my 
dau. Mary Pearne £1000 at 17 (in case my wife is now 
enceint with a boy) & £40 yearly till then. If the child be 
a girl then the £1000 to be void, & to my 2 daus. all my 
estates & negros at 17. My wife to be Guardian. In case of 
failure of issue to my daus. my estate to go to such persons as 
are named in the will of my late father Henry Pearne, Esq. 
My worthy friends & relations Col. EdW^ Warner, Capt. 
Patrick Lisle & Cap' Toby Lisle, Ashton Warner, Esq., & 
W™ Pearne, Esq., Ex'ors, & £50 apiece. All residue of my 
personal estate to my dau. Mary & to the child to be born 
if a girl, but if a boy then all my estate to hiui. Witnessed 
by W. Hill, Muriel Mackenzie, Michael Arnald. 

William Pearne, Gent. Will dated 12 April 1726. To 
my niece Henrietta, dau. of my late brother John Pearne, 
Esq., £100 c. to be paid out of the legacy left me by my 
brother Henry Pearne. All residue to my Ex'ors in trust to 
sell & invest proceeds & divide the same equally among my 
children John Henry Pearne, Rich"! Hamilton Pearne, W"^ 
Loolin Pearne, Mary Ann Pearne, & Sarah Grace Pearne. 
Hon. Archibald Cochran, Esq., Chas. Dunbar, Henry 
Osborn, Ashton Warner, Esq., Ex'ors & Guardians. 
Witnessed by Roger Adams, W. Alexander, Edward 
Rickett. Before William Mathew, Esq., was sworn William 

Francis Pearn, shopkeeper. Will dated 9 Sep. 1729. 
All my estate to my wife Mary. To M'' Thos. Kerby, M' 
Jacob Thibou, M'' Thos. Stevens Ex'ors with my wife, all 
my estate after my wife's death or marriage in trust for my 
children equally. Witnessed by Rachel Hughes, Robert 
Smith, George Jennings. Before Edward Byam, Esq., was 
sworn Robert Smith 26 Nov. 1729. 

Mary Pearne. Will dated 9 June 1750. On 13 July 
1756 adm'on to Robert Pearne the son. (201 Glazier.) 
£20 to my sister for mourning. My Mother orders £20 a 
year to be paid to my aunt Bridget Lisle, & after my aunt's 
death £4 a year to Anne South, wife of John South of Mix- 
bury, & all residue between testatrix's son & dau. equally. 
Deed of gift new signed 26 Nov. 1753 & 26 March 1756. 
On 15 July 1756 were sworn Mary Pateshall, wife of Samuel 

Pateshall of St. George's, Hanover Square, only dau. of 
Mary Pearne late of Evenly, co. Northampton, and Bridget 
Vipont of Hampstead, widow, Robert Pearne and Mary 
Pateshall, the son and dau., being the only children of 

Robert Pearne of Isleworth, Esq. Will dated 26 Jan. 
1757; proved 4 April 1757 by the Right Hon. Sir John 
Willes, John Willes, and Charles Spooner, Esquires. (132 
Herring.) The use of my plate, etc., as per schedule to my 
sister Mary Pateshall for life, then to her dau. Mary Pates- 
hall to whom I give £1000 at 23. To John Willes, Esq., 
1" son of the R' Hon. Sir John Willes, K', 1^' Lord Com- 
missioner of the Great Seal & Lord Chief Justice of the 
Court of Common Pleas, my chariot & harness, my diamond 
shirt buckle, & my picture. To Edw'' Willes, Esq., 2'' son 
of Sir John, my gold-headed cane & 20 gs. To Chas. 
Spooner, Esq., youngest son of John Spooner of Bloomsbnry, 
Esq., my diamond ring with 2 large & 2 small brilliants. 
To the Hon. M''^ Marg' Tufton & the Hon. M" Mary 
Tufton, aunts to the present Earl of Thanet, the pictures of 
my mother & my grandfather W" Lisle, my silver tumbler 
& agate snuff box. To my servant Jas. Gulliver my 
clothing, the use of my silver watch for life, then to Jas. 
Byers, shopkeeper, of Brackley, co. Northants, also £10 
a year. To my old coachman Thos. Tarman of Evenley £6 
a year. To Jas. Gulliver my tenement in co. Northants 
with the use of the furniture & implements there for life, 
then to John Willes, Esq. £40 a year to M" Hannah 
Axford formerly Lightfoot, niece to the late M"' John 
Jefferyes, watchmaker in Holborn. The £4 a year given 
by my late mother Mary Pearne by will to M''^ Ann South 
of Mixbury, co. Bucks, to be continued. My Ex'ors to give 
to my cousin Eliz. Bowles, wife of the Rev. D'' Tho. Bowles, 
Rector of Brackley, the pedigi-ee of my family. To Sam^ 
Pateshall, husband of my sister Mary, 5 gs. To each 
servant 10 gs. To the poor of Brackley & Evenley 10 gs. 
All residue of plate & household goods in my house at Isle- 
worth to John Willes, Esq. All residue of personal estate 
to Sir John Willes & John Willes, Esq. (legacies to be 
charged on my plantation in Antigua), in Trust to pay 
£300 a year to my sister Mary Pateshall. ^ of my planta- 
tion in Antigua to Sir John Willes for life, then to his 1'' 
son John Willes, then to Tho. Abney of Willesby, co. Derby, 
Esq., & to Nath' Worley in Trust for the 2'^ son of John 
Willes, & in default to Chas. Willes, youngest son of Sir 
John. The other ^ to Chas. Spooner & his heirs, then to 
Chas. Willes Sir John Willes, John Willes, Esq., & Cha. 
Spooner, Esq., Ex'ors. Schedule of plate follows. M''* 
Collier's f icture. 

Close Roll, 14 Geo. II., Part 9, Nos. 4 and 5. 

In^aenture naie 18 Dec. 1740 between Robert Pearne 
of t\he parish ci E-ienly, Northants, Esq. (sou and heir of 
Robe'rt Pearue, late of Antigua, Esq., deceased, grandson 
and heir male of Henr^ Pearne of Antigua, Esq., deceased), 
of the one part, and Drury Otley the younger and Charles 
Lavall Molineux of St. Kitts, Esquires, of the other part, 
witnessf th that Robert Pearne, in consideration of 5s., sells 
to Drury Otley and Charles Lavall Molineux all that 
plantation in the parish of St. Mary Cayon in St. Kitts, 
containing 120 acres, formerly the plantation of Robert 
Skerrit, deceased, and afterwards by letters patent under 
the Great Seal of H.M.'s Charibee Islands duly recorded, 
etc., and in a special verdict found by the jury on the tryal 
of an action of ejectment brought against William Otley 
and Elizabeth Otley his wife, and Margaret Willet the 
younger, on the demand of Robert Pearne in the Court of 
King's Bench and Common Pleas, held at the town of 
Basseterre, granted by King William III. unto Henry 



Pearne therein mentioned, and to his heirs for evermore, 
and now in the tenure of Patrick Blake, Esq., and late in 
that of Martin Blake, Esq., and heretofore in that of Ralph 
Willet, Esq., and bounded ac the foot with the common 
path, to the E. with the lands heretofore of Charles Nephew 
Francis Hicky and now of [blank'], S. with the lands here- 
tofore of Lewis and now of [blank'], and W. with the 
lands of Clement Crook, Esq., and so to its extent to the 
mountains, and all other messuages and plantations, etc., 
whatsoever of Robert Pearne or of any person in trust for 
him in the said parish, and all messuages, pastures, feedings, 
mountain land, timber, trees, woods, underwoods, with the 
ground and soil of the same, waters, watercourses, etc., to 
have and to hold to Drury Otley and Charles liavall 
Molineux for one whole year at the rent of a peppercorn, if 
demanded, to the intent and purpose only that they, by 
virtue of these presents and of the statute of transferring 
uses, may be in actual possession, and enabled to accept 
and take a grant and release of the reversion and inheritance 
to them and their heirs for ever. J. Spooner. John Sharpe, 

No. -1. 
Indenture made 10th Dec. 1740 between Robert Pearne 
of the parish of Evenly, Northants, Esq. (son and heir, etc.), 
of the 1st part, William Otley and Elizabeth Otley his 
wife and Margaret AVillet the younger of St. Kitts, single- 
woman (which said Elizabeth and Margaret are the daughters 
and coheirs of John Willet, and cousins and coheirs of Ralph 
Willet, late of St. Kitts, Esq., deceased), of the 2nd part, 
and William Coleman of London, merchant, of the 3rd part, 
and Drury Otley the younger and Charles Lavall Molineux 
of St. Kitts, Esquires, of the 4th part. Whereas in the 
year 173G an action of ejectment was brought against Wil- 
liam and Elizabeth Otley and Margaret Willet on the 
demand of Robert Pearne in the Court of King's Bench and 
Common Pleas, etc., for the recovery from them of the 
possession of a messuage, 200 acres of kiid, 200 acres of 
cane land, and 100 acres of pasture, and 100 acres of wood 
in the parish of St. Mary Cayon, and the said William and 
Elizabeth Otley and Margaret Willet having appeared and 
pleaded the general issue of not guilty, the action came on 
to be tryed the second Thursday in June 1736 when the 
jury returned a special verdict, and afterwards upon the 
15th June 1736 upon arguing the said verdict the Court 
gave judgment that Robert Pearne the lessee should recover 
against the others his term in the said 200 acres, etc., but 
Robert Pearne having released to them his action as to the 
messuage, and also remitted to them all damages, costs, etc., 
by him sustained, and also all judgments and executions 
thereon had, they were acquitted by the Court as to the 
messuage ; and whereas William and Elizabeth Otley and 
Margaret Willet afterwards brought a writt of error from the 
judgment before the Governor and Cour.ii', anu! assigned 
the general error, and Robert Pearne havii.g filed a joinder in 
error, the writt of error on the 31st Aug. 1737 came on lo be 
argued before the Governor and Cjuncil as a Cou'rt of 
Errors, when the former judgment was affirmed with costs 
on the writt ; and whereas William and Elizabetii Otlfjy and 
Margaret Willet prayed and were allowed an appeal to the 
King's Most Excellent Majesty which is still depending ; 
and whereas by articles of agreement of the 21st May last 
past between Robert Pearne, late of St. Kitts, I ut then 
residing in London, of the one part, and William Coleman 
(on behalf of the others), of the other part, reciting as above, 
it was further recited that in order to prevent any further 
litigation it was agreed that Robert Pearne should release 
and confirm all his right, etc., to William and Elizabeth 
Otley and Margaret Willet in consideration of £1000 ster- 
ling, £100 to be paid on the ensealing, and £900 on the 
5th Sep. next ensuing in case St. Kitts continues till then 
in the possession of the Crown of Great Britain, and shall 

not be before taken by the Spaniards or any other enemy to 
the Crown of Great Britain, it was witnessed that William 
Coleman has paid Robert Pearne £100, and on payment of 
the residue Robert Pearne agrees to make proper convey- 
ances. Now this Indenture witnesseth that Robert Pearne 
has granted, etc., to Drury Otley the younger and Charles 
Lavall Molineux the 120 acres, formerly the plantation of 
Peter Skerrit, deceased, etc., as to one moiety to the only 
use of Elizabeth Otley and her heirs, and the other moiety 
to the only use of Margaret Willet and her heirs for ever, 
and William Coleman transfers to Drury Otley and Charles 
Lavall Molineux and their Ex'ors the said judgments, etc., 
to the sole benefit of William Otley and Elizabeth his wife, 
and Margaret Willet. 

Close Roll, 17 Geo. II., Part 20, Nos. 21 and 22. 

Indenture made the 28th March 1743 between Robert 
Pearne of Evenly, Northants, Esq. (son and heir of Robert 
Pearne of Antigua, Esq., deceased, and grandson and heir of 
the body of Henry Pearne of Antigua, Esq., deceased), of 
the one part, and William Johnson of Sergeants' Inn, 
Chancery Lane, Gent., of the other part, witnesseth that 
in consideration of 5s. Robert Pearne grants, etc., to Wil- 
liam Johnson Blubber Valley Plantation in the parish of 
St. Mary and division of Bermudian Valley, Antigua, con- 
taining 1200 acres, bounded E. with the lands of George 
Jennings, Esq., deceased, Thomas Stephens, Esq., deceased, 
William Allam, John Sedgwick, and Robert Christian, W. 
with the plantations of the Hon. Valentine Morris, Esq., 
lately deceased, and the lands of William Dunning and 
Sheers Stephens, N. with the plantation of the Hon. Samuel 
Watkins, Esq., and of George Jennings, Esq., deceased, and 
S. with the lands of Francis Franklyn, Robert Christian, 
and the late John Forster, deceased, and the dwelling house, 
etc., and all those negro and other slaves (names given), 45 
men, 49 women, 15 boys, and 20 girls, and all those 50 
horses and 100 head of cattle thereon, and all that other 
plantation called Musketo Cove in the said parish and 
division containing 600 acres, bounded E. with Perrie 
York's Plantation, W. with the sea, N. partly with the lauds 
of George Leonard and partly with the sea, and S. with the 
plantation of Valentine Morris and the sea, and all that 
stock house, and also 20 horses and 100 head of cattle 
thereon, and also all that other parcel of land called James 
Red's Hill containing 30 acres in the said parish, bounded 
E. in part with the plantation of Valentine Morris and part 
with the sea, and W., N., and S. with the sea, to have and 
to hold for one whole yeai', yielding therefore one pepper- 
corn, to the intent he may be in actual possession, and 
thereby enabled to take a grant and release of the reversion 
and inheritance. 

No. 21. 

Indenture made the 29th March 1743 between Robert 
Pearne, etc., of the one part, and William Johnson, of the 
other part, witnesseth that in consideration of 10s. Robert 
Pearne grants, etc., to William Johnson (as in No. 22), to 
the intent that all estates tail and remainders, etc., may be 
effectually barred and destroyed according to the laws of the 
Leeward Islands, to the only proper use of William Johnson 
and his heirs and assigns for ever. Hugh Hamersley, Wil- 
liam Rowlandson, witnesses. 

CloS(^ Roll, 19 Geo. II., Part 16, Nos. 1, 2, 8, and 4. 

Indenture made the 14th March 1745 by which Robert 
Pearne conveys to William Johnson Blubber Valley Planta- 
tion, etc., and all the dwelling-house, etc., and also all and 
every those negro and other slaves (as iu 17 Geo. II.), and 
also all Musketo Cove Plantation containing 600 acres, and 
20 horses and 100 head of cattle, and also James Red's Hill 



containing 30 acres, and also all those 36 acres lately 
recovered by Eobert Pearne from the said Valentine Morris, 
and now in the possession of Martin Blake, Esq., or his 
assigns for one whole year, and Robert Pearne appoints 
Stephen Blizard, Nathaniel Gilbert, and Martin Blake, all 
of Antigua, Esquires, his Attorneys. John Martin, Tobias 
Lisle, Harry AVebb, witnesses. 

No. 3. 
Indenture made the 15th March 1745 between Robert 
Pearne, of the one part, and William Johnson, of the other 
part, witnesseth that in consideration of 10s. Robert Pearne 
conveys to William Johnson (as in No. 4), to the only 
proper use of William Johnson and his heirs. 

No. 2. 
Indenture made the 17th March 1745 between William 
Johnson, of the one part, and Robert Pearne, of the other 

No. 1. 
Indenture made the 20th March 1745 between the 
above (simply the reconveyance, with the same Attorneys 
and the same witnesses). 

Close Roll, 29 Geo. II., Part 2, Nos. 1 and 2. 
Indenture made the 3rd Dec. 1755 between Robert 
Pearne of Evenly, otherwise Imley, Northants, Esq. (only 
son and heir of Robert Pearne, heretofore of Antigua, Esq., 
deceased, who was only son and heir of Henry Pearne, 
heretofore likewise of Antigua, Esq., deceased), of the one 
part, and Robert Christian of Antigua, Esq., of the other 
part, witnesseth that in consideration of 5s. Robert Pearne 
conveys to Robert Christian all Shackerley's Plantation 
containing 300 acres, late in the tenure of Charles Dunbar 
or his tenants, and heretofore in the occupation of Francis 
Shackerley, .... Duncombe, or ... . Martin, and formerly 
purchased by Henry Pearne the grandfather from John 
Barnes and Ann Bai-nes of Antigua, for one whole year. 
Thurston Blackman, William Marshall, witnesses. 

No. 1. 
Indenture made the 4th Dec. 1755 as above. Whereas 
Articles of Agreement were made and concluded on the 
20th May 1752 between the said Robert Pearne (only son 
and heir-at-law of Robert Pearne, deceased), of the one 
part, Robert Christian, of the other part, by which after 
reciting that Robert Pearne claimed to be seised of certain 
lands in the parish of St. Mary in Antigua called Shacker- 
ley's Plantation, containing 300 acres, mostly wood and 
coppice, then in the occupation of Charles Dunbar, Esq., or 
his tenants, and heretofore (as in No. 2), and also after 
reciting that Robert Christian had contracted and agreed 
for the absolute purchase upon the conditions hereinafter 
mentioned, it was witnessed that in consideration of £500 
Robert Pearne did agree to forthwith produce all deeds, etc., 
whereby it might appear he was seised of a good estate in 
fee simple, and also that he would (so that he was not 
compelled to travel above 20 miles from his usual place of 
abode), at the costs and charges of Robert Christian, convey 
to him the said plantation, free from incumbrances whatso- 
ever, and Robert Christian did covenant and agree that on 
the execution of the said conveyance he would pay a further 
sum of £500 in full satisfaction of the purchase money, and 
it was agreed that if Robert Christian should not approve 
of the title Robert Pearne should nevertheless retain the 
first-mentioned £500, which should be forfeited, and also 
reciting that Robert Pearne was seised of divers other 
plantations, etc., in Antigua, but no other lands than those 
on the 7th March then last in the tenure of Charles Dunbar 
should be taken as any part of the lands contracted for by 

Robert Christian ; and whereas Charles Dunbar hath by 
his Attornies William Dunbar and Thomas Warner, Esquires, 
by Indentures dated the 10th and 11th July last, conveyed 
to Robert Pearne the said lands and hereditaments called 
Shackerleys, to the only proper use of Robert Pearne and his 
heirs and assigns. Now therefore this Indenture witnesseth 
that for carrying the said Articles into execution, and in 
consideration of the £500 already paid, and also in con- 
sideration of £500 to be paid at or before the sealing of 
these presents, and to bar and destroy all estates tail and 
remainders, and vest in Robert Christian an absolute inherit- 
ance in fee simple, Robert Pearne grants and confirms to 
Robert Christian in his actual possession being all that 
plantation (as in No. 2), and Robert Pearne appoints, etc., 
Thomas Elmes, Francis Farley, Simon Farley, and John 
Jeflfreson of Antigua, Esquires, or any three of them, his 

1695. Henry Pearne conveys 300 acres (part of Jolly 
Hill Plantation) to General Codrington. 

1696. Captain Henry Pearne, a member of the vestry 
of St. Mary's Parish, was rated on 750 acres and 74 

On 17nl, Aug. 12, was read the Act to enable Hen. 
Pearne, Esq., to sell Blubber Valley Plant", reciting that 
Henrietta Warner, late y"= Wid. of Col. Philip Warner, dec"", 
owned the said plant" of 380 acres, &by her deed of 1 Mar. 
6 W™ conveyed it to Esaii Burgois & to W°> Barnes, late of 
Antigua, Gent., for 1 year, in trust for her own use for life, 
& then for Hen. Pearne, Gent., husb"! of Grace her dau., for 
his life, then to Grace Pearne for her life, then to their only 
s. & h. Rob' Pearne & his heirs, reserving power to charge 
the estate with 200,000 lbs. The Negros are all dead & 
Hen. Pearne has spent £3000 on the estate. (Minutes of 

1706, June V. Colonel Henry Pearne's estate in St. 
Mary's Parish was rated on 665 acres and 150 slaves. 

1712. In the Court of King's Bench and Common 
Pleas Mary Lingham sued the Guardians of Robert Pearne, 
re the Blubber Valley and Musquito Cove Plantations of 
1200 acres and 100 negro men, 20 women, 20 boys, and 20 

1713. John Pearne, late Lieut.-Governor of Montserrat, 
has gone to England. (B. T. Leeward Islands, vol. 13.) 

1714. March 1. Mrs. Jane Pearne of Antigua for 
£100 c. sells to her mother Mrs. Grace Pearne 4 negros. 

1716. Mr. Pern was allotted pew No. 3 in St. Mary's 

1719, Aug. 12. William Pearne, Gent., has a planta- 
tion of 100 acres in Nonsuch Division, St. Philip's Parish, 
N. with Robert Freeman, Robert Hunt, deceased, and Tho- 
mas Ske'-'it'i,' ^ with Thomas Skerrett, Daniel Maningham, 
and [Robert F''ee.Tian, S. with Robert Freeman and John 
Lu(is, Esq., and N cholas Lynch, W. with Nicholas Lynch 
and Robert Hunt, de-eased. Patent granted. 

Jiary, widow of Robert Freeman who died 1705, mar- 
ried secondly Mr. Perne, possibly the above-mentioned Wil- 
liam Pearne. 

Robert Pearce { ? Pearne), Esq., owner of large estates 
in Antigua and St. Kitts, married 28 Jan. 1744 the dau. of 
Mr. Pycraft. brewer, with 20,000/. 

174.1, Jan. 6. In Chancery. Charles Dunbar, Esq., 
Ashton Warner, Esq., the surviving Ex'ors of William 
Pearne, deceased ; Richard Hamilton Pearne, Gent., and 
Mary Ann Barton, widow, the surviving children and. 
legatees of William Pearne, Complainants, v. Elizabeth 
Freeman, Executrix of Arthur Freeman ; John Tomlinson, 
Esq., Joseph Buckshorne, George Thomas, Esq., Alice 
Freeman, widow. Executors of Robert Freeman the younger, 



No. 356. Pi-ivate. An Act for vesting divers Slaves, 
late of Robert Pearne, of Isleworth in the County of Middle- 
sex, in the Kingdom of Great Britain, Esq., now deceased, in 
Trustees, to be sold ; and for laying out, the Monies arising 
by such Sale, in the Purchase of other Slaves, to be settled 
upon the Trustees, and to the Uses of the Will of the said 
Robert Pearne. Dated Cth May 177-4. 

No. -laS. Private. An Act to vest in Trustees for Sale 
certain Negro Slaves devised by the Will of Robert Pearne, 
Esquire, discharged from the Uses and Trusts declared, con- 
cerning the same in and by the said Will ; and for investing 
the Money arising by such Sale in real or Government 
Securities in Great Britain, upon the like Uses and Trusts. 
Dated 28"> March 1780. 

For an account of the Pearne estate see the Lingham 


Parish Register of St. Paul. 

Barton & Mary Ann Pearne ; by L. 

Parish Register of St. John. 
1705 Jan. 21 Coll" Henry Pearne. 
1726 April 15 Cap' William Pearne. 
1730 April 23 M''= Henrietta Pearne. 

1 730 Jan. 8 M' W™ Pearne. 

1731 June 12 M''" Sarah Pearne. 

Evenley Church, co. Northants. 

Here lies Interred the Body of 



late of the Island of ANTEGOE 

and youngest Daughter of 


late of Evenly 

at whose feet she desired to be laid 

on the left side of 


She Died May r 13"' 1756. 

^ctitfjrtt of ^txx^. 

Arms. — On a lend .... hetween two cofh'ses ermine tliree lions passant. Perry of London ; granted 1700. 

Micajah Perry* of Leadenhall Street, Virginia-=pAnn, dan. of Dr. Richard Owen ; 

merchant ; aged 23 in 1663 ; Agent to 
Governor Hamilton in 1710 ; died 1 and 
bur. 10 Oct. 1721, aged, at St. Botolph, 
Bishopsgate. Will dated 22 Dec. 1720 ; 
proved 3 Oct. 1721. (185 Buckingham.) 

marriage licence dated 20 Oct. 
1663, then aet. 24 ; bur. 1 March 
1701. aet. 66, in the chancel of 
St. Botolpli, Bishopsgate. 

I I 

Elizabeth Perry, A dau. 
uxor .... Evans 


Richard Perry of Leaden-=pSarah .... 
hall Street, merchant. Will living 1725 

dated 1 5 April and proved 
4 May 1720. (118 Shal- 

and 1753. 

Micajah Perry, Esq.,M.P. Lon-=p. . . . dau. of 

don 1727—1741 ; Alderman of Cock 

Aldgate 1728—1746 ; Sheriff of London, 
1734, and Colonel of the Orange linendraper ; 
Regiment of Trained Bands ; died 1738. 
Lord Mayor 1 738 ; died -I'l Jan. 
1753 at Epsom, co. Surrey. 
Adm'on 14 Aug. 1753. (See 
' Notes and Queries ' for July 

.M'^jtph Lowe of Charles Town, Virginia,=T=Sarah Susanna Johanna Mary 

.,.nd of O'orshalton, co. Surrey, merchant. .... Lowe, Lowe. Lowe, 

Will dfite Y' Jan. 1702 ; proved 17 March living Hving 

1702-3.-, t'h Degg.) | 1720. 1720. 

\ s.p. 

Ehzabeth Perry, 
under 18 in 1720; 
mar. 1733 Salus- 
bury Cade, Esq., 
son of Dr. Cade ; 
his will proved 
1773. (240 Ste- 

Philip Perry of 
Lor.don, mer- 
chant ; under 
24 in 1720; 
living 1753. 

Sarah Perry, 1st dau., born 31 Aug. 
1702 ; mar. 1 Oct. 1719 William 
Heysham of East Greenwich, Esq., 
M.P. for town of Lancaster. He was 
born 10 Dec. 1691, and died s.p. 
14 April 1727, set. 35. M.I. at St. 
Paul's Walden, co. Herts. Will 
dated 22 April 1725 ; proved 28 June 
1727. (142 Fiirrant.) She was 
living 1753. 

* Eichard Perry, of Newhaven 1 ()40, had Mary, bapt. 4 Oct. of that year ; 
11 July 1647 ; and Grace, 2 Sept. 1649. A Richard Perry, merchant, of London, w 
1629. (Savage's ' Gen. Diet, of New Eng-.,' p. 400.) 

William Perry was a Member of Council for Virginia in or before 1635. (Colonial Calendar.) 

Samuel, 8 .June 1645 ; .Tohu, 
lamed in the Royal Charter of 




John Perry of Antigua, merchant ; Provost^ 
Marshal-General of the Leeward Islands 
8 William III. ; born and died at Youghall, 
CO. Cork. Will dated 24 Jan. 1708, then 
of St. James, Westminster ; proved 4 April 
1713. (89 Leeds.) 



bur. 16 



at St. 


I I 

Anne Perry, 
widow of . . 
Osborne 170! 



dau. mar. 





Anne Perry,=pRichard Rigby of 
1st dau. and ~" " " " 
coheir ; mar. 
when a mi- 
nor ; ffit. 21 

died 1731. 

Misley Hall, co. 
Essex, Esq., son 
of Edward Rigby; 
formerly a wool- 
len - draper in 
Paternoster Row, 
and factor to the 
South Sea Com- 
pany ; died 1730. 
Will dated K! 
Aug. and proved 
19 Nov. 1730. 
(315 Auber.) 

I I 
Dorothy Perry, bapt. 
28 Dec. 1703 at St. 
John's ; a minor in 
1722 ; mar. George 
Barker of St. Paul, 
Covent Garden, mer- 
chant ; both living 

Elizabeth Perry, died 
intestate under 17 
before 1722. 

I I 
Sarah Perry, bapt. 
28 Dec. 1703 at 

St. John's. 

Mary Perry, a 
miuor in 1722 ; 
mar. John Cleland 
of St. Peter Poor, 
London, and of 
South Carolina ; 
marriage settle- 
ment dated 1 4 Nov. 
1728 ; both living 

Edward Perry of Antigna,= 
Esq. ; Registrar 1704 ; 
bur. 20 Feb. 1716-17 at 
St. John's. Will dated 24 
Feb. 1714 ; proved 23 May 
1717. (101 Whitfield.) 

Edward Perry, 
bur. 12 Sep. 
1691 at St. 

Samuel Perry, 
a minor in 


I I I 
Jonathan Perry, 
merchant, only 
son, brother-in- 
law of Hopefor 
Bendall 1727. 
(See vol. i., p. 40.) 

Mary Perry, 
widow of ... . 
PuUen 1714. 

A dau., living 


Right Hon. Richard Rigby, a Member of the English Privy Council ; Master of the Rolls and Vice- Anne Martha 
Treasurer in Ireland ; M.P. Tavistock ; Paymaster'in Ireland 1768—1782 ; died at Bath 8 April 1788, Rigby. Rigby. 
bachelor, aged 65 or 06. Will dated 31 Dec. 1781 ; proved 19 May 1788 (see 'Gent. Mag.' for 1788, 
pp. 370 and 462). 

1673. Henry Perry of Antigua died intestate. Adm'on 
to Kath. Perry his relict 4 Aug. by Philip Warner, Esq. 

1699. Henry Hartwell of Virginia, Esq., names M" 
Sarah Perry, wife of M'' lUch'^ Perry, £5. Micajah Perry & 
Rich'' Perry of London, merchants & Ex'ors, £50. (134 

Christopher Morgan of London. Will dated 22 March 
1703-4. (45 Eedes.) Micajah Perry, Tho. Lane, & Richard 
Perry's bond dated 26 March 1700 for £2000, ditto & 
money £1000, debts in Virginia. My -^ of tho ship " Perry 
& Lane," y^ of the ship " Hartwell," etc. 

Micajah Lowe, late of Charles City, County and Colony 
of Virginia, now of Casehanlton, co Surrey, merchant. Will 
dated 20 Jan., proved 17 March 1702 by Micajah Perry. 
(53 Degg.) To my uncle M' Micajah Perry, my mother- 
in-1. M'"* Eliz. Hamlin, my sisters Susanna Lowe & Johanna 
Jarrett & Mary Lowe, rings. All residue to my wife Sarah, 
she & my uncle Mic. Perry Ex'ors. Witnessed by Sarah 
Jos. Cooper, Robert Dalley, Thomas Deubery. 

John Perry, late of Antigua, now of St. James, West- 
minster, merchant. Will dated 24 June 1708; proved 
4 April 1713 by Jonathan Perry the Guardian of Anne and 
Dorotiiy Perry, minors, daus. of testator, who was last of 
Youghall, deceased; proved 7 Oct. 1713 by Edward Perry ; 
power reserved to Anne and Dorothy Perry ; proved 23 
May 1717 by Jonathan Perry, Edward Perry being dead ; 
proved 25 Aug. 1722 by Anne Rigby alias Perry, now wife 
of Richard Rigby, and one of the surviving Ex'trices, she 
being now 21 ; power reserved to Dorothy Perry. (89 
Leeds.) To the ministers & churchwardens of Youghall, 
CO. Cork, where I was born, £300 c. to buy lands in the 
name of the bishop of the diocese, and the profits to be 
distributed to the poor every 29* of May at the church 
door. To the poor of Christ Church in the City of Cork 
£100 c. in the same way. To the parish of S' John's, 
Antigua, £300 for the purchase of annuity of £30 c. to be 
distributed in the same way. To my sister-in-law Mary 
Perry, widow of my brother Sam' Perry, £30 a year for life. 

To my sister Anne Osborne, widow, & to her daus. Mary 
Mills & Joyce Osbourne £200 c. apiece, & to each of her 
grandchildrer. £100 c. at 21, except John Freeman, son of 
Jas. Freeman, to whom I have already given that sum. To 
my nephew Sam' Perry £1000 c. at 21. To my well beloved 
wife Anne Perry £100 a year for life in lieu of dower, & all 
plate & furniture. To my dau. Anne Perry £2000 which 
Major Long of Antigua owes me, & my house & land 
adjoining Major Long's plantation in the town & parish of 
S' John's, & £500, equal to a portion of £3000. To my 
dau. Dorothy Perry all money due to me from Patrick 
Browne, late of Antigua, deceased, & if less than £2500 to 
be made up to that sum. To my dau. Eliz. Peny my moiety 
of a plantation in S' Mary's parish with negros, etc., as 
lately rented by me to Patrick Browne, deceased, which 
cost me £2290, also £210. To my dau. Mary all my 
plantation in South Carolina & £500, equal to a portion of 
£25<;)0. If my wife be with child then £2000 to it, & 
£500 less to each dau. All portions to my daus. at 18. 
To my nephew Jonathan Perry, son of my brother Edw^ 
Perry, £1000 at 21 & £00 yearly till then, if he die then to 
his 2 sisters now living. My wife to be. Guardian. To 
my brother Edw'' Perry £50. To my worthy friend Archi- 
bald Hutcheson, Esq., £50. To Cap' John Perne £10. 
All residue to my wife & children. Archibald Hutcheson, 
M' Edward Perry, & my wife Guardians. My daus. Anne & 
Dorothy Perry & my brother Edw'' Perry Ex'ors. Witnessed 
by Christopher Devonsheir, John Devonsheir, Christopher 
Devonsheir, all of Bristol. Recorded also at St. John's 
3 Oct. 1714. 

Edward Perrie of Antigua. Will dated 24 Feb. 1714 ; 
proved 23 May 1717 by Jonathan Perrie the son. (101 
Whitfield.) My 1=' dau. Mary Pullen of London, widow, 
£500. All estate to my only son Jonathan Perrie of Lon- 
don, merchant, & sole Ex'or. My friends M'' Hopefor 
Bendall, M'' Edward Chester, jun., & W Joseph Adams of 
Antigua, merchants, overseers, & a 3 ga. ring each. Wit- 
nessed by Samuel Payn, Samuel Galpine, Edward Morgon, 
Benjamin Rawleigh, John Helden, Thomas Holmes, George 


Codkil. 24 Jan. 1716. To each of my grandchildren 
£100 at 21. All plate with my coat of arms to my son 
Jonathan. Edward Chester, j', my gold watch. Joseph 
Adams my bed furniture. My sister Xisbitt my common 
prayer book & my late brother John Perrie's seal. W 
Hopefor Bendall my sword, belt, & gun, & to his dau. my 
goddau. the silver tankard I expect out of England. M"' 
John Helden my gold-headed cane. Cath. Atkinson 40 
pistoles & a silver tankard. I have in my chest £747 
belonging to M'' W" Moore of Barbados. Witnessed by 
Peter Hasell, James Chester, George .Jenkins. 

Kichard Perry. Will dated 15 April at London, proved 
4 May 1720 by Sarah Periy the relict. (118 Shaller.) To 
my wife Sarah my groundrent of Brewer's Key, now in the 
possession of the heirs of M"' Rob. Richardson, dec'', at 
present £50 a year, & after her death to my s. Micajah 
Perry, the mortgage of Little Stanbridge, co. Essex, now let 
to M'' Joseph Tanner for £80 a year, with the manor & 
quitrents of 35s. a year, the money I have lent the Crown 
on it being much more than its worth, my rentcharge on 
lands in Sussex, now paid by M'' Tho. Medley, Esq., of 
Lewis, £50 a year, my grouudrents in Hatton Garden 18 
years to come, £50 a year, & I pay Lord Nottingham £6 a 
year, my groundrents in Moorfields £20 a year, also plate, 
jewels, & furniture. To my son Micajah Perry the ^ of 
Chester's Key, left him by M' Tho. Lane after the death of 
M''' Mary Lane his widow, also my \. Whereas my father 
hath settled his estate in Leadenhall-str. on me, after his 
death I give it my son Philip, but my wife to have the 
house I live in rent free. I give her also the leases of my 2 
houses in Leadenhall-str., let to M' Motley &:M'' Walker, 
till my son Philip be 24, at £38 & £30 less gl oundrent of 
£13 6.?. M. My dau. Sarah Perry I have sufficiently 
provided for. To my dau. Mary Perry £3000 bank stock. 
My dau. EHz. Perry £1000 bank stock, payable to both at 
18. My stock in trade with my father consists of a moiety, 
i of this to my son Micajah, \ to my son Philip at 24, & i 
to my wife. The monthly draughts for it to be not less 
than £60 nor more than £90. I have sold my estate in 
Gravel Lane to .John Blunt, Esq., subject to 2 annuities of 
£40. My wife sole Ex'trix. Witnessed by John Ware, 
Charles Miller, James Johnston, John Walkeley. 

Micajah Perry. AVill dated 22 Dec. 1720 at London ; 
proved 3 Oct. 1721 by Sarah Perry, widow, Micajah and 
Philip Perry. (185 Buckingham.) To Christ's Hospital 
£100. To the Work-house £100. Mary & Susanna Lowe 
£50 each. My sister Eliz. Evans £20 a year. To my 2 
granddaus. Mary & Eliz. £1500 between them. Their' 
father's will. I give them also my lease at Eaton, co Beds, 
which I hold of Trinity Coll., Cam. To my grandson 
Micajah Perry my \ of Chester's Key. To my 2 grandsons 
Micajah & Philip all residue & my moiety in trade. To be 
buried in Bishop Church in the Middle Isle near the step 
into the chancell where my dear wife lies. My dau. Sarah 
Perry & her 2 sons Micajah & Philip Perry Ex'ors. Wit- 
nessed 27 Sep. 1721 by John Warr, James Johnston, John 

William Heysham of East Greenwich, co. Kent, Esq. 
Will dated 22 April 1725 ; proved 28 June 1727 by Robert 
Thornton, and on 3 Feb. 1727 by John Marsh ; power 
reserved to Robert Heysham. (142 Farrant.) My lands 
called Greaves, near Lancaster, to my heirs male, remainder 
to M" Mary Meller, then to the Corporation of Lancaster 
in Trust for 8 poor men. To be buried in the church of S' 
Paul's Walden, co. Herts, near my deceased uncle Rob' 
Heysham, Esq. £30 to the poor there. £300 to my wife 
& £20 to her mother M'^ Sarah Perry, & to my wife's 
brothers & sisters Micajah, Phillip, & Eliz. £10 each. 5Iy 

aunt W^ Hester Barker, & her dau. Eliz., & her son-in-law 
M"-Pall, & my cousin Jane his wife £10 each. To my 
cousins Gyles & Rob' Thornton £10 each. My friend M'' 
John Marsh of Haberdashers' Hall £10. M'' Rob' Antrobus 
of Eaton £10. To my wife plate, coach, & horses. All 
freehold estate to the 1*' son of my body, & to each younger 
child £2000. To my godson W-" Hall, son of M' Hall by 
Jane my cousin his wife, £100. M'' John Green, surgeon 
in the Strand, £50. My cousin Rob' Thornton £500. My 
friend John Marsh £1000. To Christ's Hospital £200. 
All residue to any children, but in case I leave no issue 
then to my cousin Rob' Heysham, then to my cousin Rob' 
Thornton. They & John Marsh Ex'ors. Witnessed by 
Robert Haynes, Thomas Roots, Charles Master. 

Richard Rigby of Mistley, co. Essex, Esq. Will dated 
18 Aug., proved 19 Nov. 1730 by Anne Rigby the relict ; 
proved also 1 July 1742 by George Barker and Charles 
Gray, the probate granted to Anne Rigby having expired 
by her death. (315 Auber.) To my wife Anne ray 
mansion house Mistley Hall, & confirm to her £150 a yr. 
by our marriage settlement, & I give her also £250 a yr. & 
the use of plate & furniture, coach & 4 horses, 2 saddle 
horses, & £200. All my lands to my brother-in-law Geo. 
Barker & Cha. Grey of Colchester, Esq., on Trust for my 
only s. Rich"! Rigby in tail male, remainder to the heirs 
male of my dans. Anne & Martha, my neph. Edw. Rigby, s. 
of my bro. Jas. Rigby. £1500 to ea. of my s** 2 daus. 
My niece Mary Venn £20. To my friends Sir Chas. Wager, 
K', & Sir John Eyles, Bart., & my brother Jas. Rigby, my 
brothers-in-law John Stewart & Geo. Barker, my kinsman 
Jonathan Perrie, & my good friends Edw. Pratter, Esq., of 
Jamaica, & the s"! Chas. Grey, each a ring of 20 g"'. My s* 
s. to be G. of my daus. My wife Ex'trix. Geo. Barker & 
Chas. Gray Ex'ors, & 50 g'^ each. Witnessed by William 
Bumpstead, Thomas Barron, Rose Rye. 

Codicil 18 Aug. 1730. £1000 to my wife, payable out 
of the produce received from the West Indies for improving 
Mistley Hall. £300 for almshouses. 

1753, Aug. 14. Micajah Perry, Esq., deceased. Limited 
adm'on to Philip Perry of East Greenwich, Esq. It has 
been alledged by Sarah Heysham, widow, & Gyles Thornton 
Heysham, Esq., that by Indenture tripartite dated 11 April 
1739 between Rob' Thornton of East Greenwich, Esq., the 
surviving Ex'or of W" Heysham, of the 1^' part, Micajah 
Perry, then Lord Mayor of Loudon, but late of Epsom, Esq., 
deceased, & the said Philip Perry of London, merch', but 
since of East Greenwich, Esq., of the 2'' part, & Gyles 
Thornton Heysham, then of Stagnoe, co. Herts, Esq., of 
the 3'' part, that in consideration of a marriage intended, & 
after solemnized, between W™ Heysham & Sarah Perry, one 
of the daus. of Rich'' Perry, Esq. (now the said Sarah 
Heysham, widow), £10,000 bank stock was assigned to 
Rob' Heysham, Esq., Peter Godfrey, Esq., & Micajah Pei-ry 
for her joynture, & if she died without issue for the use of 
her husband & his heirs, & this sum became eventually 
vested in EdW" Tumour of Bloomsbury Square, Esq., 
Micajah Perry, & Philip Perry. W™ Heysham died s.p. & 
appointed Rob' Thornton, Koh' Heysham, Esq., & John 
Marsh (both since dead) his Ex'ors. The £10,000 was 
ordered by the Court of Chancery to be sold, & the reversion 
of it was purchased by Gyles Thornton for £6100. Micajah 
Perry died intestate within 12 months since. Adm'on to 
Philip Perry concerning the £10,000 only. Limited adm'on 
of rest of goods passed Nov. 1757. 

Another adm'on. Micajah Perry, formerly Lord Jlayor 
of London, but of Epsom, Esq., deceased, widower, intestate, 
leaving Sarah Perry, widow, his mother, since deceased, 
Philip Perry, Esq., his brother, Sarah Heysham, & Eliz. 
Cade (wife of Salisbury Cade, Esq.) his sisters. 



Close Roll, 20 Geo. II., Part 1, No. 25. 
Indenture tripartite made the 1st Feb. 1745 between 
John Cleland, late of the parish of St. Peter Poor, London, 
but now of the province of South Carolina, Gent., and 
Mary his wife (one of the daughters and coheirs of John 
Perrie, late of St. James's, Westminster, Esq., deceased), 
of the 1st part, William Hamilton of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., 
George Barker of St. Paul's, Covent Garden, merchant, and 
Alexander Hamilton of Lincoln's Inn, Gent., of the 2nd 
part, and George Moncrietf of Antigua, Esq., of the 3rd 
part. Whereas by articles of agreement made previous to 
the marriage of the said Mary with John Cleland, dated the 
14th Nov. 1728, between John Cleland, of the 1st part, 
Mary Perrie (one of the daughters of John Perrie, late of 
Antigua, merchant, decea.sed), of the 2nd part, and Richard 
Rigby, Esq., since deceased, and the said William Hamilton, 
George Barker, and Alexander Hamilton, of the 3rd part, 
Mary Perrie did covenant with Richard Rigby and the 
others that within six months after the solemnization of the 
marriage she would convey among other things the 3rd 
part of the messuages and lands, etc., hereinafter mentioned 
to them in trust, and it was further agreed that the said 
intended settlement should contain a provision that the said 
trustees might sell, etc., with the consent of John and Mary 
Cleland ; and whereas the marriage was soon after solem- 
nized and Richard Rigby is since dead, but no settlement 
has been made, and George Moncrieff has agreed with John 
and Mary Cleland for the purchase of her 3rd part. Now 
this Indenture witnesseth tliat in consideration of £1200 
sterling paid to William Hamilton, George Barker, and 
Alexander Hamilton, and of 5s. each to John and Mary 
Cleland, they grant, etc., to George Moncrieff all that one- 
third of all that plantation in the parish of St. Mary, 
Antigua, containing 286 acres, according to an actual survey 
there taken by John Teatte, Sworn Surveyor General of 
Antigua, the 25th Feb. 1722, bounded N. with the creek, 
S. with the lands of John Roe, deceased, now belonging to 
the heirs of George Jennings, Esq., deceased, and the lands 
heretofore of John Gamble, deceased, now belonging to 
Samuel Watkins, Esq., W. with the lands formerly of Charles 
Callaham, deceased, now in the possession of William Smith, 
Esq., and E. with the lands of Samuel Martin, Esq., as fully 
and largely as now claimed and enjoyed by the said Johu 
Cleland and Mary his wife, and Richard Rigby, Esq. (son of 
Richard Rigby, late of Misley, co. Essex, Esq., deceased, by 
Ann his wife, also deceased, who was another of the daughters 
and coheirs of John Perrie), and the said George Barker 
and Dorothy his wife (the other of the daugliters and co- 
heirs of John Perrie), their managers, overseers, etc., and all 
messuages, etc., and all one-third part of the following slaves 
(names given), 25 negro men, 30 negro women, 11 negro 
boys, and 7 negro girls, and also one-third part of 2 bulls, 
15 oxen, 15 cows, 8 bull calves, 3 cow calves, 5 mules, and 
1 horse (all named), and of all hoes, etc., to George Mon- 
crieff and his heirs and assigns for evermore ; and whereas 
George Moncrieff hath not only agreed with them but with 
Richard Rigby and George and Dorothy Barker for the 
purchase of the remaining two thirds, but owing to the 
absence of John and Mary Cleland in South Carolina and 
the others in Great Britain it is not thought convenient to 
join them to this conveyance, etc., nevertheless for the 
better and more effectual conveyance, etc., it is hereby 
covenanted that John and Mary Cleland will at any time 
hereafter at the request of George Moncrieff join, etc. Peter 
Ham, J. Crosthwaite, William Stone, Archibald Liddell. 
Thomas Sumersett, Edward Hughes, Thurston Blackman, 

Richard Rigby, Esq., deceased, by Anne his wife, also 
deceased, one of the daughters aud coheirs of John Perrie, 
late of St. James's, Westminster, Esq., deceased), of the 1st 
part, George Barker of St. Paul, Covent Garden, merchant, 
and Dorothy his wife, another of the daughters and coheirs 
of .John Perrie, of the 2nd part, and George Moncrieff of 
Antigua, Esq., of the 3rd part, witnesseth that in considera- 
tion of £2400 for the absolute purchase of the plantation, 
etc., hereinafter mentioned, Richard Rigby and George and 
Dorothy Barker grant, etc., to George Moncrieff, in his 
actual possession being, all those two-third parts of all that 
plantation in the parish of St. Mary, Antigua, containing 
286 acres (as in Cleland and Moncrieff) as fully and largely 
as now claimed and enjoyed by the said Richard Rigby, 
George and Dorothy Barker, and John and Mary Cleland, 
to the use of George Moncrieff and his heirs and assigns 
for evermore. Thurston Blackman, Richard Capstack (?), 

Close Roll, 19 Geo. II., Part 13, No. 20. 
Indenture tripartite made the 10th Oct. 1745 between 
Richard Rigby of Misley Hall, Essex, Esq. (son and heir of 

1672. John Perry's land, granted 23 Dec, is surveyed 
4 Feb. 1672. 

1 697. Edward Walrond, Esq., complains against Captain 
John Perrie who four years ago kept a tavern in St. John's 
Town, and was an incestuous person, having married his 
own brother's widow, and was prosecuted by the Assembly 
of Antigua for doing so. (B. T. Leeward Islands, vol. 5.) 

In 1699 Mr. Weaver remarks of John Perrie, one of the 
Council of St. Cliristopher's, that he is " most infamous, 
yet made Provost Marshall, Com^ of Prizes, Dep'y auditor 
of y^ K^ accounts of all y^ IsF' whereby he has got great 
Riches. He d'/ew Ale a few years ago." Archibald Hutche- 
son writes in' 1698 that Captain John Perrie came as a 
merchant to the Leeward Islands and settled at Antigua, 
where he was concerned in a plantation which did not 
succeed well with him, and is Provost-Marshall and Deputy 
Auditor. {Ibid.) 

1701, July 29. Edward Perrie of St. John's, merchant, 
grant of a proportion of land by Christopher Codrington. 

1701, Oct. 10. Johu Perrie, Esq., Provost-Marshal 
General, granted a parcel of land in St. John's Town by 
Christopher Codrington. 

Anne Reg. William III. appointed John Perry, Esq., 
Provost-Marshal General by patent. We do re-appoint him. 
At Westminster 4 Aug. 1 Anne. Recorded 17 Dec. 1703. 

1704, May 18. John Perrie, Esq., granted 100 acres 
by Christopher Codrington. 

1705, Aug. 13. Robert Amory, late of Antigua, now of 
Gallway, merchant, sells to John Perry half of 344 acres in 
St. Mary's Parish for 5s. Letter of Attorney to him. 

In a letter of 1708 Edward Perrie is described as a rich 
merchant, one of the Commissioners of the Customs, whose 
brother is Provost-Marshal General. 

1709-10. Mr. Micajah Perry is agent to Governor 
Walter Hamilton. 

1710, March 3. Petition of Edward Perrie, Esq., and 
Thomas Trant, merchant, Attornies of John Perrie, Provost- 
Marshal General, that Governor Parke appointed Michael 
Ayon during John Perrie's absence, and he has consequently 
lost three years' fees. His leave of absence for two years 
dated 6 Aug. 1709 was read. 

1714, July 23. Edward Perrie, Esq.'s commission read 
as Clerk of the Navy and Naval Officer of Antigua. 

1716, Aug. 1. Edward Perrie in a letter says he has 
well known the island for thirty years, and the 4^ per cent, 
duty was always collected at St. John's. 

1717. Mr. Micajah Perry and Mr. Richard Perry of 
London offer to purchase a portion of the French lands at 
St. Christopher's. 

1720, Jan. 14. Robert Heysham, Esq ; elected Alder- 
man of Billingsgate-Ward, in the Room of Sir William 
Ashurst, deceas'd. (' Historical Register,' p. 5.) 



1721, Oct. 1. Dy'd M'' Micajah Perry, Virg;inia Mer- 
chant, at his House in Leaden-hall-street. (' Historical 
Register,' p. 39.) 

1721, Nov. 14. Robert Heysham, Esq ; Alderman of 
London for the "Ward of Billingsgate, chosen President of 
Christ's Hospital, in the room of Sir Robert Child, deceas'd. 
{Ibid., p. 43.) 

Indenture. Richard Rigby of Misly Hall, co. Essex, 
Esq., now of Antigua, bound to Jamaica. John Perrie's 
will, dated 24 June 7 Anne, was proved P.C.C. Edward 
Perry, brother and Ex'or to said John Perry, is now dead, 
and Ann Perry his daughter is married to me and is 21. 
Dorothy the other daughter is not 21, and John Perry left 
two other daughters — Elizabeth died under 17 and intestate 
and Mary Perry is an infant. Letter of Attorney now 
granted to Thomas Kerby 21 Feb. 1722. 

1723, Feb. 26. Dy'd Robert Heysham, Esq ; Alderman 
of London, for the Ward of Billingsgate, and President of 
Christ's Hospital. (' Historical Register,' vol. 8, p. 14.) 

1727, April. Christopher Tower, jun. Esq ; elected 
Member of Parliament for the Borough of Lancaster, in the 
Room of William Heysham, Esq ; deceas'd. {Ibid., p. 17.) 

1727. Micajah Perry was one of the four M.P.'s for 
the City of London. 

1728, Feb. 24. Micajah Perry, Esq ; unanimously 
elected Alderman of Aldgate Ward, in the Room of Sir 
Francis Porteen, Knt., deceas'd. (' Historical Register,' 
p. 14.) 

Indenture dated 2 June 1724. Arthur Dabron, Esq., 
Deputy Provost-Marshall, and Slingsby Bethell, Esq., against 
Thomas Rome, by Richard Rigby, Esq., and his wife Anne 
and Dorothy Perrie, spinster, Ex'ors of will ]rf John Perrie, 
deceased, merchant. 167 acres to said Slingsby Bethell 
were sold by outcry for £450 c. Slingsby Bethell now 
assigns to Sir William Codrington. 

1733. M'- Cade, Son of the late D-' Cade, to Miss Perry, 
Sister to W Alderman Perry, a young Lady of 10,00()Z. 
Fortune. (' London Magazine,' p. 44.) 

1784, July. At his Seat at Stagenhoe in Hertfordshire, 
Robert Heysham, Esq ; only Son of Robert Heysham, Esq ; 
formerly one of the Representatives in Parliament for this 
City: He being a Batchelor has left his whole Estate 
(except 5000Z. to M'= Robinson) to his first Cousins, Giles 
and Robert Thornton, Brothers. {Ihid., p. 386.) 

1734, Sep. Micajah Perry, Esq ; Alderman of Aldgate 
Ward, chosen Sheriif of London and Middlesex for the year 
ensuing. {Ibid., p. 24.) 

1738, Sep. Micajah Perry, Esq ; chosen Lord Mayor 
of the City of London, for the year ensuing. (' Historical 
Register,' p. 34.) 

1738. At Epsom in Surrey, The Lady of Micajah 
Perry, Esq ; Lord Mayor elect : She was the Daughter of 
M"' Cock, a very eminent Linnen Draper near Stocks- 
Market, and has left no Issue. (Ibid., p. 41.) 

1738, Oct. The Lady of Micajah Perry, Esq ; Lord 
Mayor Elect. ('London Magazine,' p. 516.) 

1740, Dec. 9. Petition of Captain Syer Allicock, Attor- 
ney to the heirs of Jonathan Perrie, deceased. 

1753, Jan. 22. Micajah Perry, Esq; Lord Mayor of 
London in 1738. ('Gent. Mag.,' p. 53.) 

1753, Jan. 25. The late W Alderman Perry, who had 
served the office of lord-mayor, and was formerly one of 
the representatives of the city of London, in parliament. 
(' London Magazine,' p. 93.) 

For the Pedigree of the Heyshams se 
Genealogica et Heraldica,' vol. iv.. New Series, p. 373. 

Leyden University. 
Perrij, Carolus, Anglus, 5 Febr. 1723. 
Perrij, Micajah, Hibernus, 8 Nov. 1712. 
Perrij, Micajah, Hybernus, 25 Mali 1715. 

Parish Register of St. John. 



Dec. 28 

Sarah Perry d. of John Perry & Anne 
his [blank:]. 


Dec. 28 

Dorothy d. of John Perry & Anne. 


Aug. 26 

Doc"" Samuel Perry. 


Sep. 12 

Edward S. of Samuel & Mary Perrie. 


Feb. 16 

John S. of John Perry. 


April 20 

Thos. Perry, Carpenter of y« Lyon, Cap*" 
Burnside, Com-i'-. 


Feb. 26 

Edward Perrie. 


Aug. 23 

Mary Perrie. 


Nov. 28 

John Perry. 


Nov. 10 

John Perry. 


Jan. 2 

Andrew Perry. 

Parish Register of St. Philip. 
1700 Aug. 4 John Elliott to Elizabeth Perry. 

1663, Oct. 20. Micajah Perry, at S' Mary le Bow, 
London, Haberdasher, Bach'', ab' 23, & Ann Owen, of 
S' Swithin's, London, Sp'', about 24 ; consent of father 
D' Rich"* Owen ; at S' Swithin's, or S' Michael's, Crooked 
Lane. (Marriage Allegations : Vicar-General of Archbishop 
of Canterbury.) 

St. Paul's Walden, co. Herts. 

On a flat stone in the Church : — 

Here lieth interred the body of william heysham, of 
Greenwich, in the county of Kent, esq., who was member 
of parliament ten years last past for the corporation of 
Lancaster. He married Sarah, daughter of Richard Perry, 
of London, esq., and died the 14th day of April, anno 
Domini, 1727, in the 36th year of his age. 

Arms: An anchor, mid in chief fh7-ee roundels; impaling, 
on a bend .... between two cottises ermine three lions pas- 
sant .... 

(' Gent. Mag.,' 1798, p. 758.) 

"Rigbys" (?fonnerly "Perrys") in St. Mary's Parish 
in 1852 contained 263 acres, and was owned by Sir W. 



dfamtlj> of psott. 

Thomas Pigott of Long Ashton, co. Somerset, Esq. Will 
dated 31 March 1670 ; proved P.C.C. 13 Feb. 1673-4 by 
Florence Pigott the relict. (23 Bunce.) To be buried 
according to the Liturgie of the Church of England. To 
my dau. Eliz. Pigott as a marriage portion £1500 out of my 
rents in Westmeath, Ireland. To my 2'^ sou John Piggott 
chattel lease in Banwell, co. Som., & my copyhold in 
Queen's County, Ireland, after my mother's death, & £100. 
To my 1=' son Poulett Pigott & his heirs all my lands & 
manor of Brockley, co. Som., my wife to have the same for 
life but paying £100 a year towards his maintenance & 
education. To my dau. Usher £20. To my son-in-law Sir 
Hugh Smyth, Sir Humphry Hooke, & their wives, my dau.- 
in-law Mrs. Eliz. Smyth, M''= Helena & M'^ Ann Smyth, my 
son-in-law Tho. Smyth, Lord Poulett & my brother-in-law 
Francis Poulett, my brother M'' Alex. Pigott & my sisters 
Mrs. Grove, Mrs. Phillips, & Mrs. FitzGerald, 40/ rings. 
All residue to my wife & Ex'trix. (Somersetshire Wills, 
vol. iv., p. 107.) 

Florence Pigott of Ashton. Will dated 20 April 1676 ; 
proved P.C.C. 19 Feb. 1676-7 by Sir Hugh Smyth, Bart. 
(23 Hale.) To be buried in the vault where ¥■• Pigott & 
Poulett Pigott were laid. My son Sir Hugh Smyth to be 
sole Ex'or. My daus. Florence Hooke, Eliz. Smyth, Helena 
Boom, Anne Knitt, & Martha Usher, £50 each. Eliz. 
Halles £5. Poor of Ashton £20, Bedminster £15, Hinton 
S' George £10. My terme in Great Wembrow for my dau. 
Hook's children. Certain plate to my son John Pigott 
which were his father's, marken with armes, also the house- 
hold stuff at Brockley. 

Acquila Stoughton* of Antigua. Will dated 17 July 
1690. To my brother John Stoughton 10,000 lbs. To Tho. 
& Sarah Turner, son & dau. of Tho. Tumor of Popes Head, 
each 10,000 lbs. for mourning. To my wife Pfrances 
Stoughton all my goods, lands, tenements, negros, etc., & to 
be sole Ex'trix. Witnessed by Richard Travels, Thomas 
Edgecombe, Ffrancis Jadine. By his Excellency the 
General was sworn Thomas Edgecombe. Recorded 21 June 
1 693. Thomas Gatewood, Deputy Secretary. 

Francis Stoughtont of Antigua. Will dated 9 Sep. 
1693. To my granddau. Pfrances Kerby 10,000 lbs. & an 
heffer. To my son John Pigott a negro, a mare, & colt. 
To my dau. Fft-ances Pigott all my linen, bedding, & house- 
hold stuff, plate only excepted, also a negro woman for life. 
To my 2 grandchildren John Gunthorpe & W" Gunthorpe 
all my estate real & personal equally, only my son John 
Pigott to keep my negros on my land at Falmouth for 5 
years, then paying 15,000 lbs. to them. To my friend M''= 
Iilartha Edgcomb £5 for a piece of plate. To my son John 
Pigott £20 left me by Major John Gunthorp to buy mourn- 
ing. To the P' child my dau. Ffrances Pigott has £5 for 
a piece of plate. Major Edw'' Byam, my son John Pigott, 
& my dau. Ffrances Pigott Ex'ors. Witnessed by W. Bar- 
ter, Cutbord R. Parker, An Ashton. By his Excellency the 
General were sworn Anne Ashton and William Barter 8 Feb. 

John Pigott of Kilcromin. Will dated 2 March 1708 ; 
proved in Ireland 1711. Bound on a voyage to the West 
Indyes. To my 3 youngest sons Rob*, Benj°, & John, 

* He was Deputy Secretary 1679 and a Member of the Assembly 
IGSC. Frances his wife was probably widow of ... . Proctor (? Lieu- 
tenant William Proctor) who was living 1678. 

f Probably Frances widow of Acquila. 

£200 each. My dau. Eliz. £400. My 3 other daus. £300 
each. My P' s. to have ^ of my real & personal estate. 
My wife Frances shall live in y'' house of Kilcromin during 
her widdow-hood. My brother Rob' Pigott, Lan' Sands, 
Esq., Cilcavo.n & Major John Lyons & my wife Ex'ors. 
Witnessed by Thomas Pigott, Samuel Bowker, Ann Barring- 
ton. Recorded in P.R.O. of Ireland, Four Courts, Dublin. 

Robert Pigott of Disart, Queen's County, Esq. Will 
dated 5 Jan. 1728. To be bur. in the vault in Disart 
Church near my father, mother, & wife. £1400 is due by 
bond from Richard Warburton of Garryhinch, Esq., & Capt. 
John Warburton his brother ; £600 from Richard Warbur- 
ton of Donecarney, Councelor ; £100 from Capt. John 
Wheatley of Mountmelic ; £50 from Sir Tho. Slade of 
Dublin; £50 from Dudley Cosby & Pole Cosby, Esq.; 
£900 due on my death by deed of sale of Disart, etc., which 
altogether amount to £3100. I give £1000 to Pigott 
Sands & Capt. Rich"* Sands his brother in Trust for my 
nephew Thos. Pigott, 1^' s. of my brother John Pigott, to 
pay the interest towards discharging the rent of the farm he 
holds of Warner Westenra, Esq. I give them also £350 to 
pay the rent of the farm of Coulereth held by my sister 
Martha Bowker, & at her death £100 to her 1'' son John 
Bowker, £100 to her dau. Frances Bowker, & £150 equally 
to her youngest sons Sam' & Rob* Bowker. To my nephew 
Rob* Pigott, 2* s. of my brother John, £700. To my 
nephews Pigot. Sands & Rich* Sands £300 in Trust for my 
brother Walter Pigott. To my niece Judith Pigott, young- 
est dau. of my brother John, £300. For my sister Phellipe 
£100, & at her death to go to her daus. Mary & Eliz. My 
niece Eliz. Pigott, dau. of my brother Alex'', £100, & to his 
2'' son John Pigott £50, & to his youngest son Starkey 
Pigott £50, & to his 1" son Rob' Pigott £50. To my 
cousin Judith Pigott, wife of Emanuel Pigott,* Esq., my 
furniture. My brothei- Samuel Bowker. All residue to 
my nephew Thos. Pigott, s. of my bro. John. My said 
nephew Tho. Pigott, Pigott Sandes, Richard Sandes, &.John 
Bowker my brother-in-law, Ex'ors. Witnessed by Warner 
Westenra, William Caultield. Seal affixed bears : — Ermine, 
three fusils aryent. 

For the extracts from the Irish wills and records the 
author is indebted to Mr. William Jackson Pigott of Dun- 
drum Manor House, co. Down. 

Governor Codrington writes 3 July 1691 recommending 
Captain John Piggott, and says : " His father as I am inform'd 
is a Gentleman of a Considerable interest in Ireland, and 
hath been a very great sufferer by the present Rebellion of 
the Irish, who in the former were the Murtherers of his 
Grandfather." (B. T. Leeward Islands, vol. 43.) 

1714, Aug. 5. Thomas Pigott, Esq., petitions for land 
formerly Mr. Edmond Brinsden's, who died 30 years ago, 
bounded N. with Newgate Street, S. with Thomas Lynch, 
W. with Jeffry Dooling. 

1727, Dec. 23. Dy'd John Pigot, Esq. ; aged 80 Years. 
He was son of Colonel Thomas Pigot, Master of the Court 
of Wards in Ireland. (' Historical Register,' 1728, p. 4.) 

1759, May 2. Petition of William Piggott, Ex'or of 
Thomas Piggott. 

* Emanuel Pigot. son of Thomas of Chetwynd, Ireland, arm., 
matriculated from Pembroke College, Oxon, 9 July 1701, aged 17 ; 
student of Inner Temple 1 702 ; migrated to the Middle Temple 1 704 ; 
M.P, Cork City 173.5-60 ; died 30 June 1762 (see Baronetage). He 
was grandson of Alexander, consequently second-cousin of testator. 


^Setitsret of ^isott. 



Arms. — Ermine, three fusils conjoined in f ess sable, on the centre one a crescent or for diffei-ence. 
-A ivolf's Jiead erased ardent, charged on the neck with a crescent gules for difference. 

(From the registry of Knighthood of Sir Kobert Pigott, 1609.) 

JOHN PIGOTT of Dysart in Queen's County, Ireland, Gent. ; had a grant of a messuage= 
with 766 acres by patent dated 28 Feb. 1562 ; died 27 April 1570. Inq.p.m. 9 April 1578. 

1st son 
and heir, 
died a 
7 April 

Anne, dau. of Wil-= 
liam St. Leger, son 
of Sir Anthony St. 
Leger, Lord De- 
puty ; died 9 Oct. 
1599 ; bur. at 
Christ Church Ca- 
thedral, Dublin. 
(Funeral Entry, ii., 
41.) 1st wife. 

^Sir Robert Pigott of Dysart, Knt., «t. 13= 
in 1578 : had a grant by Privy Seal 25 
May 1587 and patent 16 Oct. 1587 to hold 
as of the Castle of Maryborough in capite 
by the one-fourth of a knight's fee ; 
knighted 30 Sep. 1609 at Loughrver ; 
M.P. for Queen's County 8 April 1613 ; 
had a grant of Corbally, Capard, etc., by 
patent of 29 April 1622. Will dated 23 
May 1641 ; proved 17 April 1644 in Ire- 

T=Thomasine, 3rd dau. 

Anne Pigott (? mar. 

and coheir of Sir 

1st ... . Bridge- 

Christopher Peyton, 
Auditor-General of 

water) ; 2ndly Hen- 

ry Packenham of 

Ireland, widow of 

Packenham Hall, co. 

Captain Baptist Cas- 

Westmeath ; he died 

tillion ; of the Bed- 

1691. See Earl of 

chamber to Queen 


Elizabeth. 2nd 


John Pigott of Grangebeg, Queen's County,^ 
Major in the Army ; M.P. for Queen's 
County 4 July 1634 ; murdered by the rebels 
under O'Farrel in his Castle of Dysart 1646 ; 
depositions in Trinity College. Will proved 
14 April 1654. 

=Martha, dau. of 
Sir Thomas Col- 
clough, Knt., of 
Tintern Abbey, 
CO. Wexford ; 
living 1670. 

Alexander Pigott of Inni- 
shannon, co. Cork, Colonel 
in the Army. 

Sibilla Pigott, mar. Barna- 
bv Dunn of Brittas. 

I I 
Dorothy Pigott, mar. An- 
drew Hoult of Aughenche- 
ley ; died Dec. 1637. 

Joan Pigott, mar. Edm. 
Savage, son of Sir Arthur 
Savage of Reban, Knt. 

Robert=rAnne, dau. of Sir Thomas Pigott of Long Ashton and Brockley=pFlorence, dau. of John, Lord Poulet, and widow 

of Dy- 

William Gilbert 
of Kilminchy, 
King's Co., Knt. 

Hall, CO. Somerset ; Privy Councillor ; M.P. 
Queen's County 1661. Will dated 31 March 
1670 ; proved 13 Feb. 1673-4. (23 Bunce.) 

of Thomas Smith of Long Ashton ; mar. 1648. 
Will dated 20 April 1676 ; proved 19 Feb. 
1676-7. (23 Hale.) 

Thomas Pigott^pElizabeth, dau. of Wil- 

Paulet Pigott* of Long 

John Pigott, died young. 

Martha Pigott, mar. Chris- 

of Dysart, died 

liam Weldon, Esq., of 

Ashton ; matric. from 


topher Usher of Dublm ; 

1687 at Dysart, 

Rahenderry, co. Kil- 

St. Edmund Hall, Oxou, 

John Pigott of Brockley. 

he died Jan. 1706. 

and bur. there. 

dare, M.P. for Athy 

10 March 1664-5, set. 

Will dated 1714 ; proved 


1661 ; mar. he. dated 

14 ; Student of Lin- 

1728. A quo Pigotts of 

Elizabeth Pigott, mar 

28 April 1663 ; bur. 

coln's Inn 1668; dead 

Brockley Hall. 

Long of Bristol. 

at Dysart. 


Robert Pigott of Dysart,=p. . . . 
and bur. there. Will bur. at 
dated5 Jan. 1728; proved Dysart. 
30 April 1730. | 


John Pigott of Kilcromin, and of Antigua in the West=pFi-ances Proctor, spinster ; 
Indies, Captain in Holt's Regiment 1694 at the Lee- mar. 1690 ; died 17' ' 
ward Islands ; killed in the Parke Riot at St. John's 7 See the will of her mother 
and bur. 8 Dec. 1710. Will dated 2 March 1708 ; Mrs. Frances Stoughton, 
proved 1711 in Ireland. dated 9 Sep. 1693. 

Thomas Pigott of Kil-=pMary, dau. 

cromin and of Grange, 
1st son and heir ; living 
1723; heir to his uncle 
Robert 1728. 

Oliver Whee- 
ler of Dublin; 
living 1723. 

Robert Pigott=f=. . . 
of Dysart, i 
M.P. for Mary- i 
borough. I 

Pigott. I 

Two sons, who 
died young. 

I I I 
Elizabeth Pigott, 
mar Knox. 

Anne Pigott. 

Martha Pigott. 

Elizabeth Rev. Richard Pigott, B.A., D.D., of Dysart, Vicar of Holy Trinity ;=T=Dorothy Crosbie, dau. 
Pigott. died Nov. 1782 ; bur. in Cork Cathedral. (Brady's ' History of I of Lord Brandon. 

Dioceses of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross.') 

Benjamin Pigott, died 
a bachelor. By his 
will dated 1720 left 
his estate to his uncle 

Anne Pigott, mar. Robert Shapland Carew of Castleborough, M.P. for City of Waterford and co. Wexford (died 29 March 
1829), to whom she conveyed the Dysart estates, and was mother of Robert Shapland, first Baron Carew. 

A Paulet Pigot by tlie Irish Records died intestate in 1678. 



Thomas Pigott of Antigua,- 
Esq., in 1714 ; died before 
2 May 1759. 

=Mary, dau. of Captain William 
Paynter ; mar. 18 June 1735 

at St. George's. 

Elizabeth Pigott, mar. 8 Aug. 1734, 
at St. George's, John Paynter, Esq., 
brother of William Paynter. 

Thomas Pigott, bapt. 
14 May 1737 at St. 
John's ; bur. there 1 
Jan. 1737. 


John Pigott, bapt. 
21 Jan. 1738 at 
St. John's. 

Edmund P-aynter=i=Mary 
Pigott, bapt. 5 
Nov. 1749 at St. 

George Crosby Pigott, William Pigott, 
bapt. 22 April 1744 at E.x'or to his 

I I I I I 

Richard Pigott, bapt.=f=Rachel John Pigott, bapt. George Pigott, bapt. William Burnet Pigott, Mary Pigott, bapt. 

25 Nov. 1771 at St 13 Jan. 1774 at St. 24 Sep. 1776 at St. bapt. Oct. 1783 at St. 1 Oct. 1770 at St. 

John's. John's. John's. John's. John's. 

John Nugent Pigott. David Pigott. Mary Pigott. 

Thomas Pigott of Corbally, Queen's 
County, by patent of 6 Dec. 1639 ; mar. 
and had issue : died 1 685. Adm'on 30 
Aug. 168G. Chancery Bill, Rochfort 
V. Pigott, 1635. 

William Pigott of Kilfinny, co. Lime- 
rick ; mar. and had issue ; died 25 Feb. 
1667 ; bur. at St. Werburgh's, Dublin. 

Arthur and Ro- Thomasine Pigott, mar. 1st Argentine Hull of Lemcon, co. Cork, 
bert Pigott, who died 1637 (Funeral Entry, vii., 235) ; 2ndly Colonel Prime 

named in their Iron Rochefort of Cloghgrenam, co. Carlow, who was shot by 
father's will. Court Marshal 14 May 1652 (Funeral Entry, xiv., 3) ; and 3rdly 

her third-cousin George Peyton of Streamstown, co. Westmeath, 

who died 26 Nov. 1666. 

Elizabeth Pigott, mar. 1st Richard Cosby of Stradbally, Queen's 
County, who died Dec. 1631 (Funeral Entry, v., 34) ; 2ndly Sir 
Thomas Tioftus of the Earl of Ely's family. 

I I 
Alexander Pigott of Inneshannon, 
CO. Cork. Will dated 17 Sep. 1680. 
A quo Sir Charles R. Pigott of 
Knapton, Bart. 

William Pigott, killed by 
the rebels ; bachelor. 

John Pigott. 

Thomasina Pigott, mar. 
( ? Foulke) Comerford of 
Pigotts of Inchclohan, titular Baron 
of Danganmore. 

I I 
Martha Pigott, mar. 
Henry Gilbert of 

Jane Pigott, mar. 
John Groves ; living 

Mary Pigott, mar. Dudley Phillips, 
son of Sir Thomas Phillips of 
Limavady, Knt. ; living 1670. 

Sibilla Pigott, mar. 1st Thomas 
Fitzgerald of Kilcromin ; and 
2ndly Walter Bermingham ; living 

Alexander = 

=. . . . dau. 



Thomas Pigott of^p. 
Coulcrih, later of 
Hophall, Queen's 
County, living 



I I 

Anne Pigott, mar, 
Phillips of Limavady 

Elizabeth Pigott, mar. Lan- 
celot Sandes of Kilcavan. 

Martha Pigott, mar. Samuel 
Bowker of Coulcreagh, King's 

Mary and Arabella Pigott. 

Frances Pigott. Judith Pigott, youngest 

Adm'on dated dau. ; licence to marry 

1 Dec. 1725. Francis Crosby dated 


Robert Pigott. Starkey Pigott. 
John Pigott. Elizabeth Pigott. 

John Pigott. 
William Pigott. 




Copy of Inquisition (Exchequer), Xo. 4 Queen's 
County, P.R.O., Ireland. 

Inquisitio capta apud Marlboro we in Com' le Queries 
Countie is" die Ap'«^* Anno d'ni 1578 et regui d'ne Elizabethe 
dei gracia Anglie ffrauDcie hiberieque Regine vicesimo 
Coram Joh'e Whitney generoso deputato Joh'is Crofton 
Armigeri generalis Scaetoris et ffeodar deo d'ne Regine 
Regni sui hibernie virtute Comissionis eiusd'm Esc^toris 
sibi direct ad inquirendu infra Comitat' le Quenes Countie 
predictum p' Sacrum legalin' hominu' eiusd'm comitat' 
quorum nomina subsequunt'. 

Robertus Bowen de balliaddam, Mulmurry ^M'^Edmnnd 
de Rahen, Petrus Ovinden de Tankerdeston, Robertus Dyer 
de Kilvinchen, Alexander Cosby de flFarmpriori, Edmundus 
Ketinge de . . . . David Hetherington de ballirone, Rich- 
ardus Chapman de Mariborough, Joh'es Ovinden de ballif- 
foill, Georgeus hetherington de Tullie, Will'mus Beard de 
Coult, Richardus ffox de Mariborough. 

Qui jurati dicunt super sacrum' suu' quod Joh'es Pigott 
nuper de dizart in Com' le Quenes Com' generosus fuit 
seisitus dominico suo ut de feodo .... uno castro sive 
ffortilogio lapideo voct' le dizart in Com' le Quenes Com' ac 
eitiam de villis villatis sive hambletis de dizart Dirry al's 
Rathina .... Cloyder Colchri. Mollenekawer Rahinuskie 
Cargeneparke Keltelough Ballicarrould et Collarne cu' 
omnibz et singulis Castris messagiis cottagiis terr' .... 
advocacionibz, doncio'bz presentacionibz Juribz patronatis 
ecclesiarum rectoriarum et vicariaru' pratis pascius com' 
unibz viis rampniis custumis col ... . peiis Clausuris aquis 
piscariis stagnis gurgitibz molindinis aquaru' curibz moris 
moriscis turbariis terris montanis silvis bocis subbocis et 
aliis .... temporalibz quibuscumqz cu' suis p'tinenciis 
prefatis Castro et .villis de Dizart Dirry el's Rathinusk 
Ballicloyder Colchri Molenekawer Rathinuskie Carg .... 
parke kell .... lough ballicarrould et Collarne ant eoru' 
aHcui spectantibz sive ptinentibz et ea tenuit de d'na 
Regina ut de castro suo de Mariborough in Capit' p' servitui' 
militare viz. p' xx" partem anius feod militis quondo 
scutagi'm currit et p' annuallem reditu' de ix Dxi^ monete 
hiberie ac unu' custumarii diem vocat' a plowe day de quo- 
libet arratro q'd erit arrando dictas terras arrare aut talem 
laborem et opera facere ad tale tempus et locu' infra Com' 
p' dick quale p' constabulariu' castri de Mariborowe tempori 
existent' limitabitu' sive appuuctuabit' veil tres solidos 
quolibet custumario dei ad Libitu diet Joh'is veil heredu' 
sur et q'o ipse tenebit et maun tenebit de tempore in tempus 
quatuor habiles equites defencioue Cum' p'dict' Quiquidem 
Joh'es Pigott sic existens suisitus de castro terris ten'ts ac 
de o'ibz aliis hereditamentis predict' et superius specificat' 
diem obiit extremu ex indeseisitu xxvii" die Aprils' a" 1570 
post cuius mortem Thomas Pigott primus felius et heres 
predicti Joh'is captus fuit in custodia d'ne RegiuiE ut warda 
diet d'ne Regine quiquidem Thomas Pigott sic extremu' viz 
septimo die Ap'les p'terit Ao dni 1578 et Regni nunc 
Regine xx° It'm dicunt quod Robertus Pigott secundus 
ffellius predicti Joh'is Pigott et ffrater dicti Thome Piggot 
est legitimus et p'pinquis' heres antedicturu' Joh'is Pigott 
patris sui et Thome Pigott ft'ratri sui et est etatis circiter 
xiii annoru et non maritatus. In cuius rei testimonii tarn 
predic'us Joh'es Whitney Deputat' Escst' quam prenominati 
Juratores p'sentibz sigilla alternatim apposuerunt. Dat A" 
die et loco Sup dictis Quenes County Th. Pygot. Quenes 
County. Thomas Pigot & Thomas Piggot. 

Deliba't' fuit ista inquis' vii die Novemb 1 ,^„ 
Anno Regni regine Elizabeth J 

I certify tliat the foregoing is a true and authentic Copy 
made pursuant to the Statute 30 & 31 Vic, ch. 70. 

Samuel Ferguson, D.K., 

8"' Sep. 1873. 

Ross Corporation Books, co. Wexford. 

1700, Aug. John Pigott signed as one of the Grand 
Jury of the Queen's Co. relative to wool exportation (p. 121). 

1725, Nov. G. Rev. Harfinch Pigott admitted freeman 
& free burgess ; last appearance 12 Aug. 1738. 7 Sep. 1727 
app. overseer of Trinity Hospital. 

1734. W" Pigott is named as one of the Brethren of 
the Poor (p. 143). 

1741, Aug. 12. W" Pigott s. of the ReV Harfinch 
Pigott was admitted and made a free burgess same day 
(p. 45). 

1746, Oct. 11. Certain lands canted to M"- W"" Pigott 
for lives renewable for ever, at 4s. '2d. per acre, next adjoin- 
ing the " Maudlin " (p. 144). 

1781, Oct. 6. Renewal of lease of part of the commons 
to W"" Pigott, Esq., in place of Johanna Pigott (p. 151). 

1802, June 29. Renewal of lease of the commons to 
W™ Pemberton Pigott, Esq'', new hves in place of W"" Pigott 
& Cfesar Sutton, Jun., dec* (p. 155). 

1818, June 29. W" Pemberton Pigott, Esq., of Slevoy, 
admitted & made free burgess (p. 53) ; his last appearance 
29 June 1831. 

1818, Sep. 29. Renewal of lease for life of Cha. Csesar 
Pigott, aged 7 (p. 159) ; renewal of ditto 29 June 1824 & 
28 Aug. 1841. 

1824, June 18. John Pigott of Charlotte St., Esq^ and 
Eliz*^ Maguire, 1^' dau. of M'' W™ Maguire of Peter's Place, 
married. (William Maguire was father of the Rev. Dr. 
Edward Maguire, present Dean of Down ; J. Pigott was 
uncle of William Jackson Pigott.) 

1825. Alex'' Pigott, esq., of Sunbury Lodge, Queen's 
Co., 2* s. of late Gen^ Tho. Pigott of Knapton, Queen's Co., 
mar. but s.p. 

The following Piggotts have been High Sheriffs of 
Queen's County : — 
1663 Thomas. 
1670 Thomas. 
1690 Thomas. 
1705 John. 
1712 Robert. 
1727 Southwell. 

1754 John, of Brockley Park, 

Queen's County. 
1778 George. 
1803 AVilliam. 
1808 Thomas. 


1663 April 28 Thos. Pigott of Dysart, Queen's Co., ; 


& Elizabeth Weldon of Dublin Castle, 

Dec. 19 John Pigott .... Nicholas citra & Doro- 
thea Gilford, Sp''. S' Werburghs. 
April 3 Francis Cosby .... Anne Pigott, Spr. 

S' Michan's. 
[blank] Francis Cosby, Gent., & Judith Pigott, 

Spr. S' Catherine's. 
Aug. 2 John Pigott, Dublin, Esq"', & Catherine 

Babingtou, Widow. S' Bridget's. 
Dec. 19 W"' Pemberton Pigott, CO. Wexford, Esq., 

& Eleanor Haughton, Spr. S' Anne's. 
July 26 Welmau Harvey, Esq., Lieut. 9 foot, & 

Abigail Pigott, Spr. S' Andrew's. 

1755, March 14. Alex'' Pigott bur. S' Anne's, Dublin. 

1756, March 19. Southwell Pigott bur. ditto. 

Parish Register of St. John. 

1737 May 14 Thomas the s. of Thomas Pigott and Mary 

his wife. 

1738 Jan. 21 John y" s. of Thomas Pigott & Elizabeth 

his wife. 






























Edmund Paynter the s. of Thos. Piggott 

and Mary his wife. 
Mary the D. of Edmund Pigott & Mary 

his wife. 
Eichard the S. of Edmund Pigott and 

Mary his wife. 
John the S. of Edmund Pigott & Mary 

his wife. 
George the S. of Edmund Pigott and 

Mary his wife. 
William Burnet the S. of Edmund Pigott 

and Mary his wife. 
John Nugent S. of Richard Pigott and 

Rachel his wife. B. the 26'" December 

David S. of Richard Pigott and Rachell 

his wife. B. the 18"" November last. 
Mary D. of Richard Pigott and Rachel 

his wife. B. the 18*'' November 1808 

and was Baptized on the day following 

but omitted to be recorded. 
July 6 Ann D. of Richard Piggot and Catherine 

his wife. B. the 11*'- April 1820. 
Nov. 14 William Horatio Nelson S. of Richard 

Pigott and Catherine Bowman his wife. 

B. September 29, 1822. 
William Pigott and Susanna Sedgwick. L. 
Charles Libert to Eliz"' Pigott. 
Richard Pigott to Catherine Bowman 

Rose, Spinster. L. 
Cap'" John Piggott. 
Richard Pigott. 
John Pigot, Infant. 
Rachel Piggot. 

Parish Register of St. George. 


George Crosby the S. of Thomas Pigott 

and Mary his wife. 


John Paynter, Escf, & Elizabeth Piggott, 

Thomas Pigott & Mary Paynter, Spinster. 
Henry Greenway Gore, Planter, & Mary 
Pigott, S. ; by L. 
Thomas Pigott, infant. 
George Crosby Pigott. 
Ann Pigot died 15"' Feb., buried y'' 16"' 
Feb. 1748-9. 

Parish Register of St. Peter. 


1814 June 19 WiUiam Bladen S. of Henry Tucker Pigot 

& Sarah his late wife, b. Dec"' 26, 1812, 

& Henry S. of Henry Tucker Pigot & 

Sarah his late wife, b. March S"), 1814 ; 

at M'- Bladen's Cotton N. Work. 
1818 Nov. 1 Eliza Ann Billinghurst D. of Henry 

Pigott and his Wife ; privately at 

Vernon's Estate. 
1821 Oct. 8 Henry Alexander Moore s. of Henry T. 

Pigot and his Wife ; at Vernon's Estate. 






















1744 April 22 

1734 Aug. 


June 18 
Feb. 25 





1814 April 13 
1814 June 24 

1813 Dec. 29 Henry Bladen Pigot, Infant ; from Cotton 
New Work. 
Sarah Ann Pigot ; from Garden Estate. 
Heniy Pigot, Infant ; from Cotton New 
1818 Nov. 11 Eliza Ann Billinghurst, Infant D. of 
Henry Tucker Pigot & his Wife; in 
Parham Church Yard, from Vernon's 

Parish Register of St. Philip. 

1782 Jan. 1 Elizabeth dau. of Richard & Mary Pigot. 

\in Aug. 14 Richard Pigot & Mary Hicks, spinster. 

1781 Nov. 16 Mary Pigot. 

1783 May 28 William Pigot s. of [blan¥\ Pigot. 
1843 Jan. 28 Prudence Pigot. Villa. 34. 

Parish Register of St. George, Bermuda. 
1812 Sep. 12 Edward Moore, Town Major of this garri- 
son and Eliza Tudor Pigot, spinster; 
by Lie. 

St. John's Churchyard, 
this stone erected 


In i)*tfmon> of 


ELIZA MARY, the first 


ELIZA MARY, the second 






Parham Old Burial-ground. 
On a ledger : — 

sacred to the memory 



who departed this life 

December 28. 1813 

Aged 6 Yrs 



who departed 

This Life 

November 11 1818 

Aged 11 months. 


^etitsrw of ^olltnston. 

.... POLLINGTON, owned a messuage and 120 acres in Slaugham, co. Sussex=p. 

Alexander Pollington of the " Three Bells " in Lombard Street, Citizen and Haberdasher ; owned=rI5orothy . . . . 
"Nowells" in Nuthurst,. co. Surrey, and " Fig Tree," the "Body," and " Pollingtons " in Antigua. I living 1C69. 
Will dated 4 .Jan. 1669 ; proved 25 Nov. 1672. (141 Eure.) 

.John Pollington, William Pollington, born Thomas Pollington, born 1 April Samuel Pollington, born=pMary Maurice 

before 1658 15 and bapt. 28 April and bapt. 11 May 1634 at St. 18 Dec. 1636 (w) 

at Antigua. 1633 at St. Mary Wol- Mary Wolnoth ; entered Mer- bapt. 10 Nov. 1636 ; 

— noth ; entered Merchant chant Taylors' School Oct. 1644 entered Merchant Tay- 

Richard Polling- Taylors' School Oct. (? 2nd surviving son 1669 ; of lors' School Oct. 1644 ; 

ton, died 1658 1644 ; died 1658 at An- Queen's College, Cambridge, living 28 Oct. 1662; 

at Antigua. tigua. B.A. 1658, M.A. 1664). died 1666 at Antigua. 

ton, bapt. 
21 Sep. 

Alexander Pollington, Edward Pollington, 
bapt. 29 and bur. 30 only surviving child 
Aug. 1662. 1669. 

John Pollington, born Alexander Pollington, only son and heir,: 
10, bapt. 17, and bur. of "Nowells" in Nutthurst, bapt. 7 Dec. 
19 Dec. 1678. 1679 ; living circa 1711 (?bur. 5 Sep. 


John Pollington, inherited Mary Pollington, only surviving c 
" Nowells " in Nuthurst her aunt Mrs. Elizabeth Brooke ; 
in 1711, then under 8. 

a. and heir ; heir to=rDaniel Betts of St. Giles in the Fields, 
living 1732. | shagreen-case maker ; living 1732. 

George Thompson of Antigua. Will dated 13 March 
1649 ; proved 6 April 1649 by Alexander Pollington and 
Richard James. (40 Fairfax.) To my sister Eliz. Small, 
wife of John Small, 4000 lbs. of tobacco, & to her dau. 
Hester Small 2000 lbs. To my sister Frances, wife of John 
Waite of \hlan¥], n' Leeds, 500 lbs. To my godchild Geo., 
son of Rob' Nanton, 1000 lbs. To my godchild Edw'', son 
of W" June, 500 lbs. To Rich*, son of Thos. Stevenson, 
500 lbs. To my landlord Humfrey Knowles 500 lbs., all 
payable out of my plantation in Antigua. All residue 
equally to M'^ Alex'' Pollington of London, haberdasher, & 
M'' Rich" James of London, merch', whom I appoint Ex'ors. 
To Geo. Blanchard of Antigua 1000 lbs. Witnessed by 
Ralph Webster, Humfrey Knowles, George Blanchard. 

Alexander Pollington, Citizen and Haberdasher of Lon- 
don. Will dated 4 Jan. 1669; proved 25 Nov. 1672 by 
Dorothie PolUngton the relict. On 21 May 1706 com- 
mission to Alexander Pollington the son re goods left 
unadministered by Dorothie Pollington alias Grumbridge. 
(141 Eure.) Am possessed of a part of a plantation bought 
of Marke Mortemer in Monsurrat, & of 2 others in Antigua 
called Figgtree & the Body, all which are to be sold & the 
proceeds laid out in negros for my other plantation in the 
Leeward Division of Antigua, now or late in the possession 
of Master John Frye my overseer, which I bequeath after 
the death of my Ex'trix to my 2 sons now living, Tho. & 
Alex^ & to my grandson Edw"^ Pollington, only child of my 
late son Sam', the latter to give up the poll deeds I made to 
his father on 28 Oct. 1662. My son Alex'' to manage all 
aflfairs, & I give him my new built house in Lombard Str. 
called the 3 Bells for the term of my lease, with all goods 
& wares therein & presses in the shopp, also my house in 
Threddneedle Str. & the lease, also my house & land called 
Nowles in Nutthurst, co. Surrey, according to the desire of 
my son Rich'^, dec", also my house & 120 acres in Slaugham, 
CO. Sussex, which my father mortgaged to Anthony Gonld- 
smith for £200. All debts to be got in from Virginia, 
New England, Monsurrat, Barbados, Nevis, Antigua, & 
Ireland. All residue & my lands called Oxlepitts in Kent 

to my wife Dorothie & sole Ex'trix, & after her death to my 
2 sons Tho. & Alex''. Witnessed by John Clarke, Richard 
Colebourne, John Cox. 

Richard Pollington of Eltham, co. Kent, smith. AVill 
dated 19 Jan. 1671 ; proved 18 April 1672 by Anne 
the relict. (51 Eure.) Children Geo., Rich", Sarah, & 
Anne £30 each. Bro. Jn° Pollington & his son Jn° 50s. 
each. My adventure out at sea. Wife Anne, Ex'trix. 

1691, Feb. 26. Adm'on of the estate of Sarah Polling- 
ton, late of St. Mary Wolnoth, deceased, granted to her 
husband Alexander Pollington. 

Alexander Pollington, Citizen and Haberdasher of Lon- 
don. Will dated .... Queen Anne ; proved 4 Feb. 1711 
by Elizabeth Pollington the dau. ; and on 10 May 1721 
adm'on to John Foster, Gent., the administrator of Eliza- 
beth Brooke alias Pollington, deceased, the said dau. (35 
Barnes.) j of my personalty among my children " by the 
custome of the city of London," the other ^ is at my own 
disposal, & I give it to my dau. Eliz. Pollington, also all my 
lands called Nowells aVs Knowls in Nutthurst, co. Sussex, 
according to deed, & then to my dau. Martha Pollington. 
My house in Threadneedle Str. n'' the Royal Exchange, now 
in the tenure of John Barton of London, cordwayner, to 
my dau. Eliz. To my loving friends M'' W"" Proutine & his 
wife Rebecca, in trust for my dau. Eliz. for life, all my 
plantations in the Leeward Division of Antigua, now under 
the management of Col. John Frye of Antigua, Esq., she 
paying my debts, & also to my younger dau. Martha on her 
day of marriage (except she marry my journeyman M' Tho. 
Ruflfe) £500. All my lands at Apsley Guise, co. Bedford, 
to my dau. Eliz. \ of my personal estate I leave to my 
3 children Eliz., Martha, & Alex'', the other \ to my dau. 
Eliz. I give Nowells aVs ICnowls in Nutthurst, now 
occupied by Sam' Mathews, to my loving cousins M"" W"' 
Prouting & Rebecca his wife for my dau. Eliz., to receive 
the rents & make leases during the minority of John 



I I I 

Elizabeth=f=Alexauder Polliuajton of London,=pSarah .... died 24 Aron Pollington, bapt. 

.... bur. 
1st wife. 

Citizen and Haberdasher, bapt. 
17 March 164U ; 1st surviving 
son and heir 16G9 ; bur. 3 Jan. 
1711. Will dated temp. Anne ; 
proved 4 Feb. 1711. (35 

and bur. 27 Feb. 26 May and bur. 
1689. Adm'on 26 July 1648. 
Feb. 1691 to her — 

husband. 2nd wife. Moses Pollington, died 
1666 at Antigua. 

Samuel Brooke the= 
elder, inherited his 
son's plantation at 
Antigua in 1720 
(? bur. 22 Sep. 1729 
at St. John's). 

Samuel Pollington, 

Mary Pollington, born 

Martha Pollington, 

bapt. 7 and bur. 10 

15 May and bapt. 6 

living a spinster 

Nov. 1682. 

June 1675. 

1711 ; mar. before 

1720 Wake- 

Thomas Pollington, 

Margaret Pollington, 


bapt. 21 and bur. 

born and bapt. 25 

28 April 1684. 

Feb. 1677. 

I I 

Elizabeth Pollington, born=Samuel Brooke the younger 
and bapt. 19 Feb. 1676 ; of St. Mary, Newington 

only surviving sister and 
heir of her brother Alex- 
ander Polliugton; inherited 
the estates in Antigua; 
dead 1721. 

Butts, Gent., died v.p. 
Will dated 1 1 May, proved 
26 Oct. 1720. (209 Shal- 

Pollington, infant son of my son Alex' Pollington, & to 
pay for his education till he is 8 or 12, then he is to be 
taught navigation on some vessel trading to the Leeward 
Islands, & all other sons in like manner, & after their age 
of 21 the said lands to my son Alex'' & his P' son & his 
heirs, then to my daus. Eliz. & Martha. The house in 
Threadneedle Str. to descend in like manner. AU my 
plantations in Antigua to M"' W" Fronting & Rebecca his 
wife for my dau. Eliz. absolutely, she paying my debts. All 
my lands at Apsley Guise also to her (she being my P' child 
now living), & appoint her sole Ex'trix. M"' W'" Proutiug, 
citizen & apothecary of London, & Rebecca his wife to be 
joint trustees, & I give them £5 each. On 4 Feb. 1711 
appeared Mr. Samuel Brooke of St. Mary, Newington Butts, 
Gent., and Mrs. Elizabeth Haycock of ditto, and swore 
they knew testator who was of St. Mary, Newington. 
Recorded also at St. John's. 

Samuel Brooke the younger of Newington Butts, Gent. 
Will dated 11 May 1720 ; proved 26 Oct. 1720 by John 
Forster ; power reserved to Samuel Brooke the father. 
(209 Shaller.) To M"-= Martha Wakeman my late wife's 
sister £20. To my good friend M'' John Forster £50. To 
my honoured father Samuel Brooke the elder my plantation 
in Antegoa & the lands I have there in Rendezvous Bay, 
with the negros, Christian slaves, etc., & all other my estate. 
My father, Samuel Brooke, & John Forster Ex'ors. Wit- 
nessed by Thomas Skeffington, W. Hutchinson, George 

Close Roll, 6 Geo. II., Part 16, No. 16. 
Indenture made the 24th Aug. 1732 between Daniel 
Betts of the parish of St. Giles in the Fields, shagreen-case 
maker, and Mary his wife (late Mary Pollington, only 
surviving daughter and heir of Alexander Pollington, 
deceased, who was only son and heir of Alexander Pollington 
the elder, late of the City of London, haberdasher, also 
deceased, and the said Mary being also niece and heir of 
Elizabeth Brooks, late the wife of Samuel Brooks the 
younger of Newington Butts, Surrey, Gent., deceased, the 
said Elizabeth being only sister of the said Alexander 
Pollington, father of the said Mary, party hereto), of the one 
part, and Daniel Gohard of the 

case maker, of the other part, witnesseth that in con- 
sideration of £500 sterling Daniel Betts and Mary his wife 
grant and confirm to Daniel Gohard all that plantation in 
the Leeward Division of Antigua alias Antegoa situated in 
Rendezvous Bay in the said island in the parts beyond the 
seas, late under the management of Colonell John Frye of 
the said island, Esq., and all lands, etc., belonging to the 
said plantation, to the only use and behoof of Daniel 
Gohard and his heirs and assigns for ever. Elizabeth 
Rawlinson, Elizabeth Rawlinson, jun., Burrell Blyttie (?), 
William Shield, witnesses. 

Lieut. John Frye purchased a large tract of land at 
Bermudiau Valley of Mr. Alexander Pollington of London, 
by virtue of a deed of sale under his hand dated in London 
19 Oct. 1664. 

1667. Road. Mr. Alexander Pollington, 32 mens land 
bought of Gowin Hill ; also 22^ mens land formerly John 
Collinsou's, and by bill of sale granted by latter. 

On 5 May 1685 was read: "The Humble Petition of 
Alexander Pollington for making out his title to lands in 

" Sheweth, 

" That your Pet" ifather being one of the most antient 
Planters of the Island of Antigoa in America, who did 
expend there at least SOOO""' and lost 5 Sons — which all 
dyed in the said Island and being seized or possessed of a 
considerable Plantation with a good stock of Negroes and 
Cattle therein, and having a just Right to two other 
Plantations Known by the Name of The Body and Fig-Tree 
Plantation, dyed before he had settled the same : By means 
whereof the wrongful Possessors still unjustly detain the 
said Lands ; and your Pet'' very lately understanding that 
there is some Act of that Country sent over to be confirmed, 
which will defeat your Pef of a very considerable Estate " 
prays his Title may be first made out. It fui-ther recites 
that : 

" Henry Huuckes Gov'' of Antigua by a Com" from the 
Earl of Carlile did by his patent da. 10 Sep. 1688 in the 
4"' year of that Colony grant to Rowl*" Tompson Esq. a 
parcell of laud at y*^ Body 240 paces wide & 1| miles long 
& on the following day granted a warr' for its survey. 
400 acres were measured out & the s" Row. Tompson settled 



the lands & by his will da. 20 Dec. 1641 devised them to 
his only s. & h. Edw'' Tompson & made A\ex' Pollington & 
John Collyton his Ex'ors & dyes there. EdW Tompson 
before going out there made his Will dated 20 March 1647 
& gave his estate to Alex"- Pollington his sole Es'or. Alex' 
PoUingtoa intending to go into partnership with Edw"! 
Tompson sent over with him his 1=* son Jn" Pollington who 
lived some years & died there. Edw"* Tompson dying on 
his voyage to Antigoa a Kinswoman of his then residing 
there married W™ Warrington cousin to the then GoV & 
got letters of adm'on & possession of the estate & kept 
Alex'' Pollington out of his rights many years. Ales'- 
PoUington having interest in 3 plant"^ there sent out 2 sons 
viz. : Richi & W" & about 1657 Rich" as atty to his father 
recovered the Body plant" by Law & for damages & costs 
had the Fig Tree plant" from the said Warrington. In 
1658 Rich'* & W" both dyed. In 1661 he sent over two 
other sons Sam" & Moses who both dyed there in 1666. 
Pef is s. & h. of s* Alex"- Pollington & now petitions 
against the Act of 1668." 

1703, Nov. 19. Alexander Pollington of London, 
Citizen and Haberdasher. Letter of Attorney to Colonel 
Rowland Williams of Antigua, Esq., but for the great age 
of said Williams appoints Captain John Frye, Esq., in his 

Parish Register of St. Mary Woolnoth, 

City of London.* 


1633 April 28 William son of Alexander Pollington, 


1634 May 11 Thomas son of Alexander Pollington, 

1636 Nov. 10 Samuell son of Alexander Pollington, 

1638 Sep. 21 Maurice son of Alexander Pollington, 

1640 Mar. 17 Ale.xander son of Alexander Pollington, 

1648 May 26 Aron son of Alexander and norothy 

Pollington, Haberdasher. 
1662 Aug. 29 Alexander son of Samuell and Mary 


* See the transcript of these Registers, by Rev. J. M. S. 
Brooke, Rector, and Mr. Cornelius Hallen, M.A., etc., 1886. 

1675 June 6 jMary daughter of Alexander and Eliza- 

beth Pollington ; born May 15. 

1676 Feb. 19 Elizabeth daughter of Alexander and 

Elizabeth Pollington, Haberdasher of 
Hatts ; born Feb. 1 9. 

1677 Feb. 25 Margaret daughter of Alexander and 

Elizabeth Pollington ; born Feb. 25. 

1678 Dec. 17 John son of Alexander Pollington, Haber- 

dasher ; born Dec. 10. 

1679 Dec. 7 Alexand son of Alexander and Elizabeth 


1682 Nov. 7 Samuel son of M' Alexander and Eliza- 
beth Pollington, Haberdasher of Hats. 

1684 April 21 Thomas son of M' Alexander and Ehza- 
bcth Pollington. 

1648 July 29 Aron son of Alexander Pollington. 
1662 Aug. 30 AUexander son of Samuell Pollington. 
1678 Dec. 19 Dyed, John son of AUexander Pollington, 

Haberdasher of Hatts ; bur. Dec. 20. 
1682 Nov. 10 Dyed, Samuell son of M'- AUexander 
PoUington, Haberdasher of Hatts ; 
bur. Nov. 12. 
Dyed, Thomas son of M'- AUexander 
Pollington, Haberdasher of Hatts ; 
bur. April 30. 
— EUizebeth wife of M' Alexander Polling- 
24 Dyed, Sarah wife of M"- Alexander Pol- 
lington, Haberdasher ; bur. Feb. 27. 
3 Buried, Alexander Pollington, brought 

from Newington. 
5 Buried, Alexander PoUington. 

Parish Register of St. John. 
1725 April 20 Thomas Brookes and Mary Buckley. L. 
1757 July 25 Baptist Looby and Sarah Brooke. L. 


1717 June 23 Will"-- Brooke. 

1729 Sep. 22 M' Samuel Brooke the elder. 

1739 June 6 Richard Brookes. 

1741 May 26 Mary Brooks, Widow. 

1747 Sep. 25 Robert Brooks. 

1747 Feb. 9 Robert Brooks. 

1684 AprU28 









ffmnil^ oi ^cibjelL 

1663, July 23. Nicholas Roe in the West Indies, 
deceased. Adm'on to Marco Cottle, Gent., pending the 
cause between Merial Roe the relict and George Roe the 
brother and Maria Roe the sister. 

1693, Nov. 24. By His Excellency the General. 
Edward Powell of Antigua died intestate. Sam' Martin, 
Ex'or of John Ravenscourt, the greatest creditor, appeared 
before me to have adm'on of goods. Cap' Rich'' Powell & 
his brethren were summoned before the Council, but refused. 
Adm'on is therefore granted to Sam' Martin, he having 
given security in the Sec. OflRce to pay all just debts due. 
Inventory to be exhibited 20 days after date & a just 
account required by myself or successors. 


Recorded 24 Nov. T. Gatewood, Sec. 

1696, Oct. 10. By Christopher Codrington. Elizabeth 
PoweU, late of Antigua and wife of Captain Garret Powell, 
died intestate. Adm'on to him. Recorded 17 Dec. 1696. 

1697, Aug. 31. Order to appraise goods of Garrett 
Powell of Antigua, deceased, George and Richard PoweU his 
administrators, to Captain Henry Pearne, Captain John Roe, 
and Captain Peter Lee. Inventory recorded 24 Sep. 1097. 

Christian wife of George Powell. WiU dated 11 Oct. 
1785. Whereas by Indenture da. 7 Jan. 1756 between me 
Christian (then) Knight & Geo. PoweU & Sam' Nibbs, late 
of Antigua, Esq., in order to marry with the said Geo. 
PoweU it was agreed that Sam' Nibbs should receive £800 c. 
to which I was entitled by the will of my father Henry 
Knight, dec'', & the further sum of £200 c. given to my 
sister Alice Knight, dec'', to pay the interest to Geo. Powell 
for life, then to me, & if I died first it w*" be lawful for me 
to dispose of the same after his death. I give to my dau. 
Frances Nibbs, wife of Nich» Rowe, planter, the £800 & 
£200, & fi'ee my negro woman Rachel & her dau. Betty. 
Hon. Jas. Nibbs & my son-in-law Nicli^ Rowe, Ex'ors. 
Witnessed by Mary Humphreys, William Bowie. Before 
Thomas Jarvis was sworn Dr. William Bowie 22 Oct. 1785. 



^etiisrte of ^ototlL 


Thomas=p. . . . Colonel Edward Powel, Deputy-Governor of 
Powell. Antigua 1683 and 1684; owner of "Golden 

Grove" and the "Road" Plantations in St. 
John's Parish ; purchased an estate of .James 
Boyde, formerly Colonel Buncle's, 1683 ; a 
rebel in Ireland 1691. Will dated 1686 or 

Captain John Roe=pMargaret 

of Antigua, Gent., | . . . . 
living 1697. Will ■ 
dated 4 July and I 
proved 8 Nov. 
1700. (117 Dyer.) | 

Andrew Roe of Tip- 
perary 1703. 


A dau., mar. 

I I 
Edward Powell, 1st son 
and heir, died intestate, 
s.p., before 1693. 

George Powell, died s.p. 
before 1716. 

Thomas Powell,=pMary 
named in the .... 
will of John 
Bright, Esq., 22 
April 1781. 

Thomas Sarah 
Bright Bright 

Powell. Powell. 

Henry Powell of Knockraonetry, 
CO. Limerick, heir-at-law to his 
uncle Edward in 1716 ; owner 
of " Golden Grove " and the 
" Road " Plantations in Antigua. 
(.See Gamble Deed, vol. ii., p. 5.) 

John Roe of Antigua, Esq., Ist son ; James Roe, Gent., 

inherited " Shortshope " of 284 acres of St. Mary's 

in St. Mary's Parish in 1700 and 1709-10." 
purchased his brother's 175 acres in — 

1 709-10 ; was a partisan of Governor Elizabeth Roe 
Daniel Parke in 171 1 ; J.P. 1714 and — 

Memberofthe Assembly; livingl716. A dau. 

I I 

Sarah George Powell of ADtigua,=i=Christian, dau. of Henry Nicholas=pElizabeth Cop 

Powell, Gent. ; witness to will of " ' " 

living Jane Blizard 1760. Will 

1808. dated 19 April 1808. 

Knight ; mar. 8 Jan. 
17.56 at St. John's. Will 
dated 1 1 Oct. and sworn 
22 Oct. 1785. 

pinger, mar. 11 
March 1737 at 
St. John's. 

Mary Routledge 

Frances Nibbs Powell, mar. 27 Feb. 

at St. George's ; bur. there 2 March 1795. 

Will dated 13 Jan. and sworn 8 Sep. 179 

82=pNicholas Rowe, Gent., bapt. 31 
Dec. 1751 at St. John's ; bur. 
9 June 1788, set. 37, and M.I. 
in St. George's Churchyard. 

Thomas Rowe, George Rowe, bapt. 6 Feb. 
living 1808. 1785 at St. George's. 

Ann Stevens Rowe, bur. 8 March 
1785 at St. George's. 

Christian Ann Rowe, bapt. 6 Feb. 
1785 at St. George's. 

John Roe of Antigua, Gent. Will dated 4 July 1700. 
To my wife Margarett the furniture of her chamber, plate, 
a horse, & a negro boy and girl. To my 1" son John Roe 
my plantation called Shortshope of 284 acres in St. Mary's 
parish with the mill, stills, coppers, &c., & i of all my 
negros & cattle at 21. To my younger son James Roe ray 
plantation in New Division of 175 acres near Five Islands 
Harbour with the mill, stills, & coppers, & i of all my 
my negros & cattle at 21. To each of my daus. £1000 to 
be paid in England at marriage, if either die the survivor 
to have £1500. My 2 sons Ex'ors. My friends Henry 
Pearne, Esq., Rob' Amory, & John ffry, gent., & my loving 
brother Andrew Roe guardians. Witnessed by Samuel 
Martin, Elias Jamain, Thomas Gateward. On 8 Nov. 1700 
commission to John Darby the uncle and guardian of John, 
James, and Elizabeth Roe, minors, the children of John 
Roe at Antegoa, deceased, Margaret Roe his relict being 
there resident. Proved 20 Aug. 1701 by Andrew Roe the 
brother, the adm'on being revoked. Proved 3 Sep. 1708 
by John Roe the son, power reserved to James Roe the son. 
(117 Dyer.) 

Frances Nibbs Rowe, widow of Nicholas Rowe. Will 
dated 13 Jan. 1795. Whereas I am entitled on the death 
of my father Geo. Powell to £800 & £200 settled on my late 
mother Christian Powell by Indenture of 7 Jan. 1756, the 
interest to my son Thos. Rowe till 21, then the whole sum 
to him, & in default to D'' John Muir of Antigua, to whom 
all residue, he & Hon. Tho. Norberry Kerby E.v'ors. 
Witnessed by Anthony Brow^n. Before Edward Byam was 
sworn Anthony Brown 8 Sep. 1795. Recorded 10 Sep. 1795. 

George Powell of Antigua, Gent. Will dated 19 April 
1808. To my grandson Tho. Rowe, planter, £5. To my 
sister Sarah Powell all residue, she & Chas. Chesser, Esq., 
Ex'ors. Witnessed by Samuel Petticrew, Thomas Lynch. 
On 25 May 1816 appeared Adam Gordon, James Hill, and 
John Proudfoot of Antigua. 


1 668. Robert Powell had a patent for 20 acres. 

1672, Nov. 2. Indenture of sale. Elkina Rowe of 
Antigua, planter, sells 20 acres to John Atkinson and John 
Lurcum of Antigua, planters. 

1681, Feb. 17. James Jolly sells land to William Roe. 

1683, Sep. 17. Colonel Edward Powell granted a patent 
for 380 acres. 

1684, Dec. 27. Colonel Edward Powell, Governor, 
granted a patent this day for 380 acres in St. John's 
Division, formerly called " Paul's " and now " Golden 

1685, March 30. Mr. Garret Powell granted a patent 
for 6 acres in St. John's Town. 

1689, June 17. Richard Powell, joyner, granted a 
patent for 70 acres. 

Letter from Andrew Roe, dated at Tippery 20 [blank] 
1703, to Messrs. Jamaine and Holmes. Dear Brothers. 
M"' Abrose Minchin goes to Manage the Estate of my 
Brother decea-sed & his children. A cask of tongues for 
my sisters. Recorded 15 June 1704. 

Indenture 28 Feb. 1709-10. James Roe of St. Mary's 
Parish, Gent., sells to John Roe his brother 128 acres and 
47| acres, lately in the possession of Captain John Roe, 
Gent., deceased. 

1713, May 12. Captain John Roe petitions for land, 
W. with Mr. James Low, N. with Baldwin Johnson, E. 
waste, W. with James Street. 

1713, July 27. Richard Powell petitions for land in 
Parham Town, E. and W. 60 feet, N. and S. 80 feet, E. with 
Corbett Lane, N. with High Street, W. and S. waste. 

1714, July 16. John Roe, Esq., petitions for £90 due. 
1714, Sep. 2. John Rowe of St. John's Town, Esq., 

petitions for land bounded N. with Baldwin Johnson, W. 
with Mr. Laferty, S. with Nevis Street, E. waste. 

1716, March 31. Isaac Royall of Antigua, Esq., and 
Elizabeth his wife sell to John Roe, Gent., a parcell of land 
in St. John's Town for £1000 c. 




Dec. 20 

Dec. 31 

Jan. 2 

Parish Register of St. John. 
Marg' the D. of Peter Roe and Mary his 

Nicholas the S. of Nicholas Row and 

Elizabeth his wife. 
Thomas S. of Benjamin Powell and Elenor 

his wife. R. the 27*'' September last. 
John Burn and Sarah Roe ; by Banns. 
Nicholas Roe & Elizabeth Coppinger ; 

by L. 
Thomas Teague & Rachel Powell. Banns. 
8 George Powell and Christian Knight. 
[blank'] Powell, Widdow. 
[hlank'] Roe, a child. 
Rolie Roe. 
M''" Ann Row. 
M'- Peter Roe. 
Isaac Rowe. 

Ann Roe ; in the Country. 
Beuj" Rowe. 
John Powell. 
Thomas Powel (Planter). 

Parish Register of St. Philip. 
1712 Jan. 4 Thomas Powel & Elizabeth Hamilton. 

Parish Register of St. George. 
1738 Feb. 24 Robert the S. of Thomas Powel. 























































1782 Feb. 27 

























1819 Nov. 10 

Robert Powel the s. of Tho' Powel and 

his wife. 
Christian Ann & George D. and S. of 

Nicholas Rowe. 
leaack Hughes and Elizabeth Powel, Spr. 
Arthur M'^Cormick, Gentleman, & Ann 

Powell, Spr. 
Nicholas Rowe, Planter, & Frances Powell, 


Sarah Powell, Widow. 
Mary Roe. 

Thomas Powel, Jun''. 
George Powel. 

Ann Stevens D. of Nicholas Rowe. 
Nicholas Rowe. 

Frances Rowe, fi'om S* John's. 
George Powell, from Town ; in Fitches 

Church Yard. 
Sarah Powell ; in Fitch's Church Yard, 

aged 85 years ; from S' John's. 

St. George's Churchyard. 

On a ledger at the west door of nave : — 


e vita decessit 

A.D. 1789 

E.s. 37. 

In memoria et menti et beneficii 


hie hoc posuit. 

:familp of ^opiit^* 

■ From ' The Vindication of Collonel General! Points, 
1648,' it appears that while in command of the seven 
Northern Counties, as Major-General, he was by the orders 
of Cromwell and Fairfax forcibly seized on 25 July 1647 at 
York, where he was residing with his wife and family, and 
removed from his post. 

1651-2, Jan. 1 2. Surrender of Barbados by the Royalists. 
Article XIII. That such particular persons as are in this 
island, together with Sir Sydenham Pointz, who have 
estates in Antegoa, may peaceably return thither .... 

"About 5 Dec. 1658,1, Henry Nicoles Survey' then 
bounded out for Cap' W"' Poyntz 100 acres at Soldiers Gut 
at the sea side on west next to Edw" Newman & John Cash, 
drawn from my old field book, 1 Mar. 1677 — 80." 

1679, April 30. Cassava Garden of 1000 acres bounded 
West with Sir Sydenham Poines. 

1680, July 7. Samuel Ililder and Mary his wife and 
Henry Steeuman and Abigail his wife re a plantation of 
300 acres formerly belonging to Captain Robert Poyntz, 
deceased, who left the same to his said two daughters Mary 
and Abigail his coheirs. Estate to be equally divided. By 
the Hon. Valentine Russell, Governor, Lieut. Samuel Hilder 
and Mr. Henry Steenman, in right of their wives Mary and 
Abigail, have obtained judgment against Jonas Langford 
for a plantation called Soldiers Gutt of 100 acres. Warrant 
for possession. Witnessed by Robert Hamilton. 

In 1681 James 4"" Duke of Courland entered into a 
contract with Captain Poyntz, granting 12,000 acres of the 
Island of Tobago to him and company, upon very advan- 
tageous terms. (' Gent. Mag.,' 1781, p. 416.) 

Capt. John Poyntz (of the Iron-Acton family) wrote 
and published : " The present Prospect of the famous and 

fertile Island of Tobago, etc., with Proposals for the 
Encouragement of all those that are minded to settle there." 
Lond., 1683, in 7 sh. in qu. (Wood's ' Athenge Oxonienses,' 
vol. iii., p. 715.) 

1730, Jan. 13. Samuel Malcher Esq; an eminent 
Portugal Merchant of London, marry'd to Mrs. Jane Poyntz, 
only Daughter of William Poyntz, Esq ; Brother of Stephen 
Poyntz, Esq ; his Majesty's third Plenipotentiary at the 
Congress of Soissons. (' Historical Register,' p. 8.) 

1731, May 21. Stephen Poyntz, Esq ; made Governor 
to his R. Highness the Duke. ('Gent. Mag.,' p. 222.) 

1733, Feb. Stephen Poyntz, Esq; to Mrs. Anna-Maria 
Mordaunt, and receiv'd £3000 as of Royal Bounty, she 
having been Maid of Honour to her Majesty. {Ibid., 
p. 100.) 

1735, Jan. William Poyntz, Esq ; Brother to Stephen 
Poyntz, Esq ; to the Relict of Sir Thomas Frederick, Bart. 
(' Historical Register,' p. 8.) 

1735, June. The Lady of Stephen Poyntz, Esq; 
Preceptor to the Duke of Cumberland, deliver'd of a Son 
and Heir. {Ibid., p. 27.) 

To M' Rich, the second English Governor of S' Chris- 
topher's, succeeded M'' Evorard, who continued in the 
Government, several Years ; and by what we can under- 
stand, was in that Office when the Rump usurped the 
supreme Power in England. The Leeward-Islands refusing 
to acknowledge their Sovereignty, King Charles the lid. 
appointed Major General Poyntz to be Governor, and he 
was in Possession of S* Christopher's when Sir George 
Ayscue arrived at Barbados and reduced that Island. After 
which he sailed to Nevis and S' Christopher's ; but Major 
General Poyntz not being strong enough to defend himself 



against the Power Sir George brought with him, withdrew 
before his Arrival, and ship'd himself for Virginia, the only 
Retreat for Cavaliers. (Oldraixon's ' British Empire in 
America, 1741.') 

1748, Oct. 15. William Poyntz, Esq ; treasurer to the 
excise and brother to the Hon. Stephen Poyntz, Esq ; 
(' London Mag.') 

1748, Nov. 1. Jacob Ricketts of Jamaica, Esq ; maiTy'd 
to Miss Hannah Poyntz, niece to Stephen Poyntz, Esq ; 
C Gent. Mag.,' p. 524.) 

1749, June 27. Capt. Robert Poyntz, nephew to Stephen 
Poyntz, Esq ; {lUd., p. 284.) 

1750, Jan. 9. Dean Poyntz, Esq ; Capt. of a company 
in Guise's reg. of foot and nephew to the Hon. Stephen 
Poyntz, Esq. (' London Mag.') 

1750, Dec. 17. Rt. Hon. Stephen Poyntz, Esq ; one of 
his Majesty's most Hon. privy-council, formerly preceptor 
to his royal highness the duke of Cumberland, and at the 
time of his death steward of his household etc. (Ibid.) 

1756, Dec. 26. Hon. John Spencer, Esq ; to Miss 
Poyntz. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 42.) 

Parish Register of St. John. 
1716 June 7 James Gamble and Rachell Hilder. L. 
(See their marriage settlement under 
" Gamble.") 

1701 Feb. 6 M" Mary Hilder. 

St. Michael's, Cornhill, London. 


1601 Sep. 19 Francis s. of Francis Poynes & Katherine 

his wife ; born 4 Sep. 
1663 April 26 Katherine d. of Francis Pointz & Kathe- 
rine his wife. 


May 1 


April 5 


April 9 


Mar. 31 


Mar. 26 


Nov. — 


April 17 


Nov. 3 


June 7 


Oct. 25 


Jan. 3 


Jan. 19 

Sarah Pointz d. of Fraucis Pointz & 

Katherine his wife. 
Mary d. of William Poynes & Mary his 

Martha d. of William Poyntzs & Mary 

his wife. 
John s. of William Poynes & Mary his 

Jane Poyntz d. of William Poyntz & Jane 

his wife. 
Stephen Poyntz s. of William Poyntz & 

Jane his wife. 
Deane Poyntz s. of W"" Poyntz & Jane 

his wife. 
John Poyntz s. of W™ Poyntz & Jane his 

Joseph Poyntz s. of W" Poyntz & Jane 

his wife. 

Henry s. of Henry Poynes & Mary his 

wife ; in the upper new vault in S. isle. 
Mary Poyntz wife of William Poyntz ; 

in the upper vault of S. isle. 
John Poyntz s. of William Poyntz and 

Mary his late wife ; in the upper vault 

of S. isle. 

Kingston, Jamaica. 
On a white marble slab in the churchyard : — 
Arms : Barry of eight, on the third bar a crescent. 
Crest : Over an esquire's helmet a dexter hayul closed. 


(Lawrence Archer's ' M.L of the West Indies,' p. 128.) 

ISttiitjree of ^.3oj>nt^. 

Arms. — Barry of eight or and gules. 
Crest. — A dexter hand closed. 

SIR ROBERT POYNTZ, twelfth in descent from Hugh Poyntz ;=i=Margaret, natural dau. of 
died 1519 ; bur. in the Gaunts' Chapel, Bristol. Will dated 19 Oct. I Anthony Woodville, Earl 
1520. (28 Ayloffe.) Rivers ; dead 1520. 

I \ 

Sir Anthony Poyntz, 1st son John Poyntz, 2nd son,=rMargaret, dau. of Nicholas Saunder of Charlewood, co. Surrey, 
and heir, died 1534. died 1544. I Esq. 2nd wife. 

William Poyntz of Reigate,=pElizabeth, dau. and coheir of Thomas Newdigate of Newdigate, co. Surrey. Will dated 
CO. Sun-ey. I 15 May 1000 ; proved 16 Aug. 1602. (58 Montague.) 




John Poyntz of Reigate, co. Surrey 

Ex'or to his mother=pAnne, dau. of ... . Sydenham of Nympsfield, co. Gloucester. 

Sarah, dau. of N. Foxley of^Newdigate Poyntz of Reigate, co. Surrey, Gent. ; died 1643. Will=pMary, dau. 

1st wife. 


dated 20 March 1639, then of Benefield, co. Northants ; proved 27 
Feb. 1644-.5. (34 Rivers.) 

Parkynsofco. Notts, 
Esq. 2nd wife. 


Mary . . . .=p William Poyntz of the=pJane, dau. of Stephen Newdigate Poyntz. Francis Poyntz of St. Mich-=pCathe 

bur. 3 Jan, 

1679. 1st 

Goat in St. Michael'i 
Cornhill, Citizen and 
Upholder ; traded with 
the Leeward Islands ; 
living 1684. 

Monteage of London, 

merchant ; his will John Poyntz. 
proved 1687. (14(i — 

Foot.) 2nd wife. Charles Poyntz. 

ael's, Cornhill, Citizen and 
Upholder. Will dated 8 
Sep. 1684 and proved 18 
Feb. 1684-5. (26 Canu.) 

I I I 

Mary Poyntz, bapt. 
5 April 1674. 

Martha Poyntz, bapt. 
9 April 1676. 

John Poyntz, bapt. 
31 March 1678 ; bur. 
19 Jan. 1679. 

William Poyntz of St.^ 
James, Westminster, 
Esq., a minor 1685 ; 
Receiver - General of 
the Excise 1736 ; died, 
s.p.m., Oct. 1748. Will 
dated 7 April 1747 ; 
proved 19 Oct. 1748, 
(307 Strahan.) 


Mary Moncreif, 
dau. of John 
Aston and relict 
of Sir Thomas 
Frederick, Bart. 
Her father's will 
proved 1715. 
(63 Fagg.) 

Right Hon. Stephen Poyntz of= 
Midgham, co. Berks, Governor 
to the Duke of Cumberland ; 
Ambassador to Sweden ; Privy 
Councillor 1735 ; died 17 Dec. 
1750. Will dated 16 Dec. 
1738 ; proved 4 Jan. 1750. 
(18 Busby.) 

=Anna Maria, dau. to 
Henry Lewis Mor- 
daunt, grandson to 
John Earl of Peter- 
borough ; mar. Feb. 

William Poyntz of Midgham, bapt. at St.=T=, 
Margaret's, Westminster ; matriculated 
from Christ Church, Oxon, 17 Jan. 1752, 
set. 17 ; B.A. 1756 ; bur. 20 May 1809. 

Charles Poyntz, born June 1735 ; ma- 
triculated from Christ Church, Oxon, 
13 Dec. 1752, at. 17 ; B.A. 1756 ; M.A. 
1759 ; D.D. 1769 ; Rector of North 
Creak, co. Norfolk, 1760. 

Margaret Georgina Poyntz, 
mar., 27 Dec. 1755, John, 
Earl Spencer ; he was bom 
18 Sep. 1734, and died 

William Stephen Poyntz of Midgham and Cowdray, M.P. ; matriculated from 
Christ Church, Oxon, 29 June 1787, set. 17 ; died 8 April 1840. 

^etitsree oi ^v^nn. 

James Hurd of Plymouth, co. Devon, merchant, and formerly of=pMarv . 
St. John's, Antigua. Will dated 15 Jan. 1696 ; proved P.C.C. I 1696. 

. living 

Jane Hurd, died v.p.=j=JOHN PRYNN of Antigua, merchant. Will dated 13 Oct. 1714 ;=rMary .... living 
1st wife. sworn 25 April 1715. j 1714. 2nd wife. 

John Prynn, appears=pMary 
to have removed to 
Stratford, Fairfield 
County, Connecti- 
cut ; living 1745. 


Wilh am Prynn, ap- Mary Prynn, in Ann Prynn, in 1714 wife of 

parently 1st son and 1714 wife of Brewster. 

heir 1714. 

Malham Prynn, 
minor 1714. 

— Henrietta Prynn, a minor 

Sarah Prynn, in 1714 ; mar. 20 Dec. 1729, 

1714 wife of ... . at St. Paul's, John Francis. 

Ill I 

John Malham Prynn. Francis Prynn. William Prynn, a minor 1745. Mary Prynn 

Hurd of Plymouth, co. Devon, merchant. Will 
dated 15 Jan. 1696. Aged. To my wife Mary Hurd all 
my houses in St. John's, & after her death to my son-in-law 
Caleb Tyley & his heirs. To the 3 children of my late dau. 
Jane Prynn, viz. Mary Prynn, Sarah Prynn, & Ann Prynn, 

a guinea each, & to their father Jn" Prynn ] s. All residue 
to my wife Mary, she to be Ex'trix ; after her death all res. 
to my son-in-law Caleb Tyley & wife Mary. Witnessed by 
Jonah Lavington, Thomas Edgcumbe, Joseph (rHosper), 
William Pattey. Copy sent from P.C.C. 



Sir Sydenham Poyntz,* Knt., Major-General for^Elizabetli 
the Parliament ; Deputy-Governor of St. Chris- 
topher's ; retired to Virginia 1063 ; died before 
1667, leaving Colonel Charles Ghest of Antigua 
his Ex'or. / 


Captain Robert Poyntz^ 
of Antigua ; owned 
300 acres ; dead 1667. 

Abigail .... Captain William 

mar. 2ndly Poyntz of An- 

. . . . Bel- tigua; owned 100 

cher. acres in 1658. 

Lieut. Samuel=pMary Poyntz, dau.=i=. . . . Thornton, bur. 19=pEdward Mann, Gent., mar. 18 Nov. 
Hilder, living j and coheir ; living 
1680. Isthus- 1716 and 1719. 

May 1705 at St. John's. I 1710 at St. John's ; living 1716 and 
2nd husband. 1719. 3rd husband. 

Abigail Poyntz, dau. 
and coheir; in 1680 
wife of Henry Steen- 

Deane Poyntz-T= 
of Jamaica, 
bapt. 1 


John Poyntz, 
bapt. 3 Nov. 

.Joseph Poyntz of Jamaica,=pHannah . . 

merchant, bapt. 7 June 
1691 ; died 24 Sep. 1728, 
set. 87. M.I. at Kingston, 

Rachel Hilder, mar. 7 June 
1716, at St. John's, James 
Gamble of Antigua, Gent. 

Deane Poyntz, Captain in=p. . . . dau. 
Guise's Regiment of Foot. ; of Mrs. 
Will dated 21 Feb. 1746 ; ; Florence 
proved 16 Feb. 1749. (55 i Blechyn- 
Greenley.) : den. 

Robert Poyntz of Pad- 
worth, CO. Berks ; heir 
to his brother Deane. 
(? Captain in Army, 
and died 27 June 1749.) 

Molly Poyntz, 
mar. Dec. 
1747, George 

Hannah Poyntz,=pJacob Ricketts of 
dau. and coheir ; ; Midgham, Jamaica. 
See Burke's 
Landed Gentry.') 

William Deane Poyntz, matriculated from University College 
Oxon, 4 June 1767, set. 18 ; created M.A. 9 July 1773. 

* For an account and portrait of Mr 
Rowton Heath, near Chester. 

George Poyntz Ricketts, born 1750; mar. 13 Dec. 1772 ; 
Governor of Barbados 1794 ; died 8 April 1800 at Liver- 

see 'A Survey of England's Champions,' 1617. He defeated Sir Marmaduke Langdale at 

John Prynn of Antigua, merchant. Will dated 13 Oct. 
1714. To my dau. Mary Bezoon Is. for her rebellious & 
undutiful conduct. To my dau. Sarah Richard £5 c, & 
20s. to each of her children. To my dau. Ann Bruster 
£5 c, & 20s. to her son. All these 3 daus. married contrary 
to my consent & knowledge. To my dau. Garthrud Prynn, 
my s. Jn° Prynn, my dau. Henrietta Prynn, & my sous 
Francis Prynn & Malham Prynn £150 c. each at 21. To 
my wife Mary my house at Willoughby Bay Town, a horse, 
a negro, a cow, £100 c. & my furniture. All residue to 
my son W™ Prynn. M' Jn° Richards & M' Hen. Symes & 
my Wife Ex'ors. Witnessed by Sygismond Cooper, Ambrose 
Marchant, John Colborn. By John Yeamans, Esq., was 
sworn Sigismond Cooper 25 April 1715. 

John Bezune, Gent., planter. Will dated 20 April 1720. 
To my wife Eleanor the use of all my estate for & my 
children equally, & after her death or marriage to my 5 sons 
equally, viz. Tho., W", Edw'', Anthony, & Joseph. To my 
dau. Eliz. £400 c. To my sons Edw^, Joseph, & my grand- 
children Nich% John, & Elsina Bezune certain negros. All 
residue to my wife, Sam^ Martin, Esq., John Greenway, & 
John Bradston, planters, as Ex'ors in Trust. Witnessed 
by Thomas Hanson, Robert Delameer, Robert Hughes. 
Before Walter Hamilton, Esq., was sworn Thomas Hanson 
5 April 1721. 

Roger Beffin. Will dated 3 Aug. 1743 M" Mary 

Pryn, wife of M'' John .... all residue to Marg' Marchant 
.... Benj. Marchant .... Sam' .... Stratford, co. Fair- 
field, Connecticut, New England, Ex'or. W"" Furnell of 
Antigua, merch', Ex'or. Signed, Roger Beffin. 

Recorded in Probate Court, Fairfield, Connecticut. 
Copy signed by John Burr, Judge of the Court of Probate, 
Stern district of Fairfield county, at Fairfield 17 April 1744. 
Per Ephraim Curtiss, J.P. for the said county. Mr. John 
Prynn and Mary his wife, of lawful age, swore that Mr. 
Roger Beffin of Antigua, a resident at their house at Strat- 
ford in Fairfield county, departed this life 28 Oct. 1743. 

Francis Prynn, planter. Will dated 8 Jan. 1745. To 
my son Francis £400. To my son W™ & my dau. Mary 
£400 each at 21. To the child my wife now goes with 
£400. To my bro. John Prynn £100. To my godson 
Francis Malun Francis £25. To my wife Elinor £100. 
All residue to my son John Malum, & in default to my son 
Francis, then to my dau. W™ Skerrit, Jas. Michelson, & 
Sam' Lyons Ex'ors. Witnessed by Henrietta Francis, 
George Heuitt, Thomas Morris. 

1699, Dec. 2. John Bezune, an alien, took the oaths. 
He was born at sea, his father was Welch and his mother 
Dutch. Recorded at St. John's. 

1706. Mr. John Bezune, sen., taxed on 22 negros and 
70 acres. Mr. John Bezune, jun., taxed on 12 negros and 
33 acres. (St. Mary's Vestry Book.) 

1727 Dec. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 

20 John Francis, Gent., & Henrietta Pryn, 



ffmxxl^ of ^3pk, 

William Pyle, sen., merchant. "Will dated 2 Aug. 1791. 
Within 2 years of my decease £21,500 c. shall be placed in 
the Bank of Philadelphia, & the interest of £5000 is to be 
p*" annually to Ralph Pyle of Baltimore for life, & after his 
death to be drawn out & given to his children. Interest of 
£5000 annually to Joseph Pyle of Chester in Pennsilvania, 
& after his death to be given to his children. The Interest 
of £5000 to Mary, wife of Peter Hendrick, sen^ of New- 
castle in Delaware, & after his death to his children. The 
Interest of £5000 to Sarah, wife of ... . Geniston of 
Newcastle in Delaware. The interest of £1000 to Eliz"', 
wife of John Porter. £500 to Susannah, dr. of Mary, wife 
of ... . Frame of Chester in Pennsilvania, but if she die 
under 21 then to W", s. of Rob. Robertson of Newcastle, & 
to Ralph Pyle, son of John Pyle of same place. To Ralph 
Pyle & W" Robertson £1500 c. each. Certain slaves to be 
free. All residue to W" Pyle the younger. Jos. Pyle, 
W"" Pyle, jan', Jn° Morton, merch'' in Philadelphia, & Jn" 
Taylor Ex'ors. Witnessed by Ste. Rose, James Bird, John 
Brooke. Before his Excellency William Woodley, Esq., 
was sworn James Bird, writing clerk, 29 Feb. 1792. 
Recorded 1 March 1792. 

William Pyle, jun. Will dated 16 March 1792. To my 
wife Eliz"! £2000 st. To my mulatto Will. £200 & his 
freedom. ^ of residue to my wife & ^ to my son W™ Pyle 
at 21. To any future child £2000 at 21, & in default of 
any surviving issue to my wife £5000 St., & all residue to 
my bro. Ralph Pyle, now of Newcastle, Delaware. Jn" 
Taylor, Jn° Smith, Ph. Hicks, & my wife Ex'ors. Wit- 
nessed by Edward Gamble, H. Greenway, James Bird. 
Before Edward Byam, President of H.M. Council, was 
sworn James Bird, clerk, 27 April 1792. 

1807, Nov. 12. At Antigua, Alexander Coates, esq ; a 
gentleman who did as much good to that Island as any one 
had done for a century. Many individuals might have had 
their estates out of the possession of their families, had he 
not stept forward and paid the mortgages, and allowed them 
the privilege of sending the produce of their Sugar Plan- 
tations where they pleased. The illiberal mind cannot say 
a word against such a character, as M'' Coates might have 
placed his money in the Britisli Funds, which would have 
been of much greater advantage, particularly in the time of 
War. Money lent as his was worth twelve per cent. ; but 
he had the lawful interest of the Country ; and their con- 
signing their crop to whom they chose was an incalculable 
advantage, and what is unusual on such loans. But the 
time when M"' Coates shewed himself was in the year 1805, 
when the Legislature, sanctioned by tiie late Lord Laving- 
ton, Captain-general of the Leeward Islands, etc. allowed 
the Treasurer a vote of ci-edit for £5000. M.' Coates was 
applied to ; but he did not at that moment think proper to 
lend it, that it might not be insinuated that he lent it, not 
by the way of doing good for the Government, but through 
fear of the Combined Fleets and Armies of France and 
Spain, who at that time threatened the Island with destruc- 
tion, and which were making the greatest preparation at 
Martinique to attack Antigua. Those Combined Fleets 
and Armies sailed close to Antigua, June 7, 1805 ; but his 
Majesty's Troops, the Officers and Seamen of the Royal 
Navy, who were at that time on the Island, united by the 

unanimous wish of the Inhabitants, which was much to 
their honour, turned out, at 2 in the morning, to oppose 
the Enemy's landing, but they proceeded on Northward. 
On the 12"" of the same month, the late Admiral Lord 
Viscount Nelson appeared off Antigua, with his gallant ten 
sail of the line, in pursuit of the 22 sail of the line of 
French and Spanish ships, besides frigates, etc. However, 
during the stay in the West Indies of so great a Naval 
Force of the Enemy, and of Troops to the number of 
13,000, the Government of Antigtia was under the necessity 
of incurring considerable expences, by a military encamp- 
ment of all ranks of the Inhabitants, which lasted 40 days, 
when the Enemy made their appearance ; which, when 
they did, their timidity was such that they passed by with- 
out an attempt to invade. The encampment broke up ; 
M"^ Coates then came forward ; nor was it the first time 
that he had assisted the Government. He, now, under the 
sanction of the late Lord Lavington and the Legislature, lent 
£10,000, which was double the sum at first requested, and at 
a time when all danger had blown over. This may be much 
better seen and known by inspecting the Public Records of 
Antigua. His Majesty never had a more loyal subject than 
M'' Coates ; and in this particular he set a most laudable 
example to his family. Until he was infirm with the gout, 
he was a tall, portly, and elegant person ; his face was most 
manly, and very commanding. He was born April 16 (o.s.) 
1734 ; and the Almighty, whom alone he feared, was pleased 
to take him from this life, after having sustained an untar- 
nished reputation for 73 years. The great wealth of which 
he died possessed, except a few legacies, which were imme- 
diately paid, he nobly and equally bequeathed to his family. 
His funeral was numerously and respectably attended. 
('Gent. Mag.,' p. 1188.) 

1810, June. Lately. At Towcester, R. Coates, esq. of 
the island of Antigua ; a son of the gentleman whose death 
is noticed in our vol. 68, p. 1188. (IIjuI., p. 677.) 

Parish Register of St. John. 
1792 June 11 William Egan S. of William Pyle, Jun^ 
dec'ed, and Elizabeth his wife. B. O"* 
March 1791. 

1792 Dec. 1 John Coates to Elizabeth Pyle, Widow ; 

by Lie. 

1789 April 12 Robert Pyle, Inf. 
1792 July 12 William Egan Pyle (Infant). 

St. John's Churchyard. 

On a headstone : — 

In Memory 

of Robert Egan Pyle 

£m-n 16"' November 1788 

Died April 12"> 1790 

Also of William Egan Pyle 

Born 9 of March 1791 

Died li^^ of July 1792 

Son of William & Eliz™ Pyle 

of this Island. 



Jfamtlp of Ettiljeati* 

Samuel Redhead of Antigua, now residing in London, 
Esq. Will dated 21 June 1784; proved 6 April 1785 by 
Marmaduke Trattle, Esq., and Charles Comyns ; power 
reserved to Thomas Jarvis, jun., John Lindsay, John Blair, 
and Thomas Eraser. (307 Ducarel.) All my household 
furniture to Sarah Bullock who resides with me. All my 
tenement in Long Street, St. John's, Antigua, now in the | 
occupation of M" John Lindsay, to Joseph Redhead and 
Heni'y Redhead my natural or reputed sous by Sarah 
Bullock at 21. To Sarah Sheffield, dau. of a mulatta lately 
dead, Fanny Sheffield, the use of a room in the same house 
on my plantation for life. My mulatta Mary Crawford to 
Sarah Sheffield for life, then to Jane Comyns, dau. of Sarah 
Bullock. All residue of my personal estate to Tho. Jarvis, 
jun"', of Antigua, Esq., John Lindsay of Long Street, St. 
John's, John Blair of Antigua, Gent., Marmaduke Trattle 
& Tho. Eraser, both of London, merch'% & Chas. Comyns 
of London, hatter, on Trust to pay debts and legacies. To 
Eliz. Anderson, dau. of M'' W" Anderson of Antigua by 
Ann his late wife, £200 c. at 15, but if she die to her sister 
Mary. To Grace Redhead & Mary Payne, 2 daus. of my 
late son Nath' Redhead, £400 c. apiece. To Sarah Bullock 
£1000 & £50 at once. To Sarah Ann Redhead, auother 
dau. of Sarah Bullock, £1000 at 21. To Joseph & Henry 
Redhead £1000 apiece. To Jane Comyns £12. To John 
Lindsay £100 c. To Marmaduke Trattle & Chas. Comyns 
10 gs. each. To Tho. Jarvis 10 gs. To John Blair £20 c. 
All my plantations & negros to my trustees to pay the 
following annuities, viz. : — £20 c. yearly to my grandson 
W"' Redhead, son of my late son NatW Redhead, till 21. 
£20 c. a year to Sarah Sheffield. £15 c. a year to Jane 
Comyns, dau. of Sarah Bullock, & after her death lo her son 
Sam' till 16. £400 c. a year to my son George Redhead & 
all my estates for life, then to his son Sam' & his heirs male, 
then to his 2'' son George, then to my grandson W" Red- 
head. My son Geo. may charge the estate with £500 for 
his younger children & £120 c. a year for his wife Marg*. 
All produce to be consigned to Marmaduke Trattle. Trus- 
tees to be Guardians & Ex'ors. Witnessed by Alexander 
Williams of Antigua, John Moore Plunkett of Broad Street, 
Loudon, Thomas Dunn of Bloomsbury Square. 

Codicil dated 28 Dec. 1784. To M" Sarah Bullock my 
negro Hester, now in the possession of Mary, dau. of Eliz. 
Davy of S' John's, also my mulatto W", then to Sarah Ann 
Redhead my natural dau., also £50. To each of my said 
3 natural children £500. £1000 c. to my dau. Ann Athill, 
■widow of D'' James Athill, late of Antigua, deceased. £100 
to my grandson Sam' Comyns, son of M''* Jane Comyns, 
at 21. Witnessed by William Norris, Old Jewry, John 
Moore Plunkett, Broad Street, London Wall, William 
Biddle, Henrietta Street, Coveut Garden. Recorded also at 
St. John's 6 June 1785. 

negros. All my estate real & personal to my children Ann, 
Geo., Mary, Eliz., Byam Crump, Cusack Munton, & Alicia 
Elliot Redhead equally. Witnessed by William Baxter, 
John Gloster. Recorded 3 April 1794. 

Margaret Redhead, wife of George Redhead. Will dated 
1 April 1786. To my son Sam' Redhead, my dau. Anne 
Redhead, my son Geo. Redhead, my dau. Mary, to Eliz"" 
Redhead, my son Byam Crump Redhead, my son Cusack 
Munton Redhead, & my dau. Alicia Elliot Redhead certain 

Close Roll, 28 Geo. III., Part 8. 

Indenture made the 17th Nov. 1788 between George 
Redhead, late of Antigua, but now of Newman Street, Oxford 
Street, Esq., and Margaret his wife, of the one part, and 
James Trecothick, Francis Thwaites, and Charles Apthorpe 
Wheehvright of Bucklersbury, merchants, of the other part. 
Whereas dleorge Redhead now stands justly indebted unto 
James Trecothick, Francis Thwaites, and Charles Apthorpe 
Wheelwright in the sum of £5500 sterling for money lent 
and paid for his use, and they have considerable transactions 
with him in the West India trade, and a current account is 
kept open between them ; and whereas in the course of 
future transactions it may happen that George Redhead 
may have occasion for ftirther sums, and on the balance of 
accounts may become further indebted, for securing the said 
£5500, and such further sums, with interest, George Red- 
head has agreed that he and his wife shall convey to the 
others by way of mortgage the several hereditaments here- 
after described, i.e. a certain estate called Cusacks, and now 
known by the name of George Redhead's, in the parish of 
St. Philip in the division of Nonsuch or Willoughby Bay, 
of which George Redhead is seised in fee, together with the 
dwelling-house and all the slaves, cattle, sheep, and other 
stock thereon, and also all slaves belonging to a plantation 
called Fryes in the parish of St. Philip and division of 
Willoughby Bay which George Redhead or Margaret his 
wife now are or at any time hereafter may be seised of, and 
also the crops of sugar and other produce (rum only 
excepted), both from Cusacks and Fryes, and has agreed 
also to assign to them all his personal estate in Antigua and 
Great Britain, as hereinafter mentioned. Now this Indenture 
witnesseth that in pursuance of the agreement, and in con- 
sideration of the £5500 now justly due, and for securing 
the repayment, and for conveying and assigning the plan- 
tation, etc., and for barring and conveying the estate, right, 
interest, dower and thirds of Margaret Redhead, and in 
consideration of 10s., George Redhead and Margaret his 
wife convey to James Trecothick, Francis Thwaites, and 
Charles Apthorpe Wheelwright all that plantation called 
Cusacks, but now George Redhead's, containing 320 acres, 
together with the dwelling-house and all the live and dead 
stock, and 87 slaves, now on the plantation called Fryes, 
and all crops of sugar and produce (rum only excepted), 
and also all personal estate in Antigua and Great Britain, 
to the only use of. James Trecothick, Francis Thwaites, and 
Charles Apthorpe Wheelwright for ever, subject nevertheless 
to the proviso that if George Redhead do pay the said 
£5500, and all further sums, and all interest at 5 per cent., 
on the 17th May 1789, this Indenture shall be absolutely 
null and void ; and lastly George Redhead and Margaret 
his wife nominate William Dickinson and Edward Rigge, 
Esquires, both of Antigua, their Attorneys. Philip Wyatt 
Crowther, Edward Peale, Guildhall, witnesses. 



^Sttitcjrte of Eetil)eati, 

JOSEPH REDHEAD of Antigua, carpenter; living 1722 ;=r(?Mary, dau. of Thomas Gilliat, 
dead 1725. (See the will of William Glanville, dated 1724.) I living 1714.) 

Samnel Redhead of Antigua ; in 176.3 purchased=i=Anne, dau. of George William Redliead,=rFrance8 Watson, mar. 

Fryes " of 420 acres for £20,000 ; died 1.5 March 
1785, set. 81, in Bennet Street, Blackfriars. Will 
dated 21 June 1784 ; proved 6 April 1785. 
(307 Ducarel.) 

Crump, senior, Esq. ; 
bur. 16 .Jan. 1742 at 
St. John's. 

Surgeon ; is stated 
to have removed 
to America. 

6 Feb. 1735 and bur. 
25 Dec. 1772 at St. 

Nathaniel Redhead,=rElizabeth 
1st son ; died v.p., 
bur. 26 Jan. 1778 
at St. John's. 

George Redhead of " Fryes " and " Cusacks "= 
in Antigua, 2nd son, bapt. 11 Nov. 1737 at 
St. Paul's ; died 5 Dec. 1801, set. 64, in 
Upper Berkeley Street. 

^Margaret, dau. and coheir of Dr. Patrick 
Cusack of Antigua ; died 5 and bur. 6 
Oct. 1793 at St. John's. Will dated 
1 April 1786 and recorded 3 April 1794. 

Samuel Redhead, bapt. 8 
Sep. 1770 and bur. 26 
Aug. 1776 at St. John's. 

William Redhead, bapt. 
20 Dec. 1772 at St. 
John's ; a minor 1784. 

Elizabeth Redhead, bapt. 
8 Oct. 1758 at St. John's. 

Grace Redhead, bapt. 11 
July 1759, and mar. 26 
April 1784, at St. John's, 
Richard T. Shervington. 

Anne Redhead, bapt. 11 July 
1759, and mar. 5 April 1777, 
at St. John's, William Ander- 

Mary Redhead, bapt. 23 July 
1760, and mar. 21 Jan. 1779, 
at St. John's, Thomas Payne. 

Elizabeth Red- 
head, bapt. 24 
and bur. 25 
Feb. 1763 at 
St. John's. 

Samuel Redhead, 
1st son, bapt. 7 
March 1768 at St. 
Philip's ; lost at 
sea circa 1795-97. 

Close Roll, 35 Geo. III., Part 5, No. 7. 
Indenture made the 30th July 1795 between Samuel 
Redhead of Antigua, and of Vere Street, Middlesex, Esq. 
(eldest son and heir-apparent of George Redhead of Antigua, 
Esq.), of the 1st part, George Redhead aforesaid of Antigua, 
but now of Bath, Esq., of the 2nd part, Anthony Munton of 
London, Esq., Samuel AthiU, Esq., and the Hon. Rowland 
Burton, both of Antigua, and Francis Thwaites and Charles 
Apthorpe Wheelwright, both of Bucklersbury, merchants, as 
trustees, of the 3rd part, and the said Francis Thwaites and 
Charles Apthorpe Wheelwright (as creditors of George and 
Samuel Redhead), of the 4th part. Whereas the plantation 
called Fryes in the parish of St. Philip and division of 
Willoughby Bay in Antigua stands settled and limited to 
George Redhead for life, and after his decease to his son 
Samuel Redhead for life, and to his son, successively in tail 
male, with several remainders over ; aud whereas by In- 
dentures made the 16th and 17th Nov. 1788 between the 
said George Redhead and Margaret his wife, since deceased, 
of the one part, and James Trecothick, Esq., and the said 
Francis Thwaites and Charles Apthorpe Wheelwright, of the 
other part, in consideration of £5500 then due from George 
Redhead to Francis Thwaites and Charles Apthorpe Wheel- 
wright, George Redhead and Margaret his wife granted to 
James Trecothick and to them a plantation called Cusacks, 
of which George Redhead was then seised in fee simple, 
with the live and dead stock thereon, and also 87 Negro and 
Mulatto slaves belonging to George Redhead and Margaret, 
or one of them, which were then on the plantation called 
Fryes, and did grant to them also the crops of sugars, etc., 
except as therein excepted, with provision of redemption on 
payment of the £5500 and all other sums ; and whereas 
soon after the execution of the Indentures the plantation, 
etc., became vested in Francis Thwaites and Charles Ap- 
thorpe Wheelwright alone, absolutely discharged from the 
estate of James Trecothick ; and whereas George Redhead 
did some time since request and direct Francis Thwaites 
and Charles Apthorpe Wheelwright to allow to Samuel 
Redhead £300 a year from the consignments of sugar, etc., 
to discharge certain debts contracted by Samuel Redhead in 
England, and they did so, although under the Indentures 
they were entitled to retain the whole amount of the pro- 
duce towards the diminutioQ of the debt due to themselves ; 

and whereas in January 1791 they lent to Samuel Redhead 
upon his own account £1198 18s. 8rf., and some time after 
George Redhead, at the request of his son, directed them to 
charge the same to his account ; and whereas they have paid 
other debts on account of Samuel Redhead, and at his like 
request to his father they are charged to his account, and 
the sum amounted on the 30th April last to £4369 as 
Samuel Redhead acknowledges ; and whereas on an account 
between them and George Redhead on the said date George 
Redhead is indebted to them in the sum of £8731 lis. \d., 
including the £4369, and they have agreed to pay for him 
several other sums amounting (inclusive of £2000 and 
upwards, for which they ? have provisionally given bills of 
exchange) to £4000 and upwards ; and whereas they did a 
short time since resolve to proceed against George Redhead 
aud the mortgaged premises ; and whereas Samuel Redhead 
has contracted divers other debts in England amounting to 
£2000 and upwards, and his creditors have consented to 
discharge him on receiving bills of exchange, to be drawn 
by Samuel Redhead and accepted by George Redhead, 
payable at three years after date, with interest at 5 per cent., 
and meantime the payment to be guaranteed by Francis 
Thwaites and Charles Apthorpe Wheelwright if Antigua 
continue under the Government of Great Britain ; and 
whereas George Redhead at the request of Samuel Redhead, 
and in consideration of the counter security and indemnity 
hereinafter given by him in respect of the money, George 
Redhead has engaged to pay, did agree to accept the bills, 
and to allow Samuel Redhead £120 a year for his support 
and maintenance during their joint lives, and also to concur 
with him in the arrangement for settling his affairs herein- 
after mentioned to have been proposed to Francis Thwaites 
and Charles Apthorpe Wheelwright; and whereas to induce 
Francis Thwaites and Charles Apthorpe Wheelwright to 
desist from putting into force their remedies for recovering 
the moneys due to them and to guarantee the bills of ex- 
change, and to secure a provision both for Samuel Redhead 
during the joint lives of himself and his father, and for 
George Redhead during his life, Samuel Redhead aud George 
Redhead did lately propose to Francis Thwaites and Charles 
Apthorpe Wheelwright that if they would provisionally 
guarantee the bills of exchange, and from the consignments 
of sugar, subject to the interest of the money due to them. 



Elizabeth Redhead, mar. 28 May 1726, Sarah Redhead, mar. 17 March 1725, Grace Redhead, mar. 17 Sep. 1726, at St. 
at St. John's, William Garrett. at St. John's, Robert Jacobs. John's, Edward Monteague ; both living 


Samuel Rediiead, bapt. 2.3 Dec. 
1739 at St. Paul's. 

Anne Redhead, only survivins: dau., born : 
1737 ; mar. 1 Aug. 1757 Dr. James Athill. 

March Mary Redhead, bapt. 31 Jan. 
1741 at St. Paul's ; died 

George Redhead," 
bapt. 1771 at St. 
Peter's, 1st sur- 
viving son and 
heir ; Lieut. 3rd 
Foot Guards : 
Capt. 18th Foot 
in 1797 ; retired 
1803 ; resided at 

^Susannah, dau. 
of Joseph Hay- 
ter, Esq., of 
CO. Hants, and 
relict of John 

Byam Crump Red-= 
head, bapt. 10 
Sep. 1778 at St. 
Peter's ; Commis- 
sary - General in 
the Army ; settled 
later at Trinidad. 




I I 

George Redhead. Edward Redhead. 

Cusack Munton Redhead, Elizabeth Redhead, bapt. 24 

died s.p. 1820. 

Anne Redhead, 1st dau., 
bapt. 14 May 1770 at St. 
Phihp.'s ; living 1786. 

Mary Redhead, bapt. 11 
Jan. 1773 at St. Peter's; 
mar. 6 Aug. 1789, at St. 
Philip's, John Athill, Esq. 

April 1773 at St. Peter's ; 
livinor at Boulogne, spinster, 

AHcia Elliot Redhead, living 
at Boulogne, spinster, 1852. 

Letitia Redhead, born 4 
March and bapt. 1 Oct. 1769 
at St. Phihp's. 

Ellen Redhead, only dau., mar. James Athill, son of John Samuel Redhead. 
Athill of Antigua, Esq. ; first-cousin to her husband. 

• By her first husband she had a dau. Susannah Elizabeth Cooper, who died single 
Benjamin Hayter, R.N. He died I860 at Coburg in Canada. 

1829 at Caen, the residence of her uncle 

and to the necessary e.xpenses of the plantations, pay unto 
Samuel Redhead £120 a year during the life of his father, 
and unto George Redhead £600 a year for life ; in such 
case Samuel Redhead would assign to Anthony Munton, 
Samuel Athill, Rowland Burton, Francis Thwaites, and 
Charles Apthorpe Wheelwright the said plantation and 
estate called Fryes and the slaves, etc., and Francis Thwaites 
and Charles Apthorpe Wheelwright have acceded, and 
George Redhead has agreed to pay £6369 ; and it was 
agreed between Samuel Redhead and his father that if the 
said sum was paid by the latter out of his own proper 
monies, or if he should die before it was paid, or if with 
interest it should amount in his lifetime to £12,000, in either 
case the plantation should be charged with the said sum for 
George Redhead and his Ex'ors, and in the meantime 
should be charged with the yearly sum of £600 for the 
younger children of George Redhead living at his death ; 
and whereas in pursuance of the agreement Samuel Redhead 
has lately drawn several bills of exchange to the amount of 
£2000 and upwards upon George Redhead, payable at the 
end of three years fi-om their dates, and George Redhead 
has accepted them, and Samuel Redhead by his bond dated 
the 25th May last is become bound to his father in £12,738 
with a condition for making it void. Now this Indenture 
witnesseth that in further pursuance of the agi'eement 
Francis Thwaites and Charles Apthorpe Wheelwright agree 
from the residue of the consignments to pay to Samuel 
Redhead £120 a year and to George Redhead £600 a year, 
but if there is any deficiency in the amount of residue the 
annuities to be proportionably abated, and if any surplus it 
is to be retained by them towards the diminution of the 
money due to them ; and farther witnesseth that in further 
pursuance Samuel Redhead in consideration of the premises 
and of 10s. conveys to Anthony Munton, Samuel Athill, 
Rowland Burton, Francis Thwaites, and Charles Apthorpe 


Wheelwright all that plantation called Fryes for 99 years 
from the decease of George Redhead in trust, immediately 
after his decease to enter in and take possession and to pay 
to Francis Thwaites and Charles Apthorpe Wheelwright 
5 per cent, on all sums of money not exceeding £12,000, and 
to Samuel Redhead during the continuance of the trusts 
£500 a year, and amongst all younger children of George 
Redhead now born or hereafter to be born £600 a year, as 
George Redhead shall by deed appoint, and if no other 
child living than Samuel Redhead, to pay the £600 a year 
to the Ex'ors of George Redhead during the continuance of 
the trusts, and lastly they constitute and appoint John Athill 
and Robert Clogstones, both of Antigua, Esquires, their 
Attorneys. John Peale, John Inskip, Thomas Hewson, 
John Coleman, witnesses. 

Close Roll, 37 Geo. III., Part 5, No. 2. 
Indenture made the 20th July 1797 between George 
Redhead of Antigua, and of Burton House in the parish of 
Ringwood, Hants, Esq., of the one part, and Francis 
Thwaites and Charles Apthorpe Wheelwright of Buckles- 
bury, London, merchants and copartners, of the other part. 
Whereas the plantation called Fryes in the parish of St. 
Philip and division of Willoughby Bay stands limited to 
George Redhead party hereto for life, and after his decease 
to George Redhead, Esq., his eldest son, a Captain in H.M.'s 
18th Regiment of Foot, for life, and to his sons successively 
in tail male with several remainders over ; and whereas by 
Indentures made the 16th and 17th Nov. 1789, between 
George Redhead and Margaret his wife, since deceased, of 
the one part, and James Trecothick, Francis Thwaites, and 
Charles Apthorpe Wheelwright, of the other part, for the 
considerations therein mentioned a certain plantation called 
Cusacks was conveyed to the latter in trust ; and whereas 




by Articles of Agreement dated the 1st of Mny last past 
between George Redhead, party hereto, and George Redhead 
the younger, of the one part, and Francis Thwaites and 
Charles Apthorpe Wheelwi-ight, of the other part, reciting 
as before recited, and that Francis Thwaites and Charles 
Apthorpe Wheelwright had from time to time lent to George 
Redhead divers considerable sums of money, and on making 
up their account to the 30th April it appeared that the 
sum due to them was £7216 5s. Id., independently of divers 
other sums they had made themselves liable to pay, and 
reciting that George Redhead, party hereto, had requested 
them from the consignments of the produce of the said 
plantation to pay to him £60 per month, and also from 
time to time to allow for the use of his children so long as 
he should think proper the following sums, that is to say, 
for Miss Redhead £30 a year, for Miss Eliza Redhead £30 
a year, for the said George Redhead the younger £120 a 
year, for Lieut. Byam Crump Redhead £40 a year, and for 
Cusack Redhead £60 a year, and in case it should happen 
that on the 30th April 1798 the balance due to them should 
be less than £5000, then George Redhead, party hereto, 
might be at liberty to draw on them for what sum the said 
balance should be short of the £5000, provided the accounts 
of the then ensuing crop should appear to them adequate to 
the outgoings of the year, and when the debt should be 
reduced to £4000 George Redhead might be permittted to 
draw for £80 per month, to be reduced again to £60 when 
the debt should exceed £4000 ; and George Redhead had 
also requested them to discharge a debt due from him in 
respect of the said estate to the Ex'ors of Charles Kerr, Esq., 
deceased, as follows, £1000 in Oct. 1797, £1000 in Oct. 
1798, and the balance in Oct. 1799 if not more than £1000 
sterling ; and also reciting that, instead of making further 
advances, Francis Thwaites and Charles Apthorpe Wheel- 
wright had a right to retain all consignments in satisfaction of 
their debt, and that having some little time previous resolved 
to proceed against George Redhead and the mortgaged 
premises which would have materially injured him, George 
Redhead, party hereto, and George Redhead the younger, 
to induce them to desist had proposed that four-fifths of 
the crops should be consigned to them till the whole debt 
was paid, and that in the event of the death of George 
Redhead the younger they should insure the life of George 
Redhead, party hereto, for the whole amount ; and George 
Redhead the younger had consented to the consignment of the 
crop in the event of his coming into possession, but with 
such allowance made to him as is therein expressed, and he had 
proposed that when the whole debt should not exceed £3000 
he should be allowed £20 per month instead of £10 if his 
father agreed and authorized them to pay it ; and it is by 
the said Articles witnessed that George Redhead and his 
son, to effectuate the said purposes and in consideration of 
the premises, covenant to convey, etc.; and whereas in pur- 
suance of the covenant George Redhead the younger, by 
Indenture l)earing even date with these presents, has granted 
to Francis Thwaites and Charles Apthorpe Wheelwright all 
that plantation called Fryes, etc., in trust for 99 years from 
the decease of his father. Now this Indenture witnesseth 
that for confirming the said Articles of Agreement, with 
respect to the debt due to the Ex'ors of Charles Kerr and 
the other considerations Francis Thwaites and Charles 
Apthorpe Wheelwright agree to pay £1000 in October 
yearly till the said debt is paid, and to pay to George Red- 
head the younger £10 per month, to Ann Redhead the 
eldest daughter £30 a year, to Eliza Redhead £30 a year, 
to Byam Crump Redhead the second son £40 a year, and to 
Cusack Redhead the third sou £60 a year ; and George 
Redhead, party hereto, in consideration of the premises 
grants and confirms to Francis Thwaites and Charles Ap- 
thorpe Wheelwright all those plantations called Fryes and 
Cusacks ; and lastly George Redhead constitutes the Hon. 

Rowland Burton, Samuel Athill, and .lohn Athill, all of 
Antigua, Esquires, his Attorneys. Archer Brumell, Joshua 

1707, Aug. 9. Joseph Redhead, carpenter, and Thomas 
Hall, carpenter, petition that they don't own a foot of laud, 
and ask for 10 acres of waste at the Body. Joseph Red- 
head, carpenter, signs his deposition in 1710. 

1711, April 9. Joseph Redhead, carpenter, working on 
Monk's Hill, petitions for food. 

1712, May 13. Joseph Redhead is paid £640 for work 

1 Geo., June 3. Hon. William Byam of Antigua, Esq., 
Nathaniel Crump of Antigua, Esq., Francis Carlile of 
Antigua, Esq., and Archibald Cochran of Antigua, Esq., 
Ex'ors of Samuel Phillips and guardians of his children, 
lease to Joseph Redhead, carpenter, two proportions of laud 
in Parham. 

Thomas Gillyat by his will dated 8 Jan. 1714 bequeathed 
Is. to his dau. Mary Redhead. 

1722, March 8. In Chancery. William Glanville, com- 
plainant, against Joseph Redhead, defendant. 

1725, Feb. 26. The Ex'ors of Joseph Redhead are paid 
£63 c. by order of the Assembly. 

1726. Samuel Redhead then a clerk in the Registrar's 

1745, Aug. 4. William Redhead petitions for land at 
Parham ; granted. 

1748, Sep. 19. Samuel Redhead returned for Willoughby 

1785, March 15. In Bennet-str. Blackfriars-road, aged 
81, Samuel Redhead, esq. of Antigua. ('Gent. Mag.,' 
p. 237.) 

1815, April. At Pennington, Hants, the wife of George 
esq. {Ibid., p. 376.) 

Parish Register of St. John. 

1758 Oct. 8 Elizabeth the D. of NatW Redhead and 

Eliz. his wife. 

1759 July 11 Ann and Grace the D's of Nath' Redhead 

and Elizabeth his wife. 
17G0 July 23 Mary the D. of Nathaniel Redhead and 

Elizabeth liis wife. 
1763 Feb. 24 Eliz'" and [blank] twins of Nathaniel 

Redhead & his wife. 
1770 Sep. 8 Samuel the S. of Nathaniel Redhead and 

Elizabeth his wife. 
1772 Dec. 20 W™ the S. of Nath' Redhead and Eliz'' his 



1725 Mar. 17 Robert Jacobs and Sarah Redhead ; by L. 

fi-om Lieut. Gen' Mathew. 

1726 May 28 W" Garrett and Elizabeth Redhead ; by 

L. from Lieut. Geu' Mathew. 

1726 Sep. 17 Edward Monteague and Grace Redhead ; 
by L. from GoV Byam. 

1777 April 5 William Anderson to Ann Redhead. L. 

1779 Jan. 21 Thomas Payne to Mary Redhead. L. 

1784 April 26 Richard T. Shervington to Grace Red- 
head, Spinster. 

1742 Jan. 16 Ann Redhead w. of Sam' Redhead. 
1763 Feb. 25 Eliz"- Redhead (Child). 
1763 Mar. 9 Iblanic] Redhead (Child). 
1776 Aug. 26 Samuel Redhead. 






Jan. 26 Nathaniel Redhead. 
Jan. 17 Elizabeth Redhead. 
Oct. 6 Margaret Redhead. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 

Nov. 11 George S. of M'' Samuel Redhead and 

Anne his wife. 
Dec. 23 Samuel S. of M'' Samuel Redhead and 

Anne his wife. 
Jan. 31 Mary D. of M'' Samuel Redhead & Anne 

his wife. 

Parish Register of St. Peter. 

[blank] George the 8. of George Redhead & Mar- 
garet his Wife. 

Jan. 11 Mary the D. of George Redhead and 
Margaret his Wife. 

April 24 Elizabeth the D. of George Redhead and 
Margaret his Wife. 

1778 Sep. 10 Byam Crump S. of George Redhead and 
Margaret his Wife. 

1775 July 30 William Redhead. 

Parish Register of St. Philip. 

1768 Mar. 7 Samuel s. of George & Margaret Redhead. 

1769 Oct. 1 Letitia d. of George & Margaret Red- 

head ; b. March 4. 

1770 May 14 Anne d. of George & Margaret Redhead. 

1735 Feb. 16 William Redhead, Surgeon, to Frances 

Watson ; by L. 
1789 Aug. 6 Jn» Athill to Mary Redhead ; by L. 

1742 Jan. 16 Anne Wife of M"' Samuel Redhead. Buried 

in S' John's. 
1772 Dec. 25 Frances 

dfamtlp of 2^ctib)ooti, 

William Redwood of Bristol, feltmaker. Will dated 17 
Nov. 1668 ; proved 2 March 1668 by Anne Redwood the 
relict. (36 Coke.) To be buried in S' Thomas' Churck- 
yard. 20s. to the poor. To my wife my house for her life, 
then to my son W" & his heirs male ; remainder to my sons 
Isaac, Jacob, Abraham. To my son W™ Redwood £200. 
To my dau. Ann Redwood £200 at 21 & the house where 
John Dorny & Walter Thorne dwelleth in S' Thomas' street 
for the remainder of the term. My s. Isaac Redwood £200 
& the house where John Abbotts, tobacco-pipe-maker, 
liveth at 21. My dau. Sarah Redwood £200 & the house 
where John Jones liveth in the long Row in Temple parish 
adjoining John Abbotts at 21. My dau. Hester £200 at 
21. My s. Jacob £200 at 21 & the house in the greene in 
Temple street where John Milles, Tho. Curnock, & the 
widow Synderlin liveth. My son Abraham £200 at 21. 
My brother John Redwood his bond. My cousin Israel 
Lane, Michael Lane, & Mary Kelson, & her dau. Mary 
Kelson 20s. each. Arthur, Judith, & Jeane Redwood, 
children of Arthur Redwood, 20s. each. Eliz.,dau. of John 
Redwood, 20s. My wife may give to my cousin Mary, dau. 
of Richard Redwood, my little house in Redcliffe Hill in 
the holding of ... . Cornish. All residue to my wife Anne 
& Ex'trix. M"' Mathew Rogers & my kinsman Israel Lane 
overseers, & 20s. each. Witnessed by Isaac Haywood, 
Robert Langford, Israel Lane, Notary Public, Michael Lane. 

Codkil. To my son W™ & my dau. Ann each £100 

1672, Sep. 11. Robert Redwood of Bristol, deceased. 
Adm'on to Sarah Redwood the relict. (P.C.C.) 

Amy Borlase of Newton St. Loe, co. Somerset, spinster, 
by her will made 31 Oct. 1673 bequeathed to Anne Red- 
wood, dau. of Mr. William Redwood of Bristol, £50 at 21 
or marriage. (' Genealogist,' New Series, vol. i., p. 292.) 

Ann Bourne of Bristol, widow. Will dated 4 Aug. 
1692; proved 10 Nov. 1692 by Thomas Bourne the son. 
(196 Fane.) Mother Ann Redwood. Sister Sarah Red- 
wood. Son Tho. Bourne a messuage. Sisti 

Sandford, now wife of Rich'' Saiidford of Bristol, barber 
chirurgeon. Sister-in-law Eliz. Bourne. Brother Abraham 
Redwood £10. Ann, dau. of late brother W" Redwood. 
Isaac, son of late brother Isaac Redwood, £8. Quaker 
poor. To be buried near husband. Poor of Temple parish 
20s. All residue to my son Tho. Bourne & Ex'or. Mathew 
Rogers & John Hawkins overseers. Witnessed by Thomas 
Bisse, James Cooke, Jo" Gregory. 

Anne Redwood of Bristol, widow. Will dated 1 May 
1711. To my grds. W'" Hopper £50, my diamond ring, & 
silver plate marked S. P. To my grds. Jn» Hopper £5. 
To my grds. Tho. Hopper 2 gs., & to my grddrs. Anne & 
Eliz. Hopper 2 gs. ea. All res. to Onesipherus Tyndall of 
B'tol, drysalter, on T. to pay over to my dr. Anne Hopper, 
wife of Tho. Hopper, hosier. Witnessed by Henry ffane, 
Anne Peate. Sworn 17 Dec. 1717 by 0. Tyndall. Recorded 
at Bristol. 

John Avery of Bristol, plumber. Sarah Redwood £250, 
dau. of my sister- Kath. Plomer, wife of Tho. Plomer. 
Proved 1713. (18 Aston.) 

Thomas Redwood of St. James, tobacconist. Will dated 
17 May 1718. To my s. J°° Redwood my leasehold mess, 
at Stokes Croft, S' Jas. P'sh. My dr. Marg' Harbin. My 
grddr. Mary Harbin. My ten. the Three Cupps in Mount 
Str. Grds. Tho. Richards. My dr. Sarah. My grddr. 
Rachael Peake, dr. of Ju" Peake, baker, dec''. My grddr. 
Mary Paradise, wife of Geo. Paradise, farrier. My grddr. 
Marg' Redwood, dr. of my s. Tho. Redwood. My bro. W'" 
Redwood. All res. to my s. Jn° Redwood & my dr. Marg'. 
Witnessed by John Hickes, John Saunders. John Redwood 
sworn 25 May 1719. Recorded at Bristol. 

John Redwood of Bristol, tobacco rowler. Will dated 
2 Jan. 1729 ; proved 17 Feb. 1729 by Christopher Harbin. 
Wife Sarah. Neph. Tho. Richards £15 at 21, & to his bro. Jn" 
Richards, Mar', £15. Kinsman Geo. Evans my apprentice. 
My kinswoman Marg', wife of {blank']. My ten' in Broad- 
meed to kinsman Chr. Harbin. Witnessed by John Hobbs, 
Joseph Murrow, Thomas Blagden. Recorded at Bristol. 

G 2 



REDWOOD of Bristol^ 

William Redwood of St. Thomas's Parish, Bristol, feltmaker ; bur. there 27 Jan.=j=Anne .... Ex'trix .John Redwood, 
1668. Will dated 17 Nov. 1668 ; proved 2 March 1668-9. (.S6 Coke.) I 1669 ; living 1622. living 1668. 

William Red- 


Isaac Redwood, 
a minor 1668. 

Jacob Redwood, bapt. 11 May 
1662 and bur. 7 Dec. 1669 at 
St. Thomas's, Bristol. 

Anne Redwood, mar. 
. . . . Bourne. Will 
dated 4 Aug. and 
proved 10 Nov. 1692. 
(196 Fane.) 

Sarah Redwood, 

Hester Redwood, wife of Rich 
ard Sandford, Surgeon, 1692. 

William Redwood, 1st son and 
heir ; inherited one-half of 
'• Cassada Garden " Plantation 
in Antigua from his grandfather 
Jonas Langford in 1709 ; died 
31 Oct. 1712, ast. 16. 

Jonas Langford Redwood, 2nd 
son ; inherited one-fourth of 
" Cassada Garden " 1709 ; died 
27 Oct. 1724, a3t. 18,at Newport. 

Abraham Redwood of Newport,= 
later of Mendon, Mass., Esq., 
born 1710 ; owner of "Cassada 
Garden ;" founded the Red- 
wood Library at Newport 1747 ; 
died 1788. Will dated 2 Sep. 
1778; codicil 2 May 1784; 
recorded 28 Oct. 1788 at An- 
tigua. (See Appleton's ' Cyclo- 
pedia of American Biography,' 

hall of 

Mary Redwood, mar. 
1716 Daniel Law- 
rence of Flushing, 
R.I., and had issue. 

Ann Redwood, mar. 
10 June 1718 John 
Wanton of R.I.; she 
died 17 July 1742, 
set. 41 ; had eleven 

Sarah Redwood, mar. 
1st, 1 March 1721, 
Joseph Whipple, and 
had four children ; 
2ndly, 26 Sep. 1752, 
Benjamin Bagnall of 
Boston, s.p. 

Four otliers, died 

Abraham Redwood, born 8 Jan.=rSusan 
1728 ; inherited one-half of Honey- 
" Cassada Garden" from his man. 
father. Will dated 3 Sep. 1804, 
then of Queen Anne Street, 
London, Esq. Recorded 14 
Sep. 1806 at Antigua. 

Jonas Langford Red-: 
wood of Antigua, Esq., 
born 16 June 1730 ; 
died v.p. and bur. 3 
Dec. 1780, set. 50, and 
M.I. at Cassada Gar- 


William Red-=j=Sarah Mehetable^Benja- 

wood, born 1 
June 1734 ; 
died v.p. 
1781—84 at 


born 27 




Martha Redwood, 


mar. John Conrad 

only son 

Hotanguer of Rue 

and heir 

de Province, Paris, 



Abraham Redwood of Dorset Jonas Redwood of An- 

Place, Marylebone, London, 

Esq. ; inherited one-fourth of 

" Cassada Garden 

grandfather ; die* 

1838 at Brighton, aet. 74 

tigua ; 

fourth of 

from his Garden" from his 

28 July gi-andfather ; died 28 

May 1807, set. 40. 

Abraham Red- Martha Red- 
one- wood Ellery, a wood Ellery, 
minor 1781. a minor 1781. 

Richard Redwood of Bristol, mariner. Will dated 6 June 
1726 ; proved 30 Dec. 1731 by Elizabeth Davie the mother. 
(314 Isham.) To Eliz. Davie, wife of James Davie of 
Bristol, dyer, all my goods, & Ex'trix. Witnessed by Henry 
Churchman, Thomas Dando. 

Richard Redwood of Bristol, shipwright. Will dated 
16 Nov. 1736 ; proved 30 Nov. 1736. To my brother 
Abraham Redwood Is. All my estate to my wife Elizt" 
Redwood for her life, then to my son-in-law Jas. Linford. 
My wife Ex'trix. Recorded at Bristol. 

Abraham Redwood, late of Newport, State of Rhode 
Island, and Providence, now of Mendon, Worcester, and 
State of Massachusetts Bay, Esq. Will dated 2 Sep. 1778. 
To my dau. Mehetable Ellery, wife of Benj" Ellery, £3000 
St., negros, coach, chariot, chaise, horses, plate, furniture, 
house, and land in Newport bought of my brother W"" Red- 
wood, & the dwelling house on the farm at Mendon. To 
my granddau. Martha Redwood Ellery, dau. of the said 
Mehetable Ellery, the house & land purchased of Nath' 
Green of Boston iu Massachusetts Bay. To my son W™ 
Redwood my dwelling house in Newport where I lately 
lived, & in which my son Abraham now lives, & a lot of 
land in Newport of 9 acres, also my farm in Portsmouth, 
Rhode Island, with the sheep & cattle, also my farm at 

Mendon, excepting what I have given to my dau. Mehetable, 
also my library of books & clothing, & £8000 st. to be paid 
out of my plantation in Antigua called Cassava Garden, 
i.e. £4000 to be p"" him by my son Jonas Langford Redwood 
out of his share, & £4000 by my son Abraham out of his 
share. I give him also all money in the funds or bank, & 
sugar & money in the hands of Messrs. Trecothick & 
Apthorp, merchants, of London, & Messrs. Rich'' & Tho. 
Oliver, merchants, of London. To my sons Jonas Langford 
Redwood & Abraham Redwood all my plantation called 
Cassava Garden in Antigua, negros, & cattle equally between 
them. To my grandson Abraham Redwood, son of Benj" 
& Mehetable Ellery, my gold watch, chain, & seal. To the 
poor of Newport 100 Spanish silver milled dollars. All 
residue to my son W™ Redwood. Joseph Clark of Rhode 
Island & my son Abraham Ex'ors. Witnessed by William 
Ellery, David Earl, Robert Lawton. 

1st Codicil. 14 March 1781. To my brother W- Red- 
wood that portion of my estate bequeathed to my son Jonas 
Langford Redwood, now deceased, to hold until my grand- 
son Jonas Redwood, son of the said Jonas Langft" Redwood, 
be 21, then the said share of Cassava Garden to be equally 
divided between my 2 grandsons Abraham and Jonas Red- 
wood, sous of the said Jonas L. Redwood, dec', & my 
brother to pay out of the rents £100 st. yearly to my dau. 
Abigail Redwood, widow of my said son. To my grand- 
dau. Martha Redwood, dau. of Benj" & Mehetable Ellery, 



Mehetable, dau. of^Abraham Kedwood, bapt. 2 July 1665 at St. Thomas's, Bristol ;=pPatience, relict of . 

Jonas Langford of master of a London ship in the Jamaica trade ; went to Antigua 

Popeshead.Antigua, 1687 ; merchant there 1690 ; removed to Salem, Mass., 1712, 

a Quaker planter ; and seventeen years later to Newport, Rhode Island, where he 

died 1715. Istwife. died 17 Jan. 1729, set. 64. 

and dau. of Joseph Howland of 
Duxbury, Mass. ; mar. 14 Aug. 
1716 ; died 11 Dec. 1745 at New- 
port. 2nd wife. 

Patience Redwood, born in 
Salem, Mass., 24 Aug. 1719 ; 
mar. 17 April 1735 John 
Easton of Rhode Island, 
great-grandson of Governor 
John Easton; she died 1772 
in Philadelphia ; had seven 

Rebecca Redwood, born 
in Salem 24 Aug. 1719 ; 
mar. 1st, 5 April 1739, 
Dr. Walter Rodman ; 
2ndly, 31 Oct. 1754, 
Joseph Clarke, and had 
three children. 

Mehetable Redwood, born 
in Salem 16 Sep. 1722; 
mar. 13 Sep. 1739 Benja- 
min Hazzard, and had 
three children. 

Lydia Redwood, born in 
Salem 14 Dec. 1724 ; died 

Hannah =pWilliam Red- 

of New- 
1st wife. 

wood, born in 
Salem 21 Dec. 
1726 ; died 
16 Jan. 1815. 

mar. 18 
2nd wife. 

I I 
Martha Redwood, born 
1733 ; died 1734. 

Elizabeth Redwood, 
born and died 1735. 

Samuel Holmes Redwood, born 
13 Dec. 1765 ; died 20 May 
1790 at Philadelphia. 

Sarah Redwood, born 18 Dec. 
1755 ; died 14 Aug. 1847. 


Hannah Redwood, born 25 Sep. William Redwood, junior, 

1759; died 11 April 1796 at born 23 April 1778; died 

Philadelphia. 22 Nov. 1838. 

Elizabeth Redwood, born 18 July 
and died 9 Oct. 1767. 

Mary Redwood, born 18 
Nov. 1776 ; died 14 Aug. 

£700 St. at 21. To my grandson, tlieir son Abraham 
Redwood Ellery, £1000 st. at 21. To my brother W'" Red- 
wood £100 St. Of the residue, J to the sons of my late son 
Jonas L. Redwood, ^ to Mehetable Ellery, ^ to my son 
W"" Redwood, & ^ to my son Abraham Redwood. Witnessed 
by David Earl, Robert Lawton, Levi Albee. 

2nd Codicil. 24 March 1781. My brother W™ to pay 
£200 yearly to the widow of Jonas L. Redwood for the 
maintenance of children till 21, & to Abraham Redwood 
£200 a year after 21 till his brother Jonas attain that age. 

3rd Codicil. 2 May 1784. My son W-" Redwood being 
now dead the sum of £8000 is to be merged in Cassava 
Garden. My dwelling house in Newport to my dau. 
Mehetable Ellery. To my son Abraham my library & 
clothing. Of the money in the hands of merch'' in London 
^ to my brother W" in trust for my grandsons, J to my son 
Abraham, ^ to my dau. Mehetable. To Sarah, widow of 
my late son W™ Redwood, £100 st. yearly. Witnessed by 
Andrew Peters, Levi Albee, Benjamin Lincoln, jun. 
Recorded 28 Oct. 1788. 

Abraham Redwood of Queen Ann Street, co. Middlesex, 
Esq. Will dated 3 Sep. 1804. All my personal estate to 
my son Langford Redwood. All my plantation called 
Cassada Garden in Antigua to Thos. Norbury Kerby of 
Antigua, Esq., & Ambrose Weston of Feuchurch Street, 
Esq., on Trust for my son Langford Redwood & his heirs, 
charged with legacys & with £5000 for my dau. Martha, 
wife of John Conrad Hotauguer, Banker, Rue de Province, 
Paris. My 2 trustees & my said son Ex'ors. If my son 
die all my estate to my dau. Witnessed by James Bogue, 
William Todd, Fenchurch Street, London, Charles Hope, 
Featherstone Buildings, London. Sworn under £6000. 

Abraham Redwood, formerly of Queen Ann Street, Esq., 
late of Duchess Street, Portman Place, St. Marylebone, 
deceased. Adm'on to Thomas N. Kerby, Esq., power 
reserved to Langford Redwood, Esq., the son. (P.C.C.) 
Recorded 14 Sep. 1806 at Antigua. 

Close Roll, 36 Geo. III., Part 1, No. 11. 
Indenture made the 18th Jan. 1796 between Abraham 
Redwood, late of Antigua, but now of London, Esq., of the 
one part, and Francis Thwaites and Charles Apthorp Wheel- 
wright, both of Loudon, merchants, of the other part. 
Whereas Abraham Redwood, formerly of Newport in the 
County of Newport in the State of Rhode Island, and 
Providence Plantation, but late of Mendon in the County of 
Worcester and State of Massachusetts Bay, Esq., deceased 
(paternal grandfather of Abraham Redwood, party hereto), 
made his last will dated 22 Sep. 1778 (will recited), and 
afterwards died ; and whereas Abraham Redwood and Jonas 
Redwood have respectively attained to 21 ; and whereas 
several of the legacies have been paid ; and whereas Francis 
Thwaites and Charles Apthorp Wheelwright have, at the 
request of Abraham Redwood, accepted three bills of 
exchange to secure the payment thereof. This Indenture 
witnesseth that Abraham Redwood grants, etc., his share, 
etc., to Francis Thwaites and Charles Apthorp Wheelwright 
in trust, etc., and he constitutes the Flon. Thomas Norbery 
Kirby and the Hon. Rowland Burton, both of Antigua, his 

In the year 1613, Robert Redwood, a good old Puritan, 
gave his garden house on the city wall for a library ; the 
alterations were finished in 1614, and Richard Williams, 
the Vicar of St. Leonard's, was appointed as the first 


librarian ; the books were free to all citizens. This was, 
we believe, the first free libraiy ever established in England. 
(' Old and New Bristol,' p. 277.) 

1623, Aug. 13. ' Visitation of Gloucester.' Disclaymed 
at Bristoll " Kobert Redwood of Bristoll no gent." 

1654, July 12. Mountserrat. Dutch accounts. Sar' 
Eobert Redwood owes 53 lbs. of sugar. Sarj' Redwood 
owes 310 lbs. (Egerton MS. 2395, British Museum.) 

"This i" Novemb' 16G8 William Redwood Haberdativ' 
was Admitted into the Liberties of this Citty for that hee 
was ye sonn & Apprentice of William Redwoode. And hath 
taken ye Oath of Allegiance & pd. 04 06." (Burgess Roll, 
Bristol City.) 

1690. Abraham Redwood signs a petition at Antigua. 
(America and West Indies, No. 550, p. 387.) 

1699, May 22. George Gamble of Antigua, Esq., sells 
to Abraham Redwood of Antigua, merchant, 10 acres. 

1807, May 28. In his 4P* year J. L. Redwood, esq. 
late of the island of Antigua. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 593.) 

1838, July 28. At Brighton, aged 74, Abraham Red- 
wood, esq. of Dorset-place, S' Marylebone, and of Antigua. 
(Ibid., p. 341.) 

Mr. Ledeatt of Antigua inherited Cassada Garden from 
his godfather Redwood. 

A Rev. Mr. Redwood was living at Antigua circa 1863. 

Redwood Family. A detailed genealogical account of the 
Redwood family, formerly of Bristol, who settled in America 
in the last century, may be found in the first number of the 
'Newport Historical Magazine' (July, 1880), issued by the 
Historical Publishing Company, Newport, Rhode Island, 
U.S.A. [For a copy of a portion of this the Author is 
indebted to Mr. Richard Bliss, Librarian of tlie Newport 

Parish Register of St. Johk. 
1729 Mar. 24 Richard Redwood and Eliz'' White. 
1738 Aug. 31 

John Hawes & Elizabeth Redwood. 

1694 May 13 Georg Redwood, carpenter of the Falcon 
ship of Bristol. Richard Redwood, 



















1659 April 17 

1662 May 11 

1663 May 31 
1665 July 2 

1653 May 
















John s. of Alex'' Ellery. 
Cap' Rich. Redwood from Bristoll. 
John Ellery. 
William Ellary, a child. 
Jonas Langford Redwood. 
Norman Langford Redwood. S' John's. 

St. Thomas, Bristol. 

Arthur s. of Arthur Redwood baptised. 
Jacob the s. of William Redwood. 
Joane d. of Arthur Redwood. 
Abraham s. of W'^ Redwood. 

Arthur Redwood and Judeth Marten. 

John s. of John Redwood. 
William Redwood. 
Jane d. of Judith Redwood. 
Jacob s. of y'^ widd. Redwood. 
Judeth d. of widd. Redwood. 

Cassada Garden. 
At the private burial-ground, close to the present shoot- 
ing butts. 

On a white marble ledger : — 

Sacred to the Memory 



Who departed this life the 3'' day of 

December 1780 

Aged 50 Years. 

There is a smaller vault near the above, but without any 
ledger or M.I. 

In 1852 " Cassada Garden " in St. John's Parish con- 
tained 599 acres, and was owned by the heirs of J. L. L. 

JOHN RICHARDSON of Parham, Antigua; granted 100 acres in 1679. 
Will dated 20 Oct. 1705. 

John Richardson of " Barnes " in North Sound, only son and heir. Will dated 
1731 : sworn 15 Feb. 1734-5. 

■Sep.=j=Margaret . . . 
I Ex'trix 1731. 

Elijah Richard-=r 
son, ob. v.p. 

I I 
Zephaniah Richardson, 
living 1731. 

John Richardson of St. 
Martin's 1731. 

Anna Rich- 

Arthur Wil- 
liams, junior, 
planter. Will 
dated 3 March 

.... Blizard,: 

dead 1724. 

John Richardson,=j=Amelia, dau.of Jacob 
heir to his grand- 
father in 1731 ; 
a physician 1744 ; 
Ex'or 1756 to 
Arthur Williams. 

Thibou, bapt. 28 
Dec. 1728 ; mar. 
April 1744 and bur. 
30 June 1759 at St. 

son, liv- 
ing 1731. 

Catherine Williams, 
bapt. 23 Jan. 1714 

at St. John's; named 
in the will of her 
grandfather John 
Richardson 1731. 

Rebeckah Williams, 
named in the will 
of her grandfather 
John Richardson ; 
dead 1731. 

Margaret =r John Ellyatt. 
Richard- I Will dated 14 
son. July 1733. 

I 2nd husband. 

Frances Blizard, mar. 
5 March 1734 John 
Ellyatt ; named in the 
will of her grandfather 
John Richardson 1731. 

Elizabeth Richardson, named in Dorothy Halsal Richardson, bapt. 24 Feb. 1744 at St. George's ; 
the will of W. H. Doig 1765. named 'in the will of W. H. Doig 1765 ; bur. 26 Sep. 181G. 

Amelia Richardson, 
bur. 3 Nov. 1753. 



John Richardson of Parbam Town. Will dated 20 Oct. 
1705. To my son Jn" Richardson all my estate. Appoint 
Col. W» Codrington, M'' Sam. Philips, & W» Glaavile 
Ex'ors. Witnessed by Thomas Blake, John King, William 
Balfour. (See Goble Pedigree.) 

The following portion of a will has no name of testator 
attached to it : — 

John [blank] Will dated 7 Sep. 1731. My wife Marg' 
Richardson. My late son Elijah Richardson. My grand- 
son John. To my said wife a horse. I formerly gave to 
my granddau. Rebeccah Williams, deceased, a heifer, now in 
the possession of my granddau. Cath. Williams. To my 
son Zephaniah Richardson 19 acres he now holds of my 
plantation called " Barnes " in North Sound Div° to hold 
for life, he paying to my grandson Ju° Richardson .... 
To my dan. Marg* Elliott £100 c. To my granddau. 

Frances Blizard, dau. of my dau Elliott a £30 negro. 

To my granddau. Cath. Williams maintenance. To my 
granddau. Eliz"" Richardson, dau. of my son Elijah Richard- 
son, 3 negros. To my son John Richardson in the island 
of S' Martin's my gold-headed cane. £15 to be laid out to 
wall in a burial-place on my plantation 50 feet squai-e. 
All residue to my grandson John, son of Elijah Richardson, 
dec''. My wife Marg', Hon. Edw" Byam, & my son 
Zephaniah Ex'ors. Witnessed by Arthur Williams, Joseph 
Gillyatt, George Jennings. Before Hon. Edward Byam was 
sworn Joseph Gillyatt 15 Feb. 1734-5. Recorded 25 Feb. 

Close Roll, 4 Geo. IV., Part 18, No. 17. 
Indenture made the 11th August 1823 between John 
Young of Brock Street, Bath, Esq., and Jane his wife, of 
the 1st part, Eliza Gumbes Bradshaw, formerly of Antigua, 
but now residing in the Colony of Trinidad, widow (only 
child and heiress-ac-law of Finances Bishop Richardson, late 
of Antigua, widow, deceased), of the 2nd part, and John 
Cornelius Gibbs of Antigua, Esq., and John Halloran of 
Antigua, Gentleman, of the 3rd part. Whereas John Young 
and Jane his wife did in 1802 contract with Frances 
Bishop Richardson for the sale to her and her heirs of the 
fee simple of the messuage hereinafter mentioned for the 
price of £400 currency or £200 sterling ; and whereas the 
said sum was shortly after paid to Thomas Norbury Kerby, 
late of Antigua, but now deceased, Esq., Attorney of John 
and Jane Young ; and whereas John Young and Jane his 
wife did in a certain deed duly executed, dated in Oct. 
1805, grant and confirm to the said late Frances Bishop 
Richardson the said piece of land ; and whereas the said 
deed having been omitted to be duly stampt has been 
rendered of no effect in Antigua ; and whereas Frances 
Bishop Richardson died in 1809, leaving Eliza Gumbes 
Bradshaw her only child and heiress-at-law, who is now 
entitled to the fee simple and inheritance ; and whereas she 
hath applied to John Young and Jane his wife to execute a 
valid conveyance. Now therefore this Indenture witnesseth. 
that in consideration of the £400 currency paid John Young 
and Jane his wife grant and confirm to Eliza Gumbes 
Bradshaw all that piece of land in High Street, in the 
town of St. John in Antigua, containing in length from E. 
to W. 38 feet, in breadth from N. to S. 76 feet 8 inches, 
bounded E. by lands formerly of Langford Lovell and Ann 
his wife, but late of George Green, deceased, and now in 
the possession of Rachel Rose, spinster, to whom the same 
was bequeathed by the will of George Green, W. with lands 
formerly of John and Jane Young, but now of the Hon. 
Samuel Warner, N. with High Street, and S. with Long 

Street, together with the dwelUng house standing thereon 
to Eliza Gumbes Bradshaw and her heirs and assigns for 
ever ; and John Young and Jane his wife appoint, etc., 
John Cornelius Gibbes and John Halloran to be their 
Attorneys. John Maule, witness. 

1672. For an account of William Richardson, merchant, 
see under Rodney. 

1679, March 18. John Richardson granted 100 acres 
by Jeremiah Watkins ; surveyed 7 Dec. 1679. 

1724. John Richardson then President of Nevis. 

1748-9, Feb. 3. John Richardson to be of the Council 
of Nevis. 

1808, Nov. 9. At Bath, Major-general Richardson, to 
Mrs. Scott, widow of the late David Scott esq. of the island 
of Antigua. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 1039.) 

1828, May 29. Col. J. F. Browne, Bristol, 28th Reg., 
to Grace, relict of the late Hon. John Richardson, of the 
Island of Nevis. (Ibid., p. 640.) 





Parish Recukter of St. John. 

April 13 Zacchariah Richardson and Eliz" Hodge; 
by L. 

A.iig. ■ 7 George Trant and Jane Richardson ; by 
Banns published. 

Sep. 2 Alexander Richardson and Sarah Patter- 
son ; by L. 

Nov. 24 Caesar Roach & Elizabeth Richardson ; 

Nov. 24 Samuel Jones & Sarah Richardson ; by L. 

Dec. 6 Stephen Richardson & Margaret Welch ; 
by B. p. 

Oct. 24 Thomas Richardson and Sarah Reynolds. 

April — Doctor Joim Richardson & Amelia Thibou. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 
1776 [blank] John Richardson (planter) to Elizabeth 
Knewstub, Spinster ; by L. 

1830 Dec. 3 William Richardson, Major 86 Reg. 
Ridge. 42. 

Parish Register of St. George. 
1744 Feb. (24?) Dorothy Halsal the D. of John Richard- 
son and AmiHa his wife. 


1743 Jan. 25 Mary the D. of Tho» Richardson and Mary 
his wife. 

1753 Nov. 3 Amelia Richardson D. of Doc* Richardson 
& Amelia his wife buried in the Plan- 
tation by Licence from the Hon. Andrew 
Lesly, Ordinary. W. Topham, Cler. 

1759 June 30 Amelia the Wife of D"' Jn" Richardson. 

1816 Sep. 26 Dorothy Hazael Richardson ; in the 
Family Burying Ground at High Point. 

1818 Oct. 30 Amelia Richardson, from Town ; in the 
Family Burying place at High Point. 

Parish Register of St. Philip. 
1771 Nov. 26 William Richardson, Esq., & Margaret 
Lavicount, Spr. 



JAMES ROACH of Antigua had 20 acres in 1678. 

Major John Roach of St. John's Parish, Antigua,^Mary, dau. of William Halliday, mar. 6 May 1708 ; 
bur. 24 May 1729. Will dated 20 Feb. 1728-9 ; I living 1729; named in the will of her sister Mrs. 
sworn 31 March 1729. Elizabeth Yeamans 1750. 

Jane Cooper, mar. 27 May=pJohn Roach, 
1780 at St. Paul's ; bur. I bapt. 24 
there 27 Dec. 1734. 1st | Sep. 1713. 

Sarah Caesar Roach, bapt. 14 Jan.=pElizabeth 


1719; heir to his aunt Mrs. 
Elizabeth Yeamans 1750 ; 
Ex'or 1762 to Mrs. Rachel 

mar. 24 Nov. 

George Roach, bap. 3 April 
1723 ; bur. 4 Feb. 1724. 

Katherine Roach, bapt. 18 
Dec. 1715. 

John Roach, bapt. 3 Aug.=pMary , 
1735. I 

George Roach, bapt. 24 Feb. 1736 and Cfesar Roach, bapt. 21 June and bur. 
bur. 31 May 1737. 10 July 1738. 

John Roach=rMargaret .... died 3 Dec. 1840, set. 70. M.I. Sarah Gylliat Roach, bapt. 11 March 1764 at St. George's. 

Franzes Eliza Roach, born 8 Oct. Sarah Roach, born 3 Oct. 1792 ; Catherine Roach, born 7 Mav 1801, bapt. 9 March 
1788; bapt. 2 Dec. 1789. bapt. 20 Oct. 1793. 1803 ; bur. 2 June 1827, set. 26. 

John Roach, Gent. Will dated 20 Feb. 1728-9. To 
my sister Mary £10 c. yearly. To my son John my pair of 
silver trumpets, my diamond ring, large gold snufF box, 
gold seal with coat of arms, pair of gold shoe buckles. All 
to my sons John & Cffisar equally. W™ Yeamans, 
Ashton Warner, Tho. Kerby, Rich* Sherwood Ex'ors. 
Joan Lodge. 

Codicil. To my wife her gold snuff box & pocket case. 
Before Edward Byam, Esq., was sworn Joan Lodge 31 
March 1729. 

Elizabeth Yeamans, by her will which was sworn 31 Aug. 
1750, bequeathed all residue of her estate to her nephew 
Csesar Roach, son of her sister Mary Roach. 

1678. James Roach, 20 acres by Colonel James 
Vaughan ; surveyed 15 Nov. 

1711, May 22. John Roach of Antigua, Gent., and 
Mary his wife sell two negros to William Yeamans. 

1711, May 22. Geoi'ge Roch of Pensilvania, now of 
Antigua, merchant, releases all claim to William Glanvill of 
Antigua, mei-chant, to three proportions of land in St. 
John's Town, and with Csesar Rodney of Antigua, merchant, 
gives bond for £1500. 

Parish Register of St. John. 

1702-3 Mar. 25 

1704 \_blmjlc] 

1713 Sep. 24 

1715 Dec. 18 

1717 Dec. 22 

1719 Jan. 14 

1723 April 3 

1735 Aug. 3 

1736 Feb. 24 

1738 June 21 

1741 Nov. 3 

1789 Dec. 2 

Rachel d. of George Roache & Penelope 

his wife. 
George s. of & Lydia d. of Thomas Roache 

& Lydia his wife. 
John s. of John Roach & Mary his wife. 
Katherine d. of John Roach & Mary his 

Ann D. of . . . . Roach & Ann his wife. 
Casar s. of John Roach & Mary his wife. 
George s. of John Roach & Mary his wife. 
John 8. of John Roach & Sarah his wife. 
George the s. of John Roach and Sarah 

his wife. 
Csesar y« s. of John Roach & Sarah his 

William the s. of William Roach and 

Catherine his wife. 
Frances Eliza D. of John Roach and 

Margaret his wife. B. 8*" October 


1793 Oct. 20 Sarah D. of John Roach and Margaret 
his wife. B. the 3"^ October 1792. 

1803 Mar. 9 Catherine D. of John Roach and Margaret 
his wife ; b. 7"' May 1801. 

1702 \_blank'] Anthony Moutero & Eliz. Roche. 
1708 May 6 John Roach & Mary Holliday. 
1732 Jan. 4 John Barnes and Ann Roach. L. 
1739 Nov. 24 Cffisar Roach & Elizabeth Richardson. L. 

Rachel Rooch, Widdow. 

Katherine Roach. 

Robert Roach of the Eliz. Com'' Geo. 

Lewis Roach. 

George s. of John Roach. 

Maj'' .John Roach of this Parish. 

Thomas Roach. 

George s. of John Roach. 

Jane y' wife of John Roach. 

Cffisar y= s. of John Roach. 

John Roach. 

George Roch. 

Catherine Roach. S' John's. 26. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 


1730 May 27 John Roche & Jane Cooper ; by Banns. 

1734 Dec. 27 Jane W. of John Roach. 

Parish Register of St. George. 
1764 Mar. 11 Sarah Gylliat the D. of John Roach & 
Mary his wife. 


Mar. 18 


Dec. 22 

1717-18 Mar. 20 


Oct. 11 


Feb. 4 


Mav 24 


Jan. 1 


May 31 


April 11 


July 10 


May 23 


Nov. 17 


June 2 

St. John's Churchyard. 
On a brass plate on a tomb within lofty railings : — 

Sacrea to tljr iWrmori? | of MARGARET ROACH | 


70 YEARS I ALSO OF I ANN HESTER | His Moved wife 
(three lines follow) departed this life on the | 16 Aug'' 
1841 Aged 46 Years. (Six lines follow.) 


Arms. — Or, three eagles displayed purpure. 

SIR JOHN RODNEY, Knt., died 18 Hen. VIII. Sixteenth in=f= 

descent from Walter Rodeney who lived temp. Stephen. 

Cxeorge Rodney, 2nd son ; owned the 
CO. Somerset ; died 1580, set. 80. 

of " Ovev-Badgeworth " and " Congi-esbury,' 

Sir John Rodney, Knt., son and heir, born 1549 at Stoke ; matriculated from=rJane, dau. of Sir Henry Seymour, brother 
Christ Church, Oxford, 1568, set. 18 ; High Sheriff; M.P. ; knighted 1 Jac. ; of Edward, Duke of Somerset ; living 
died 1G12. 1595. 

William Rodney, 3rd son ; named in the Visitation of Somerset 1623= 

dau. of Sir Thomas Csesar,* Knt. 

Caesar Rodney of Bristol, merchant=pSarah 

Alice Rod- 

Csesar Rodney of " Rodney^j 

=Lydia More, 

Frances, dau. and= 

ney, bapt. 

Stoak," Antigua, Gent., 

mar. 10 July 

heir of Stephen 

8 April 

Captain of Militia ; Agent 

1701 at St. 

Mall of Nevis, and 

1666 at 

at Nevis for his brother 

John's; bur. 

relict of William 


1672; Provost - Marshal 

there 15 

Richardson of 


1679—82; granted 213 

June 1723. 

Nevis, merchant ; 


acres in 1 680 ; Speaker of 

latter living 1666. 

Antigua 1684. 

1st wife. 


=Captain John Rodney of=r Ann Two younger 

Nevis 1668 ; Officer in .... brothers of 

the Guards 1659—66 ; 2nd John and 

Lieut, in Bridge's Regi- wife. Cfesar at 
ment 1666 ; Captain Nevis circa 

1668—71 ; Member of 1672. 

Council of St. Christo- 
pher's 1689; later of 

Lydia Rodney, bapt. Dorothy Rod- 

1706 at St. John's ; ney, bur. 27 

mar. there, 26 Jan. Feb. 1708 at 

1722, Edward Traut. St. John's. 

Alice Rodney, bapt. 21 Oct. 
1708 at St. John's; mar. 
there, 12 Feb. 1722, John 
Panton (? brother of Chris- 
tina, wife of George Dewar, 
Esq., of St. Kitts). 

Grace Rodney, bapt. 
21 Feb. 1710 at St. 
John's ; bur. 13 
June 1712. 


Csesar Rodney 
of St. John's 
Town, Gent., 
1731 ; quitted John'i 
the Island Aug. 
1737 in debt. 

bur. 4 Feb. 
1690 at St. 

* He was born 1561, became a Baron of the Exchequer and was kni{?hted IGIO ; mar. 3rdly in 1592, at Stepney, Susan, dau. of Sir 
William Ryther, Knt., and Alderman of London, by whom he had three sons and five daughters. His burial is thus entered in the Parish 
Register of St. Helen's, Bishopsprate : — " 1610, July 18. Sir Thomas Csesar, Kt., one of the Barons of the King's Ma'ties Exchequer ; died 
the same day in his house in Chancery Lane." ('The Annals of St. Helen's, Bishopsgate,' by Rev. J. E. Cox, D.D.) 

List of stock and goods left by John Rodney upon his 
plantation in Nevis in 1668, made by him by direction of 
the Secretary of the Council for Plantations, viz., 33 negros 
and Indians, great and small ; 4 white servants ; 9 cattle ; 
2 sugar mills ; 7 coppers, with stills, coolers, and other 
necessaries, besides house and near 100 acres of canes, all 
fit to make sugar within one year after Cole had possession. 

1671. Lieutenant John Rodney, now a captain in Sir 
Tobias Bridge's Regiment, went over lieutenant, was made 
captain in 1668, left those parts 11th June same year, and 
desires a lieutenant's place. In 1666 His Majesty sent 
forces to Barbadoes under Sir Tobias Bridge, when Captain 
Rodney quitted the Guards, where he had served seven 
years under Sir P. Howard, to go lieutenant to Major 
Andros, but fifteen months after had a commission for a 
company of foot, which he kept till the regiment was dis- 
in July 1671. 


1672, Nov. Petition of John Rodney and Frances his 
wife to the King. That Stephen Mall, deceased, was seised 
of an estate in Nevis worth £500 per annum ; petitioner 
Frances, his daughter & heir, married Wm. Richardson, 
merchant, deceased, who had some small dealings with Tho. 
Cole ; that after said Richardson's death petitioners inter- 
married, & some time after returned for England. In their 
absence said Cole, pretending Richardson to be indebted 
in 60,000 weight of sugar (about £300), James Russell, then 
Governor, & his intimate friend, caused some proceedings 
to be had against said Richardson (according to some 
pretended law in that island), & said plantation to be sold 
by outcry, at which Cole was admitted to buy the same for 
60,000 weight of sugar, etc., etc. 

1672, Nov. 30. Sir James Russell vrrites from Bristol 
that Captain Rodney had no injury done him, unless by his 
profuse and idle brother and agent CiEsar Rodney. 



1673, April 21. Sir James Russell says that Rodney 
sent his brother as agent, who, with two younger brothers, 
ruined his estate. This business was still under discussion 
in Feb. 1674. Ricliardson was in possession in 1666. 
(Colonial Calendar, America and West Indies.) 

1678. Nevis. Caesar Rodney. 6 white men and 1 
woman ; 3 negi-os. 

1678, Antigua. Thomas Poole, mason, sells to Mr. 
Caesar Roedney of Nevis, Gent., 40 acres in the Road 

1679, Sep. 1. Cffisar Rodeney signs papers as Provost 
Marshal. (Colonial Leeward Islands, 48.) 

1680, Oct. 17. Cfesar Rodney granted a patent for 213 
acres by Sir W. Stapleton. 

1680 and 1689. John Rodeney signs as a member of 
the Council of St. Christopher's. {Ibid., Colonial Entry 
Book, 46, and America and West Indies, No. 550, p. 68.) 

1682; Nevis. Csesar Rodeney then Marshal. 

1684, March 27. Captain Cassar Rodney and Mr. John 
Sampson granted a patent for 200 acres called Rodney 
Steak. The former was one of the gentlemen of St. Mary's 

1684, Sep. 30. Caesar Rodeney returned to the Assembly 
for the Road Division ; was at the same time chosen 
Speaker vice Captain John Yeamans. 

1711, June 14. Caesar Rodney and others owners of 
the Virgin Queen. 

1731. Caesar Rodeney, Gent., two proportions of land 
in St. John's Town : surveyed. 

Parish Register of St. John. 


1706 .... 6 Lydia D. of Caesar Rodney & Lydia his 

1708 Oct. 21 Alice D. of Caesar Rodney & Lydia his 

1710 Feb. 21 Grace y' d. of C^sar Rodney & Lydia his 

1701 July 10 Caezar Radney & Leadiatt More, Spinster. 
1722 Jan. 26 Edward Trant and Lydia Rodeney. L. 

1722 Feb. 12 John Panton and Alice Rodeney. L. 

1690 Feb. 4 John the s. of Cap'" Jn° Radney & Ann 

his wife. 
1708 Feb. 27 Dorothy D. of Cffisar Rodeney & Lydia 

his wife. 
1712 June 13 Grace Rodeney. 

1723 June 15 M" Lydia Rodeney. 

Christ Church, Bristol. 
1666 April 8 Alee the daughter of Cesar Rodney by his 
wife Sarah was baptised. [Several 
children of Mr. Wm. Rodney were 
baptised about the same time at another 
city church, viz., St. John's.] 

^Sttiitjrw of 3^onaiu 

PHILIP RONAN, Trustee for the Crabb Family 1727 ; of St. John's—. 
Division 1753 ; dead 1759. : 

John Ronan, senior, of St.=rTryphany, dan. of Henry 

John's Division 1753. 
Will dated 26 Nov. 1765 ; 
sworn 5 March 1766. 

Nibbs ; a minor 1741. 
Will dated 5 Sep., then 
of Parham, sworn 17 Oct. 

Philip Ronan, junior, of 
St. John's Division 1753 ; 
named in his brother 
John's will 1765. 

John Ronan, junior, Ex'or to his pareots 1766 and 1789 ; 
Assembly for Belfast 1774, 1781, 1788, 1801, 1807, 1810. 

Ann Ronan, 

Margaret Ronan, 

Member of=rHester, dau. of Mrs. Mary Collins ; mar. 4 March 
1771 at St. Philip's ; living 1789. 

John Collins Ronan, bapt. 7 Oct. 1773 at 
St. Philip's. (? joined in the purchase 
in 1806 of Robert Burnthorn's estate 
for £33,000 c.) Living 1810. 

Nicholas Ronan, named 
in the will of his gi-and- 
mother Mrs. Collins 
1782 ; living 1789. 

Christopher Ronan, 
living 1789. 

Tryphena Ronan, living 
1789 ; goddaughter of 
Patience Freeman 1798. 

John Ronan, carpenter. Will dated 20 Nov. 1765. 
To my sister Ann Ronan a negro. All residue to my wife 
Tryphany Ronan & my s. John Ronan. My wife during 
her widowhood & Hon. Steph. Blizard, Esq., Guardians of 
my son. My brother Philip Ronan, Geo. Hurst, & Jas. 
Bridges, planters, Ex'ors. Witnessed by John Burton, 
Nathaniel Gilbert. Before Governor George Thomas was 
sworn John Burton 5 March 1766. Recorded 10 March 

Tryphena Ronan of Parham. Will dated 5 Sep. 1789. 
All my houses in S' John's Town & lime kiln, furniture, 
plat«, & stock to Hon. Tho. Norbury Kerby, Jos. Lyons 
Walrond, Isaac Eccleston, & John Burke, Esq^S in Trust 
to sell. Wooden legged Jack & Rose to be free & £10 c. 

yearly apiece. All my slaves to my trustees for my 
grdchildren John, Nich., Chr., & Tryphena Ronan at 21. 
My house in Parham & certain slaves & all residue for my 
son John Ronan, but if liable for his debts to his wife & 
children, & after his death for my grds. John Ronan. 
Trustees to be E.x'ors. Witnessed by Grace Hasloin, George 
Crump, Nathaniel Crump. Before Hon. John Nugent, 
Commander-in-Chief, was sworn George Crump of Antigua, 
Esq., 17 Oct. 1789. Recorded 20 Oct. 1789. 

Close Roll, 45 Geo. III., Part 27, No. 12. 
Indenture made the 29th March 1805 between Robert 
Burnthorn of Antigua, Esq., and Abigail, now residing in 
Middlesex, his wife, of the Ist part, Abigail of Antigua, a 



negro girl slave, of the 2nd part, and Anne Goolsby of 
Antigua, widow, a trustee on behalf of the said negro girl 
slave, of the 3rd part. Whereas Robert Burnthorn and 
Abigail his wife are now seised of the said Abigail in their 
demesne as of fee in right of Abigail Burnthorn, and it has 
been agreed between Robert Burnthorn, with the consent of 
his wife, and Anne Goolsby that in consideration of £66 
currency to be paid by Anne Goolsby to Robert Burnthorn, 
they shall manumit the said Abigail and also all her present 
and future issue. Now this Indenture witnesseth that in 
consideration of £66 Robert Burnthorn and Abigail his 
wife manumit, etc., and they appoint William Burnthorn, 
Esq., and John Harris, Esq., now resident in Antigua, their 
Attorneys. Margaret Eales, Eleanor Montague, witnesses. 

Close Roll, 50 Geo. III., Part 26, Nos. 8 and 9. 

Indenture made the 15th Feb. 1810 between Robert 
Burnthorn,* late of Antigua, but now or late of the colony 
of Demerara, Esq. (by Emanuel Lousada of London, 
merchant, his Attorney appointed by Peed Poll dated the 
24th .July last past, and duly recorded in Antigua), and 
Abigail Burnthorn his wife, now residing in New North 
Street, Red Lion Square, Middlese-x, of the one part, and 
Robert Hyndman of Antigua, merchant, of the other part ; 
witnesseth that in consideration of 10s. Robert Burnthorn 
and Abigail his wife convey to Robert Hyndman all that 
plantation containing 207 acres, 3 r., and 7 p., in the parish 
of St. Philip and the divisions Nonsuch and Willoughby 
Bay in Antigua, bounded E. by the lands of or in the 
possession of Samuel Byam Athill and the lands heretofore 
of Thomas Elmes, deceased, but now in the possession of 
Thomas Rogers and others, N. by the lands of Thomas 
Duberry Harman and the lands now or late of Samuel 
Harman, W. by the lands of John Lyons, and S. by the 
lands of the said Samuel Byam Athill and the sea of 
Willoughby Bay, and the following slaves (names given), 49 
males and 58 females, being the slaves which were on the 
plantation on the 1st Aug. 1806, or such as are now in 
existence, and 4 bulls, 4 oxen, cows, 2 calves, 2 horses, 1 
mule, and 7 asses, being the stock on the plantation at the 
said date, for one whole year, and Robert Burnthorn and 
Abigail his wife constitute Thomas Hyndman and Thomas 
Saundersou of Antigua, merchants, their Attorneys. Tho- 
mas Street, Philpot Lane, London, George Frederick Street, 
same place, witnesses. 

No. 8. 

Indenture made the 16th Feb. 1810 as above. Whereas 
Robert Burnthorn is seised in his demesne as of fee in 
certain lands, etc., in Antigua, and on the 1st Aug. 1806 
did agree to sell them to John Ronan the younger and 
Richard Garland of Antigua, Esq., for the price of £33,000 
currency, and John Ronan and Richard Garland in pursuance 
of the agreement were then let into the possession and still 
continue in the possession chereof ; and whereas the said 
lands, etc., are encumbered by mortgages in several consider- 
able sums, amounting to or nearly to their value, and no 
part of the principal of the purchase hath been paid, nor 
hath any part of tlie moneys due on the mortgages been 
paid by John Ronan and Richard Garland or either of 
them. Now therefore this Indenture witnesseth that for 
the pm-pose of conveying and assuring the said lands to 
John Ronan and Richard Garland, in case the £33,000 
currency with interest at 6 per cent, from the 1st Aug. 
1806 shall be fully paid or duly accounted for, and if not 
for the intent and purpose of providing a fund for the 
payment of the mortgages by the sale of the lands, and in 

* He married at St. John's, 6 May 1795, Abigail Goolsby, widow. 
William Burnthorn married Margaret Burton (baptized 1782), dau. 
of John Burton, Esq. 

consideration of 10s., and also in consideration of £250 
sterling, Robert Burnthorn and Abigail his wife convey to 
Robert Hyndman all that plantation (as in No. 9) to the 
use of John Ronan and Richard Garland if they pay, and 
to pay the moneys arising from the same to the discharge of 
a mortgage made by Robert Burnthorn on the 18th Dec. 
1802 to James Donovan, for the payment of £10,000 
currency, and a mortgage of the said premises made by 
Robert Burnthorn to Daniel Sharry on the 29th April 1809 
for £5000 currency, and a mortgage made by Robert Burn- 
thorn the 30th April 1805 for £6320 sterhng to Warwick 
Pearson and Robert Hyndman, and a mortgage made the 
nth April 1799 by John Elliott the elder and Catharine 
his wife unto John Duberry, deceased, affecting and being 
an encumbrance on part of the plantation for securing the 
payment of £6000 currency, upon which mortgage is only 
now due £2000 or thereabouts with interest, and upon trust 
to pay any surplus to Robert Burnthorn and his Ex'ors, but 
if the said purchase money shall not be paid or accounted 
for in trust to sell the- said lands, etc., and to apply the 
moneys as before. 

Parish Register of St. John. 

1827 Sep. 27 James Thompson the s. of John Joseph 

& Elizabeth Ann Ronan. S' John's. 

1700 Feb. 12 William Boone & Mary Ronan ; by Lye. 
1754 Feb. 14 Joseph Ronan and Jane Weeks, Widow. 
1802 April 22 James Farley to Sarah Ronan, Spr. 

lllb Feb. 27 Jane Ronan. 

1828 Jan. 4 James Thompson Ronan, infant. 

1829 May 31 Clement Ronan. 17. 

Parish Recuster of St. George. 
1781 Jan. 30 Mary Ronan, an Infant. 

Parish Register of St. Philip. 




Oct. 7 

April 8 
Mar. 4 

John Collins Ronan. 
Iblank'] Ronan \_blank'] Ronan. 

Peter Lavicount to Sarah Ronan. 
John Ronan & Hesther Collins. 

1844 Aug. 8 John N. Ronan. Parham. Infant. 

Parish Register of St. Peter. 
1771 Jan. 1 Sarah the D. of Joseph Ronan & Eliza- 
beth his wife. 
1834 Feb. 3 George Richard White of S' Peter's, 
planter, & Tryphena Ronan of S' John's, 

1824 Feb. 3 John Ronan, Junior, from Parham, in 
Church Yard. 

St. John's Churchyard. 
On a white marble flat-stone : — 

APRIL 2'"' 1850 I AGED 62 YEARS. 

To the memory of | William Ronan [remainder illegible]. 
H 2 




John Eose of New North Sound, 
merchant. Will dated 11 Aug. and proved 
8 Nov. 1711. (244 Young.) 

I I 

Edward Rose, Elizabeth Rose, mar. Richard 

in 1720 heir- Staples of Wapping ; both 

at-law. living 1720. 

Mary Rose, mar. .John 
Stubbs of Nottingham ; 
both living 1720. 

. . (?lst=pJohn Ireland of St. John's^pRebecca Bacon, mar. 15 Feb. 1753-4= 
wife, and bur. 3 April • Town 1753, Gent. (? bur. at St. John's. Will dated 23 Oct. 
1752 at St. John's). ■ there 27 Sep. 1797). and sworn 2 Nov. 1787. 2nd wife. 

Henrietta Fitzgerald, widow, 
mar. 7 March 1789 and bur. 
2 Oct. 1799 at St. John's. 
(? 3rd wife.) 

John Rose of Antigua, merchant,=j= Alice Ireland, bur. 

Provost-Marshal General, 
living 1787. 

14 Feb. ; 

(8G at St. 

Rachel Ireland,=pCharles Winstone of Antigua, Esq., entered 

living 1787. I Gray's Inn 13 Aug. 1765; Solicitor-General 

I of the Leeward Islands 1781. 

John Ireland Rose,=pElizabeth Rose, mar. 
bapt. 7 June 1765 30 March 1787 at 
at St. John's. St. John's. 

Thomas Winston Rose, 
bapt. 26 Feb. 1768 at 
St. John's. 

Rev. Daniel Warner Rose, born 15 Jan.=pAna 

1769 and bapt. 7 Nov. 1770 at St. 

John's ; educated at the Charterhouse 
and Jesus College, Cambridge. 

Stephen Green 
Rose, bapt. 26 
Aug. 1789 at 
St. John's. 

John Rose, born= 
12 Feb. and bapt. 
17 March 1798 ; 
died 19 Aug. 
1838. M.I. at 
St. John's. 

Seven children. 

I I I 

William Rose, born 10 Feb. and Charlotte Rose, born 

bapt. 3 March 1805 atSt. John's. 10 and bapt. 24 June 

— 1801 ; mar. 14 May 

Alice Eliza Rose, born 11 June 1818 Hon. Mead 

and bapt. 29 Aug. 1792 ; mar. Home Daniell ; she 

6 Sep. 1810, at St. John's, died 28 Jan. 1839, 

John Brook Donaldson. jet. 38 ; he died 6 
Sep. 1852, ffit. 73. 

Winston Eliza Rose, 
born 13 Nov. 1802 ; 
died 25 Aug. 1806. 
M.I. at St. Luqea 
Churchyard, Han- 
over Parish, Jamaica. 

John Rose of Antegoa, merchant. Will dated 1 1 Aug., 
proved 8 Nov. 1711 by Richard Staples ; power reserved to 
the others. (244 Young.) To my loving brother Edward 
Rose, & my sister Mary Rose of Nottingham, & to my 
brother-in-law Rich'' Staples of Wapping, & to their familys 
all my estate real & personal. EdW Perrie, Esq., Tho. 
Kerby, & my brother Rich-i Staples, & M'' Edw" Chester, 
jun., all of Antigua, except Staples, Ex'ors, & they are to 
discharge my debt to M"' John Hill, late of London, 
deceased. My dear friend M'' Hopefor Bendall to aid my 
Ex'ors, & a suit of mourning. Witnessed by Daniel 
Mackinen, George Forrest, Eleazr. Allen. 

Rebecca Ireland, wife of John Ireland of Antigua, Gent. 
Will dated 23 Oct. 1787. By Indenture of 16 Oct. 1769 
between myself & husband & John Rose of Antigua, mer- 
chant, I can dispose of certain lands & slaves, & I give 3 
slaves to my g' gi^dau. Rebecca Greene (dau. of David 
Greene, now of N. America, merchant, & my gr'^dau. 
Rebecca Greene), a negro to my gr''son Tho. Winstone 
Merrick, & all residue to John Rose on Trust to pay the 
profits to my husband for life, then to sell & pay all residue 
to my dau. Rachel Winstone, wife of Chas. Winstone, Esq., 
my grandson Tho. W. Merrick, & my gr''children, the sons 
& daus. of my late dau. Alice Rose by John Rose, equally. 
John Rose Ex'or. Witnessed by William Roberts, John 
Johnston. Before Sir Thomas Shirley was sworn William 
Roberts 2 Nov. 1787. Recorded 1 Feb. 1788. 

Benjamin Ireland, planter. Will undated. To my wife 
Ann -J my real estate, all furniture, plate, my horse, & 
whiskey, etc. To Susannah & Eliz. Jones of Mile End 
Green, sprs., £100 st. each. My brother W™ Ireland £100 
St. To Hannah Wood & Eliz. Warner, servants, who 
attended my dec'' mother, £50 each. Tho. Brown, master 
of the ship " Margaret and Eliza," 10 gs. All residue to 
my father Benj. Ireland, late of Essex str., Strand, baker, & 
after his death to the children of my brother W™ Ireland & 
Eliz. Hodgson. Recorded 22 Oct. 1793. 

Richard Bowman. Will dated 22 Nov. 1797. To my 
wife Marg* negros. My dau. Ann Rose all residue. Wit- 
nessed by Archibald Douglas, James Cummings, Andrew 
McClure. Sworn and recorded 13 May 1800. 

Eleanor Rose, wife of John Rose and widow of Muir. 
See her affidavit 2 Sep. 1799 to will of Henrietta Cook in 
the Smith Pedigree. 

The will of Henrietta Ireland, widow, was recorded 
5 Dec. 1799. 

Indenture dated 30 Dec. 1710 between Robert Weir of 
Antigua, planter, and Mary his wife, of the 1 part, and 
John Rose of Antigua, merchant, of the other, the latter 
agrees to let his plantation in New North Sound to the 
former, late in the occupation of William Glanville of 
Antigua, merchant, for lease of twelve years at £300 a year. 



Stephen Eose of Antigua, bur. 15 Nov.^Catherine, dau. of James Dela.p, merchant ; 
1776 at St. John's. I mar. 30 May 1767 at St. John's. 

William 'Warner= 
Rose, bapt. 23 
Oct. 1769 and 
bur. 9 Aug. 1796 
at St. John's. 

Isaac Eccleston 
Rose, born 1 6 
April and bapt. 
30 May 1789 at 
St. John's. 

Alexander Mc- 
Pherson Rose, 
born 12 Aug. 
and bapt. 27 
Dec. 1790 at St. 

sou, mar. 
5 March 
1787 at 

Stephen Rose,= 
bapt. 14 Oct. 
1772 at St. 

=Ann, only child and 
heir of Richard Bow- 
man, whose will was 
dated 22 Nov. 1797 
and sworn 13 May 
1800 ; mar. 1794 at 
St. John's. 

I I 
James Rose, bapt. 14 
Nov. 1772 at St.John's. 

Isaac Eccleston Rose, 
bapt. 12 and bur. 16 
June 1 7 7 6 at St. John's. 

John Rose, bapt. 12 March 
1779 at St. John's. 

Margaret Carding Rose, 
bapt. 12 June 1776 and mar. 
9 March 1793, at St. John's, 
John Roberts. 

Stephen Rose, born 18 Sep. 
and bapt. 20 Oct. 1795 at 
St. John's. 

Richard Jacobs Rose, born 
18 Oct. 1797 ; bapt. 13 
March 1798 at St. John's. 

George Bowman Rose, born 
18 Jan. 1799; bapt. 15 Dec. 
1800 at St. John's. 

I I I 

Stephen Thornhill Rose, born 
19 Oct. and bapt. 19 Dec. 
1804 at St. John's. 

Horatio Nelson Rose, born 6 
Jan. and bapt. 23 April 1806 
at St. John's. 

Edward Fitzroy Rose, born 18 
March and bapt. 1 Aug. 1808 
at St. John's. 

Catherine Bowman Rose, born 4 Aug. 
and bapt. 22 Sep. 1796 ; mar. 30 
Nov. 1816, at St. John's, Richard 

Mary Ann Rose, born 5 Dec. 1798 ; 
bapt. 6 Aug. 1799 and mar. 3 Dec. 
1818, at St. John's, R. H. "' 

Rebecca Clement Rose, born 4 Oct. 
1802 and bapt. 21 Jan. 1803 at St. 

I 1 I 

Joseph Warner=pHarriet Stephen Blizard Rose, bapt. 

Rose, bapt. 12 
June 1773 at 
St. John's. 

3 June 1776. 

Alice Rose, bapt. 7 Nov. 
1770 and bur. 15 April 1777 
at St. John's. 

Elizabeth Akers 
Rose, bapt. 12 
March 1779 at 
St. John's. 

I I 
Catherine Rose, bapt. 14 
March 1760 at St. John's. 

Anne Rose, bapt. 29 Nov. 
1762 at St. John's. 

Joseph Rose, 
born 15 Dec. 
1802 ; bapt. 
13 Jan. 1803 
at St. John's. 

John William Rose, 
born 31 May and 
bapt. 11 July 1810 
and bur. 1 June 1811 
at St. John's. 

William Payne Rose, bapt. 
12 and bur. 13 Oct. 1811 
at St. John's. 

Harriet Payne Rose, born 
5 and bapt. 16 Feb. 1804 
at St. John'.s. 

Elizabeth Burling 
Rose, born 14 May 
and bapt. 4 Dec. 
1807 ; bur. 3 July 
1810 at St. John's. 

Rebecca Rose, mar. 
13 Nov. 1777, at 
St. John's, David 
Greene, who was 
in 1787 of North 
America, merchant. 

I I 
Rebecca Green Rose, born 3 April 
1809 and bapt. 11 July 1810 at 
St. John's. 

Josephine Rose, born and bapt. 
13 Feb. 1815 at St. John's. 

Indenture dated 27 June 1720 between Edward Rose of 
Great Britain, brother and heir-at-law of John Rose of 
Antigua, merchant, and Richard Staples and Elizabeth his 
wife, sister of said John Rose, and John Stubbs and Mary 
Stubbs, also sister of John Rose, and Edward Chester, sen. 

In Chancery. 31 Dec. 1723. Colonel Robert Weir v. 
Thomas Kerby, Ex'or of Rose. 

1774. Mr. Stephen Rose, then printer of the ' Antigua 

Parish Register of St. John. 




Cathrine the D. of John 

and Alice. 

Ann the D. of John Rose and Alice his 
1765 June 7 John Ireland the S. of John Rose and 
Ahce his wife. 

1768 Feb. 26 Thomas Winston S. of John Rose and 

Alice his wife. 

1769 Oct. 23 William Warner S. of Stephen Rose and 

Catharine his wife. 

1770 Nov. 7 Daniel Warner the S. of John Rose and 

Alice his wife; b. the 15'" day of 
January 1769. 

1770 Nov. 7 Alice the D. of John Rose and Alice his 
wife ; b. the 18"' day of January 1770. 

1772 Oct. 14 Stephen the S. of Stephen Rose and Cathe- 
rine his wife. 

1772 Nov. 14 James the S. of Stephen Rose and 

Catharine his wife. 

1773 June 12 Joseph Warner the S. of .lohn Rose & 

Alice his wife. 
1776 June 3 Stephen Blizard the S. of John Rose & 

Alice his wife. 
1776 June 12 Margaret Carding the D. of Stephen Rose 

& Catharine his wife. 
1776 June 12 Isaac Eccleston the S. of Stephen Rose & 

Catharine his wife. 
1779 Mar. 12 John the S. of Stephen Rose, dece'd, & 

Catharine his widow. 
1779 Mar. 12 Elizabeth Akers the d. of John Rose & 

Alice his wife. 
1789 May 30 Isaac Eccleston S. of William Warner 

Rose and Elizabeth his wife. B. the 

16*'' April 1789. 
Stephen Green S. of John Rose, Jun., and 

Elizabeth his wife. B. the 2P' June 

Alexander M'Pherson S. of William War- 
ner Rose and Elizabeth his wife. B. 

the 12'h August 1790. 
Alice Eliza D. of John Rose, Junior, and 

Ehzabeth his wife. B. the ll"" June 


1795 Oct. 20 Stephen S. of Stephen Rose and Ann his 

wife. B. the IS''' September 1795. 

1796 Sep. 22 Catherine Bowman D. of Stephen Rose and 

Ann his wife. B. the 4"' August 1796. 

1789 Aug. -26 

1790 Dec. 27 

1792 Aug. 29 



1798 Mar. 13 


Mar. 17 


Aug. 6 


Dec. 15 


June 24 


Mar. 16 

1803 Jan. 13 Joseph 


Jan. 21 


Feb. 16 


Dec. 19 


Mar. 3 


April 23 


Dec. 4 


Aug. 1 


July 11 


Oct. 12 


Feb. 13 


Feb. 14 
May 30 
Nov. 13 
May 11 
Dec. 24 
Mar. 5 


Mar. 30 
Mar. 7 


Mar. 9 






Sep. 6 


Nov. 30 


May 14 


Dec. 3 

1745-6 Feb. 21 
1752 April 3 
1766 June 9 
1773 Feb. 2 

Eichard Jacobs S. of Stephen Kose and 

Ann his wife. B. the 18"' October 

John S. of John Kose, Jun., and Eliza his 

wife. B. the 12"' February 1798. 
Mary Ann D. of Stephen Rose and Ann 

his wife. B. the S"" December 1798. 
George Bowman S. of Stephen Rose and 

Ann his wife. B. the IS'*" January 

Charlotte D. of John Rose, Jun., and 

Eliz. his wife. B. the 10* June 1801. 
Elizabeth Jacobs D. of Stephen Rose and 

Ann his wife. B. the 2P' August 


S. of Joseph Warner Rose and 

Harriet his wife. B. the 15"' December 

Rebecca Clement D. of Stephen Rose and 

Ann his wife. B. the 4"' October 1802. 
Harriet Paine D. of Joseph Rose and 

Harriet his wife ; b. 5 Instant. 
Stephen Thornhill S. of Stephen Rose 

and Ann his wife ; b. 19 Octr. last. 
William S. of John Rose and Elizabeth 

his wife. B. the 10'" of February 1 805. 
Horatio Nelson S. of Stephen Rose and 

Ann his wife. B. the 6*'' January last. 
Elizabeth Burling D. of Joseph Rose and 

Harriet his wife. B. the H*" May last. 
Edward Fitzroy S. of Stephen Rose and 

Ann his wife. B. the 18'" March last. 
Rebecca Green. B.-. ^ , „ „ ^ 

the3'iAprill809. P-^'^'^^-^«^J°^«p5 

John William, b. ^^^™«\^°^^./'^'i 
the 31- May last. J Hamet his wife. 

William Payne S. of Joseph Warner Rose 

and Harriet his wife. B. this day. 
Josephine D. of .Joseph Warner Rose and 

Henrietta his wife. B. this day. 
John Ireland and Rebecca Bacon. 
Stephen Rose to Cathrine Delap. L. 
David Greene to Rebeccah Rose. L. 
Samuel Jeaffreson to Ann Rose. L. 
Benjamin Ireland to Ann Jones, Spr. L. 
William Warner Rose to Elizabeth Mac- 

pherson. Spinster. 
John Rose, Junior, to Elizabeth Rose. 
John Ireland to Henrietta Fitzgerald, 

Widow. L. 
John Roberts to Margaret Carden Rose, 

Spinster. L. 
Stephen Rose to Ann Bowman, Spinster. 

Nathaniel Donaldson to Elizabeth Rose, 

Widow. L. 
John Brook Donaldson to Alice Eliza 

Rose, Spinster. L. 
Richard Piggott to Catherine Bowman 

Rose, Spinster. L. 
The Honorable Meade Home Daniell to 

Charlotte Rose, Spinster. L. 
Richard Holmes Mason to Mary Ann 

Rose, Spinster. L. 
John Ireland, a child. 
Frances Ireland, wife of John Ireland. 
Ale.xander Rose. 
Charles Winstone Merrick. 

1773 Feb. 10 James Rose. 

1776 June 16 Isaac Eccleston Rose. 

1776 Nov. 15 Stephen Rose. 

1777 April 15 Alice Rose. 

1785 Nov. 21 Anna Maria Ireland. 

1786 Feb. 14 Alice Rose, Wife of John Rose, Esq. 

1795 Mar. 1 John Rose, Junior. 

1796 Aug. 9 William W. Rose. 

1797 Sep. 27 John Ireland. 
1799 Oct. 26 Henrietta Ireland. 
1803 Jan. 23 Joseph Rose, Infant. 

1803 Jan. 25 Rebecca Clement Rose, Infant. 

1803 Dec. 9 Eleanor Rose. 

1804 Feb. 2 John Rose. 
1804 Dec. 6 Elizabeth Rose. 

1808 Aug. 4 Edward Fitzroy Rose, Infant. 

1808 Oct. 25 Horatio Nelson Rose, Infant. 

1810 July 3 Elizabeth Burling Rose, Inf. 

1811 June 1 John W"" Rose, Infant. 

(? 1811 or 1812) Oct. 13 William Payne Rose, Infant. 

„ .... 3 Ann Rose. 

„ {hlanK] Stephen Rose. 

1814 Oct. 9 Rebecca Rose, Infant. 

1823 Aug. 16 John Rose. 

1823 Dec. 11 Richard Rose. 

1824 Dec. 6 Catherine Rose. 

Parish Rerister of St. Mart. 
On a scrap later than 1823 : — 

Buried the body of M' Stephen Rose, a white man, aged 
about 37 years, at Valley ch. yard, March. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 
1754 Aug. 27 M'' Henry Rose. First Lieutenant of his 
Majesties Ship the Advice. 

Parish Register of St. Philip. 
1834 April 27 Leonora Arabella d. of John 

Martin Rose. Sandersons. 


St. John's Churchyard. 
On a ledger over brick vault : — 

AS A token of love 

NO length of time CAN ALTER 








(Three lines foUow.) 
On a marble ledger over brick vault : — 





AGED 50. 

St. Lucea Churchyard, Hanover Parish, Jamaica, 
here lies the body of winston eliza rose the 

daughter of THE REVD. D. W. ROSE BY ANN HIS WIFE, 
BORN 13 NOV., 1802 ; AND DIED 25™ AUGUST, 1806. 

(Eight lines follow.) 
(Archer's ' M.I. in the West Indies.') 




FRANCIS ROSSINGTON of Mallow, Irelaud=pElizabeth 


John Le Spranger Spencer Eossington of Antigua,=pElizabeth Stephens, bur. 
merchant. Will dated 2 Feb. 1759 ; sworn 31 I 18 April 1770. 
Jan. 1760. 

Henry Eoss- 

Elizabeth Eossington. 
Ann Eossington. 

Francis Warren=pElizabeth, dau. William=pl8abella, dau. of ... . Bell ; John Eossington, bapt. Isabella Eossington 


" " Eo " 

bapt. 8 Jan 

of Barton; Walter 

mar. 30 June Eossing- 
1764. ton. 

mar. ^o J^eD. 1769 ; died 30 March 1756. bur. 26 March 1763. 

21 and bur. 22 June 1787, — — 

set. 42. M.I. Sarah Eossington. Ann Eossington, 

— bapt. 22 April and 

/|\ Mary Eossington, bapt. bur. 6 May 1756. 

21 May 1760. 

Margaret Eossington, bapt. 5 Jan. 1768;=rJo'ii Montague Manwarring, 
mar. 24 March 1787. | Ensign 67th Eegiment. 

John L. Spranger Spencer Eossington of Antigua, mer- 
chant. Will dated 2 Feb. 1759. To my wife Eliz. Scephens 
Eossington all my furniture, linen, plate, jewels. To my 
dear father Francis Eossington of Mallow in Ireland £100 
St., but if dead to my mother Eliz"" Eossington, & if dead 
to my 2 sisters Eliz"' & Ann Eossington. To my wife 
Eliz"' S. Eossington & my 6 ch°, viz., Francis Warren 
Eossington, W"" Walter Eossington, Jn" Eossington, Sarah 
Eossington, Mary Eossington, & Isabella Eossington, all 
residue equally, the two youngest not yet baptised. My 
brother Henry Eossington. I appoint my good friends 
Nath' Gilbert, Esq., W"' Mackinen, Fra. Farley, & W"' 
Warner, Esq''", Ex'ors & Guardians. Witnessed by John 
Webb, John Lindsey, jun., Abraham Marshall. Before 
Governor Thomas appeared John Weblj and Jolm Lindsey, 
jun., and were sworn 31 Jan. 1760. Eecorded 14 April 





Parish Eegister of St. John. 
Jan. 8 Francis Warren s. of John La Spranger 

Spencer Eossington and Elizabeth his 

Sep. 14 Sarah D. of John Le Sprainger Spencer 

Eossington and Elizabeth his wife. 
April 22 Ann the d. of Jn° Le Spraing'' Spenc' 

Eossington & Eliz. his wife. 
Mar. 30 John the S. of John Le Spraing'' Spenc"' 

Eossington & Eliz. his wife. 
May 21 Mary the I), of John Le Spranger Spencer 

Eossington and his wife. 
Jan. 5 Margrett D. of Francis Warren Eossing- 
ton & Elizabeth his wife. 
June 30 Francis Warring Eossington to Eliz. 

Feb. 25 William Walter Eossington to Isabella 


24 John Montague Manwarring (Ensign of 
67"' Eeg') to Margaret Eossington, 
Spinster ; by Lie. 

John Eossington. 
Ann Eossington, a Child. 
Isabella Eossington (child). 
Elizabeth Eossington, Widow. 
Thomas Eossington. 
Isabella Eossington. 

Parish Eegister of St. George. 
1769 Iblank] Henry Eosington. 


Nov. 17 


May 6 


Mar. 26 


April 18 


Aug. 15 


June 22 

St. John'.s Churchyard. 
On a ledger :— 

Here lieth the Body 



who departed this life 

on the 21=' day of June 


Aged 42 Years 


Near this .... lieth the Body 



Brother to the above named 


the 21^' day of April 


Aged 29 Years. 




Arms. — Azure, three garbs, two and one, or. 

WILLIAM RYALL, cooper, settled at Scilem in 1629 ;=rPhcEbe, dau. of Mrs. Margaret 
was at Casco Bay 1635; removed 1675 to Dorchester, I Greene, widow ; died 16 July 
Mass., where he died 15 June 1676. 1678. 

William Eoyall of North Yarmouth and Dorchester, carpenter, died 7 Nov. 1724, set. 84. M.I.=FMary 

Elizabeth, dau. of Asaph^plsaac Royall, born 1672 ; settled as a merchant=pElizabeth 

Eliot and widow of 
Oliver ; born 1 Feb. 
1679-80; mar. 1 July 1697 
at Boston. 1st wife. 

at Boston, later at Antigua ; in 1732 purchased 
Governor Usher's estate of 500 acres atMedford 
for £10,350 ; died there 7 June and bur. 16 
June 1739 at Dorchester. Will dated 27 Dec. 
1738; sworn9 July 1739. Recorded at Antigua. 

.... mar.= 
Isaac Royall 1707 at St. 
John's ; died 21 April 1747 
at Medford ; bur. at Dor- 
chester from the house of 
Dr. Oliver. Will dated 4 
April 1747. 2nd wife. 

=James Brown 
of Antigua. 
1st husband. 

Asaph Royall, 
born in Boston 
1 May and died 
24 July 1(;99 ; 
bur. at Dor- 

I I 

John Royall, bapt. 
15 Jan. 1712 at 
St. .John's. 

Elizabeth Royall, 
bapt. 80 June 1709 
at St. John's. 

Isaac Royall, bapt. 23 Sep. l* 
St. John's; J.P. 1753; Member 
of Council for Mass. 1751 — 74 ; 
in 1761 Brigadier-Genei'al of the 
Artillery Company at Boston ; his 
estates were confiscated by the 
rebels ; died in London Oct. 1781. 
Will dated 26 May 1778. 

t=pElizabeth Mcintosh, 
mar. 27 March 1738; 
died 14 July 1770 
at Medford ; bur. at 

Penelope Royall, bapt. 
10 Sep. 1724 at St. 
John's ; mar. 28 Jan. 
1742 Colonel Henry 
Vassall of Cambridge, 
Mass. ; he died there 
17 March 1769 ; she 
died at Boston 19 Nov. 
1800, set. 76. 

Elizabeth Royall, Mary Mcintosh Royal), born 10 Jan. 1744-5 ; 
born 7 June 1740; mar. 4 Jan. 1775 George Erving of Boston, 
died 9 July 1747. merchant. She died 11 Nov. 1786, set. 42. 
M.I. at Froyle, co. Hants. He died in Lon- 
don 1806, set. 70. 

Elizabeth Royall,^Sir William Pepperell Sparhawk of 
born 30 Oct. 1747; Kittery, Maine ; owner of Royal Is, 
mar. 12 Nov. 1707; Antigua; created Baronet 29 Oct. 
died at sea 8 Oct. 1774; died in London 18 Dec. 
1775. 1816, ajt. 70. 

William Royall Pepperell, only Elizabeth Royall Pepperell, 

son, born 5 July 1775; matric. born 17 April 1769; mar. 

from Christ Church, Oxford, Rev. Henry Hutton ; liv- 

18 Feb. 1794, set. 18 ; died a ing 1814. 
bachelor 27 Sep. 1798 at Cowes, 
Isle of Wight. 

I I 
Mary Hirst Mcintosh Pepperell, Harriet Pepperell, born 1 7 
born 2 Nov. 1771 ; mar. 11 July Dec. 1773 ; mar. 14 July 
1799 Sir William Congreve of 1802, at St. Marylebone, 
Aldermaston, co. Berks ; she Sir Charles Thomas Hud- 
died 3 Feb. 1839. son, Bart., of Wanlip Hall, 
CO. Leicester. 

Isaack Royal of Charlestown, New England. Will dated 
27 Dec. 1738. To my dau.-in-law Ann, wife of Rob* 
Oliver of Antigua, now in New EngF, 2 negros & their 10 
children. To my wife Eliz* Royal the use of all plate, 
furniture, 2 negros, my chariot & horses, & after her death 
to my son Isaac & my dau. Penelope equally. To my dau. 
Penelope 2 negros & their 6 children & £200 c. yearly till 
21, also 5 my estate in Antigua. To my son Isaac the 
other i of my estate, also all my lands in Prov. of Maine, 
N.E., & in Massachusetts Bay between Springfield & Hadley. 
To my sister Mary Bird £20 c. To my sister Martha, 
widow of Benj° China (sic, ? Cheney) of Dorchester, £20 c. 
To my sister Sarah Dunton £20 a y for life. To my 
brother Sam' Royal release debts. All residue, including 
my land & houses in Charlestown, with the negros & cattle. 

also 40 acres in Medford purchased of M'' John Foye of 
Charlestown, & a wood purchased of Cap' Isaac Dupec in 
Woburne, & a farm in township of Stoughton, & a farm in 
Freetown Co., Bristol, where my bro. Sam' Royal now lives, 
to my brother Jacob Royal of Boston, merch', in trust for 
my son Isaac Royal for life & his heirs, & in default to my 
dau. Penelope, her heirs in such case to take my sirname, 
then to W™, his sons, Sam' Winthorp, Jacob, Elia, sons of 
my bro. Sam' Royall, successively. My wife Eliz"» Royal, 
now in Charlestown, Ex'trix in New England & Antigua, & 
in Antigua Tho. Watkins & Jacob Thibou, & in New Eng- 
land my bro. Jacob Royal, W"' Taylor, and Edmund Quincey, 
merch', of Boston, Ex'ors & Guardians. Witnessed by Simon 
Tuffs, Benjamin Wills, Randall Stuart, Mass. Bay. Copy 
sworn to 9 July 1739. Recorded at Antigua 5 Nov. 1739. 



Isaac Eoyall, late of Medford, co. Middlesex, in the 
province of Massachusetts Bay, New England, now of 
Kensington, CO. Middlesex, in England. Will dated 26 May 
1778; proved 15 Nov. 1781 by Sir W. Pepperell, Bart. 
(553 Webster.) I left Medford 16 April 1775. My estates 
in Mass., also one in Antigua, I disposed of by a will dated 
12 Jan. 1775 & another 11 May 1776 at Halifax. To my 
uncle Sam' Royall 5 guineas a year. M''^ Abigail Royall, 
wife of my late uncle Jacob Royall, Esq., dec", 5 guineas a 
year. My kinswoman Sarah Clark, wife of Jonas Clark, 
merchant, 3 guineas a year. Rebecca, wife of Jos. Thomson, 
kinswoman to my late wife, £3. My Ex'ors D"' Simon 
Tofts, Oliver Wendall, & Francis Dana, Esq"-^^ £10 each. 
Rev'' Sam' Cook of Cambridge, N. Eng., & the church of 
Medford £10. Rev. M' Turill & ReV^ M'' Osgood, Hon. D'' 
Winthorpe, professor of Mathematics in Cambridge & Presi- 
dent of Harvard Coll., & my friends the Hon. John Owing 

& James Bowden, & Jeremiah Powell, Esq., of Boston, & 
M-- Willis Hall, M^ Seth Sweetzer of Charles Town, & Chas. 
Pelham, Esq., of Newtown, gold mourning rings ; likewise 
to Lady Dowager Pepperell, & my sister M'^ Eliz. Sparrow- 
hawk at Kittery, & my kinswoman Hannah Potter, wife of 
Col» Potter of Bristol, N.E. My attorney D' Simon Tufts 
& his 1=' dau. Lucy Tufts, ray kinsmen Jacob Royall & W"" 
Royall, sons of my uncle Samuel, Jacob Cheney, son of my 
late aunt Cheney, heirs of Allen Cary, late of Bristol, N.E., 
& Jonathan Sawton of Freetown, N.E., forgive debts. To 
my dau. Mary M-'Intosh Erving, wife of the Hon. Geo. 
Erving, Esq., a gold box with my father's picture, ^ my 
library, my chariot & chaise. The other ^ of my library to 
my granddau. Eliz. Royall Pepperell. To my grandson 
W"' Pepperell, son of Sir W™ Pepperell, my own & my late 
wife's pictures, & those of M' Thos. Palmer & his own 
parents. All my estate in the Island of Antigua to be sold, 
[Continued belon. 

Isaac Royall of Dorchester, carpenter, bur. 17 Jan. 1729, aged=r. . . . Waitestill, died 29 Nov. 1732. 2nd wife. 

Waitestill Royall, 3rd dau.,bapt. 26 July 1685 
at Dorchester ; mar. 9 Sep. 1708, at St. John's, 
Antigua, Captain John Haddon. 

Robert Royall, 4th son, carpenter,=pMercy, dau. of Ebenezer Billings ; 
born 12 Jan. 1687-8 at Dorchester ; born 22 June 1687 ; died 29 Jan. 
1757. 1773 at Dorchester. 

Ann Brown, =T=Robert Oliver, Esq., 3rd son of Hon. Colonel 

mar. 3 Feb. 
1721-2 at St. 
John's ; liv- 
ing 1738. 

Richard Oliver of Antigua ; in 1738 pur- 
chased lands at Dorchester, Mass., for £2515 ; 
in 1747 leased his 148 acres at Popeshead, 
Antigua, to Isaac Royall and Henry Vassal! 
for seven years ; died drca 1762 at Dor- 
chester. Will dated 3 Aug. 1761. Recorded 
at Boston. 

Royall, born 13 May 1721=pCatherine, sister of 

at Dorchester ; in 1778 of Portman 
Street, and late of Jamaica ; died 
in Great Cumberland Street 3 June 
1814, set. 93. 


Miriam Royall, mar. 23 Dec. 
1773 Thomas Savel, and had 

I I I 

Thomas Oliver of Cambridge, Mass., Esq., born 5 Jan. 1733-4 at Isaac Oliver. 
Antigua ; B.A. Harvard 1753 ; Lieut.-Governor of Mass. 1774 ; — 

his estates were confiscated by the rebels ; died at Bristol, Richard Oliver. 
England, 1815, «t. 83. 

& out of the proceeds £200 to my son-in-law Sir W™ 
Pepperell, 20 guineas to Tho. Palmer, Esq., & to my sons- 
in-law Sir W" Pepperell & Geo. Erving, Esq., my sister 
Penelope Vassall & my nieces Eliz. her dau., wife of D'' 
Chas. Russell, & to Eliz. Vassall, wife of John Vassall, Esq., 
to my nephews his Honour Tho. Oliver, Richard Oliver, & 
Tho. Palmer, Esq'^S my kinsman Joseph Royall, Esq., late of 
Jamaica, now of Portman Street, £10 each. My late dau. 
Lady Pepperell. My friends the Hon. Tho. Pownall, Joseph 
Paice, Daniel Leonard, Tho. Danforch, & Tho. Brattle, 
Esq™, now in Eng., mourning rings. Of the residue of 
the proceeds of the sale | to my dau. Mary M'^Intosh 
Erving, £500 to my granddau. Eliz. Royall Pepperell, & 
then the remainder to the 4 children of my late dau. 
Pepperell, viz., Eliz. Royall Pepperell, Mary Hirst M'^Intosh 
Pepperell, Harriot Pepperell, & W" Pepperell. My estate 
in Bristol, colony of Rhode Island, called Mount Hope 
Farm, of 375 acres, to my granddau. Eliz. Royall Pepperell. 
To the Town of Medford 10(» acres in the township of 
Grandby, formerly known as South Hadley, towards the 
erection of a free school, & the remainder of the tract, about 
8 or 900 acres, & 978 acres in co. Wore, which I bought 
of the Mass. Bay colony on 28 Dec. 1752 in company with 
the Hon. James [hlanK], Esq., John Chandler, Esq., & 


Capt. Caleb Daney, to Harvard Coll. for the endowment of 
a professorship of laws. My kinsman Jacob Royall 100 
acres, lot 105, in Royallsborough, co. Cumb., Mass., & to 
his son Isaac Royall. My kinsman W"" Royall 100 acres in 
ditto, lot 104. To Isaac Royall, son of my kinsman Samuel 
Winthorpe Royall, 100 acres in ditto. The residue of the 
said lands in Royallsborough, & in cos. Cumb. & Line, & in 
Royallston, co. Wore, to my 3 grandchildren Mary Hirst 
Mcintosh Pepperell, Harriot Pepperell, & W" Pepperell. 
To my granddau. Harriot Pepperell 4 lotts in Medford. 
All other my real estate, my mansion-house in Medford, 
CO. Midx., & my lands in Stoughton, co. Suffolk, to D' 
Simon Tofts of Medford, my kinsmen Joseph Royall, Esq., 
late of Jamaica, & Tho. Palmer, Esq., late of Boston, now 
supposed to be in Surinam, in trust for my dau. Mary 
M'^Intosh Royall, wife of Geo. Erving, Esq. ; remainder to 
my grandchildren W"" Pepperell, Eliz. Royall Pepperell, 
Mary Hirst M<^Intosh Pepperell, & Harriot Pepperell, then 
to Eliz. Russell, W" Royall & his brothers Jacob Royall & 
Sam' Winthorpe Royall, Elia Royall, Joseph Royall, late of 
Jamaica, & in deftiult of issue ^ for a hospital in co. Midx. 
& ^ to Harvard College. My tomb in Dorchester. Of the 
residue of my est., both real & pers., \ to my dau. Mary & 
I to my 3 granddaus. Eliz. Royall Pepperell, Mary Hirst 



M'=Intosh Pepperell, & Harriot Pepperell. My son-in-law 
Sir W" Pepperell, my neph. Tho. Palmer, Esq., & Joseph 
Eoyall, Esq., Ex'ors for Antigua & Great Britain ; C Simon 
Tufts, Oliver Weudall, & Francis Dana, Esq«^ for New 
England. Witnessed by Richard Taylor, James Belher 
Ball, John Bawling, jun., Thomas Butts. 

Codicil. 31 Dec. 1779. The Hon. James Borodoine, 
Esq., & M"' Willis Hall, merchant in Medford, to be Ex'ors 
for New Eng. To my kinswoman Hannah Potter, wife of 
Simeon Potter, Esq., in Bristoll, Rhode Island. 200 acres, 
lot 18, in Royallstou to Medford for a free school ; lot 104 
of 200 acres to Harvard Coll. ; lot 1 of 200 acres in ditto 
to Isaac Eoyall, son of Sam' Winthorpe Royall in N. Yar- 
mouth. Witnessed by John Fosbrook, James Bechel Hall, 
William Dalley, Thomas Butts. 

John Morse in his will proved 1781 (204 Webster) 
names Joseph Royall of Portman Street, Esq., his Ex'or, 
and " my sister Cath. Royall." 

Joseph Royall of Great Cumberland Street, London, Esq. 
Will dated 25 May and proved 25 June 1814. (373 Brid- 
port.) To M" Mary Congreve, wife of W'" Congreve, 
Esq., £4000. To M" Eliz. Royall Hutton, wife of Rev. M' 
Hutton, £4000. All my estates in trust for Kath., wife of 
Fra. Geo. Smyth of Temple Druid, co. Pemb., now of Upper 
Brook Str., & to her dan. Cath. Smyth. Adm'on 1854 to 
said Dame Harriet Cath. Capel, formerly Cath. Smyth, 
the dau. 

1710, Jan. 3. Justice Royall was accused by the 
Assembly of fomenting disturbances. After the death of 
Governor Parke he was very active in obtaining depositions, 
etc., in his favour. He wrote a long letter from Antigua 
23 April 1711 to his friend Michael Ayon. (America and 
West Indies, No. 52, fo. 149.) 

1712, Jan. 5. Isaack Royall, Esq., granted 6 acres at 
Popeshead by Governor Walter Hamilton. For further 
details of this family see 'The New England Royalls, by 
Edward Doubleday Harris, a reprint (1885) from the New 
England Hist, and Gen. Reg., with additions'; also the 
' Herald and Genealogist,' vol. iii., p. 430, for an engraving 
of the shield from the tomb at Dorchester, Mass. 

1712, Aug. 9. Major Royal was confined to the Fort 
for reporting " that he heard Your Excellency say certain 
words reflecting on your honour." 

1754. Sir Wm. Pepperell Bart. Col. of a 2i Reg' of foot 
to be raised in America. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 484.) 

1789, Nov. 25. At Kittery, in New England, Lady 
Pepperell, widow of the late Sir Wm. P. bart. (who com- 
manded his Majesty's troops at the conquest of Louisbourg, 
in 1745,) and grandmother to the present Sir Wm. P. 
{Ibid., p. 179.) 

1798, Sep. 27. At West Cowes, in the Isle of Wight, 
William Royall Pepperell, esq. the only son of Sir Wm. P. 
bart. of Upper Seymour-str. {Ibid., p. 909.) 

1802, July 14. At S' Mary-la-Bonne, Charles Thomas 
Hudson, esq. eldest son of Sir Charles Grave H. bart. of 
Wanlip-hall co. Leicester, to Miss Pepperell, youngest dau. 
of Sir Thos. P. bart. of Dorset-street, Portman-squ. {Ibid., 
p. 685.) 

1814, June 3. In Great Cumberland-street, aged 93, 
Joseph Royall, esq. {Ibid., p. 699.) 

1816, Dec. 18. In Dorset-street, Portman-square, 
universally regretted, aged 70, Sir W" Pepperell, bart. He 
was created a baronet Oct. 29, 1774. He married in 1767, 
Elizabeth daughter of the Hon. Isaac Royall, of his Majesty's 
Council in Massachusetts Bay, Esq. and by her had three 
daughters and a son who died in 1798. The title is 
extinct. {Ibkl., p. 573.) 

1839, Feb. 3. At Tunbridge Wells, Mary, wife of Wil- 
liam Congreve, esq. of Aldermaston-House, Berks, dau. of 
the late Sir W. Pepperell, Bart. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 331.) 

The following description of the Royall mansion (Hob- 
goblin Hall) at Medford, Mass., has been taken from 'Our 
Colonial Homes,' by Samuel Adams Drake. This house 
stands at the left side of the old Boston road not half a mile 
out of the village. "The gi-ounds, once laid out in most 
correct taste, were separated from the highway by a low 
brick wall. From the gateway, flanked by tall wooden 
columns, a broad avenue, bordered with aromatic box, led 
straight up to the house, situated at some seventy paces 
back from the road. The space between was embelHshed 
with shrubbery, fruit, and shade trees. To the right as you 
looked toward the mansion was the driveway, with a 
massive stone gatepost of imposing size standing at either 
side .... Imagine a very large, three-story brick house, 
sheathed entirely in wood, except at one end, and having, 
as is customary when the upper story is lower studded, the 
upper tier of windows smaller than those underneath them. 
All the spaces below the windows of the east front, toward 
which I was looking, were filled in with panels, so that from 
ground to cornice the windows rose in the form of columns 
.... SuflBcient unto himself, no doubt, with his gardens, 
his slaves, and his rich wines, was the old Antigua merchant, 
Isaac Royall, who came in 1737 from his tropical home, 
bringing his tropical habits with him, to rear what passed 
for a palace in his day, in the country village, for such he 
found it. Isaac Royall the first, the author of this charming 
country-seat, soon died, and was succeeded by Isaac the 
second, who inherited the five hundred paternal acres, 
" turf and twig," with the mansion, human chattels, and 
other worldly possessions of his deceased sire. 

" The carriage-drive terminated at the back of the 
mansion in a court-yard paved with small, smooth beach 
stones, through the interstices of which the grass grew thickly. 
To the right of the drive were the stables, while just beyond 
the house were the slave-quarters, fronting on the court- 
yard, which was thus enclosed upon three of its sides. The 
two-story brick building occupied by the negroes was still 
remaining, the last visible relic of slavery in New England. 
The deep fire-place in which the blacks had prepared their 
food was still there .... On the fourth side of tlie court- 
yard there rose a high brick wall, similar to that already 
mentioned, which opened by an arched gate-way into 
another beautiful garden, in which some of the old box- 
trees and clumps of lilacs were still growing here and tb.ere. 
A gravelled walk led to the farther end of the garden, where 
an artificial mound with two terraces had been raised to 
make a base for a summer-house on which a dilapidated 
figure of Mercury, minus wings and arms, was poised, 
unable to fly, unwilling to fall. The garden front of the 
house overlooked this enclosure, evidently the favorite resort 
of the family in the cool of the evening. The summer 
house, a veritable curiosity, displayed much beauty of design, 
with its panels, its fluted pilasters, and its bell-shaped roof. 
An artist made the plan for this little structure, now so 
delightfully ruinous and picturesque. There was a trap- 
door in the floor, which, when raised, disclosed a cellar, 
formerly used for the storage of ice, so that beauty and 
utility were here combined. 

"The Royall mansion was modelled after that of a 
nobleman at Antigua . . . ." 

After the battle of Lexington Isaac Royall retired to 
Boston, and later he " seems to have fully made up his 
mind to go back to Antigua, but had too long delayed. He 
now took passage for Halifax ; and finally, when Howe, 
with his long train of refugees, arrived from Boston, he 
also departed for England, and there died, sighing for his 
beautiful home in America, and striving to the last, though 
always unsuccessfully, to avert the forfeiture of his estate 



.... Lingering in the entrance hall only long enough to 
admire the elaborately carved balusters and the panelled 
wainscot, I first passed into the suite of apartments at the 
right, the reception-rooms proper of the house. These 
rooms were separated by an arch, in which sliding doors 
were conceiled ; and from floor to ceiling the walls were 
panelled in wood, the panells being of single pieces, some of 
which were a full yard in breadth. In the rear of these 
apartments, and opening to the north, were two alcoves, 
each flanked by fluted pilasters, on which rested an arch set 
off with mouldings and carved ornaments .... 

" The second floor was furnished with four chambers, all 
opening on one spacious and airy hall. Of these, the north- 
west room only demands special description, because it was 
the best. It had alcoves similar to those already mentioned 
in the apartments below ; only, instead of panelling, the 
walls were covered over above the wainscot with hangings 
of leather, stamped in gorgeous colors of red, green, and 
bright gold, with flowers, birds and beasts of Chinese 
creation. On this side only were seen the original windows, 
with their heavy frames and small panes, the kitchen, with 
its enormous brick oven, still in perfect repair, and its 
iron chimney-back, handsomely embo.ssed with the Royall 

In the same book is an illustration of the Pepperell 
mansion at Kittery on tlie sea coast of Maine, where Sir 
WilKam Pepperell, 1st Bart., the conqueror of Louisburg, 
lived and died. Until the death of the elder Pepperell in 
1734 this house was occupied by his own and his son's 
families. The lawn in front reached quite down to the 
water, and an avenue of ^ mile in length skirted by trees 
led all the way to the house of Colonel Sparhawk, a little 
east of the village church. It used to be said that Sir 
William could ride to the Saco, 30 miles distant, without 
going ofi' his own possessions. By his will he made the son 
of his daughter Elizabeth and Colonel Sparhawk his 
residuary legatee. The latter took the name of Pepperell, 
and was created a Baronet ; as a loyalist he went to 
England in 1775, and had his estates confiscated. In 
Longfellow's Cambridge mansion there is, or was, a portrait 
of two children, William and Elizabeth Royall Pepperell, by 
Copley. A picture of the victor of Louisburg, painted by 
Smibert in 1751, is in the Essex Institute at Salem. His 
tomb is at Kittery. 

Parish Register of St. John. 



June 30 

Eliz. D. of Isaac Royall & Eliz" his wife. 


Jan. 15 

John s. of Isaac Royall & Eliz'' his wife. 


Sep. 23 

Isaac s. of Isaac Royall & his wife. 


Sep. 10 

Penelope the d. of Isaac Royall & Eliz"' 
his wife. 



(? June) 3 

Isaac Royall & Elizabeth Browne. Lye. 
from Generall Parke. 


Sep. 9 

John Haddon & M''^ Waitestill Royall. 


Aug. 2 

W- Royall to Eliz. Lee. L. 


April 12 

John Foster to Barbara Royal, Spinster. 



Sep. 10 

Eliz. D. of Isaac RoyalL 


Nov. 8 

George Royall. 


Sep. 5 

William Royal. 


Nov. 28 

Elizabeth Royal. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 

1773—1775 Barbara D. of Will"" and Elizabeth Royall. 

Dorchester, Mass. 

On a slab over the Royall tomb in the burial-ground : — 

Here lyeth y'' Body of WILL^ ROYALL 

of North Yarmouth in the PROVINCE 

of MAIN, who departed this Life 

Nov'"'^ ye 7tii 1724^ in yc 85'" year of his Age. 

this Stone is Erected in y'= Pious memory 

of his Father by his Eldest Son ISAAC 

as the last Act of a dutifull remembrance. 

On another tomb : — 

Arms : . . . . three yarbs .... 

Here lyes the Body 

of the Hon"^ ISAAC ROYALL Esq. 

who departed this Life at his Seat in Charlestown 

June y^ 7'i' Anno Dom"' 1739 .^tatis 67. 

He was a Gent" of Superiour natural powers & great 

acquired knowledge 

Civil affixble, courteous & Just to all Men 

Dutiful to his Parents, 

Kind to his Relations & Charitable to y« poor 

He was a fiiithfull Husband, a tender Father, a kind Master, 

and a True Friend 

Delighted in doing good. 

He was highly esteemed & respected during his residence at 

Antigua | 

which was near 40 years. 

And advanced to y^ most Honorable and important Public 

employments Civil & military 

which he discharged with y« highest reputation & fidehty. 

He returned with his Family to New England His Native 

Country | 

July 27"' 1737 

Where his death which soon followed was greatly lamented 

by all who knew Him 

But as He Lived a Virtuous Life 

So He was removed by a peaceful Death. 

Leaving a SON & DAUGHTER 

To inherit a plentifuU Fortune which He was Bles'd with 

At His desire His Remains were here 

Interred with his Parents For whom He Erected This 


Froyle, CO. Hants. 

On an achievement in the chancel : — 

Arms : Argent, a chevron gules between three pineapples 
vert, OH a canton gules a fleur-de-lis argent (Pepperell). 
On an escocheon of pretence : Azure, three garbs, two and 
one, or (Royall). 

Crest : Out of a mural crown argent, with three laurel- 
leaves proper iii the embrasures, an arm emboived, holding a 
banner argent. 

Motto: Peperi. 

The achievement of Sir William Pepperell, Bart. He 
was Governor of New England, and married one of the 
daughters and coheirs of Isaac Royall, Esq., of New England, 
but of a Scotch family. Lady Pepperell's mother was a 
coheiress of the Highland family of Mcintosh. The wife 
of W. Congreve, Esq., of Aldermaston, co. Berks, was a 
daughter of Sir William Peppei-ell. 

In the churchyard is a railed monument to : — 
Isaac Royall, Esq., late of Medford, in New England, 
who died Oct. 16, 1781, aged 62, as also of his daughter 
Mary Mcintosh, wife of George Erving, late of Boston, in 
New England, Esq., died Nov. 11, 1786, aged 42. 

('Collectanea Top. et Gen.,' vol. viii., p. 216.) 
I 2 



^3etit5ru of ^^usstll 

Arms. — On a bend .... three swans . 


Frances, 2nd dau,=pLieut. -Colonel Randal Russell, settled- 

of Edmund Kay- 

nell of Hasle- 

bury, CO. Dorset 

(sic Le Neve) ; 

he was living 

1677. 1st wife. 

in 1637 at St. Kitts under Sir Tho- 
mas Warner ; Deputy-Governor of 
Nevis 1668 ; his death announced 29 
June 1678. Will dated 17 March 
1677 ; proved 30 June 1683. (76 
Dra-x.) /fs 

■Margaret Sir James Russell, Knt., Governor^ 

Margaret Hunt, 

of Nevis 1632—71 ; knighted 10 sister of Robert 
2nd wife. May 1672; died 15 Nov. 1674, Hunt ; bur. Sep. 
ffit. 74 ; bur. and M.I. at St. 1677 at St. 
James's, Bristol. Will dated 6 i James's, Bris- 
Nov. and proved 10 Dec. 1674. I tol, intestate. 
(147 Bunce.) A^ 

Colonel Sir James Russell, Knt., Ist^ 

pPenelope, dau. of Sir Timo- 

Valentine Russell, matriculated= 

j=Mary, dau. of Colonel 

son and heir ; heir to his uncle Sir 

thy Tyrrell of Shotover, 

from Trinity College, Oxford, 

Philip Warner, De- 

James Russell ; Member of Council, 

Knt. ; mar. 13 Jan. 1675 

4 Nov. 1673, aged 15 ; Secre- 

puty - Governor of 

Nevis, 1672. Will dated 16 July 

at Camberwell, co. Surrey; 

tary of Nevis 1678 ; Member of 

Antigua ; (?) mar. 

1687; proved 4 July 1688. (99 

died in London 3 Dec. 

Council of Antigua 1680 ; dead 





Elizabeth Russell, Frances Russell, 2nd dau. and coheir, mar. 1st, her first-cousin, Sir William Stapletou, 2nd Bart., of 
1st dau. and co- Nevis. His will was dated 6 Dec. 1699 and proved 14 March 1700. (43 Dyer.) She mar. 2udly, 
heir ; living 1687. Walter Hamilton, Captain-General of the Leeward Islands. His will was dated 16 April 1722 and 

proved 22 Feb. 1723. (29 Richmond.) Her will was dated at Cheltenham 17 Oct. 1743 and proved 

26 March 1746. (100 Edmunds.) 

I _ I 

Colonel Martin Madan of Hertingfordbury, co. Herts ; a minor=rJudith, dau. of Mr. Justice Spencer 
1703; M.P. for Wooton Bassett 1747 — 54; died 1756. Will Cowper, uncle of Earl Cowper ; mar. Madan. 
dated 23 Oct. 1750 ; proved 22 March 1756. (75 Glazier.) Dec. 1723 ; living 1756. 

Rev. Martin Madan, 1st son and heir ;= 
matriculated from Christ Church, Ox- 
ford, 9 Feb. 1742-3, ffit. 17 ; B.A. 1746 ; 
Barrister-at-Law Inner Temple 1748 ; 
died at Epsom 2 May, set. 63, and bur. 
8 May 1790 at Kensington. Will dated 
4 April 1778; proved 12 May 1790. 
(252 Bishop.) 

=Jane, 2nd dau. Right Rev. Spencer Madan, D.D.,=pLady Charlotte, 2nd dau. of 

of Sir Bernard entered Westminster School 174 
Hale of King's B.A. Cambridge 1749 ; Bishop of 
Walden, co. Bistol 1791, then of Peterborough 
Herts. 1794 ; died 8 Nov. 1813, set. 85, 

at the Palace, Peterborough. 

(See ' Gent. Mag.,' vol. 83.) 

the 1st Earl of Cornwallis ; 
mar. 1756; died 11 March 
1794 at Bath, aet. 68. M.I. 
in Worcester Cathedral. 
(See ' Gent. Mag.,' vol. 75.) 
1st wife. 

Rev. Spencer Madan, D.D. ; M.A. Cambridge 1779 ; William Charles Charlotte Madan, only dau. ; mar. 1781 General 

Rector of Thorpe, co. StaiFord, 1809, and of Ibstock, Madan, Colonel George Ward of Woodland Castle, co. Glamor- 

co. Leicester, 1832 ; Chancellor and Prebendary of in the Army. gan ; she died 29 Aug. 1832, «t. 75. 

Captain John Russell of Antigua, bur. 28 Oct. 1732=rGertrude . . , 


.... Fletcher.=pMary Russell. Will dated=pWilliam Spencer, shoemaker, Gertrude Russell, 
1st husband. 29 Oct. and sworn 27 Nov. bur. 15 Nov. 1727. 2nd bur. 3 May 1720. 
1747. husband. 

Charles=x=Eliza Ervin, 
Russell, mar. 4 Aug. 

Anthony F 
living 1747 

I I 

I I, 

tcher, William Spencer, bur. 

Dorothy Spencer, living 

Erwin Russell,=7 

5 April 1725. 


bur. 6 June 

1745 at St. 

Russell Spencer, bapt. 

Gertrude Spencer, mar. 


13 June 1726. 

Hamilton; bur. 12 

Dec. 1760. 

of Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Gibson ; 


John Russell, bapt. 27 July 1744. Named in the will of his 
grandmother Mrs. Elizabeth Gibson dated 1 July 1745. 

bapt. 1 

June Jan, 171 9. 

Charles Russell, bapt 8 June 1745 ; 
bur. 17 April 1751. 




James Emra of Nevis,=f=Eaoliell, dau. of William=pWilliam Woodlej^Major Lockhart Russell 

later of Antigua, 
mar. 13 July 1749 at 
St. Paul's; died 28 
Dec. 1759, set. 37. 
M.I. at Parham. 1st 

Yeamans of Millhill, I Parson of St. Kitts, 
Antigua, Esq. ; bapt. 22 Esq. Will dated 4 
Aug. 1731 at St. Paul's. ■ Nov. 1766; proved 
Will dated 9 Sep. and I 7 Aug. 1770. (307 
sworn 12 Oct. 1809. | Jenner.) 2nd 
I husband. 

of Antigua, mar. circa 
1773 ; died 8 Jan. 1798 
at Southampton. Will 
dated 2 Dec. 1797 ; 
sworn 9 Feb. 1798. 
3rd husband. 



only sur- 
viving sis- 
ter 1797. 

Francis Russell of BlackhalJ, co. Kincardine, N.B., Advocate ; owner of " Millhill " of=f=Mary Bannerman. 
333 acres and " Gardeners " in Old Road, Antigua, which he inherited from his uncle I 
Lockhart Russell. Will dated 13 Jan. 1803 ; proved 8 Jan. 1807. 

Lockhart Russell. 

Jane Russell. Frances Russell. 

Sir Thomas Warner, Knt., Governor of St. Kitts=j=Anne Russell. Will=pSir George Marsh, Knt., of Nevis, later of Lime- 

and Lieut.-General of ye Caribbee Isles ; died 10 
March 1648. M.I. at the Old Road, St. Kitts 
1st husband. 

dated 16 July 1692; 
proved 27 Feb. 
1693. (35 Box.) 

house. Will dated 27 March 1672 ; proved 
Nov. 1676. (117 Bence.) 2nd husband. 

Randall=pMargaret ....(?) remar. 
'" before 1682 Colonel 
Thomas Hill, Deputy- 
Governor of St. Kitts. 
His will dated 5 April 
and proved 20 Oct. 
1697. (201 Pyne.) 

18 in 

I I 

Edmond Anne Russell, mar. 1671, at Nevis, 
Russell, Sir William Stapleton, 1st Bart., 
under 14 Captain-General of the Leeward 
in 1677. Islands. His will dated at London 

1 April and proved 28 Oct. 1686. 

(141 Lloyd.) Her will dated 14 

May 1719 ; proved 26 July 1722. 

(147 Marlborough.) 

Penelope Russell,=pMartin Madan, Esq., of Nevis 

3rd dau. ; 

n 1687. Will dated at Lon- 
don 17 and proved 20 March 
1703. (69 Ash.) 

Edmund Russell, 
living 1697. 

Frances Russell, aet. 15 and spinster 
in 1681 ; mar. Joseph Jory of Nevis, 
who was a Lieut. 1680, Captain 1683, 
Colonel 1719; Agent at London 1702. 
He died at Bethnal Green (? 1725). 
His son Randolph matriculated from 
St. John's College, Oxford, 3 Nov. 
1699, at. 16. Adm'on at Oxford 26 
Nov. 1702. 

Elizabeth Russell, mar. 1st, Robert JeafFreson of 
St. Kitts ; 2ndly, before 1681, Captain John Vernon 
of Antigua. His will dated 17 June 1704 ; 
proved 2 Nov. 1705. (231 Gee.) She died 1737. 

Richard Madan. Will dated 31 Aug.=rBridget Maria, only dau. and heir of Hugh Stafford, Esq., of Pynes, 
1759 ; proved 17 Nov. 1762. (470 I and relict of Sir Henry Northcote, Bart., who died 1743. 
St. Eloy.) I 



John Charles Madan, Ensign 

Madan. Foot Guards, died 1 

April 1761 in Germany. 

Frederick Madan, Lieut.- 
Colonel 1st Foot Guards, 
died in North America. 
Adm'on 9 Feb. 1785. 

Penelope Madan, mar. 6 July 1754, 
at St. George's, Hanover Square, 
General the Hon. Sir Alexander 
Maitland, son of Charles, 6th Earl 
of Lauderdale. 

Maria Frances Cecilia 
Madan, mar. before 
1750 William Cowper, 
Esq., her first-cousin. 

of Charlestown,=j=Catherine 
Mass., son of Hon. Daniel Russell, 
and descended from Richard Russell 
who settled there 1640 ; born there 
1715; Member of Council 1774; 
died 1798, set. 82. 

Colonel Henry Vassall, born 25 Dec. 1721=pPenelope, dau. of Isaac 

in West Indies ; in 1748 leased Robert 
Oliver's 140 acres at Popeshead, Antigua, 
in partnership with Isaac Royall ; died 
intestate 17 March 1769 at Cambridge, 
Mass. ; bur. at Christ Church. 

Royall of Antigua 
Mass. ; mar. 28 Jan. 
1742 ; died 19 Nov. 
1800, aet. 76, in Boston. 

Charles Russell, born 27 Dec. 1738 at Charlestown ;=pElizabeth Vassall, only surviving child and heir, bapt. 17 Dec. 1742 
B.A. Harvard 1757 ; M.D. Aberdeen 1765 ; banished at Cambridge ; mar. 15 Feb. 1768 ; died 23 Feb. 1802 at Plymouth, 
1778 ; died 27 May 1780 at Antigua. Mass. Of her ten children six died infants. 

I I 
Penelope Russell, born 17 March 1769 
in Lincoln ; bapt. 9 April 1769 ; mar. 
7 Nov. 1808 Hon. Theodore Sedgwick 
of Stockbridge, Mass. ; he died 24 Jan. 
1813, at. 67; she died s.p. 18 May 
1827 in Boston, and was bur. in William 
I's Vault under King's Chapel. 

Elizabeth Russell, born and died 27 
Jan. 1770. 

Elizabeth Vassall Russell, born 10 Jan. 

1771 ; mar. 12 June 1797 Charles Fur- 
long Degen, an English Merchant of 
Leghorn ; she died 28 Aug. 1824 in 
Marion, co. Miss., and left issue. 

Catherine Graves Russell, born 9 Jan. 

1772 ; died a spinster 5 Sep. 1847 at 
Roxbury, and bur. in Colonel Henry 
Vassall's Vault beneath Christ Church, 

I I 
Rebecca Russell, born 20 Feb. 1773 in 
Lincoln, Mass. ; mar. 1st, 6 or 7 Nov. 
1793, David Pearce of Gloucester, 
Mass., by whom she left issue ; 2ndly, 
in 1813, Joseph Ruggles of Roxbury; 
she died 15 Dec. 1825 at Philadelphia 
and was bur. there. 

Charles Thomas Jarvis Russell, bapt. 
23 and bur. 24 Oct. 1779 at St. John's, 



(D'nus.) George Marche of Limehouse in Stepney, Esq. 
"Will dated 27 March 1672 ; proved 9 Nov. 167(; by Dame 
Ann March the relict. (117 Bence.) I own a parcel of 
land called the Dusthill in Limehouse with a mansion house 
thereon with gardens, orchards, etc., all which I give to my 
loving wife Dame Anne Warner for 80 years, & after her 
death to Edward Yonger, citizen & cutler, of London, Chas. 
Porter of the Middle Temple, Esq., & Francis Pemberton, 
Esq., for 99 years on trust to pay debts & legacies, & when 
paid I give the estate to Rich'^ Fowke, 2* s. of my sister 
Joice Fowke, & his heirs male, with remainder to iier other 
sons John, Thos., & Geo. Fowke. My interest in the light 
house in the parish of Leede, co. Kent, called Dungenness, 
& all my lands in that county I give to my wife on trust to 
pay the following annuities, viz., To the poor of Limehouse 
£20, EdW^ Yonger of S' Clement Danes £20, Chas. Porter 
of the Middle Temple, Esq., £20, Geo. Fowke, youngest s. 
of my sist. Joice Fowke, John Minterne of Limehouse, 
public notary, £20, Francis Pemberton of the Inner Temple, 
Esq., £20. I give to my wife all my plantations, Indians, 
negros, & stock in the Island of Nevis or elsewhere in the 
West Indies, & all residue & Ex'trix. Witnessed by John 
Whiteing, John Carter, Jo. Fyrchild. 

James Russell, late of Neivis, now living in Bristoll. 
Will dated 6 Nov., proved 10 Dec. 1674 by Margaret 
RusseU the relict. On 26 Jan. 1676 new Probate to Dame 
Margaret Russell because Sir James Russell did not state 
bis title in his will. On 9 Oct. 1677 commission to Robert 
Hunt the brother and adm'or of Dame Margaret Russell, 
deceased. (147 Buuce.) To M'' Tho. Home, Minister of 
S' Jas., £5, & £10 to the poor. To my lov. bro. Col. 
Randall Russell my saddle horse, pistols, rapier, & coat of 
armes to be sent to him at Nevis. To my sist. M''^ Kath. 
Fenton if living in Irel'^ £50. To the Lady March a 20s. 
ring. All est. in Eng'' to my wife Marg' Russell, she to be 
sole Ex'or, & I give her all the right of the S' X'pher's 
plant" that was formerly hers. As to my own proper plant" 
in Nevis, leased out to my bro. Col. Randall Russell for 5 
years at £400 a year, li years yet to run, I give my wife 
the residue of the rent, & then all the plant" & slaves to my 
neph. Cap' Jas. Russell, he to pay £200 a year in sugar or 
indigo to my wife as long as she remains my widow, & she 
may hve in the house there. Jas. Russell Ex'or for Nevis. 
Witnessed by Thomas Cole, George Morris. 

Randall Russell of Nevis. Will dated 17 March 1677 ; 
proved 30 June 1683 by Sir James Russell, Knt. ; power 
reserved to Margaret Russell the widow and relict. (76 
Drax.) To my wife Margaret ^ my real & personal estate 
or else £1500 st., all my jewels, & those negros formerly 
belonging to Sir Samuel Windall, deceased. To my son Sir 
James Russell my white gelding left me by my brother & 
sent from Bristoll. My dau. Ann Stapleton £100. My 
grandson James Stapleton £100. My dau. Prances Russell 
£1500 St. at 16, 5 to be paid here & 5 out of the monies in 
the hands of Capt. Gabriell Deane & M'' Geo. Morris, 
merchants of Bristoll, if she die £800 to her brother 
Randall & the other to my Ex'ors. My said dau. to have ^ 
of my plate. My son Randall to be sent to England for his 
education, & £50 a year till 18, then £800. To my son 
Edmond Russell £500, & £12 a year till 14, £25 a year till 
18. My dear sister Lady Ann March £5 for a ring. My 
former wife left negros to my dau. Frances which I confirm 
to her. My son Valentine Russell £100 at the birth of his 
1" child. My father-in-law M' Edmond Kaynall £12 a 
year. To the parish of S' James 1000 lbs. To Capt. W" 
Burt my red plush saddle given me by the general. To 
Charles Pym my red scarfe, & to Ensign Samuel Gardiner 
my gold belt & sword. M'' John Ley 1000 lbs. My wife 

to take her 5 of my estate then at her death equally to my 
sons Randall & Edmond Russell. All other my estate, 
money, plantations, slaves, cattle, mills, coppers, stills, etc., 
to my son Sir James Russell, he & my wife Ex'ors. My 
friends Cap* W™ Burt, Chas. Pym, & Ensign Samuel 
Gardiner feoffees in Trust & overseers. Witnessed by 
Christopher Julian, Ja. Rolt, Ali. Duvall, ffra. Matham, 
George ThornehuU. 

1677, Oct. 9. Dame Margaret Russell of St. James, 
Bristol, widow, deceased. Adm'on to Robert Hunt the 

Sir James Russell, Knt., of Nevis. Will dated at Nevis 
16 July 1687 ; proved 4 July 1688 by Dame Penelope 
Russell the widow. (99 Exton.) To my daus. Eliz"' 
Russell, Penelope Russell, & Frances Russell i my estate in 
Nevis, the other i to my wife Penelope Russell. To my 
bro. Randolph Russell £5. To my 3 daus. all my jiersonal 
estate & 5 my estate in Antigua, the other i to my wife, 
she to be Ex'trix. Witnessed by Thomas Hill, .... 
Tyrrell, John Smargin, Martin Madan. 

Dame Anne Marsh, widow and relict of Sir George 
Marsh, late of Limehouse, co. Middlesex, Knt. Will dated 
16 July 1692 ; proved 27 Feb. 1693. (35 Box.) My 
loving friends Anthony Bowyer of Camberwell, Esq., & 
Edmond Portington, Gent., Ex'ors, & to dispose of my 
estate & all arrears of my annuity in the West Indies. 
Witnessed by Chai-les Carrington, Richard Lee, Mary 
Cotton, Jane Trappes. 

Codicil. To my neece M''^ Louice Stapleton, dau. of my 
niece the Lady Stapleton, widow of Sir Wm. Stapleton, 
£500 out of my arrears in the West Indies. To Edmund 
Russell, s. of Col. Russell, £200. M"^^ Judith Portington 
£200. M'- Steyner & his wife & children £200. M'= Anne 
Stapleton, dau. of the said Lady Stapleton, £100, & to the 
other dan. of M'^ Frances Stapleton £100. To my Ex'ors 
£300. M's Mott my servant £200. 

Martin Madan, late of Nevis, now of London, Esq. 
Will dated 17 and proved 20 March 1703 by Joseph 
Martyn, William Fellowes, and Thomas Andrews. (69 
Ash.) To my P' son Martin, over & above the plantation 
called Russells with the negros which myself & wife have 
settled on him by deed lately made in England, £2000 at 
21. To my dau. Penelope Madan £3000. To my son 
James Russell Madan £2000 at 21 over & above the two 
plantations in Nevis I settled on him. To my youngest 
sou Richard Madan £2500 at 21. To my wife Penelope, ou 
whom the plantations in Nevis are settled for life, all goods, 
plate, jewels, coach, horses, & £500. To my mother-iu-law 
Dame Penelope Russell £20 & £20 a year. To my sister 
Geraldine in Dubhn £50. To my brother Robert Madan 
£50. To my sister Margaret (whose surname I don't 
know) £30. To my sister Dame Frances Stapleton £25. 
To my loving friend Col. Wm. Ling of Nevis 20 French 
pistoles & to aid my Ex'ors. £10 to my servant Margaret 
Wroth, & £5 to the others. To my friends M'' Joseph 
Martyn of London, merchant, & his two sons-in-law M'' 
Wm. Fellowes & M-- Tho. Andrews £20 each & to be Ex'ors. 
All residue ia trust for my 4 children. Witnessed by W. 
Cockburne, P. Allix, William Bolton. 

? 1726, Jan. 11. Commission to Nathaniel Hedges of 
Bethnall Green, Esq., to administer the goods of Joseph 
Jory of ditto, Esq. 



Mary Spencer, widow. Will dated -29 Oct. 1747. My 
dau. Gertrude Hamilton, wid., iiegros, dau. Dorothy Spencer 
My sou Anth" Fletcher my silver watch. All 
I have in the estate bequeathed by my father Jn° 
Russell, dec'5, to my said s. Anthony & my daus. Gertrude 
& Dorothy. Rich'' Hosier Ex. Witnessed by Jos. Monteigue, 
Thomas Sawcolt. Before Josiah Martin, Esq., was sworn 
Thomas .Sawcolt 27 Nov. 1747. Recorded 4 Dec. 1747. 

Martin Madaa of St. George's, Hanover Square, Esq. 
Will dated 23 Oct. 1750 ; proved 22 March 1756 by Judith 
Madan, widow, the relict, Ashley Cowper, and William 
Cowper. (75 Glazier.) I have purchased 6 £50 exchequer 
aunuities in the names of my 6 younger children, & having 
preferred my 1^' dau. Maria in marriage with W™ Cowper, 
Esq., I give my younger dau. Penelope Madan Maria's said 
annuity. By the settlement on my marriage with my wife 
Judith £400 a year is to be paid her after my death. £50 
a year more to my dau. Penelope. All my plantations at 
Nevis & S' Christopher's to my l^'' son Martin Madan, 
remainder to my 2" s. Spencer, 3" John, 4'" Chas., & 5*'' 
Frederick. John, Duke of Rutland, & my brother James 
Russell Madan, Esq., Trustees. All residue of my personal 
estate to my wife Judith. My said trustees with ray wife 
Ex'ors. Witnessed by Elizabeth Jefferson, W. Bromfeild, 
William Inguire. 

Codicil. 25 Nov. 1752. I revoke the appointment of 
John, Duke of Rutland, & my brother James Russell 
Madan, & make my brother Ashley Cowper & my son W"" 
Cowper Ex'ors in their place. Witnessed by Charles 
Torriano, John Laurence, John Marshall. 

Richard Madan of Clarges Street, co. Middlesex, Esq. 
Will dated 31 Aug. 1759 ; proved 17 Nov. 1762 by Spencer 
Schutz, Esq. ; power reserved to the Rev. Martin Madan. 
(470 St. Eloy.) To my wife Bi'idget Maria Madan, styled 
Lady Northcote, all arrears of rents. My 2 nephews Rev. 
Martin Madan & Spencer Schutz all my S. Sea stock in 
Trust for my wife to educate Rich'' Madan, s. of M" Eliz. 
Turnley, now at the free school at Bath. My 2 nephews 
Chas. Madan & Fred. Madan. My sister Schutz £100. 
Nephew Spencer Schutz i the mortgage of Sir John 
Osborne's estate in Ireland. All residue to my nephews 
Rev. Martin Madan & Spencer Schutz on trust for my wife 
for life, then to the said Rich'' Madan at Bath, if he die 
then all real estate to my nephew Rev. Spencer Madan, & 
my personal estate to my nephews Chas. Madan & Fred. 
Madan. Martin Madan & Spencer Schutz Ex'ors. Wit- 
nessed by W. Jones, Doro. Scott, Lewis Clutterbuck. 

Isl Codicil. 27 Oct. 1760. £1709 has become due from 
the estate of the late Sir Henry Northcote, Bart., Kelland 
estate in the Southams, co. Devon, & £876 which I lent to 
my son-in-law Ensign Henry Northcote. I give £1000 
more to my wife. 

2nd Codicil. 28 March 17G1. My nephew Chas. Madan 
has died so my nephew Chas. Schutz to stand in his place. 

On 16 Nov. 1762 appeared Bridget Maria Northcote of 
Upton Pine, co. Devon, spinster, and John Henry Merttins, 
jeweller, of St. Bennet Fink, London, and swore to hand- 
writing of testator who was late of Upton Pine. 

William Woodley Parson of Great Marlboro' Street, Esq. 
Will dated 4 Nov. 1766 ; proved 7 Aug. 1770 by Rachael 
Parson the relict ; power reserved to the others. (307 
Jenner.) All my estate to my wife Rachael, but if she die 
before me then to W"" Maxwell of Carredon in Scotland, 
Esq., £500, & £100 each to M" Mary Udny, widow of M"- 
Ernest Udny, M''' Charity Beiionville, M' Tho. Yeomans 
Elliott, & M'' Chas. Yeomans Martin, all these nephews & 

nieces of my wife. £100 also to M" Grace Patterson her 
particular friend, & then all residue to my sisters Lucretia, 
Bridget, & Frances at 21. My wife Rachael, my father 
Edward Parson, & W™ Maxwell Ex'ors. Witnessed by 
Henry Wilmot, John Lancaster, Valentine Henry AUott. 

Martin Madan of Epsom, co. Surrey, clerk. Will dated 
4 April 1778; proved 12 May 1790 by Jane Madan the 
widow and relict. (252 Bishop.) All my lease of the 
plantation in S* Christopher's, made to me by M" Stapleton 
of Harrow on the Hill & her 2 daus. Anna & Frances, & all 
my negros purchased since the death of my father, to my 
wife Jane, & sole Ex'trix. 

1785, Feb. 9. Frederick Madan, Lieut.-Colonel of the 
1st Regiment of Foot Guards, Esq., in North America, 
deceased. Adm'on to Walter Lewis a creditor ; Judith 
Madan, widow, the mother dying, and Rev. Martin Madan, 
Rev. Spencer Madan, Clerk, D.D., Penelope Maitland, wife 
of Alexander Maitland, Esq., and Maria Frances Cecilia 
Compton, widow, the brothers and sisters, renouncing. 

Major Lockhart Russell. Will dated 2 Dec. 1797. My 
wife Rachel & Francis Russell of Blackball, N.B., Ex'ors. 
All my estate in trust. To my wife all produce for life, & 
after her death to my nephew Francis Russell, & then to 
my godson Lockhart Russell, son of the said Francis. To 
my wife absolutely plate, linen, & furniture. 1" I confirm 
my obligation under the marriage articles of my nephew 
Francis Russell & Mary his wife, over & above that sum 
£100 per ann. to my said niece Mary for life. To my only 
surviving sister Eliz"' Russell £40 a year. To my niece 
Stewart Russell £40 a year. To my niece Isabella Russell 
£50 a year. To my cousins Eliz"' & Isabella Philips £10 a 
year each. To my niece Euphemia, wife of John Innes, 
Esq., £51 » a year. To my niece Mary, wife of Lucas .... 
Smyth, Esq., £40 a year. To ray servant Jn" Bell £25 a 
year. My wife & my nephew Francis Ex'ors. Witnessed 
by John Mackie, M.D., Thomas Mears. John Mackie of 
Southampton sworn there 9 Feb. 1798. Copy sent out 
from P.C.C. and recorded 5 April 1798. 

Francis Russell, Advocate at Blackball, co. Kincardine. 
Will dated 13 Jan. 1803; proved 8 Jan. 1807 by Mary 
Russell the widow, under £5000 in P.C.C. To my wife 
Mary Bannerman al's Russell all my estate of Milhill & 
Gardiners in Old Road Div", Antigua, charged with the life 
interest of M". Rachel Russell, widow of my uncle Lockhart 
Russell, also £10,000 in the 3 per cents., with furniture -fc 
stock, & £600 a year during the life of Rachel Russell by 
John Innes, Esq., of (Durries?). My wife to take all 
estate in trust to pay herself & £1000 extra, & secure 
£3000 each to our children Jane, Frances, & Jas. Russell 
at 25, & pay £6667 due to John Innes, Esq., on the death 
of M'^ Rachel Russell. All residue to our children. My 
wife sole Ex'trix & Guardian to Lockhart Russell my P' s., 
to Jas. Russell my y=' s., to Jane Russell my 1" d., to 
Frances Russell my y^' d. My pt son to be heir to my 
landed estate in Scotland. Witnessed by James Bryce, 
William Henderson, John Moir. Recorded at St. John's, 
copy sent from the Court of Sessions, Scotland. 

Rachel Russell of Antigua, widow. Codicil dated 9 Sep. 
1809. I left my will with my friend Daniel Mackinnea, 
Esq., in Great Britain. My Ex'ors Edwi Jones & Dan' 
Hill of Antigua are to pay to my niece Eliz"' Eliot £100. 
Witnessed by Isaac Taylor, Daniel Hill. Before Edward 
Byara, Esq., was sworn Isaac Taylor 12 Oct. 1809. 



Close Roll, 13 G-eo. III., Part 5, Nos. 8 aud 9. 

Indenture made 1st Nov. 1773 between Lockbart Russell 
of Berners Street, St. Marylebone, Major, and Rachel Russell 
his wife (late Rachel Parson, widow), of the one part, and 
John Russell of Castle Street, London, Esq., of the other 
part. In consideration of 5s. paid by John Russell, Lock- 
hart and Rachel Russell grant to him all that plantation 
called Young's Lane of 40 acres in the parish of St. Jlary, 
Antigua, and 175 slaves upon it, and their other plantation 
in the division of Old Road in Antigua to hold for ooe year, 
yielding therefore one peppercorn if demanded, that John 
Russell may be in possession and enabled, etc., to the uses 
of an Indenture to bear date the day after these presents, 
and Lockhart and Rachel Russell appoint, etc., Samuel I 
Eliot and David Potter, both of Antigua, Esquires, their 

No. 8. 

Indenture made 2nd Nov. 1773 between Lockhart 
Russell of Berners Street, etc., Major, and Rachel his wife 
(late Rachel Parson, widow), of the one part, and John 
Russell of Castle Street, St. Marylebone, Esq., of the other 
part. Whereas Rachel Russell is seised of an estate of 
inheritance in the plantation, etc., hereinafter mentioned, 
now for destroying all estates tail, and extinguishing all 
dower in the said premises, and for assuring the same, and 
in consideration of 10s., Lockhart and Rachel Russell grant 
to John Russell Young's Lane Plantation, containing 40 
acres in the parish of St. Mary, Antigua, butted and 
bounded E. with the lands of James Emra, Esq., deceased, 
N. with the lands of Ashton Warner, Esq., deceased, and W. 
and S. with the lands of Edward Williams, now in the 
possession or occupation of Lockhart Russell, together with 
the 175 negros, etc., to have and to hold to John Russell 
and his heirs, etc., to his own use, but nevertheless in trust 
for Lockhart Russell and his heirs for ever. 

16G0, Sep. 12. Colonel James Russell commissioned as 
Governor of Nevis. (Nevis Acts.) 

1670, Aug. Lieut. -Colonel Randolph Russell of Nevis 
to be a Commissioner for the rendition of St. Kitts. 

1671. Colonel James Russell then Deputy-Governor of 

1671, June 15. Governor Stapleton was gone to Nevis 
to marry Lieut.-Colonel Russell's daughter. 

1671, July 14. Colonel Russell referred to as late 
Governor of Nevis. 

1671, Dec. 9. Nevis has a regiment of trained bands 
(under Colonel Russell, a great support of the Government), 
and a militia troop under Captain James Russell, eldest son 
to the Colonel. 

1672, March 6. Nevis. Colonel Russell the principal 
man of the island. 

1672, May 25. Governor Stapleton commissioned 
Lieut.-Colonel Randolph Russell as Deputy-Governor of 

1672, June 11. Captain James Russell of the Council 
of Nevis. 

1672, Nov. Sir James Russell then in England. 

1673, April 25. Sir James Russell, then at Bristol, 
writes to his "cousin Warner." (Colonial Calendar, 
America and West Indies, 1669 — 74.) 

1673, March 18. Mr. John Jory, brother of Mr. 
Joseph Jory of Nevis, merchant, enters his protest. 
(Records at St. John's.) 

1675, Dec. 20. Deposition of Colonel Randolph Rus- 
sell, Deputy-Governor of Nevis. Deponent, in July 1637, 
arrived out of Europe into St. Christopher's, and was 
received into the house of Sir Thomas Warner, and there 
lived in his employ several years. (Colonial Entry 
Book, 46.) 

1676-7, Jan. 16. Hon. Lieut.-Colonel Randolph Rus- 
sell granted 511 acres in Antigua by Colonel Philip Warner. 
Surveyed 1676. 

1678, Aug. 1. Valentine Russell, Gent., Secretary of 
Nevis, granted a patent for 511 acres in Falmouth by Sir 
W. Stapleton, at the annual rent of an ear of Indian corn. 

Sir James Russell, Governor and Commander-in-Chief 
of Nevis and the Caribee Leeward Islands, wrote " In the 
event of the decease of y^ Cap' Gen' and y'= Gov' of Nevis 
is to take up the gov' .... W"> Stapleton made me Dep. 
Gov of Nevis." (No date.) 

Nevis. Colonel Randoll Russell, Mrs. Margaret Russell, 
2 boys, 1 girl (white children) ; 103 negros, 23 boys, 23 
girls, 2 mulattos. 

Sir James Russell, 11 white men, 1 woman, 9 children ; 
70 negro men, 70 women, 18 children. 

1678, June 29. Colonel Randall Russell, Deputy- 
Governor of Nevis, is dead. 

1680, June 15. Valentine Russell signs as a Member of 
Council of Antigua. 

1680, June 19. James Russell signs as a Member of 
Council of Nevis. 

1680, Feb. 9. John Parington sells 50 acres to the 
Hon. Valentine Russell of Antigua. 

1680. March 3. Sir James Russell and Nicholas Rayns- 
ford, Esq., granted a patent for 1050 acres in Antigua, 
formerly Colonel Thomas Middleton's ground, by Sir W. 
Stapleton. Surveyed 8 March 1680. Confirmed 28 Nov. 
1681, and a further grant of 100 acres of flashes made on 
15 March 1684. 

1681. Hon. Valentine Russell styled Governor of 
Antigua in various deeds. 

1682. Nevis. Sir James Russell, Deputy-Governor. 
He is entered in a later list as " S"' Jas. Russell K' Judge 
of S' Jas. P'sh. who also commands one Reg' of Mihtia, and 
as eldest Collonel both y" Reg"." 

1687, Aug. Sir Nathaniel Johnson wrote that since 
his return from St. Kitts to Antigua he has heard of the 
death of Sir James Russell, Lieut.-Governor of Nevis. 
(Colonial Entry Book, 47.) 

1700, Sep. 13. Letter from Joseph Jory, agent for 
Nevis, dated at Bethnall Green. The seal has : .... a 
double-headed eagle displayed . . . . ; impaling . ... on 
a bend .... three swans. Two etoiles are visible in chief, 
but part of the base of the seal is missing. (B. T. Leeward 
Islands, vol. 7.) 

1707-8. Census of Nevis. Colonel Joseph Jory, 33 

1711-12, March 19. John Russell, late Governor of 
James Fort, was appointed without pay, etc. On 16 July 
1714 he was described as a Captain of Artillery. 

1719. Joseph Jory still agent. 

No. 170. Private. An Act for the Encouragement of 
Rudhall Russell, Back-maker, in his Projection of Stills 
compounded of Wood and Copper, within this Island. 
Dated 26"" June 1721. (Laws of Antigua.) 

1723, Dec. Martin Madan, Esq ; marry'd to M" 
Judith Cowper, only Daughter of Spencer Cowper, Esq ; 
Uncle of Wilham Earl Cowper. ('Historical Register,' 
p. 56.) 

1725, Aug. 24. Dy'd .... Jory of Abury-Hatch in 
the County of Essex, Esq ; formerly a West-India Merchant. 
(Ibid., p. 39.) 

1732, April 20. Dy'd at her House near Grosvenor- 
Square, the Lady Penelope Russel, a Widow Lady. {Ibid., 
p. 20.) 

1732, April. The Lady Penelope Russel, at her House 
near Grosvenor-Square. (' London Mag.,' p. 42.) 

1748, Sep. 1. Dr. James Russell licensed to practise 
medicine and surgery. 

1761, April 1. At Paderborn, in Germany, 



Charles Madan of the foot-guards. (' Historical Register,' 
p. 188.) 

1767. .James Russell rated on 300 acres and 153 slaves. 
(St. Mary's Vestry Book.) 

1780. Lockhart Russell rated on 199 acres. {Ilnd.) 

1786. On p. 609 of the ' Gent. Mag.' is an account of 
the plot among the slaves on the plantation of the Hon. 
Major Lockhart Russell. 

1798, Jan. 8. At his house at Southampton, Major 
Lockhart Russell. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 87.) 

Elizabeth Vassall, only surviving child of Colonel 
Henry Vassall, by Penelope his wife, daughter of Isaac 
Royal 1, born about 1742, baptized at Cambridge, Mass., 
17 Dec. 1742, married Charles Russell, M.D., 15 Feb. 1768. 
He was the son of James and Catherine Russell, born in 
Charlestown, Mass., 27 Dec. 1738, studied medicine with 
Dr. Ezekiel Hersey of Hingliam, and afterwards in 
England with Drs. Colin Mackinzee and William Hun- 
ter at St. Thomas's Hospital, took a degree of M.D. at 
Aberdeen 1705, returned to New England and settled at 
Lincoln, M;iss., where he had inherited an estate from his 
uncle, Judge Chambers Russell. He sailed for Martinico 
April 1775, and his wife, if she did not accompany him, 
soon followed with her mother, then a widow. Dr. Rus- 
sell w^as exiled by the Act of 1778, and his property 
confiscated. He died at Antigua 27 May 1780. His 
widow died at Plymouth, Mass., 23 Feb. 1802. Of their 
ten children the births of but four are recorded in Mass. 
Some of the others were perhaps born in the West Indies. 
('The Vassalls of New England,' by E. D. Harris, 1862.) 

1832. Leicestershire, Aug. 29. At the house of her 
brother the Rev. Dr. Madan, Ibstock Rectory, aged 75, 
Charlotte, relict of Gen. George Ward, late of Woodland 
Castle, Glamorganshire, the only dau. of the Right Rev. 
Spencer Madan, D.D. late Lord Bishop of Peterborough, 
by Lady Charlotte, sister of the first Marquis Cornwallis. 
(' Gent. Mag.,' p. 286.) 

Parish Register of St. John. 

1719 Jan. 1 Elizabeth D. of Charles Russell and Eliz"' 

his wife. 

1721 Aug. 26 Johns, of John Russell jun' & Henrietta 

his wife. 

1744 July 27 John the s. of Edwin Russell and Susan- 

nah his wife. 

1745 June 8 Charles the s. of Evin Russell and Susan- 

nah his wife. 
1779 Oct. 23 Charles Thomas .Jarvis the s. of Doc"' 
Charles Russell and his wife. 

1710 Oct. 3 Thomas Fletcher and Eliza Ervin. 
1715 Aug. 4 Charles Russell and Eliza Ervin. 

(? 1702 or 3) James s. of Peter Russell & Mary his wife. 

1720 May 3 Gertrude Russell. 

1722 Sep. 13 Gertrude wife of John Russell. 

1724 July 16 Mrs. Hannah Spencer. 

1725 April 5 William s. of William Spencer. 

1726 June 13 Russell s. of Wm. Spencer. 

1727 Nov. 15 Mr. William Spencer, shoemaker. 
1732 Oct. 28 Cap' John Russell. 

1745 June 6 Ervin Russell. 
1745 June 8 Susannah Russell, widow. 
(? 1751) April 17 Charles llussell, a Child. 
1755 Mar. 19 Mary Russell. 

1756 Sep. 13 Bristol! Roussell. 

1769 Sep. 28 Doct' James Russell. P. 

1779 Oct. 24 Charles Thomas Jarvis Russell. 

1780 April 27 Doc' Charles : 

St. George, Hanover Square, London. 
1754 July 6 The Hon. Ale.xander Maitland, Esq., B., 
& Penelope Madan, S. L.A.C. 

Camberwell, CO. Surrey. 
1675 Jan. 13 S' Ja. Russell, kn' and M" Penelope 
Tyrrell, daughter to S"- Tim. Tyrreli. 
('Collect. Top. et Gen.,' vol. iii., p. 163.) 

St. James's Church, Bristol. 

On the north side of the altar, beneath a fractured 
entablature, supported on two Corinthian columns, is this 
inscription : — 

Here lyeth the body of James Russell, Knt., late of 
Nevis, one of the first setlers in that Island, who was y« 
first mayor and coilonel there, and after, by commission of 
King Charles 2nd (bearing date ye 12th day of Septr. in ye 
13th yeere of his reign), appointed governo"' of y'' said 
Island, and so continued till 1671 ; by whose wisdom and 
valo' (uneer God) it was preserved, when that and y"= rest of 
those islands were endangered by the French and Dutch, in 
1066 ; who, after obtainiuge leave of His Majesty to come 
for England, here departed this life y'' 15th day of Novem- 
ber, 1674, aged 74 years. 

No mention is here made of Lady Russell, but an entry 
in the church accounts shews that she was interred in the 
same tomb with her husband: — 1077, September 13th. 
" Received for breaking ground in the chancel for y« Lady 
Russell, £1." 

(' Bristol Past and Present,' vol. ii., p. 44.) 

N.B. The author visited St. James's Church in Aug. 
1891, and found that this monumental tablet was placed so 
high up on the north side of the nave wall, first bay, near 
the altar, that without the help of a long ladder the inscrip- 
tion was invisible. 

Rev. Martin Madan, buried May 8, 1790. Son of 
Martin Madan, Esq., of Hertingfordbury, near Hertford, 
member of parliament for Woottoubasset, and Groom of the 
bedchamber to Frederick, Prince of Wales. His mother 
was daughter of Spencer Cowper, Esq., and niece of the 
Lord Chancellor, an accomplished lady, and author of 
several poems of considerable merit.* Mr. Madan was 
originally bred to the law, and had been called to the bar ; 
but afterwards quitted that profession, entered into holy 
orders, became chaplain at the Lock hospital, and a popular 
preacher. In the year 1780 he published a book called 
Thelypthora, which from the singularity of its doctrines, 
being a defence of polygamy, was much read and talked of 
when it first came out. It is somewhat remarkable that 
Mrs. Manley in the Atlantis speaks of Lord Chancellor 
Cowper as maintaining the same tenets. Mr. Madan pub- 
lished also a literal translation of Juvenal and Persius ; 
Thoughts on executive Justice with respect to the Criminal 
Law ; and some single Sermons. He died at Epsom in the 
64th year of his age. 

(Lysons's ' Environs of London,' iii., 224.) 

* ' Abelaird to Eloisa ' ; the ' Progress of Poetry ' ; ' Verses on 
the Death of Hughes,' etc. 



Arms. — Salle, three, fsalmons or. 

Crest. — An armed arm sable, holding a falchion or. 


Captain James Salmond of Antigua, planter, born=pLydia, dau. of William Kennedy of 
ir.94 ; died 1 and bur. 2 Oct. 1740 at St. John's. Antigua ; died 2-t April 174«. Will 
Will dated 9 Sep. 1741 ; sworn 4 Oct. 1746. dated 31 March and sworn 28 April 


Katherine Salmon, mar. 1st 
.... Simes, and 2ndly An- 
drew Rickards of London, 

Elizabeth, dau. of J. Chalmers of=p William Salmond of Seaforth, Antigua, =pJane, 1st dau. of Edward Hasell of Dalemain, 
Edinburgh ; mar. 22 Aug. 1759 ; I Esq., born 4 Aug. 1737 ; Agent for I co. Cumberland; born 22 April 1745 ; mar. 
died 18 July 17G0. 1st wife. Antigua 1776 ; died 4 Aug. 1779. 3 Oct. 1765 ; died 11 Aug. 1820. 2nd wife. 

Euphemia Salmond, 
only child, born 7 
June 1760 ; mar. C. 
Thome, and had 

1st dau. of David=p James Hanson Salmond of= 

Scott, Esq.. of Dunnin- 
aid, M.P. ;'mar. 2 July 
1798; died 20 June 
1805. 1st wife. 

Waterfoot, near Penrith, co. 
Cumberland, Esq., born 17 
Nov. 1766 ; Major-General 
E.I.C.S. ; died 1 Nov. 1837. 

^Rachel Mary Ann, 2nd dau. of Venerable 
Thomas Constable of Beverley, Archdeacon 
of Yorkshire; born 1770; mar. 17 Aug. 
1808 ; died Feb. 1847. 2nd wife. 

James Salmond of Waterfoot, Esq., born 15 June 1805 ; entered=f=Emma Isabella, 
Rugby, Midsummer 1815, set. 10 ; matriculated from Oriel Col- 
lege, Oxford, 16 Nov. 1822, at. 17 ; B.A. 1826 ; Student of the 
Inner Temple 1826 ; Captain 2nd Dragoon Guards, J.P., etc. ; 
died 24 Nov. 1880. 

Coke of Brookhill Hall, Derby- 
shire, Esq. ; mar. 16 Aug. 1832; 
died 8 March 1886. 

Edward Salmond, 
born 3 April 
1809 ; died 14 
May 1821. 

Charles James Salmond, Captain E.I.C.S., born 
11 Nov. 1833; entered Rugby Feb. 1847, ait. 
13 ; killed near Cawnpore 6 Dec. 1857. 

Francis Salmond, born 20 
Feb. 1838. 

Sep. 1837 ; died 4 

Henry Salmond 
of Waterfoot, 
Esq., J.P., Cap- 
tain R.N., born 
31 Dec. 1838. 

William Sal-= 
Lieut. -Colo- 
nel R.E., 
born 25 Aug. 

=Emma Mary, youngest 
dau. of William F. 
Hoyle, Esq., of Hooton 
Levett Hall, York- 

David Sal- 
mond, born 
16 Oct. 
1843; died 
11 April 

William Geoffry Hanson Salmond, born 19 Aug. 1878. John Maitland Salmond, born 17 July 1882. Three daus. 
A portion of this Pedigree is from Burke's ' Landed Gentry.' 

James Salmond. Will dated 9 Sep. 1741. To my wife 
Lydia a riding horse, plate, & furniture for life. To my P' 
dau. Jane negros & £500 c. at 21 or marriage. To my 
dau. Mary £500 c. & negros. To my y^' dau. Eliz'" £500 
c. & negros. All residue to my E.\'ors in trust to pay the 
purchase money of my estate called .... Hill according 
to the agreement between W™ Codrington & Ann his wife & 
myself, & work the same till my son W™ be 21, if he die 
without issue then to my dau. Jane, then to my dau. Mary, 
then to my dau. Eliz"', then to my wife J absolutely, the 
other \ to my nephew .... James & Mary Sims, children of 
my sister Kath. Rickards, now residing in England. My wife, 

Rob' Christian, Jas Mackinnen, Esq"'", & Col. John 

Tomlinson, Gent., M' Rob' & Francis Hanson, planters, 

E.x'ors. Witnessed by William Simms, Absolam Zeagers. 

Codicil. 3 April, 8 Geo. II. To my dau. Jane certain 
negros. To my 2'' ... . negros. To my y»' dau. Eliz"' 
negros. To my nephew Alex"' Simms, now resident on this 
island, my riding horse, demi poke saddle, blew cloth housen 
& houlster caps, old silver handled sword, boots, iron spurs, 
& pair of pistols. To Ex'ors a guinea ring, iis also to M" 
Mary widow of Sam' Hanson, dec'', M"^' Anne widow of 
Cap' John Martin, & her daus. Eliz"' Gray & Mary Martin, 
Rebecca Martin & Nancy Martin, & to be delivered in 
Tjoiidon to Andrew Rickards, taylor in London, & his wife 
Kath. my sister, & her sons Jas., W'", & John Simms, & 
daus. Mary & Jane Rickards. Sworn 4 Oct. 1746. 

N.B. Large portions of this will liave been destroyed. 



Lydia Salraond, widow. Will dated 31 March 1748. 
To my 1" dau. Jane negros & £500 c. at 21. To my dau. 
Mary £500 c. To my y" dau. Eliz"" £500 c. & £30 for a 
negro. All my real estate to my son W™ & his heirs, then 
to my daus., then to Rob' Gray, planter, & to the children 
of my sister Ann Martin ^ each. John Tomlinson, W™ 
Mackinnen, Rob' Christian, & Jas. Doig Ex'ors. Witnessed 
by Martha Horsford, Merriel Turnbull, Hill Dasent. Before 
Josiah Martin, Esq., was sworn Merriel Turnbull 28 April 

Mary Salmond. Will dated 27 Nov. 1791. All my 
negros to be sold & the proceeds to my nephews & nieces 
W", Jas., Lydia, Mary, Eliz"", Cath., & Jenne Gilchrist, 
sons & dauB. of my sister Jane Gilchrist, & to Euphemia 
Thorne, Jas. Salmond, W" Salmond, Francis Salmond, 
Julia Salmond, & Maria Salmond, sons & daus. of my late 

brother W" Salmond, & to W™ Salmond Loving, son of my 
sister Eliz"" Loving, equally. Witnessed by John McCon- 
nell, Nathaniel Marchant. Before Edward Byam, Esq., 
was sworn Nathaniel Marchant, Doctor in Physic, 8 Dec. 
1791. Recorded 14 Dec. 1791. 

Mrs. Jane Gilchrist in her will dated 1794 names her 
nephew William Salmond. 

1743. James Salmond, Esq., then a member of the 
vestry of St. Mary's Parish. 

1767. William Salmond rated on 306 acres and 177 
slaves, and in 1780 on 456 acres and 242 slaves. (St. Mary's 
Vestry Book.) 

1772, May 12. William Salmond, Esq., recommended 
to be of the Council of Antigua vice William Warner, 

Jane Salmond, a minor 1748 ; mar. Dr. John Gilchrist 
of Antigua. Her will dated 25 March 1794, and his 
will in 1782. 

Mary Salmond, died a spinster. 
Will dated 27 Nov. and sworn 
8 Dec. 1791. 

Elizabeth Salmond, mar. 1st 
.... Campbell, 2ndly .... 
a, 3rdly .... Loving. 

Edward Salmond, William Salmond, Collector at Cura9oa Francis Salmond, Master=rAnne, dau. of Charles Pour daus., 

born 8 April and 1801 ; Inspector-General of Taxes for .\ttendant. Fort Marl 

died 13 June cos. Berks, Oxford, etc. ; Captain Cum- borough, Sumatra ; born 

17G8. bcrland Militia; born 20 Oct. 17(19 ; 28 Nov. 1770. 

died 15 Dec. 1S38, bachelor. 

Salmon; born 13 April died single. 
1791 ; mar. 21 Dec. 
1805 ; died 22 Aug. 

George Edward Salmond, Captain 5th Der- 
byshire Regiment, born 24 .Jan. 1845; edu- 
cated at Rugby ; of Queen's College, Ox- 
ford ; matriculated 30 Oct. 1863; B.A. 
1867 ; M.A. 1872. 

Richard Arthur Sahnond, 
born 16 June 1847. 

Lieut. R.A. 

Walter Salmond,=FMary Augusta, 
Captain 5th Der- ! 2nd dau. of 
byshire Regi- William C. 
ment ; J. P. for , Smith of Ivy 
Notts ; born 7 [ Lodge, Wands- 
Feb. 1851. ! worth ; mar. 

i 25 Jan. 1877. 

Hugh Austen Bentinck Salmond, 
born May 1881. 

I I I 
Three daus. 

Albert Louis= 

rHenrietta Mar- 



garet, dau. of 


Captain 5th 

William S.Coke 


of Brookhill 


Hall, CO. Derby; 

born 9 Sep. 

mar. 3 Sep. 



James Siicheverell Constable Salmond, 
born 1 June 1882. 

Parish Register of St. John. 

June 27 Thomas Salmon and Dorothy Carley. 
Thomas Salraond & Margaret Lister. 


1738 Oct. 29 Thomas Salraond & Margaret Lister. B. 
1744 Dec. 19 George Bingham and Alice Salmon, 


1737 June 4 Robert Salmond, Merchant from Mary- 

1737 June 15 Robert Simes Nephew to M'' James 

1742 Jan. 6 Thomas Salmon. 

1746 Oct. 2 James Salmond. 

1748 April 3 Francis Salmon. 

Parish Registkr of St. George. 

1747 Jan. 24 Benjamin Salmon & Luisa .\sty. Spinster. 


1748 June 10 James Salmon S. of Benjamin Salmon 

and Lucia his wife. 
1759 July 11 Benj" Salmon. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 
1819 Feb. 7 Sarah Elizabeth D. of James Parley Sal- 
mon & Louisa his wife was baptised at 
the Estate of Robert French Esq. 
called Cochran's ; b. on the 23 Dec. 

K 2 


1837 Dec. 23 Louisa Jane D. of James Farley & Eliza 

Eawson Salmon of Cochrans, planter. 
1839 May 4 Slary Eliza Burgess D. of James Farley 

& Eliza Rawson Salmon of Cochrans, 

planter ; b. March 25. 
1842 Aug. 20 Jas. Francis Nelson s. of James Farley & 

Eliza Rawson Salmon of Cochrans, 

planter ; b. 18 April. 


1826 June 12 Louisa Salmon wife of James Farley 
Salmon of Cochrans, aged 34. 

1838 July 27 Louisa Jane D. of .James Farley Salmon 

of Cochrans, aged 8 months. 

St. Paul's Churchyard. 
On a marble ledger over stone tomb : — 

2ro tljf f*lcmor» of 



who departed this Life 

the 11 June 1826 

Aged 36 years. 

(Five lines follow.) 


" Seaforths " in St. Mary's Parish of 622 acres was 
formerly owned by the Salmonds. 

^etiigvte oi Sampson. 


Mr. Nathaniel Humfryes of=j=Mary 
St. Michael, Crooked Lane, 
London, Citizen and Iron- 
monger. Will dated 17 
March 1681 ; proved 1 June 
1682. (72 Cottle.) 

Sir William Humfiyes, Knt. and 
Bart., Citizen and Ironmonger of 
London ; Alderman of Bridge 
Without ; knighted 26 Oct. 1704 
when Sheriff ; created Bart. 30 
Nov. 1714 when Lord Mayor; 
Colonel of the Green Regiment of 
Militia ; Commissioner of Green- 
wich Hospital ; M.P. for Marl- 
borough ; mar. twice ; he had a 
grant of arms in 1717 ; died 4 Oct. 
1735. Will dated 27 Nov. 1731 ; 
proved 13 Nov. 1735. (228 Ducie.) 


Colonel John Sampson 
of St. James's Parish, 

Barbados, 1679 ; liv- Secretary to the As- 

ingl685. (?dieds.p.) sembly of Antigua 

His nephew John was 1668. Will dated 26 

his heir. Oct. 1663 ; proved 10 
Feb. 1668. (23 Coke.) 

Francis Sampson of=rMary, sister of Isaac Legay ;* sold 
London, merchant ; her 500 acres in 1670 to Jonas Lang- 
ford, and her \ of " Barbuda "in 
1673 to Governor Stapletou. Will 
dated 12 Nov. 1677, then of Ken- 
nington, co. Surrey, widow ; proved 
23 Jan. 1677. (8 Reeve.) 

Elizabeth Humfryes,= 
mar. licence dated 4 
March 1681-2, then 
ffit. 20 ; mar. 2ndly 
John Berringer, Esq., 
of Barbados, who 
was dead 1695. Will 
dated 5 July 1690 ; 
proved 6 April 1695. 
(59 Irby.) Recorded 
17 June 1692. 

of London, 
merchant, son 
and heir, ajt. 
27 in 1681-2 ; 
died 1689 at 
Barbados. Will 
dated 26 Nov. 
1688 ; proved 
6 April 1695. 
(59 Irby.) 

I I 

Peter Samp- 
son, living 


in 1688 wife 



Nathaniel Samp-=pMary, dau. of 
son. Gene, of Lieut.-Gover- 
Antigua, young- nor John 
est child ; Agent i Yeamans ; 

to the Royal Af- 
rican Company 
1698 — 1701 ; 
owned "Cassada 
Garden"; bur. 11 
May 1701 at St. 

ohn J 

John Sampson, set. 18, 1702 ; inherited the Bar-=pSusanna 
bados estate of his great-uncle Colonel .John .... 
Sampson. Will dated 12 May 1724, then of St. 
Thomas's Parish, Barbados ; sworn 27 Oct. 

Francis Sampson, 
bur. 23 July 1705 
at St. John's, a 

I I 
a minor 1688. 

Mary Sampson, 
minor 1705. 

mar. 2ndly, 
30 Oct. 1701, 
at St. John's, 
Colonel Wil- 
liam Byam. 

Sampson, a 
dau., died 

Ann Sampson, a minor 1724. 

* Jacob Butler, a Barbadoi 
cozen, was OTerseer to his will. 
P.C.C. 1660. (269 Nabbs.) 

merchant, who died 1669-70, married Katherine Legaye, sister of Jacob Legaye, and an Isaac Legay, his 
The will of Peter Legay of London, merchant, brother of Isaac and son of Peter Legay, Esq., was proved 

Francis Sampson of London, merchant. Will dated 
26 Oct. 1663 ; proved 10 Feb. 1668 by Mary Sampson the 
relict. (23 Coke.) Shortly about to undertake a voyage 
beyond the seas for the settling of my affairs with my 
brother John Sampson, in whose hands lieth a great part of 
my estate. My loving brothers Edward Palmer of London, 
wine cooper, & Isaac Legay of London, merchant, stand 
bound with me to Josiah Child of London, merchant, in 
two obligations for the payment of £500, which said £1000 
is my own proper debt. Edward Palmer is bound with me 
to Tho. Harrison, Gent., for £200. & I owe the former 
£515 & my friend M^ Rob' Thorner £150. I give all my 
estate beyond the seas or in England to my said brothers 
Edward Palmer & Isaac Legay & my friend Rob' Thorner 
in Trust. Sums owing my sister Thorowgood to be paid. 

£50 to my dear brother Tho. Chaplyn & 2 per cent, com- 
mission for selling the produce of my estate. £5 to M'' 
Nathaniel Robinson for the poor, & £5 to M' Anthony 
Palmer. To my father & mother, my wife, her father & 
mother, mine & her brothers & sisters, each a gold ring, 
& to Robert Thorner & his wife. ^ of all residue to my 
wife Mary & § among all my children. Witnessed by John 
Heavedyn, Mary Knapton, Thomas Jones. 

Mary Sampson of Kennington, co. Surrey, widow. Will 
dated 12 Nov. 1677 ; proved 23 Jan. 1677 by John Samp- 
son ; power reserved to Isaac Legay. (8 Reeve.) E.x'ors 
to use my estate for bringing up & apprenticing my 
youngest child Nathaniel, but not to exceed £50 for this 



pui-pose. All residue for my 4 children John, Peter, 
Nathaniel, & Martha. My loving brother Isaac Legay & 
my son John Sampson Ex'ors. Witnessed by Jo. Jerrom, 
Harry Langford. 

Nathaniel Humfreys, Citizen and Ironmonger of London. 
Will dated 17 March 1681 ; proved 1 June 1682. (72 
Cottle.) Have already paid the portions of my children 
Thos. Humfreys, W" Humfreys, Samuel Hnmfreys, Mary 
late v?ife of Rich'^ Read, deceased, & Eliz. now wife of John 
Sampson ; do now therefore give to my s. Samuel Humfreys 
& my dau. Eliz. Sampson 20s. apiece, my dau. Mary Read 
£50, my s. W™ Humfreys £100. To my grandchildren 
Martha, Orlando, & Sarah Humfreys £10 apiece. My sister 
Kath. Richards 40s. a year. My cozen Humphrey Richards 
40s. To the poor of S' Michael, Crooked Lane, 40s. All 
residue to my wife Mary & Ex'trix. Witnessed by F. Gil- 
lolk, sen., John Wheatley, Ed. Jolland. 

John Sampson of Antigua, planter. Will dated 26 Nov. 
1688; proved 6 April 1695 by William Humfreys, the 
uncle and guardian of John, Francis, and Mary Sampson 
the children of testator, he having died at Barbados and 
Elizabeth the relict having also died ; proved by him again 
20 Jan. 1702, the said Johu Sampson, jun., being 18. 
Entered 5 Aug. 1689. (59 Irby.) Bound for Barbados. 
My P' son John to be heir to all my estate there bequeathed 
to me by my late uncle Col. John Sampson, except £1000 
to be paid to my wife Eliz. over & above her thirds. I give 
her also all my jewels, plate, & household stuff. To my 
dau. Mary Sampson £2000 at 21 charged on my Barbados 
estate. To my sister Martha Withers £100. To my 
brother Nathi Sampson £100 & £20 a year for life. To 
my son Francis all my estate in Antigua, he to pay my 
youngest son W™ £2000 at 21. My wife sole Ex'trix. If 
my son John die under 21 without issue, Francis to have 
the estate in Barbados & W™ the one in Antigua, & in that 
case £300 to my sister Martha Withers' children, & £100 
apiece to my brothers Peter & Nath' Sampson, & £ 1 00 to 
Martha Withers, & £400 to the poor. If my dau. Mary 
die under age then £2000 to my wife, & if W'" should be 
my sole heir then £1000 to his sister Mary, & if the latter 
shall come into my estate she shall pay £3000 to my wife. 
Col. Rowland Williams, Cap. John Fry, Cap' W" Wain- 
wright trustees for Antigua, & .... Eastchurch & M'' John 
Thomas for Barbados. Witnessed by Peter Sampson, 
William Smurty. Recorded also at St. John's Oct. 1694. 

Elizabeth Berringer* of Barbados, formerly the wife of 
John Sampson of Antigua, deceased. Will dated 5 July 
1690 ; proved 6 April 1695 by William Humfreys, John 
Beringer having died. Entered 17 June 1692. (59 Irliy.) 
My now husband John Beringer to have all the benefits I 
receive under the will of my former husband John Sampson 
& to manage the estates. Witnessed by Randolph Vawrdrey, 
Francis Vawdray, Joseph Morton. 

Codicil. To my sons Johu Sampson, Francis Sampson, 
& my dau. Mary Sampson, & the child I now goe with 
£100 apiece at 21. To my said dau. Mary my necklace of 
pearls with 2 strings, my gold lockett with diamonds, 
1 large silver tankard, & 1 silver plate. If my husband die 
before they are 21 then my loving brother M'' W"> Hum- 
phries of London to be their Guardian. 

John Sampson of Antigua, planter. My 1=' son John 
to be heir of all my lands & negros in Barbados. Recorded 

The will of Benjamin Berengfer of Iver, co. Bucks, and 
Barbados was dated 7 April 1656 and recorded in the Court of 
Delegates. (See ' Genealogist,' Jan. 1895.) 

John Sampson of the parish of St. Thomas in the 
island of [blank']. Will dated 12 May 1724. To my dau. 
Ann [blank'] at 21. All residue to my wife Susana, she to 
be Ex'trix. Witnessed by Burch Hothersall. By Henry 
Worsley at Barbados was sworn Burch Hothersall 27 Oct. 

In 1630 Robert Sampson, son of John Sampson of 
Kersey, co. Suffolk, accompanied John Wiuthrop, Esq., to 
New England. His pedigree was entered in the visitation 
of that county. 

Indenture of sale dated 6 Dec. 1671. Mary Sampson, 
widow and executrix of Francis Sampson of Antigua, 
deceased, and John Sampson his son and heir, by deed 
dated 2 Feb. 1670 made over title to all estate in Nevis or 
elsewhere in the West Indies to Lieut.-Colonel Randolph 
Russell, Captain George Holman, Joseph Palmer, and 
Samuel Jones of Nevis, as recorded in the Registrar's Office 
of this island ; and whereas Samuel Jones, jun., is empowered 
by Captain George Holman and Joseph Palmer of Nevis to 
dispose of estate of Francis Sampson in Antigua, he in 
consideration of 70,000 lbs. of Muscovado sugar hath sold 
to Jonas Langford a moiety of a plantation of about 1000 
acres iu St. John's division called Cassavia Garden, bounded 
E. by land of Timothy Snapes, N. by Captain Giles Blizard, 
W. by Sir Sidenham Poynts, S. by Colonel Bastian Bayer ; 
also a moiety of 60 feet square of land in St. John's Town, 
being a storehouse erected by Justinian HoUiman, deceased, 
and a moiety of all houses, woods, timbers, provisions, 
negros, canes, stock, etc., as nominated in a schedule here- 
unto attached. (Liber A.) 

Whereas on 26 Dec. 1671 Samuel Jones, on behalf of 
Captain George Hollman, Joseph Palmer, and himself, by 
letter of attorney from Mary, widow of Francis Sampson, 
and John Sampson his son and heir, sold 500 acres in 
North Sound Division to Jonas Langford. Confirmed the 
same to Samuel Jones 1 June 1673. 

1673, April 1. Mary Sampson of Kenuiugton in New- 
ington Parish, co. Surrey, widow and relict of Francis 
Sampson, Esq., by her surviving Attorney Samuel Jones, 
grants to Captain-General William Stapleton her \ share of 
the lease of Barbooda. 

1679, April 3. John Sampson of Loudon, Gent., son 
and heir of Francis Sampson, late of Nevis, Esq., deceased, 
for 10,000 lbs. sells to Captain Samuel Jones a plantation 
granted by William, Lord Willoughby, to my father, of 500 
acres in New North Sound. 

1679. Captain John Sampson owned 25 acres in St. 
James's Parish, Barbados. 

1685. Colonel John Sampson then at Barbados. 

1686, April 19. Mr. John Sampson one of the gentle- 
men of St. Mary's Vestry. 

Nathaniel Sampson, Gent., was a Member of Assembly 
at a meeting held on 27 Jan. 1698-9, he was returned in 
the next election on 1 Feb. 1699-1700 for Belfast Division, 
and again on 16 Jan. 1700-1 for St. John's Division. On 
30 May following he was dead, and his seat declared vacant. 

1701, Jan. 27. Letter of attorney from George Turney 
of London, merchant, to James Read of Antigua, merchant, 
to recover sum due from Mary Sampson of Antigua, widow 
and relict of Nathaniel Sampson of Antigua, merchant, 

Warrant from P.C.C. Adm'on to William Humphreys 
of London, guardian, the uncle, dated 18 Jan. 1702. 
Nathaniel Sampson now (? not) 21, his brother John dead. 
The relict now wife of Thomas Byam. I, William Hum- 
phreys, Citizen and Ironmonger of London, uncle and 
guardian of John Sampson, a minor, he being nephew and 
heir of Nathaniel Sampson of Antigua, merchant, deceased, 
grant letter of attorney to Samuel Proctor of Antigua, 
merchant, 22 Jan. 1702. 



1703. Samuel Procter of London, merchant, now resi- 
dent in Antigua, owes £2000 c. to William Byam, Gent. 
He was partner with Nathaniel Sampson, and William 
Byam, after Nathaniel Sampson's death, married Mary 
Sampson his relict. Letter of attorney to William Byam 
dated 12 Aug. 1703. Witnessed by Gilbert Hamilton, 

1704, April 1. Affidavit of John Willson, planter, 
aged 60, before the Hon. Colonel George Gamble, Ghief 
Justice of Antigua, that on 25 July 1701 he began working 
as overseer on the plantation of Nathaniel Sampson, mer- 
chant, deceased, called Cassada Garden, and was there two 
years and four months, and planted five pieces of cane 
between the death of Nathaniel Sampson and that of his 
infant daughter Codrington Sampson. Recorded 30 Nov. 

1704, May 23. William Humphreys, Citizen of London, 
guardian of John and Francis Sampson, minors, sons of John 
Sampson, deceased. Letter of attorney to Thomas Cox of 
London, merchant. 

1705, April 24. Sir William Humphreys, Knt., and 
Sheriff of London, guardian of John, Francis, and Mary 
Sampson, minors, children of John Sampson, deceased. 
Letter of attorney to Colonel George Gamble, Esq., and 
Thomas Cox of Antigua, merchant. 

1705, Aug. 15. Warrant re Francis Sampson, deceased. 
Chattels £135 18s. &d. George Gamble administrator. 
His plantation at the Road. Recorded 12 Oct. 1705. 

1708, Aug. 5. Colonel William Byam, who lately 
married the widow and Ex'trix of Nathaniel Sampson, 
deceased, who was Agent to the Royal African Company 
from 1698 till his death a few months back, before Ed. 
Chester was appointed, is to give account of all negros sold 
by the Company. 

Parish Register of St. John. 
1701 May 11 Nathaniel Samson of y' Island. 
1705 July 23 Franciss Samson. 
1754 June 9 Abraham Samson. 

1681-2, March 4. John Sampson, of S' Mary Mag- 
dalen, Milk Street, London, Merch*, Bach"", ab' 27, & 
Elizabeth Humfreyes, of S' Michaell, Crooked Lane, Sp', 
ab' 20, with consent of her father M' Nath. Humfryes ; at 
S' Mildred's, Poultry, or Allhallows in the Wall, Lond., or 
[blanh]. (Marriage Licences.) 

^^ttrtflrtt of ^atmtitrs. 

JOHN SAUNDERS of Wotton-under-Edge, co. Gloucester, mercer. Will dated=f- . • . 
17 Aug. and proved 21 Nov. 1660. (296 Nabbs.) i 

Rev. Samuel Saunders of Antigua; of Redcliflf, Bristol, in 1732 ; died at Wotton-^Margaret .... John Saun-=p. 
under-Edge, co. Gloucester. Will dated 20 Aug. 1733; proved 16 June 1739. I died 1733—311. ders. j 

(140 Henchman.) zjx 

Rev. William Saunders of Balliol College, Oxon; matriculated 10 Oct. 1732, ast. 17 ; living 1739. 

John Saunders of Wootton-under-Edge, co. Gloucester, 
mercer. Will dated 17 Aug. and proved 21 Nov. 1660. 
(296 Nabbs.) My sons John, Sam', & Tho. £5 each, & 
sons Nath', Joseph, Achilles, & Benj" £20 each at 21. My 
daus. Anne, Mary, Damaras, Deborah £30 each at 21. 
Wife Margery. Brother-in-law Jonah Cakes. 

Christopher Woodward of Chewstoke, co. Somerset, 
merchant, dated his will 21 April 1677 (105 Reeve) and 
named his wife Elizabeth, daus. Ann, Ehzabeth, and Abigail, 
son Christopher, son-in-law Ed. Hippisley, and grandson 
Ed. Hippisley, to whom he gave 15,000 lbs. of Nevis sugar. 

Thomas Sanders of Wotton-under-Edge, clothier. 
Proved 1678. (117 Reeve.) My brother Nathaniel. 

Francis Woodward* of Grimsbury in Britton, co. 
Gloucester, Gent. Will dated 2 Dec. 1730; adm'on 10 
March 1730 to Elizabeth Woodward and the three trustees 
as guardians for Francis Woodward the son ; proved P.C.C. 
4 Sep. 1751 by Francis Woodward the son now 21. 
Whereas at a Court of Chancery held at S' John's Town, 

* For copies of the M.I. of several of his descendants see 
' Gloucester Notes and Queries,' toI. ii., p. 79, also the ' Herald and 
Genealogist,' vol. iv., p. 2y7. 

Antigua, in 1724 a considerable sum was decreed to me & 
my wife in a cause wherein we & others were Complainants 
& Sanniel Saunders, clerk, & others Defendants, I give this 
to James Hopkins of Stanton Drew, co. Som., Gent., Joseph 
Lewis, Esq., of Bristol, & Robert Blanch of Whitechurch, 
CO. Som., Gent., on Trust for my wife Eliz. & my 2 younger 
children Francis & Richard, & to pay the principal to them 
at 21. To my wife the furniture, etc., in the room over the 
kitchen & the green room. My son Newton £1000. To 
my trustees £1000 for my wife for her life, then £600 to my 
s. Francis & £400 to my s. Richard. £1000 in trust for 
my son Richard. The children of my sons John & Newton. 
To my trustees 10 gas. each. The interest of £10 for 10 
poor widows in the hamlet of Oldland on Michaelmas day 
for ever. All residue to my son Francis & sole Ex'or. My 
wife & trustees guardians. Witnessed by Lazarus Under- 
bill, Walter Cookey, William Owen. 

Penelope Sellick names in her will her nephews John 
and Newton Woodward, sons of Francis Woodward of 
CO. Gloucester. 

Antigua. Samuel Saunders, clerk. Will dated 20 Aug. 
1733 ; proved 16 June 1739 ; adm'on to William Saunders, 
clerk, the son of testator, who was late of Antigua, but at 
Wotton-under-Edge, co. Gloucester, widower, deceased, 



Margaret Saunders the wife being dead and Jolin Gun- 
thorpe, Esq., William Yeamans, Esq., not appearing, and 
Samuel Saunders and Thomas Vines renouncing. (140 
Henchman.) To my wife Margaret all my estate with 
maintenance to my son W" Saunders, & after her death all 
to him, remainder to the children of my sister Mary Vines 
of Wotton-under-edge, co. Glouc. John Gunthorpe, Esq., & 
W™ Yeamans, Esq., both of this island, M'' Samuel Saunders 
of Tedbury & M'' Tho. Vines of Wotton-under-edge E.x'ors 
& Guardians. Witnessed by Fran. Carlisle, .Jonas Lang- 
ford, Stephen Blizard. 

Thomas Woodward, son of Christopher Woodward, was 
of Nevis in 1668, and married Anne, widow of Captain 
Laurence Broadbelt of that Island. 

The three families of Saunders, Vines, and Adey of 
Wotton-under-Edge all had representatives settled in the 
Leeward Islands. 

1678, April 30. Simon Vines and Mary Vines alias 
Mary Delanoy, dau. of John Delanoy, deceased, for 8000 lbs. 
sell to Olliver Enderby 10 acres in New North Sound, also 
land to Thomas Gilliatt on 3rd May. 

1G78, June. Deed of gift. Mary Saunders, widow and 
Ex'trix of Peter Saunders, deceased, recites his will dated 
19 Oct. last, and gives her estate to "our 4 children 
surviving," viz., Elizabeth, Mirriam, Petter, and John 

1678, Nov. 14. John Saunders, planter, sells a parcel 
of land at Popeshead to Philip Chapman. 

1678-9, Feb. 15. John Sanders and Henry Walden for 
8500 lbs. sell 12i acres to Ambross Yorke and William 

1680, April 19. Symon Values, planter, sells 10 acres 
to Roger Compline. 

1680, Aug. 14. Simon Vines, planter, and Mary his 
wife, late dau. of John Delanoy, deceased, sell 10 acres in 
New North Sound to Roger Complin, Gent. 

Parish Register of St. John. 


1720 May 14 Richard s. of Samuel Saunders & his wife. 

1774 Nov. 8 Henry the S. of Doc'' W" Sanders & Eliz" 

his wife. 

1700 Aug. 17 Francis Saunders of S' TuUy, Southwark, 
and Sarah Read of S' John's, Widdow. 

1705 May 16 Francis Sanders & Sarah White. L. 
1758 May 27 Richard Jones and Rachel Saunders. L. 
1773 Feb. 20 William Saunders (Surgeon) to Ehzabeth 

Home. L. 

1691 Oct. 6 Doct' William Sanders. 

1700 Feb. 3 Elizabeth D. of Francis Saunders & Sarah 

his wife. 

1701 Sep. 29 John S. of Francis Sanders and Sarah his 

(1702-3) [blank] Joseph S. of Franciss Sanders & Sarah his 

1706 July 22 Sarah Sanders. 

1719 Sep. 1 John Saunders, a child. 
1742 Jan. 3 Francis Woodward, Doctor of Cap' Ed- 
ward Coulter. 

Parish Register of St. George. 
1734 Nov. 11 John Saunders. 

^BetJtcjrtt of ^atucolt. 

Colonel JOHN SAWCOLT of " Sawcolt's Road " Plantation in St. Mary Vi=Elizabeth, dau. of Colonel 
Parish and " Sawcolt's Body " Plantatiou in St. John's Division ; Captain of John Yeamans, Deputy- 
Militia 1706; J.P. 1711 ; Member of Assembly 1713; bur. 2 Jan. 1748 at Governor of Antigua; bur. 
St. John's. Will dated 30 Nov. 1746. His si.x'daus. inherited his estates. 18 Sep. 1741 at St. John s. 

William Sawcolt, bapt. 
26 Sep. 1708 at St. 

A child, bapt. 8 April 
1710 at St. John's. 

Henry Sawcolt, bapfc. 
15 April 1714 at St. 

John Sawcolt, bapt. 6 July 1725 and 
bur. ii Sep. 1755 at St. John's. Will 
dated 20 Sep. 1755. 

Henrietta Sawcolt, mar. 23 May 1740, 
at St. John's, George Horsford. 

Elizabeth Sawcolt, mar. 17 Oct. 1747, 
at St. John's, Thomas Burton, Esq. ; 
both dead 1776. 

Mary Ann Sawcolt, bapt. 27 Nov. 
1712 and bur. 2 Nov. 1759 at St. 
John's, spinster. Will dated 13 
Sep. and sworn 1 Dec. 1759. 

Rachel Sawcolt, bapt. 23 Aug. 
1715 and mar. 8 April 1749, at St. 
John's, Samuel Home ; he died 
1766 ; she was bur. 15 May 1776 
at St. John's. 

Frances Sawcolt, bapt. 
17 Sep. 1718 and mar. 
28 July 1759, at St. 
John's, Galbraith Pat- 

Barbara Sawcolt, bapt. 
8 May 1722 and mar. 
5 March 1760, at St. 
John's, George Frye ; 
she died his widow 
before 1776. 

Mr. Thomas Sawcolt of Antigua, bur.=pMary, dau. of Mr. Richard Denbow of St. John's, vintner; mar. 
16 March 1733 at St. John's. I 21 May 1724 at St. Johu's ; named (1767) in her mother's will. 

Thomas Sawcolt, bapt. 28 March 1726 at St. 
John's ; named (1755) in the will of his 
uncle William Denbow. 

John Sawcolt,= 
bapt. 27 Jan. 

Mary Denbow Sawcolt=pMary Ellyat, mar. 15 June 

(? bapt. 1731 at 1754 and bur. 16 Dec. 

St. John's). 1767 at St. Johu's. 

John Saw- 
colt, bapt. 
19 April 
1752 at St. 

I I 

Thomas Henry John Sawcolt, bapt. 

Sawcolt, bapt. 
1 Jan. and bur. 
3 March 1757 
at St. John's. 

21 May 1762 at St. 
George's ; bur. 18 
July 1792 at St. 
John's. Will dated 
7 Nov. 1789; sworn 
19 July 1792. ^ 

Denbow Sawcolt, bapt. 29 
Jan. 1765 at St. John's. 

Ann Sawcolt, bapt. 19 
Nov. 1755 at St. John's ; 
mar. 11 Jan. 1781, at St. 
Paul's, Edward Payne. 

Elenor Denbow Sawcolt, bapt. 2 
Sep. 1760 at St. John's; mar. 
there, 17 Dec. 1777, Richard Bat- 
ty son. 

Mary Sawcolt, bapt. 12 June and 
bur. 16 Dec. 1767 at St. John's. 



John Sawcolt. Will dated 20 Sep. 1755. My sister 
Ma .... My nephew Yeamans Horsford. All residue 
amongst my sisters .... Negro to my sister Mar .... 
Sawcolt. My brothers-in-law M"' Thos. Burton, Sam' 
Home, & my friend .... Ex'ors. James Athill swore that 
he saw ....(? John) Sawcolt .... 

Mary Ann Sawcolt, spinster. Will dated 13 Sep. 1759. 
To my nephew John Burton a mulatto of £50 c. To my 
nephew John Horsford £10 c. for a ring. To my nephews 
Isaac Horsford, W" EdW Yeamans Horsford, Sam' Hors- 
ford, & Geo. Horsford £50 c. each. To W" E. Y. Horsford 
a negro & a cow & calf. To my nephew Edw'' Home & my 
niece Lydia Home £50 c. To M" Eiiz"> Burton of S' 
John's, widow, £12 c, to her dau. Oath. £12 c. To Eliz"' 
wife of Rowl'' Ash, Esq., £12 c. To my sister M" Frances 
Patterson 12 silver table spoons. To my sister Barbara 
Sawcolt my chaise & horse & all residue. Eowl"* Oliver, 
Tho. Warner, & my brother-in-law Thos. Burton Ex'ors. 
Witnessed by Robert Fellows, John Vulliamoz (?). Before 
his Excellency George Thomas was sworn Robert Fellows 
1 Dec. 1759. Recorded 29 Dec. 1759. 

John Sawcolt, Gent., first brother and heir-at-law to 
Thomas Sawcolt, late of Antigua, who died intestate, from 
whom I inherit certain slaves. Will dated 7 Nov. 1789. 
To my niece Ann dau. of M' Edw^ Payne £100 c. My 
Ex'ors are to free the slaves I possess thro' a deed of settle- 
ment between my late wife Sarah & my brother Tho. 
Sawcolt. All residue to M'' W™ M'^Dowal, march', & M'' 
Jn" Cuthbert, planter, my Ex'ors in trust, to give the rents 
to Cap* John Robinson & Elinor his wife, my niece, for her 
& her children. Witnessed by Alexander Proctor, John 
Harris, Joseph Hoskins. Before Edward Byam, Esq., was 
sworn Alexander Proctor, Gent., 19 July 1792. Recorded 
19 July 1792. 

Close Roll, 16 Geo. III., Part 17, Nos. 14 and 15. 

Indenture made the 3rd April 177G between John 
Burton, late of Antigua, but now of Lincoln's Inn, Esq. 
(son and heir-at-law of Elizabeth Burton late wife of 
Thomas Burton, late of Antigua, Esq., both deceased, and 
also one of the nephews and devisees of Barbarah Frye, late 
of Antigua, widow, deceased, which said Elizabeth Burton 
and Barbarah Frye were two of the daughters and devisees 
of John Sawcolt, late of Antigua, Esq., deceased), of the 
one part, and Samuel Turner the younger of London, 
merchant, of the other part, witnesseth that in consideration 
of 5s. John Burton grants, etc., to Samuel Turner all that 
his undivided 6th part in Sawcolt's Road Plantation in the 
parish of St. Mary and division of Old Road, bounded E. by 
the lands of Messrs. Dean and Adney and with the lands of 
Byam and Johnson, S. by the land of Lockhart 
and John Gilchrist, and W. and N. by the lands of 
George Byam, and also in Sawcolt's Body Land Plantation 
in the parish and division of St. John's, bounded E. by the 
lands of Thomas Warner and Daniel Mathew, N. by the 
lands of Thomas Warner, W. by the lands of the heirs of 
Rowland Oliver, deceased, and S. by the lands of Daniel 
Mathew, formerly the estate of John Sawcolt, deceased, and 
all negros, for one whole year. Tobias Pickering, Thomas 
Sermon, witnesses. 

No. 14. 

Indenture made the 4th April 1776 between the above. 
Whereas John Burton is, under the will of John Sawcolt 
dated the 30th Nov. 1746, and as heir of Elizabeth Burton 
his mother, deceased, seised of one undivided 6th part in all 
those two plantations (as in No. 15) as tenant in tail with 
remainders over. Now this Indenture witnesseth that for 

barring and docking all estates tail, etc., and in consideration 
of 10s., John Burton grants, etc., to Samuel Turner, in his 
possession being, all that his 6th part, to the use of John 
Burton and his heirs for ever ; and John Burton constitutes 
John Burke and Bertie Entwisle, Esquires, both now residing 
in Antigua, his Attorneys. 

1713, April 4. Thomas Sawcolt petitions for 10 acres 
granted to Mr. John Ducoster, bounded S. with land for- 
merly Mr. Richard Cheshire's, E. with widow Byam, formerly 
Waldron's, N. with Mr. Elliott, W. with Mr. Preston. 






Parlsh Register of St. John. 
Sep. 26 William S. of John Sawcolt & Elliz. his 

April 8 [blank] Sawcolt [blwik] of Sawcolt & his 

Nov. 27 Marian D. of John Sawcolt & Eliz"" his 

April 15 Henry S. of John Sawcolt & Elizabeth 

his wife. 
Aug. 23 Rachell d. of John Sawcolt & Eliz"' his 

Sep. 17 Frances D. of John Sawcolt & [blank] his 

May 8 Barbara D. of John Sawcolt & Eliz"' his 

July 6 John the s. of John Sawcolt and Eliza- 
beth his wife. 
Mar. 28 Thomas s. of Thomas Sawcolt and Mary 

his wife. 
Jan. 27 John the s. of Thomas Sawcolt & Mary 

his wife. 
[blank] Denham the s. of Thos. Sawcolt & Mary 

his wife. 
April 19 John the S. of John Sawcolt & Mary his 

Nov. 19 Ann the D. of Denbow Sawcolt & Mary 

his wife. 
Jan. 1 Th™ Henry the S. of Denbow Sawcolt & 

Mary his wife. 
Sep. 2 Elinor Denbow the I), of Denbow Sawcolt 

and Mary his wife. 
Jan. 29 Denbow the S. of Denbow Sawcolt and 

Mary his wife. 
June 12 Mary the D. of Denbow Sawcolt and 

Mary his wife. 
Dec. 15 Mary Sawcolt (an Infant who dy'd Imme- 
diately after being Christened) D. of 

Denbow Sawcolt by Mary his wife. 

May 21 Thomas Sawcolt and Mary Denbow. 
May 23 George Horsford & Henrietta Sawcolt. 
Oct. 17 Thomas Burton and Elizabeth Sawcolt. 
April 8 Samuel Home and Rachel Sawcolt. 
June 15 Denbow Sawcolt and Mary Ellyat. L. 
July 28 Galbraith Patterson to Frances Sawcolt. 

Mar. 5 George Frye to Barbara Sawcolt. L. 
Dec. 17 Richard Battyson to Eleanor Denbow 

Sawcolt. L. 

Mar. 16 M' Thomas Sawcolt. 
Oct. 12 M"- Samuel Sawcolt. 
Sep. 18 Elizabeth Sawcolt w. of Coll" John Saw- 
Nov. 16 William Sawcolt. 






Coll" John Sawcolt. 




John Sawcolt. 




Mary Sawcolt, a Child. 




John Sawcolt, a Child. 




Thomas Henry Sawcolt, a Child. 




Andrew Sawcolt, a Child. 




Mary Ann Sawcolt [bla7ik~\. 




Mary Sawcolt Wife of Denbow Sawcolt. 




Mary Sawcolt, an Infant. 




Sarah Sawcolt Wife of Jn° Sawcolt. C.P 




Mary Sawcolt. 




Thomas Sawcolt. 




John Sawcolt, junior. 




Denbow Sawcolt, jun. 




John Sawcolt. 




Mary Sawcolt. 




Edward Sawcolt. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 
1781 Jan. 11 Edward Payne to Ann Sawcolt ; p'' L, 

Parish Register of St. George. 


(c. 1738) John the S. of John Sawcolt & his wife. 

1762 May 21 John the S. of Denbow Sawcolt and Mary 

his wife. 

1747 June 6 M' Swcal (sic). 

Parish Register of St. Philip. 


1758 July 13 John Sawcolt & Sarah Minchan, Widow. 

"Sawcolts" is in St. Mary's Parish. In 1852 it con- 
tained 234 acres, and was owned by Sir R. Horsford. 

Jfamtip oi ^ti)oles. 

William Entwisle. Will dated 7 March 1798. To 
John Scholes my signet ring, & to W" his son my silver 

John Scholes of St. John's Town. Will dated 19 Nov. 
1804. To my wife Rachel £300 c. yearly & my house, 4 
negros, horse, & whisky, & all furniture. All residue to 
my son Wm. My friends Hen. Benskin Lightfoot, Ed. 
Byam Wyke, Geo. W" White, & Rich. Lovely Nanton, 
Esq''^', & my wife Ex'ors. Before President Byam was 
sworn William Collins of Antigua, Esq., 30 Jan. 1808. 
Recorded 10 Feb. 1808. 

Mrs. Eliza Oliver, widow, of Antigua, in her will of 
20 Aug. 1823 bequeathed jewellery to her cousin Eliza 

1806, Oct. 1. At Polefield, near Manchester, the wife 
of John Entwistle Scholes, esq. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 1077.) 

1846, Fell. 7. At Cawsand, near Plymouth, Mary, wife 
of J. Entwisle Scholes, esq. (Ibid., p. 331.) 

Parlsh Register of St. John. 

C! 178^) [hkink] William Entwisle Infant S. of John 
Scholes and Elizabeth his wife. 

1789 Mar. 11 Eliza Jane D. of John Scholes and Eliza- 

beth his wife. B. the lO"- Feb. 1789. 

1806 Aug. 18 Elizabeth Ash D. of William Scholes and 

Anna his wife. B. the 23"' July last. 

1794 Oct. 23 John Scholes to Rachel Thibou, Sp' ; by 

1825 June 25 James Douglass, M.D., and Elizabeth Ash 

Scholes of this Parish, Sp'' ; by L. 


1790 Aug. 9 Elizabeth I. Scholes, Infant. 

1807 Sep. 29 John Scholes. 

1808 Nov. 7 Rachael Scholes, Infant. 

ifamtlp of ^ccitlantj. 

John Scotland. Will dated 27 March 1788. To my 
wife Mary £100 c. a year & my house in Newgate Street, 
my chaise, whiskey, certain slaves, etc., & after lier death to 
my s. Thos. To my s. Thos. £1000 above what I have p* 
for his commission on condition my Ex'ors obtain a full 
discharge of £1000 st. from John Deffell, merch' of London, 
which I stand guaranteed for my said son, otherwise I give 
him but Is. All residue equally to my sons Benj°, Jas., & 
Geo., & my daus. Marion-Mary & Jane-Eliz*'^. Thos. 
Oliver, Esq., of London, merch', Langford Lovell, & W" 
Dickenson, Ex'ors. Witnessed by Charles Ross, Joseph 
Dowdy, John Burke. Before Edward Byam, Esq., was 
sworn Charles Ross 2 Jan. 1793. 

Codicil (same date as will). To ray said sons & daus. 
my brick tenement in Livingston's Row at the corner of 
the Parade I recently purchased. Recorded 9 Jan. 1793. 


John Scotland. Will not dated. To my wife £100 c. 
yearly & the use of my house in Newgate Str., certain 


negros, etc. To my s. Thos. £400 st., also £600 st. p"" for 
an Ensigncy or Lieutenantcy in the army, & £1000 to 
John Deffel, Esq., of London, for security. To my dau. 
Marion wife of John Hall £1000 st., having already p'^hev 
husbi for her use £1000 st. To my s^ Benj», Jas., Geo., 
& daus. Mary & Jean-Eliz"' £2000 st. apiece. All residue 
to my s. Benj°, Jas., & Geo., & daus. Marion-Mary & Jean- 
Eliz. equally. To my bro. W™ Scotland of Edinburgh £10 
a yr. Whereas my sister Jean wife of John Ballandine 
left certain monies to be equally divided among her bros. & 
sisters, my share to be placed at interest for my brother W" 
Scotland. The expense of my son James, now going to 
Cambridge University, to be p"! by my Ex'ors & not to 
exceed £200 st. a year. My son Jas. to be sent to the 
Charter House at the age of 12, & then to the university or 
other public school. Testator died 12 Dec. 1792 leaving 
the will unsigned. Adm'on granted to John Scotland, 
Langford Lovell, and Mary Scotland on 27 Jan. 1794. 
Recorded 18 Feb. 1795. 



^^etittjrec oi ^cotlanli. 


John Scotland of Antigua, merchant, died 25 Dec.=pMary ....(? bur. 30 
1792, ffit. 63 years and 9 months. M.I. at St. March 1818). M.I. 
John's. Will dated 27 March 1788 ; sworn 2 Jan. now obliterated. 

Jean Scotland, mar. 
John Ballandine. 

William Scotland 
of Edinburgh. 

Abigail .... died 23 Aug. 1815=rThoma8 Scotland, Ensign in the Army=rSarah, dan. of James Haverkam of Antigua, 
at Hextable House, co. Kent. 1788; Deputy-Paymaster at Jamaica; Gent., by Mary Kirwan his wife ; mar. 2 Aug. 
1st wife. Registrar of Antigua 1826. 1817. 2nd wife. 

I I I 

Deffell Scotland, born 9 April 1789 ; 
bapt. 22 July 1790. 

Thomas Colley Scotland, Lieut. R.N., 
bom 6 Dec. 1790 ; bapt. 17 May 
1792 ; bur. 20 Dec. 1812. 

George Otto Scotland, born 6 Jan. 
and bapt. 22 April 1794. 

Sir Colley Harman Scotland,=pSarah Anne, 

Knt., born 16 June and bapt. 
14 Nov. 1818 ; Barrister-at- 
Law Middle Temple 1843; 
Chief Justice of Madras 1861, 
then knighted ; Vice-Chan- 
cellor of Madras University 
1862—71 ; of 44 Queen's 
Gate Gardens 1894. 

only surviv- 
ing dau. of 
John Joseph 
Bygrave ; 
mar. 21 Dec. 
1853 ; died 

Harriet Jesse Scotland, only chUd, mar. 8 April 1875=rRobert Harry Lingen Burton. 

Haverkam Forrest 
Home Scotland, 
bom 26 March 
1825 and bapt. 31 
Dec. 1826. 

Mary Ann Scot- 
land, born 15 Sep. 
1822 and bapt. 14 
May 1823. 

Rev. Horace Scotland of 
Kingston, Jamaica, 1889. 

1812, Dec. In the Island of Antigua, Lieut. Thos. C. 
Scotland, R.N., son of Thomas S. esq. of that Island. 
(' Gent. Mag.,' 1813, p. 284.) 

1815, Aug. 23. At Hextable-house, Kent, the wife of 
T. Scotland, esq. of Antigua. (Ibid., p. 281.) 

1865, Jan. 31. At Kensington, aged 82, Geo. Scotland, 
esq., C.B. late Chief Justice of the Island of Trinidad, 
West Indies. {Ibid., 394.) 

Parish Register of St. John, 


1790 July 22 Deffell S. of Thomas Scotland and Abigail 

his wife ; b. the 9* April 1789. 
1792 May 17 Thomas Colley S. of Thomas Scotland 

and Abigail his wife. B. the 6"' 

December 1790. 
1794 Jan. 2 William S. of John Scotland and Mary his 

•wife. B. the T"" March 1793. 
1794 April 22 George Otto S. of Thomas Scotland and 

Abigail his wife. B. the 6"" January 

1794 Dec. 7 Ann Margaret D. of John Scotland and 

Mary his wife. B. the 3''* May 1794. 
1798 Feb. 19 Mary Catherine D. of John Scotland and 

Mary his wife. 
1803 Mar. 9 Anna D. of John Scotland and Mary his 

wife. B. the 25"" November 1802. 
1807 Mar. 8 Benjamin S. of Benjamin Scotland and 

Elizabeth his wife. B. the 5"" Instant. 

1807 Oct. 30 Mary Anna D. of Benjamin Scotland and 

Elizabeth his wife. B. the 18"' July 

1808 Sep. 9 Esther D. of James Scotland and Esther 

his wife, deceased. B. the 7"" May 
1813 April 2 Jane Elizabeth D. of Benjamin Scotland 
/ and Elizabeth his deceased Wife. B. 
the IS"" Nover. 1809. 

1816 June 26 George S. of George Scotland and Sarah 
his wife. B. the ll"" April 1815. 

1818 Nov. 14 Colley Harman S. of Thomas Scotland 
and Sarah his wife. B. 16'i> June. 

1823 May 14 Mary Ann D. of Thomas Scotland and 
Sarah his wife. B. September 15, 1822. 

1825 Aug. 13 B. the 5'" Nov. 1823 Sarah Maria D. of 

Thomas & Sarah Scotland. Registrar 
of Deeds. 

1826 June 7 Esther Scotland D. of Thomas & Sarah 

Scotland. Registrar of Deeds. B. 
April last. 
1826 Dec. 31 B. 26 Mar. 1825 Haverkam Forrest 
Home S. of Thomas & Sarah Scotland. 
S' John's. Registrar of Deeds. 


1800 Feb. 24 Benjamin Scotland to Elizabeth Hamilton, 
Sp^ L. 

1817 Aug. 2 Thomas Scotland to Sarah Haverkam, 

Sp'. L. 

1818 May 6 Richmond Gumming to Mary Scotland, 

Sp^ L. 

1822 July 12 James Scotland, Junior, Esquire, to Bar- 
bara Foster, Sp"'. L. 

1822 Aug. 1 Robert Scotland to Maria Colley Scotland, 
Sp'. L. 

1822 Oct. 25 Thomas Ferguson, M.D., to Esther Scot- 
land, Sp^ L. 


1812 Dec. 20 Thomas C. Scotland, Lieut. R.N. 

1818 Mar. 30 Mary Scotland. 

1819 Dec. 1 Mary Ann Scotland. 

1820 April 6 Samuel Watts Scotland, Infant. 

1821 Nov. 17 Benjamin Scotland. 



James Scotland,=pEsther 
Master in Chan- 
cery of Antigua. 

Benjamin=f=Elizabeth, dau. of 

Sarah Maria Scot- 
land, born 5 Nov. 
1823 and bapt. 13 
Aug. 1825. 

Esther Scotland, 
bom April and 
bapt. 7 June 1826. 


Hamilton ; 
mar. 24 Feb. 1800. 

Esther Scotland, 
bora 7 May 
1803 ; bapt. 9 
Sep. 1808 ; mar. 
25 Oct. 1822 
Thomas Fergu- 
son, M.D. 

George Scotland, C.B., Chief=rSarah 
Justice of Trinidad ; died 
31 Jan. 1865, set. 82, at 

I I I 
Benjamin Scotland, born 
5 and bapt. 8 March 

Mary Anna Scotland, 
born 18 July and bapt. 
30 Oct. 1807. 

Jane Elizabeth Scotland, 
born 18 Nov. 1809 ; bapt. 
2 April 1813. 

George Scot- 
land, born 1 1 
April 1815 ; 

I I I 
Maria Scotland. 

Jean Scotland. 
Elizabeth Scotland. 

Rev. John Scot- Henry Scotland, 

land, 2nd son, 4th son, matric. 

matric. from St. from St. John's 

John's College, College, Oxford, 

Oxford, 11 May 6 June 1840, agt. 

B.A. 1840 ; 
Student Inner 
Temple 1841 ; 
died 26 May 

18 ; Barrister- 
at-Law Middle 
Temple 1849 ; 
Member Legis- 
lative Council, 
New Zealand. 

St. John's Churchyard. 

On a white marble tomb :— 


To the memory of 


late of this Ifland Merchant, 

He died 25''' Day of December 

Aged 63 Years and 9 Months. 

On a loose broken stone : — 

In Memory of 
Third Daughter and 

Second Son of John 

Scotland the Younger 

The former Died the 2 . 

November 181 . 

. ged 22 . . ars 

. he latter .... 

. . Mar .... 

On a broken head-stone : — 

In Memor .... 

MARY Wife of 


In 1852 the heir of James Scotland owned "Nantons' 
of 76 acres. 

Jamilp of ^etis^icU. 

1685. Henry Sedgwick of Nevis, chyrurgeon. Wife 
Mary. (50 Cann.) 

Ann Sedgwick of Antigua, widow. Will dated 11 Feb. 
1731. To my son Tho. Sedgwick all my estate, he paying 
legacies. To my son John Sedgwick £100. To my dau. 
Mary Sedgwick £100. To my granddau. Cath. Hagan 
£50 c. at 21. Messrs. Thos. & Sam' Hanson Ex'ors. Wit- 
nessed by Edward Bezune, Edmund Hagan. Before his 
Excellency William Mathew was sworn Edward Bezune, 
r, 13 July 1739. Recorded 6 March 1740. 

John Sedgwick, planter. Will dated .... To my 
dau. Susannah Sedgwick £300 c, to . . . . £300 c. To 
my son Tho. Sedgwick £300 c. To my son Sam' all residue, 
he to pay my said daus. Susannah & Ann £100 c. each. 
Rob' Christian, Jn° Brookes, & Sam' Martin Ex'ors. 

Codicil. My Ex'ors to be kind to my sister Mary Monk 
& my son Jeremiah, & to latter certain negros. Recorded 
19 March 1750. 

Samuel Sedgwick, Gent. Will dated 7 Dec. 1792. To 
my wife Sarah 113 acres in Falmouth Div°, S'^ Paul's parish, 

with all the buildings, also my land in Ratcliff Str., S' 
John's. To my son Sam', my son John, my dau. Barbara 
Sedgwick negros. To my son Sam' 35 acres in S' Mary's 
parish, subject to the maintenance of my 2 youngest children 
John & Barbara. To my son John & my dau. Barbara 
each £400 at 21. My wife Sarah Ex'trix. Witnessed by 
William Burnett. Recorded 13 Dec. 1793. 

Samuel Sedgwick of Antigua, writing clerk. Will dated 
23 May 1800. My son Samuel. My wife Eliz"'. All 
residue to her, she to be Ex'trix. Witnessed by Mary Bird, 
Robert Hyndman. 

Sarah Sedgwick of Antigua, widow. Will dated 22 
March 1812. To my grandson Sam' Sedgwick a cocoa nut 
porter cup & a negro. To my granddau. Eliza Sedgwick 1 
guinea. All sums due for dower for land rented to W™ 
Shervington. M'» Eliz*'' Sedgwick & M' Rich'' Garland 
Ex'ors. Witnessed by Valentine Weston, John Crawford. 
Before his Excellency was sworn John Crawford April 1812. 

In 1780 Samuel Sedgwick was rated on 35 acres and 24 
res. (St. Mary's Vestry Book.) 

L 2 



^ttiigrtc of ^etifilDicfe. 

Arms. — Or, on a cross gules five hells of the first. 
Crest. — A hand erect holding a white rose. 
Motto. — Ne tentes autperfice. 

(? JOHN) SEDGWICK (?from Dent or 
Kerby Moorside, Yorkshire). 

=Anii .... Will dated 11 Feb. 1731, then a widow ; 
sworn 13 July 1739. Recorded at St. John's. 

Charity . 
1st wife. 

=John Sedgwick, planter, bapt. 18 March= 
1706 at St. John's. Will recorded 19 
March 1750. 

Sarah Bawn, mar. 22 
Dec. 1733 at St. Paul's. 
2nd wife. 


Mary Sedgwick (? mar. 

Jeremiah Sedgwick, 
bapt. 13 May 1733 

at St. Paul's. 

Samuel Sedgwick, merchant,=pSarah, dau. of Dr. Francis Thomas Sedgwick. 
^ ■ - ■ Jarvis; bapt.5Feb. 1758 ; — 

mar. 15 Feb. 1776 at St. Susannah Sedgwick, 

Paul's. Will dated 22 mar. 1 Aug. 1754, 

owned 113 acres in St. Paul's 
and 35 in St. Mary's ; bur. 
4 Sep. 1794 at St. John's. 
Will dated 7 Dec. 1792. 

March and sworn April at St. John's, Wil- 
1812. liam Pigott. 

Ann Sedgwick, 
mar. 16 April 
1757, at St. 
John's, David 

Samuel Sedgwick, died=pElizabeth Thompson, mar. 

15 May 1800. M.I. " ' ' 

at St. John's. Will 
dated May 1800. 

15 March 1797 ; 
June 1842, set. 74. 
at St. John's. 


John Sedgwick, Barbara Jarvis Sedgwick, mar. 27 Eliza Sedg- 
a minor 1792. June 1797, at St. Paul's, Chester wick. 
Fitch, Master Attendant of Eng- 
lish Harbour. 

Samuel Sedgwick, M.D., of St.=f=Elvira, dau. of Dr. Walter Murray of 

Peter's, Parham, born 7 Jan. 
and bapt. 19 March 1798 at St. 
John's ; died 27 Oct. 1861 ; bur. 
at Brompton Cemetery, London. 

St. Paul's by Eliza Nanton his wife ; 
mar. 6 April 1826 at St. Paul's ; 
died 14 March 1878, aet. 71. M.I. 
at St. George's. 

Sarah Jarvis Sedg- 
wick, born 12 Jan. 
1799 and bapt. 31 
Jan. 1800 at St. 

Eliza Sedgwick, born 8 Dec. 
1800 and bapt. 1 Jan. 1801 
at St. John's ; mar. 5 May 
1818 William E. Ledeatt, 

I I 
Samuel Sedgwick, born 
21 April and bapt. 8 
July 1827 at St. Paul's ; 
died 30 Nov. 1827. 
M.I. at St. John's. 

Walter Murray Sedg- 
wick, M.R.C.S. Eng., 
born 17 Sep. and bapt. 
24 Oct. 1828 at St. 
Peter's ; mar. 1855, at 
St. John's, Letitia M. 
B. Moore ; he died 3 
April 1857, bur. and 
M.I. there. 

I I 
Elvira Crichton Sedgwick, 
born 15 Aug. 1830 ; mar. 
29 Feb. 1848, at St. Peter's, 
Richard Nugent, M.R.C.S. 
Eng. ; she died 10 Feb. 
1879 in Dublin. Had 
issue three sons and two 

Elizabeth Sarah Sedgwick, 
born 10 Jan. and bapt. 19 
March 1833 at St. Philip's; 
mar. 1 Dec. 1857, at St. 
Peter's, Rev. A. F. M. 

Samuel Jar- 
vis Sedg- 
wick, born 8 
Feb. 1835 ; 
died 4 Jan. 
1881. M.I. 
at St. 

I I 

=Selina H. Henry Nanton Murray 

Rossi, mar. Sedgwick, M.R.C.S. 

2 Aug. Eng., L.S.A. London. 

1860 at St. (retired) Deputy In- 

Maryle- spector- General of 

bone, Lon- Hospitals, born 2 and 

don. bapt. 22 Dec. 1840 at 

St. Peter's ; mar. 21 

June 1880, at St. 


Constance Aldous. 

Louisa Vinale Sedg- 
wick, born 9 Dec. 

I I 
Eleanor Anne 
Sedgwick, born 1 
April and bapt. 

5 Aug. 1847 at 
St. Peter's ; died 

6 Dec. 1864. M.L 
at St. John's. 

Annette Grant 
Sedgwick, born 
14 and bapt. 19 
Nov. 1850 at St. 
Peter's ; died 26 
Nov. 1850 and 
M.I. at St. John's. 

I I 

I I 

Samuel Louis Sedgwick, Ellen Sedgwick, born 

planter, born 5 March ' 


Louisa Elizabeth Sedg- 
wick, born 20 July 1863. 


Minnie Ernestine 
Sedgwick, born 2 
Aug. 1867. 

Walter Henry Sedgwick, 
born 5 July 1868. 

Charles Murray Sedg- 
wick, born 4 Jan. 1870. 

Stephen Leonard Sedg- Bernard Sedgwick, 

wick, born 29 Aug. 1871. born 10 May 1875. 

Edith May Sedgwick, Lena Sedgwick, 

born 26 Feb. 1874. born 12 Nov. 1876. 

For additions and corrections to this Pedigree I am indebted to Deputy Inspector-General H. N. M. Sedgwick. 



Parish Register of St. John. 


1706 Mar. 18 John S. of John Sedgwick & Anne his 

1798 Mar. 19 Samuel S. of Samuel Sedgwick & Eliza his 
wife. B. the 7"' Janry. 1798. 

1800 Jan. 31 Sarah Jarvis D. of Samuel Sedgwick & 

Eliza his wife. B. the 12"" January 

1801 Jan. 1 Eliza D. of Samuel Sedgwick, deceased, 

& Eliza his wife. B. the S"" December 


1754 April 18 Peter Becket and Sarah Sedgwick. L. 

1754 Aug. 1 William Figott and Susanna Sedgwick. 

1757 April 16 David Burnet (Planter) and Ann Sedge- 
wick (Spinster). L. 

1794 Sep. 4 Capt. Samuel Sedgwick. 

1800 Feb. 28 Sarah Sedgwick. 

1800 May 24 Sarah Sedgwick. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 
1733 May 13 Jeremiah S. of John Sedgwick & Charity 
his wife. 

1827 July 8 Samuel s. of Samuel & Elvira Sedgwick of 

Parham. Practitioner of Physic. B. 
21 April. 

1733 Dec. 22 John Sedgwick & Sarah Bawn ; by L. 
1776 Feb. 15 M' Samuel Sedgwick, Merchant, to Miss 

Sarah Jarvis ; p'' L. 
1797 June 27 Chester Fitch, Masf Attend' of Eng. 

harbour, to Barbara Jarvis Sedgwick, 

spr. ; by L. 
1826 April 6 Sam' Sedgwick, B. of S' Peter's, & Elvira 

Murray, Sp''. L. 

Parish Register of St. Peter. 

1828 Oct. 24 Walter Murray S. of Samuel & Elvira 

Sedgwick of Parham, Physician. 
1830 Sep. 8 Elvira Crichton D. of Samuel & Elvira 

Sedgwick uf Parham, Physician. 
1840 Dec. 22 Henry Nanton Murray S. of Samuel & 

Elvira Sedgwick, Doctor of Medicine. 
1847 Aug. 5 Eleanor Anne D. of Samuel & Elvira 

Sedgwick, etc., M.D. 
1850 Nov. 19 Annette Grant D. of Samuel & Elvira 

Sedgwick, etc., M.D. 

1818 May 5 William Bales Ledeatt, Esq', & Eliza 
ick, sp"" ; by L. 

Parish Register of St. Philip. 
1833 Mar. 19 Elizabeth Sarah d. of Samuel & Elvira 
Sedgwick of Parham, Physician. 

St. John's Churchyard. 

On a ledger within an iron grill : — 


Memory of 


who died May 15"" 1800 

Aged 28 Years. 


died June 2"* 1842 Aged 74. 


died November 30"" 1827 Aged 7 months and 


died November 26"" 1850 Aged 12 days. 


died April 3'" 1857 Aged 28. 


died December e"" 1864 Aged 17. 

St. Peter's, Parham. 

Inside the church, on a white marble monument on 
black : — 

Arms : Or, on a cross giilesjive bells of the first. 
Crest : A hand erect hoUiing a white rose. 
Motto: NE tentes aut perfice. 

sacred to the memory of 










St. George's, Fitche's Creek. 
On a broken pillar in the churchyard, in an enclosure of 

six graves : — 

to the MEMORY 


died JANRf 4™ 1881 

On a white marble cross : — 





DIED MARCH 14''» 1878 AGED 71. 

On a wooden cross :- 






Arms. — Azure, a loafs head couped argent, on a chief of the second three mullets gules. 
Crest. — A dove with wings displayed, holding in its beak an olive-branch. 
Motto. — Virtute duce comite fortuna. 

Maurice Berkeley, junior, from co. Gloucester ,=p. . . . dau. of ... . Tobin 
went out to St. Christopher's in 1731 in of Nevis ; living 1731. 
Captain Tobin's ship the " Apollo." 

Hart=pSarah, dau. of .John .John- 
(PofSt.Kitts). I son by a dau. of Mil- 
liken; mar. 31 Jan. 1748. 





Benjamin Amory,= 
senior, born 13 
Aug. 1739; died 
21 Sep. 1806. 

Mary, dau. of An- 
thony Somersall ; 
born 22 Nov. 
1744; died 11 
Aug. 1808. 

Henry=pMary Earle. 



2 sons and 
1 dau. died 

died a 

sly of North 


Maurice=pElizabeth Sarah 
Berke- 1 Manning. Her 
mother was Ann, 
dau. of Robert 
Howard by ... . 

Hart, born 
26 May 

John Rawlins=pSarah Johnston 


(son of Sted- 
man Rawlins, 
President of St. 
Kitts 1817). 

Hart, sister of Sir 
Anthony Hart, 
of England, K.B., 
30 April 1827. 

I I 

Thomas Allman Hardtman,=pAnn Howard Berkeley, coheir, born 
born 15 April 1799 ; died 10 Aug. 1800 in Martinique ; mar. 
23 Dec. 1852. 7 Feb. 1822 ; died Jan. 1854. 

Anthony Raw- 
lins, Barrister- 

William=f=EIizabeth Susannah 

Wilson Lapsly, born 30 Oct. 

of Glas- 1776 ; bapt. at St. 

gow . George and St. Peter, 

St. Kitts ; mar. there 
24 April 1797. 

John Hart Raw-=pMartha Wilson. 

lins, Lieut. 13th I 


ton Wood near Liverpool, 
West India merchant ; Mayor 
1856-7. Owned large 
in Antigua. 

Jjydia, dau. of Sir Wil- Thomas Berkeley Hardtman of Shadwell,=rAlice Hart Raw- 

liam Byam of Cedar St. Kitts, and Cedar Hill, Antigua, born lins, born 3 Jan. 

Hill, Antigua ; mar. 14 Jan. 1824 ; President of the Federal 1828 ; now liv- 

16 March 1837 at St. Council of the Leeward Islands ; died ing. 

George's. 6 Nov. 1881. 

I I 

William Alfred Byam Shand, Charles Arthur 

youngest son, matriculated of Fitohe's Creek, An- 

from Balliol College, Oxford, tigua, 1st son and 

17 Oct. 1877, a3t. 19 ; B.A. heir, educated at Har- 

1882; M.A. 1886; Barrister- row; Member of 

at-Law Inner Temple 1884. Council 1895. 

Alice Howard Annie Hardtman, mar. 23 Sir Henry S. Berkeley 
Hardtman- Oct. 1873 Hon. Arthur Hardtman, Solicitor- 
Berkeley, mar. Wyndham A'Court of An- General of the Leeward 
30 Oct. 1877 tigua, 6th son of the 2nd Islands; Chief Justice 
at St. George's. Lord Hey tesbury, and has of Fiji 189 5; knighted 
issue. 1896. He sold Cedar 

Francis Byam Berkeley Shand, 1st son and heir, 
born 11 Aug. 1879 ; in 1895 at Derby School. 

William Kenrick Willoughby Shand, 
born 11 July 1891 ; living 1895. 

A dau., dead. 

has been compiled from papers in the possession of Charles A. Shand, 

A Miss Braithwaite mar. 1st Mr. Ledeatt of Cassava 
Garden, Antigua, by whom she had an only dau. Lena Red- 
wood Ledeatt, wife of Frank H. Moore of Barbados ; and 
2nd]y Walter Shand, cousin of the present proprietor of 
Fitche's Ci-eek Estate. 

1695, Sep. 4. Captain Heartman's sloop referred to. 
(Colonial Entry Book, No. 48.) 

1707-8. Census of St. Christopher's. 

John Hardtman 
Joan Hardtman 
Eliz. Hardtman 

White White White 

Age. Men. Women. Boys. Slaves. 

33 1 1 3 1 

40 14 2 

1711. St. Thomas, Middle Island. 

White White White 

Women. Boys. Slaves. 

John Hartman 
Joan Hartman 

Deposition of Peter Hardtman, jun., of 
Isaac Hartman, esq. of S' 

1726, Feb. 17. 
St. Kitts. 

1814, Sep. 25. Ag 
Croix. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 499.) 

1825, April 22. Mrs. Sarah Amory, Relict of the late 
Jos. Amory, Esq. ; aged 85. (Almanackof St. Christopher.) 

1825, May 7. Miss Susannah Berkeley, aged 52. (Ibid.) 



1839, Jan. 7. In the island of Grenada, aged 55, John 
Berkeley, esq. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 558.) 

1842, July 12. In London, Major W. H. Hartman, 9th 
Regt. to Mary, widow of Thos. Berkeley, esq. of Grenada, 
West Indies. {Ihid., p. 312.) 

1865, Feb. 24. Thomas Berkeley Hardtman, esq., to be 
a Member of the Legislative Council of the Island of St. 
Christopher. {Ihicl, p. 496.) 

Amory Family. 

Copy of a letter written to Captain Jack Hardtman 
Berkeley of St. Kitts :— 

Dear Sir, — I hope you will pardon a stranger for making 
some inquiries about my progenitors ; I have from circum- 
stances in a measure had imposed upon me the collection 
of material for the history of my name and family. Captain 
Train tells my nephew Arthur Amory that you possibly can 
give me some information about Kobert, brother of my 
grt. grt. gr'dfather M"' Jonathan Amory, who died in 
Carolina about 1698. They were sons of Robert Amory of 
Somersetshire, England, & of the sister of Eliot ; & their 
father Robert, we have reason to believe, was the son of the 
Rev. Anthony Amory or d'Aniorie, who died rector of 
Ashott in Somerset 1620, where he had been rector of the 
manor of white Cbapelle in Bishops .... in Devon, which 
estate & other manoi-s went to his gr'ddau. Frances Amory, 
who mar. Edward Giblon 1675. Giblon — who after her 
death mar. the dau. of Sir Courtenay Pole, at which time he 
is called " of white Chapell, the paternal inheritance of 
Frances "^died c. 1709 & was bur. at Tiverton where his 
monument stands .... see vol. 7 Collins' 'Peerage,' 
" Damer," & see D"^ Rob. Amory in 'Gent. Mag.,' 1788. 
My grt. grt. gr'dfather who d. in Carolina 1698 mar. thrice, 
l='y Rebecca Cunningham of Craigends who d. in Barbados, 
& was Mother of my grt. gr'df. whose portrait is over my 
mantel, & whose half-brother thro' her was Alex' Hamilton 
of Grange in Renfrew in Scotland, & whose half-sister, by 
my gi't. grt. gr'^father's 2'' wife Martha, was Sarah who mar. 
Gov. Arthur Middleton of South Carolina in 1706, from 
whom all the best people in S. Carolina seem to have 
descended. The P' brother of Jonathan & Robert of 
Antigua — Tbomas,* mar. Eliz. Fitzmaurice, dau. of the 19"' 
Lord Kerry, 1667, ancestor of the GoV^ Gen' of Canada.j 
He died 1667, leaving an only son Thos. Amory of Bunratty 
Castle in Clare who died in 1728. Their brother John died 
in 1733 at the age of 94 in that county. In one of the 
family letters from Julia O'Connor she says that Robert of 
Antigua left her brother Tho. Amory of Bunratty Castle 
£800 a year rental. From this I had inferred that Robert Son, but he may have had daus., or the £800 rental 
may have reverted on Robert's death about 1710 to the 
main stem, & not passed by inheritance to his children .... 
In the family is an old silver pitcher with arms like the 
Ludwells, left in 1698 by M" Martha, Mother of this Gov. 
Arthur Middleton, to my grt. gr'df. Thos. Amory . . . . 
Gov'^ Clarke was GovJ of Antigua & had mar. a dau. of 
Gov' Ludwell whose 2'' Wife was the Widow of GoV Sir 
W" Berkeley of Virginia. ? was she Martha Ellis .... 

* Described in Burke ag one of the victuallers of the Navy. 

•j- The Marquess of Lansdowne. 

t I do not think that he could have been Governor. 

Arms : Quarterly, 1 and 4, Azure, a boar's head couped 
argent, on a chief of the second three mullets gules (Shand) ; 
2 and 3, Byam : impaling, 1 and 4, Gules, a chevron argent 
between six Maltese crosses above and four below, a crescent 
for difference ; 2, Sable, a demi-man in armour couped at the 
hip, holding in his dexter hand a battle-axe (Hardtman) ; 
3, Gules, a bend sinister wavy or, with three mullets of the 
first between two crescents of the second. 

Crest : A dove tvith ivings displayed, holding in its beak 
ati olive-branch (Shand). 

Motto : Virtute duce comite foriuna. 

Crests of Berkeley and Hardtman: A bishop's mitre. 
" Dieu avec nous." Out of a ducal coronet a demi-man grasping 
a raised battle-axe with both hands, between two ivings. 
" Touch not." 

Parish Register of St. George. 


1837 Mar. 16 Francis Shand, Esq', Bach., & Lydia 

Byam, Sp', of S' Peter's. Lie. ; by Rob' 

Holberton, rector of S' John's. 
1877 Oct. 30 Charles Arthur Shand, Bach., & Alice 

Howard Hardtman-Berkeley. Banns. 

By Edwin Elliott, rector of S' John. 

Witnesses, T. Berkeley, Kate Cassin, 

H. S. Berkeley. 

St. Peter's Church, Antigua. 
North wall. On a white marble shield : — 


Bath Abbey. 
South wall of south transept : — 

Sacred to the Memory of 


(daughter of BENJAMIN 



late of the Island 

of Saint Christopher) 

who departed this Life 

8* June 1817 

In the 11* year of her age. 

Also the above named 


who departed this Life 

the 20"^ January 1819 

Aged 51 Years. 



^etitsrc^ of ^ljepl)artr. 

1 It 








Arms. — Ermine, on a chief .... tJiree battle-axes . . . 
Crest. — A stag courant-regardant. 

SHEPHARD of Cerne, co. Dorset^p- 

Elizabeth, dau. of . , 
8 Aug. 1730 at St. Philip's ; 
and bur. 27 Sep. 1732, 
St. John's. iBt wife. 

7am ; mar.=pThomas Shephard of Antigua, merchant, =pRachel, dau. and coheir of Colonel Jacob 

died iQ I bur. 14 May 1749 at Cerne. Will dated 
, 21, at at London 5 April and proved 9 May 
I 1749. (160 Lisle.) 

Morgan ; bapt. 14 Feb. 1711 at St. 
John's ; mar. 29 Nov. 1733 at St. Phi- 
lip's. (? bur. 29 Aug. 1780 at St. 
George's.) 2nd wife. 

I i 
Richard Shephard, died s.p. 
before his brother Thomas. 

I I 

Elizabeth Shephard, Mary Shephard, 
.30Junel764,at bapt. 20 Oct. 1744 

Thomas Shephard, Esq., 1st son 
and heir, died s.p. 23 Dec. 1769 
at Bath. Will dated 4 July (? bur. 1768 at St. George's.) St. George's, Samuel at' St. John's 

1767; proved 9 Jan. " - ^ 

(30 Jenner.) 

Jacob Shephard, a lunatic 

Byam, Esq. ; he died (? bur. 20 Je 
1 786 ; she died after 1793 at St. 
1790 in London. George's.) 

Susannah Shep- 
hard, mar 

Braham ; living 
1790. (See 
Hanson Pedi- 

Thomas Bridges, bapt. 4 Aug. 1757 ; living 1779=pRebeccah 

living 1779. Elizabeth Bridges, bapt. 24 May 1755. 

Thomas Lovely Bridges, Henry Bridges, bapt. Lydia Bridges, bapt. Elizabeth Ross Bridges, 
bapt. 25 Oct. 1780. 2 Nov. 1787. 9 July 1783. born 27 July 1783. 

Anne Sanderson Bridges, 
born 6 June 1784. 

1658, Feb. 14. Peter Stoodleigh of Bridport, co. Dorset, 
Adm'on to Joane the relict. 

John Stoodley, Clerk, Rector of Winterbome Abbas, co. 
Dorset. Nuncupative will dated Dec. 1 658 ; proved 8 June 
1659 ; commission to Joane Stoodley the sister. (312 Pell.) 
£5 to the poor. Mourning cloaks to my 4 brothers. All 
residue to my sister Joane. Witnessed by Giles Studdley, 
Joseph Stoodley. 

Edward Stoodley of Malswood, co. Dorset, yeoman. 
Will dated 15 Jan. 1670 ; proved 6 June 1671 by Margery 
Stoodley the relict. (82 Duke.) To John Wills & Grace 
his wife £40. Daniel Stoodley £20. Ann Ding £20. 
Mary Conner £30. Kath. Hext £10. M' Sol way £5. 
Robert Bartlett £5. Hugh Cooke 40s. Mag"! Cooke Is. 
Nich. Cooke 40s. James Bagg 5s. My brother Joseph 
Stoodley £5 14s., being a debt from W"" Pinney of Broad 
Winsor. All residue to my wife Margery & sole Ex'trix. 
Witnessed by Robert Kedger, Henry Byshopp. 

John Bridges of Antigua, merchant. Will dated 15 
May 1672. To my friend Cap. W" Thomas of Antigua, 
Gent., my mare. To my friend Geo. Hawkins of Antigua, 
planter, 5000 lbs. of sugar charged on my plantation called 
" Taylor's Ridge " in S* John's Div", & to his wife Amy my 
ring. To Elias Buckly, planter, 1000 lbs. of tobacco, & to 
his son Rich'' Buckly 500 lbs. To my brother Rich'' 
Bridges in England 3 negros & all residue, & I appoint him 
Ex'or, & Cap. W"" Thomas & Geo. Hawkins feoffees to 

whom I give 20s. rings. Witnessed by Richard Buckley, 
John George, Jacob Hill. On 11 Nov. 1672 appeared 
Richard Bnckly of Popeshead, planter, and William Thomas, 
and on 13 Nov. John George, cooper, before Governor P. 
Warner. Recorded 27 Nov. 1672. 

John Eyre of Bristol, ireraonger. Will dated 12 April, 
proved 10 July 1680. (95 Bath.) To be buried in the 
parish of S* Thomas near my brothers. My sister Mary 
Lewis, widow of John Lewis of Bristol, cooper, 20s. My 
sister Sarah Stoodly, wife of Chr. Stoodly of Dorchester, 
grocer, 20s. All residue to my wife Mary & Ex. My 
brothers-in-law M' Samuel Clarke, M'' Robert Allen, & M^ 
John Ewens of Bristol, overseers. 

John Eyre of Poole, Dorset. Will dated 10 July, proved 
8 Nov. 1682. (129 Cottle.) My father bequeathed me his 
farm in Purbeck, the rent of which I give to my wife Sarah. 
My dau. Mary Lewis, widow, £50. Grandsons John & 
Chr. Stoodley £10 each, son Stoodley my signet ring, & my 
dau. his wife that ring from her brother Eyre. Worth 
Maltravers where I was born. 

Robert Shephard of Cerne Abbas, co. Dorset, innholder. 
Will dated 10 March 1689 ; proved 18 Feb. 1692. (35 
Coker.) To be buried near my wife Leatice. Joan White, 
Geo. White, Eliz. White, Anne White, & Joane White, 
children of Geo. White, tallow-chandler, deceased. My 
kinsman Newton Shephard of Lewes, co. Sussex, cordwindcr, 
£10. All residue to Rich'' Shephard, s. of my brother Tho. 
I, dec'', &, sole Ex'or. 



Charles Stoodley of Dorchester, co. Doi-set,=pSarah .... Adin'on 2.5 Oct. 1693 to 
yeoman, dead 1693. I her son Christopher. 

Christopher Stoodley of Antigua,=rMary .... bur. 13 Oct. 1745 
merchant, bur. 23 Dec. 1731 at at Richmond. Will dated 26 
Richmond, co. Surrey. Will Jan. 1744 ; proved 14 Oct. 
dated 23 July and proved 31 Dec. 1745. (282 Seymer.) 
1731. (316 Ishara.) i 


Rev. Timothy Stoodley, matricnlated=j=Elizabeth 
from Wadham College, Oxford, 3 
April 1693, set. 18 ; B.A. 1 March 
1697 ; Vicar of Sydling St. Nicholas, 
CO. Dorset, 1702 ; died 27 and bur. 29 
Dec. 1724, set. 49. M.I. at Sydling. 

bur. 13 Feb. 
1730-1 at Syd- 

Mary Stoodley, bur. 29 June 1738 at Sydling. 

Jonathan Sheppard of Sonthwark, co. Surrey, brother-in-law of Christopher Stoodley 1731=r. . . . 

Robert Shep- Susannah Shephard, 

hard of Cerne mar White. 

1749. — 

(Catherine Shephard, 
mar Bulcocke. 

William Sheppard, 
living 1731. 

Sarah Sheppard. 

Elizabeth Sheppard,=T=Bartholoniew Saunderson of Antigua, 
mar. 22 April 1721 merchant, 1711 ; Member of Assembly 
at St. John's; living ! for St. John's Town 1721-2; bur. 
1731 at Southwark. 1 Nov. 1724 at St. John's. 

I I 

Samuel Wickham Sander- Sarah Sander-=f=Thomas Bridges, 

son 01 Antigua, later or 
London, merchant. Will 
dated 5 Oct. and proved 
26 Nov. 1762. (484 St. 

1, living 

builder. Will 
dated 8 Feb. 

Rachel Sanderson,* mar. Anne Sander- 
Rev. Samuel Lovely, son, spinster 
Rector of St. Peter's; 1779. 
she bur. 16 Nov. 1785 
at St. John's. Her will 
dated Nov. 1779. 

living 1731 
and 1744. 

John Bridges, 2nd son, bapt. 29 Sep. 1759=j=Mary Penony. Henry Bridges, born 1762; bapt. 6 Feb. 1763. 


John Richard Bridges,=rAmy .... Samuel Lovely Bridges,=Jane Edwards, mar. 10 Aug. 1808. Sarah Bridges, bur. 
bapt. 13 Aug. 1785. I bapt. 10 Jan. 1786. 15 March 1782. 

John Richard Bridges, bapt. 12 May 1810. 

* In the Coull Pedigree, vol. i.. p. 177. she has been erroneously styled sister of Patrick Coull. 

Job. Sheppard of St. Leonard's, Shoreditcb. 
Math. & Tho. sons of my s. John. (9 Hene.) 


1693, Oct. 25. Sara Stoodley of Dorchester, co. Dorset, 
widow, deceased. Adm'on to Christopher Stoodley the son. 

Richard Sheppard of Lothbury, London, merchant. 
Will dated 17 April, proved 13 Jan. 1730. (18 Isham.) 
Sister M" Frances Sheppard of Dorchester, Dorset. All 
est. to only son M' Thos. Sheppard. 

Christopher Stoodly, late of St. John's Town, Antigua, 
now of London, merchant. Will dated 23 July, proved 31 
Dec. 1731 by Thomas Tryon ; power reserved to William 
Tryon and William Chase. (31 C Isham.) To my wife 
Mary £1000, furniture, plate, linen, chariot, horse, & chaise, 
also my lease of 21 acres with buildings in S< John's parish, 
which were demised to me by Bayer Otto-Bayer, Esq., & 
have since been by me demised to Geo. Byam, Esq., in trust 
to pay all profits to my nieces Sarah Shepard, Eliz. Sander- 
sou, widow, Mary Sheppard, Mary Stoodly, Sarah Stoodly, 
& Eliz. Stoodly. By a certain agreement duly enrolled the 
Hon. Valentine Morrice of Antigua, Esq., now holds a 

plantation & has to pay myself & wife £400 a year for our 
lives, & at the death of the survivor of us £2500. In case 
of the conquest of the island, however, this agreement 
becomes void, & in such case I give the plantation to 
Ashton Warner & Edwi Chester of Antigua, Esq"^, & Tho. 
Sheppard of Antigua, raerch', in trust to be sold & the 
proceeds to my wife. To my nephew W™ Sheppard, son of 
Jonathan Shejipard of Southwark,, co. Surry, my house in S' 
John's town, lately occupied by W™ Dunbar, Gent., he to 
pay £10 a year to my niece Sarah Stoodly & 2«. weekly to 
my negro Sarah Sibill. I manumit Sarah Sibil & Tho. 
Tomson. To my niece Mary Stoodly, dau. of my lieloved 
brother Timothy Stoodly, late vicar of Sydling, co. Dorset, 
£500. To my brother-in-law Jonathan Sheppard £100. 
To Christopher Sanderson, son of Eliz. Sanderson of South- 
wark, widow, £100. To Eliz. Northall £10. To my 
godson John Watkins, sou of Giles AVatkins, Esq., of 
Antigua, £10. To each E.x'or £10. To Ashton Warner, 
Edw"" Chester, & Tho. Sheppard all residue of my real estate 
in trust to sell, as also all my ships & personalty for my said 
nieces Sarah Sheppard, Eliz. Sanderson, Mary Sheppard, 
Mary Stoodly, Sarah Stoodly, & Eliz. Stoodly. Ashton 
Warner, Edw"" Chester, & Tho. Sheppard E.x'ors for America, 
& W™ Tryon & Tho. Tryon, merch'^ in London, & W"" 


Chase of London, linendraper, Ex'ors for G' Britain. Wit- 
nessed by John Long, John Wise, Jonathan Evendore, all 
in Abchurch Lane. 

Codicil dated 28 Aug. 1731. The lease of 21 acres to 
go to my wife absolutely, not to my nieces. Witnessed by 
John Wise, William Frye, Jonathan Evendore. 

Joseph Stoodley was Ex'or 1737 to Edward Sanderson 
of London, merchant. (See vol. i., p. 119, for the latter's 

Joseph Studley, Gent. Will proved 1743. (130 Boy- 
cott.) To my wife Eliz. my presentation to the rectory of 
"West Knighton, co. Dorset. My late sister Jane Beer. 
My sister Eliz. Butter, etc. 

Mary Stoodly of Richmond, co. Surry, widow. Will 
dated 26 Jan. 1744 ; proved 14 Oct. 1745 by Elizabeth 
Northall. (282 Seyraer.) To be buried at Richmond near 
my late husband. To my goddau. Henrietta Horn, wife of 
Edward Horn, Esq., now in Antigua, £120. To M"^ 
Frances Mon'ice, dau. of Col. Valentine Morrice, deceased, 
my gold snuffbox. To Christopher Sanderson, son of Eliz. 
Sanderson, widow, £400. To each servant £.'). To Sarah 
Maynard £5 more. To my negro Sarah Sibbell £5. To 
Eliz. Northall, sp'', dau. of the late Capt. Geo. Northall, my 
lease of 31 acres in S' John's Parish, which were demised to 
my late husband Christopher Stoodly by Bayer Otto-Bayer, 
Esq., & afterwards let to Geo. Byam, Esq. No claim for 
improvements to be made against Henry Meyler in whose 
house I dwell. All residue to Eliz. Northall & appoint her 
Ex'trix. Witnessed by William Chase, A. Chase, Henry 

Thomas Shephavd, late of Antigua, now of London, 
merchant. Will dated 5 April, proved 9 May 1749 by 
George White, Richard Bingham, Esq., and Robert Shep- 
hard ; proved 22 March 175G by Stephen Mingnan alias 
Mignian ; power reserved to the others. On 7 .Sep. 1767 
adm'on to Thomas Shephard, Esq., the son, Ashton Warner, 
Daniel Warner, and Richard Boddicot dying without taking 
on them the execution, and Thomas Warner, Esq., renounc- 
ing. (160 liisle.) To my dear wife Rachael all my 
household goods, jewels, linen, & use of plate, but the latter 
after her death to my dau. Eliz. Shepherd. I give my wife 
also £300, she to assent to all leases of my plantations & of 
all houses here or at Philadelphia, & if so ^ of rents. To 
each child of my sister Cath. Bulcocke £50. To all my 
sons except my heir-at-law all my houses in S' John's, 
Antigua, & in Philadelphia as joint tenants & £1200 each 
at 21. The like sum to each dau. at 21. The legacies to 
my wife & children are in full bar of all claims they have 
under the will of the late Col. Jacob Morgan, my wife's 
father. To my brother Robert Shephard & to my sister 
Susannah White each £15 yearly & £30. My negro 
London to be free & 3 shillings c. a week. All residue to 
my son Thos. Shephard. Ashton Warner, Tho. Warner, 
Dan' Warner, all of Antigua, Esq'■"^ Geo. White of Antigua, 
merch'. Rich'' Bingham of Melcomb, Dorset, Esq., Rob' 
Shepherd of Cern, Dorset, fient., & Rich'' Boddicot of 
London, merch', Ex'ors & Guardians & 2 gs. each. Wit- 
nessed by Peter Jlanleverer, Clement's Lane, Lombard Street, 
Alexander Malcolm, clerk to Mr. Shephard, Thurston Black- 
man, Cliflbrd'.s Inn. 

Memo, histructions to Mr. Richard Boddicot, dated 7 
April 1749. ily body to be Iniried at ("erne with the rest 
of my family. My brother Rob' u^ have £o a year for 
maintenimce of each of my children during the break up 
for the holidays. & £1() for chnrity. Witnessed by Thomas 

Ut Codicil dated 8 April 174',l. :\Iy wife to have her 
own plate which she had before her marriage with me 
absolutely. Stephen Mignian of London, surgeon, but 
going to Antigua, to be an Ex'or. Witnessed by Peter 
Mauleverer, Thurstan Blackman. 

2nd Codicil dated 29 April 1749. To each child except 
my heir £300 more. Witnessed by Robert Moncrieff, 
Thurston Blackman. On 9 May 1749 was sworn Thurston 
Blackman of Clifford's Inn, Gent. Testator was of St. 
Edmund the King. Recorded also at St. John's 9 March 
1749-50 (fo. 131). 

John Wickham, Esq., by his will dated 1750 bequeathed 
property to his godson John Wickham Sanderson, son of 
Captain John Sanderson, provided he took the name of 
Wickham. A William Wickham Sanderson was also named 
in a Wickham will of c. 1743. 

Thomas Bridges of Antigua, carpenter. Will dated 
8 Feb. 1760. To my wife Sarah my house in S' John 
Street, now in the occupation of Archibald Gloster, surgeon, 
also the use of my furniture, plate, china, & £60 c. yearly, 
& 2 negros, after her death to my son John Bridges. To 
my son Thos. Bridges 6 proportions of land in Broad Str., 
S' John's Town, & the house now in the occupation of Geo. 
White, merchant, also 7 negros. To my son John Bridges 
8 negros. To my dau. Eliz. Bridges 3 proportions of land 
in Popeshead Str., S' John's Town, & the house & 5 negros. 
All residue to my wife. Hon. Francis Parley, Esq., Rev^ 
Samuel' Lovely, clerk, Samuel Martin, & Samuel Wickham 
Sanderson, merchants of Antigua, Ex'ors. Witnessed by 
Edmond Griffith, George Jordan. 

\st Codicil dated 26 Feb. 1762. My wife Sarah is n.iw 
with child. £500 to my Ex'ors for the said child. 

2nd Codicil dated 9 April 1763. I revoke the appoint- 
ment of Samuel Martin as Ex'or & nominate my kinsman 
James Bridges of the city of Bristol. M' Samuel Wickham 
Sanderson being since dead I appoint M'' Samuel Gunthor[)e 
of Antigua, merchant, Ex'or. Witnessed by R. Lovely, 
Samuel Gunthorpe, John Haslewood. Antigua : before 
Governor Thomas appeared Samuel Gunthorpe, merchant, 
and John Haslewood, Gent., 27 April 1763. Recorded 27 
April 1763. 

Samuel Wickham Sanderson, late of Antigua, now of 
London, merchant. Will dated 5 Oct., proved 26 Nov. 
1762 by James Bridges ; power reserved to the others. 
(484 St. Eloy.) Funeral not to exceed 50 guineas. Most 
of my estate is in the hands of my partner Mr. James 
Taylor of London, merchant, which I estimate at about 
£3500. To Tho. Bridges, son of Tho. & Sarah Bridges of 
Antigua, John Bridges their 2'' son, Eliz. Bridges their dau., 
& to their last child £200 apiece at 21. James Taylor £50. 
My brother-in-law Rev. Samuel Lovely, rector of S' Peter's 
at Falmouth in Antigua, £50 for a better horse to ride to 
church. To Mary, Eliz., & Eleanor Morris, daus. of Chas. 
& Eleanor Morris of Antigua, £20 apiece. My sister Sarah 
Bridges, wife of Tho. Bridges, 2 negro boys. My sister 
Rachel Lovely, wife of Rev. Samuel Lovely, 2 negros. My 
sister Anne Sanderson 2 negros <fc all my plate. My father 
by will left her a legacy which shall be paid. My father's 
sword to my liephew John Bridges. My negro Jack his 
freedom. All residue to my friends .fames Bridges of 
[ Bristol, architect, Langford Ivovell, & Samuel Gunthorp of 
i Antigua, merchants, & Tho. Bridges of Antigua, builder, in 
1 Trust for my said 3 sisters. Trustees to be Ex'ors. Wit- 
1 uessed by Thomas Symonds of Bristol, attorney, G. N. 
Viner, his clerk. 

Codiril. iS Oct. 1762. Revoke appointment of Lang- 
ford Lovell. 


Thomas Sliephard, late of London, now of Antigua, Esq. 
Will dated 4 .luly 17B7 ; proved '.) Jan. 1770 by William 
Gnnthorpe, Samuel Byam ; power reserved to the others. 
(30 Jenner.) To my mother £300 st. To each of my 3 
sisters Eliz. Byam, wife of Samuel Byam, Esq., Susannah 
Shepbard, & Mary Shephard £150 st. To my Ex'ors 10 
guineas each. £40 st. to the poor of Cerne Abbas, co. 
Dorset. To Kitt a free negro, formerly slave of my father, 
now a servant in my mother's family, £10 a yr. Hon. 
Byam P'reeman, Esq., W™ Gunthorpe, Esq., Oliver Nugent, 
Esq., Edw* Byam, jun., Esq., & the said Samuel Byam 
Ex'ors iu Trust. All my plantations, slaves to my brother 
Eichard Shephard for lifi;, then to the said E.v'ors in Trust 
for his children in tail, then to my sister Eliz. Byam, my 
sisters Susannah Shephard & Mary Shephard. .\11 residue 
to my said brother. Witnessed by John Hoskins, John 
Newman, William Higgins. 

Codicil. 4 July 1767. My brother Jacob Shephard is 
a lunatick, but should he not be so at my death then all my 
estate to him, otherwise to my brother Richard Shephard. 

Charity Shepherd of Dickinson's Bay. Will dated 17 
April 1782. To my mother Sarah all my slaves on con- 
dition she take care of my son John, & after her death 1 
negro to the child I am now with, & all residue to my son 
John. Rob' Christian, \\'°' Mackinnen, Jas. Nibbs, Esq'''^% 
Ex'ors. Witnessed by Samuel McKinnen. Before Thomas 
Jarvis, Esq., was sworn Samuel McKiimen 23 Aug. 1785. 
Recorded 2 Sep. 1785. 

John Sheppard. Will recorded 10 Aug. 171)9. All the 
remainder destroyed. 

Close Roll, 10 Geo. III., Part 2, Nos. 18 and 19. 

Indenture made the 5th Feb. 1770 between Samuel 
Byam, late of Antigua, but now of Featherstonc Buildings, 
Holborn, Esq., and Elizabeth his wife (which said Elizabeth 
is the eldest sister of Thomas Shephard, formerly of Antigua, 
but late of the city of Bath, Esq., deceased), of the one part, 
and William Gunthorp, late of Antigua, but now of Cecil 
Street, Strand, Esq., of the other part, witnesses that in con- 
sideration of OS. Samuel and Eliziibeth Byam have sold to 
William Gunthorp all that plantation, etc., in the division 
of New North Sound in the parish of St. George, Antigua, 
formerly the estate of the said Thomas Shephard, deceased, 
with all slaves, etc., for one year at the rent of one pepper- 
corn that he may be in actual possession, to the uses of an 
Indenture to be made. Joseph Pickering, Tobias Pickering, 

No. 18. 

Indenture made the (ith Feb. 1770 between Samuel 
Byam and Elizabeth his wife, of the one part, and William 
Gunthorp, of the other. Whereas Thomas Shephard duly 
executed his last will dated 4th July 1767 (will recited), and 
died the 23rd Dec. 1769, at which time Jacob Shephard his 
brother, by an Inquisition taken the 31st Jan. last past, was 
found to be a lunatic from August 1763, so that the devise 
in the said codicil to Jacob and bis sons and daughters did 
not take effect ; and whereas Richard Shephard the other 
brother died in the lifetime of Thomas intestate s.p., Eliza- 
beth Byam became seised as tenant in tail general of the 
said plantations, now this Indenture witnesses that in con- 
sideration of lO.s'. Samuel and Elizabeth Byam bargain to 
William Gunthorp all that plantation (as in No. 19) to hold 
and his heirs to the intent that they may be seised 

to hin 

Close Roll, 10 Geo. III., Part 1.5, No. fi. 
Indenture made the 5th Oct. 1770 between Stephen 
Shepherd of Deptford, shipwright, and Mary Susanna his 
wife, of the one part, and Peter Alsop of Antigua, Esq., of 
the other pai't, witnesseth that in consideration of 10s. 
Stephen Shepherd and Mary Susanna his wife convey to 
Peter Alsop and his heirs, etc., all that piece of land in the 
town of Falmouth in Antigua, containing four proportions, 
bounded E. with land belonging to the heirs of Edward 
Tyley, deceased, W. with a street leading north and south, 
N. with the lands of Charles Hozier, and S. with an east 
and west street, and also the dwelling house, etc., thereon, 
and also two negro men Gosport and Valentine, and two 
negro women Jenny and Sally, which said lands, etc., were 
late the property of William Hart of Antigua, shipwright, 
deceased, in trust to sell and to remit the money to Stephen 
Shepherd and Mary Susanna his wife, and they appoint, etc., 
John Burke of St. John's, Antigua, Gent., their Attorney. 
Martin French, David Young, witnesses. 

thereof, and qualified to convey them to Samuel Byam and 
Elizabeth, and lastly Samuel and Elizabeth Byam appoint 
Edward Byam, Esq., and Samuel Henry Warner, Esq., both 
residing in Antigua, their Attorneys. 

In the Visitation of Kent 1619 is a pedigree of Studley 
from Wimborne Minster, co. Dorset. Arms : Argent, on a 
fess vert three stags' heads rabossed or. Crest : A stag's 
head or, transfixed ohliquehi by an arrow barbed sable. 

1 623. Giles Studley of Broad Windsor and John Studley 
of Marchwood were disclaimed by the Heralds at Bridport. 

1636. Mr. Charles Studly was rated for the higher 
farm. (Churchwarden's Book, Langton Long Blandford. 
' Somerset and Dorset Notes and Queries,' vol. iii., p. 58.) 

There are several entries of Stoodley of co. Dorset in 
Foster's ' Alumni O-xonienses.' 

Circa 1670. A Mr. Giles Studley was living in a house 
called Kaites near Pensbury in Gillingbam, co. Dorset. 
(' Motcombe Past and Present.') 

1693. Timothy Stoodley. M. 3 April 1693 (fil. Caroli 
Stoodley de Dorchester, Dorcestr pauperis set. 18). CM. 
received as Servitor 7 Mar. 1693 & restored 4 Ap. 1698. 
Goodbridge Exhibitioner 1693 & 1694. B.A. 1 Mar. 1697. 
(Registers of Wadham College, Oxford.) 

1705, Aug. 20. Christopher Stoodly, two proportions of 
land iu St. John's Town by grant from John Yeamans, Esq. 
Surveyed 3 Sep. 

1730, July 20. Christopher Stoodly having gone to 
England his seat in the Assembly for Sd. John's Town was 
declared vacant. 

1744-5, Feb. 28. Mr. Shephard hath |)urchased Heni-y 
Osborn's Estate and gives £10,500 for it, ye Crop on the 
ground and 30 negroes, a great purchase in these times. 

1790, Dec. 2. Petition of Elizabeth Byam, Susanna 
Braham, and Mary Shepherd, sisters of the whole blood and 
presumptive heirs of Jacob Shepherd a lunatic, for leave to 
bring in Act to sell his real estate. 

Act re estate of Jacob Shepherd of St. John's, a lunatic, 
read 24 June 1791. 

Parish Register of St. Johk. 


1744 Oct. 20 Susannah the D. of Tho» Shei)pard and 

Rachel his wife. 
1744 Oct. 20 Mary the I), of Tho» Sheppard and Rachel 

his wife. 
1755 May 24 Eliz. the D. of Tho» Bridges & .Mary his 

1757 Aug. 4 Thos. the S. of Tho' Bridges & Sarah his 


1759 Sep. 29 John the S. of Thomas Bridges & Sarah 

his wife. 

1760 Nov. 15 Abigail the D. of John Shephard and Ann 

his wife. 
1763 Feb. 6 Henry the S. of Thomas Bridges and 
Sarah his wife. 

M 2 












Daus. of Tho- 
mas Bridges 
and Rebecca 
liis wife. 

Mar. 3 Edward the S. of the ReVi John Shephard 

and his wife. 
Oct. 25 Thomas Lovely the s. of Thomas Bridges 

& Rebeccah his wife. 
July 31 Sarah the d. of James Bridges & Mary 

his wife. 
July 9 Lydia the D. of Thomas Bridges and 

Rebecca his wife. 
.... 13 John Richard the S. of John Bridges and 

Mary his wife. 
21 Elizabeth Ross. B. 27 

July 1783. 
Anne Sanderson. B. 6 

June 1784. 
Jan. 10 Samuel Lovely Infant S. of John Bridges 

and Mary Penony his wife. 
Nov. 2 Henry s. of Thomas Bridges and Rebecca 

his wife. B. 7 Feb. 1787. 
May 12 John Richard S. of John Richard Bridges 

and Amy his wife. B. Ki"" Instant. 
April 22 Bartholomew Sanderson and Eliz" Sliep- 

pard ; by L. from the Generall. 
April 5 Alexander Neilson to Abigail Shepherd. 

Aug. 10 Samuel Lovely Bridges to Jane Edwards, 

Spinster. Lie. 
Nov. 1 Bartholomew Saunderson, Merch'. 
May 16 M' William Sheppard. 
Sep. 27 M" Elizabeth Shephard. 
June 9 Richard Shephard, a child. 
June 14 Mary y*' D. of Thomas Shephard. 
Sep. 4 Cap' John Shepherd. 
Sep. 28 Mary Bridges. 
Mar. 15 Sarah Bridges the D. of John Bridges and 

Mary his wife. 

Parish REfiisTER of St. Philip. 
Aug. 8 Thomas Sheppard and Eliz* Byam ; by 

L. from Gen' Mathew. 
Nov. 29 Thomas Sheppard and Rachell Morgan ; 
by L. from Gen' Mathew. 

Parish Register of St. George. 
June 30 Samuel Byam, Esq^ and Elizabeth Shep- 
hard, Spinster. 
July 24 John Shephard, Mer', & Mary Sephard {sic), 


Richard Shephard. 

July 9 Thomas S. of John Shephard and Mary 

his wife. 
Aug. 29 Rachael Shephard. 
Jan. 20 Mary Shephard. 

Parish Register of St. Peter. 
Oct. 1 John Sheppard, Planter, and Mary Powell 
Bladen, Spinster, at Cotton New Work. 

Parish Register of St. Mary Woolxoth, London. 
1714 Aug. () Jonathan Shipperd of S' Saviour, South- 
wark. Bachelor, and Mary Hawkins of 
the same Parish, Spinster; by licence, 

Sydling St. Nicholas, co. Dorset. 


1724 Dec. 29 Timothy Stoodly, vicar of Sydling S' 

1730-31 Feb. 13 M" Elizabeth Stoodly, widow. 
1738 June 29 M" Mary Stoodly. 

Cerne Abbas, co. Dorset. 

The Vicar (Rev. H. D. Gundry) wrote me in 1895, " I 
find the following children of Richard Shephard were 
baptized at Cerne .... I find no record of Robert." 

Matilda 18 Dec. 1694. 

Katherina 11 May 1699. 

Thomas 19 Mar. 1701. 

Susannah 7 Feb. 1703. 

Richard 17 Jan. 1707. 

John 23 Oct. 1710. 

1749 May 14 Thomas Sheppard, Merchant. 

St. John's Churchyard. 

Crest : 

On an altar-tomb : — 

Arms : Ermine, on a chief .... three battle-axes . . . . 
(Shephard) ; impaling .... three wolves' heads erased . . . . 

A stag courant regardant over helmet and wreath. 

Here lyeth the Body of 



of this Ifland who departed 

this life y" 26"* of September 

1732 in y« 22'' Year of her Age. 

Sydling St. Nicholas, co. Dorset. 
On a monument in the south aisle : — 


hujus ecclesise 

per anuos viginti et amplius 

Vicarius diligentissimus. 

(Thirteen lines follow.) 

Obiit Dec. 27, Anno Dom. 1724, 

^t. 49. 

Posuit hoc frater ejus amautissimus, 

Christopherus Stoodley, 

ad insulam'de Antego 

mercator non incelibris. 


Cerne Abbas, co. Dorset. 

On an altar-tomb in the churchyard : — 

Here lies the body of ROBERT WHITE, who died 
Jan. 6. 1753, | aged 46 ; after having been upwards of 20 
years in Antigua in | South America, and returning home 
with a good character, which | is well known by the best 
sort of people in that island. (Hutchins's ' Dorset.') 



Arms. — Azure, on afess or between three i/rifins' heads erased . 
Crest. — A lion's jmw erased, holding a sprig. 
Motto. — Esse quam videri. 

afieur-de-Us hetireen two roses. 

These arms were granted in 1559 to Sherlffe of Warwick (Edmondson). 

WILLIAM SHERIFF^pRachel Wallis, mar. 28 Feb. 1760 
of Nonsuch 1753. at St. Philip's. (? bur. there 

4 July 1792.) 

Jolin Sherriff, joins the Troop 
1754. Witnessed John Wise's 
will 1755. 

William Elmes Sheriff, 
born 3 April and bapt. 
7 Oct. 1767 at St. 

John Sheriff, bapt. 
11 Sep. 1768 at 
St. Philip's. 

Samuel Harman Sheriff, 
bapt. 17 Nov. 1771 at 
St. Philip's. 

Samuel Harman Sheriff,=j=Joyce Claudia Dick 
bapt. 4 Feb. 1774 at man, mar. 7 Dec 
St. Philip's. 

Samuel Marchant- 
Sheriff, born 14 
Jan. and bapt. 19 
Feb. 1799 at St. 

man, mar. 7 Dec. 
1797 at St. John's. 

James Watson Sheriff, born 5 Oct. John Dickman Elmina Ledeatt Mary Harris Sheriff, 

and bapt. 15 Nov. 1803 at St. Sheriff,born 12 Sheriff, born 3 born 24 June and 

John's; Barrister-at-Law of the July and bapt. and bapt. 6 July, bapt. 15 July 1801 ; 

InnerTemple 1838; Speaker 1845; 11 Sep. 1806, and bur. 6 Nov. mar. 18 May 1820 

Solicitor-General 1846 ; Attorney- and bur. 17 1810 at St. Anthony Musgrave, 

General of the Leeward Islands March 1825 at John's. M.D., Treasurer ; he 

1848—1852 ; President of Nevis ; St. John's. died 24 Feb. 1852, 

died there 9 March 1866. M.I. at set. 58. 
St. John's. 

William Anthony Musgrave Sheriff"* of the Middle Temple 1864 ; 
Barrister-at-Law 1867 ; Attorney-General of Grenada 1872, and 
of Bahamas 1879 ; Chief Justice of British Honduras 1882 ; 
Puisne Judge of British Guiana 1893. 

Robert Ffrench Sheriff, Q.C., Barrister of 
Inner Temple Nov. 1862 ; Attorney- 
General of Leeward Islands 1874, and of 
Gibraltar 1877—1892. 

* This gentleman wrote to me from Barbados 20 March 189.') 
consequently your work is one with which I have no sympathy." 

I bejr to state that I take no interest whatever in my ancestors, and 

1749-50. From a letter: " As for Billie Sheriffe 

he lived some time with Mr. Watkins to settle Coll" Martin's 
accounts .... Mr. Watkins thought him honest and sober, 
but inclined to be idle, he proposes doing business as a town 

1866, March 9. At Nevis, West Indies, from the effects 
of a severe carriage accident, James Watson Sheriff, esq. 
President administering the Government of that island. 
The deceased was the representative of an old English 
colonial family in Antigua, W.I., in which island he had 
inherited considerable property. He was called to the bar 
by the society of the Inner Temple in 1838, and soon after 
his call commenced practice iii Antigua, where he speedily 
became the recognised leader of the bar, and acquired a 
reputation as a lawyer that was by no means confined to 
his native island. Mr. Sheriff was elected Speaker of the 
House of Assembly in 1845, and upon his retirement from 
that post was voted an address and a donation of 2U0 
guineas ; Mr. Sheriff had been previously distinguished for 
his eloquence as a member of the Assembly. In 1846 
Mr. Sheriff' was appointed Solicitor-General and in 1848 
Attorney-General, in which office he shewed great ability in 
framing and passing several most important measures of 
financial and legal reform, for which he several times 
received the thanks of the Home Government. Upon the 
retirement in 1856 of Sir Robert Horsford, Chief Justice 

of Antigua, the greatest dissatisfaction was felt, both by the 
bar and the public, that Mr. Sheriff was not appointed his 
successor ; and in consequence of this slight, Mr. Sheriff 
then resigned the Attorney-Generalship and retired from 
the bar. In 1860 Mr. Sheriff became a member of the 
Executive Council of Antigua, and in 1864 he accepted the 
presidentship of Nevis, in the administration of which 
island he made himself universally beloved. Mr. Sheriff's 
acquirements as a lawyer were of the first class ; as a 
speaker, he had a commanding presence, a pleasing voice, 
and considerable eloquence ; and he brought the most 
indefatigable zeal and energy to bear upon whatever he 
undertook, whether as a lawyer, politician, or administrator 
of public affairs. (Law Times, ' Gent. Mag.,' p. 755.) 

Parish Register of St. John. 

1799 Feb. 19 Samuel Marchant S. of Samuel Sheriff and 
Joyce Claudia Sheriff. B. the 14 Janu- 
ary 1799. 

1801 July 15 Mary Harris D. of Samuel Sheriff and 
Joyce Claudia his wife. B. the 24'" 
June 1801. 

1803 Nov. 15 James Watson S. of Samuel Sheriff & 
Joyce Claudia his wife ; b. 5 Ocf last. 





John Dickman S. of Samuel Sheriff and 
Joyce Claudia his wife. B. 12"' July 





Elmina Ledeatt D. of Samuel Sheriff and 
Joyce Dickman his wife. B. 3* Instant. 





Samuel Sheriff to Joyce Dickman, Spin- 
ster. L. 




Thomas Sheriff to Eliza Shirley, Widow. 

Anthony Musgrave, Esquire, M.D., to 




Mary Harris Sheriff, Sp'. L. 





John Sheriffe. 




Elmina Ledeatt Sheriff, Infant. 




Joyce Sheriff. 




John D. Sheriff. 

Parish Register of St. Philip. 

1767 Oct. 7 William Elmes s. of William & Rachel 

Sheriffe ; b. Apl. 3. 

1768 Sep. 11 John s. of William & Rachel Sheriffe. 
1771 Nov. 17 Samuel Harman s. of William & Rachel 

1774 Feb. 4 Samuel Harman s. of William Sheriffe. 

1760 Feb. 28 William Sheriff & [blank] Wallis. 

1777 Dec. 14 John Coleburn & Rachael Sheriffe, spin- 


1778 Dec. 31 Benjamin Reynolds & Grace Sheriffe, 


1770 Feb. 8 William Sheriffe. 
1776 April 14 WilHam Sheriffe. 
1792 July 4 Rachel Sheriffe. Fam. b.g. 

Christ Church, Nichola Town, St. Christopher's. 
1726 Nov. 2 W" M-^Dowel S. of John & Eliz. Sherriff. 
1729 May 3 Alexander S. of John & Eliz. Sherriff. 

St. John's CathedraIj. 
On the east wall of the south transept : — 
Arms : Azure, three griffins' heads erased [or], on a /ess 
or a fleur-de-lis .... between two roses .... 

Crest : A hand * erased, holding a sprig of ... . over 
ivreath and helmet. 

Motto : Esse quam videri. 













9™ MARCH 1866, 


St. George's Churchyard, Fitches Creek. 
On a small white marble cross : — 

W. M. SHERIFF DIED NOV" 6^" 1868. 

* The crest used by Mr. W. A. M. 
erased [or] holding a laurel branch [ve 
revised edition of ' Fairbairn's Crests ' this 
80 that it is possible that " a hand erased " 
part or on that of the sculptor. 

Sheriff is: A lion's jamb 
rt], and in Fox-Da vies's 
is given as S. of Scotland, 
is either an error on ray 

^Sttittjrtt of ^J)cvbtncj;ton. 

Rev. WILLIAM SHERVINGTON of St. John's Town 1753 :=pCatherine Toole, mar. 14 Feb. 
bur. 30 Dec. 1763 at St. John's. 1750-1 at St. John's. 

Tyrrill Shervington, a dau., 
bapt. 19 Dec. 1756 at St. 

Richard TyrreIl=pGrace, dau. of Nathaniel Redhead, Esq. ; 
Shervington. j bapt. 11 July 1759 and mar. 26 April 
! 1784 at St. John's. 



Hon. Tyrrell Sher-=f=Lucy Jane Appleton, mar. 27 Aug. 
vington. Puisne 1831 at St. George's ; died 25 April 

Baron of Antigua 1833, at. 24. M.I. at St. John's. 
1852. I 

=r A 

Louisa Appleton, died=pJoseph Shervingti 
13 April 1833, set. 28, ~ ' ' ' 

M.I. at St. John's. 

]., Deputy- 
Treasurer of Antigua 1852 ; Master 

of St. John's Lodge of Freemasons. 

Hon. Tyrrell Mildmay Shervington, Attorney-= 
General of Grenada, dead 1889. His mother 
died 1886 at Antigua. 

=Eliza Amelia (2nd dau. of George Athill of Antigua, merchant, and of 
Bridge Place, Canterbury, by Eliza his 1st wife ; she died in 1845, and 
he Jan. 1857, set. 50), cousin to her husband ; bapt. 11 March 1836 at 
St. John's; dead 1889. 

A son. 

A son. 




William Shervinsrtoii then member of the 

Parish Register of St. John. 
Dec. 19 Tyrrill the D. of the Rev-i W" Sherving- 
ton & Cath. his wife. 



51 Feb. 14 

William Sherrington and Catherine Toole. 

Richard T. Shervington to Grace Red- 


April 26 

head, Sp^ L. 


. . . . 

Sep. 27 

William Shervington. 


Dec. 30 

Rev<i W"' Shervington, C.P. 


Sep. 25 

Catherine Sherrington. 


Dec. 4 

William Shervington, Inf. 


Jan. 20 

William Shervington. 

Parish Register of St. George. 
1831 Aug. 27 Tyrrell Shervington of S' John & Lucy 
Jane Appleton of S*^ John. Lie. 

St. John's Churchyard. 
On a marble ledger : — 


(Three lines follow.) 

dfamilp oi mWlt)!^ 

Memorial of Major-General Thomas Shirley, Governor- 
in-Chief of the Leeward Islands, that your petitioner is 
lineally descended from, and is heir male of, Thomas Shirley of 
Preston, co. Sussex, Esq. (as appears by annexed pedigree* 
from the College of Arms), whose 1st son Anthony was 
created a baronet 6 March 1065. In 1705 Sir Richard 
Shirley, grandson of the said Anthony Shirley, ob. s.p., and 
though William Shirley, petitioner's father, became heir 
male of the said Sir Anthony Shirley as grandson of his 
brother William, he could not succeed to the title as it- was 
limited to the heirs male of Sir Anthony. Lieut.-General 
William Shirley, petitioner's father, was appointed Governorf 
of Massachusetts in 1741, and in 1745 planned the expedition 
against Cape Breton under the command of Mr. Pepperell, 

* Pedigree missing from the Memorial. 

f Governor Shirley was superseded in 1756 (Hutchinson's 
'History of Mass.,' p. 48), but some time after obtained the small 
government of the Bahamas. 

For further information see ' Stemmata Shirleiana,' Horsfleld's 
' Sussex,' vol. i., p. 171, Berry, and the Visitation of 1634. 

a provincial General, and Admiral Sir Peter Warren. They 
were both made Colonels in the Army and General Pepperell 
a baronet, but William Shirley declined that title. William 
Shirley was appointed Commander-in-Chief in North America 
in 1755 and there lost two sons ; one was secretary to, and 
fell with, Major-General Braddock at Ohio in 1765; the other, 
a Captain in the Army, died near Oswego ; and William Shir- 
ley died in 1771 after 40 yeai-s' service, lea-ving petitioner his 
only surviving son. Petitioner has served in the Army 
since 1745 at Louisbourg, Minorca, Belle Isle, and as 
Lieut.-Colonel in Portugal. Petitioner married Anne the 
granddaughter of Mary sister and coheiress of Sir Richard 
Shirley, in whom the title became extinct in 1705. Asks 
for the revival of the title in himself. 

In a letter of 19 Nov. 1783 he says William Hutchinson, 
Esq., was his A.D.C. and served as Lieut.-Colonel at Brim- 
stone Hill, St. Kitts. 

1780, Oct. 3. Governor Shirley writes that he has 
heard from his nephew Hutchinson that his name has been 
put on Lord Sidney's List, and that he has been created a 

ifamilp of ^fetrmt. 

Robert Skerrett of St. Christopher's, merchant. Will 
dated in London 27 Aug., proved 3 Sep. 1731 by John 
Blake ; power reserved to Nicholas Gallwey. (240 Isham.) 
Now in the small pock. Reversion of my estate to my dear 
father Nich^ Skerrett & Mary Skerret in Monserrat. My 
brother-in-law John Blake & ray kinsman M^ Nich^ Gall- 
wey of S' Christopher's Ex'ors in Trust. 

William Skerrett. Will dated 13 Jan. 1750 by 

the said Indenture of release da. 16 Aug. 1735 to prevent 
the said Thibou Skerrit his heirs enjoying .... the said 
Thibou Skerrit is a professed Roman Catholic, the said 
mortgaged premises have been sold for £20,704 7s. c. to 
Stephen Lynch, Esq., which is more than will pay oflF the 
mortgage, whereby I hope to have decree to have all surplus 
monies paid me, & if Thibou Skerrit succeed to any of my 

estate, & by that or any means it prove deficient to pay the 
legacies, notwithstanding Eliz'" Warner, Thos. Elraes, & 
Thos. AVarner shall not abate any of their legacies. Thos. 
Elmes & Thos. Warner Ex'ors. Witnessed by William 
Warner, Charles Bromhall, William Glun (?). 

Codicil dated 22 April 1752 the injury I did my 

relations by giving the residue of my estate from them .... 
I give to the parish of S' Peter's £50 c. To the children 
of my kinsman Peter Skerritt of Gallway, Ireland, & those 
of Owen Heyne & Christian his wife, dau. of my uncle Rob' 
Skerritt (? of) Gallway, dec'', all residue real & personal 
after payment of the legacies left in my will, except that to 
the IncorporaLed Society at Dublin which I make void. 
Witnessed by Edward Coulter, William Colburn, Ambrose 
Marchaut. Before John Tomlinson, Esq., was sworn Wil- 
liam Warner 19 May 1752. Recorded 24 June 1752. 
(Much of the above will destroyed.) 



Arms. — Verf, a chevron or, between tiro squirrels counter-sejnnt in chief and one in base proper. 
Crest. — A squirrel sejant proper. 

THOMAS SKERRETT of Antigua ;=f. 
purchased 50 acres in 1705 ; granted ; 
214 acres in 1707. ■ 

William Skerrett of Antigua, Esq. ; was in pos- 
session of the above mentioned 50 acres 1731 ; 
Ex'or to Nicholas Brown 1740 ; bur. 8 May 
1752 at St. Philip's. Will dated 13 Jan. 1750 ; 
codicil 22 April 1752. 

.... Skerrett.' 
2nd husband. 

Robert Skerrett of Galway,=p. 
uncle of William Skerrett of 
Antigua; dead 1752. | 

=Mary .... bur. 22 Sep.^pMajor Anthony Brown 

at St. Philip's, very 
aged. Will dated 20 
Nov. 1759; sworn 15 
Nov. 1760. 

of St. Philip's Parish, 
Antigua; bur. there 23 
Jan. 1723. 1st hus- 

Robert Skerrett of " Nugents " alias=rAntor\etta, dau. of Walter Nugent, Esq. ; mar. 
"Skerretts" of 500 acres, planter. (?bur. 14 Nov. 1753 at St. .John's; died insolvent 
1771 at St. Pancras, CO. Middx.) Will nVcfl- 1785. "Skerretts" alias "Nugents" 
dated 26 Dec. 1769 ; proved 12 Aug. | alias "Clare Hall " passed to the Codringtons. 
1771. (357 Trevor.) ''s.p. 

I I 
Mary Skerrett, living 1769. 

Eleanor Skerrett, mar. 
Power ; living 1769. 

Nicholas Skerrett of Montserrat, living 1731=pMary living 1731. 

Robert Skerrett of St. Christopher's, merchant. Will dated at London 27 Aug. and proved 3 Sep. 1731. (240 Isbam.) 

Mr. Skerrett of Antigua=pHenrietta, dau. of Edward Frye of Montserrat, Esq. 
(? from Montserrat). named 1776 in her mother's will. 

Walter Frye Skerrett, Esq., of Whitehall, co. Middx.,— Albinia Mathias, 
and Heckfield Park, co. Hants ; named 1776 in the I mar. 29 March 
will of his grandmother Mrs. Mary Frye; died | 1791. 
27 Jan. 1828. zf. 

Marianne Skerrett, many years in Her Majesty's 
service ; died 29 July 1887, »t. 93, at 41 Beau- 
mont Street, Marylebone. (See vol. i., p. 285.) 

Elizabeth Skerrett of Cork, spinster. Will dated 15 
May, proved 22 Dec. 1758 by the Ex'trices. (382 Hutton.) 
To Hellena Cottor, Teresa Moran, & Eleanor Tuite of Cork, 
spinsters, £1200 for which I have the bond of my uncle M' 
Nicholas Tuite of London, & sole Ex'trices. (See the 
latter's will in the Carter Pedigree.) 

For the will of Mrs. Mary Skerrett dated 
Brown Pedigree, vol. i., p. 75. 

(59 see the 

Robert Skerrett, late of London, now of Antigua, 
planter. Will dated 26 Dec. 1769 ; proved 12 Aug. 1771 
by Antonetta Skerrett the relict. (357 Trevor.) To my 
clerk M'' Jas. Tinkler £100. To Master Joseph Lynch, son 
of my kinsman Steven Lynch of Antigua, now in England, 
£500 at 18. To my sister Eleanor Power £2000 in 10 
years & 4 % till then. To my sister Mary Skerrett £2000 
in like manner. To each Ex'or 50 gs. All my lands & all 
residue to my wife Antonetta Skerrett, & appoint her & M'' 
John Bradshaw of London, broker, & M"' Chas. O'Hara of 
-Montserrat, merch', Ex'ors. Witnessed by John Buwsen, 
Thomas Morton, Thomas Osborn. 

Close Roll, 40 Geo. IIL, Part 3, No. 5. 

Indenture made the 16th Nov. 1799 between John Daly 
of Cobbins, co. Essex, Esq., of the one part, and Walter 
Frye Skerret of Whitehall, Middlesex, Esq., of the other 
part, witnesses that in consideration of £1347 7s. sterling 
paid to John Daly he grants to Walter Frye Skerret all that 
piece of land called Coucessie ? in the colony of Demerary 
on the W. side of the river Demerara, and adjoining to a 
plantation called Belle Vue, and abutted on the N. by canal 
No. 2, and on the S. by a plantation called the Goode 
Intentie, which said piece of land containing 97 acres, 
valuing at 100 florins per acre, and is planted with 11,249 
coffee trees, valuing each tree at II5 stivers per tree, and at 
the exchange of 12 florins to £1 sterling making the above 
sum, and also all belonging to the said piece of land to have 
and to hold to the only proper use of Walter Frye Skerret 
and his heirs absolutely for ever, and John Daly and 
Walter Frye Skerret appoint Joseph Hamee, Henry Ryan, 
Francis Martin, and David Lynch, all of the colony of 
Demerara, their Attorneys. James Pinniger, Richard Pr. 
Broome of Gray's Inn, witnesses. 



1707, J'Y'b. 17. Tliuniiis Skerret, planter, granted a 
patent for il4 aeies at Nonsuch in St. Philip's Parish by 
Governor Daniel Parke. 

1712. MiHiUerrat, Leeward Division. Losses from the 
French capture : — 

George Skerrett, jun. . . £41)0 
Robert Skerrett . . . 2325 
Edward Skerrett . . . UO 
Nicholas Skerrett . . 043 
George Skerrett, sen. . . '.179 

1731, Dec. 11. Fifty acres, now in the possession of 
William Skerritt, were purchased by Thomas Skerritt in 

1731, .Ian. 15. George Skerrit paid for a negro. 

1745, Sep. 1. " Robertus Skerret, .\mericanus," 
graduated at liCyden University. 

1746, Suji. 16. William Skerrett, Esq., returned for 
Nonsuch Division. 

1701, March 29. Walter F. Skerrett, esq. of Xew-street, 
Spring-gardens, to Miss Albinia Mathias of Scotland-yard, 
Whitehall. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 380.) 

1828, Jan. 27. Walter Fry Skerrett, esq. formerly of 
Berners-street, and Heckfield Park. {Ibid., p. 188.) 

The Skerretts were one of the old clans settled in the 
City of Galway. 

There was a tomb in St. Pancras Churchyard to Robert 
Skerret, Esq., 1771 (Lysons, vol. iii.), probably of Antigua. 

PAiiiSH Register of St. John. 


1753 Mar. 16 Margaret the D. of . . . . Skerret and 

Mary his wife. 
1755 Feb. 4 Mitry the D. of Jeremy Skerret & Mary 
his wife. 

1749 Jan. l(i Jeremy Skerret and Mary French. L. 
1753 Nov. 14 Robert Skerret, Esq^ and Antonetta 

1746 Dec. 14 .M''^ Skerrett. 

Parish Register of St. Philip. 
1715 Feb. 8 Ann Skerrett. 

1723 Oct. 8 Dominick Skerrett. 

1724 Jan. 29 Thomas Skerrett. 
1729 Sep. 7 Robert Skerrett. 
1734 Oct. 3 George Skerrett. 
1752 May 8 Will"' Skerrett. 
1760 or 17G1 Sep. 22 M" Skerrett. 

" Skerretts " is in St. Philip's Parish. la 1852 it con- 
tained 314 acres, and was owned by Oliver Nugent. For 
an account of the estate see Nugent. 

i^etitsre^ of ^mttlj, 

Arms.* — Gules, on a chevron or, between three bezants, as many crosses formee fitchee sahle. 


Obadiah Smith,=j=. . . . Michael Smith of Nevis, Serjeant-Major.=rEliz;abeth 
dead 1670. I Will dated 1 Nov. 1670 ; proved 7 Oct. I . . . . 

I 1675. (104 Dycer.) 

Daniel Smith of Nevis, mer-=pBarbary 
chant. Will dated 20 July .... 
1647 at Bristol. (181 Fynes.) 

Smith, a 

Michael Smith of=p. 
Nevis, appointed ; 
MemberofCouncil i 
1685, then a Cap- : 
tain ; Lieut.-Colo- i 
nel 1692 ; died ; 

1700. ; 

Smith, a 


Penelope Smith,= 
ffit. 45 in 1707. 
Will dated 31 
Aug. 1733 ; 
proved 23 March 
1735. (106 

=William Mead of Nevis, Member of 
Council of St. Kitts 1689 ; Captain 
1693; Commissioner of Customs 
1695 ; President of St. Kitts 1698 
—1701. Will dated 23 July 1702 ; 
proved 26 July 1704. (36 Ash.) 

I I I 



Michael Smith of=pAnne 
Nevis, appointed 
Member of Coun- 
cil 1708; nephew 
of Penelope Mead 
1733; President 

Daniel Smith of Nevis, Member of As-^Elizabeth 
sembly 1688 ; of the Council and Cap- i Mead, 
tain 1692, later President ; set. 40 in 
1707 ; died 23 April 1722 at Battersea. I 
Will dated 17 .\pril and proved 4 June 
1722. (126 Marlborough.) 

=pHenry Carpenter of Nevis 1685, 
appointed Secretary-General of 
the Leeward Islands 27 Nov. 
13 William III. Will dated 19 
Nov. 1703 ; proved 27 Nov. 1704. 
(227 Ash.) See vol. i., p. 117. 

These are the arms of Smith alias Harris, whose pedigree was recorded in the ' Visitation of Leicestershire i 




Micbael=j=Jane .... 
Smith of I mar. 2ndly 




I (? Joseph) 
Calvert ; 

1 1757. 

\ I I 

William Smith of Nevis, Esq., born 7 Feb.=FMary Thomas 

and bapt. 2 May 1734 at St. Thomas, .... Smith. 
Nevis ; of " Roundhill " of 500 acres in — 

Windward Parish and "The Fountain " of John 

117 acres in Ijowiand Parish ; living in Smith. 
London Dec. 1757. /K 

William Smith of= 
Nevis, heir to 
William Mead 
1702; a minor 
1722; died 1723. 

ing 1733. 

Daniel Smith, bapt. 28 Aug. 1722 at St. Mary Cayon, St. Christopher's. 

Elizabeth Smith. 

Daniell Smyth of Nevis, marchant. Will dated 20 July 
1647 at Bristol. (181 Fynes.) My eldest brother Michaell 
Smith of Nevis my black tabby suite. My brother Obadiah 
Smith a cloth suite & cloke. My wife Barbary Smith & my 
children Francis, John, & Barbary all my estate. My wife 
& said brother Michaell Ex'ors. Friends M'' Edward Knight 
& M' John Knight of Bristol, merchants, Master Francis 
Heath, Capt. John Jennings, & M'' Humphry Richardson 
of London, merchants, overseers, & 40s. each. Witnessed 
by Ja. Brent, Simon Bowyer, John Hartwell. On 1(5 Aug. 
1647 commission to Humphry Richardsou, a supervisor, 
Barbary Smith and Michaell Smith being absent. 

English Smith of Bristol, merchant. Will d:ited 12 Sep., 
proved 14 Sep. 1664. (104 Bruce.) My old plantation 
called the Bath in the Island of Nevis & the stock to my 
1" son Thos. Smith, now residing at Nevis. My new 
plantation called the Saddle Hills to my 2"^ sou John Smith 
& his youngest brother Enghsh Smith. My wife Dorothy 
£200. My dau. Eliz. £300 at 21. My dau. Mary wife of 
Tho. Curtis £200. My 2'' son John, now a minor, sole 
Ex'or. My friends M' Tho. Ellis, M'' Philip Roots, & M^ 
Gabriel) Deane overseers. Witnessed by John Gwynn, 
Edmoud Sweper, Samuel Lloyd, Christian Upcott. 

Michael Smith, Esq., Sergeant-Major of Nevis. Will 
dated 1 Nov. 1670 ; proved 7 Oct. 1675 by Michael Smith 
the son ; power reserved to Elizabeth Smith the relict. 
(104 Dycer.) Sick and weake. Elizabeth Smith, eldest 
daughter, £800 ster. (from money in the hands of M' 
Richard Chandler, merchant, of London, & M' George 
Morris, merchant, of Bristol) at 21 or marriage, & sufficient 
maintenance & education from his plantation. If she 
marries in Nevis ^ of all his plate, which on her marriage 
is to be equally divided between her & his Executor & 
Executrix. In case of her mortality before 21 or marriage 
the £800 between Michael Smith, sonne, & Penelope Smith 
& Margaret Smith, 2 youngest daughters. He confirms to 
daughter Elizabeth a negro girl Black Besse (given her by 
Maddam Russell), & also the mare given her by Doctor 
Nicholson, & gives her besides a negro boy Jack son of 
Toney to be kept on the plantation till she is 21 or married. 
Penelope Smith & Margaret Smith, daughters, each £500 
at 21 or marriage, & sufficient maintenance, etc. Francis 
Smith £100 ster. at 21 (son of M' Obediah Smith, brother, 
dec). Anne Nelson, widow, 1000 lbs. Muscovado sugar a 
year as long as she remains in Nevis towards the main- 
tenance of herself & her children. Daniel Slow & Barbara 
Slow each 1000 lbs. good merchantable Muscovado sugar 
at 16 (children of William Slow, chirurgeon). Elizabeth 
Smith, beloved wife, & Michael Smith, loving sonne, Ex'ors, 
& to divide equally all estate real & personal. Immediately 
after his death wife & son are to enter into a joynt partner- 
ship & to manage & enjoy the whole estate joyntly during 
their lives, if wife continues his widow, but they are also to 
advise with & adhere to the counsell of the overseers of his 
will. Elizabeth Smith, wife, ^ of his estate, if a widow, 
& power to give the same to all or any one of the children 

she may think most fit. If she marries son is to pay her 
£800, & she is then to relinquish the estate to him ; 
provided nevertheless that she shall have choice of what 
furnished roome she pleases on the plantation, of any one 
negro boy & girle to waite on her, & any one horse. If son 
dies before 21 his part to daughters equally. L' Coll. Ran'' 
Russell, Cap'" Daniel Lankaster, Cap'" Francis Morton, & 
Lieut. John Cade, loving friends, supervisors & overseers, 
each 500 lbs. of sugar to buy a beaver liatt. Witnessed by 
George Spigurnell, Barbara Gardner her marke, William 
Slowe, Michael Yorke, cl. 

William Mead, late of Nevis, now of London, Esq. 
Will dated 23 July 1702 ; proved 26 July 1704 by Joseph 
Martyn and Penelope Mead the relict. (36 Asii.) Funeral 
not to exceed £150. Revoke deeds by which I formerly 
conveyed most of my property on trust to Hen. Carpenter, 
Dan' Smith, Phil Broome, & W"" Smith, son of said Dan' 
Smith. To my mother Bridgett Mead of Haitesbury, co. 
Wilts, wid., £30 a year. To my bro. Tho. Mead £500, & 
to his son W" Mead £1000 at 21, & to each of his daus. 
£500. £500 among all the children of my sister Joan 
Townsend, wife of ... . Townsend, grasier, at 21. £200 
among the children of my bro. Rich'' Mead at 21. To 
M' Jos. Martyn, M'' Tho. Andrews, & M'' Rich-i Savage 
£10 ea. for mourning. To Madam Martha Andrews, wife 
of M"' Thos. Andrews, my charriott & horses. To my god- 
son W" Smith, s. of my son-in-law Dan' Smith, £300, & 
to my granddau. -in-law Anne Smith, dau. of Dan' Smith, 
£300. All residue of ray estate to my d' wife Penelope for 
life, then to W™ Smith, s. of Dan' Smith. M'' Jos. Martyn 
to be Ex'or for all my personal est. in Engl'', & residue of 
such for my wife, whom I appoint full Ex'trix. My friends 
M"' Dan' Smith & M'' Hen. Carpenter to be overseers in 
America. Witnessed by John Fellowes, Charles Kesar, 
John Blake. 

Daniel Smith, Esq., Lieut.-Governor of Nevis, now 
residing in Leicester Street, St. Anne, Westminster. Will 
dated 17 April, proved 4 June 1722. (126 Marlborough.) 
To my wife Eliz. Smith all my Jewells, plate, £500, & the 
moiety of the rents of my plantations. To my grandson 
Daniel Mathew, son of W"' Mathew, Esq., Lieut.-GoV of 
S' Christopher's, by my dau. Anne, £1000 at 21. To my 
daus. Penelope Smith & Frances Smith & my sons W^ & 
Daniel £2000 apiece at 21 & £('>0 a year till then. To the 
Minister & Churchwardens of S' John's, Nevis, £50. All 
residue to my 2 sons. My wife Eliz., Lawrence Brodbelt, 
& Jas. Symouds of Nevis, Esq'", William Coleman of 
London, merch', & Col. Tho. Butler guardians, & all except 
the last named overseers. 

Penelope Mead, widow of William Mead of St. Christo- 
pher's, Esq. Will dated 31 Aug. 1733 ; proved 23 March 
1735 by William Coleman ; power reserved to General 
William Mathew and John Williams. (106 Ducie.) To 
my grandson-in-law Gen' W"' Mathew 100 gs. for a ring & 
£100 for mourning, but if he be dead then to his son 



Anne Smith, diwl^Oeneral William Mathew, 
5 April 1730, set. Captain-General of the 
31. M.I. at Sandy Leeward Islands seven- 
Point, St. Christo- teen years ; died 14 Ani?. 
pher's. 2 lid wife. 1752. 

Daniel Smith, a 


niiiKir 1722 ; ap- 


pointed Member 

ofConncil 1731 ; 

at London 1739. 

Penelope Smith, 2nd dan., a minor 1722 ; 
mar. Tlioinas Budgen,* M.P. for co. Surrey ; 
he died 3 March 1772 and was bur. at 
Dorking ; left a son and heir Thomas Smith 
Budgen, who was born 28 June 1741 and 
died 25 Mav 180.5. 

=Penelope Smith, only=Fl)anie] Mathew of=f=Mary, dan. of Georj;e=pJoseph Lyons of " Lyons ' 

lurvivinor child and I Felix Hall, co. I Byam of Anti<rua; mar. 
leir ; divorced from | Es8e.\,E8q.;mar.4 8 May 1750 at St. Phi- 

William Buckley, Esq., 
of St. ChrislJopher's, 
Banister-at- Law ; Trea- 
surer 17;!(; ; mar. 1745 ; her 1st husband in j Feb. 1736'; bur. at ! lip's, set. 21 on 13 July 
died 17:"4 intestate. I 1745; died 6 Feb. Kelvedon 3 June j 1751 ; bur. at Kelvedon 
(See vol. i., p. i<->.) ' 1756. | 1777. Isthusband. i 25 Oct. 1814, ajt. 84 

.-K -^ -^■ 

* See Berry's ' Surrey ' for pedigree of Budpren. 

of 400 acres ; matriculated 
from E.xeter College, Ox- 
ford, 23 March 1742-3, set. 
17 : mar. 21 June and bur. 
9 Oct. 1748 at St. Philip's. 

Daniel Mathew. To my nephews Michael & John Williams, 
Esq'", £100 each; if Michael be dead then to his dau. 
Sarah Williams. To my nephew Michael Smith of Nevis, 
Esq., £100. To John & James Williams, sons of my 
nephew John Williams, sen', & to my nieces Ann Stanley, 
Eliz. Peterson, & Ann Abbott £50 each. To Rct. Francis 
Smith £50, but if dead to his granddau. Mary Smith. To 
my nejjhews W™ Leader, Nath' & Jeffery Gateward £20 
each. To Penelope Gateward, dau. of my nephew Nath' 
Gateward, £100 ; if dead to her 2 sisters equally. To my 
granddau. -in-law Eliz. Smith, relict of my grandson W™ 
Smith, deceased, £50. To W"' son of Gen' W™ Mathew 
£20. To my great-grandson Daniel son of Gen' W™ 
Mathew the interest of all my exchequer annuities for his 
life, & then to his brothers Abednego & Edw^. To Sarah 
Williams, dau. of my nephew Michael Williams, £200, & to 
each of his other children, except his dau. Peterson, £40. 
To Frances wife of my nephew John Williams £20. To 
Anne wife of my nephew Michael Williams £20. To the 
children of my cousin Eliz. Peterson £20. To my nephew 
Henry Simes of Antigua £100. To Lucinia Garrique, wife 
of John Francis Garrique, £10, & to her brother John 
Bezune £10. To the poor of S' Mary Cayon 6 barrels of 
Irish beef yearly for 4 years. To Billingsley Smith & Eliz. 
his wife each £-40 c. To W"' Flower £20. To my great- 
granddau. Penelope Smith all my lands, £50, & my large 
silver Monteith. To my great-grandson Daniel Mathew 
my large silver cistern, & to his sister Penelope Mathew my 
gold striking watch. To my grandson-in-law Gen' W"" 
Mathew, W™ Coleman of London, merch', my nephew John 
Williams, & W™ Fenton, both of S' Christopher's, Esq'", 
all residue, to sell & divid? the proceeds between my grand- 
children Daniel Smith & Penelope Budgen, wife of Tho. 
Bndgen, & my great-grandchildren Daniel, Abednego, 
Penelope, & Edward Mathew. My g' granddau. Penelope 
Smith to have all my slaves & stock at a valuation. My 
trustees Ex'ors. Witnessed by Russel Fenton, William 
Ilussel, John Collet. 

Codicil dated 9 Oct. 1734. Billingsley Smith & his wife 
Eliz. are both dead ; of the £80 c. formerly given to them 
£60 c. to the 1^' child of M'» Marg' Mathew, wife of Geni 
W™ Mathew, depending on her affectionate care of my dear 
g' grandchild Penelope Mathew. To M" Eliz. HoUeran of 
S' Christopher's the other £20 c. To my g' granddau. 
Penelope Mathew all china & plate. My worthy friend 
W"' Fenton has desired to be excused as Ex'or. Witnessed 
by Louise Burt, William Pym Burt, Pat. Blake. 

Close Roll, 13 Geo. II., Part 18, No. 21. 
Indenture made the 7th June 1739 between Thomas 
Walker of Kirby Street, Hatton Garden, Esq., of the one 
part, and Daniel Smith of Nevis, now residing in London, 

Esq., of the other part, witnesseth that in consideration of 
5s. Thomas Walker grants, etc., to Daniel Smith all those 
his Leeward Plantations in the south-western division of 
Nevis, containing the parcels of land hereinafter mentioned, 
that is to say, all those 29 mens lands broad from Hurleston 
Path till it comes a great gutt, bounded with the lands of 
one David Phillips, thence running along to the common 
path in the mountain with an uneven breadth, bounded at 
the foot or W. end with Hurleston's Path, at the head or 
E. end with the common path in the mountain, on the N. 
side with the lands sometime of John Coker and David 
Phillips, with the land sometime of one Mr. Stoakes alias 
Scot, and one Joseph Sweeper, and also all the angle of land 
containing 16 mens lands at the head being 12,000 plants 
ground, lying on the N. side of the 29 mens lands and 
running from a certain wall and a little gutt, running from 
a slobb (?) to a stone wall, sometime of the said David Phillips 
and John Coker, and also all that other parcel of land lying 
in the mountain being 14 mens lands, beginning at the 
common path and running to the figtree extent, bounded 
on the N. side with the lands sometime of Nicholas Rayns- 
ford and John Lapworth to Springgutt, and the lands 
sometime of Philip Lee, on the S. side with the lands 
sometime of Ensign John Smith and Christopher Spencer, 
and also all that other parcel of land containing 40 mens 
lands, bounded on the W. end with the lands sometime of 
the said David Phillips and part of the common path, and 
at the E. end with part of a great gutt and the plantation 
sometime of the said Philip Lee, on the N. side with the 
plantations of the said Ensign John Smith and Christopher 
Spencer, on the S. side therein first adjoining to it 3^ mens 
lands according to the old marks, bounded at the foot with 
the common path, and at the liead with a great gutt as the 
40 mens lands is, and on the S. side with the lands some- 
time of one Mr. Townsend and one Mr. Coleby, sometime 
in the possession of John Smith of Saddlehill, and also all 
that the plantation whereon the said David Phillips hereto- 
fore lived (and by him devised to James Walker, father of 
Thomas Walker, party hereto), bounded N. with the lands 
sometime of Lieutenant John Smith and Richard Wade, 
W. with the lands sometime of John Coker, E. with the 
mountain common path, and S. with the lauds of the said 
James Walker and John Coker, and also all that plantation 
containing lOO acres purchased by James Walker of John 
Spencer and Mary Spencer his wife, situated in Nevis, 
abutting E. on the lands now or late of Philip Dewit, N. 
and S. on the lands of the said James Walker, and W. on 
the lands now or late of Richard Wade, and all negros, etc., 
to have and to hold to Daniel Smith for one whole year, 
yielding therefore one peppercorn tiiat he may be in actual 
possession and thereby enabled to accept and take and grant 
a release of the reversion and inheritance. 

N 2 



No. 20. 
Indenture made the 8th Juue 17;i'J between Thomas 
Walker, of the one part, and Daniel Smith, of the other. 
In conformitj' with au Act of the Commander-in-Uhief, etc., 
made -4 Queen Anne to supply the want of fines, and for 
settling an estate in fee simple in Daniel Smith, and in 
consideration of os., Thomas Walker grants to Daniel 
Smith all those lands (as in No. 21) to ttie use of Thomas 
Walker and his heirs for ever. 

Close Roll, 31 Geo. II., Part 12, Nos. 7 and 8. 
Indenture made the 13th Dec. 1757 between William 
Smith of Nevis, Esq., now residing in London, of the one 
part, and Martin Kynck van Microp, Richard Maitlaud, and 
Thomas Lucas, all of London, merchants, of the other part, 
witnesseth that in consideration of 1()«. William Smith sells 
to them all that plantation in the Windward Parish in 
Nevis called Roundhill, containing 500 acres, hounded 
towards the S. by the lands of John Canty, W. and N. by 
the sea, and E. by the lands of David Gardiner, and all that 
other plantation in the Lowland Parish in Nevis called the 
Fountain, containing 117 acres, bounded towards the S. by 
the lands of Charles Payne, W. by the lands of Dr. William 
Jones, N. by the lands of the said William Jones and of Wil- 
liam Burt Weeks, and E. by the lands of . . . . Madding (?), 
widow, and all that mansion house standing on the last 
mentioned plantation, and all that other plantation in the 
Lowland Parish called the Lower (Jrounds, containing 37 
acres, bounded S. and E. by the lands of Matthew Mills, W. 
by the sea, and N. by the lands of Dr. William Jones, and 
also all those 150 slaves, to have and to hold for one whole 
year. Thomas Bennett, Jonathan Price, witnesses. 

No. 7. 
Indenture made the 14tli Dec. 1757 Itetween the above. 
Whereas William Smith is justly indebted to Martin Kynck 
van Microp in the principal sum of £1230 15s. sterling besides 
interest, by virtue of a bond dated the 1st Dec. instant in 
the penal sum of £24G1 10s. to be void on payment of the 
principal and interest on the 10th Dec. instant, and also to 
Richard Maitland and Benjamin Boddington, merchant 
of London, in partnership, in the principal sum of 
£607 15s. llrf. besides interest, by virtue of another bond 
dated the 2nd Deo. instantin the penal sum of £1215 lis. lOd. 
to be void on payment of the principal and interest on the 
10th Dec. instant, and also to Thomas Lucas and William 
Coleman, sen. and jun., of London, merchants, in partner- 
ship, in the principal sum of £913 6s. 8d. besides interest, 
by virtue of a bond dated the 1st Dec. instant, in the penal 
sum of £1826 13s. id. to be void on payment of the 
principal and interest on the 10th Dec. instant, and also 
stands justly indebted by simple contract to several persons 
whose names are set down in a schedule annexed. Now 
this Indenture witnesseth that for making a provision for 
the payment of the said debts herein and in the schedule 
mentioned, and in consideration of 10s., William Smith 
grants and sells to Martin Kynck van Microp, Richard 
Maitland, and Thomas Lucas, in their actual possession 
being by a lease for a year, all those plantations, etc. (as in 
No. 8) in ti'ust to sell either entire or iu parcels, and after 
the deductions of their costs, etc., and of such suras not 
exceeding £300 sterling as they may advance to answer the 
present occasions of William Smith, and of all incidental 
expenses relating to the management of the plantatiou.s, etc., 
till sold, and to the execution of the trusts, to pay to 
William Smith £200 a year for life, and to distribute all 
residue among themselves and all other creditors, and after 
all are paid to convey the residue to the use of William 
Smith. The trustees are to work the plantations and to lay 
out the money necessary and from time to time to sell the 
sugars, molasses, rum, and other produce, and they may 

employ such Attorneys and managers, etc., and allow them 
out of the trust money such sums for their trouble as they 
the said trustees shall think fit, and the said plantations are 
hereafter to be held in trust as aforesaid without any lett, 
suit, or hindrance from William Smith or any persons 
lawfully claiming under him or under Michael Smith his 
late brother, deceased, or under Michael Smith his late 
father, deceased, or under any of the ancestors of William 
Smith, and free from all incumbrances except one annuity 
of £225 sterling, payable from the said plantations, etc., to 
Jane Calvert (formerly wife and widow of Michael Smith 
the brother, deceased), for life and in lieu of dower, etc., 
and except the right and title of dower of Mary Smith, wife 
of William Smith, if she should survive him, and except the 
portions and maintenance which Thomas Smith and John 
Smith, brothers of William, are entitled to receive from the 
said plantations, etc., not exceeding £1000 currency and 
the interest thereon, and lastly for rendering these presents 
more valid William Smith impowers James Tobin, Esq., 
and the Rev. Edwin Thomas, Clerk, both of Nevis, to act in 
all things as his true and lawful Attorneys. 

Schedide. — William Smith. Debtor to sundrys. 

£ s. d. 

To Van Microp, Esq. . . 1230 15 

To Coleman and Lucas . . 'J 13 6 8 

To Maitland and Boddington . 607 15 11 

£2751 i; 

Bills Protested. 




Edward Kendrick . 




Ann Ripley 


Wells, Wharton, and Doran 


Joseph Calvert . 


William Wells . 


Joseph Calver . 


John McDougall 


William Ravenstan . 


William Burke, sen. . 


Lachlan Eraser 


Thomas Wharton . 




Alexander Douglas . 


Remseach (?) and Eraser . 


John Calvert . 








Keefe(?) and Burke 


Benjamin Lees (this John Rich 

ard Herbert) 




R. Herbert (this is Lees' debt) 


Smith and Baillie . 


Allen Popham . 




David Gibson . 


Stephen Cottam 


John Richardson Herbert . 




Peter Merchant 




John and Thomas Mills . 




£796 13 
1907 11 

£2704 4 11 
2751 17 7 

£5456 2 6 

Benjamin Braithwaite 

£5456 2 6 
56 18 6 





KiTO. Major .Siuitli ul' Nevis named as a ]i 
to serve as a Commissioner. 

Kul, July. Lieut.-Colonel Michael Smith a Com- 
missioner for Sir Charles Wlu-eler. 

l()72, July. John .Smith then a Jlember of the Xevis 

1073, June 11. Petition of John Smith, junr, son of 
English Smith, deceased, to the King and Council. Peti- 
tioner's father possessed two plantations called the Sadhill 
and Bath Plantations, stocked with sugar canes, cattle, and 
servants, aud a parcel of pasture in Nevis, and died leaving 
by Will the Bath Plantation to his eldest son Thomas, and 
TOO/, to his wife and children, and petitioner sole executor. 
That said Thomas having set up a Deed of Gift which his 
father made to him in the usurper's time to keep his estate 
from being sequestered. His Majesty on petitioner's 
petition ordered the Governor to enquire into the state of 
the case, and relieve the parties injured, upon which the 
Deed of Gift was laid aside aud the will proved in 1664. 
But said Governor being removed Thomas pretended the 
pasture belonged to the Bath Plantation, and petitioner for 
the sake of concord permitted him to enjoy it ; but not 
content therewith, on a suggestion that there were several 
cattle on that ground, he sued for 11 cattle, 2 colts, and a 
negro boy, and obtained judgment against petitioner in his 
absence for 25,000 lbs. sugar, though neither ground nor 
cattle belonged to the Bath Plantation. Prays his Majesty 
to order the Governor of Nevis to stay execution or award 
restitution, and that the said Thomas may be sent for over, 
that both parties may be heard before his Majesty in 
Council, petitioner being willing to pay cost if judgment be 
given against him. In margin: " Rec'' June 11, read 12, 
1 673. ReC' & read 23 June, '73." Annexed : Order of the 
King in Council referring above petition to the Council for 
Trade and Plantations to examine and report to his Majesty 
what is fit to be done for Petitioner's relief. Whitehall, 
1673, June 20. 

1073, Aug. 2'.). Petition of John Smith, son and 
executor of English Smith, late planter in Nevis, to the 
King. Recites his former petition. Prays an order to the 
Governor of Nevis to award restitution to petitioner for the 
present, aud that said Thomas, being now in England and 
about to transplant liimself to New England, may be 
summoned to appear before his Majesty to make good his 
title to said cattle if he can, petitioner being ready to put in 
security as his Majesty shall think fit, to abide judgment 
and answer all costs. In margin : '• Rec"* and read in 
Council, Aug. 2!), '73." 

A second petition was presented on 24 Sep. aud a third 
one on 24 Oct., which was followed by — 

Order of the King in Council on above petition. That 
Thomas Smith be required to attend the Board on 2 1st Nov. 
to answer petitioner's complaint, whereof he is not to fail at 
his peril, and that petitioner give 500/. security to answer 
said Thomas Smith's damage by the delay of his voyage, if 
it be fouud petitioner had no just cause of complaint. 
Oct. 31, 1673. 

Costs and charges sustained by Thomas Smith, planter, 
of Nevis, by reason of a petition preferred against him by 
John Smith to the King, and an order obtained whereby 
said Thomas was required to attend the Council Board, 
total '351. Is. 7d. besides 100/. damage sustained by being 
stopped of his voyage. In margin: "Reed. Dec. 10, '73." 
(Colonial Calendar, America and West Indies.) 

1078. Nevis. Lieut.-Colonel John Smitli of the 

White. Black. 

Men. Worn. Childn. Men. Worn. Childu. 
Captain John Smith's 

family ... 14 1 2 27 28 21 

Ensign John Smith . .s 2 6 

1(;<S0. John Smith, member of the Council and Lieut.- 
Colonel of one of the two militia regiments. 

1680. Captain Nicholas Meade then of the Council of 
Montserrat, also in 1684 and 1088. 

1685, March 30. Captain Michael Smith is sworn a 
member of the Council of Nevis. 

1088, Nov. Captain Michael Smith is sworn a member 
of the Council of Nevis, and Daniel Smith then of the 

1689. William Mead of the Council of St. Christo- 

1692-3, March 17. Lieut.-Colonel Michael Smith and 
Captain Daniel Smith both of the Council of Nevis. 

1693, June 2. Captain William Meade an assessor of 
Charles Town, Nevis. 

1095, July 22. Nevis. AVilliam ilead, Esq., a Com- 
missioner of H.M. Customs. 

1097. Nevis. Colonels Michael aud Daniel Smith of 
the Council. 

Mr. Weaver remarks of Michael Smith of Nevis that he 
is " of ordinary capacity for Governm' and of small Estate," 
aud of Daniel Smith that he is " Of good Estate, but one 
of y^ Gen's Supernumeraries." (B. T. Leeward Islands, 
vol. 6.) 

1700, Oct. 18. A letter dated this day at Nevis 
announced the death of Colouel Michael Smith. 

Petition of William Mead, for three years President of 
St. Christopher's, is told that in the new list he is last but 
one of the members of Council ; received June 1701. 

On 23 June 1701 he is stated to be off to England to 
lay complaints against Governor Codrington. (B. T. Lee- 
ward Islands, vol. 7.) 

Petition of William Mead, Esq., of Nevis. Your 
petitioner and his wife have owned the lease of a plantation 
here called Harveys for upwards of 25 years. A low fellow 
one Thomas Herbert claimed it. Colonel Codrington openly 
favoured him, and petitioner was turned out losing his crop 
worth £3000. Petitioner held under Thomas Harvey a 
minor. Received 23 Dec. 1701. (Ibid.) 

■21 Nov., 13 Wm. III. Patent for Henry Carpenter to 
be Secretary of Leeward Islands vice Ed. Parsons, deceased. 

In 1702 Mr. Freeman and William Mead exhibited 
articles to the House of Commons against Christopher 
Codrington chiefly about the Harvey Plantation. A paper 
in favour of Codrington was signed in 1701 by "Daniel 
Smith, Son-in-Law to M'' Mead," one of the Nevis Council. 

Colonel Codrington writes 1 May 1702, " With you Coll" 
Pearne I wou'd be more Particular, you have a more than 
ordinery freindship and familiarity with all M'' Mead's 
family, you Lodg'd with M"' Carpenter, one of M'' Mead's 
Sons in Law, and saw Coll" Smith the other, as well as M™ 
Mead every day." (B. T. Leeward Islands, vol. 7.) 

1703, Dec. 27. Death of Hon. Michael Smith of Nevis 
announced, and on 15 May 1704 that of Mr. William Mead, 
collector of the 4^ per cent. duty. 

1707. St. Christopher's. 

White. Black. 

Men. Worn. Men. Worn. Boys. Girls. 

Daniel .Smith, Esq. 
Penelope Mead 

William Smith 
Colonel Daniel Smith 
Michael Smith 

1707. Colonel Daniel Smith to have the next vacancy 
as Lieut.-Governor of Nevis. (B. T. Leeward Islands, 
vol. 10.) 

1708, July 11. Order for Michael Smith to be of the 
Council of Nevis. 



1711, Aug. 10. St. Christopher's. 

Worn. Child. 

4 1 l."i7negros. 

3 17 men, 14 women, 

y children. 

Madam Penelope Mead 2 

Mr. William Smith I 2 

Mr. Henry WiUet I 

1717, Nov. 22. Anguilla Census. Spanish Town. 
William Smith of Nevis, Mary Smith, 4 children ; 8 negros. 
(B. T. Leeward Islands, vol. 15.) 

1721. Colonel Michael Smith, Lieut.-Governor of 
Nevis, died in London. 

1722. April 23. Dyed Dan' Smith, Esq'', Govern"' of 
Nevis, at Battersea. (Mawson's 'Obits.') 

1723. Petition of Daniel Smith, Esq., and Elizabeth 
widow of William Smith, Esq., deceased, sons of Colonel 
Daniel Smith, late Lieut. -Governor of Nevis, that the latter 
did great services lately towards the extirpation of the 
French, and in consideration thereof the Governor after the 
peace granted to him 109 acres of uncultivated woody land 
in the French part of the Island, which he at very great 
expense cultivated and improved and put Daniel and William 
your petitioners into possession thereof, who continued to 
improve the land, but Colonel Daniel Smith dying in 
England last year, William Mathews, Esq., who had formerly 
obtained grants of two plantations on Nevis and sold them, 
prevailed with the present Governor to grant petitioner's 
plantation to him on pretence their interest determined on 

the death of their father, and William Mathews having 
privately obtained the grant entered on the crop and 
possessed himself of the land. Your petitioners came to 
England, but William Smith dyed on the journey before he 
could reach London, leaving Elizabeth and three young 
children destitute. 

1731. Michael Smith then President of Nevis. 

1731, May 12. Daniel Smith takes his seat at the 
Council of Nevis. 

I74'.), Nov. 2. Deposition of William Smith, Gent., 
aged 28. 

1763, May 26. In an Antiguan deed of this date 
Thomas Meade, Esq., was described as residuary devisee and 
legatee of Thomas Meade of Montserrat, deceased. 

1772, Nov. 30. John Hrowne recommended to be of 
the Council of Nevis vice James Smith, deceased. 

Parish Register or St. Mary Cayon, St. Christophkr's. 

1722 Aug. -li Daniel s. of W" & Eliz. Smith. 

Parish Register ok St. Thomas, Nevis. 
1734 May 2 William s. of y'' Hon"''^ Michael Smith, 
Esq', & Anne his Wife. B. Feb^J 7 
last. Baptized this day. 

^3ctii(jree of ^mitl). 

Arms. — Ermine, three roundles .... 

Tuest. — Out of a ducal coronet a plume of featht 

Motto. — Ne differ in an ... . 


living 1694, aged 

William Smith of Newport, Isle of Wight, Surgeon ; owned " Crokers " in Northwood. 
Will dated 29 Oct. 1694 ; proved 8 May 1695. 


William Smith of Portsea, co. Southampton, Gent. ; owned= 
" Crokers" in Northwood. Will dated 8 Feb. 1713 ; i)roved 
15 Sep. 1714. (182 Aston.) 



James Smith of Newport, Isle of=p 
White, Chirurgeon, 1713. 

Wavell Smith of Antigua, Esq.,=p 
Secretary-General of the Leeward 
Islands 1723 till his death ; j 
Member of Council of St. Kitts | 
1728 ; owned " Crokers " of 120 
acres in Northwood. Will dated 
at London 12 Dec. 1755 ; proved 
12 June 1756. (179 Glazier.) 

at St. 

William Smith of Antigua,=rMary, dau. of Martha Smith. 

Esq., a minor 1713 ; Hon. Colonel — 

Deputy-Secretary to his Richard Oli- Anne Smith, 

brother Wavell 1724; ver;mar. 17 mar. William 

Powder-Officer 1731; Clerk Aug. 1727 at Cooper, junior, 

to the Assembly 1734 ; St. John's. — 

J.P. 1739; named in his Mary Smith, 
brother's will 1755. 

I I 

Elizabeth Smith, 
Ex'trix to Dj'. 
William Smith 
of Portsmouth, 

Mary Ann=pHenry Slingsby= 

Smith, mar. of Barbados. 

25 July Will dated 21 

1734 at St. Aug. 1746 ; 

Peter's proved 6 Nov. 

Parish, St. 1747. (292 

Christo- Potter.) 
1st wife. 

William Smith of Gren-=i=Eliza- 
ada, Esq., coheir to his 
uncle Wavell 1755, and 
to his cousin Alderman living 
Richard Oliver 1784 ; 1791. 
sold " Olivers " in An- 
tigua 1791 ; owned the 
" Diamond " and " Reso- 
lution Hall" estates in 

John Wavell Smith, 
bur. 29 March 1737 
at St. John's. 

Sarah Smith, bapt. 
23 Aug. 1728 at St. 
John's ; coheir to 
her uncle Wavell 
1755 ; liviug 1804. 

Mary Smith, named as niece 
1756 in the will of Mrs. Eli- 
zabeth Haddon wee Gamble; 
conveyed " Smith's " of 122 
acres in St. Mary's Parish 
to Alderman Richard Oliver 
1772. Will dated 15 May 
1804, then of Bulstrode 
Street, Mary lebone, spi nster ; 
proved 14 Feb. 1806. 



Eusigu RobeiD Smith of Rendezvous Bay, Antisrua, in 1 OO 
granted liim by Governor Austin 1644 — 49; living 1680. 

and then owned land= 

Robert Smith, junior, planter, 1667 
1695-6 ; sworn 9 Oct. 1696. 

Will dated 17 March=j=Elizabeth .... mar. 2ndly . 
I living his widow 1725. 

Banbury and was 


Robert Smith,=pCatherine For- Richard Sraith,T=Elizabeth Benjamin Smith, 

I I 
Elizabeth Smith. 

Katherine Smith. 

Gent., planter, 

rester, mar. 16 Gent., 
June 1728; bur. 1725. 
25 May 1736. 

George Smith, bapt. 2 Jan." 
1731 ; dead 1786. 


a minor 1695-6. 

John Smith, 
minor 1695-6. 

Abigail Smith. Martha Smith. 

All four dans, under 18 in 1695-6. 

Joiin Smith, senior, of An- 
tigua, merchant, 1786. 

=Ann, sister and Ex'trix to Henrietta Cook, spinster, 
and to Mrs. Frances Sherman 1786. 

Ill 11 

George Smith, John Smith, bapt. George Smith of Antigua, merchant, bapt. James Smith, Margaret Smith, bapt. 

living 1786. 10 Sep. 1760 ; 28 Sep. 1764 ; died a bachelor, v.p. Will living 1786. 10 Jan. 1762. 

living 1786. dated 4 Aug. 1786 ; sworn 25 Aug. 1788. 

Tiiomas Smith of Newport, Isle of Wight. Will dated 
26 Oct. 1575 ; proved 4 May 1576. My bodie to Cares- 
brook. Children W™, Tho., Rich", & James. Wife Ex'trix. 
W" Thomas & Tho. Andrews overseers. Witnessed by 
William Thomas, John Crowther, John Andrews, Jeffrey 

John Smith of Caresbrook. Will dated 20 Aug. 1661 ; 
proved 31 May 1662. Wife Anne. Brother W"" Smith of 
Ca.stlehold. Kinsman James Smith. 

Joseph Chun of Antigua, carpenter. Will dated 27 
March 1693. To John Smith, jun., y"^ son of John Smith of 
Antigua, planter, all my est. & sole Bx'or. Witnessed by 
Joseph Mathews, Daniel Rayne, and John Knight. Sworn 
12 March 1693-4. 

William Smith of Newport, chirurgeon. Will dated 
29 Oct. 1694 ; proved 8 May 1695. Dans. Anne & Eliz. 
tenement called Crokers alias Crockers in the parish of 
Northwood. Sons W™ & John. Aged mother. Son James 
all residue & Ex'or. Brothers James & W™ overseers. 

Cliristmas Smith of Antigua, died intestate. Adm'oii 
to John Tankerd, Esq., and Robert Aniory 19 Nov. 1695. 
Recorded 28 Nov. 1695. 

Jeremiah Smith, Commander of the ship "Barbary " of 
Culraine in Ireland. Codicil dated 25 Oct. 1695. To my 
wife what I left in the hands of my cousin Sam' Smith my 
Ex'or. To my 2 children Rob' & Jeane Smith all residue. 
Jas. Neale, Thos. Speare, & Jas. Robertson Ex'ors. Wit- 
nessed by James Rowan, Lawrence Murphy, Andrew Adam, 
Robert Mitchells. By Christopher Codrington was sworn 
James Rowan, merchant, 7 Dec. 1695. Recorded 12 Dec. 


John Smith of St. John's. Will dated To Henry 

Smith my Ex'or 1 proportion of land 80 feet by 60 feet. To 
Frances Birde of S' John's 1 proportion of land 80 feet by 
60 feet when she is of age. To Henry Smith my clothing 
& share in the sloop Capt. Redman commands, & in the 
briganteen Capt. W™ Henry O'Brian Com^ Henry Smith 
to be Ex'or. Witnessed by John Oudes, Robert Jeaffreson, 
John Rain, John Mackarty. By the Deputy-Governor was 
sworn Robert Jeaffreson, John Rain, and John Mackarty. 
Recorded 27 Nov. 1696. 

Robert Smith of Antigua. Will dated 17 March 1695-6. 
To my son Benj"" Smith 10,000 lbs. at 21. To my son 
John Smith 10,000 lbs. at 21. To my dans. Eliz"' Smith, 
Abigail Smith, Kath. Smith, & Martha Smith 10,000 lbs. 
each at 18 or marriage. To my wife Eliz"" Smitli a horse. 
All residue to my sons Rich" & Rob' Smith, they to be 
Ex'ors. My good friends Edward Byam, Esq., Edw" Wal- 
rond, Esq., Cap. John Otto, & Isaack Horsford trustees. 
Witnessed by Thomas Franklyn, Richard Boraston, Kathe- 
rine Chapman. By Christopher Codrington were sworn 
Thomas Franklyn and Richard Borraston 9 Oct. 1696. 
Recorded 12 Oct. 1696. 

William Smith of Portsea, co. Southampton, Gent. Will 
dated 8 Feb. 1713 ; proved 15 Sep. 1714 by Daniel Wavell, 
James Smith, and William Cooper. (182 Aston.) Sick 
& weak in body. .\nne Smith, my loving wife, all my farm 
called Crockers in Northwood in the Isle of Wight, now in 
the possession of Peter Cook, & at her death to Martha 
Smith, Wavell Smith, .\nne Cooper, wife of William Cooper, 
jun.. Gent., William Smith, & Mary Smith my children, & 
to their heirs & assigns for ever, as tenants in common, & 
not joint tenants. Martha Smith, my daughter, £200 
within 3 years. Daniel Wavell of Hayling in the county 
aforesaid, Clerk, James Smith of Newport, Isle of Wight, 
chirurgeon, my brother, & William Cooper, my son-in-law, 
& to their heirs for ever, in trust to sell all that new erected 
tavern the " Ship & Castle " in West Dockfield in Portsea, 
near the Dock gate, now in the occupation of Simon Urwin, 
& also all that my dwelling house with garden in or near the 
said Dock field, in u street called Chappell Row, which I pur- 
chased of Sir William Gifford, Kt., now in the occupation of 
Philip Varloe, & likewise all my moiety of ^ an acre in 
Seavill (? Furlong) in West Dockfield, which for many 
years past has been used for a rope walk, & was late in the 
occupation of David Aldridge, & lastly all that quitt-rent or 
yearly sum of £2 10«. issuing orft of 4 new erected mes- 
suages now or late John Cleverleys, situate in ChappeD 
Row in West Dockfield, near her Majestie's Dock, & all 
other my messuages, lands, etc., in the parish of Portsea, 
& my said trustees also to sell my personal estate, & from the 
money raised by the sale of the lands they are to allow as 
much as is requisite towards putting out son William as an 
apprentice or clerk to some trade or profession, and pay 
daughter Martha's £200, & all residue to be divided among 
Wavell Smith, Anne Cooper, William Smith, & Mary Smith 
my children equally, the shares of Wavell & Anne to be 



paid within a month after the death of Anne my now wife, 
of William at 21, & of Mary at 21 or marriage. All house- 
hold goods, pay, wages, ready money, dfbts, rents, & other 
goods & chattells before mentioned to be sold, to be divided 
in the same way as the said residue. If either William or 
Mary dies before 21 the share between the survivor & 
daughters Martha & Anne, if both die all to said daughters. 
Uutil the lands are sold the rents, etc. (except the quitt- 
rent) are to be paid to Anne my wife towards the main- 
tenance & education of Martha, William, & Mary. When 
sold the money is to be invested as trustees think proper, & 
the interest & profits of the shares of Wavell & Anne to be 
paid to wife for her own use for life, & of the shares of Wil- 
liam & Mary for their maiutenance & education. My 
trustees to be also my Ex'ors & Guardians of William & 
Mary during their minority. Witnessed by Elizabeth Jlay- 
nard, Thomas Yerbury, John White. 

William Smith* of Portsmouth, co. Southamptou, Doctor 
in Physic. Will dated 9 Feb. 1732 ; proved 23 Feb. 1732 
by Elizabeth Smith, sole Ex'trix. (67 Brice.) To the 
Dean & Canons of Christ Church, Oxford, the free chapel 
& farm of East Standen in Arreton, Isle of Wight, in trust 
for a Grammar School in Portsmouth to pay £50 a year to 
a Master & £30 a year to an Usher. Mrs. Eliz. Smith 
living with me, dau. of Mr. James Smith of Newport, I. of 
Wight, £2000. Rev. Samuel Du Gard, son of Rev. W™ 
Du Gard of Fareham £500. W™ Smith, son of Tho. Gleed 
of Carisbrooke, my manor of Wymering, co. Southampton, 
which I purchased of John Walton, Clerk, Rector or Vicar 
of Bottley, remainder to John, son of the said James Smith 
of Xewport. W" Smith to become M.B. Oxford. Eliz. 
Smith sole Ex'trix. 

Harry Slingsby of Barbados. Will dated 21 Aug. 174fi ; 
proved 6 Xov. 1747 by Wavell Smith, Esq., Willi;ini Smith, 
Esq., and William Post, three of the surviving Ex'ors ; 
power reserved to Ann Slingsby the relict and Jonathan 
Bleninan, Esq. (202 Potter.) I intend shortly a voyage 
to Europe. If I leave no child all my estate to my wife & 
her heirs. If I leave a child my estate to go as if I had 
made no will. To my cosen Ann Bcale, sister of M' Post 
of London Biidge, my mahogany chest & its contents now 
in the hands of M'' John Post nf Maidstone, co. Kent. To 
W" Smith of Antigua, Esq. (uncle of my 1" wife) the debt 
due to me fiom Henry M'=Cullough & Henry Howson, & all 
debts due in Antigua & S' Kitts for the use of his son W" 
Smitii & his dau. Sarah Smith. I discharge my wife's 
father Wavell Smith of all sums due on 2 bonds for £1700, 
& give him for life my 2 farms Hale Place & Bedwells, co. 
Kent, subject to £100 a year I pay to my cosen Alex'' Beale, 
& after his death the 2 farms to W"' Post of London Bridge 
& my cosen Mary his wife for their lives, then to her heirs, 
they paying to her sister Anne Beale £50 a year. To each 
of my wife's brothers £100 c. Hon. Jonathan Blenman & 
Burch Hothersall, both of Barbados, Esq^'^S W™ Smith of 
Antigua, Esq., Wavell Smith, Esq., & W"' Post of England, 
& my wife Ann Ex'ors, & to each £100 c. All residue to 
my wife. Witnessed by Thomas Lake, Samuel Hill, Tho- 
mas Thomas. 

* Smith, s. of William of Newport, Isle of Wight, 
dootoris, matric. from Christ Church 30 .Tune 17U2, aged li;, B.A. 
29 Jan. 1705-6. bar.-at-law Middle Temple 1712 (his father of Ports- 
mouth). 1733 Feb. 4 William Smith. Esq. ; and Alderman of 
Portsmouth, also Doctor of Physick, and reputed worth upwards of 
20,000/. He left his Dwelling House to be a Charity School for 
Grammatical Learning, and 100/. per Ann. to endow it. (' Gent. 
Mag.,' 101.) 

He is stated to have been an M.D. of Leyden. and to have been 
incorporated at Oxford University 20 June 1696. 

James Smith. Will datid S Dec. 17.".4. All te 
children Mary ct Sarah & . . . . W'" Allen, (ient., my 
in-law Will .... & my wife Jane Lx'urs .... 

London. Wavell Smith, Secretary (if 11. il. liceward 
Charibbee Islands in America. Will dated 12 Dec. 1755; 
proved 12 June 1756 by William Smith, Esq., the brother; 
power reserved to George Thomas, Esq., William Sharps, 
Esq., Gregory Sharpe, LL.D., Rowland Oliver, Esq., and 
William Smith, Esq., the nephew. (17!) Glazier.) To Geo. 
Thomas, Esq., Gov' of the Leeward Islands, I give 2 
pictures, the one " the Old Man," & the other "the Queen 
of King Chas. I." To my neph. W™ Smith all my other 
pictures. To my friends W'" Sharpe, Esq., a clerk of the 
Privy Council, & his bro. D' Gregory Sharpe £50 each. 
My farm called "Crokers" of 120 acres in the parish of 
North Word, Isle of Wight, to the said Geo. Thomas, W» 
Sharpe, D'' Gregory Sharpe, & Rowl<' Oliver of Antigua, 
Esq'''^% for ever. By letters patent granted to me & Savile 
Cust, Esq., by Geo. I. I am entitled to the office of Sec"')' & 
Clerk to the Crown in the Leewards Islands for our joint 
lives, & I give all my interest therein to them, they to take 
my said farm & the office of Sec'T & all residue of my est. 
on Trust, ^ for my neph. W"= Smith, & ^ for his sister my 
niece Sarah Smith. My said 4 Trustees with my brother 
W"" Smith & my neph. W™ Smith, now my deputy at S' 
Christopher's, to be Ex'ors. Witnessed by William Bush, 
William ilackay. 

Samuel Sniitli, Gent. Will dated 1 Nov. 1758. To my 
brothers Rob', W"', ii;: John, to my sisters Eliz"" Patterson 
& Martha Watson, all of Ireland, Is., all residue to Leah 
Levington. M^ Rob' Gray, Sain' Martin, merch', Ex'ors. 
Witnessed by Cornell Kennedy, William Alexander. Before 
George Thomas, Esq., was sworn William .Alexander 16 
Nov. 1758. Recorded 16 Nov. 1758. 

.Tiilin Smith of Princess Street, London, merchant. Will 
dated 31 Oct. 1775; proved P.C.C. 2 March 177(1 hy 
Ingham Foster, Daniel Hobson, and Samuel Smith, Enquires : 
proved 12 March 1777 by John Halliday, Esq.; power 
reserved to Richaid Oliver, Esq., Alderman of London, 
John Burke, and John Delap Halliday ; proved 25 Aug. 
1810 by John Burke, Esq., only siu'viving Ex'or. All my 
est. to my friends Ricli'i Oliver, Esq., Alderman of Lcmd., 
John Halliday of Queen Ann Str., Cavendish Sq., now of 
Antigua, Esq., John Burke of Antigua, Esq., John Delap 
Halliday of Queen Ann Str., Ingham Foster of Clement's 
Lane, ironmonger, Dan' Hobson of Copt hall Court, merch' 
& insurance broker, & Sam' Smith of S' Mary Axe, Gent., 
on Trust to invest £10,000 in the funds & the residue in 
lands, & to pay £100 a yr. to my dau. Marg' Smith till 16, 
then £200 a yr. till 21, then £10,000 at 25 or marriage, & 
all residue in trust for her & her heirs. My Trustees to be 
Guardians & Ex'ors & £50 ea. My partner Rob' Christian, 
Esq. My neph. the s"* John Burke not to be pressed fcjr 
payments for 7 years. Witnessed by John Readshaw, Tho- 
mas Smart, Charles Gurney. 

Codicil. Dated at Kentish Town 23 Dec. 1774. To my 
aunt Joanna Guard, now of Youghall, £20 a yr. To my 
aunt Alias (sic) Hake of Cork £20 a yr. M' Daniel Hob- 
son £500. To my serv« Martha Watson £100 & £20 a yr. 
M' Rich'' Beahan & M' Geo. Thompson £100 ea. My dau. 
to remain with M'' & M" Stevenson till 18. £100 to M" 
Stevenson. Witnessed by Jos. Barber, Christian Barber. 
On 28 Feb. 1776 appeared George Thompson of St. Christo- 
pher's Le Stocks who knew testator, who was also of that 



George Sniitli, nicirlumt. Will dated 4 Aiis:. ITSfi. 
Negros to ray brdtlier .lulm .Smith & my motlier Ann Smith. 
Monrning rings to my aunts Miss Henrietta Cook, Mary 
Uooke, M''= Frances Sherman. My negro woman to be free 
& to have £12 c. a year. All residue to M'' .loseph Lyons 
Walrond & Sam' .\tthill in trust for ray mother Ann Smith, 
& if my father survive her then to him, & after to my 
brothers John & Jas. equally, & in default to George son of 
my uncle Geo. Smith, deC". Joseph Lyons Walrond, 
Samuel Atthill, John Smith, sen^ & Ann Smith Ex'ors. 
Witnessed by Henry de Ponthieu, Cornelius Sherman, Elias 
Ferris. By Joim Nugent, Esq., Lieut. -Governor, was 
sworn Elias Ferris 25 Aug. 178S. Recorded 2?. March 

Henrietta Cook, spinster. Will dated 2.5 July 1787. 
To my sister Ann, wife of John Smith, sen', Merch', a negro. 
To my sister Frances Sherman & her 2 daus. Ann & Fran- 
ces £50 c. each if there be sufficient from the debt owing 
me by Boyce Ledwell the surviving partner of Alex' Scott, 
dec''. All residue to my sister Ann Smith, & after her death 
to her son Jas., she to be Ex'trix. Witnessed by Elias Ferris, 
W. Richards, Elinor Muir. Before Edward Byam was 
sworn Eleanor Rose, wife of John Rose and widow of ... . 
Muir, 2 Sep. 179!). Recorded 18 Oct. 1799. 

Jane Smith, widow. Will dated 9 Jan. 179.3. My 
house & slaves to Benj" D'Harriett Smith of Grenada, 
Meroht. To Walter, son of M" EIiz"> Oliver, £20 c. 
Alex' Brodie & Eliz. Oliver Ex'ors. Witnessed by Henry 
M'^David. Before Edward Byam, Esq., was sworn Henry 
M^David, writing clerk, 2 May 1793. Recorded 14 June 

Mary Smith of Bulstrode Street, St. Marylebone, spinster. 
Will dated 15 May 1804 ; proved 14 Feb. 1806 by James 
Nibbs, Esq. To Jas. Nibbs & Thos. Kerby of Antigua, 
Esq''^^ my plantation called " New Division " in trust for 
my sister Sarah Smith, to receive the rents then to sell. 
My clothes to my old servant Sarah Corps. My late brother 
W" Smith, Esq., by his will da. 15 July 1793, gave me an 
annuity of £50 charged on his Grenada estate, viz., t on the 
Diamond estate (^ of which estate he gave to my late cousin 
Geo. Griffin of Monmouth, Esq., deceased) & ^ on his Reso- 
lution Hall estate, which latter estate he gave to Rich'' Oliver 
Smith, son of Sarah Dean. There is due to me £450 for 
arrears, the interest of which I give to my sister, & after 
her death to go towards payment of a debt on the estate of 
Geo. Griffin due to Thos. Oliver, deceased, for monies 
advanced by Thos. Oliver towards the settlement of the 
Diamond estate. The repayment of the said £2000 was 
secured by Geo. Griffin with the late W"" Cooke by agree- 
ment da. 19 June 1797. M" Cath. Griffin, widow of Geo. 
Griffin. The interest of all arrears due from the Resolution 
Hall estate to my sister for life & then to Rich'' Oliver 
Smith. All residue of my personal estate to my sister 
Sarah, & after her death the following legacies to be paid, 
viz., £20 a year to Sarah Corps. £15 a year to my servant 
Sarah Light. To Jas. Nibbs £200. To Thos. Kerby £100. 
To Ann Frost £200. To Arabella French of Marybone 
Str., widow, £30, & then all residue to the 7 godchildren of 
ray sister & rayself, viz., Lucy .\nn Blois, sp'', dan. of Sir 
John Blois, Bart., Ann Mildmay & Letitia Mildraay, sp''', 
daus. of Sir Henry S' John Mildraay, Bart., & Eliz"" Ann 
Griffin & Mary Griffin, sp'S daus. of Geo. Griffin, Jn" Clerk, 
son of John Clark of Worting, n"' Basingstoke, Esq., & 
Mary Ann Ricketts, sp"", dau. of Geo. W"" Ricketts of Lain- 
ston, n'' Winchester, Esq. Jas. Nibbs & ray sister Sarah 
Smith Ex'ors. Witnessed by Anne Lessly, Welbeck Street, 
Catherine Mills, Queen Anne Street, Westminster, Robert 
L. Appleyard, Lincoln's Inn. 


Codiril. i March 1805. 5 guineas to Sarah CorjM. On 
2 Jan. 180(i appeared Robert Langley Appleyard of Lincoln's 
Inn, Gent., and Humphrey Gilbe of Great Winchester Street, 
London, Merchant. Sworn under £1000. Recorded 25 Oct. 

Close Roll, 12 Geo. III., Part 2, No. 13. 
Indenture made the 7th April 1772 between Mary 
Smith of Golden Square, spinster, of the one part, and 
Kichard Oliver, Esq. and Alderman of London, of the other 
part, witnesseth that for docking and barring all estates 
tail or remainders in the plantation, lands, etc., and negros 
or slaves hereinafter mentioned, and for conveying the 
same to and for such uses, and in consideration of 5s. Mary 
Smith grants to Richard Oliver and his heirs for ever all 
that plantation in the parish of St. Mary, Antigua, contain- 
ing 122 acres, called Smith's, abutting N. on the lands now 
or late of Isaac Thibou, S. on the lands now or late in the 
possession of Samuel Watkins, E. on the lands now or late 
in the possession of George Moncrieflf, and W. on the lands 
now or late in the possession of Xesbit Darby and Samuel 
Watkins, together with all negros or slaves late in the 
occupation of W. Smith, Esq., and she appoints Stephen 
Blizard, Esq., and Jeremiah Blizard, Esq., both of Antigua, 
her .Attorneys. William Smith, George Daniel, wit 

Circa 1067. Rendevous Bay. Ensigne Robert Smith, 
20 mens land by grant from Governor .Austin. Robert 
Smith, jun. (by gift of his father Ensign Robert Smith), 
half of 83 acres by will of John Stanworth. (Book of 

1668. Henry Smith patent for 100 acres. 

1671, Jan. 11. George Smith, 40 acres by Governor 
Warner ; surveyed 20 March. 

1678. Mr. George Smith. Exchange Island by warrant 
from the Hon. Paul Lee, Esq. ; surveyed 2 Dec. 

1678, July 1. Lieut. Henry Smith, planter, sells to 
John Smith, jun., planter, 25 acres. 

1679, May 21. Ale.xander Rollo, planter, sells to Ensign 
Robert Smith 21 acres at Rendesvouz Bay Division. 

1680, May 19. John Marchant, planter, leases to 
George Smith, planter, 50 acres at Belfast at the rent of 5s. 
a year for two years. Witnessed by Jacob Laroux. 

1680, July 12. Robert Barker and Margery his wife 
sell to Ensign Robert Smith 23 acres at Rendezvous Bay. 

1680, Sep. 1. Henry Smith sells 60 acres to Francis 

1686-7, March 24. Deposition of Thomas Smith, aged 36. 
(Colonial Entry Book, 48.) 

1688. Mr. Thomas Smith rated on 14 slaves and 450 

1692. Mr. Thoraas Smith of Nevis rated on 450 acres 
and no slaves. 

Simon Smith, A.M., about to be a Chaplain in Jamaica 
by licence dated 12 Dec. 1694 from Henry, Bishop of 
London. Recorded 10 Nov. 1703. He states that he has 
taken the oath of Supremacy and allegiance. Affidavit of 
Richard Tjawrence re the accusation against Simon Smith, 
Kector of Falmouth, that he was imprisoned in New York 
for clipping and coyning. The accusation is utterly false. 
29 Nov. 1703. Recorded 1 Dec. 

1708, Sep. 23. Rev. Simon Smith, Rector of Falmouth, 
is accused of bigamy and of having forged the Bishop's 
Seal. The Bishop of Bath and Wells did not ordain him 
on Trinity Sunday 1692. Mrs. Smith lives in Town (his 
primitive wife). He was married to Mrs. Elliot, the wife 
he now lives with, in the Governor's house, and Mrs. Yea- 
mans gave Mrs. Elliot away. He married Mrs. fflower (who 
is now living in St. John's Town) at New York, and had 


previously cohabited with her for some years. Certificate 
also from Mr. John Lambert, Rector of Nunny, co. Somerset, 
who married them. 

William Smith of Portsea (will 171-4) was an official in 
the dockyard ; both he and William Smith, M.D. (will 
1732), were Aldermen of Portsmouth, and the latter was 
Mayor one year. The seal he then used bore for arms 
a lion sejant, and a crest a horse's head. (?the coat of 

In Chancery. 1721, Sep. 2. Simon Smith, Dr. of 
Physic, plaintiff, v. John Galway, merchant, defendant. 

1722, Oct. 15. Wavell Smith, Esq ; appointed Secretary 
and Clerk of the Crown for Life, to the Leeward Caribbee 
Islands, in the Room of John Knight of Gosfield in the 
County of Essex, Esq ; who resign'd. (' Historical Register,' 
p. 46.) 

1723, Aug. 7. Governor's Commission to the Council 
to swear in Wavell Smith as Secretary of the Leeward 
Islands, his patent dated 29 July last under the Great Seal. 
Mr. James Smith is to be his clerk. (Minutes of Council.) 

1723, Sep. 9. Petition of Wavell Smith for two pro- 
portions of land in St. John's Town ; granted. 

1723, Oct. 4. Wavell Smith writes that his wife was on 
board one of the ships in the harbour during the hurricane, 
but got safely ashore during a lull, and complains that he 
has probably lost all his effects. (America and West Indies, 
No. 451, p. .37.) 

1723, Jan. 23. Mr. William Smith to be Deputy- 

1724, April 10. Wavell Smith on 23 Jan. last appointed 
his brother his deputy, is about to go to England, and has 
complaints against the Governor in regard to his fees. Six 
Members of Council sign a letter in his favour. 

1724, April 29. Richard Smith of Antigua, Gent., and 
his wife Elizabeth and Robert Smith sell 10 acres to John 
Sawcolt, Esq. 

Indenture dated 7 May 1725 between Richard and 
Robert Smith of Antigua, planters, sons of Robert Smith of 
Antigua, deceased, and Elizabeth Banbury, widow and relict 
of said Robert Smith, deceased, of the one part, and Jacob 
Thibou, merchant, of the other. 

1727, July 23. Wavell Smith seals his letter. Arms : 
E)-mine, three roundks. Crest : A plume of feathers out of 
a ducal crown. Motto : Ne differ in ami .... (America 
and West Indies, No. 53, p. 2.) 

1728, Nov. 30. Wavell Smith appointed by Lord 
Londonderry to a seat at the Council Board of St. Christo- 

1730, Oct. 12. Petition of Richard Oliver as guardian 
of Richard Smith, a minor, for payment of negro. 

1731, Oct. 9. William Smith is appointed powder- 

1734, Jnne 5. Petition of William Smith, Esq., Clerk 
to the Assembly, for £102 as one year's salary. 

1730, March 17. Fred. Cope, Esq., to act as clerk 
during the absence of William Smith, Esq. 

1738, Nov. 29. Mr. William Smith one of the Attorneys 
to Wavell Smith the Secretary. 

1739, Aug. 21. William Smith, jun., struck out of 

1739, Aug. 29. Mr. William Smith, Clerk to the 
Assembly, is so disordered that he must go abroad. 

1739, Sep. 13. William Smith is sworn a J.P. Mr. 
William Smith being sick Mr. William Smith, jun., is sworn 
in as clerk. 

1742, July 9. William Smith, Esquire's, accounts as 
late Collector of Powder Duty. 

William Smith, Deputy-Secretary of St. Christopher's, 
writes on 13 Nov. 1754 that he was so appointed by his 
uncle. Seal : A royal crown over a double-headed eayh 

1767. Ann Smith rated on 4 acres and 14 slaves. 
(St. Mary's Vestry Book.) 

1780. Mary Smith rated on 160 acres and 59 slaves. 

1792, Nov. 5 Wm. Smith, esq. of Grenada, to Miss 
Johnstone of Liverpool. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 1054.) 

Robert Snow and William Collis of Cork were appointed 
to be Attorneys for William and John Smith of Cork to 
administer the estate of their brother Willson Smith. (No 

William Smith of Barbuda graduated 23 June 1823 at 
Leyden University, and another William of ditto on 14 Jnne 

















Parish Reoister of St. John. 

23 Sarah the d. of M' William Smith & Mary 
his wife. 

27 William the s. of William Smith and Ann 
his wife. 

10 John the S. of John Smith, Jun., and Ann 

his wife. 
10 Margaret the D. of John Smith and Ann 

his wife. 

28 George the S. of .lohn Smith, Jun', and 
Ann his wife. 

12 Samuel and George William the Ss. of 

William Smith and Mary his wife. 
10 William the S. of The Reverend William 

Smith by Jane Bertie. 
23 Mary Hurst D. of William Smith and 

Mary his wife. B. the 8'" February 

Sep. 23 Sarah Farley D. of William Smith and 

Mary his wife. B. the 23'''' December 

1795 Sep. 4 Thomas S. of Thomas Smith, 

and Clementina his wife. B. the 16"" 
August 1795. 


1708 June 8 Peter Home & Ann Smith. B. 

1715 Nov. 15 Richard Mercer and Mary Smith. L. 

1727 Aug. 17 William Smith and Mary Oliver. 

1727 Mar. 1 The. Stil. Smith and Ann Bullock. 

1728 June 16 Robert Smith and Catherine Forrester. 
1731 July 26 William Smith and Mary West. L. 
1739 Jan. 27 William Smith & Ann Bryant. L. 
1747 Dec. 18 James Smith and Jane Hamilton. 

1759 June 2 Walter Patterson and Ann Smith (Widow). 

1691 Sep. 5 Henry Smith. 

1695 Oct. 26 Jereraia Smith, Comand' of the ship 

Babora of Coleraine. 

1696 April 12 John Smith. 

1712 Sep. 7 John Smith. 

1713 Aug. . . Jane Smith. 

1713 Oct. 5 Benj. Smith. 

1714 May 9 Mary Smith. 

1714 Sep. 26 Benjamin Smith. 

1715 Oct. 1 John Smith. 

1720 June 4 James Smith. 

1721 Feb. 13 Mary w. of Simon Smith. 
1725 Mar. 11 Ensigne Henry Smith. 
1728 Mar. 31 Henry Smith. 

1728 May 19 Doc' Simon Smith. 

1728 Feb. 16 Elinor Smith, widow. 

1 728 Feb. 27 M"' James Smith of this Island. 



1729 Aug. li 



































































(Jap' Jcihii Smith, Cum'' of H.M.S. the 

Sapphire fi-om Guinea. 
George Smith. 
M" Mary Smith. 
Henry Smith. 

Catherine wife of Robert Sniitli. 
John Wevell s. of M'' William Smith. 
Sarah Smitii. 
Samuel Smith, infant. 
Mary Smith w. of William Smith. 
John Smith. 
James Smith. 
Cap' Edward Smith of His Majesty's ship 

the Burford. 
Doctor Saint George Smith. 
Robert Smith, a child. 
Marg' Smith in the country. 
John Smith. 
Cap' Isaac Smith. 
William Smith. 
John Smith, Sen^ 
William Smith. 
John Smith. 
John Smith (Planter). 
Francis Smith, Captain R.N. Register of St. Peter. 

. 8 William Smith & Mary F'rench. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 
1731 Jan. 2 George S. of Robert Smith & his wife. 

1786 Oct. G Thomns Smith, planter, to Clementina 
Anderson, Spinster ; by L. 

1727 Feb. 27 Capt" Richard Smith. 

1827 Nov. 23 James Smith, Cap. late R. W. I. Rangers. 

English Harbour. 51. 

1828 Feb. 22 John Hankey Smith, Lieu. 93'' High- 

landers. Ridge. 22. 

St. Peter's, St. Christopher's. 
1734 July 25 Henry Slingsby and Mary Ann Smith. 

St. John's Churchyard. 
On a headstone : — 

Here Lyeth 

the Body of 


WHO departed this life 


ANN. DOM. 1758 


dfamilp of ^ones. 

Richard Sones. Will dated 27 March 1719. To my 
son Richard the house & land joining M' John Russell, he 
paying £20 c. to his sister Jane Sones at his age of 21. 
To my said dau. Jane Sones the little shop next the said 
house, with bed, furniture, etc. To Eliz. Skelton a ring 
of a pistole. To Eliz. Ford ditto. M"' John Vincens, 
Chirurgeon, & M'' Joseph Lee, planter, Ex'ors. Witnessed 
by William Cooper, Thomas Delamar, John Ford. Sworn 
18 Dec. 1719. 

Elizabeth Chelton of Antigua. Will dated 3 May 1730. 
To my granddau. Eliz. Chelton, dau. of Roger Chelton, 
£60 c, & in default of issue to the children of my dau. 
Rachel Sones. Nath' ife Eliz. Whitle, s. & dau. of my son 
Nath. Whitle. All residue to my dau. Rachel Sones & 
Ex'trix. Witnessed by Jasper King, Roger Beffin. Sworn 
29 Aug. 1735. Recorded 16 Feb. 1740. 

1712, May 6. Patent for one proportion of land to 
Richard Soanes, vintner. 

1800 Jan. 


Parish Register of St. John. 

4 Amelia Gamble D. of Richard 
Mary his wife. 
1804 Nov. 15 Hester Hunt D. of Richard Sones and 
Mary his wife ; b. 15 June 1804. 
Daniel Sones and Katheren Thomas. 
Joseph Boone and Rachell Soanes. 

Franciss S. of Richard Soanes & Jane his 

Daniel Soanes, a child. 
Marianne the D. of John Soanes. 
April 10 John Soanes. 



Jan. 31 
Mar. 11 


Parish Register of St. Philip. 


1788 Nov. 15 Richard Murrough s. of Richard & Mary 

1802 Aug. 14 Joseph B. s. of Richard & Mary Sones ; 
b. 5 Nov. 1801. 

1783 Dec. 20 Richard Soanes to Mary Hunt. 

Parish Register of St. G 
1737 Oct. 12 Mark Soan. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 


1726 Feb. 26 Richard the S. of Richard Soanes & 

Rachel his wife. 
1732 Aug. 25 Thomas S. of Richard Soanes & Rachel 
his wife. 

1785 May 10 Elizabeth D. of Richard Sones & Mary 

his wife ; b. Nov. 1. £3 6 0. 


1732 Oct. 28 Daniel Fox and Ehzabeth Soanes ; by B. 
1734 Feb. 26 Jasper Oakes & Rachel Soanes ; by L. 
1734 Mar. 22 John Martin & Jane Soanes ; by L. 
1751 Mar. 30 Richard Soanes and Anne Barnes ; by L. 

1786 Oct. 10 Thomas Sones, planter, to Diana Knew- 

stub ; by L. 


1733 June 10 Richard Sone. 

1753 Jan. 3 John S. of Richard Soanes and Anne his 




Sir 'William Stapletou of London, Kiit. iinil Bart. Will 
daled 1 April 168(i ; proved -JS Oct. 1G86 by Dame Anne 
Stapleton the relict and Sir Edward Scott, Kut. ; power 
reserved to Richard Grace, Esq., and Sir James Cotter, 
Knt. (141 Lloyd.) £100 for charity. To my loving wife 
Dame Anne Stapleton my plate, Jewells, household stufiF, & 
I of my lands in Nevis & my storehouse in Charles Town, 
or in lieu £500 a year. To my Ex'ors my interest in the 
plantation of Phillip Noyell in S' Christopher's, which is to 
be sold after his death. To my son W™ all my lands in 
Moutserrat, & his heirs, then to my other 2 sons, viz. i to my 
son James & 4 to my sou Miles. To my P' dau. Ann Stapleton 
£1500. To my dau. Louise Stapleton £1000 & to my dau. 
Frances £1000 at 18. To my dau. Louise ail my interest 
in the potwork in Nevis with the 20 acres & negros. All 
my monies to be invested in land in Ireland for ray sou 
James, then to my sons W"» & Miles. My trustees to be 
guardians of my 3 sons. | of all my lands in Nevis after 
my wife's death to my son Jas. Tu my lnother Andrew of 
Cork £30 a year for 12 years fur his cai-e ol' my sister's 
children. To my brother Redmond Stapletou all debts due 
from him or fi'ura my brother Edmond, deceased. All 
residue to my son Jas. at 21. Sir Edmond Audros, K', 
S'' Edw'' Scott, K', Col. Rich* Grace, S'' Jas. Cotter of 
Ballinspeny, co. Corke, & Patrick Trant of S' Gyles in the 
Fields, Esq., Ex'ors, & give them each £11. Witnessed by 
Thomas Newcomen, Ja. Nihell, Thomas Butler. 

Codicil dated 5 July 1686. Now in Paris. Revoke 
appointment of S' Edmond Andros & Patrick Trant as 
Ex'ors & appoint my wife in their stead. I give her also 
i of the lands to be purchased in England or Ireland & i 
stock in Nevis. Witnessed by William Trumbull, Walter 
White, Frances Lambe, George Denhani. 

Sir William Stapleton of Nevis, Bart. Will dated 6 Dec. 
1699 ; proved 14 March 1700 by Dame Frances Stapleton. 
(43 Dyer.) All debts to be first jiaid, particularly for mine 
& my brother's education in Paris. My father Sir W" 
Stapleton by his will gave a legacy to a relative in Ireland, 
which is to be paid. To my dearly beloved bro. Miles a 
suit & £200 charged on my Moutserrat estate & my library. 
To my mother Dame Anne Stapleton & my sisters Anne 
Louise & Frances Stapleton mourning & £30 each. Guinea 
ring CO Col. Jos. Jory, M'' Randall Jory, M'' Jos. Martin, 
Col. W"' Burt, Col. Jas. Morton, Col. Thos. de la Wall, 
Maj' Spencer Broughton, Cap. Rupert Billingsley, Cap. Fra. 
CoUingwood, & M'' David Digony. To my mother-in-law 
Dame Penelope Russell, my brother-in-law Martin Madan, 
& my sister his wife £20 each. £10 c. to the poor. To 
my dear sou not yet christened to be called Jas. £1000 
at 21. To my cousin M" Briget Rogers a guinea ring. 
To my dear wife Dame Frances Stapleton J of all my estate 
& Jewells. My serv' Blanch Lemon £3 & to Jn" Gray 30s. 
All residue to my P' s. & h. W" Stapleton. My wife, 
mother, bro. Miles, and brother-in-law Martin Madan Ex'ors 
in Trust. Witnessed by Spencer Brougliton, Joseph Chap- 
man, William Semple. 

Mem. 8 Dec. 1699 appeared Major Spencer Broughton 
and Mr. Joseph Chapman and on 13 Jan. William Semple 
before William Burt, Esq. 

Miles Stapleton of Harrow-on-the-Hill, co. Middlesex, 
Esq. Will dated 16 June, proved 25 Aug. 1730 by Eliza- 
beth Stapleton the widow. (246 Auber.) All my lands in 
G' Britain & S' Christopher's to my wife Eliz., she to pay 
£100 a year to my sister M" Anne Stapleton, sp''. After 
my wife's death all my lands to my son Miles Stapleton. 
To each of ray 2 daus. Anna & Frances £100 at 21. All 
residue to my wife, she to be sole Ex'trix. AV^itnessed by 
Harry Gibbes, Ri. Oollibee, Thomas Croorae. 

Penelope the wife of James Russell Stapleton, Esq. 
Will dated 24 March 1737 ; proved 18 June 1739 by James 
Russell Stapleton, Esq. (140 Henchman.) By virtue of a 
common recovery in the great sessions for the co. of Flint, 
& by a certain deed, I have power to dispose of the moiety 
of the estate of Sir John Conway my late father, deceased. 
I give all my estate to my husband Jas. Russell Stapleton, 
whom I appoint sole Ex'or. Witnessed by (iibson Lucas, 
Peter Guerin, John Crofts. 

Dame Anne Stapleton of St. James's, co. Middlesex, 
widow of Sir William Stapleton, Knt. and Bart. Will dated 
14 May 1719 ; proved 26 July 1722 by Anne and Frances 
Stapleton the two daughters. (147 Marlborough.) All my 
estate to my daus. Anne & Frances Stapletou, & appoint 
them Ex'trices. Witnessed by Thomas Elliott, Elizabeth 
Bowery, Nicholas Fitz-Gerald, scrivener. 

James Russell Stapleton, Esq. Will dated 1 Jan. 1739 ; 
proved 3 Oct. 1743 by Dame Frances Stapleton, widow, the 
surviving Ex'or. (322 Boycott.) To my 5 daus. all my 
estate equally at 21, & in default of issue to ray brother Sir 
W" Stapleton, Bart., but in that to be charged with 
£1500 for his younger children. My said brother & my 
honoured mother Lady Stapleton to be Ex'ors. Cancel all 
debts due from my mother-in-law Lady Conway. Witnessed 
by John Stevens, William Ives, Fs. Blandy. 

Sir William Stapletou of co. Oxon, Bart. Adm'on 
granted on 5 July 1741 to Lady Catherine Stapletou the 

Dame Frances Stapleton of Cheltenham, co. Gloucester, 
widow. Will dated 17 Oct. 1743 ; proved 26 March 1746 
by Dame Penelope Conway, widow ; power reserved to 
Martin Madan, Esq., Elizabeth Conway, spinster, and 
Augustus Schutez ; proved also 10 June 1746 by Eleanor 
Conway, spinster, the only daughter of Dame Penelope 
Conway, deceased, by mistake called Elizabeth in the will ; 
power reserved to Martin Madan and Augustus Schutez. 
(100 Edmunds.) To my trustees all my lands at Stoke 
Pogis & Wexham, co. Bucks, & my plantation in S' Chris- 
topher's, on trust to pay the rents for discharge of £11,000 
I agreed to secure on the marriage of my son Sir W'" 
Stapleton, Bart., deceased, & then all ray said lands in co. 
Bucks to ray grandson Sir Tho. Stapleton, Bart., together 
with the furniture at Stoke Podges. £8000 to be raised 
frora my plantation in S' Christopher's, £3000 of which 
I give to my grandchildren, the younger children of my son 
Sir W™, & £5000 to all my grandchildren, the children of 
my late sou Jas. Russell Stapleton, Esq. ; after the payment 
of the £8000 the said plantation to my said grandchildren 
as tenants in common. I confirm the settlement of my 
plantation in Nevis on my son Jas. Russell Stapleton. The 
above legacy of £3000 includes £2000 charged on the 
Nevis plantation. To my granddau. Catli. Stapleton, dau. 
of my son Jas. Russell Stapleton, my house building in 
Cheltenham & all my lands there, also the lease of my house 
in Grosvenor Str., S' Geo., Hanover Sq., & my Jewells. All 
residue to Ex'ors in Trust. Lady Conway & my nephew 
Martin Madan, Escj., & M'^ Eliz. Couway, dau. of Lady 
Conway, & ray nephew Augustus Schutez trustees & Ex'ors. 
Witnessed by Mary Greene, Elizabeth Woods, W. De La 



Close lioll, 11 Geo. 11., Part 5, No. U. 
Indenture made the 7th Nov. 1737 between Sir William 
Stapleton of Braywick, Berks, Bart., of the one part, and 
William Fenton of Montserrat, but now residing in London, 
Esq., of the other part. In conformity with an Act made 
4 Queen Anno for supplying the want of fines, and in con- 
sideration of £2500 sterling. Sir William Stapleton grants 
to William Fenton and his heirs and assigns all that Water 
Woik Plantation in the parish of St. Peter, Montserrat, 
containing 600 acres, bounded E. with the top of the 
mountain and certain lands of Richard Cooke, Esq., and 
thence running W. to the Old Road River, S. with the river 
and other lands of Richard Cooke, and N. with certain lands 
of Colonel John Bramble, which plantation now is or lately 
was in the tenure of Colonel George Wyke his undertenants, 
etc., to the only proper use of William Fenton and his 
heirs for ever. Thomas Hook, George North, witnesses. 

1669, April 30. Sir Tobias Bridge reports that Lieut.- 
Colouel Stapleton writes from Montserrat that he will be 
very diligent in collecting the 4^ per cent. duty. William, 
Lord Willoughby, reported that Colonel Stapleton being 
appointed Deputy-Governor of Montserrat, after the capture 
of that island by the French Jan. 1G66, and the country 
not being in a condition to support a Governor, he settled 
upon him and his heirs the Waterwork Plantation. (Colonial 
Calendar, America and West Indies.) 

1671, Feb. 24. Sir Charles Wheeler was required by 
his commission to continue Lieut.-Colonel William Stapleton, 
Lieut.-Governor of Montserrat, for the good opinion his 
Majesty has of his abilities. He was also commissioned a 
Captain of one of H.M. companies of Foot. {Ibid.) 

1671, June 15. Nevis. Sir Thomas Lynch, Lieut.- 
Governor of Jamaica, wrote that Governor Stapleton was 
gone to Nevis to marry Lieut.-Colonel Russell's daughter. 

1671, July 5 — 15. Major-General William Stapleton 
one of the Commissioners for settling the diffei'ences about 

the rendition of Sd. Kitts. (Colonial Calendar, America 
and West Indies.) 

1671, July 6. Sir Charles Wheler writes of Colonel 
Stapleton, Deputy-Governor of Montserrat, whom he has 
made Major-General of Militia of the islands. He was 
at the first raising, and in 1671 Lieut.-Colonel of Bridge's 
Barbadoes Regiment. On Dec. 20 he was commissioned 
Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief of the Leeward 
Islands vice Wheler recalled. {Ibid.) 

1671. James Cotter then a Captain in Bridge's Barbadoes 
Regiment. The following year his name appears as Senior 
Captain of the Barbadoes Regiment of Dragoons. 

(? 1672.) Petition of James Cotter, Esquire, to the 
King. Shewing that William Stapleton, Captain-General 
of the Leeward Islands, has, notwithstanding his power to 
dispose of all places under him in those islands, siven him 
leave to beg of his Majesty the places of Secretary and 
Marshal of said islands. Prays therefore, in consideration 
of his long service and late losses in his Majesty's service, 
a patent for 21 years of the places of Secretary and Marshal 
of Nevis, St. Christopher's, Montserrat, and Antigua. 
(Colonial Calendar, America and West Indies, p. 457.) 

1674, May 6. Garrett Cotter a witness to an agreement 
between the Lords Proprietors of Carolina. {Ibid., p. 577.) 

1676, Nov. 22. Colonel William Stapleton writing 
home stated that the then Governor of Montserrat was his 
brother Edmond Stapleton. 

1678. Antigua. James Stapleton and William Staple- 
ton, jun.. Esquires, had a grant of 1025 acres from Colonel 
James Vaughan, which lands were surveyed on March 7. 

1679. Jan. 1. Redmond Stapleton, Esq., received a 
patent for 1025 acres, which tract was to be a manor with 
all royalties and other rights, at the annual rent of an ear 
of Indian corn. By deed dated at Montserrat 6 July 1682, 
witnessed by Nicholas Meade, he conveyed this to Sir 
William Stapleton for 100,000 lbs. 

1680. Ran. Stapleton signed papers as a member of 
C(mncil of Montserrat. (Colonial Leeward Islands, 48.) 

^^ttitgrcc oi Stapleton. 

Arms. — Argent, a lion rampant sable. 

Crest. — Out of a crown or a Saracen's head proper. 

Sir JOHN STAPLETON, Knt., settled in Ireland temp. Henry VI.=f= 

Richard Stapleton, living 1566=rEleanor Butler. 

John Stapieton=pMargaret Bourke. 


.... Stapleton=p. . . . 

John Stapleton of Thorlesbegg, co. Tipperary=T=Sarah M"=Egan. 

Redmond Stapleton of Thorlesbegg, Esq.=j=. . . . dan. of Cornelius Fogarty, Esq., of Devey. 




.... Stapletoii, 1st son (? Andrew 
Stapleton of Cork, living 1686); 
died s.p. 

Edmond Stapleton, 2nd son, De- 
puty-Governor of Nevis ; died s.p. 
before 1686. 

Sir William Stapleton of Nevis in the West Indies,^ 
Knt. and Bart., 3rd sou ; Colonel of Militia; Deputy- 
Governor of Monlserrat 1669 — 72 ; Captain-General 
of the Leeward Islands 1672 — 86 ; created Bart. 
20 Dec. 1679 ; died at Paris a Aug. 1686. Will 
dated 1 April and proved 28 Oct. 1686. (141 

=Anne, dau. of Colonel Randolph 
Russell, i )eputy-Governor of 
Nevis ; mar. circa June 1671. 
Will dated 14 May 1719; 
proved 26 July 1722. (147 

Sir James Staple- Sir William Stapleton, 3rd Bar 

ton, 2nd Bart., of Nevis, 2nd son, born 14 Nc 

1st son and heir, 1674. Will dated 6 Dec. 1699; 

born 24 Sep. proved 14 March 1700. (43 

1672 ; died s.p. Dyer.) 

,=j=Frances, 2nd dau. and coheir of Sir James Russell, Knt., of Nevis, 

•. j first-cousin to her husband, set. 15 and unmar. in 1681 ; mar. 2ndly, 

before 1716, Walter Hamilton, Captain-General of the Leeward 

Islands, who died 18 April 1722. Her will dated 17 Oct. 1743 : 

proved 26 March 1746. (100 Edmutids.) 

Sir William Stapleton, 4th Bart.,= 
M.P. for CO. Oxford 1727 ; created 
D.C.L., Oxford, 11 July 1733; 
died 12 Jan. 1739-40 at Bath. 
Adm'on granted Jan. 1741 to his 


^Catherine, only dau. James Russell Staple-=pPenelope, dau. and heir of Sir John 

and heir of William ton, Captain 3rd Regi- " " . ~ . 

Paul of Braywick ment of Guards ; died 

Grove in Bray, co. Aug. 1743. Will dated 

Berks, by Lady Ca- 1 Jan. 1739 ; proved 

therine Fane; died 3 Oct. 1743. (322 

28 June 1753. Boycott.) 

Conway, Bart., of Botrythan, co. 
Flint ; died May 1739 at Harding, 
near Henley-on-Thames. Will dated 
24 March 1737 ; proved 18 June 
1739. (140 Henchman.) 

William Stapleton, 
Istson, Lieut. R.N.; 
killed 8 May 1754, 
at. 27. M.I. at 
Port Royal, Ja- 

I I 

Sir Thomas Stapleton, 5th Bart., of^pMary, dau. of Henry James Staple- 
Rotherfield Greys, co. Oxford, born i Fane of Wormsley, ton, died a 
24 Feb. 1727; matriculated from i co. Oxford ; mar. 27 bachelor. 
St. Mary Hall, Oxford, 27 Feb. Nov. 1765 ; died 26 
1743-4, a2t. 17 ; created D.C.L. 3 Feb. 1835, ffit. 90, 
July 1754 ; M.P. for Oxford, 1759 at Greys Court. 
—68 ; died 1 Jan. 1781. 

Catherine Stapleton, 
mar. Sir James 
Wright, H.M. Resi- 
dent at Venice. 

Frances Stapleton. 

Sir Thomas Stapleton, 6th Bart., 22nd Baron Le Despeucer, 
born 10 Nov. 1766 ; died I Oct. 1831, set. 64. 

^Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of Samuel Eliot of Antigua, 
mar. 1 July 1791 ; died 3 Jan. 1848. 

Thomas Stapleton, 1st son and heir,=j=Maria Wynne, 2nd dau. of Henry Bankes William Stapleton, an Officer in the 
born April 1792; died v.p. 1 June of Kingston House, co. Dorset; mar. 2 Feb. Army; died 26 Sep. 1826 at Bar- 
1829 in Devonshire Street. 1816 ; died 15 Oct. 1823. rackpore. 

Mary Frances Elizabeth Stapleton, 23rd Baroness Le Despeucer, of Mereworth Castle, Kent,=pEvelyn Boscawen, litli Vis- 
only surviving child, born 24 March 1822 ; succeeded her grandfather 1831 ; mar. 29 July j count. Falmouth, burn IS 
1845 ; died 20 Nov. 1889. Will dated 17 Jan. 1890. March 1819. 

Evelyn Edward Thomas Boscawen, 
7th Viscount Falmouth, of Trego- 
than Castle, Cornwall, C.I5. ; Lieut.- 
Colonel Coldstream Guards ; born 
24 July 1847. 

Hugh Le DeBpencer=pLady Mary Wentworth, 

Boscawen, Lieut. 1st 
Life Guards ; born 
28 Feb. 1849. • 

3rd dau. of the 6il; Earl 
Fitzwilliam, K.G.; mar. 
23 May 1872. 

I Ml 

John Richard De Clare Three 
Bciscawen. Lieut. Oxford daus. 
Militia; born 19 Dec. 

1687, Aug. 10. Sir Nathaniel Johnson reported the 
death of Colonel Redmond Stapleton, Lieut. -Governor of 
Montserrat. (Colonial Entry Book, vol. 47, p. 272.) 

1688. Montserrat. John Stapleton a member of the 
Assembly, and Redmond Stapleton of the Council. 

Charles II. in 1679 granted a patent to Garrett Cotter 
as Secretary and Marshal of the Leeward Islands during the 
lives of Captain James Cotter and Mary his wife and James 
Cotter his nephew. Mary Cotter, James Cotter the nephew, 
and Garrett Cotter are dead. Captain James Cotter is a 
Papist and rebel. Opinion of H.M. Attorney-General. 
Read before their Lordships 11 Nov. 1689. (America and 
West Indies, No. 550.) 

A plantation of 240 acres in St. Christopher's, granted 
by letters patent dated 1 May 1696 to Dame Anna Staple- 
ton and Sir William Stapleton and their heirs and assigns 
for ever (formerly the plantation of the Father Hermit), 

descended to Miles Stapleton, third son of Dame Anna, and 
was in 1767 the property of his two daus. and coheirs Anna 
Stapleton, spinster, and Frances wife of William Lake of Han- 
well, and let at £600 a year to the Rev. Martin Madan for two 
terms which would expire in 1 803. (Mrs. V. T. C. Smith.) 

1702, May 20. The estate of Sir William Stapleton, 
125 acres. 6100 lbs. owing for taxes. 

1706, Dec. 9. Petition of traders to and inhabitants of 
Nevis signed by Miles Stapleton. (B. T. Leeward Islands, 
vol. 9.) 

1707-8. Nevis. Lady Stapleton, 51 male and 54 
female negros. 

1712. Montserrat. Lady Stapleton's loss by the French 
invasion was £1100. 

1716-17, Jan. 9. Lieut.-General William Mathew wrote 
from St. Kitts : " I am sorry to hear Lady Stapleton has 
been indisposed." 



Colonel Redmond Stapletoii, 4tli son, Deputy-Governor of Montserrat 1(>7G- 
died circa 1687. 

A dau., mar Andrew of 


I I I 

Miles Stapleton, 3rd=pElizabeth, only dau. and Mary Stapleton, mar. (1st wife) Sir James 

son, aiea .June 1730 heirofSirCharlesGerrard, 

at Bath. Will dated Bart., of Flamberds in 

1 6 June and proved Harrow, and relict of War- 

25 Aus. 1730. (246 wick Lake of Cannons, 

Auber.) who died 1712. 

Cotter, Knt., M.P. for co. Cork ; Provost- 
Marshal and Secretary of the Leeward Is- 
lands 1676; she died s.p. before 1688; 
he died 1705. 

Anne Stapleton, living 1686 and 1730. 

I I 
Louise Stapleton, 
living 1686. 

Frances Staple- 
ton, living 1686 
and 1722." 



Miles Stapleton, died 
a bachelor s.p. 

Anna Stapleton, Ist dau. and coheir, a Frances Stapleton, 2nd dau. and coheir, mar. William 
minor in 1730 ; living 1767. Lake of Hanwell. 

Penelope Stapleton, 1st dau. and coheir, mar. Catherine Stapleton, Elizabeth Stapleton, mar. Frances Stapleton, mar. 

10 May 1753, at Camberwell, co. Surrey, of Cheltenham in Watkins Williams of Robert Cotton, son of Sir 

Ellis Yong of Acton Park, co. Denbigh ; 1743, 2nd dau. Perevyd. Lynch Cotton of Llenay. 
she died 1788. 

William Stapleton, Lieut. -=pAnna Maria, 1st dau. of Hon. 

General in the Armv, born 
6 June 1770; died 1826 
at Douglas. 

Frederick Keppel, 
Exeter; mar. 1790; 

Kishop of 
died 1836. 

James Henry Staple- 
ton, born 29 June 
1777; died 1842. 

Maria Stapleton, Catherine Staple- 
died 20 March ton, died April 
1858. 1863. 

Rev. Miles John Stapleton, Rector=pAnne Byam, only 

of Mereworth and Vicar of Tudeley, 
CO. Kent, born 1801 ; matriculated 
from Worcester College, Oxfoi-d, 
18 May 1819, at. 18 ; B.A. from 
Magdalene College, Cambridge, 
1827 ; died 11 June 1830. 

child and heir of 
Thomas Norbury 
Kerby, Esq., of 
Antigua ; mar. 
29 Dec. 1820; 
died 1842. 


Rev. Sir Francis=f=Margaret, 1st 
John Stapleton, dau. of Lieut.- 
7th Bart., Rector General Sir 
of Mereworth, I George Airey ; 
CO. Kent ; born mar. 17 May 
6 Aug. 1807. 1830 at Flo- 

I rence. 

A quo the present Baronet. 

John Horace Thomas Staple- 
ton, Colonel in the Army ; 
mar. 1st, in 1814, Georgiana 
Maria, 1st. dau. of George, 2nd 
Lord Southampton ; and2ndly, 
1834, Charlotte Georgiana, 
dau. of Hon. Sir William"^ Pon- 
sonby ; he died 7 Nov. 1836. 

6 Geo., Sep. 2. In Chancery. Sir William Stapleton, 
Bart., a minor, by Ashton Warner, Esq., his guardian, and 
Dame Anne Stapleton, widow, plaintiffs, against Rowland 
Ash, Gent., defendant. 

1724, Dec. 11. It was stated in the Assembly that on 
11 May 1682 an Act gave Sir William Stapleton 200,000 lbs. 
yearly, that he had been Captain-General 10 years and 3 
months, but did not receive anything because he never 
made Antigua his residence as was required by the Act. 

1736, March. The Lady of Sir William Stapyltou, 
Bart., Member of Parliament for the County of Oxford, of a 
Son. (' Historical Register,' p. 24.) 

1736, March. The new-born Son of Sir William Staple- 
ton, Bart., Knight of the Shire for the County of Oxford. 
{Ibid., p. 27.) 

1743, Aug. Col. Stapleton, Brother of the late .Sir 
William Stapleton, Bart., and Colonel of a Comp. in the 
Third Reg. of Foot Guards. ('London Mag.,' p. 413.) 

1746, Jan. 14. Frances Lady Dowager Stapleton, of 
the small pox, near Windsor, Bucks ; she was mother to late 
Sir W"> Stapleton. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 45.) 

1753, June 28. Lady Stapleton, relict of the late Sir 
William Stapleton, Bart. {Ibid., p. 340.) 

1754, Dec. 9. James Wright, of Warwickshire, 

Esq ; to Miss Stapleton, only daughter of the late Sir 
William Stapleton, a 30,000/. fortune. (' London Mag.,' 
p. 571.) 

1817, Dec. At Paris, Hon. Col. Packenham, brother of 
the Earl of Longford, to Hon. Emily Stapleton, dau. of 
Lord le Despenser. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 628.) 

1826, March 5. At Douglas, aged 55, Lieut.-gen. 
William Stapleton, brother of the present Lord Le Despencer 
.... etc. [ibid., p. 368.) 

1827, Sep. 26. At Barrackpore, the Hon. Wm. Staple- 
ton, 2d son of Lord Le Despenser, and aid-de-camp to the 
Commander-in-chief, Lord Combermere. {Ibid., p. 478.) 

1829, June 1. In Devonshire-street, aged 37, the Hon. 
Thomas Stapleton, eldest son of Thomas Lord Le Despencer. 
He married Jan. 29, 1816, Maria-Wynne, second daughter 
of Henry Bankes, esq. M.P., and by that lady, who died 25 
Oct. 1823, has left an only daughter surviving, born in 
1822, to whom, on her grandfather's death, the Barony of 
]je Despencer, being one by writ, will descend. {Ibid., 
p. 572.) 

1830, May 17. At Florence, the Hon. F. J. Stapleton, 
youngest son of the Right Hon. Lord Le Despencer, to 
Margaret, eldest dau. of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Geo. Airey, K.G.H. 
{Ibid., p. 641.) 



1831, Oct. 1. In London, aged 64, the Right Hon. 
Thomas Stapleton, Lord le Despencer (by writ 1264), and a 
Baronet (1787). A long obituary notice follows. (' Gent. 
Mag.,' p. 46.5.) 

1834, July 8. At Kensington, Lieut.-Col. Stapleton, 
nephew of the late Lord Despencer, to Charlotte Georgiana, 
2nd dau. of the late Hon. Sir W. Ponsonby. {Ibid, p. -208.) 

1835, Feb. 26. Oxon. At Grey's-eourt, aged 90, Mary 
widow of Sir Thomas Stapleton, Bart, and great-grandraor.her 
of the Baroness le Despencer. She was the daughter of 
Henry Fane, esq. of Wormesley, brother to Thomas, 8th 
Earl of Westmoreland, by his second wife, Anne, daughter of 
D'' John Wynne, Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells ; was 
married Nov. 27, 1765, and was left a widow, Jan. 1, 1781, 
with three sons and two daughters, of whom the eldest was 
the late Lord le Despencer. {Ibid., p. 445.) 

1835, Aug. 25. At Ash Cottage, Old Brompton, aged 
32, the Hon. Frances Stapleton, daughter of the late Right 
Hon. Lord le Despencer. {Ibid., p. 441.) 


1679, Sep. 9. By the death of Colonel Stapleton (His 
Excellency's brother) Mountserrat, as well as Antigua, is 
without a governor. (Vol. i., p. 243.) 

1683, Sep. 25. Sir William Stapleton is expected here 
(London) the next Spring, having obtained leave to come 
home for a tyme. (Vol. ii., p. 83.) 

1683-4, Feb. 12. Sir Nathaniell Johnson is the person 
that will succeed Sir William Stapleton. {Ibid., p. 99.) 

1683-4, March 10. Sir William Stapleton is returning 
to Europe, of his own free will. {Ibid., p. 111.) 

1684, July 1. M' Blackburne shewed me a letter of 
your Excellency's wherein I was mentioned, as one of the 
persons he was to advise with about removeing the young 
gentlemen, your sons, from Camberwell to Westminster 
Schoole ; but I understand the Lady Marsh is too tender of 
them to part with them to such harsh masters, as the 
masters of that schoole are reputed to lie. {Ibid., p. 118.) 

1684, Dec. 6. Sir Nathaniell Johnson makes prepara- 
tions, as if he designed still for the Generalship ; but I am 
persuaded he will not go till our Generall comes over, and 
not then, if Sir William Stapleton desires to vetourne. 
{Ibid., p. 157.) 

1 685, June 6. Sir William Stapleton and all our friends, 
that were the compagnions of his voyage, are in good health 
at present. Our General is very well received by the King, 
and will probably make his enemies ashamed of the injustice 
they have done him in his absence. (Vol. ii., p. 202.) 

1685-6, Jan. 28. Sir William Stapleton designes to try 
if the French air will recover his health, and Ensign William 
Matthews accompanies him into France, and liady Stapleton 
goes also, which voyage is intended in the month of Jlarch. 
{Ibid., p. 265.) 

1686, Aug. 3. I just now received a letter which brings 
me the sad intelligence of the deatli of our Generall, Sh- 
William Stapleton. He dyed and was buried at Paris, to 
the great loss and grief of all under his government. 

1686, Sep. 8. By my last I gave you the sad news of 
Sir William Stapleton's death, whose lady is now at Camber- 
well with Lady Marsh. The French priests were very 
unkind to her, and still detain her sons out of some religious 
pretence, with no small addition to the grief of her ladyship, 
who is deprived at once of a husband and her sons. The 
General was so sensible before he died of the designs of 
some, that he had entrusted with the execution of his will, 
that it much discomposed him in his extremity, and he 
endeavoured to make some alterations, and would have done 
more, if death had not prevented him. {Ibid., p. 315.) 

1686, Sep. 11. The Lady Stapleton is retourned ; but 
to add to her sorrow, the French detain her three sons ; and 
unless our King will be pleased to demand them, they will 
not be permitted to come from the coUedge where they are 
in the custody of men barbarously devout ; who were so 
bloudy zealous, as to send the lady word they had rather 
stick a dagger to her sons' hearts, and see the blood of them, 
than that they should go with her to be bred hereticks (as 
they term it), but the young baronet has the courage, that 
he tells them to their faces, if they keep him for eleven years 
there, he will never depart from iiis faith, which is great 
resolution for one of his age. {Ibid., p. 321.) 

Camberwell, co. Surrey. 
Jlay 10 Ellis Young, Esq"', of S' George, Hanovei 
Sq., W, & Penelope Stapleton of the 
same, Sp^ By the Bp. of S' Asaph. 
(' Collect. Top. et Gen.,' vol. iii., j). 383.) 

#amtl]P oi ^lueu. 

Nicholas Tripe of Exeter, goldsmith. Sons Thomas & 
Anthony. Proved 1685. (126 Cann.) 

Adrian Swete of Train, co. Devon, Esq. Will dated 
1 May 1716; proved 4 Dec. 1733 by Main Swete, Esq., 
the brother. (319 Price.) To my wife Honour Swete & 
my sister Philippa Swete £40 for the purchase of a flagon 
for holy communion for the church at Modbury. To my 
wife £700 & all that is due in the name of my late mother- 
in-law M" Petronella Fownes, & all chattels that were hers 
(my wife was her Ex'trix), & all her plate & household 
goods, & the use of the plate bearing the coats of arms of 
myself & wife except my large Montift'e. To my sisters 
Philippa & Loveday Swete £300 apiece. To my cousin 
W Rich"* Norris £100, he to discharge 2 bonds for £650 
I signed with him as his surety. To my cousin Geo. Norris 
a bond of £95 & my books if he takes orders. To my 

brother Main Swete & M'' W'" Ley of Holbeton ray tenement 
called Fursdon al's South Fursdon in Holbeton, co. Devon, 
for 80 years, to pay the rents to my cousins Arthur .... 
Eliz. & Honour Penhay. To my cousins Edw'^, Dennis, 
John, & Eliz. Philippa Russell (the 4 children of my cousin 
Ann Russell the wife of M'' Dennis Russell of Penryn) 
a debt of £50 their uncle Joseph Archer owed me at his 
decease. To John Voysey £40. To my cousin M'' Peter 
Courtney & his wife of London £40. A guinea ring to 
each godchild, also to my cousin Tho. Luscombe, Esq., 
W Richard Luscombe, M" Sarah Archer, M™ Anne Russell, 
& M" Eleanor Norris. To my wife & 2 sisters £15 each. 
A gown to the Minister & a suit to each servant & 20,s. ring. 
To my brother Main Swete my tenement called Scadownes in 
Modbury, & all other lands, & all residue of ray personal 
estate, & appoint him Ex'or. iMy sister to take charge till he 
come to Modbury ; if he be dead then to my 2 sisters. Wit- 
nessed by H. Legassicke, Pas. Legassicke, James Legassicke. 



Main Swete of 'I'riiin, co. Devon, Esq. Will dated 27 
June 1735; proved 10 .July 173fi by Esther Swete the 
widow, Philippa Swete, and Hugh Coplestone. (163 Derby.) 
My beloved wife Esther is entitled to £2000 under our 
marriasre settlement, & I give her also .£100 a year. To 
my sister Philippa Swete £200. To my cousin Aune 
Rus?ell of Penryu in Cornwall, widow, £1(10. To my 
cousin Rebecca White, now wife of Adam White of Newton 
Abbott, Devon, surgeon, £20. To my cousin Esther Norton, 
wife of Nich^ Norton of Dartmouth, mariner, the £20 lent 
her by my late brother Adrian Swete. To Hugh Coplestone 
of Modbury, Gent., £50 in trust for his son John Cople- 
stone. To my kinsman Benj" Swete of London, Esq., 
3 guineas. To my sister-in-law M" Honor Swete a single 
Joiiannes, a piece of Portugal coin of 36«., & the like to my 
kinswoman M''^ Eleanor Norris of Modbury & to my cousin 
Dorothea Coplestone. To my wife Esther, my sister 
Philippa, & to Hugh Coplestone all my real estate that is 
not entailed in England & all ray plantations & slaves in 
Antegoa in Trust to sell to pay legacies & to terminate any 
suits at law. All residue to my only child Adrian John 
Swete at 21, & if he dies without issue then my wife to 
have £1000 more, the children of my cousin Anne Russell 
£100 each, & the like sum to each of the children of my 
kinsman John Archer of Trelewick, co. Cornwall, Esq., 
deceased, & then all residue of trust money to my sister 
Philippa Swete. My wife Esther, my sister Philippa Swete, 
& Hugh Coplestone Ex'ors & Guardians. If the latter die 
Jas. Legassicke of Modbury, Gent., to act. To my wife 
Esther all her father's plate & her jewels. Witnessed by 
Christopher Savery, Gilbert Isaack, Ralph Wakeham. 
afresh 30 June 1735. 

Benjamin Swete, Esq., widower, of Norfolk Street, 
St. Clement Danes, Strand. Will dated 26 Oct. 1743 ; 
proved 3 Dec. 1744 by Robert Weston, Edward Baughem, 
James Hudson, and Rev. J. Peters. (294 Anstis.) To be 
buried at Beggars Brook, co. Oxford, in the churchyard, a 
brick vault to be built, & my name & arms to be engraved 
on a stone. 10 gs. to the minister who shall preach my 
funeral sermon. £300 to the Mayor, Bayliffs, & Com- 
monalty of Oxford for aiding the completion of their town 
hall. £100 towards completing the library at Christ Church, 
Oxford. £200 to the charity school for boys & girls in 
S' Clement Danes & £400 to be distributed among poor 
housekeepers of that parish. To my worthy friend the 
Hon. Col. Guise, Major of the 1=' Reg' of Foot Guards, now 
Major-Gen', a diamond riug. To the Directors of the E.I. 
Co. £150 pursuant to what I subscribed March 1726 for 
their disabled seamen. To my housekeeper Bridget Sell 
£200. To Eliz. Pitmore £200. To my cook Sarah Calfe 
£200. To my servant Joseph Waracker £200. £10 to 
the poor of Beggars Brooke & of Yarnton, co. Oxford, & of 
S' Thomas, Oxford. To the S.P.G. Society £100. To S' 
Bartholomew's Hospital £100. £300 for 53 poor families 
of seamen of E. Greenwich for binding apprentices. To 
M" Mary Murray, widow of M' Geo. Murray (she lodges at 
M'' Moodey's in Knightsbridge), £50. To Madame Weston, 
widow, & her dau. M"'^ Mary Weston, my next door neigh- 
bours in Norfolk Str., 2 diamond rings. To Madame 
Hawkins of Norfolk Str. a like ring. To Madame Weston 
my bible fo. 2 vols, in Turkey blue leather with my arms 
thereon, & another to her dau. printed at Cambridge fields, 
also a gold watch by Quare. £200 to the 2 daus. of Edw"! 
Baughem, Esq. To my servant Martha Wheaton £50. 
To my friend M' Edw'' Baughem a gold repeater made at 
Amsterdam by M'' Clarke. To M'' W" Beamish, a midship- 
man on H.M.S. " Shrewsbury," Capt. Townshend Com- 
mander, £200. To S' Bartholomew's Hospital £100. To 


Capt. John Swete in Col. Poulett's Reg' of foot marines 
£500 ; he married M™ Cockle of Greenwich. To Benj" 
Swete, Esq., £10,000 ; he lives at Kinsale in co. Cork, they 
being brothers & sons of the late Rich'' Swete, Esq., of a 
Devonshire family. To Miss Cath. dau. of Francis Fulford 
of Fulford near Exeter, Esq., £500. All my linen & plate 
to M''^ Weston & M" Hawkins to sell, & the proceeds for 
decayed gentlewomen of ancient family. To my godson 
M'' Furlay, son of M"' Fui-lay, merch', of Essex near Sir 
Joseph Eyles', £50. To my godson the son of M'' Tribe, 

apothecary, of Oxenden Str., Westminster, £50. • 

Weston, Esq., Councillor-at-law, my next door neighbour, 
Edw^ Baughem, Esq., of Hatton Garden, deputy-auditor to 
Esquire Benson, the Rev. D'' Peters, preacher at St. Clement 
Danes, & Capt. Hudson of the P' Reg' of Guards of Petty 
France, Trustees & Ex'ors, & to sell all my personal estate, 
then to hand in their accounts to the GoV, dep'y Gov', & 

Directors of the Bank of England, viz. : to Carbonnell, 

Esq., Gov, Brooksbanks, Esq., GoV; 1, Sir Edw* 

Bellamy, K' & Alderman ; 2, Bryan Benson, Esq. ; 3, John 
Bance, Esq. ; 4, M'' John Eaton Dodsworth ; 5, Sam' 
Holden, Esq. ; 6, Sir W™ Jolliff ; 7, Sir John Lequesne, 
K', Alderman & Sheriff ; 8, M' Rob' Thornton ; 9, M' 
Benj° Louquet ; 10, M'' Benj" Mee ; 11, Chas. Palmer, 
Esq. ; 12, Moses Raper, Esq. ; 13, M'' John South; 14, Sir 
John Thompson, K' & Alderman ; 15, M"" Sam' Trench ; 
16, M-- Mark Weyland ; 17, Tho. Cooke, Esq. ; 18, W"" 
Fawkener, Esq. ;■ 19, Jas. (rJn") Gualtier, Esq.; 20, M"' 
W™ Hunt ; 21, Henry Neale, Esq. ; 22, Chas. Savage, Esq. ; 
23, Jas. (or Jn") Spelman, Esq. ; 24, Alex'' Sheaf, Esq. 
^ of the residue of my personal estate t(j be divided among 
50 persons, the widows or daus. of Naval officers, ^ to 100 
of those of seamen, | to 50 of those of officers in the army, & | 
to those of soldiers. The receipt of the Commissioners of the 
Navy to be sufficient, viz., of: 1, Rich'' Haddock, Esq.; 
2, Sir Jacob Ackworth ; 3, Tho. Pearse ; 4, Geo. Purvis ; 
5, Geo. Crowle, Esq. ; 6, John Phillipson ; 7, John Fowler ; 
& of the general officers, viz. : Gen' Sir Chas. Wills & 
Lieut. -Gen' Geo. Wade, Hatton Corapton, Philip Honywood, 
Lord Mark Kerr, Rob' Naper, Tho. Panton. To my Ex'ors 
£100 apiece. The above are the same officers as in my 
will of 1741. Guinea rings to the Governors & 24 Directors 
of the Bank of England. £120 for the girls & £80 for the 
boys at the schools at Greenwich. £159 to S' Clement 
Danes for the Charity boys & girls. As to my real estate, 
my house & land in Yarnton, co. Oxford, called "The 
Freise," of 153 acres, in the tenure of Tho. Field, I give to 
my cousin Adrian John Swete, Esq., of Train by Modbury, 
CO. Devon, charged with £30 a year to my cousin M" Mary 
Murray, widow, & £10 a year to my servants Bridget Sell 
& Eliz. Pitmore, & £50 a year to M''' Hester Swete his 
mother. All my lands in Yarnton in the tenure of Rich'' 
Roberts, consisting of one farm of 42 acres & another of 62, 
I give to my cousin Francis Fulford, Esq., of Fulford, 
subject to £10 a year for my servant Sarah Calfe & Jos. 
Wareker. All my lands in the tenure of John Rooper at 
Beggars Brooke of 64 acres & Burley Wood in my own 
occupation, my dwelling house & furniture, & its 26 acres 
for the daus. of Francis Fulford, Esq. My 83 acres at 
Medley, co. Oxford, I give to the Rev. D'' Shipping, Prin- 
cipal of Brazen Nose Coll., Oxf^, & Rev. D'' Leigh, head of 
Balliol, to keep in repair the cottages, house, & the chapel 
now building, & to pay 15.s. to some minister for prayers & 
sermon there on Sunday morning & prayers in the after- 
noon, & the house for their own entertainment. My house 
at Crum Hill, E. Greenwich, I give to Cap' John Swete. 
My house in Norfolk Str. which is leasehold I leave to 
M"'^ Weston & M''= Hawkins to allow 4 poor gentlewomen 
to reside there, & the sparrows & other birds to be fed as 
hithertoe. To my servant Charlotte £50. To Benj"" Swete, 
Esq., of Kinsale, £5000. 6 or 7 pieces of tapestry repre- 


THE HISTORY OY AKTIGUA. tlie Sic^e of Troy to I)'' Leij(li to i)c huiiir in the 
house at Medley. WitnesKed by John Burgess, Charles 
Judd, Lad. Mabert. 

1st Codicil dated 9 March 1743-4. To Cap' John Swete 
£]00(), & to his brother Benj" Swete of Kinsale £4000. 
The lands in tenure of Rich'' Roberts to go to Francis 
Fiilford's youngest son, & those in tenure of John Roper & 
Burley Wood to his daus. Francis Fulford, his wife, & her 
nephew Sir Jolin Chichester, Bart., to be tlieir Trustees. 
Rev. M' Blackwell also to be Ex'or. To M" Wood £50. 
To Capt. Jas. Thompson of the "Star" brewhouse in 
Southvvark £50. If Adrian John Swete die without heirs 
then the lands to Capt. John Swete. Witnessed by Rowland 
Siinon, James Browne, Richard Bath. 

Memorandum. March 174.3. I have burnt all my 
account books relating to the payment of the English & 
other forces in the Low Countries. My bay gelding worth 
100 gs. to be sold & the proceeds given to Joseph Wareker. 

2nd Codicil 2 March 174.3-4. I have paid M' "Thor, 
surgeon, £50. 

Susannah Tripe of Exon, deceased 24 July. Commission 
to Nicholas 'I'ripe the br(]t,lier .Ian. 17;iH. 

John Anther of Tn^lcwack naiiirs in his will his six 
younger sons Swete Nicholas Archer, Edward Archer, 
Samuel Archer, Addie Archer, and Nicholas Archer ; sister 
Anne Russell ; aunt Philippa Swete and uncle Adriane 
Swete. (' Memorials of the Archer Family.') 

John Swete of Richmond, co. Surrey, Esq. AVill dated 
27 Jan. 174(1 ; proved V.) March 1753 by Alicia Swete the 
widow. On 7 June 17fi2 udm'on of goods of testator, here- 
tofore of Richmond, but at Plaistow,co. Essex, Esq., deceased, 
unadministered by Alicia Swete the relict, now deceased, 
granted to John Cottle, Esq., her brother. (03 Searle.) 
My house on Crump's Hill, B. (Jreenwich, to^uiy wife Alicia 
for life, then to my brother Benj" Swete of Ireland, Esq., 
for his life, then to my sister M™ Dorothy Beamish, then to 
my niece Miss Young, dau. of my sister M™ Mary Young. 
My moiety of the Ridgwick estate, co. Sussex, under lease 
to the Bishop of Chichester, lately my dear wife's sister's 
Susannah, I give to my wife Alicia. £700 to my brother 
Benj" Swete, & to my bnjther-in-law M' Tho. Beamish, 
attorney-at-law of Ireland, for my 4 sisters Cat", Ann, Mary, 
& Dorothy, viz., the interest of £200 between my sisters 
M" Cath. White, widow, & M''» Anne Sullavan, then after 
their death £100 to my sister M" Dorothy Beamish & £100 
to my niece Young. The interest of £200 to my sister 
M" Mary Young. The interest of £300 to my sister M" 
Dorothy Beamish. To each sister £10 for mourniug, also 
to brother lieuj" & his wife, my brother-in-law M'' Tho. 
Beamish, & Jas. Young. My gold repeating watch & seals 
to my sister M" Dorothy Beamish. To Cross Outing, E.sq., 
£20. To my servant M™ Ann Britton £10o & £10 for 
mourning. £5 to each other servant. All residue to my 
dear wife Alicia Swete & appoint her sole Ex'trix. Wit- 
nessed by Elizabeth Willey, Mary Pish, John Willey. 

A(lri;in .lnhn Swete of Train, co. Devon, Esq. Will 
dated In Dee. 1755 ; proved 22 Jan. 175fi by Esther Swete, 
widow, the mother. (21 Glazier.) To be buried at Arm- 
ington. To M' Edmond Andrews of Ugborough £100 for 
his faithful services. To the S' Luke's Hospital for luna- 
ticks £100 & to the S.P.G. £100. To M' Rob' Vansittart 
my esteemed friend the £50 he owes me. To my honoured 
mother Esther Swete of Train, widow, & to her heirs all my 
barton of Train & all other lands, plantations, etc., & all 
residue, & appoint her Ex'trix. Witnessed by Robert Caw- 
ley, \V. Usticke, Mary Abbott. Uccorded at Registrar's 
Office, St. John's, 12 Feb. 1757. 

Esther Swete of Bath, widow. Will dated 30 Nov. 
1778 ; proved 3 Feb. 1781 by Rev. John Tripe and Henry 
Beeke (miscalled Harry Beke in the will) and Hugh Ham- 
mersley, Esq. (97 Webster.) To be buried at Armington, 
CO. Devon. To my relations M" Esther Yard, M' Nicho- 
las Yard & M" Jane Yard, all living at Chudleigh, co. 
Devon, £20 a year for life. To my friend M" Rebecca 
Lee £100 a year for life. All these annuities charged on 
my plantation in Antigua, leased to Daniel Mathew, Esq., 
deceased. To my servant Leonard Fryer £50 a year. All 
my estate in Antigua & all my manors in Devon to Robert 
Child & Robert Dent, bankers in London, in trust for Rev. 

John Tripe, son of Tripe, surgeon at Ashburton, co. 

Devon, for life, then to his heirs, & failing such to Harry 
Beke, son of M' Beke of King Staunton, co. Devon, & his 
heirs, then to my kinsmen Edward Archer, Esq., and Samuel 
Archer, Esq. The heir to take the sirname & arms of 
Swete only & within a year to obtain an Act of Parliament 
for that purpose. To the children of my cousin Rebecca 
Yard, except the said Nicholas, Esther, & Jane, £100 
apiece, & the like sums to each of the children of my kins- 
woman Rebecca Jones, widow of Jones, clerk, de- 
ceased. To my deaii friend Miss Eliz. Theobalds my best 
])air of diamond earrings. To John Tripe all my other 
jewels. M'- & M" Hannnersley £200 each. M" Marg' 
Ayleworth £100. My steward Edmund Andrews £200 & 
to his son John my godson £10o. The hospital at Bath 
£100 & the pauper scheme £100. My woman Hannah 
Abdy £400 & clothing. Poor of Armington & Modbury 
£20 each. My friends M'" Theobald. Lady Stapylton, Sir 
Edward & Lady Dering, M"' & M" Winchester, M" Mary 
Weston, M'» Hay of Bath each a 10 g" ring. To John Tripe 
£1000 & to Hariy Beke & Hugh Hammersley of Spring 
Gardens, Esq., £500 each, they to be Bx'ors. They are to 
recover & sell my lands in Jamaica which were given to me 
by my friend Miss Mary Hynes, deceased. To Alice Long- 
staff', spinster, £20 a year. My godson Robert Charles 
Dering, son of Sir Edward Dering, £200 at 21. My kins- 
men Edward & Samuel Archer £500. My physician I)"" 
Harrington £100. M" Cawley my late apothecary £100. 
All residue to my trustees to invest in lands. Witnessed 
by Peregrine Courtney, Edward Cary, Thonias Bowdler. 

Codicil. 1 June 1779. Legacies to be paid in stock. 
Malhias Harris my coachman £20. Witnessed by John An- 
drews. On 1 Feb. 1 781 appeared .John Edgar of St. George's, 
Bloomsbury, Gent. Recorded 3 Oct. 1789 at Antigua. 

Richard Sweet was Bailiff' of Exeter in 1540 and 1572, 
and at his deatii in 1590 Receiver-General; Robert Sweet 
was Bailiff 1541 ; Gilbert Sweet Bailiff 1613, Receiver 1627, 
and Mayor 1683 ; and Richard Sweet Mayor 1650. 

John Sweete of Devon subscribed £25 to the Armada 

1701. The plantation of Captain Main Swete at Fal- 
mouth of 337 acres was surveyed on July 15, and a plan of 
this is recorded in the Surveyor's Book, fo. 54. 

1704, Aug. 3. Captain Main Sweete then a member of 
the Assembly. 

1744, April 15. Benjamin Sweete of Norfolk-street, Esq ; 
aged 93. He was Paymaster to the Army under the 1). of 
Marlborough. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 228.) 

1817, Dec. 31. J. Beaumont Swete, esq. of Oxton-house, 
Exeter, to Mary eldest dau. of Henry Line Templer, esq. of 
Teignmouth. {Ibid., p. 628.) 

1820, April 6. Rev. Richard Ellicombe, Prebendary of 
Exeter, to Elizabeth, dau. of the Rev. John Swete, of Oxtou 
House. {Ibid., p. 369.) 

1831, Dee. 10. At Springfield-lodge, Camberwull (the 
residence of her son-iu-law, M. V. (iordon, esq.) aged 67, 
Charlotte, relict of the late Rev. John Sweete, of Oxton, 
Devon. (Ibid., p. 570.) 



IS-iO, July 7. At. S„iil,li Hovey, Devim. Ilciii-y .I..lin 
Beaumont Svvete, esq. of 0.\tuii to Cauiilla Shafts, dau. of 
tlie Rev. R. P. CaiTin,2ton. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. ;'.ll.) 

]84fi, July Ifi. At Belle Vue Mupoorie Hills, Benj-al, 
aged 1 9, Lieut. George Henry Walter Sweete. r)(ith Regt. 
B.N.I, fourth son of John Beaumont Sweete, esq. of Oxton, 
Nottinghamshiri? (sic). {Ibid., p. ;J58.) 

1844, Oct. 3. At Meerut, Bengal, aged 19, Ensign 
Adrian John Sweete, third son of John Beaumont Swete, 
esq. of Oxton. (1845, Ibid., p. 222.) 

186;-5, April Hi. At Shanghae, after a short illness, aged 
27, John Montagu Swete, esq. of the Imperial Customs, 
Chiiig F^iang. He was eighth son of John Beaumont Swete, 
esq., late of Oxtoii-honse, Exeter. {Ibid., p. 244.) 

Mr. Charles Worthy of Exeter wrote me on 18 Sep. 
1888: 'J'ho Swetes succeeded to Trayne or Traine in 
succession to the " Scoos " family, now spelt " Skews," circa 
l.').')0. John, who died in 1690, gave a house and land to 
poor of Modbury by deed dated Dec. 10th, 1(584. The 
Tripes were an old Dawlish family who ultimately settled at 
Ashbnrton and built the large Inn there known as the 
"Golden Iu!i" for a residence. They represented the 
Martins, Barons of Barnstaple, as you will see from the 
enclosed extract of Pedigree which I compiled from Martin 
de Turon 1066, some time since for my late friend the Rev. 
H. Ellicombe of Clist St. George. The Swetes also owned 
an estate called Preston in Ermington Parish. 

Ill ICIM; Adrian Swete ( Ivx'or of Rev. John Swete) was 
patron of St. Kcvernu, Cornwall. John Swete was Vicar of 
this parish 1664 to 1096. In the Registers is recorded the 
marriage "1621, June 1, Samnel Sweete, Vicar of Rennar (?), 
to Alice the daughter of Richard Downynge, Vicar of S' 
Kevcriic." (' Weslcni Anti(]uary,' 1S8S, pp. 52 and 88.) 

Circa 1702 , 

Parish Rkoistku of St. John. 

. . . JI'' .\ntJiiiny Sweet. 

1687, Jan. 27. Benj. Sweet of S' Marg', West., B., set. 
30, & Dame Anne Markham a/'s Crabb of Stepney, Wid. 
(Marriage Licences : Archbishop of Canterbury.) 

Wak STEAD, CO. Essex. 

On a ledger in churchyard : — 

Arms: {Gules) two chevrons between as man;/ mullets in 
chief and a rose in base {ari/ent), seeded {or), barbed {vert) ; 
impaling . . . . a bend .... 

Crest : Afi helmet and mantling, a mullet {or) pierced 
{azure) between two gilli/flowers {proper). 

of Plaistow in this Covnty 
Died the 15 of Avgvst 1752. ' 

^Dctiitjrec of ^tucte. 

Arms. — (iules, two chevrons between two mullets in chief and a rose 
Crest. — A mullet or pierced azure between two gillyflowers proper. 

base argent, seeded or. 

. SWETE* of Trayne in Modliury, co. Devon= 

dau. and heir of 

)f Trayne, mar. circa 1550. 

Thomas Tripe=F. 
of Dawlish, 

John Swete- 
of Trayne. 

Rev. Nicholas Tripe,=T=Susanna, 2nd 

matriculated fi-om 
Exeter College, Ox- 
ford, 22 Feb. 1702-3, 
ffit. 17 ; B.A. 1706 ; 
Vicar of Chudleigh, co. 
Devon, 1710 — 18;l)ur. 
there 26 April 1718. 

dau. of Ni- 
cholas Mar- 
tyn, Esq. ; 
mar. 7 Dec. 
1710 at Daw- 

Rev. Lewis Swete, D.D., Fellow of All Souls, = 
Oxford, 1563, Rector of Uplowman 1579 ; 
Canon of Exeter and Archdeacon of Totnes 
1583; died 1613. Will recorded 1615 at 

Andrew Swete= 
of Blodliury, 

Rev. .lohn Swete of=j 
Trayne, Esq., Vicar 
of St. Keverne, co. 
Cornwall, 1664— 
95 ; died 2 and bur. 
6 Aug. 1695, set. 
60. M.I. at Mod- 

=. . . . Love- 
day, bnr. 8 
Jan. 1697 
at Mod- 

Rev. Richard Swete, 
matriculated from 
Broadgatos Hall, Ox- 
ford, 3 April 159(!, 
set. 19 ; B.A. 1599; 
M.A. 1602 ; Rector 
of Uplowman 1615. 

John Swete, ma- 
triculated .f from 
Exeter College, 
Oxford, 24 May 
1639, a3t. 15; 
B.A. 1642; Fel- 
low 1647; died 
1713, ffit. 89. 

The first three generations are very doubtful. 

P 2 




Hester Sowter of^=Nicholas Tripe, Surgeou, bapt. 12 Nov. 1711 at Daw-=pRebecca Yarde of Susannah Tripe of Exet«r, 

Ashburton, mar. 
licence dated 2 
Aug. 1788. 1st 

inherited " Oxton " of 320 acres from his cousin Kingsteignton ; bapt. 1714 at Chudleigh. 

William Clifford Martyn, Esq., 1770 ; died 12 June mar. licence dated Adm'on .Jan. 1738 to her 

1790 at Ashburton. 18 Jan. 1748. brother Nicholas. 

2iid wife. 

Esther Tripe, 
bur. 6 Dec. 
1745 at Ash- 

John Tripe, 
bapt. and 
bur. 1750 at 

. . . . ; died 
10 Dec. 
1831, set. 

=Rev. John Tripe of Oxton, Prebendary of Exeter,= 
bapt. 1752 at Ashburton ; matriculated from Uni- 
versity College, Oxford, 19 Oct. 1770, at. 18 ; B.A. 
1774; M.A. 1777; inlierited Trayne from Mrs. 
Esther Swete, and took the name and arms of 
Swete by Royal Licence 1781 ; died 1821. 

Grace Palk of 


Ashburton ; 


she remar. 


James Mog- 

1753 at 





John Beaumont Swete of Oxton, matriculated=pMary, 1st dau. of Henry 
from Oriel College, Oxford, 16 Oct. 1806, jet. Line Templer of Teign- 
19; B.A. 1810 ; High Sheriff of Devon ; died mouth; mar. 31 Dec. 
4 March 1867 ; sold Oxton. 1817. 

Rev. William Swete of Wrington Lodge, co. 
Somerset ; matriculated from Oriel College, 
Oxford, 16 April 1817, set. 19 ; B.A. 1822 ; 
M.A. 1824 ; died 27 Aug. 1878. 

John Beaumont Swete, 

Lieut. - Colonel R.A. ; 

died 20 Jan. 1895, 
set. 63. 

Adrian John Swete, 3rd son. 
Ensign in the Army; died 
3 Oct. 1844, set. 19, in Ben- 

George Henry Walter Swete, 
4th son, Lieut. 56th Regi- 
ment ; died 16 -July 1846, 
set. 19, in 

John Montagu Swete, 8th son, 
of the Imperial Customs, Ching 
Kiang; died 16 April 1863, 
fet. 27, at Shanghai. 

Ermington, CO. Devon. 

A marble tablet of the period in the south aisle com- 
memorates Adrian Swete, Esquire, Main Swete, Esquire, 
Mrs. Philippa Swete of Train in this county. 

Arms : Gules, two chevronels hetioeen in chief two mullets 
argent, pierced of the field, and in base a rose of the second. 


A. S. 27 Sept., 1733. 
M. 8. 5 July, 1735. 
P. S. 15 Feb., 1747. 

Near the last, another monument records Mrs. Esther 
Swete of Train, in the parish of Modbury, who died in 
January 1781, aged 68, to whose memory this tablet was 
erected by her only son Adrian Swete, Esq., who died aged 
24 years. " Jo" Swete de Oxton." Arms, as on the last. 
Crest, A mullet argent pierced, between two lilies (or iris) 
of the last, stalked and leaved vert. 

Close to the above tablets is a hatchment, the field all 
sable : Arms, Swete as before, the crest being the same, 
except that the mullet is gules, pierced or. Motto, In ccelo 
quies. By the side of this is an irou spike, on which a 
helmet was hung, part of a gauntlet, and the staff to which 
was fixed the bannerole, which at the time these notes were 
taken was lying rolled up on the Strachleigh tomb. The 
bannerole was of canvas, painted black, with on one side 
the arms of Sweete as already given, with the motto 
" Festinat Lethum," while on the other side is displayed 
this crest, A mullet or, pierced gules, between two lilies (or 
iris) argent, stalked and leaved vert. Also the motto 
" Memento Mori." The helmet was a funeral one, which 
had found a resting-place, together with a spur, and an 
actual helmet which may have seen service in the Wars of 
the Roses, on the tomb with the bannerole. 

In the north aisle of Modbury Cliurch are two memorials 
to this family — one a mural monument foi' John son of 
John Swete of Train and Loveday his wife. He was of 
Exeter College, Oxford, and died 22 August 1690, aged 25 

years. Arms, Swete as above. The other is 
commemorating the Rev. Mr. John Swete, late of Train, 
who died 2nd August 1695. On this stone is cut a shield 
with these arms : two chevronells between in chief two 
mullets, and in base a rose ; impaling. Per fess, in chief, 
three towers (Argent, three towers azure, Haviland ; 
Argent, three towers gules, Oastell), in base, on a cross 
five pheons (Or, on a cross azure five pheons of the first, 

The accompanying Register Extracts give additional 

data for this family 

















































Ermington Parish Register. 
Richard Pearse and Agnes Sweete. 
Adrian Sweete and Judith dau. of John 

Mayne Sweet of Modbury, gent., and 

Mrs. Susan Trevillian. 
Sampson Hurrell of Lodyswell, gent., and 

Mrs. Judith Sweet of Modbury. 
Philip Champernoun and Ehzabeth Sweet. 
Richard Sweet and Susanna Bowden. 
Adryan Sweet, Esqr., and Honour Founes. 

Tamsin Sweet. 
John Mayne, gent, 
Joseph s. of Richard Sweet. 
Elizabeth dau. of Richard Sweet of Mod- 
Adrian Swete, Esq. 
Main Swete, Esq. 

Madam Philippa Swete of Modbury. 
Adrian Sweete, Esq. 
Madam Esther Swete. 



I I 

Esther Tripe,=f=Main Swete, 3id=pGraee 
mar. 25 April 

1728 at Esq., 1701 ; living 

Kiiip;steigu- Member of As- I 1721. 
ton; died Jan. 
1781, iet. 68, 
at Bath ; bur. 
28 Jan. 1781 
at Erming- 
ton, CO. De- 
von. M.I. Will 
(97 Webster). 

soil, of Antigua 
Esq., 1701 ; 
Member of As- 
sembly 1715; suc- 
ceeded to Trayue 
1733 ; died 5 
July 1735. Will 
dated 27 June 
1735 ; proved 10 
July 1736. (163 
Derby.) ^ 

John Swete, 1st 
son and heir ; 
from Exeter Col- 
lege, Oxford, 2^ 
March 1680,a8t. 
13 ; Student of 
Inner Temple 
1683 ; died 22 
Aug. 16'J0, set. 
25. M.I. at 

Adrian 8wete,=pHonour, dau. 

2nd son, of 
Trayne, Esq. ; 
died 27 and 
bur. 30 Sep. 
1733 at Ei- 
mington. Will 
dated 1 May 
1716 ; proved 
4 Dec. 1733. 
(319 Price.) 

of Mrs. Petro- 
nella Fovvnes; 
mar. 9 Nov. 
1695 at Er- 
mington ; liv- 

Philippa Swete of Modbury, 
died 15 and bur. 18 Feb. 

1747 at Erraington. 

Lovedav Swete, ' 

Judith Swete, mar. 1683 
Edward Archer, son of Rev. 
John Archer, Rector of Car- 
haves, CO. Cornwall. 

Adrian John Swete of Trayne, Esq., only child and heir, bapt. 17 Sep. 1731 at Modbury ; matriculated from BaUiol 
College, Oxford, 12 Oct. 1747, set. 16 ; created M.A. 19 Oct. 1751 ; died a bachelor, set. 24, and bur. 10 Jan. 1756 at 
Ermington. Will dated 10 Dec. 1755 ; proved 22 Jan. 1756. (21 Glazier.) 

Elizabeth Swete, mar. 6 April 1820 Rev. Richard Ellicomb, Caroline Swete, 5th dau., mar. Susan Swete, 6tli dan., mar. 
Prebendary of Exeter, father of Rev. H. Ellicomb of Clyst 31 Aug. 1820 F. M. Gordon of Adam Gordon, brother of 
St. George. * Abergeldie. F. M. Gordon. 

Modbury Parish Register. 


1618 Sep. 1 Marjorie dau. of Adrian and Judith Sweet. 

1620 Jan. 14 Adrian and Mary children of Adrian and 

Judith Sweet. 

1626 Mar. 27 Judith dau. of Adrian and Judith Sweet. 
1631 June 26 Adrian s. of Adrian and Judith Sweet. 
1650 April 10 Elizabeth dau. of M'' Maine Sweet and 

Honour his wife. 
1731 Sep. 17 Adrian John s. of M'' Maine and Mrs. 

Esther Swete. 
1731 Feb. 4 Mary dau. of M>- William and Mrs. Amy 

1744 Aug. 30 Elizabeth Jane dau. of Mr. William and 

Mrs. Amy Swete. 

1613 June 28 Edward Eliot and Peternell Sweete. 
1620 Mar. 15 Nicholas Pullibank and Abigail Sweete. 


1606 Aug. 8 Henry Sweet. 

1623 April 17 Alice Sweete. 

1627 Dec. 12 Adrian Sweet. 
1633 Aug. 21 Joane Sweet. 
1635 Sep. 22 Edward Sweet. 
1647 Aug. 23 M'' Adrian Sweet. 

1657 Jan. 26 Mrs. Judith Sweete, widow. 

1661 Dec. 24 Mrs. Susanna Sweet, wife of Mr. Maine 

Sweete, Esq. 

1670 April 29 Mr. Adrian Sweet. 

1682 Jan. 12 Mayne Swete, Esq., died 30 Dec. 

1689 Dec. 31 Mrs. Elizabeth Swete. 

1695 Aug. 6 John Sweet, Esq., clerk. 

1697 Jan. 8 Mrs. Loveday Swete. 


1728 April 25 Mr. Maine Swete and Mrs. Esther Prick- 
man. By Licence. 

Bishop's Registry, Exeter. 
Marriaije Licences. 
1725 Dec. 16 John Sweet of Great Torrington and 
Ulalia ]5l:ickmore of the same place, 

April 24 Maine Sweet of Modbury, Esq., and 
Esther Prickman of Torrington Regis, 

Bishop's Transcripts, Exeter. — Gittishaji. 
1730 May 4 Mr. John Sweet and Mrs. Mary Bayley, 
both of Ottery S' Mary. 

Probate Registry, Exeter. 
Index Principal Court. 
1608 Philip Sweet of Georgeham. 
1615 Lewis Sweet, Rector of Uplowman. 

Totnes Archdeaconry. 
1710-11 Mar. . . Sampson Sweet of Plymouth. 

These are only fragmentary notes, no regular search for 
the name having been made. (Article on Ei-mington, co. 
Devon, by Arthur J. Jewers, F.S.A., in 'Western Antiquary,' 
vol. xi.) 

Exeter Marriage Licences (by Vivian, part i.). 
1597 July 30 Richard Sweete of Exeter, Merchant, and 

Elizabeth Payne. 
1615 Aug. 22 Richard Sweete of Uplowman and Joanna 

Crosse of Tiverton. 
1626-7 Jan. 11 Mathew Sweete of Barustaple and Martha 

Puggesly, widow, of the same. 

Modbury, co. Devon. 

There is a tablet in the north aisle of the church to 
John son of John Swete of Train and Loveday his wife, 
who died 22 Aug. 1690, fet. 25. On a ledger in the same 
church : " Here lyeth the 'oody of the Rev" M"' John Swete, 
late of Train, who (after [? forty or fifty] years' service of 
Jesus Christ in the work of the ministry) departed this life 
the 2'"' day of August 1695." On a conduit in Modbury: — 
" DONO . adriani 

swete . EQUITIS . 

DB . TRAIN : AN : 

DOM : 1708 

E . MEDIA . VIA." 



Arms. — Azure, three escallops in pale or. 
C'rest. — A demi-hind salient erased or. 

JOHN SYMES of Barwick.^pJane .... 
Adm'on granted 1 Sep. 15G3 | living 156.3. 
to Jane the relict. 1 

Robert Hill of Yard, near Tanntim, eo.— Alice Clerk. 
Somerset. Will dated il April and I 1st wife, 
proved 1.5 June 1581. (iG Darcy.) 

William Symes of Chard, then of Poundsford in Pitrainster, co. Somerset, merchant ; held manors of=rElizabeth Hill, 
Barwick, Boure, and Stoford, co. Somerset, and Prankham, co. Dorset. Will dated 4 June and proved I living 1597. 
27 July 1597. (66 Cobham.) 

John Symes of Poundsford, D.L., J. P., born 4 March 1572 \- 
matriculated from Exeter College, Oxford, 23 Feb. 1587-8, aet. 
14; B.A. 9 July 1591 ; Student of Lincoln's Inn 1589 ; M.P. 
for Somerset 21 James I. ; High Sheriff; died 21 Oct. 1661, 
set. 88 ; bur. and M.I. at Frampton Cotterell, co. Gloucester. 
Will dated 5 Oct. 1658 ; proved 19 Dec. 1661. (206 May.) 

=Amy, dau. of Henry Symes of Poundsford, matriculated 
Thomas Hor- from Exeter College, C^ford, 23 Feb. 1587-8, 
ner of Mells, set. 13 ; B.A. 9 July 1591 ; Student of Lin- 
Esq. coin's Inn 1591. Will dated 19 March 

41 Eliz. ; proved 15 .June 1599. (54 


John Syraes- 
of Pounds- 

=Abigail, dan. 
of Arthur Ar- 
scott of Tet- 
cott CO. De- 

Harry Symes of Frampton Cotterell, co. Gloucester, Esq. ; B.A. from New=pAmy, dau.of Sir 

Inn Hall, Oxford, 25 Jan. 1630-31 ; M.A. 11 Dec. 1634 ; Student of 
Middle Temple 1G28 : died 1 Nov. 1682, jet. 73. M.I. at Frampton Cotte- 
rell (see the 'Visitation of Gloucester 1682-3'). Will dated 28 Jan. 
1678 ; proved 12 Feb. 1682. (26 Drax.) 

.John Seymour, 
Knt., of Bitton; 
she died 25 May 


I I 
William Symes, 
aet. 6 months, 
162.3, at the Visi- 
tation of Somer- 
set. ( ? Will 
dated 30 Nov. 
and proved 16 
Feb. 1687 at 

Grace Symes, 

Thorans Symes, junior,- 
of Biirwick, Esq. ; ma- 
triculated from Christ 
Church ('..11., (>'l 
April lG."i7 ; lliirristfr- 
at-Law of Lincohi's 
Inn 1666 ; bur. at Bar- 
wick 22 Nov. 1681, 
set. 46. M.I. Will 
dated 18 Nov. 1681 
and proved 14 Jan. 
1681-2. (10 Cottle.) 

=Merriel, youngest 
dan. of Sir John 
Horner of Mells, 
Knt.; mar. settle- serr 
ment dated 6 Oct. 
1666 ; Bar- 
wick. Will dated and 

of Mont- 


4 July 1710; 
proved 26 July 
1717. (145 Whit- 
field.) See 'Misc. 
Gen. et Her.,' 
vol. iv., p. 163. 


of Coun- 
cil 1678; 

1645 at 
ton, CO. 
cester ; 

Rev. Charles Symes, = 
matriculated from 
Magdalen Hall, 
Oxford, 2 March 
1665-6, set. 17; 
B.A. 1669: M.A. 
1672 ; Rector of 
Compton Martin, 
CO. Somerset, 1674; 
Canon of Wells 
1(>79: bur. atComp- 
tou Martin 1709. 

=Anne, dau. 


Creed of 
Salisbury ; 
dated 21 
.Fune 1686, 
then set. 
28; bur. 21 
Oct. 1726 
at Comp- 
ton Mar- 

John Symes, only son 
and heir, born 26 Aug. 
1667 ; of E.xeter Col- 
lege, Oxford ; matri- 
culated 20 March 
1683-4 ; Student of 
Lincoln's Inn 1686; 
died 6 July 1 687, set. 
20. M.I. in Exeter 
College Chapel. 

John Symes of=p 
Montserrat, only 
son and lieir, 
Captain in the 
Army ; killed at 
Port Mahon 9 
Oct. 1710. Will 
dated 2 April 
1709 ; proved 20 
Jan. 1712-13. 
(249 Leeds.) s 


I 1 
Katherine Symes, 
mar.Major Charles 
Loyd of Antigua ; 
her will dated 11 
Oct. 1721. 

Amy Symes, mar. 
Thomas Thomp- 
son of Montserrat. 

Captain Thomas=pCliristian 

Synies, bapt. 1 689 .... bur. 

at Compton Mar- 9 March 

tin ; Church war- 1732 at 

den 1710 — 18 ; Compton 

died 21 Nov. 1724, Martin, 

aet. 65. M.I. at M.I. 

Compton Martin, there 
Fought under 


Symes Parry-Symes, set. 5, 1712 ; in-=pEliza- 
herited the manors of Barwick and I beth 
Stoford, CO. Somerset : bur. 1 3 Aug. | . . . . 
1723 at St. John's. J^ 

Samuel Parry-=pRachel 

Symes of An- 

bapt. 27 Feb. 
1729 at St. 

Thomas Symes, Churchwarden 1742, 
1743, 1758, and 1769. 

Richard Symes, died an infant. 

Elizabeth Symes, mar. William Steele ; he living 1742 ; she 
joined her sister in the sale of the manor of Barwick to John 
Newman in 1750. 

Henrietta Symes, mar. Thomas 
Stevenson ; both living 1742. 

Frances Parry-Symes, 
bur. 18 Dec. 1734 at 
St. John's. 



John Symes of Weston, Somerset, deceased. Adm'on 
25 May 1563 to Nicholas Norden of Milverton, Somerset, 
during the minority of Joan Symes, sister of defunct. 

John Symes of Barwick, Somerset, deceased. Adm'on 
Sep. 1563 to Jane Symes the relict. 

William Symes of Poundsford (in Pitminster), co. Somer- 
set, merchant. Will dated 4 June and proved 27 July 1597 
by Elizabeth Symes the relict. (66 Cobham.) Poor of 
Chard & Pitminster. R' Hon. Sir Ed. Seymour, Knt. 
Lord Seymour of Pomeroy, Devon, by deed of 29 Nov. 31 
Eliz. hath granted me an annuity of 100 marks out of the 
demesne of Bury Pomeroy for 99 years, if Eliz. my wife & 
Hen. & James my sons shall so long live. To my s. John 
Symes £2000 according to the covenants betw. me & Sir 

John Popham, Knt., Chief Justice, & Tho. Horner, Esq. 
To my s. Hen. 1000 marks. My s. Rob' £500. My s. 
Wra. £500 at 21. My d. Eliz. 1000 marks. My dau. 
Marg' 1000 marks at 21 or marriage. My dau. Margery 
Pyne 100 marks. Jasper Pyne my s.-in-l. living in Charde. 
My Manors of Barwick, Bowre, & Stoford, co. Som., & 
Frankham, co. Dorset. Mill in West Coker & lands in 
Taunton. My manor-house in Charde to Efliz. my wife for 
her life, & she to be Ex'trix. John Pyne, Esq., Roger Hill, 
Gent., & my bro.-in-l. Hugh Hill, Gent., to be Supervisors. 

Henry Symes of Poundsford, co. Somerset, Gent. Will 
dated 19 March 41 Eliz.; proved 15 June 1599 by .John 
Symes the brother. (54 Kidd.) To be bur. at Pitminster. 
To my sisters Jane Howe, Alice Hodges, & Margery Pyne 
4 angels. My brother John Symes. Witnessed by Roger 


I I 
William Symes, a 
minor 1597. 

James Symes. 

I I 

Jane Symes, mar. Roger 
Howe of London. 

Alice Symes, mar. William 

Elizabeth Symes, mar. 
William Mallett. 

Mary Symes, mar. Ro- 
bert Hendy. 

I I 
Margaret Symes, a minor 1597. 

Margery Symes, mar. Jasper 
Pyne of Charde, co. Somerset. 

Thomas Symes, senior,= 
of Winterbourne, co. 
Gloucester, later of 
Poundsford, Esq., 


:Amy, dau. of Edward Bridges Jane Symes, mar. Elizabath Symes, mar. 

of Keynsham ; his will dated Sir John Sey- Nicholas Martyn of co. 

7 Nov. 1638 ; proved 22 mour, Knt. Devon. 
Aug. 1639 (143 Harvey) ; — — 

mar. 1640. Susan Symes. Katheriue Symes. 

I I 
Amy Symes. 




Lieut. George= 
Symes of An- 
tigua, mer- 
chant ; Mem- 
ber of Council 
1678 ; granted 
260 acres in 
1681 ; Speaker 

=Dorothy, dau. of 
Thomas Ever- 
ard ; mar. 2ndly, 
before 1717, Ar- 
thur Freeman of 
Antigua, Esq. ; 
her will dated 
5 July 1721 ; 
proved 26 March 

Captain Henry 
of Antigua, bapt. 16 
Nov. 1653 at Doyn- 
ton ; granted 100 
acres 16S2 ; Registrar 
of Antigua ; bur. 9 
July 1714 at St. 
Jolin's. Will dated 
19 June and sworn 13 
July 1714. 

widow of 
. . . . sister 
of Eliza- 
beth, wife 
of Gover- 
nor John 

I .1 
William Symes, living 

Richard Symes of 
Blackheath ; mar. 
thrice ; died 27 May 
1728, set. 72. M.I. at 
Lewisham. Will dated 
17 July 1723 : proved 
20 Aug. 1728. (250 






Symes. Will 
dated 22 Nov. 
1675, then of 
Doynton, spin- 
ster ; proved 
12 July 1676 
at Gloucester. 

Rev. William Compton Symes, ^Jane 
matriculated from Balliol Col- 
lege, 0.\ford. 10 Dec. 1710, Bst. 
19 ; B.A. 1714; M.A. 1717; 
Master of St. Saviour's School, 
Southwark ; Rector of Compton 
Martyn 1717. 

I I 
Henry Symes, liv- 
ing 17211. 

Elizabeth Symes 
(? mar Athy). 

Captain Henry Synies,=pSarah Lynch, 

junior, Deputy-Registrar sister of Fra. 

to his father 1707 ; of Lynch ; mar. 

Willoughby Bay 1721 ; 9 Feb. 171 

nephewof Mrs. iPenelope at St. Phi 

Mead 1733 : bur. 2 Aug. lip's. 
1742 at St. Philip's. 

I I I 
Richard Symes. 

James Svmes. 

Elizabeth Symes. 

Jane Symes, 
bapt. 22 
July 1731 at 

Henrv Symes, bur.= 
Dec. "1792, «t. 75, 
at St. Philip's. Will 
dated 29 May 1787; 
sworn 3 May 1794. 

^Elizabeth, dau. of 
William Hunt ; 
mar. 28 May 1748 
at St. Philip's ; her 
father's will was 
dated 1757. 

John=pCatherine, dau. of William Symes.=pElizabeth,dau.of 

Symes. i Colonel Samuel Will dated 8 Theodore Wal- 

Harman ; mar. 20 June 17 — ; re- rond, Esq.; mar. 

Dec. 1753 at St. corded at St. 29 Dec. 1753 at 

I Philip's. John's. St. Philip's. 

Henry Symes=f Mary Marshall, mar. 17 March 
I 1770 at St. John's. 

Nicholas Symes. John Symes. 

Francis Symes, bur. 20 Dec. 1765 
at. St. Philip's. 

Henry Lynch Symes^Sarah Powell Nanton, mar. at St. Paul's 1 May 1800. 

Sarah Nanton Svmes, bur. 11 July Catherine Symes, bur. 16 March Kitty Garland Symes, born 28 Feb. 1805 ; bapt. 

1809 at St. Philip's. 1818 at St. Philip's. 27 July 1806 at St. Philip's. 

Rowland Nanton Syme.s, bur. 19 Mary Symes, bur. 1 April 1718 Catherine Marshall Symes, born 1 6 March 1818 ; 

Jlaruh 1810 at St. Philip's. at St. Philip's. bapt. 14 March 1819 at St. Peter's. 



John Symes of Poundsford, co. Somerset. Will dated 

5 Oct. 1G58; proved 19 Dec. 1601. (206 May.) To be 
bur. at Frampton Cotterell, co. Glouc. To my nepli. .Arthur 
Symes £100 at the end of his apprenticeship. I am 
possessed of many years to come & undetermined of the 
Mansion of Poundsford, my Ex'ors shall convey it to W"' 
Symes, 1»' s. of Ju° Symes, dec*", he not to vex or prosecute 
any suit against Hen. & Tho. Symes. To my 2 nieces Eliz. 

6 Grace Symes £800 to be p"! out of Poundsford. John & 
Ed. Symes, sons of ray s. Tho. Symes. All residue to ray 
sons Hen. & Tho. Symes, Ex'ors. 

Sir John Seymour of Bitton, Gloucester, Knt. Will 
dated 14 June 1663; proved 17 Feb. 1663-4 by Thomas 
Seymour the son. (21 Bruce.) My dau. Ann (sic) Symes 
all household goods at Frampton Cotterell; her 5 children. 
Hen. Symes, Esq., Trustee, etc. 

Elizabeth Symes of Doynton, co. Gloucester, spinster. 
Will dated 22 Nov. 1675 ; proved 12 July 1676. (Gloucester 
Will.) To be bur. at the disposing of my aunts Mrs. Eliz. 
Langton & Mrs. Kath. Bridges. To my brothers Hen., 
Geo., & Rich* Symes £.5 each. Rings to my brothers Edw. 
& John, my sistere Amy, Kath., & Mary Symes, my cousin 
Eliz. Guise, my cousin Still, my aunts Langton & Bridges, 
& my brother W" Symes. Poor of Doynton. To my uncle 
Geo. Bridges 20s. & a ring. To M'' Rob* Wilkes for a 
sermon 20s. To Mary Seymer 7s. To my brother Tho. 
Symes a ring. To my uncle M'' Guise a ring. To my bro. 
Chas. a silver cup. £5 to my brothers Ed. * Jn" Syraes. 
Residue to my sisters Amy & Kath., Ex'trices. 

Henry Symes of Frampton Cotterell, Gloucester, Esq. 
Will dated 28 Jan. 1678 ; proved 12 Feb. 1682 by Amie 
Symes the relict. (26 Drax.) To my wife Amie messuages, 
etc., of the late dissolved free chapel called Stirthall aFs S' 
Luke's, Dorset, & after her death to my s. Jcihii Jacob & 
my friends Tho. Edwards, Gent., & Nath. Kru'inl t\w V-' in 
Trust to permit my dan. Jane wile of Ed. iiissc, (iriit., to 
take the profits then'of. Ed. Gorges of Wraxall owes rae 
£3000 on mortgage nf hinds in Wraxall. John Jacob & 
Susan his wife shall have £1500 thereof, & the other portion 
to ray wife Amie & my trustees as Jane Bysse shall appoint. 
My est. in the Manor of Matlierne, co. Monm., granted to 
my dau. Jane, now wife of Ed. Bysse, by Geo. Milborne, 
Gent. To my gr'dchild Amy Berkley & heirs my inherit- 
ance in tenements in Frampton. My niece Eliz. Coleman 
£5. Adm'on (de bonis non) granted to Ann Berkeley 
(nepti) 11 Oct. 1686, Amye Symes the relict being deceased. 
Further adm'on 12 March 1690 to Susanna Jacob, dau. of 
testator and wife of John Jacob. Another grant 23 Dec. 
1708 to Ann Hale, niece from the dau. of Henry Symes, 
and wife of Gabriel Hale. 

Thomas Symes of Barwick, Somerset, Esq. Will dated 
18 Nov. 1681 ; proved 14 Jan. 1681-2 by Meryell the relict. 
(10 Cottle.) Bonds, bills, etc., & residue granted to Sir Jas. 
Hayes & M'' Tho. Fountayne. My wife Meriel Ex'trix. 

George Berkeley of Stoke Giffoi-d, Gloucester. Will 
dated 24 June 1684; proved 7 May 1685. (54 Cann.) 
My grandmother Ann Symes. My grandfather Harry Symes, 
Esq. My father-in-1. Maurice, Lord Vise. Fitzhardinge. 

William Symes of Poundisford in Pitraister, Somerset, 
Esq. Will dated 30 Nov. 1687; proved 16 Feb. 1687-8. 
(Archdeaconry of Taun ton.) All ray goods to my wife, Ex'trix. 
If not money enough to pay my debts to sell my est. & to 
return the overplus to my brother Hen. Symes of Bristol, 

Gent., my brother-in-1. John Bluett of Holcorabe Rogus. 
Devon, Esq., & my brother Fra. Bluett to be my friends in 
Trust. Estate of Hancreech & West Monckton. Geo., 
John, & Ellinor children of my brother Hen. Symes £100 
each. To ray cousin Rachel Davison, dau. of Jos. Davison 
of Freshford, Gent., £500 out of Poundsford at 21. Poor 
of Pitraister £10. To my brother John Bluett ray young 
strawberry mare. To my brother M'' Fra. Bluett ray silvei' 
hilt sword & all ray arms. Heraldic Seal. Inventory, 
£116 6s. 8d. 

Rachel Symes of Poundsford in Pitraister, Somerset, 
widow, relict and Ex'trix of William Symes, Esq. Will 
dated li) May 1689 ; proved 21 Feb. 1692 by John Bluett. 
(Archdeaconry of Taunton.) My sister Johanna wife of Jok. 
Davison of Freshford, Som., Gent., & their children John, 
Eliz., Anna, Frances, & Rachel. My brother John Bluet of 
Holcomb Rogus, Eliz. wife of John Bluet. Residue to my 
sister Johanna Davison. My brothers John & Francis 
Bluet Ex'ors. Heraldic Seal. 

Henry Symes, late of Bristol, now of London, Gent. 
Will dated 15 May and proved 8 June 1693. (100 Coker.) 
To be bur. at Ryson (Ruishton), Som. Est. given rae by 
my late brother W"' Symes' Will. My wife Eleanor. My 
yst. 8. Geo. Symes £200. My dau. Elianor. My s. John 
shall have my est. Ed. & Rob' Westcombe, sons of my late 
sister Abigail. 

Edward Bisse of Frampton Cotterell, Gloucester, Gent. 
Nuncupative will dated 18 April and proved 10 Sep. 1696 
by Jane Bisse the relict. (179 Bond.) Residue to ray wife 
Jane Bisse. Witnessed by Amy Hale, Abigail Symes. 

Elizal)etl) Langton of Doynton, co. Gloucester, widow. 
Will dated 12 Feb. 169G ; proved 24 April 1703. (71 
Degg.) To be buried in the chancel of Keynshara if my 
nephew permit, otherwise at Winierborne near my sister 
Symes. Brothei' Sir Tho. Bridges 50 gs. Cozen Edw"" 
Symes £10o, cozen Harry Symes £100, cozen Geo. Syraes 
his children £5 each, cozen Chas. Symes his children £."> 
each, cozen Edward Symes his children £5 each. Nephew 
John Symes his widow £5, & to his son John £2(i, & each 
of his 2 dnus. £5. To W"', Tho., & Richard sons of my 
nephew W™ Symes £10 each, & their sister Amy Symes 
£10. Mary wife o my nephew Rich"" Syraes £5. Ann 
wife of my nephew Chas. Symes £5. 

John Symes of Poundsford, Soiiier.set, deceased. Adm'on 
20 May 1698 to his sister Elianor wife of Fra. Duncombe. 

Thomas Symes of Stoke near (iuildford, Surrey, Gent., 
deceased. Adm'on 14 Sep. 1698 to Elizabeth Syraes his 

John Symes of Mountserrat in parts beyond the seas, 
Esq. (in the Regiment of Lieut.-General Witham at Port 
Mahon). Will dated 2 April 1709 ; proved 20 Jan. 1712-13 
by Samuel Parry. (249 Leeds.) My plantations, negros, 
etc., in Mountserrat, & my estate in the manors of Berwick 
& Stoford, CO. Som., iield by Morriel Symes, widow of Tho. 
Syraes of Berwick, dec"*, & other messuages to my nephew 
& godson Symes Parry, son of Samuel Parry of Antigua, 
gent., by Elizabeth my sister ; remainder to the 2'' son of 
the said Sara. Parry in tail male. The heir to assume my 
name. £500 to the children of ray sister Amy Thompson, 
dec'', late wife of Tho. Thompson, late of Mountserrat. 
£100 each to the children of my sister Kath. Loyd, wife of 
Chas. Loyd of Antigua, gent. To each of the other children 
of my sister Eliz. Parry £50. £100 to my kinsman John 
Roynon, who shall continue manager of my plantations till 



my nephew Symes Parry is 17. To my uncle Chas. Symes 
of Compton Martin, Som., clerk, £100 for mourning for 
him & his family, & his son W"" Symes to be presented to 
the vicarage of Berwick when vacant. To my uncle Henry 
of Antigua £50. To Eliz. Symes, dau. of Rich'' 
B, late of Bristol, mariner, £50 at 17. My uncle Chas. 
Symes & my brother-in-law Sam. Parry to be trustees of 
my will during the minoi-ity of Symes Parry my Ex'or, to 
whom all residue. 

Further adm'on 31 Jan. 1718. 

Another grant 27 May 1727 to Samuel Symes, brother 
of Symes Parry Symes, deceased, the Ex'or and residuary 
legatee of John Symes, deceased. 

Another grant 12 May 1742 to Henrietta Stevenson, 
wife of Thomas Stevenson, and Elizabeth Steele, wife of 
William Steele, daughters and surviving heirs of Samuel 
Parry Symes, deceased, brother of Symes Parry Symes the 
sole Ex'or and residuary legatee of the will of John Symes, 
the said Samuel Parry Symes surviving the testator but 
dying without having taken upon him the execution of the 
said will, and Ehzabeth Parry, widow, mother of the said 
Symes Parry Symes, deceased, not appearing. 

Meriell Symes of Barwicke, Somerset, widow. Will 
dated 4 July 1710; proved 26 July 1717 by William 
Giiidotc. (145 Whitfield.) To be bur. privately with my 
dec*" husb'' in Barwick Church or near my son in Exeter 
Coll., Oxf., & £100 for my funeral. To my Ex'or £50. 
To my kinsman Tho. Horner, Esq., £500, he to give bond 
not to alienate from his family the real estate left him by 
his father my neph. Horner. To John Horner, brother of 
Tho. Horner, my wrought bed in my house at Barwicke. 
To Ann Chaplin, dau. of Rob. Chaplin by my niece Ann 
Harrington, dec'', £600 & my pearl necklace. My share in 
Norwood Park, Som., to the Rector & Fellows of E.xeter 
Coll. for a Scholarship, they to appoint a son of M' Jas. 
Lacey of Sherborne to a scholarship. To Mrs. Edith 
Phillips, yst. dau. of Sir Ed. Phillips, my set of gilt knives, 
forks, & spoons. To Mrs. Ann Jeunens £10 for a Tankard. 
To Anth" Guidott of Line. Inn, Gent., my gold watch. To 
my kinswoman Ann Gibbs £100 & my wearing apparel. 
To Mrs. Fra. Wyndham my sable tippet. To Mrs. Jane 
Phelips, wife of W™ Phelips of Prest(m n'' Yeovil, 5 guineas. 
To Lady Nevill, wife of the late Judge Nevill, 5 guineas. 
To my niece Mrs. Eliz. Deer in London £10. To my god- 
dau. Mrs. Mary Meredith, dau. of John Meredith, my 
divinity books & £10. To the Charity School at Yeovil 
£20. To Wyndham Harbin & W" Phelips, Esq"''^', £20 for 
binding apprentices at Barwick. I am entitled to £100 on 
my conveying to my cousin W™ Mallett, Esq., 1=' s. of 
Baldwin Mallett, Esq., of S' Audries, Som., the Rectory & 
tenements of Yarcombe. Residue to W"" Guidott of Line. 
Inn, my Ex'or. 

Codicil. 19 July 1714. To my cousin John Horner 
my linen, brass, pewter, chariott, horses, corn, etc., at 
Barwick so as he inhabit my house. 

Codicil. 8 July 1716. The above bequest to John 
Horner ratified whether he lives in my house or not. To 
my brother Rich'' Symes 20 guineas. To Mrs. Edith 
Philipps £10. 

My wife & 2 trustees to be Ex'ors. Witnessed by Edward 
Trant, Richard Rice, Elizabeth Parry. By John Yeamans, 
Esq., were sworn Edward Trant and Richard Rice 13 July 
1714. Recorded 11 Jan. 1725. 

Henry Symes of Antigua, Esq. Will dated 19 June 
1714. To my wife Henrietta all my plate & household 
goods, she to be sole manager of my estate. All cattle 
reputed theirs to be given to my sou Rich'' & my dau. Eliz"'. 
To my said dau. my green velvet side saddle & £100 c. 
My said children Jas., Rich'', & Eliz"' to have maintenance. 
My Ex'ors Cap* Thos. Oesterman & M'' Thos. Trant to sell 
my estate after my wife's death, & the residue equally to my 
children & to my wife's children equally with my own. 
VOL. in. 

Richard Symes of Lewisham, co. Kent, Esq. Will 
dated 17 July 1723; proved 20 Aug. 1728 by Richard 
Symes. (250 Brook.) To be bur. at Lewisham. A monu- 
ment of £50. My late wife Charlotte Bridgman. Est. 
settled on Rich'' Symes, s. of my neph. Tho. Symes, 
remainder to the P' s. of s'' Thos., remainder to his brother 
W"" Symes, cl'k, & to his sons. My neph. Tho. Harris 
£1000. His sister my niece Cath. Harris. My neph. 
Capt. Tho. Symes £300, & to his brother W°= Symes £100. 
My neph. John Meredith £100. My neph. Rich'' Symes 

Richard Symes of Bristol, merchant. Will dated 10 Dec. 
1723 ; proved 15 March 1726 by Henry Comb, Esq., 
Thomas Shute, and John Roberts. (75 Farrant.) Confirm 
the agreement made on my marriage with Eliz. my now 
wife by which I purchased of Griffith Curthoys of Olveston, 
Gent., lands in Oldbury upon Severne in the manor of 
Thornbury, co. Glouc, for our lives. To Tho. Shute of 
Stoakehine, co. Som., Gent., & John Roberts of Bristol, 
mariner, all my estate in trust to sell, & of the proceeds | to 
my brother Hen. Symes, i to my niece Edith Rogers, & 
i to her son Rich'' Rogers at 21. | of my plate & house- 
hold goods to my wife Eliz., to lose it if she marry or leave 
the Church of England. Hen. Coombe of Bristol to be 
Ex'or & Trustee. Witnessed by John White, John Greene, 
William Dickinson. 

Symes Parry Symes, late of Antigoa, bachelor, deceased. 
Adm'on 12 Nov. 1728 to Slingsby Bethell the Attorney of 
Samuel Symes the brother. Elizabeth Parry the mother 
having been first cited. 

William Hunt of Antigua, planter. Will dated 20 Aug. 
1757. To my wife Sarah my best horse & a negro boy. 
To my dau. Eliz. Simes, wife of Henry Symes, £500 c. To 
my son John & to my daus. Sarah & Marg' £500 each 
at 21. To my s. W™ all residue. Rob' Christian, Esq., & 
my son-in-law Henry Symes Ex'ors & Guardians. Wit- 
nessed by John Harman, Esq., James Tweedy, Archibald 
Ramsay. Sworn 1 Feb. 1758. Recorded 6 Aug. 1764. 

William Simms. Will dated 8 June 17 . . My wife 
Eliz"' & tlie child she now goes with. My wife, my brother 
. . . . & Main Swete Walrond & Sam' Harman, jun"', Ex'ors. 
(From a much mutilated will.) 

Elizabeth Simms, widow, of St. John's Parish. Will 
dated 23 June 1786. To my cousin Anna wife of W» 
Anderton £5 c. To Ann Boudinott £40 c. To D' Rich'' 
Martin £30 c. To my cousin Sarah Scandrett all furniture, 
except a bed & easy chair to my niece Cath. Hardcastle. 
My negros to be sold & the money given to John Hard- 
castle for Eliz"" Hardcastle & my godchild Cath. Hardcastle. 
To Sarah Scandrett 9 slaves, & after her death to Hester 
Scandrett her dau. All residue in trust to Elias Ferris, 
John Hardcastle, W"" Anderton, Esq., for my cousin Sarah 
Scandrett till her d. Hester be 21, then ^ to each. Trustees 
Ex'ors. Witnessed by Lucy Carlile, Thomas T. Wise, 
Christian Showercraft. Before Governor Shirley was sworn 
Thomas T. Wise 14 July 1786. Recorded 18 July 1786 at 
St. John's. 

Henry Symes, sen. Will dated 29 May 1787. My 
house in the town of Willoughby Bay to my son John. 
My negros & whatever else I possess equally between my 
wife Eliz"' & my sons Nich' & John Symes & my grandson 




Henry Lynch Symes. To my son Henry 20s., he having 
ah-eady had large sums of money. Witnessed by Samuel 
Athill, James Watson, jun., Richard Hunt. Before Edward 
Byam, Esq., was sworn Richard Hunt, Gent., 3 May 1794. 
Recorded i) May 1794. 

Simms. Will dated 4 Aug. 17!^9. All my estate, 
including that belonging to my late wife, to the Rev. Jas. 
Conll, Chas. Kerr, & Robert Farquhar, Esq., in trust to pay 
the profits to my nephew Stewart Simms, & in default of 
issue to my nephew John Simms his brother. To my Ex'ors 
5 guineas each for a ring. To my sister-in-law Eliz. Urlin 
£150. My sister Eliz. Simms, wife of W™ Johnston, £150. 
All residue to my brother John Simms. Witnessed by 
Frederick AVilliam Fisher, Thomas Roberts, Joseph Seyton. 
Recorded at St. John's. 

Many of the preceding wills have been taken from 
Brown's ' Somersetshire Wills.' 

Chancery Proceedings before 1714, Collins 466. 
Parry alias Syms v. Foy. 

Emendat p. Ordin. Cur. Gerend. dat. 18 Feb. 1712. 

23 June 1712. Humbly complaining Symes Parry aVs 
Parry Symes of Antegoa, an Infant of about 5 years of age, 
by Samuel Parry of Antegoa his Father, Nathaniel Car- 
pender the elder, and Nathaniel Carpender the younger, 
both of London, Merchants, his Prochein Amys, that Tho- 
mas Symes, late of AVinterbourne, co. Gloucester, Esq., your 
Orator's great-grandfather, deceased, being seised in his 
demesne as of fee of and in the Manor (obliterated) Defford (?) 
and Hundred of Berwick, co. Somerset, and also of the right 
of presentation to the Rectory, together with other lands, 
etc., in Berwick, and also of several other Messuages in the 
Parishes of Yarcombe and Membery, co. Gloucester, by 
Indenture dated the 6"' Oct. 166C between the said Thomas 
Symes of Winterbourne, Esq., of the one part, and Thomas 
Symes the younger, his Sonne and Heire apparent, and 
Meriell Horner, Spinster, of the other part, in consideration 
of the marriage then shortly to be had, did convey the said 
Manors to the use of Thomas Symes the elder for life, and 
after his death to Thomas Symes the younger and Meriell, 
and to their heirs, in Trust for 1000 years to pay £1000 to 
the younger Brothers of Thomas Symes the younger, and 
by Indenture tripartite dated 23"''' Aug. 1667 between 
Thomas Symes the younger, of the 1»' part, Sir Thomas 
Bridges of Ravisham, co. Somerset, K*, of the 2'"' part, and 
Thomas Symes the elder, of the 3'''', reciting as before 
recited, and by Indentures dated the 19* and 20* June 
1669 between Thomas Symes the younger and Meriell his 
wife, of the 1=' part, John Symes their Son and Heir 
apparent, of the 2'"' part, and James Hayes, Esq., afterwards 
Sir James Hayes, K', Thomas Fountaine, Esq., and Walter 
Foy, Gentleman, of the 3'''^ part, Thomas Symes and Meriell 
his Wife in consideration of their natural love and affection 
for John Symes their Son, and for settling the said Manors, 
etc., to come and remain in the blood and family of Thomas 
Symes the Son, and for divers other considerations, did 
grant and convey the said Manors, etc., to the said Trustees 
to the use of John Symes and his Heirs male lawful, and 
for default to the Heirs of Thomas Symes for ever (will of 
Thomas Symes recited), and Thomas Symes had issue at his 
death 14"' Jan^ 1681 the said John Symes, an Infant, to 
whom all the said Manors, etc., descended, but Meriell entered 
on all and received the Rents in her own right and that of 
the Infant, who happened to die in 1687 before he attained 
to 21, upon whose death all descended to John Symes, your 
Orator's Uncle, as only Son of John Symes of Montserrat, 
2'"i Son of Tliomas Symes the elder, as Heir-at-Law to 
Thomas Symes the younger, and John Symes the Infant 

who died without Heirs, and therefore John Symes, your 
Orator's Uncle, ought to have received the Rents from the 
death of the Infant, save what was settled on Meriell for 
jointure, but the said John Symes living beyond the Seas 
and being a stranger to the said Settlement and Convey- 
ances and the other Transactions aforesaid, which were kept 
secret from him, nor was he informed thereof till many 
years after the Infant's death, being himself an Infant at 
the time, but soon after he had information he came into 
England and acquainted Meriell that he was Heir-at-Law 
to the said Thomas Symes the elder, Thomas Symes her 
late Husband, and Johu Symes her Son, then all deceased, 
who did acknowledge him to be the Heir-at-Law, but pre- 
tended she had a right to the said Manors for life, but 
would not discover her title ; and your Orator further 
sheweth that John Symes his Uncle being a Captain in the 
Army was soon after such discourse obliged to go with his 
Regiment to Port Mahon, where he died without leaving 
any issue living, having before he went from Great Britain 
made his Will (Will recited), soon after making which Will, 
viz., on the 9* Oct. 1710, he died, and your Orator hoped 
that the said Will being made when John Symes was of 
sound mind he should be let in at once to the Manors, but 
so it is Meriell Symes having got possession of the Deeds, 
etc., pretendeth sometimes that she is entitled to the whole 
estate for life and no longer, and sometimes that she hath a 
conveyance of some part in fee, but refuseth to discover, 
and insisteth she is at hberty to dispose of the same, humbly 

Answer of Edward Symes, 3'''' Son of Thomas Symes the 

Answer of Meriell Symes, Widow, one of the Daughters 
of Sir John Horner of Mells, K'. Indenture as in the Bill 
of Complaint between Thomas Symes and herselt^ of the 
1^' part. Sir James Hayes of Beckington, co. Somerset, of 
the 2"'' part, and Thomas Fountaine of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., 
and Walter Foy of Yeovill, of the 3'''^ part, and she is seised 
for life in the said Manors, and saith further she was in her 
own right till very lately seised of an Estate and inheritance 
in a part of Norwood Park, co. Somerset, which she no 
ways settled on her Husband in marriage or otherwise, and 
which she hath lately conveyed to the Rector and Scholars 
of Exeter College, Oxon, for a Charity, and hath no other 
Lands from her late Husband, deceased. Sir Thomas 
Bridges is dead, and his Ex'ors Harry Bridges and George 
Radney Bridges have assigned the Trust to Anthony Guidott, 
and Sir James Hayes and Thomas Fountaine are dead, and 
she believeth Walter Foy is living, and she doth deny all 
combination with Edward Symes, or that the Settlement, 
etc., were kept secret from John Symes, and believeth John 
Symes may be the Heir-ac-Law. 

Answer of Anthony Guidott. 

Answer of Walter Foy. He was Steward to Thomas 
Symes the elder and Thomas Symes the younger. 

Close Roll, 3 Geo. III., Part 2. 
Indenture made the 28th Feb. 1763 between Amy 
Thomson, Henrietta Thomson, and Ann Thomson, all of 
Middlesex, spinsters (only surviving daughters and heirs-at- 
law of James Thomson, late of Montserrat, Gentleman, 
deceased, eldest son and heir of Thomas Thomson, late of 
Montserrat, deceased, and also only sisters and heirs-at-law 
of Lieut. John Thomson, lately deceased), of the one part, 
and Earle Daniel of Montserrat, Esq., of the other part, 
witnesseth that in consideration of £600 sterling Amy, 
Henrietta, and Ann Thomson grant to Earle Daniel (in his 
actual possession by virtue of a bargain for one whole year 
made the day before these presents) all that plantation in 
the parish of St. Antiiony, Montserrat, late the land of 



Thomas Thomson their said grandfather, deceased, contain- 
ing 16 acres, bounded N. with the lands late of Captain 
Thomas Nugent, E. with the plantation of Colonel Koger 
Bentley, S. with the lands of Major Nicholas Meade, and 
W. with the lands of Timothy Popplewell, together with 
the dwelling house, by virtue of the entail created by their 
grandfather's will for the proper use and behoof of Earle 
Daniel and his heirs. Lastly they appoint Thomas Dorset 
and Thomas Dubery, Esquires, both of Montserrac, their 

1588. Armada list of subscribers. "Maye 
Symes of Chard, tercio Maii, £50." 

Rectory of Barwick, co. Somerset — Patrons : John 
Syms, arm., 1643 ; Merilla Sims, vid., 1703 and 1708. 

Rectory of West Coker, co. Somerset — Patrons: Job. 
Syms de Chard, arm., 1619 ; Hen. Syms, arm., 1663. 

St. John's, Yeovil — Patrons : Rob. Spendley and Tho. 
Symmes 1547 ; Job. Symmes, S.T.B., iiLstituted Rector 24 
May 1547, deprived 1560. 

Rectory of Compton Martin. " Car. Symes, A.M." 
Incumbent 15 June 1674 till his death in 1710. "Will. 
Symes, gen., hi. C.S., a.c. per Tho. Bridges, mil.," patron 
1710. "Will. Symes, A.B.," instituted Rector on 18 Jan. 
1716. ('Somerset Incumbents,' by Rev. F. W. Weaver.) 

1649. John Syms of Poundford. Sequestration of an 
annuity of £80 taken off, he having assigned it for his sons 
Henry and Thomas, and the farm. He is accused of having 
omitted £3000 from his composition at Goldsmiths' Hall. 
(Calendar of Committee for Compounding Royalist Estates, 
p. 993.) 

1670, Nov. 7. Thomas Simes of Antigua, planter, sells 
7^ acres to John Knight and John Shoi-t, planters of 

1671, 11 Jan. Thomas Syms, 20 acres by Governor 
Warner; surveyed 16 Jan. 1671-2. 

1678. Montserrat. Captain John Symms of the 
Council, also 1684. 

1679, April 2. John Vernon of Old North Sound, 
Gent., of the one part, and George Symms, merchant, and 
Dorothy his wife, dau. of Thomas Everett, Gent., deceased, 
of the other part, in consideration of a marriage lately had 
between George Symms and Dorothy his wife, John Vernon 
gives to them and their heirs a plantation called Wakering 
Hall in Old North Sound. 

1679, April 19. William Stephens, planter, sells to 
Thomas Symes, planter, 10 acres in Popeshead. 

1681, May 23. Lieutenant George Symes, 260 acres 
by Sir W. Stapleton. 

1682, May 8. Mr. Henry Symes, 100 acres by Sir W. 

1684, Feb. 6. Henry Symes, Gent., 65 acres by Sir W. 

1684, Feb. 20. Henry Symes, parcell of land in St. 
John's Town by Sir W. Stapleton. 

1688. George Syms then Speaker of Antigua. 

No. 96. Private. An Act enabling Henry Simes of the 
aforesaid Island, Gentleman, to convey and sell a certain 
Plantation, or Parcel of Land in this Island, late belonging 
unto Nicholas Rainsford, late of the same Island, Esquire, 
deceased, for the payment of his Debts and Legacies. 
Dated 1 Sep. 1697. 

Deed dated 17 July 1707. Henry Symes. I appoint 
my son Henry Symes my Deputy-Registrar. 

1710, Nov. 17. Henry Symes, jun., 10 acres granted ; 
surveyed 12 Jan. 1710-11. 

1711. "Collon' Samuell Parry of this Island applyed 
himself to the Lieu* Generall for Letters of Administration 
on the Estate of Capt" John Syms of Mountserrat, Brother 
in Law to the said Parry, who was kill'd in Spaine, w""" 

Letters was denyed him, the said Parry aileg'd to the Lieu' 
Generall Letters would be granted in Mountserrat to another 
Brother in Law there." 

1712. Losses at Montserrat from the French Invasion: 
John Roynon for "Symes" Plantation in the Leeward 
Division, £244. 

1714. At the request of Captain Henry Symes and 
with the consent of Mrs. Henrietta Symes, widow and relict 
of Captain Henry Symes, deceased, 20 acres surveyed for 
Captain Henry Symes 23 Sep. 

Act. No. 159. Confirmed 19 May 1720 by Order of 
the King in Council. Private. An Act to enable Arthur 
Freeman and Dorothy his Wife to sell and convey a certain 
Plantation within the said Island, to raise Portions and 
make Provisions for Henry Symes and Elizabeth Athy, 
Children of the said Dorothy by her former Husband 
George Symes, deceased. Dated 1 March 1717. (Laws of 
the Leeward Islands.) 

1720, April 13. Captain Henry Symes, one proportion 
of land at Willoughby Bay granted ; surveyed 30 April. 

1759, March 3. John Symes to be of the Council of 
Montserrat. He was the Rector of St. Anthony's, and his 
death was announced on 6 May 1777. 

Parish Register of St. John. 




Rachel Parry the wife of M' Samuel 




Isabella the D. of [.John Sims & his 
wife] {sic). 





William Newgent and Elizabeth Symes. 




Alexander Simms & Elizabeth Dunbar 
Parke ; by L. 




Henry Symes, Jun'', to Mary Marshall. 





Thomas Simes. 




Cap'° Henry Symes. 




Andrew Symes. 




Richard Symes. 




Eliz'i' Simms Wife of Alex'' Simms. 




John Simms. 




Alexander Symes. 




Elizabeth Symes. 

Parish Register of St. Philip. 
1776 Mar. 24 William Higgins Symes. 
1806 July 27 Kitty Garland infant d. of M"^ Henry 
Lynch Symes & Sarah Powell Symes ; 
b. 21 Feb. 1805. 

Henry Symes & Sarah Lynch. 
Robert Symes to Elizabeth Payne. 
Henry Symes to Elizabeth Hunt. 
John Williams to Elizabeth Symes. 
John Symes & Catharine Harman. 
William Symes & Eliz'" Walrond. 


James I 

Frances Parry D. of Samuel Parry li 

M"" Henry Symes. 

Francis S. of M"^ Henry Symes. 

William Symes. 

William Higgins Symes. 

Q 2 


16 Fel 

D. 9 







































1790 Dec. . . Henry Symes. 

1792 Dec. . . Henry Symes, aged 75. 

1809 July II Sarah Nanton Symes the Infant D. of M"' 

Henry Lynch Symes and Sarah his "Wife 
in Willoughby Bay Church Yard. 

1810 Mar. 19 Eowland Nanton Symes S. of M^ Henry 

Lynch Symes and Sarah Powell Symes 
his Wife at Willoughby Bay. 

1811 June 14 M" Mary Symes at Willoughby Bay in 

the Church Yard. 
1811 Nov. 19 M" Elizabeth Symes at Willoughby Bay 

in the Church Yard. 
1818 Mar. 16 Catherine Symes inf d. of M"' Henry 

Lynch Symes & Sarah his wife (not 


1818 April 1 Mary Symes inf d. of M"' Henry Lynch 

Symes & Sarah his wife (not verbatim). 
1833 Mar. 8 Henry Lynch Symes. 62. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 


1778 April 20 Cornelius Halloran (Planter) to Elizb*'' 

Sims, Widow ; p^ L. 
1800 May 1 Henry Lynch Symes to Sarah Powell 

Nanton, spinsf ; by L. 
1835 Sep. 3 David Mortimer Malone, B., & Sarah 
Eliza Symes, Spr. Lie. 

Parish Register of St. Peter. 

1819 Mar. 14 Catherine Marshall D. of Henry Lynch 

Symes & Sarah his wife was baptised on 

Mathews Estate; b. the 16"' March 


1774 Jan. 6 WiUiam Symes & Elizabeth Burton. 
1818 May 26 M"^ Darius Davey & Eliza Symes, spinster. 


Compton Martin, co. Somerset. 
1689 Thomas son of Charles Symes & Anna his wife was 

1709 Rev. M'' Charles Symes, Rector of the Parish, was 

1726 M" Anne Symes (wife of the Rev. Charles Symes) 

was buried Oct. 21, 1726. 

1731 Jane the daughter of Wm. Symes & Jane his wife 

was baptised July 22, 1731. 

1732 Christian Symes wife of Capt° Tho^ Symes was 

buried in the Chancel March 9, 1732. 

DoYNTON Registers, co. Gloucester. 

(' Gloucester Notes and Queries,' vol. ii., p. 435.) 


1645 Ash Wednesday Edward s. of M' Thomas Symes 

and Amy his wife. 
1653 Nov. 16 Henry s. of M'- Thomas Symes. 
1687 Feb. 26 Richard s. of William Symes, Gent., and 

Mary (posthumous). 
1692 Feb. 5 Mary d. of John Symes and Rebecca of 

1676 Jan. 15 M' Samuel Truman, Rector of Dyrham, 

and M" Ann Symes. 
1679 Oct. 28 Thomas Harris of Bristol and Katherine 

1692 April 28 John Symes of Bath and Rebecca Nichols 

of Deinton. 

1686, June 21. Charles Symes, Rector of Compton 
Martyn, co. Somerset, Bach', 36, & Ann Creed, of the Close 
of Salisbury, Sp", 28, at her own disposal ; at S' Martin in 
the Fields, Middx., or S' Dunstan in the East, London. 
(Marriage Licences: Faculty Office, Archbishop of Canter- 

Frampton Cotterell Church, co. Gloucester. 

Here lyeth the Body of | Anne Symes, Widow, | and 
Relict of Harry Symes, Esq. | who departed this Life | on 
the 25th Day of May a.d. 1686. | She was the Daughter 
of I Sir John Seymour, Knight, | formerly of this Parish, | 
by Dame Anne his first Wife, | the Daughter of William 
Poulett, I of Cottles, in the County of Wilts, Esq, | son of 
my Lord Giles Poulett, | Marquis of Winchester, and | Lord 
High Treasurer of England. (Three lines follow.) 

Their dau. Amy ob. 9 Jan. and was bur. 13 Jan. 1678. 
(Bigland's ' Gloucestershire Collections.') 

Arms : Azure, three escall-ops in pale m: 

Here lyeth the Body of | Harry Symes, Esq. | son of 
John Symes, Esq. | under the adjacent Marble, | who 
marryed the Daughter of | Sir John Seymour, Knight, | 
formerly of this Parish. | He departed this Life | the Ist 
Day of November, | Anno Domini 1682, getatis suse 73 | 
He was a loving Husband, a good | Father, and ever a 
cordial Friend, | where he professed Friendship. (Ibid.) 

Extract from ' Barwick and its Church,' 
BY John Batten, F.S..\. 

The family of Roger, or Rogers, whose chief seat was at 
Bryanston, Dorset (see Hutchins's ' Dorset,' i., 250), held 
Barwick for six generations, extending to the latter part of 
the reign of Queen Elizabeth, when Sir Richard Rogers, 
knight, sold the manor and advowson to William Symes, of 
Chard, merchant. 

This gentleman married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert 
Hill of Poundisford, near Taunton, a very old Somersetshire 
family, and he was succeeded at his death by his son and 
heir, John Symes, who at the close of his life left Poundisford 
for the residence of his son, at Winterborne, in the parish of 
Frampton Cotterell, Gloucestershire, where he died, and was 
buried. The remarkable career of this " Somersetshire 
worthy " is minutely detailed in the monumental inscription 
to his memory in Frampton Church. It is engraved on a 
brass plate surmounted with the arms of Symes : Azure, 
three escallops in pale or ; impaling those of Horner: Sahle, 
three talbots passant argent, tivo and one. 

" Here lyeth the body of John Symes of Pounduford, in 
the Parish of Pitminster in the county of Somerset, Esquire, 
he was born on the 4th day of March, 1572 (in the 12th 
year of Queen Elizabeth). He lived soberly, righteously, 
and godly, and died on the 21st day of October, 1661. 

" Reader, thou treadest on the sacred ashes of John 
Symes, Esq., who in the late unhappy times of rebellion, 
was forced (for his signal loyalty to his Prince) to leave his 
former habitation at Poundisford, in the parish of Pitmins- 
ter, in the county of Somerset, and to seek a repose for his 
old age in this parish. He was a man greatly renowned 
for wisdom, justice, integrity, and sobriety, which talents 
he did not hide in a napkin, but religiously exercised in the 
whole conduct of his life, especially in the government of 
that county, wherein he bore all the honourable offices 
incident to a country gentleman (as Knight of the shire, 
elected nem. con.), for the Parliaments held at Westminster 
in the 21st year of King James, High Sheriff', Deputy 
Lieutenant for many years, and Justice of the Peace for 40 
years and upwards, and as he was careful and solicitous to 
discharge his duties to God, his soveraigne, and his country, 



so God was pleased to bestow on him several badges (also) 
of his special fayour, as length of days, accompaned with a 
most healthy constitution of body for above 80 years, and 
of his mind to the last, as also a numerous posterity even of 
children and children's children, to the number of 100 
and upwards, descended from his loynes (by his only wife 
Amy, the daughter of Thomas Horner, of Cloford, in the 
county of Somerset, Esquire). 

" And when he was full of days and honor, having lived 
88 years 7 months and 17 days, and seen the safe return of 
his Prince to his crown and kingdom, after a long and 
horrible exile, and thereby the flourishing condition both of 
Church and State. Having finished his work on earth, he 
cheerfully resigned his soul to God that gave it, the 21st 
day of October, auno domini 1661, in full assurance of a 
joyful resurrection." 

The grandson of this extraordinary old gentleman was 
Thomas Syraes, who resided at Barwick, and obtained, 23 
Charles II., a Charter for a second fair, to be held on the 
17th of September. He renewed the alliance with the 
Horner family by his marriage with Merilla, younger 
daughter of Sir John Horner, of Mells, and died at Barwick 
A.D. 1681, leaving his wife and only son, John Syraes, sur- 
viving. There stood against the west end of the north aisle 
of the church a mural monument to his memory, surmounted 
with the arms of Symes and Horner as above. On it is the 
following inscription (Coll., Som., ii., 338) : — 

" Heic subter sepultus jacet Thomas Syraes armiger 
annos natus 46 a febri ereptus 22 die Novembris anno 
Verbi Incarnati 1681 ; mcestissimam reliquit viduam Meril- 
1am, filiam natu minorem Johannis Horner de Mells in Agro 
Somrsetensi equitis aurati per quam filium unicum 
Joharonem et unicam filiam habuit quorum hoec infans 6 
die Septerabris 1671, occubuit, heic etiam sepulta ille, una 
cum matre supertite monumentum hoc posuit ; pientissiraa 
conjux, memoriam mariti sui pie colens hunc etiam sui 
locum sepulchri statuens cum Deo. opt. Max. visum fuerit." 

The remains of the mourning widow were, in accord- 
ance with her wish so pathetically expressed, deposited by 
the side of her husband in the vault immediately beneath 
this monument, but we regret to say that, during the 
recent restoration, the monument itself has been uncere- 
moniously taken down and shifted to the opposite side of the 
church, where — the opening words of the inscription being 
no longer applicable — like another more celebrated one, it 
" lifts it's head and lies." The only extenuation for the 
offendei's probably is that they did not understand Latin. 

We cannot refrain from observing that this removal was 
a clear violation of the law. Whatever may be done by the 
Bishop, in the e.xercise of a wise discretion with regard to 
a monument recently erected without his licence, the law 
will presume an ancient one to have been lawfully set up, 
and (subject to rare exceptions) no authority, civil or 
ecclesiastical, can justify its removal or disturbance, with- 
out the consent of the family of the deceased (in this case by 
no means extinct), to whom it absolutely belongs. 

John Symes, only son of the above Thomas, survived 
his father but a few years. He was intended for the Bar, 
but was carried off by small-pox, A.D. 1687, when only 20 
years of age, and his fond mother recorded his many virtues 
and talents on a monument erected by her to his memory 
in Exeter College Chapel. A copy of the Latin inscription 
will be found in Le Neve's ' Mon. Angl.' vol. iii., p. 91. 
As this young man died unmarried, Barwick, under a family 
settlement, devolved, first, on his cousin, John Syraes, of 
Mount Serrat, in the West Indies, and then on his nephew, 
Samuel Parry, who assumed the name of Symes. His co- 
heiresses sold it in 1750 to John Newman, father of the 
worthy gentleman of that name, who enjoyed it for his long 
life, respected by all who had the good fortune to know 

As to the registers, the earliest commences in 1560, 
thirteen years after Edward VI. ordered parish registers to 
be kept. The following entries occur in one of them : — 
" Memorandum a pulpit cloak, a cushion, and carpet, given 
by Merral Symes, lady of the manor, in the year 1708, and 
a Communion table, bought in the year 1708, likewise. 
Item : A large silver flagon, given to ye Church of Barwick 
by Mrs. Merril Symes, lady of the manor, ye 25th of De- 
cember, in ye year 170!), having her cress engraved thereon. 
Memorandum : A gallery set up in the year 1700, at the 
charge of the singers, with consent of Merral Symes, lady 
of the manor of Barwick, and Mr. Sydenham Burch, Mr. 
William Pearse, rector, and George William, churchwarden, 
and on consideration of its being an ornament to the Church 
they do agree and own it to be their own as land for them 
for ever, and their heirs after them without obstruction." 

Several entries relate to the family of Horners, whose 
chief seat was at Mells, in this county, and who, as we have 
seen, became connected with Barwick by the marriage of 
Merilla, daughter of Sir John Horner, Knight, with Tho- 
mas Symes, of Barwick, Esquire, who died 1681. John 
Horner, a nephew of Merilla, married Ann, one of the two 
daughters and coheiresses of Edward Phelips, of Preston 
Plucknett, Esquire, and took up his residence at Barwick. 

Exeter College Chapel. 
Against the south wall of south aisle : — 
Arras : Azure, three escallops in pale or (Symes) 
impaling. Sable, three talhots passant argent (Horner). 
Crest : A demi-hind salient erased or 
H. S. E. 
Joannes Symes, 
Thomse Symes de Berwick in agro Somesfetenfi Arm. 
Et Merillse Conjugis lectiffimiE, 

•0 Eq 


Filiaa Johannis Horner de Mells in eodem 

Filius unions. 

Quem fub ipfa pcene infantia patre orbatum 

Mater pientiffime artibus et difciplinis honeftis 

Mature imbui curavit ; 

Priraum hie Oxonii Philofophis, 

Dein Londini in hofpitio Lincolnienfi Juris Anglicani 

Studio operam dedit Juvenis egregius : 

In quibus tantopere profecit, 

ut magnam defe fpem excitaverit. 

Morura infupcr candore, et vitse innocentia admodum 

fpectabilis ; | 

Tandem Variolarum morbo correptus, 

Intra paucos dies puriffimam animam Deo reddidit, 

Bonis omnibus trifte relinquens fui defiderium, 

Cum vixiffet annos plus minus viginti. 

Obiit fexto die Julii An. Dom. mdclxxxvii. 

Mater filio chariffirao mcerens P. 

On a gravestone : — 

JOANNE.S symes ARM. 








(Gutch's 'Antiquities of Oxford,' p. 119.) 

Lewisham Old Church, go. Kent. 

On south side of chancel : — 

Mary, wife of M' Richard Symes of Blackheath, ob. 4 
Nov. 1701. She was dau. and heiress of Edm. Hawks of 
Mounckton, co. Dorset. 



Richard Symes of Blackheath, ob. 27 May 1728, ast. 72, 
son of The. Symes of Winterbourne, co. Glouc, Esq., who 
mar. Mary sister of Sir Tho. Bridges of Keynsham, co. 
Somers., Knt., by whom he had 12 sons and 4 daus. The 
above Ric. was the 10th son, and directed by will that a 
monument should be erected in memory of him and his 2nd 
wife, Charlotte, dau. of Sir Orlando Bridgeman of Ridley, 
CO. Chester. She died 3 March 1718, set. 37. His 3rd 
wife was Elizab., eldest dau. of the Rt. Hon. Mathew Ducie 
Morton, Baron Morton of Morton, co. Staff., who survived 
him. Arms (beneath): Azure, three escallops in pale or; 
impaling. Argent, ten plates sable, on a chief argent a lion 
passant sable. The Hon. Elizab. Morton, the relict, after- 
wards married Francis Reynolds of Strangways, Esq. Her 
elder brother dying without issue, the honours of the house 
devolved on her descendants, of whom the present Earl 
Ducie is chief. 
(Drake's ' History of the Hundred of Blackheath,' p. 267.) 

Bristol Cathedral. 
On a ledger in north aisle : — 



21^^^ OF JAN. I72|- IN THE 


[Intervening space here on the stone.] 




OF OCT^ 1710 AGED 49. 






St. John's Churchyard. 

On a ledger : 

Here lieth the Body of 



Departed this life the 26"' day 

of May 1759 Aged 34 Years. 

^^ttitsree of Canfearti. 

RICHARD TANCKRED of Antigua, on 18 Oct. 1639 sold 
20 mens land, and later 33 more. 

Captain John Tankard of Antigua, Esq., Member of the Assembly 11 July=rMary, dau. of Nathaniel Joseph Tankard 

1692 ; proposed for the Council 1699. Had relatives in Ireland. Will 
dated 13 ... . 1699, on record at St. John's, but now illegible. He pur- 
chased a plantation of Marcus Kirwan. 

Monk, senior ; living 

Antigua, named 

I I 

John Tank-=rMary, dau. of Barry Tankard of" Tank-=7=Anne (? dau. 

J oh 

D Tank— r 
heir to 


father ; 

under 14 in 


-; died 



. . . . mar. 
2ndly .... 
Howard. Her 
will dated 10 
Nov. and 
sworn 23 Nov. 

ards" (now "Tyrrells")in i ofCol.Valen 
St. Paul's Parish ; Member tine Russell), 
of Assembly 1699—1700; i living 1709; 
J.P. 1704; Member of i bur.Dec.1738 
Council 1704 — 16 ; died j at St. Paul's. 
10 July 1726, set. 58. 
M.I. on his estate. 







of Ire- 

= died 26 

Feb. 1771, 
set. 99, in 
Little Or- 
mond Street. 

John Tankard, 

Edward Chester,^! 

=Russell Tankard,=j 

=Richard Tyrrell, Esq., R.N., Ad- 


named in the 

junior, of " Brig- 

only child and 

miral of the White 1762 and 


will of William 

gins," Antigua, 

heir, living 1709. 

Commander-in-Chief of the Lee- 


mar. 24 Oct. 1726 

Will dated 25 

ward Islands station ; mar. 18 

s.p. ; bur. 28 
March 1757 at 

at St. Paul's. 

May 1751 ; sworn 

Nov. 1747 at St. Paul's ; died 

Will dated 1743 ; 

11 Feb. 1765. 

27 June 1766, and was bur. 

St. Paul's. Will 

proved 11 April 

at sea. M.I. in Westminster 

dated 9 May 

1745. 1st hus- 

Abbey. Will dated 20 Feb. 

1756 ; sworn 4 


1765; proved 5 Aug. 1766. 

April 1757. 

(323 Tyndall.) 2nd husband. 

s.p. s.p. 




Reily and 
had issue. 

Richard Tyrrell Barnes, Esq., of Crown Court, 
Prince's Street, Soho Square, in 1802 ; inherited 
" Tyrrells " or " Orleans " from his uncle 
Richard Tyrrell ; died intestate. 

Catherine Barnes. Adm'on to her 1821 of Admiral- 
Richard Tyrrell's estate, as sister and ad'trix of 
Richard Tyrrell Barnes ; then a widow. 






John Tankard of Antisna, Esq. Will dated 13 ... . 
1699. To ... . Tankard of Ireland. Mj brother Joseph. 
My dau. Eliz* Tankard. My dan. Martha Tankard. My 
son Joseph Tankard. My sons Nath' & John Tankard. 
To my son John the plantation I bought of Marcus Kirwan 
.... Recorded fo. 42. (This will is almost completely 
illegible from discolouratioo due to damp.) 

Mary Tankard. Will recorded fo. 44. Circa 1699. 

Barry Tankard of Antigua. Will dated .... 17 . . 
Witnessed by Jacob Morgan, Walter Sydserfe, John Hodges. 
Before John Hart, Commander-in-Chief, was sworn Walter 
Sydserfe. Recorded 12 April 1750. (The will is missing.) 

Tankerd Tyrrell, wife of Richard Tyrrell, Esq. 
Will dated 25 May 1751. To be buried in the garden 
between my father & mother. To my husband Rich"' 
Tyrrell £1000 c. & request him to permit my cousin 
Marg' Looby to possess the land now under lease from my 
former husband, Edw'' Chester, Esq., & myself to Mess" 
Bodkin & Tully for life clear of charges, & after her death 
to permit Anthony Chester, a free negro, formerly Edw" 
Chester's & a faithful servant to me, to enjoy 8 acres for his 
life. To Miss Peggy Mascol, dau. of Marg' Mascoll, widow, 
£100 c. M'-s Cath. Carty my former servant £100 c. To 
Miss Letitia Cusack, dau. of Patrick Cusack the Elder, 
£100 c. To Miss Russell Cusack my goddau. £100 c. 
To Marg' Looby £50 c. for charities. To Anthony Chester, 
free negro, £500 c. My mulattos Giles, Lucinda, & 
Sukey, & my negro Betty. To Marg' Looby £1000 c. & 
clothing & ornaments, also 10 negros & all residue. Patrick 
Cusack, Sen'', planter, Edw" Davy, book keeper, & Marg' 
Looby Ex'ors. Witnessed by James Athill, Dudly Sweeny. 
Before his Excellency George Thomas were sworn Dudly 
Sweeny, planter, and Dr. James Athill 11 Feb. 1765. 
Recorded 12 Feb. 1765. 

Sir Peter Warren,* K.B. Will dated 26 July, proved 
30 Oct. 1752 by Dame Susannah Warren ; power reserved 
to the others. (266 Bettesworth.) To my wife £3000, 
£300 for rings, & ^ of the interest of my personal estate, & 
all residue to my 4 dans. If they all die then ^ of my 
personal & f of my real estate to my nephew Capt. Rich"^ 
Tyrrel, & ^ of my personal estate to my nephews & nieces. 
His 2 sisters. My nephews & nieces, children of Chr. 
Johnson. My nephew W" Johnson. My nephew Capt. 
Warren Johnson I advanced £1100 & my nephew John 
Johnson £500 which I cancel, & the latter may hold the 
lands of Warrenstown of 448 acres at £160 rent. My wife, 
her brother James Delancy, chief justice of New York, & 
my nephew Capt. Richard Tyrrel Ex'ors. 

On 14 Feb. 1772 adm'on of the estate of testator, late 
of St. Marylebone, but in Ireland, deceased, left uuad- 
ministered by Dame Susan, was granted to the Hon. Ann 
FitzRoy, wife of the Hon. Charles FitzRoy, Susannah 
Skinner, wife of William Skinner, Esq., and Charlotte, 
Countess of Abingdon, wife of Willoughby, Earl of Abing- 
don, the daus., the other Ex'ors being dead. 

John Tankard of Antigua. Will dated 9 May 1756. 
To my mother M" Mary Howard the use of my .... & 
slaves, but not to be let to any but M' Patrick Cusack for the 

* Sir Peter Warren, Vioe-Admiral of the Red, was made K.B. 
in 1749, sat as M.P. for Westminster, and died 29 July 1752. M.I. 
in Westminster Abbey. He married Anna 1st dau. of Stephen De 
Lancey by Ann 2nd dau. of the liisfht Hon. Stephen Van Cortlandt 
of New York. Lady Warren died in Grosvenor Square 19 Nov. 1771. 

use of his 4 dans., & all to them after her death & all resi- 
due. M' Patrick Cusack, Sen', Ex'or. Before Governor 
Thomas was sworn Hon. Andrew Lesly, Esq., 4 April 1757, 
and John Hart, Esq., and M. S. Walrond of Antigua, 
Esq., was present 27 March last at the house of the late 
John Tankard with William Lyons, Esq., and found the 
will. On 4 April 1757 Edward Davy, Gent., and Laurence 
Nihell, merchant, were sworn. Recorded 13 April 1757. 

Mary Howard of Antigua, Gentlewoman. Will dated 
10 Nov. 1762. By Indenture dated 30 June 1753 between 
myself, of the P' part, Patrick Cusack the Elder of Antigua, 
Esq., of the 2", & John Tankard of Antigua, planter, my 
son, of the 3''* part, I granted a certain plantation & slaves to 
Patrick Cusack to the use of John Tankard for life with re- 
mainder to his P' son, but my son is dead without issue 
& all powers are therefore vested in me. To Eliz'", dau. of 
my niece Sarah Walrond by her husb'' Main Swete Walrond, 
Esq., £100(1 c. at 21, & in default to her brothers Main 
Swete Walrond & Lyons Walrond. To Chas. Wills Walrond, 
son of my niece Sarah, £500 at 21, 7 negros to Eliz"' Wal- 
rond at 21, & in default to her sisters Sarah Lyons Walrond. 
To Eliz"" Walrond £100 a yr. for 4 years. To Marg', dau. 
of Rob' Christian, Esq., £100 c. To Main Swete Walrond, 
son of my niece Sarah, a negro. To Chas. Wills Walrond 
a negro. 5 of the rent due to me from M' Patrick Cusack 
to Main S. Walrond the husband of my niece Sarah. To 
the latter £150 c. yearly for life. I give my plantation & 
all residue to my nephew W" Lyons & his heirs, then to my 
niece Sarah Walrond. W" Lyons & M. S. Walrond Ex'ors. 
Witnessed by Henry Symes, James Athill, Samuel Harman. 
Before Hon. Thomas Jarvis, President of Antigua, in 
absence of the Governor, was sworn Dr. James Athill 23 
Nov. 1762 and Henry Symes 24 Feb. 1762. Recorded 
24 Feb. 1763. 

Hon. Richard Tyrrell, Rear- Admiral and Commander- 
in-Chief at the Leeward Islands. Will dated 20 Feb. 1765 ; 
proved 5 Aug. 1766 by Alexander French, Robert Fulton, 
and Sarah Aylou ; power reserved to William Maxwell, Esq., 
Hon. Robert Christian, Esq., Hon. Francis Carlisle, Esq., 
and Alexander Willock, Esq. On 16 Jan. 1802 adm'on to 
Richard Tyrrell Barnes, the nephew, of the goods left 
unadministered by Alexander French, Robert Fulton, and 
Sarah Aylou, spinster, now also deceased. Alexander 
Willock the surviving Ex'or being dead. On 1 June 1821 
adm'on of efl'ects of Richard Tyrrell, late of H.M.S. 
" Princess Louisa," widower, left unadministered by Alex- 
ander French, Robert Fulton, Sarah Aylon, as also by 
Richard Tyrrell Barnes, Esq., deceased, granted to Cathe- 
I'ine Ford, widow, siscer and administratrix of Richard 
Tyrrell Barnes, all the other Ex'ors having died without 
taking on the execution. (323 Tyndall.) By an Indenture 
da. 23 Aug. 1748 between myself & Russell my wife, of the 
1'' part. His Excellency W™ Mathew, since deceased, Walter 
Nugent, since deceased, & Patrick Cusack, planter, of the 2'' 
part, being a settlement of certain lands in Antigua & 
Jamaica, & by another Indenture da. 8 Feb. 1752 between 
myself & Russell my wife, of the 1'* part, & W™ Maxwell of 
Antigua, surgeon, & John Tankard of Antigua, planter, 
since deceased, of the 2'', we were minded in case there were 
no children to charge the estate with £5000 c, & granted 
the estate to them for 99 years as duly recorded in the 
Register's Office, & my wife Russell being now dead I am 
become sole possessor of the estates. To Sarah Aylon of 
Fulham, sp'', my intended wife, 5 of all my rents for life & 
the use of coaches, cattle, plate, jewels, & ship furniture. 
The sum of £5000 is due to me by mortgage on the estate 
that belonged to Henry Sharpe, Esq., in S* Kitts, which he 
has since sold. The other i of my rents for the mainten- 



ance of the children of my sisters Cath. Reily & Ann 
Barnes. All my estates after payment of legacies & after 
the death of Sarah Aylon to Rich'' Tyi-rell Barnes, son of 
my sister Anne Barnes, & his heirs, charged with £10,000 c. 
for the children of my 2 sisters. I give him also all plate, 
etc. If he die without heirs then all to John Ambrose, 
younger son of Admiral .John Ambrose, then to my secretary 
Rob' Fulton. Cancel debts of M^ Luke Bourke, Lieut, of 
Marines. My negros W™ Thomas, Tommy, & Delia his 
mother, Lucy & Sucky & their 2 children to be free. To s*" 
negro W™ Thomas £100 c. To Eliz. Susannah Ambrose 
£1000 c. due from her father Admiral John Ambrose. To 
Eliz. French, dau. of Alex' French of Rotherhithe, merch*, 
£1000 c. To Mary Norris, dau. of Geo. Norris of Chelsea, 
gardiner, £1000 c. To Col. W"" Dowling of Barbados 
£200 c. To Chas. Hart my overseer £.500 c. W-" Maxwell 
of Antigua, Esq., Rich"* Reddy of Antigua, planter, Alex' 
French of Rotherhithe, merch*, Rob' Fulton my secretary, 
now of Antigua, & Sarah Aylon of Fulham, sp', Es'ors. 
Witnessed by Pras. Grant, David Williams, Galbraith 

Codicil dated 26 Oct. 1765. Sarah Aylon, now of Little 
Chelsey, to have her choice of £1000 a year or half my 
rental. My books & instruments to be sold & the proceeds 
sent to her. My box of papers to be sent to her locked & 
sealed with my armes. Chas. Hart is since dead. Mary 
Norris to have £1000 s. not currency. Hon. Rob' Christian, 
Hon. Francis Farley, & Alex' Willock, all of Antigua, Esq"^ 
additional Ex'ors, & Rich'' Reddy to be struck out as too 
old & infirm. Witnessed by Robert Fulton, William Trant, 
Henry Harvey. 

Codicil dated 20 June 1766. Eliz. Susanna Ambrose & 
Eliz. French £1000 s. each, not currency. Witnessed by 
Archibald Cobham, Robert Fulton. 

Robert Fulton of Little Chelsea, co. Middlesex, Esq. 
Will dated 10 Nov. 1770 ; proved 6 Sep. 1771 by Sarah 
Tyrrell, widow. My sister Mary Ann Fulton £1000. My 
brother-in-law Alderman .James Chatterton £300, & his 
dau. Hannah Chatterton £600. My natural son W"" Sinnot 
£600, & his mother Mary Ann Sinnot £200. Miss Mary 
Non-is 20 g'^ My chamber N° 8 New Inn. " I give and 
bequeath unto my dearly and well beloved fiPi-iend Sarah 
Tyrrell of Little Chelsea aforesaid (who is my intended 
wife)," all residue of my estate & Ex'trix, & in case the 
plantation & slaves of Orleans in the Island of Antigua, left 
to me by the will of the late Rear Admiral Richard Tyrrell 
for want of issue of his nephew Richard Tyrrell Barnes & 
John Ambrose, jun., should come to me, then I give it 
to her. 

Close Roll, 42 Geo. III., Part 1, Nos. U and 15. 
Indenture made the 19th Jan. 1802 between Richard 
Tyrrell Barnes of Crown Court, Priuces Street, Soho Square, 
Esq., of the one part, and David Sands of Winch (?) Street, 
Pall Mall, Esq., and Richard England of Leicester Square, 
Esq., of the other part, witnesses that in consideration of 
5s. Richard Tyrrell Barnes sells to David Sands and Richard 
England all that plantation called Tyrrells or Orleans in 
Antigua, and all slaves, cattle, and stock which were devised 
to Richard Tyrrell Barnes by the will of Richard Tyrrell, 
Admiral of the White, for one whole year. Harry Thomas 
King and Jonathan Lodge, clerks to Messrs. Shawe, New 
Bridge Street, witnesses. 

No. 14. 

Indenture made the 20th Jan. 1802 between Richard 

Tyrrell Barnes, of the one part, and David Sands and 

Richard England, assignees of his estate and effects by 

virtue of an Act of Parliament passed in the 38th year of 

his present Majesty for the relief of certain insolvent 
debtors, of the other part. Whereas by virtue of the last 
will of Richard Tyrrell, late of Antigua, Rear-Adoiiral of 
the White, dated the 20th Feb. 1765, Richard Tyrrell 
Barnes is entitled to an estate tail in the plantation called 
Tyrrells or Orleans ; and whereas Richard Tyrrell Barnes 
in October 1797 obtained his discharge under the said Act, 
and David Sands and Richard England were appointed 
assignees of his estate for the purposes of the Act ; and 
whereas Richard Tyrrell Barnes is indebted to David Sands 
£200 for money advanced since the passing of the Act, with 
some arrears of interest thereon ; and whereas Richard 
Tyrrell Barnes has agreed to convey the said plantation 
late of Richard Tyrrell, deceased, to David Sands and 
Richard England for the pui'poses hereinafter mentioned, 
the same not having effectually passed to them under the 
Act. Now this Indenture witnesses that for docking and 
destroying the estate tail of Richard Tyrrell Barnes and all 
remainders, and for vesting the same in fee simple in David 
Sands and Richard England, and in consideration of 10s. 
Richard Tyrrell Barnes sells to David Sands and Richard 
England in their actual possession being all the said plan- 
tation, slaves, cattle, horses, mares, and mules, and to their 
heirs for ever, subject only to such claims as may be made 
against the plantation under the will of Richard Tyrrell, 
deceased, in trust nevertheless to cultivate and manage the 
plantation and slaves as they shall think most advantageous, 
and to employ Attorneys in Antigua, and to consign and 
dispose of the crops, and from the moneys received in the 
first place to pay all expenses connected with the plantation, 
and subject thereto to divide the residue amongst the 
persons entitled to receive a dividend and distribution of 
the effects of Richard Tyrrell Barnes already vested in 
David Sands and Richard England, and especially to deduct 
the money owing to David Sands, and after full payment of 
all in trust to convey the plantation to the use of Richard 
Tyrrell Barnes, his heirs, Ex'ors, etc., for ever ; and lastly 
Richard Tyrrell Barnes, David Sands, and Richard England 
constitute Rowland Burton, Samuel Athill, John Athill, and 
Richard Oliver Athill of Antigua, Esquires, their Attorneys. 

Close Roll, 55 Geo. III., Part 7, No. 11. 
Indenture made the 11th May 1815 between Sir John 
Tyrell of Boreham House near Chelmsford, Essex, Bart., 
and Dame Sarah his wife, of the one part, and Charles 
Cheshire of Antigua, Esq., Master Attendant of H.M.'s 
Naval Yard in Antigua, of the other part. Whereas by 
Articles of Agreement made at Antigua the 6th Oct. 1814 
between Sir John Tyrell and Dame Sarah his wife (by the 
Hon. Samuel Athill of Antigua, Esq., their Attorney), of 
the 1st part, the said Hon. Samuel Athill, of the 2nd part, 
and Charles Cheshire, of the 3rd part. Sir John Tyrell and 
Dame Sarah did agree to sell to (Charles Cheshire absolutely 
in fee simple a piece of land in the parish of St. Paul and 
division of Falmouth called Buckshornes, and formerly 
cultivated as a sugar plantation, containing 200 acres, 
bounded N. with land heretofore of Admiral Richard Tyrell, 
deceased, E. by land late of Captain Grant Gordon but now 
of Margaret Harcum, S. by the lands of the said Samuel 
Athill and the devisees of Mary Willis, deceased, and W. by 
the lands then or late of William JIaxwell, and all buildings, 
etc., thereon, and also three negros, for the sum of £1500, 
to be paid by one bill of exchange of £600 drawn by Charles 
Cheshire on Messrs. Cook and Halford of Norfolk Street, 
London, merchants, and payable at thirty days sight to 
Alexander Bolt of Antigua, Esq., or his order, to be indorsed 
by him, and another bill of exchange of £900 drawn as 
above and payable at eight months to Alexander Bolt, 
Charles Cheshire having on the 6th Oct. delivered to Samuel 
Athill the two bills. This Indenture witnesseth that for 



the above considerations Sir John Tyrell and Dame Sarah 
his wife grant to Charles Cheshire the piece of land afore- 
said, and to his heirs for ever, and they appoint Alexander 
Bolt, Esq., and the Hon. Samuel Athill, Esq., their Attor- 
neys. John Jessopp of Clifford's Inn, William Lyddon, 
Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn, witnesses. 

Circa 1667. Thomas Cleruck of Eoad Division has 21 
mens land by sale from Richard Tanckred 18 Oct. 1639 
pm-cbased from John Lapthorne. (Book of Claims.) 

1688, Aug. 8. Thomas Haynes and his wife convey to 
John Taukard 10 acres in Willnughby Bay Division. 

Captain John Tankerd, planter, grant of the land 
formerly in the possession of George Gray and his wife and 
Mary Weale, George Gray's mother, and late in that of 
Lieut. William Burden, deceased, a former husband of Mary 
Weale ; also 23.5 acres formerly Roger Jones', a former 
husband of Mary Weale ; also 165 acres bought of Marcus 
Kirwan and Mary Weale by patent granted 6 Aug. 1697 
from Christopher Codrington. 

1701. Petition of Barry Tankard for a patent for his 
5904 acres formerly Colonel Valentine Russel's, deceased. 

1701, Sep. 10. Barry Tankerd, Gent., granted a patent 
by Christopher Codrington for 590^ acres at St. Paul's, 
bounded north with Kean Osborne, Gent. 

1708, Feb. 16. Governor Parke stated that Barry 
Tankard had insulted him and challenged him to fight. 
He and his brother John Tankard had armed their negros 
and guarded the paths leading to their plantation. On 
15 March following he was bound over in £1000 c. to appear 
at the next Court of Sessions. 

1709, Feb. 23. Dennis Macklemore, planter, having 
been killed in a duel with Barry Tankard, Esq., a warrant 
was issued for the latter's arrest. (Minutes of Assembly.) 
On 3 April following allusion was made to Barry Tankerd's 
wife and daughter. 

1709, June 8. Barry Tankard, who had been often 
asked to take his seat as a Councillor and refused, was this 
day removed from that Board by Royal Instructions. He 
was a Member of Council before 14 July 1704. 

1711, Nov. 1. John Tankard conveys to Victorious 
Looby 60 acres in Willoughby Bay including the 10 acres 
conveyed in 1688. 

John Tankard, jun., of Antigua, Gent., sells to Vic- 
torious Looby of Antigua, Gent., 60 acres in Willoughby 
Bay for £400 c. 

1715-16, March 13. Barry Tankard states that his 
affairs do not permit him to attend as Member of Council 
and resigns. 

1717, Jan. 13. In Chancery. Ellinor Tankerd, widow, 
plaintiff, v. Hon. Archibald Cochran and Baptist Looby, 
defendants ; publication to pass. 

1759, March 6. The Right Hon. the Ld. Anson intro- 
duced Oapt. Tyrrel, of the Buckingham, to the King at 
St. James's, to inform him of the progress of his majesty's 
forces in the West Indies. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 143.) In June 
f(jllowing he was promoted to the Foudroyant, 84 guns. 
{Ibid., p. 294.) 

1766, June 27. Rear-Admiral TyiTel, on board the 
Princess Louisa, at sea, in his way home. His body was, 
by his own desire, thrown overboard, with the usual cere- 
monies. {Ihid., p. 342.) 

1767, May. Robert Fulton, Esq; to relict of late 
admiral Tyn-el. {Ibid., p. 279.) 

1771, Feb. 26. Mrs. Tyrrell, motiier to the late Admiral, 
aged 99, in Little Ormond-street. {Ibid., p. 142.) 

1771, Sep. 4. Robert Fulton, Esq; at Little Chelsea. 
{Ibid., p. 426.) 

Mr. W. P. W. Phillimore of 124 Chancery Lane informs 
me that he possesses a fine portrait of Admiral Richard 


Tyrrell and his wife, which with other relics descended to 
him through his great-grandmother Sarah Stiff {n^e Norris) 
of Chelsea. The miniatures are on panels 5| inches by 
4j inches. 

Captain H. S. Knight, late of the 67th and 19th Regi- 
ments, of The Observatory, Harestock, near Winchester, 
writes me : " My grandmother Mrs. Sparkes was a niece or 
grandniece of Admiral Richard Tyrrell, and in conjunction 
with her two brothers Captain George Pattoun and Lieut.- 
Colonel Robert Pattoun, who was killed at the siege of 
Moultan in India, inherited the Tyrrell estate in Antigua, 
where I was quartered when serving with the 67th Regiment 
under Lieut.-Colonel Basil Brooke ; during part of the year 
1853 we were quartered at Brimstone Ridge and Shirley 
Heights within a few miles of the Tyrrell property. Mrs. 
Sparks was an infant at the time of the Irish Rebellion." 

Parish Register of St. John. 
1694 May 15 Bartholemy Tankerd. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 


1726 Oct. 24 Edward Chester, Jun', Esq', and Miss 

Russel Tankard ; p' L. 
1747 Nov. 18 Richard Tyrrell, Esq', Commander of his 
Majesty's Ship the Centaur, and M'^ 
Russel Tankard Chester, Widow ; by L. 

1726 July 12 Barry Tankard. 
1738 Dec. — M'» Anne Russel Tankard. 
1757 Mar. 28 M' John Tankard. 

On a 

At Tyrrells. 

ledger over a broken vault 

Here lies Interr'd 

the Body of the 

Hon"'^ Barry 

Tankard Esq. who 

departed this life 

the 10 Day of July 

Anno Domini 
1726 Aged 58 years. 

Westminster Abbey. 

Arms (sculptured and painted) : Ermine, on three bars 
gules seven crosses pafee, three, three, and one, in chief a 
demi-lion isstiant out of the second. (Neale's ' History of 
Westminster Abbey,' vol. ii., p. 236.) 

Sacred to the Memory of RICHARD TYRRELL, Esq. 
who I was descended from an Ancient Family in Ireland, 
and died Rear ] Admiral of the White, on the 26"' day of 
June, 1766, in the | 50"» year of his Age. Devoted from 
his Youth to the Naval | Service of his Country, and being 
formed under the Discipline, | and animated by the Example 
of his renown'd Uncle S' Peter | Warren, He distinguished 
himself as an able and Experienced | Officer, in many 
Gallant Actions; particularly on the 3'' of | Nov 1758, 
when commanding the Buckingham of 66 Guns | and 472 
Men, he attacked and defeated three French Ships of | War, 
one of which was the Florissant of 74 Guns and 700 | Men : 
but the Buckingham being too much disabled to take | 
possession of her, after she had Struck, the Enemy, under | 
cover of the Night, escaped. In this Action he received 
several | Wounds, and lost three Fingers of his Right Hand. 
Dying | on his return to England from the Leeward Islands, 



where he | had for three Years commanded a Squadron of 
his Majesty's | Ships, his Body according to his own desire 
was committed to | the Sea, with the proper Honours and 

One of the most curious monuments, perhaps, in the 
Abbey is that near the cloister door, in the south aisle of 
the nave. It commemorates Vice-Admiral Richard Tyrrell, 
commander of the Buckingham, who died in 1766, whilst 
on his return to England from the Leeward Islands, after 
an engagement with the French. His body, the inscription 
informs us, " according to his own desire, was committed to 
the sea, with proper honours and ceremonies." " To com- 
prehend this monument," says Mr. Malcolm, " the spectator 

must suppose himself in a diving-bell at the bottom of the 
sea. When he has shaken off the terrors of his situation 
he will find on his right hand the Buckingham, of sixty-six 
guns, jammed in a bed of coral. Directly before him he 
will perceive a figure pointing to a spot on a globe, either 
intending to shew where the deceased body was committed 
to the deep, or the latitude where an action mentioned in 
the inscription was fought." The figures introduced into 
this piece of monumental composition are History, Navi- 
gatian, and Hibernia ; they are represented among the 
rocks, with the sea above their heads ; above all is the 
Admiral himself, ascending amidst heavy clouds — the latter 
being highly suggestive of ill-made pancakes. (' Old and 
New London,' by E. Walford, vol. iii., p. 417.) 

^etitgree of Cempest, 

JOHN TEMPEST of Antigua,=j=Frances, dan. of Governor Philip Warner ; mar. 21 March 1689 at 
dead 1725. .' St. Paul's, Falmouth ; bur. 1 June 1733 at St. John's. 

Warner Tempest of Moulsey, co. Surrey, and Antigua, Esq.,=rM:ary, 1st dau. of Colonel William Byam of Cedar Hill ; 
J.P. 1738 ; bur. 15 Dec. 1753 at St. John's. I mar. 12 March 1738 at St. George's. 

Warner William Lydia Tempest, Henrietta Tempest, bapt. 13 Aug. 1747 at St. John's ; Frances Tempest, 

Tempest, bapt. bapt. 5 Oct. 1741 mar. 8 Nov. 1766, at St. George, Hanover Square, bapt. 5 Feb. 1749 

6 Sep. 1743 at and bur. 18 April Marmaduke Dayrell of Shudy Camp, co. Cambridge. He at St. John's. 

St. John's. 1743 at St. died 15 April 1790, aet. 67. (Vide Burke's 'Landed 

John's. Gentry.') 

1718, Sep. 18. John Tempest, mariner, petitions. 

1722. John Otto-Baijer refers in his will to his house 
in the tenure of Mrs. Frances Tempest. 

1725. Thomas Tempest witnessed the will of Mrs. Ann 
Otto-Baijer, and Warner Tempest that of Mrs. Margaret 

Indenture dated 17 Nov. 1725 between Prances Tem- 
pest of St. John's Town, widow, and Warner Tempest of 
ditto, Gent., of the one part, and Ashton Warner, of the 
other. Sale of a negro. 

1727, Oct. 26. Warner Tempest signs as powder 
oflBcer. (B. T. Leeward Islands, 19.) 

1738, Oct. 3. Warner Tempest takes the oaths as a 
J.P. He was an inhabitant of St. John's Town in 1753. 

1741 Oct. 

1743 Sep. 

Parish Register of St. John. 

5 Lydia the D. of Warner Tempest and 

Mary his wife. 

6 Warner William the s. of Warner Tem- 

pest and his wife. 

1747 Aug. 13 Henriatta the D. of Warner Tempest and 

Mary his wife. 
1749 Feb. 5 Frances the D. of Warner Tempest and 

Mary his wife. 

1730 Oct. 26 Mi^ Thomas Tempest. 
1733 June 1 Mad« Frances Tempest. 
1743 April 18 Ledia Tempest D. of M'' Warner Tempest. 
1753 Dec. 15 Warner Tempest. 

Parish Register of St. George. 


1738 Mar. 12 Warner Tempest and Mary Warner Byam. 

St. George, Hanover Square. 


1766 Nov. 8 Marmaduke Dayrell, Esq', B., & Henrietta 

Tempest, a minor, with consent of the 

Guardian. L.A.C. 



ifamilp i3f C^ajcter, 

William Thaxter, planter. Will dated 8 Dec. 1716. 
To my son W" all my estate at 21, remainder to my son 
Joseph. My son Joseph £500 c. at 21. My wife certain 
negros & the management of my estate during my sons' 
minority. My wife during her widowhood, James Grigg, & 
Jeremiah Nibbs Ex'ors. Witnessed by George Forrest, 
Edward Montague, Mary Westin. Sworn 21 May 1717. 

Will dated 20 Dec. 1740. To my wife Eliz. all 

my estate, but if she have no issue then at her death all to 
my cousin Jane Thaxter, wife of Richard Thaxter. My 
uncle James Griggs* a ring of 2 pistoles. Appoint James 

Griggs & Jeremiah Nibbs Ex'ors W"" Thaxter. 

Witnessed by John Leacock, William Mercer, John Watkins. 
By Edward Byam, Lieut.-Governor, was sworn John Lea- 
cock 13 Jan. 1740. Recorded 15 Jan. 1740. 

William Thaxter of Antigua, planter. Will recorded 
circa 1740. To my brother Joseph Thaxter 2 negros & 
£15 a year. (This fragment may belong to the above.) 

John Thaxter of Antigua, windmill carpenter. Will 
dated 30 May 1762. All my negros to my son Joseph 
Farley Thaxter. A horse & all furniture to my wife Mary. 

* See his will in vol. i.. p. 237. 

I appoint the Hon. Stephen Blizard, Esq., M' Joseph Farley, 
sen', Ex'ors & Guardians. Witnessed by Joseph Nibbs, 
Joseph Farley, jun. Before Governor George Thomas was 
sworn Joseph Farley, jun., 8 June 1762 ; recorded same day. 

Parish Register of St. George. 



Oct. 3 

William Thaxter & Elizabeth Welch, 

Abrahamus Nibbs et Jana Thaxter juncti 

fuerunt Matrimonio vicesimo nono die 

Martis Anno Praedicto. 


April 16 

John Greenway and Elizabeth Thaxter, 



Jan. 21 

Benjam. Thaxter. 


Dec. 22 

Will™ Thaxter. 

1740-1 Mar. 4 

Joseph Thaxter. 


Oct. — 

Sarah the D. of Benjamin Thaxter and 
his wife. 


June 15 

Benjamin Thaxter, junior. 


July 16 

M"" James Griggs, buried in his own 
Estate by a Licence from his Excellency 
George Thomas, Esq^ 


June 2 

John Thaxter. 

Jamtlp oi Cljiljou. 

Lewis Thibou. Will dated .... To my wife Kath. 

plate &, furniture All my estate for my 6 children, 

viz., J . . . . Fraise & Daniel .... my son John Thibou .... 
my dau. Eliz"", my son Fraise .... Before Edward Byam, 
Esq., was sworn John Williams a witness, Daniel Barbotain 
and Robert Baker were the other witnesses, 24 Feb. 1732-3. 
Recorded 1 March 1732-3. 

Gabriel Thibou, Gent. Will dated c. 1746. To my wife 
Mary ray land & tenements in S« John's, furniture & plate 
for life, then to my son John Thibou. To Eliz'", dau. of my 
son Gabriel, a negro after my wife's death. To Mary wife 
of my son Gabriel a negro. To my sou Gabriel £5. To 
my dau. Jane Cooe my brick house & wooden store adjoin- 
ing, & if she marry, then to her children. Witnessed by 
Richard Sheepshanks, Samuel Martin, Richard Lee .... 

Jacob Thibou, late of Antigua, now of Petersham, co. 
SuiTey, Esq. Will dated 11 May 1747 ; proved 16 March 
1747by Esther Thibou, widow. (102 Strahan.) All residue 
after payment of debts to my dear wife Esther, & appoint 
her sole Ex'trix. Witnessed by Richard Gem, Mary Seal. 
Recorded also at St. John's. 

See vol. i., p. 195, for the will of Dorothy Delap, formerly 
wife of Jacob Thibou of Antigua, merchant, dated 1 Nov. 

Judith Thibou of Antigua, widow of Peter Thibou, 
Gent. Will dated 22 April 1760. To my son Peregrine 
Thibou a negro woman given me by John Dunn. To my 
son Isaac Thibou 2 negros left me by my late husband's 
will. To my dau. Judith Dunn Thibou a negro. To my 
dau. Marg' a negro & £60 c. All residue to my said 2 daus. 

at 21. My beloved friend John Dunn & my dau. Judith 
D. Thibou at 21 Ex'ors. Witnessed by Neill Campbell, 
James Butler. Before Governor Thomas was sworn Neill 
Campbell 22 May 1760. Recorded 22 May 1760. 

(? Will of Judith Thibou.) To my dau. Judith Dunn 
Thibou, my dau. Marg', my house & land adjoining the 
negro burial ground, also negros, & my other children to 
give her at 21 as follows, my son Peregrine £200 c, my 
son Isaac .... my daus. Eliz"" & Judith £66 c. each. 

Mary Thibou. Will dated 13 Nov. 1786. To my 
mulatto called Kath. 6 silver teaspoons. All residue to my 
son Isack now in Tobago. M'' John Rose, Jun"', M'' W" 
Shervington Ex'ors. Witnessed by Richard Hunter, Natha- 
niel Berwick. Before his Excellency Thomas Shirley was 
sworn Richard Hunter 20 Nov. 1786. Recorded 20 Nov. 

Close Roll, 29 Geo. II., Part 13, No. 10. 
ludenture made the 28th Jan. 1755 between George 
Blount of Henley-upon-Thames,co. Oxford, Esq., and Hester 
his wife (late widow and relict of Jacob Thibou the younger, 
formerly of Antigua, but late of London, Esq., deceased, son 
and heir and residuary legatee of .Jacob Thibou the elder, 
late of Antigua, merchant), of the one part, and Thomas 
Jarvis of Antigua, Esq., of the other part. Whereas Jacob 
Thibou the elder made his last will the 28th Nov. 1741 and 
did give to Jacob Thibou his son all residue of his real and 
personal estate, but if Jacob died before 21 or having 
attained to 21 without issue, testator gave all to his daughter 
Rachel, now wife of Thomas Jarvis, and to her heirs for 
ever ; and whereas Jacob Thibou intermarried with Esther, 
and after the marriage attained to 21 and became seised 

R 2 



in tail general of the real estate devised subject to the dower 
of his mother, widow and relict of Jacob Thibou his father, 
now wife of Francis Delap of Antigua, Esq. ; and whereas 
Esther Thibou on the death of her husband became dowable 
in f of the said real estate ; and whereas Stephen Blizard of 
Antigua, Esq., hath in pursuance of authority given him by 
George Blount come to an agreement with Thomas JarvLs 
to lease the dower of Esther to him for her life at the rate 
of £580 currency a year. Now George Blount and Esther 
his wife grant, etc., to Thomas Jarvis all her dower from 
the lands and negros of Jacob Thibou the younger in 
Antigua or in Long Island adjoining, which is by law deemed 
part of Antigua, all which estates are now in the possession 

of Thomas Jarvis in right of Rachel his wife, or by virtue 
of deeds executed by chem since their intermarriage, to have 
and to hold for 99 years if Esther Blount so long lives and 
to determine upon her death, yielding therefore on the Ist 
August yearly £580 currency at the south door of the Court 
House in the town of St. John's free from all taxes, and 
Thomas Jarvis is not to send off any slaves charged with 
the dower of Esther, save from Antigua to Long Island or 
from Long Island to Antigua under a penalty of £50 cuiTency 
for each slave, and lastly George Blount and Esther his wife 
constitute Stephen Blizard and Thomas Warner of Antigua, 
Esquires, and William Warner of Antigua, merchant, their 

^etiisree cif Ci)ii)ou. 


. . . . a chevron between a badger in base and a fleur-de-lis behm 
-Three plumes. 

two mullets in chief. 

LEWIS THIBOU, born in the Province of Orleans, France ; of Charles Town,=rSusan 
South Carolina, merchant, 1683 ; settled at Antigua 1699 ; of Philadelphia 1704 ; I . . . . 
bur. 5 April 1726 at St. John's. 

Gabriel Thibou of^Mary 

Jacob Thibou the elder of St. Jobn's, Antigua,=7=Dorothy, dan. of=p Francis Delap 

Antigua, agent to 
his father 1704 ; 
bur. 1 Sep. 1746 
at St. John's. 
Will dated 1746. 

(? will dated 
13 Nov. and 
sworn 20 
Nov. 1786.) 

merchant, 1707; born 12 Feb. and bapt. 10 
March 1683 at Charles Town, South Carolina; 
mar. 9 June 1705 ; joined the Carabiniers 
1708 ; brother-in-law of Peter Mercier 1732 ; 
bur. 4 Dec. 1741 at St. John's. Will dated 
28 Nov. 1741. 1st husband. 

. . . . Blizard. 

Antigua, mer- 
chant ; mar. 1 
July 1745 at St. 
John's. 2nd 

Gabriel=pMary, dan. 


of . . . 
Nanton ; 
mar. 25 

I I 

John Thibou, 
living 1746. 

Jane Thibou 
(? mar. 30 Jan. 
1736 William 
Coe) ; she liv- 
ing 1786. 

Henry Thibou, 
bapt. 15 Sep. 

Jacob Thibou, 
bapt. 29 May 

Jacob Thibou the younger,=rEsther . . . .=pGeorge Blount, Esq., 

only surviving son and 
heir, bapt. 15 April 1727. 
Will dated 11 May 1747, 
then of Petersham, co. 
Surrey; proved 16 March 
1747. 1st husband. 

28 Nov. 
and bur. 6 
Dec. 1784, 
aet. 59, in 

ster Abbey. 

of Henley-on-Thames, 
mar. 3 Jan. 1753 at 
St. James, West- 
minster ; died 1 July 
and bur. 9 July 1806, 
ffit. 81, in Westminster 
Abbey. 2nd husband. 


John Thibou, William Thibou, 
bapt. 6 Sep. bapt. 9 June 
1744. 1751. 

Isaac Thibou, born 

26 Nov. 1753; bapt. 

27 Aug. 1754. 

Mary Thibou, bapt. 13 
July 1740 ; named in 
the will of her grand- 
father Gabriel 1746. 

I I 

Thibou, Charlotte Thibou, 

bapt. 31 Dec. 1743; bapt. 15 Jan. 

bur. 1 March 1750. 1747. 

1699, Nov. 30. Lewis Tibbau, a Frenchman born in 
the province of Orleance, took the oaths as an alien before 
two J.P.'s. 

Carolinia. I, Jacob, the Son of M' Lewis Thibbou and 
Suisan his Wife, was borne the twelfth of February 1 683 at 
Charles Towne in South Carolina, and was baptized the 
tenth of March following by Joseph Harrison, Minister of 
the Gospell in Charles Towne, Capt" Gardaratt and M" 
Susanna Yairin, God father and God Mother. 

A true Copy from the Registry. Examined this 2°'' 
day of March 1702, p' Thomas Booth (Reg"-). Affidavit of 
Jas. Moore, Esq., GoV of S. Carolina, 24 Mar. 1 70^. 

Indenture dated 30 Aug. 1704. Louis Thibou, formerly 
of Antigua, now of Philadelphia in Pennsilvania, merchant, 
letter of attorney to my son Gabriell Thibou, now bound to 
Antigua. Recorded 12 Oct. 1704. 

1708. Deposition of Jacob Thibou, merchant, and 
constable of St. John's, aged 25. 



Isaac Thibou (? son of Lewis Thibou of Charles Town=pCatherine, dau. of Rev. .James Field, Rector of 
and Susan his wife), died 14 Sep. 1768, ast. 78. St. John's ; bapt. 3 Nov. 1710, and mar. 1 May 
M.I. at St. John's. 17.39 at St. John's. 

James Field Walter Thibou,=rJane Peter Thibou, bapt. 13 William Thibou, Dr. Isaac Field Thi- Rachel Thibou, 

Thibou, bur. bapt. 16 Feb. 
31 Jan. 1741 at St. 

1740. John's ; living 


Ann Thibou, 
bapt. 26 June 
1773 at St. 

Aug. 1748 ; bur. 24 bapt. 8 June bou, witnessed the bapt. 24 Oct. 

May 1750. 1751. [Catherine will of James Hut- 1754 ; died 14 

— widow of William chinson 1788. April 1769, set. 

James Thibou, bapt. 27 Thibou, Esq., 14^. 

April 1746. living 1774.] 

James Doig, mar. 22=pMargaret, dau. of Dr. John Hurst by=rWalter Thibou, Esq., Ex'or 1800 to Mrs. 
Oct. 1787 at St. Margaret his wife ; bapt. 12 Jan. I Ruth Atkinson his first-cousin ; mar. 28 
.John's. 1st husband. 1763 ; bur. 13 Sep. 1837, aet. 75, at Jan. 1808 at St. Mary's. 2nd husband. 
I St. John's. I 

Lewis Thibou (? son of Lewis Thibou of Charles Town=rMary Catherine Fraise, 
and Susan his wife). I mar. 6 Aug. 1702. 

8 Oct. 

Elizabeth^pPeter Thibou.^pJudith Henzell, born at 

.... bur. 
5 Nov. 
Ist wife. 

Gent., bapt. 
1709 ; died 5 
Oct. 1753, ffit. 
44. M.I. at 
St. John's. 

Glass Houses, Newcastle; 
mar. 3 Feb. 1739 ; died 
10 Mayl760, iet.40, and 
M.I. at St. John's. Will 
dated 22 April and sworn 
22 May 1760. 2nd wife. 

I I 

James Thibou, 
bapt. 9 Sep. 

Isaac Thibou, 
bapt. 4 Feb. 

Lewis Isaac Thi- 
bou, bapt. 26 Aug. 

Catherine Thibou, 
bapt. 30 March 

Margaret Thibou, 
bur."2 Oct. 1707. 

Sarah Thibou, 
bapt. 29 Aug. 


James Guilliera Thibou, Elizabeth Thibou, bapt. Peter Henzill Thibou, 

bapt. 25 Sep. 1736 ; bur. 19 April 1738. bapt. 18 Jan. 1742 ; 

19 June 1737. — bur. 20 May 1746. 

— Catherine Sarah Thibou, — 

Mary Thibou, bapt. 5 bapt. 26 Aug. 1739 ; Peregrine Thibou, 

May 1734. bur. 4 May 1740. bapt. 28 Nov. 1744 ; 

living 1760. 


Isaac Thibou, bapt. 22 Elizabeth Thibou, 

Aug. 1746; living living 1760. 
1760. — 

— Margaret Thibou, 

Judith Dunn Thibou, bapt. 30 May 

bapt. 18 June 1741; 1749 ; living 1760. 
living 1760. 

Rachel Thibou, 
mar. 31 May 
1749, at St. 
Paul's, Thomas 
Jarvis, who in- 
herited through 
her " Thibous " 
and " Long 

Dorothy Thibou, 
bapt. 13 Oct. 
1709 ; mar. 1 
July 1727 James 
Doig. He was 
bur. 15 July 1759 
at St. John's. 

Sarah Thibou, bapt. Alice Thibou, bapt. Grace Thibou, bapt. 

30 March 1711 ; 6 Sep. 1719; mar. 17 Dec. 1723 ; mar. 

mar. 2 April 1728 11 April 1737 1 Feb. 1738 Rev. 

Joseph Mathews. Charles Read. Thomas Wilson. 

Ann Thibou, bapt. Elizabeth Thibou, Lydia Thibou, bapt. 

SO Jan. 1714 ; mar. bapt. 21 May 1721 ; 2 Dec. 1724 ; mar. 

Richard Gem. mar. 2 Dec. 1740 15 Jan. 1740 Francis 

Nisbitt Darby. Hanson. 

Amelia Thibou, 
bapt. 28 Dec. 
1728 ; mar. 
April 1744 Dr. 
John Richard- 

Charlotte Thi- 
bou, bapt. 1 Sep. 

1711, Aug. 9. St. Christopher's Census. St. Anne's, 
Sandy Point. Mr. Gabriell Thibou. 1 white male, 1 
female, 1 boy, 3 girls, and 2 slaves. 

1717, Nov. 22. Anguilla Census. Isaac Thiboue. 1 
white man, 1 ditto woman, 1 ditto child ; 3 negros. 

1753, Jan. 2. George Blount, of Henley upon Thames, 
Esq ; to Mrs. Thibou, relict of Jacob Thibou, of Antigua, 
Esq. (' London Mag.,' p. 48.) 

In 1767 Isaac Thibou was rated on 120 acres ; in 1780 
Walter Thibou on 120 acres. 

From a Chancery case at St. John's to be heard 20 May 
1774. Catherine Thibou, widow, and Wilham Thibou, 
Esq., Complainants, v. Benjamin Graham, merchant, 

defendant. On a demurrer. It recites that Catherine Thibou 
being possessed of a plantation in St. John's Parish with 
buildings, slaves, and cattle, by Indenture of demise dated 
10 Dec. 1768, made between her of the 1 part, and Walter 
Thibou, Esq., of the other, assigned her estate to him for 
99 years, at the yearly rent of £700 for the first year 
and £800 a year after. The defendant and one John 
Morrison, late of the island, merchant, deceased, executed 
a bond of £10,000 on 10 Dec. 1768 for the due pay- 
ment of the rents by the defendant. In 1773 Catherine 
Thibou drew bills for £600 in favour of William Thibou 
for an-ears. The bills were not accepted and the defendant 
paid them. 



Parish Register of St. John. 

1706 Sep. 15 Henry S. of Jacob Thibou & Dorothy Mb 


1707 Oct. 8 Lewis S. of Lewis Thibou & Mary Cathe- 

rine his wife. 

1708 Aug. 1 Jane D. of Gabrielle Thibou & Mary his 


1709 Peter y' s. of Lewis Thibou & Catherine 

his wife. 
1709 Oct. 13 Dorothy child of M"- Jacob Thibou & 

Dorothy his wife. 
1711 Mar. 30 Sarah D. of Jacob Thibou & Dorothy his 

1711 Mar. 30 Catherine D. of Lewis Thibou & Catherine 

his wife. 
1714 Aug. 29 Sarah D. of Lewis Thibou, Jn', & his 

1714 Jan. 30 Ann D. of Jacob Thibou & Dorothy his 

1716 May 29 Jacob the s. of Jacob Thibou & Dorothy 

his wife. 
1716 Sep. 9 James s. of Lewis Thibou and Mary his 


1718 Feb. 4 Isaac s. of Lewis Thibou, Jun', & his wife. 

1719 Aug. 26 Lewis Isaac s. of Lewis Thibou & Sarah 

his wife. 

1719 Sep. 6 Alice D. of Jacob Thibou & Dorothy his 


1720 Feb. 26 John s. of Lewis Thibou & Elizabeth his 


1721 May 21 Eliz. the D. of Jacob Thibou & Dorothy 

his wife. 

1722 Aug. 23 Dorothy D. of Isaac Thibou & Eliz*" his 


1723 Dec. 17 Grace D. of Jacob Thibou & Dorothy his 


1723 Jan. 5 Jacob the s. of Isaac Thibou & his wife. 

1724 Dec. 2 Lydia the D. of Jacob Thibou and Dorothy 

his wife. 

1727 April 15 Jacob the s. of Jacob Thibou and Dorothy 

his wife. 

1728 June 9 Fraise the s. of Lewis Thibou and Catha- 

rine his wife. 
1728 Dec. 28 Amelia the D. of M' Jacob Thibou and 
Dorothy his wife. 

1730 April 12 Daniell the s. of Lewis Thibou and Catha- 

rine his wife. 

1731 Sep. 1 Charlotte the D. of Jacob Thibou & 

Dorothy his wife. 

1733 May 21 of Jacob Thibou & Dorothy his wife. 

1734 May 5 Mary the D. of Peter Thibou & Elizabeth 

his wife. 
1736 Sep. 25 James Guilliem the s. of Peter Thibou 
and Elizabeth his wife. 

1738 April 19 Elizabeth y'' D. of Peter Thibou & Eliza- 

beth his wife. 

1739 Aug. 26 Catherine Sarah y"^ I), of Peter Thibou & 

Elizabeth his wife. 

1740 July 13 Mary y D. of Gabriel & Mary Thibou his 


1741 Feb. 16 Walter the s. of Isaac Thibou and Cathe- 

rine his wife. 

1741 June 18 Judith Dunn the D. of Peter Thibou and 

Judith his wife. 

1742 Jan. 18 Peter Hensill the s. of Peter Thibou and 

Judith his wife. 

1743 Nov. 1 Field the s. of Isaac Thibou and Mary his 

1743 Dec. 31 Elizabeth the D. of Gabriel Thibou and 
Mary his wife. 

1744 Sep. 6 John the s. of Gabriel Thibou and Mary 

his wife. 
1744 Nov. 28 Peregrine the s. of Peter Thibou and 

Judith his wife. 
1744 Feb. 2 Thibou the D. of John Thibou and 

Mary his wife. 
1746 April 27 Isaac the s. of Isaac Thibou and Catherine 

his wife. 
1746 April 27 James the s. of Isaac Thibou and Catherine 

his wife. 

1746 Aug. 22 Isaac the s. of Peter Thibou and Judith 

his wife. 

1747 Jan. 15 Chariot the D. of Gabriel Thibou and 

Mary his wife. 

1747 Jan. 25 Catherine the D. of John Thibou, Sn"', 

and Mary his wife. 

1748 Aug. 13 Peter the s. of Isaac Thibou and Catherine 

his wife. 

1749 May 21 Lewis the s. of John Thibou, Sn', and 

Mary his wife. 

1749 May 30 Margaret the D. of Peter Thibou and 
Judith his wife. 

1749 June 18 EUzabeth the D. of John Thibou, Sn'', 
and Mary his wife. 

1751 June 8 William the .S. of Isaac Thibou and Catha- 
rine his wife. 

1751 June 9 William the S. of Gabril Thibou aud Mary 
his wife. 

1751 Oct. 11 Mary the D. of John Thibou, Sen', & 

Mary his wife. 

1752 July 19 John Galiaway the S. of John Thibou & 

Eliz" his wife. 
1754 Aug. 27 Isaac the S. of Gabriel Thibou & Mary his 

wife ; b. November 26"', 1753. 
1754 Oct. 5 Jacob the S. of John Thibou, Sen', and 

Mary his wife ; b. October 5">, 1754. 

1754 Oct. 24 Rachel the D. of Isaac Thibou & Catha- 

rine his wife. 

1755 Mar. 15 Peter Thibou the S. of John Thibou & 

Eliz. his wife. 
1755 Dec. 3 John the S. of John Thibou, Sen-', & Mary 

his wife. 
1758 April 16 Gabriel the S. of John Thibou & Eliz. his 

wife ; b. in Novem' 1757. 
1761 Feb. 15 the D. of John Thibou and Elizabeth 

his wife. 
1766 Jan. 10 Eliz. the d. of John Thibou and Mary his 

1773 June 26 Ann the D. of Walter Thibou & Jane his 

1773 Oct. 24 James the S. of James Thibou, Sen', by 

a Neg. 
1837 Jan. 11 John Watkins s. of John George Watkins 

& Mary Octavia Thibou. S' John's. 


1702 Aug. 6 Lewis Thibou & Mary Catharine Fraise. 
1705 June 9 Jacob Thibou & Dorothy Blissard ; 
by L. 

1727 July 1 James Doig and Dorothy Thibou. L. 

1728 April 2 Joseph Mathews and Sarah Thibou. L. 
1730 July 26 Stephen Baker aud Ann Thibou. L. 
1736 Sep. 25 James Thibou and Mary Guillenne ; by 

L. from Gen' Mathew. 

1736 Jan. 30 William Cue and Jane Thibou; by L. 

from Gen' Mathew. 

1737 April 11 Charles Read and Alice Thibou; by L. 

from Gen' Mathew. 

1737 Mar. 25 Gabriel Thibou & Mary Nanton ; by L. 

from Gen' Mathew. 



1739 May 











































1792 Nov. 22 










1840 May 5 


Oct. 2 


Oct. 22 


July 22 


Sep. 22 


May 27 


Aug. 23 


July 7 


Nov. 24 


April 5 


July 25 


April 15 


Aug. 16 


Oct. 9 


June 19 


Jan. 3 


May 20 


Nov. 5 


Jan. 31 


Dec. 20 


Dec. 4 


April 7 


Mar. 6 


Dec. 13 


April 10 


May 4 


May 20 


Sep. 1 


Mar. 19 


Aug. 14 


Jan. 31 


May 24 


Mar. 1 


Oct. 6 

The Rev"" W Thomas Wilson & Grace 

Thibou ; by L. from Gen' Mathew. 
Isaac Thibou & Catherine Field Thibou ; 

by L. from Gen' Mathew. 
George Morgan & Elizabeth Thibou ; by 

L. from Gen' Mathew. 
Peter Thibou & Judith Henzell ; by L. 

from Gen' Mathew. 
Nisbit Darby & Elizabeth Thibou. 
Francis Hanson & Lydia Thibou. L. 
John Thibou and Mary Wheland. 
Doctor John Richardson & Amelia Thibou. 
Francis Delap, Esq', and Dorothy Thibou. 
John Thibou and Mary Dixon. 
John Thibou and Elizabeth Gallway. 
James Thibou to Thomazin Start. L. 
Joseph Berry to Thomazin Thibou, Widow. 

John Crooke to Elizabeth Thibou. L. 
Thomas Scholar to Mary Thibou. L. 
James Morgan to Catherine Thibou, 

Spinster. L. 
Joseph James Farley to Anna Thibou, 

Spinster. L. 
John Scholes to Rachel Thibou. L. 
John Thibou to Jane Watkins. 
James Byara Thibou, Bach., of this 

Parish, to Louisa Susannah Hill, Spin- 
ster, of this Parish. L. 
Henry Jarvis Thibou, Bach., of this 

Parish, & Mary Maria Hatley of this 

Parish. L. 

Margarett D. of Lewis Thibou & Mary 

Catherine his wife. 
Jane Thibou. 
Ann D. of Lewis Thibou. 
Jacob Thibou. 
Isaac Thibou, a child. 
Dorothy D. of Isaac Thibou. 
Dorothy the D. of Isaiic Thibou. 
M'^ Chariotte Thibou. 
M' Lewis Thibou. 
Henry Thibou. 
M'' Lewis Thibou. 
Mary D. of Peter Thibou. 
M" Mary Thibou. 

James Gnillem y^ S. of Peter Thibou. 
Elizabeth y« wife of Isaac Thibou. 
Isaac Thibou of this Island. 
Elizabeth y** wife of Peter Thibou. 
James Field Thibou s. of Isaac Thibou. 
Mary Thibou wife of James Thibou. 
Jacob Thibou, Merchant. 
Field Thibou, a child. 
Mary Thibou, a child. 
John Thibou, a child of Gab' Thibous. 
Jacob Thibou s. of Isaac Thibou. 
Catherine Sarah Thibou. 
Peter Tliibou s. of Peter Thibou. 
Gabriel Thibou. 
Mary Thibou widow of Gab' Thibou, 

.... Thibou, a child of Isaac Thibou. 

Thibou wife of John Thibou. 

Peter Thibou s. of Isaac Thibou, from the 

Elizabeth Thibou, a Child of Gabriel 

Peter Thibou. 


Mar. 2 

John Gallwey Thibou, a Child. 


April 19 

Peter Tyson Thibou, a Child. 


April 20 

Gabriel Thibou (a Child). 


May 11 

Judith Thibou. 


Oct. 1 

John Thibou. 


July 21 

Gabriel Thibou. 


June 28 

Cathrine Thibou. C. 


Aug. 8 

Rebecca Thibou. C.P. 


Feb. 23 

Eliz. Thibou. Child. 


Sep. 15 

Isaac Thibou, aged 80 years. C? C.l 


April 15 

Rachel Thibou. C.P. 


Sep. 14 

John Thibou. P. 


Mar. 28 

Mary Thibou. 


June 15 

James Thibou, Sen. 


Feb. 14 

Rachel Thibou. 


Aug. 6 

Peregrine Thibou. 


Dec. 6 

William Thibou. 


Sep. 2 

Catherine Thibou. 


Sep. 25 

Elizabeth Thibou. 


May 25 

William Thibou. 


Nov. 17 

Mary Thibou. 


Jan. 5 

James Thibou. 


Sep. 13 

Margaret Thibou. S' John's. 75. 


July 5 

Mary Ann Thibou. S' John's. 54 

Parish Register of St. Philip. 


1741 Mar. 9 James Thibou to Rebeckah Parry ; by L. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 


1749 May 31 Thomas Jarvis, Esq"", and M" Rachael 

Thibou ; by L. 
1835 Feb. 16 Charles Thwaites of S' Philip's, widower, 
& Rebecca Thibou, Spr. ; by L. 

Parish Register of St. Mary. 
1808 Jan. 28 Walter Thibou, Esq% to Margaret Doig, 

Register of Westmin.ster Abbey. 


1784 Dec. 6 M" Esther Blount ;• died Nov. 28'^ aged 

59 : in the West Cloister. 
1806 July 9 George Blount, Esq. ;t died the 1^', aged 

81 : in the West Cloister. 
1847 Mar. 26 George-Lane Blount ;| 84 Baker Street, 
Portman Square ; died the 19"^, aged 
91 : in the West Cloister. 

* Wife of George Blount, Esq. (see his burial 9 July 1806), to 
whom married, at S' James, Westminster, 3 Jan. 1753, as Esther 
Thibou, of that parish, widow. See her sou's burial 26 Mch. 1847. 

t See his wife's burial 6 Dec. 1784. In their marriage allega- 
tion at the Faculty Office, dated 1 Jan, 1753, he was described as of 
Henley-on-Thames, co, Oxford, a bachelor, aged twenty-eight. His 
will, as of Pail-Mall, S' James, Westminster, Esq,, dated 7 Mch. 
1795, was proved 23 Dec. 1806 by his eldest son, George-Lane 
Blount, residuary legatee. To his youngest son, John-Burrell 
Blount, he gave all his investments in the five per cent, annuities. 
His only other bequests were fifty guineas to M' Hugh Rowland, of 
S' James's Palace, Gent,, and to two servants. See his son's burial 
26 Mch. 1847. 

I Eldest son of George Blount, Esq, (see his burial 9 July 1806), 
by Esther his wife (see her burial 6 Dec, 1784). He was born 22 
Sep., and baptized at S' Margaret's, Westminster, 20 Oct. 1756. His 
will, dated 22 Aug. 1844, was proved 19 Apl. 1847 by his cousin 
John-Henry Belli, Esq,, and James-Gascoigne Lyude, Esq,, the 
former being his principal legatee. The Funeral Book says that he 
died in his ninety-first year, and adds : " This was the First Cloister 
Funeral that the corpse was taken into the Abbey, and the whole 
of the Funeral Service read over, previous to its interment. 

(Colonel Chester's ' Registers of Westminster Abbey,') 



St. .John's Churchyard. 

Here lyeth the Body 

of PETER . . IBOU who Departed this 

life the S"" of October 1753 Aged 44 

years and 10 Months 

Here lyeth also the Body of 

JUDITH his Wife who was born 

at the Glafs-houfes near Newcastle 

upon Tyne and Departed this Life 

the 10* of May 1760 Aged 40 Years 

This stone was Erected to her memory 


On a ledger over altar-tomb : — 

Arms : . . . . a chevron, in base a badger, in chief a fleur- 
de-lis between two mullets .... 

Crest : Three plumes over wreath mid helmet. 
Here lies the Body of 

who departed this life 

the 14 of September 1768 

in the 79*'' Year of his Age. 

His Daughter RACHELL is Alfo 

Interred in the fame Vault who at the 

tender Age of 14 Years and 6 Months 

Finifhed Her courfe of Life 

the 14 of April 1769. 

(Six lines follow, by which it appears that h( 
survived her.) 

In 1872 Dr. Jessee W. Thibou, M.R.C.S.E., was Medical 
OflBcer of St. John's Parish, member of Assembly for St. 
John's Division, and owner of " Briggins " of 440 acres. 
The Hon. James B. Thibou was also member of Assembly 
for St. John's City, and owner of " St. Clare " in St. John's 
Parish of 384 acres. 

ifamtlp oi %\)mm%. 

Edward Thomas of Antigua. Will dated o Oct. 1694. 
To my wife Patience Thomas a negro & a horse. All est. to 
my goddau. Ann White, dau. of my present wife. M' Jas. 
Parke & Nath. Crump Ex'ors in Trust. Witnessed by 
John Kerr, Henry Walden, Thomas Morton. Sworn 22 and 
recorded 23 Sep. 1698. By the Deputy Governor Sep. ye 
22, 1698, Captain John Ker and Mr. Thomas Morton, 
persons of good fame and respect, swore to the will before 
John Yeamans, Esq. Recorded 23 Sep. 1698. Recorded 
from attested copy Jan. 1756. 

William Thomas, late of Antigua, now in London. Will 
dated 20 Aug. 1718,4 Geo. ; proved 28 Nov. 1718 (testator 
was late of Bushey Hall, co. Herts, but died in the parish of 
St. Christopher, London) by Hon. Colonel Edward Byam 
and Daniel McKenin, and by George Thomas the nephew by 
a brother residuary legatee. (227 Tenison.) To my wife 
Anne Thomas £500 & £400 a year so long as she remains 
my widow, only £100 a year if she marry, also all plate, 
household goods, chariot & horses. If she reside in Antigua 
I give her the use of 100 acres called " Barnes " adjoining 
M"" Francis Carlil's, & the use of 20 negros & 5 slaves called 
Benaba, Sipio, Beck, Deda, & little Dick. To my loving 
nephew W™ M'^Kenin £1000. To my niece Jane M'Kenin 
£500 at 18 or in lieu 100,000 lbs. of Muscovado. To my 
grandniece Alice Carlile £500 at 18 or 100,000 lbs. To 
my grandnephew & godson Francis Carlile a silver punch 
bowl to cost £120 to be filled with punch & given to him at 
his house in Antigua on his attaining 21. To my niece 
Lydia Byam £1000 at 16. To my nephew W™ Thomas 
Martin £500 at 26 & £50 a year till then if he reside so 
long in G' Britain. To my nephew Francis Byame £200 
for an apprentice fee & £500 when he becomes free of his 
apprenticeship. To my nephew Sam' Thomas £200 when 
free of his apprenticeship. To my nephew Edwi Thomas 
£200 to be paid him in Bristol when ft-ee of his apprentice- 
ship. To my nephew W" Thomas 50,000 lbs. To Anne 
Stuteville for her honest & faithful service £600 & £100 a 
year. My loving brother the Hon. Col. EdW Byame & D' 
Daniel M'=Kcnin Ex'ors, giving them £50 c. apiece. All 
residue of my personal & all my real estate to my nephew 
Geo. Thomas, his heirs male, with remainder to W"' Tho- 
mas, my nephew W" Mi^Kenin, M"- Francis Byame, my sister 

Eliz. M'Kenin, the heirs male & female of Lidia Biam. 
Witnessed by Joseph Matcham, Samuel Clarke, Sarah Clarke, 
Thomas Tryon. Recorded at St. John's in Libro " Q." 

William Thomas, jun. Will dated 1 May 1728. To 
my wife £100 c. & negros. All residue to my son W"' & 
his heirs, then to my brother Geo. Thomas. To my dau. 
Eliz"' Thomas £500 c. & if her brother die £500 c. more. 
My brother George, W°» Yeamans, Esq., Cap' W"" Mac- 
kinnen, & Cap' W"" Lavington Ex'ors. £500 to any child 
my wife may go with at my decease. Witnessed by Mary 
Lavington, Elizabeth MacKinen, Joshua Archibould. Before 
Edward Byam, Esq., were sworn Joshua Archibould, Eliza- 
beth MacKinen, 16 Jan. 1728-9. 

Edward Thomas, late of Antigua, now of Barbuda. Will 
dated 27 May 1749. If I die here to be buried by my 
nephew Geo. Thomas. All my estate to my wife Ann, my 
son W"", & my dau. Eliz"' equally. M'' Rob' Bannister of 
Parham, M"' John Addis of Barbuda, & M' Edw'' .... 
(Evanson) of Guana Ex'ors. Witnessed by William Home, 
George Lucas, .... Belt. By William Mathew, Esq., was 
sworn George Lucas, Esq., 27 June 1749. Recorded 9 Feb. 

Walter Sydserfe,* late of Antigua, now of Dean Street, 
St. Ann's, Westminster. Will dated 16 May 1759 ; proved 
1 April 1760 by William Thomas, Esq. ; power reserved to 
Richard Oliver the elder, Esq., William Garratt, and Walter 
Tulledeph, Esq. (170 Lynch.) £8000 among the younger 
children of my dau. Marg' Thomas at 15. All residue to 
my dau. Marg', wife of W°' Thomas of Yapton, co. Sussex, 
Esq. Rich'' Oliver, sen', of Low Layton, Esq., my son-in- 
law Wi™ Thomas, Esq., & my brother-in-law W"" Garrat of 
Antigua, Gent., Ex'ors. Witnessed by John Hogarth, 
T. Rhodes, H. Leightheiser. Recorded also in the Registrar's 
Office, St. John's, 19 Nov. 1760. 

Codicil dated 20 Jan. 1760. Walter Tulledepli of Dun- 
dee, Esq., also Ex'or. Witnessed by John Hogarth, Thomas 

* He wa3 born 1692, son of John Sydserf of Dunbar, merchant, 
who was third son of Alexander Sydserf of Ruchlaw, co. Haddington. 
He registered his arms 1740. 



Philip Thomas of Antigua. Will dated Dec. 17G1. 
To my nephew Philip Thomas, s. of Geo. Thomas, dec"", my 
gold headed cane & 5s., nothing further. To my neph. 
John Lindsay, jun'", my case of pistols & my long gnn. All 
residue to my wife .Jehodan Thomas. .She & her bro. M"' 
John Davis Ex'ors. Witnessed by Dugald Campbell, Kean 
Osborne. Before Governor George Thomas was sworn Kean 
Osborne 20 Jan. 17G3. Recorded 10 Jan. 17(J4. 

William Thomas of Antigua. Will dated 17 Aug. 1762. 
To my sister Eliz"' Thomas all my estate. My friends W" 
M'=Kinen, W"> Maxwell, Rob* Christian, Sam' Elliot, Esq™, 
& my sister, Ex'ors. Witnessed by Elizabeth Eraser, Lydia 
Charity Mackinen, Edward Home. By Governor Thomas 
was sworn Edward Home 23 Sep. 1762. Recorded 12 Nov. 

Sir George Thomas, late Captain-General and Governor- 
in-Chief of H.M. Leeward Charibbee Islands, now of Yapton 
Place, and Ration, co. Sussex, Bart. Will dated 29 April 1773; 
proved 20 Feb. 1775 by Sir William Thomas, Bart., Richard 
Oliver, Richard Neave, and Gibbs Crawfurd ; power reserved 
to Arthur Freeman, Thomas Warner, Francis Farley, and 
George White, Esquires. (74 Alexander.) To my Ex'ors 
£4000 for my dau. Lydia White for life, then to her son 
Geo. White & his heirs. To my Ex'ors £4000 for my dau. 
Marg' Freeman & her children. To my Ex'ors £6000 for 
my dau. Eliz. Thomas for life, then to my dau. Marg' Free- 
man & her children. To each of ray 3 dans. £100 for 
mourning. To my dear sister Eliz. Dunbar £50. To my 
grandson Geo. White £50 for a ring. I am empowered by 
the articles made on the marriage of my son W™ Thomas, 
Esq., with the dau. of D-- Walter Sydserfe to charge £4000 
on the New North Sound estate, which I conveyed to him, 
& I give this sum to the daus. of my said son equally, but 
not to be raised till 1 year after my grandson Geo. come 
into the estate. My cook Roque Ferdiuaudo to be free & 
to have £20 a year. All residue of my personal estate to 
my son W"" Thomas. All my manors & lands in England 
& all my plantations, slaves, etc., in Antigua to my son W"' 
for life, then to my son-in-law Arthur Freeman of Antigua, 
Esq., Tho. Warner, Esq., Attorney-Gen' of the Leeward 
Islands, Francis Farley, now living in Antigua, Esq., Rich'' 
Oliver, Alderman of the City of London, Esq., Rich*" Neave 
of London, merch', & Gibbs Crawfurd of Saint Hill, co. 
Sussex, Esq., in trust for the following purposes : — My 
ilatton estate near Bourne which I lately purchased of Sam' 
Durrant of Lewes to my grandson Inigo Freeman, son of 
my dau. Marg' Freeman, & his heirs in tail male, & in 
default to her 2'" son Geo. Thomas Freeman, etc., then to 
my grandson Geo. White, son of my dau. Lydia White, & 
his heirs male. My lands in Yapton, Warburton,Climping, 
Slindon, Little Hampton, etc., for my grandson Geo. White 
& his heirs male, then to my grandson Inigo Freeman, then 
to Geo. Tho. Freeman. My Antiguan estates to Geo. Tho. 
Freeman & his heii-s male, then to Inigo Freeman, then to 
Geo. White. In default of issue in any of the above cases 
all my estates to my 3 daus. equally. My reason for not 
making any provision in this my will for my grandson 
Geo. Thomas is on account of his marriage with a foreign 
woman. My grandsons who may be heirs to my estates to 
take my name & use my coat of arms. Power to grant 
leases for 21 years. To my cook Roque Ferdinando 15 gs., 
& a year's wages to my other servants. My son-in-law Arthur 
Freeman, Tho. Warner, W" Thomas, Geo. White, Rich'' 
Oliver, Rich'' Neave, & Gibbs Crawfurd, Esq«% Ex'ors, & 
give them 10 gs. each. Witnessed by George Tilsley, 
Charles Sawyer, Francis Ellis. 

Codicil. Proved 13 Sep. 1777 by Sir William Thomas, 
Bart., the son, Richard Oliver, Richard Neave, and Gibbs 


Crawfurd, Esquires ; power reserved to the others. (401 
Collier.) Sir George Thomas, Bart. Heads of a codicil to 
my will which is in the hands of Gibbs Crawfurd, Esq. 
The land purchased of the heirs of Pellett to go to the heirs 
of my Ratton estate. In case of the death of my son W^^ 
Thomas before me my grandsons Geo. White & Inigo Free- 
man to be my residuary legatees, & in case of nonage of the 
latter my Ex'ors to act in trust for him. To my granddau. 
Lydia Frances Freeman who has been brought up in my 
house & maintained by me £1000 at 20. On 12 April 1776 
were sworn AVilliam Hunter of Yapton, co. Sussex, Gent., & 
George Dunbar of St. George, Bloomsbury, Esq. ; testator 
was of St. George, Hanover Square, and died Dec. 1774. 

Sir William Thomas of New Norfolk Street, St. George, 
Hanover Square, Bart. Will dated 26 June 1777 ; proved 

2 .Jan. 1778 by William Roe, and Michael Lovell, Esquires ; 
power reserved to Thomas Oliver, Arthur Freeman, Francis 
Farley, and Langford Lovell, Esquires. (41 Hay.) £4000 
each to my 2 daus. Mary & Lydia Thomas. To my grand- 
son Geo. Lyons £1000. To my grandson W"" Roe £1000. 
To M"-' Frances Giles of 52 Marg' Str., Cavendish Sq., £500 
& confirm the settlement made to her by a clause in the 
marriage settlements with my late wife Margin. I charge 
my North Sound estate in Antigua with £4000 for my 

3 daus. Susannah Roe, Mary Thomas, & Lydia Thomas. 
To M^ W"" Hunter 100 gs. £42 each to my servant Allan 
Mason & his wife Mary. £10 each to 5 servants & 5 gs. 
apiece to 2 others. To M'''' Frances Williams, late Thomas, 
now wife of John Mongroe Williams, l.s. for her undutiful 
behaviour. All my plate, china, & furniture (except that 
at Ratton which I give to my nephew Inigo Freeman), 
books, carriages, & horses to be sold. All residue to my 
only son Geo. Thomas & his heirs male. My son-in-law 
W"' Rue, Tho. Oliver, & Michael Lovell, merch'^ in London, 
& Arthur Freeman, Esq., Francis Farley & Langford Lovell, 
Esq"', of Antigua, Ex'ors. To be buried at Yapton near 
my late wife. On 29 Dec. 1777 was sworn William Roe 
of St. Mary le boune, Esq. Testator died at Bath. On 
30 Dec. 1777 was sworn Thomas Dawson of Walnut Tree 
Walk, St. Mary, Lambeth, Gent., and Hugh Wilson of 
Hart Street in St. Olave, Hart Street, Gent. 

Close Roll, 34 Geo. II., Part 11, Nos. 10 and H. 
Indenture made the 17th June 1760 between William 
Thomas of Yapton, co. Sussex, Esq., and Margaret his wife 
(only daughter, heir-at-law, and devisee named in the will 
of Walter Sydeserfe, formerly of Antigua, but late of Dean 
Street in the parish of St. Ann, Westminster, Esq., deceased), 
of the one part, and Richard Oliver the younger of London, 
merchant (son-in-law of Richard Oliver of Low Layton, 
Essex, E.sq.), of the other part, witnesseth that in considera- 
tion of OS. William Thomas and Margaret his wife grant 
to Richard Oliver the younger all that plantation late the 
estate of Walter Sydeserfe containing 450 acres in the 
parish of St. Jolin's and division of Five Islands, bounded 
E. with the Flushes and the ponds called tiie Salt Ponds, 
late of Walter Sydeserfe, and part of Five Island Harbour, 
W. with the plantation belonging to the Hon. George 
Thomas, Esq., Captain-General and Commander-in-Chief, 
and the plantation now or late belonging to Duncan Grant, 
Esq., N. with the plantation late of James Gamble, deceased, 
and now of Edward Otto-Bayer, Esq., and S. with the sea, 
and also all that other plantation of Walter Sydeserfe con- 
taining 120 acres in the parish of St. Philip and division 
of Belfast, bounded E. with the plantation now or late 
belonging to William Garratt, Esq., W. with the plantations 
late of John Jefferson, and also another plantation late 
belonging to Joseph and Benjamin Wickham, N. with the 
plantation late belonging to John Myers [Mayer] and 



another plantation late of Benjamin Hull, and S. with the 
plantations late of Philip Lyddit [Ledeat] and now of 
Kobert Gray, and also all negros and slaves and horses, 
asses, mules, and cattle for one whole year, and William 
Thomas and Margaret his wife appoint Patrick Grant, 
William Garratt, and William Thomas, all of Antigua, 
Esquires, their Attorneys. Henry Wilmot, John Lancaster, 

No. 10. 
Indenture tripartite made the 18th June 1760 between 
William Thomas and Margaret his wife, of the 1st part, 
Richard Oliver the younger, of the 2nd part, and Patrick 
Grant of Antigua, M.D., of the 3rd part, witnesseth that 
for docking and barring all estates tail and remainders, etc., 
and in consideration of 5s. paid to William and Margaret 
Thomas by Richai-d Oliver, they grant to him in his actual 
possession being all those plantations, etc. (as in No. 11), in 
trust to the use of Patrick Grant for 99 years, and subject 
thereto to the use of William Thomas and his assigns for 
life, and after his death to Margaret Thomas for life, and 
at her death, and charged as she shall appoint, to George 
Thomas, son of William and Margaret, and to preserve the 
contingent remainders to his sous, and for default to all 
daughters of William and Margaret Thomas equally as 
tenants in common and to their heirs, and if but one to her 
and her heirs, and failing all to the right heirs of Margaret 
Thomas for ever ; and as to the 99 years to Patrick Grant in 
trust yearly during the life of William Thomas and Mar- 
garet to raise £600 a year from the rents and pay it as 
Margaret Thomas shall appoint, and failing her appointment 
into her own proper hands. 

Close Roll, 42 Geo. III., Part 3, Nos. 17 and 18. 
Indenture made the 1st Feb. 1802 between Sir George 
Thomas of Dale Park, co. Sussex, Bart., and Dame Sophia 
his wife and William Lewis George Thomas his son and 
heir apparent, of the one part, and Andrew Edwards of 
Antigua, Esq., of the other part, witnesseth that in con- 
sideration of 5s. Sir George Thomas, Dame Sophia, and 
William Lewis George Thomas convey to Andrew Edwards 
all that plantation of 286 acres 3 roods and 28 perches in 
the parish of St. Philip and division of Belfast in Antigua, 
bounded as to 266 acres 2 roods and 37 perches, part 
thereof, E. by the lands of John Mayor, but now of Walter 
Colquhoun, N. by the lands of the said John Mayor and 
now of Walter Colquhoun and the lands heretofore of 
Anthony Garratt, deceased, but now of John Taylor, and 
the lands late of Robert Jeaffresou, but now of John Taylor, 
and S. with the lauds heretofore of Joseph Wickham, 
deceased, but now of John Yeates, and the lands late of 
John Gray, deceased ; and as to 28 acres and 31 perches, 
other part thereof, E., W., and S. by the lands of John 
Mayor, but now of Walter Colquhoun, and N. with land 
late of Christopher Bethell, deceased, but now of ... . 
Codrington, and the land late of James Grant, but now of 
the said John Taylor, together with the dwelling house and 
all those 142 negros, mulattos, and other slaves (names 
given), and also 1 bull, 14 oxen, 4 steers, 1 heifer, 4 bull 
and 3 cow calves, 7 cows, 12 mules, and 4 horned cattle, 
and also all that parcel of land containing 60 acres in the 
said parish and division, bounded E. by country lands, W. 
by country lands and the lands late of John Ledeatt, 
deceased, N. by country lands and lands late of Thomas 
Montgomery, deceased, and S. by country lands and the sea, 
for one whole year, and they constitute the Hon. Thomas 
Norbury Kerby and John Burke of Antigua, Esq., their 
Attorneys. Robert lllake, Robert Sandham, Richard Wil- 
kins of Dale Park, Gent., George Mant, Attorney-at-Law, 
Arundel, Sussex, Charles Beere, 5 Fetter Lane, John Call 
Manfield, Dorchester, Dorset, Gent., witnesses. 

No. 17. 
Indenture made the 2nd Feb. 1802 between Sir George 
Thomas and Dame Sophia his wife, of the 1st part, William 
Lewis George Thomas, only son and heir apparent, of the 
2nd part, Thomas Edwards of Antigua, Esq., of the 3rd 
part, and Andrew Edwards of Antigua, Esq., of the 4th 
part. Whereas by articles of agreement made at the town 
of St. John in Antigua, dated the 19th Jan. 1801, between 
Sir George Thomas and William Lewis George Thomas, by 
the Hon. Thomas Norbury Kerby their Attorney, of the 
one part, and Thomas Edwards, of the other part, Sir 
George Thomas and his son agree to sell to Thomas 
Edwards and his heirs in fee simple a plantation therein 
described for the price of .£22,000, to be paid as follows : 
£2000 on the 20th Jan., on which day possession should be 
given, and £6000 on the 1st August then next ensuing, 
and the residue as therein mentioned, in trust for 5000 
years to Thomas Norbury Kerby (?) to secure the payment ; 
and whereas Thomas Edwards did pay the £2000 and 
entered upon the plantation and has since paid the £6000. 
Now this Indenture witnesseth that in consideration of the 
£2000, and the £6000, and the term of 5000 years, and of 
20s. each, Sir George Thomas and William Lewis George 
Thomas grant to Andrew Edwards in his actual possession 
being all that plantation (as in No. 18) in trust for Thomas 
Edwards and his heirs for ever. 

Close Roll, 43 Geo. III., Part 8, No. 3. 
Indenture made the 29th July 1803 between William 
Lewis George Thomas (only son and heir apparent of Sir 
George Thomas of Dale Park, co. Sussex, Bart.), and 
Ehzabeth Lucretia Thomas his wife, of the 1st part, 
Thomas Edwards of Antigua, Esq., of the 2nd part, and 
Andrew Edwards of Antigua, Esq., of the Srd part. 
Whereas at the time of making the aforesaid Indentures of 
1 and 2 Feb. 1802 (recited), William Lewis George Thomas 
was married, for more surely conveying the said plantation 
and slaves, etc., Elizabeth Lucretia Thomas his wife might 
claim therein, Thomas Edwards has requested them to 
convey. Now this Indenture witnesseth that in pursuance 
of the agreement and in consideration of 20s. William Lewis 
George Thomas and Elizabeth Lucretia Thomas his wife 
grant to Andrew Edwards all their interest in the said 
plantation and slaves, and lastly they appoint the Hon. 
Thomas Norbury Kerby, Esq., and John Burke, Esq., both 
of Antigua, their Attorneys. 

Close Roll, 55 Geo. III., Part 9, Nos. 13 and 14. 
Indenture made the 8th June 1815 between Sir William 
Lewis George Thomas of Dale Park, Sussex, Bart., of the 
one part, and Robert Blake of Essex Street, Strand, Gent., 
of the other part, witnesseth that in consideration of 5s. Sir 
William Lewis George Thomas grants and confirms to 
Robert Blake all that plantation in the division of Old 
North Sound, sometime called Thomas's Hill, and now 
known by the name of Colonel Thomas's North Sound 
Plantation, and also the mansion house thereon, as com- 
prised and conveyed in and by Indentures made the 2nd 
and Srd April 1766, the release being of six parts between 
George Thomas, Esq., of the 1st part, William Thomas his 
eldest son and heir apparent, of the 2nd part, Walter 
Tullideph, Esq., of the 3rd part, Stephen Blizard, Esq., of 
the 4th part, Patrick Grant, Esq., of the 5th part, and 
Samuel Martin, Thomas Warner, and William Warner, 
Esquires, of the 6th part, save and except such parts as in 
1801 were sold by Sir George Thomas, Bart., deceased, and 
Sir William Lewis George Thomas to Thomas Edwards, 
then of Antigua, Esq., and all negros and other slaves, 
horses, mules, cows, oxen, sheep, cattle, and stock whatso- 
ever for one whole year. Richard White, Essex Street, 
John Goble Blake, Essex Street, witnesses. 



No. 13. 
Indenture made the 9th June 1815 between Sir William 
Lewis George Thomas, Dame Elizabeth Lucretia his wife, 
of the one part, and Robert Blake, of the other part. 
Whereas by Indentures made the 2nd and 8rd April 1766 
(as in No. 14) all that plantation together with the mansion 
house and slaves (as in No. 14) were settled to the use of 
George Thomas the elder and his assigns for life, and to the 
use of Samuel Martin and Thomas and William Warner 
during his life in trust to support tiie contingent remainders, 
to the use of Stephen Blizard for 99 years, to the use of 
William Thomas for life and to preserve the contingent 
remainders, to the use of Patrick Grant for 100 years, to 
the use of George Thomas, afterwards Sir George Thomas 
(son of William Thomas by Margaret Thomas his late wife), 
for life, to the use of Samuel Martin and Thomas and 
William Warner to support the contingent remaindei-s to 
the first and other sons of Sir George Thomas, the trusts of 
99 and 100 years are either satisfied or become incapable of 
taking effect ; and whereas Sir William Lewis George Tho- 
mas is the only son of Sir Cieorge Thomas, and he and 
Dame Elizabeth Lucretia his wife are desirous of barring 
the estate tail and of settling the plantation, etc., freed from 
it and from the dower of Dame Elizabeth Lucretia, to the 
uses to be expressed. Now this Indenture witnesseth that 
in consideration of 10s. Sir William Lewis George Thomas 
and Dame Elizabeth Lucretia his wife grant to Robert 
Blake in his actual possession being all that plantation (as 
in No. 14) in trust fur such persons as Sir William Lewis 
George Thomas shall appoint, and so far as his appointment 
shall not extend to the use of him and his assigns for life, 
and after his death to his heirs, and lastly Sir William 
Lewis George Thomas and Dame Elizabeth Lucretia consti- 
tute IblanJc] of Antigua their Attorneys. 

Close Roll, 6 Geo. IV., Part 9, Nos. 17 and 18. 
Indenture made the 1st March 182.") between Sir William 
Lewis George Thomas of Cowes, Isle of Wight, Bart, (only 
son of Sir George Thomas, late of Dale Park, Susses, Bart., 
deceased, who was the only son of Sir William Thomas, 
formerly of Yapton, Sussex, Bart., deceased), and Dame 
Elizabeth Lucretia his wife, of the 1st part. Dame Sophia 
Thomas of Madehurst Lodge, Sussex (widow of Sir George 
Thomas, deceased), of the 2nd part, and Richard White of 
Essex Street, Strand, Gent., of the 3rd part. Whereas by 
virtue of Indentures made the 17th and 18th June 1760 (see 
ante) ; and whereas Sir William Thomas and Margai-et his 
wife both died before 1780, and Margaret did not in any 
way exercise her power ; and whereas by an Indenture made 
the 18th June 1781 between Sir George Thomas, of the one 
part, and John Montagu and the said Dame Sophia Thomas, 
then Sophia Montagu, spinster, of the other part, being the 
settlement previous to and in consideration of a marriage 
between Sir George Thomas and Sophia Montagu, which 
was shortly after solemnized, it was witnessed that in con- 
sideration of the marriage Sir George Thomas by virtue of 
the power contained in the said recited Indenture of the 
18th June 1760 did appoint the said plantation to the use 
of Dame Sophia for life, and in bar of dower, but Dame 
Sophia might accept the yearly sum of £200 in commutation 
of the rents ; and whereas Sir George Thomas departed this 
life in May 1815 leaving Sir William Lewis George Thomas 
only son and heir-at-law and Dame Sophia him surviving ; 
and whereas Sir William Lewis George Thomas and Dame 
Elizabeth Lucretia his wife are desirous of barring the 
estate tail created in part by the said recited Indenture of 
Settlement, and of conveying the plantation, etc., freed 
from all right and title of dower of Dame Elizabeth 
Lucretia, to Richard White in trust, and to enable Sir Wil- 
liam Lewis George Thomas to make the said conveyance 

Dame Sophia Thomas hath agreed to join. Now this 
Indenture witnesseth that for barring and destroying the 
estate tail of Sir William Lewis George Thomas and all 
other estates tail, and the right or title of dower of Dame 
Elizabeth Lucretia, and in consideration of 10s., Sir William 
Lewis George Thomas and Elizabeth Lucretia his wife and 
Dame Sophia Thomas grant to Richard White all that 
plantation containing 450 acres in the parish of St. John 
and division of Five Islands, bounded E. with the flushes 
and lands called the Salt Ponds and part of Five Island 
Harbour, W. with lands formerly belonging to Sir George 
Thomas, great-gi-andfather of Sir William Lewis George 
Thomas, and certain other land belonging to Duncan Grant, 
Esq., N. with the plantations formerly of James Gambell, 
deceased, and afterwards of Edward Otto-Baijer, Esq., and 
S. with the sea, and all other lands, etc., comprised in the 
said settlement and all negros in trust to reconvey, and they 
appoint, etc., John Billinghurst of Antigua and [bhnk] 
their Attorneys. W. P. Shuckburgh, 14 Essex Street, clerk 
to Messrs. Blake, Wliite, Ainge, and Blake, John Goater, 
waiter, George Inn, Winchester, 

No. 17. 
Indenture made the 2nd March 1825 between Richard 
Wiiite, of the 1st part, Dame Sophia Thomas, of the 2nd 
part, Sir William Lewis George Thomas, of the 3rd part, 
and John Goble Blake of Essex Street, Strand, Gent., of 
the 4th part, witnesseth that in performance of the trust 
reposed in him Richard White grants and conveys to John 
Goble Blake all that plantation, etc. (as in No. 18), in trust 
for Sir William Lewis George Thomas and his heirs and 
assigns for ever. 

Chra 1667. Roger Thomas, 13 acres at Willoughby 
Bay bought of Mary Townsend ye daughter of James 
Townsend, deceased, and 13 acres as administrator to his 
partner George Williams, deceased, who bought it of said 
Mary Townsend 8 July 1665. (Book of Claims.) 

1667, March 24. Lieut. William Thomas, 100 acres at 
Old North Sound by warrant ; surveyed 4 Aug. 1668. 

1C68. Lieut. William Thomas, patent for 122* acres 
at Old North Sound. 

1670, March 7. Deposition of William Thomas, aged 
about 30. 

William Thomas was appointed liy Commission of H.M. 
Customs, dated 10 Jan. 1673, Collector of all rates as per 
Act of Parliament, 25 Charles II., an Act for the Encourag- 
ment of the Eastland and Greenland trades and for the 
better securing the Plantation, trade, etc., and promises to 
remit all the said rates to Richard Mounting, Esq., H.M. 
Cashier-General of the Customs and Stores, to Guy Moles- 
worth, Esq., H.M. Storehouse- Keeper in the port of London. 
31 July 1674. 

1674. Roger Thomas, 10 acres Ijought of Colonel 
Nathaniel Clarke ; surveyed 10 July. 

1675, April 11. Captain William Thomas, 25 acres 
granted by Governor Warner, also " Bird," now called 
George Island ; surveyed 12 June. Delivered to him 
according to ye ancient custom of England with turff and 

1677, March 27. Edward Thomas, 50 acres by Gover- 
nor Warner ; surveyed Aug. 

1678, Nov. 4. Edward Thomas, 180 acres by Colonel 
James Vaughan ; survej'ed April 1680. 

1679, Nov. 15. Edward Thomas and Elizabeth his 
wife, widow of Thomas Reynolds, sell 25 acres to William 
Coomes, planter, and the latter sells 20 acres to Mr. John 

1680, By Indenture dated 6 Oct. Anna Thomas, wife 
of Captain William Thomas, gives to her husband her plan- 
tation and negros in North Sound Division. 

s 2 




Arms. — Argent, three lions rampant gules, a chief azure. 
Crest. — A demi-lion rampant gules. 
Motto. — Honesty is the best policy. 

WILLIAM THOM.^S of Antigua, Esq., granted 100 acres in 16fi7 ;=rl'ydia, dau. of Tomlinson ; 

set. 30 in lfi70 ; Lieut, and Member of Council 1G71 ; Captain 1672 ; mar. at St. Augustine's, Bristol. 
Collector of Customs 1673 ; Major 1682 ; living 1690. 

William Thomas of Antigua, Esq.,Member=pAnn .... conveyed 
of Assembly 1708, later Member of Council, her estate to her 
Will dated 20 Aug. and proved 28 Nov. husband in 1680 ; 
1718 (227 Tenison), of Bushey Hall, co. living 1718. 
Herts, but at St. Christopher's, London, 1 


Colonel George Thomas,=j=Sarah, only dau. and heir 
Member of Assembly for of Joseph Winthrop (2nd 
Five Islands 1700, and , son of Governor Samuel 
for Bermudian Valley Winthrop of Antigua) ; 
1706 ; died 13 and bur. he died 1679. 
14 May 1707 at St. 

Sir George Thomas, 1st Bart., of Antigua, later of Yapton and Ratton, co. Sussex,=pElizabeth, dau. of Captain John King ; 
heir to his uncle William 1718 ; Governor of Pennsylvania 1738 ; Governor of \ mar. 18 April 1717 at St. Philip's; died 
Leeward Islands 1752 ; created a Baronet 1766 ; died 31 Dec. 1773, set. 79, at 24 and bur. 2.5 Sep. 1763, a3t. 61, and 
Upper Brook Street ; bur. and M.I. at Willingdon, co. Sussex. Will dated M.I. on the family estate at Old North 
29 April 1773 ; proved 28 Feb. 1775. (74 Alexander.) Sound. 

Sir William Thomas, 2nd Bart., of Yapton Place, near=pMargaret, only child and heir of Dr. 
Bognor, M.P. ; High Sheriff of Sussex 1767; owned | Walter Sydserfe ; bapt. 19 Jan. 
the "New North Sound" estate; died 19 Dec. at Bath, 1724 at St. John's ; mar. 1742-3 in 
bur. 30 Dec. 1777, eet. 56, and M.I. at Yapton. j the Chapel of Somerset House ; 
Will dated 26 June 1777; proved 2 Jan. 1778. I died 4 and Imr. 12 Dec. 1763, set. 39, 
(41 Hay.) and M.I. at Yapton. 

I I 
George Thomas, died a 

Elizabeth Thomas, bapt. 
17 .Ian. 1721 at St. 
John's ; died a spinster. 

Jane Louisa, dau. of=pSir George Thomas, 3rd Bart., disiuherited by his grandfather ;=rSophia, dau. of Admiral Montagu ; 

Alexander Sales, 
foreigner ; mar. at 
Geneva. 1st wife. 

M.P. for Arundel ; inherited tlie estate at North Sound ; some 
time of Dale Park ; sold his plantation of 286 acres in 1802 for 
£22,000 to Thomas Edwards; died 6 May 1815; bur. at 

mar. settlement dated 18 June 
1781 ; living 1825. 2nd wife. 

Sir William Lewis George Thomas, 4th Bart., of Dale Park in Madehur8t,=pElizabeth Lucretia, dau. of Richard Welsh, 
born c. 1768 ; died 24 Aug. 1850. I Esq. ; died 21 Jan. 1848. 

George Thomas, Mid- 
shipman R.N., died 
v.p. 11 July 1821, 
set. 17, at Triucoma- 

Thomasine, dau.^pSir William Sidney Thomas, 5th Bart., born^Fanny Louisa, youngest dau. of 

of Captain Henry 
Haynes, R.N. ; 
mar. 1843; died 
6 March 1863. 
1st wife. 

1807 at Whippingham, Isle of Wight ; 
entered the Navy 1820 ; Lieut. 1828 ; 
Commander 1842 ; Captain retired list 
1860 ; died 27 April 1867, set. 59, at Great 

John Coulson of Clifton Wood, 
CO. Gloucester, Esq. ; mar. 14 
Aug. 1856 ; died 9 Nov. 1870. 
2nd wife. 

Sir George Sidney Meade Thomas, 6th Bart., born 12 Feb. 1847 ;=rEdith Margaret, elder dau. of Morgan Hugh Foster, 
some time of Caius College, Cambi-idge ; of the Nimrod and New Esq., C.B., of Brickhill, co. Beds ; mar. 9 May 1874 
Travellers' Clubs 1895. at Constantinople ; living at Southsea 1895. 

Montagu Sidney Tliomas, born 23 Feb. 
and died 22 April 1880. 

George Alan Thomas, bon 
14 June 1881 at Pera. 

Isabel Edith Thomasme 
Thomas, living 1895. 

Ruby Grace Thomas, 
living 1895. 



1680, Dec. 8. Mathew Hunter and Mary his wife sell 
30 acres to Major William Tliomas for 6000 lbs. of sugar. 

1681, May 9. Arundell Thomas conveys land to Dennis 

1681, Oct. 24. Major William Thomas, Gent., patent 
for 25 acres and 12 j mens land and four proportions and 
Bird Island granted by Sir W. Stapleton. 

1684, Feb. 18. Edward Thomas, patent for 180 acres. 

1684, Feb. 18. Edward Thomas, planter, patent for 
50 acres granted by Sir W. Stapleton. 

1703, June 11. William Thomas, Esq., of Antigua. 
Letter of attorney to my brother George Thomas of Antigua, 
Gent., and my beloved friends Daniel Mackinen of Aucigua, 
G-ent., Edward Byam of Antigua, Esq., and Robert Oliver 
of Antigua, Gent. 

No. 104. Private. An Act for the better securiu"- and 

confirming the Title of George Thomas, Nephew and Heir 
to William Thomas, late of the said Island, Esquire, 
deceased, to certain Lands and Negroes purchased of John 
Barnes, Gentleman, by the said William Thomas. Dated 
13 July 1719. 

1731, June 25. Dr. Walter Sydserfe's 32 acres at 
Belfast surveyed. 

1738. Letter from Colonel George Thomas of Antigua, 
dated 12 May, petitioning against his removal from the 
Council board by Governor Mathew, on account of his 
having been appointed Governor of Pennsylvania. He 
arrived at Antigua last Feb. Memorandum annexed about 
Major George Thomas who had been presented to the King 
by Lord Carteret, and had applied to be made a Member of 
Council at the next vacancy. (America and West Indies, 
No. 4.51.) 

Elizabeth Thomas, mar. Daniel Mackinen, Surgeon ; 
he died 26 and was bur. 27 March 1719-20, ajt. 62, 
and M.I. at St. John's ; she was living his widow 
in 1728. 

Lydia Thomas, mar. 1st, 28 Jan. 1691, at St. John's, Samuel 
Martin, Esq., and 2ndly in 1703, at ditto. Governor Edward 
Byam. Her will dated 6 Oct. 1744, then of Harding, co. Herts ; 
proved 28 March 1747. (64 Potter.) 

Samuel Thomas, Edward Thomas, Elizabeth Thomas, mar. 7 May 1716, 
living 1718. an apprentice at at St. John's, William Dunbar ; he 

1718. died 1749 ; she was living his widow 


Lydia Thomas, mar. 25 Oct. 1744, at St. 
George's, John White of Montserrat, 
Esq. ; he was later of Chichester, and 
died 6 and was bur. 12 Fel). 1776, 
set. 75, and M.I. at Yapton ; she died 
14 and bur. 22 Aug. 1794, set. 76, and 
M.I. at Yapton. (For their issue see 
the Pedigree of White.) 

William Thoma8.=F. . . .dau. of John 

Margaret Thomas, mar. c. 1765, 
at Antigua, Arthur Freeman, 
Esq.; he died 30 Jan. 1780, 
jet. 56 ; bur. and M.I. at Wil- 
liugton ; she died 1 Sep. 1797, 
aet. 51 ; bur. and M.I. at ditto. 
(For tiieir issue see Pedigree 
OF Freeman.) 

Will dated 1 May 
1728 ; sworn 16 
Jan. 1728-9. 

William Thomas, died 
30 Aug. 1762, ajt. 35. 
M.I. in Willoughby 
Bay Churchyard. Will 
dated 17 Aug. and 
sworn 23 Sep. 1762. 
Recorded at St. John's. 

Yeamans ; living 

Elizabeth Thomas 
(? mar. 25 June 
1774, at St. Paul's, 
Francis Farley, 
Esq.) ; sole heir to 
her brother 1762. 

Elizabeth Thomas, 
mar. Col. Andrew 
Lyon of Edin- 

Susannah Thomas, mar. 
1775 William Roe of 
London, Esq., Chairman 
of Board of Customs ; 
she died 1822. 

Mary Thomas, 
mar. General 

Lydia Thomas, 
mar. 1 7 Dec. 
1783 Alexander 
Adair of Flex- 
ton Hall, CO. 

Ann Thomas, mar. 
17 Nov. 1774 Ste- 
phen Popham of 
Lincoln's Inn 

Frances Thomas, 
mar. July 1777 
John M.Williams 
of Chichester, 
Esq. ; she died 

Montagu Thomas,=pIsabella, youngest dau. of 

Captain R.N.,died 
1895 at Wey- 

Rev. John Bowie of Salis- 
bury ; mar. 22 July 

I I 

Helen Thomas, mar. 8 May 1830 
Captain James Brymer. 

Sophia Thomas, died 25 Feb. 1846. 

I I 
Louisa Leonoi'E 
at Weymouth, 

mar. 1841, 
of 41st 

Regiment, later a Colonel. 

Elizabeth Thomas, living 1886. 

Frederick Louis Charles Thomas of 1st Battalion-^Eveline M., dau. of Charles 
Royal Dublin Fusiliers, born 27 Feb. 1853;|Shaiid of Colombo, Esq.; 
matriculated from Brasenose College, Oxford, mar. 22 Sep. 1881. 
27 Jan. 1872, »t. 18. | 

Lucy Elizabeth Thomas, 
mar. 14 Sep. 1869 Lieut.- 
Colonel Arthur James 
Shuldham, late 108th 




1743, Sep. 29. Dr. Walter Sydserfe pays £32 an acre 
for Witts lands at Belfast and £25 an acre for Nicholas 1 
Hall's lands, all escheated. 

1746. Dr. Mathew Sydserfe named in Thomas Kerby's 

1753, Feb. 7. The draught commission for George 
Thomas, Esq., as Governor of the Leeward Islands, was 
read at St. James's. (B. T., vol. 103.) 

1774, Nov. 17. Stephen Popham, Esq ; of Lincoln's- 
inn-fields, to Miss Anna Thomas, grand-daughter of Sir 
Geo. Thomas, Bart. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 541.) 

1775. An account of the character of Sir Geo. Thomas, 
Bart. {Ibid., p. 421.) 

1777, July. John Williams, Esq. of Bagshot-place near 
Farnham, in Surry, to Miss Thomas, daughter of Sir Wil- 
liam Thomas, Bart., of Yapton-place, Snssex. {Ibid., 
p. 351.) 

1777, Dec. 26. Sir Wm. Thomas, Bart, of Yapton- 
place, Sussex. {Ibid., 1778, p. 45.) 

1783, Dec. 17. Alex. Adair, esq: to Miss Lydia Tho- 
mas, dau. of the late Sir Wm. Thomas, bart. {Ibid., 
p. 1064.) 

1793, Feb. 11. George Thomas writes to the Lordships 
expressing a hope that he may be appointed Governor. 

1804. James Thomas, Esq., has been appointed to the 
Council of St. Kitts, and is of a very old family there ; his 
elder brother,* President of St. Kitts, acted as Commander- 
in-Chief juro tern. (Colonial Correspondence, vol. 41.) 

1815, May 6. Sir George Thomas, bart. of Dale Park, 
Sussex. He succeeded his father Sir William, Dec. 28, 
1775 ; married, first, at Geneva, Mad. Scales, of Pregny le 
Tour ; secondly, Miss Montague, by whom he has one son, 
William-Lewis-George, who married Miss Welch, by whom 
he had one daughter, Sophia. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 567.) 

1821, May 6. At Brighton, Susanna, wife of William 
Eoe, and daughter of the late Sir William Thomas, bart. 
{Ibid., p. 570.) 

1821, July 11. At Trincomalee, in his 18th year, Mr. 
Thomas, Midshipman of the Leander, eldest son of Sir Geo. 
Thomas, bt. {Ibid,., p. 185.) 

1841, May 21. At Weymouth, Melville-Gore-Beckwith 
Browne, esq. 41st regt. son of Col. Melville Browne, to 
Louisa-Leonora, youngest dau. of Sir George Thomas, 
Bart. (/A/rf., p. 199.) 

1843, June 29. At Clifton, W. S. Tliomas, Comm. 
E.N. eldest son of Sir George Thomas, Bart, to Thomasine- 
Oliver, only dau. of the late Capt. Henry Haynes, R.N. 
{Ibid., p. 200.) 

1867, April 27. At Great Malvern, aged 59, Sir William 
Sidney Thomas, Bart. The deceased was the eldest son of 
the late Sir William Lewis George Thomas, Bart., of Yapton, 
Sussex, by Elizabeth, daughter of R. Welsh, Esq., and was 
born at Whippingham, Isle of Wight, in 1807. He entered 
the Navy in 1820, passed his examination in 1826, and in 
1828 he was made lieuteuaut on board the Asia, flag-ship of 
Sir Pulteney Malcolm in the Mediterranean, where in the 
same year he was transferred to the Revenge. He returned 
to England about the close of 1830 ; but subsequently 
proceeded to the East Indies, where, after serving for a 
time on board the Melville and Alligator, he was appointed 
to the command of the Algerine. In 1840 he was trans- 
ferred to the command of the Ferret, on the coast of Africa, 
and in the following year, to that of the Royal George yacht. 
He was advanced to the rank of commander in 1842, and 
became a captain on the Retired List in 1860. He 
succeeded to the title, as 5th baronet, on the death of his 
father in 1850. The late baronet was twice married : first, 
in 1843, to Thomasinc, daugliter of the late Capt. Henry 
Haynes, R.N. (slie died in 1853) ; and secondly, in 1856, to 

* President Thomas died 15 April 1797. 

Fanny Louisa, youngest daughter of the late John Coulson, 
Esq., of Clifton Wood, co. Gloucester. He has left issue by 
his first wife two sons and two daughters. His eldest son, 
George Sidney Meade, who succeeds to the title, was born 
in 1847. {Ibid., p. 814.) 

Haddinoton Heir Services. 
('Genealogist,' Jan. 1895.) 
Name of heir. Name of ancestor and lands. 

1560, March 10, John Sydserf father Patrick Sydserf of 

tiiat Ilk — lands of Nether 

1561, Jan. 26, Patrick Sydserf brother Archebald Sydserf 

of Ruchelaw — lands of 
1569, Dec. 5, John Sydserf of father's sister Agnes Syd- 
that Ilk serf. 

Parish Register of St. John. 
1701) George the s. of George Thomas & Eliza- 

betii his wife. 
Dec. 18 Samuel the s. of George Tliomas & Eliza- 
beth his wife. 
Elizabeth d. of George Tliomas & Eliza- 
beth his wife. 
July 29 Lydia I), of George Thomas & Elizabeth 

his wife. 
Jan. 17 Elizabeth D. of . . . . Thomas & Eliz'" 

his wife. 
Jan. 19 Margaret the d. of Walter Sydserfe and 

Margaret his wife. 
Dec. 12 John the s. of Walter Sydserfe and Mar- 
garet his wife. 
Aug. 3 David Sweegle and Daniel the sons of 

Mathew Thomas & Cornelia his wife. 
April 23 David Sweegle y^ s. of Mathew Thomas & 

Cornelia his wife. 
Feb. 18 John y<^ s. of William Thomas & Mary 

his wife. 
Nov. 15 James Griggs the s. of William Thomas 

& Mary his wife. 
Aug. 22 Elizabeth the D. of AVilliam Thomas & 

Mary his wife. 
Aug. 22 Mary the D. of William Thomas & Mary 

his wife. 
Jan. 1 William the s. of Philip Thomas and 

Jehojadan his wife. 
April 1 William the s. of William Thomas and 

Mary his wife. 
July 21 Edward the S. of AV"' Thomas, Ann his 

May 14 Archibald the S. of Bridgwater Thomas 

and Ann his wife. 
May 14 Elizabeth Dupee the I), of Bridgwater 

Thomas and Ann his wife. 
Sep. 23 Alice Bayley Kirwan the D. of W" 

Bridgewater Thonias and Elizabeth his 


1691 Jan. 28 Samuel Martin, Esq'', and liydia 1). of 
William Thomas, Es(]'-, & Lidia his 
1691 Jan. 31 Daniel Soiies and Katheren Thomas. 
1708 9ber 17 John Luxford & Margarett Thomas. 
1710 June 28 William Thornton & Elizabeth Thoniiiss. 
1716 May 7 William Dunbar and Eliz» Thomas. L. 
I 1734 Aug. 10 William Thomas and Mary Griggs. L. 

17 (? 



1771 Feb. 9 Edward Tyley to Lucy Thomas. L. 
1792 Nov. 5 Henry Pickering (Ens" 60'" Reg') to 

Elizabeth Diipee Thomas, Spinster. L. 
1815 Feb. 26 Captain Thomas Reed of the 4"> W. I. 

Reg' to Anne Thomas, Widow. L. 

Coll. George Thomas. 
Lydia I), of Geo. & Elliz. Thomas. 
Elizabeth Tliomas, a child. 
M'' Richard Meynell, Killed by William 

Eliz"' D. of Walter Sydserfe. 
Richard Tliomas. 
John s. of Walt' Sydserfe. 
John Thomas. 

David s. of Mathew Thomas. 
Daniel the s. of Mathew Thomas. 
William Thomas, a child. 
Sep.) William Thomas. 
W™ Thomas, a child. 
Susanna Thomas, a child. 
George Thomas, Infant, i in one 
Maria Ann Thomas, Infant, j grave. 
Henry B. Thomas. S» John's. 44. 


May 14 


Aug. 5 


Mar. 22 


April 20 


Oct. 12 


May 15 


Nov. -I-I 


June 6 


Oct. 9 


Nov. 7 


April 4 


(? Aug. or 


June 19 


Nov. 14 


Oct. 26 

1831 Dec. 27 


Parish Reristeu of St. Paul. 


1725 Mar. 13 William the S. of M"- William Thomas 

and his Wife. 
1727 Jan. 26 Elizalxth the D. of M'' William Thomas 

& his Wife. 
1738 Mar. 26 William S. of William Thomas and Jane 
his Wife. 

1725 Mar. 20 Robert Thomas and Mary Greatrix ; p. 

1733 ..emb'y William TlKjmas & Jane Greatrix; by 

1774 June 25 The honourable Francis Farley, Esq"', to 

Miss Elizabeth Thomas ; p' L. 

1740 July 10 Tabitha I), of William Thomas and Jane 
liis Wife. 

Parish Register of St. George. 
Oct. 25 John White and Lydia Thomas, Spinster. 

1763 Sep. 25 Elizabeth the Wife of his Excellency 

George Thomas, Esq'. 
1767 Sep. 10 George Thoraiis. 

Parish Register of St. Philip. 
1717 April 18 George Thomas & Elizabeth King. 

Yapton, CO. SUSSE.X. 
1758 Jan. 12 Mary Wife of Walter Sydserfe, Esq'. 
1700 Mar. 21 Walter Sydserfe, Esq., buried. 
1763 Dec. 12 Margaret the Wife of Will"' Thomas, Esq. 
1777 Dec. 30 Sir William Thomas. 

Somerset House Chapel, London. 
1742-3 WilHam Thomas, esq., to Margaret Syd- 
serfe of Stoke Newington, co. Middlesex. 

North Sound Plantation. 

On a ledger over a marble tomb in a cane piece : — 

Here lies the Body of 


Who Died the Twenty fourth Day 

of September One Thoufand 

Seven Hundred and Sixty three 

In the Sixty fecond Year of her Age 

She was forty fij' Years the prudent 

faithful and Affectionate Wife of 

GEORGE THOMAS Efq Captain General and 

Governour in Chief of the Leeward Iflands 

Who from a just Sense of hen- Virtues 

hath raiised this Monument to l>e erected 

to her Memory. 


Willoughby Bay Old Burial-ground. 
\ large ledger : — 

To the Memory of 


who departed this life Auguft SO"" 1762 

Aged 35 Years. 

Yapton Church, co. Susse.x. 
On the north wall of the chancel is a tablet surmounted 
by the marble medallion of a woman : — 















Below the above is the following on an oval white 
marble tablet : — 


The Vault beneath 

Are deposited 

The remains 



Who died 

Dec' 19'!' 1777 

Aged 56. 

1852. Sir George Thomas, Bart., owned "Upper and 
Lower Five Islands Estates" of 703 acres in St. John's 
Parish and " North Sound Estate " in St. George's Parish 
of 602 acres. This latter was sold to the late George 
Estridge, Esq., about 30 or 40 years ago, and is now vested 
in his daughter. Mary Thomas owned " Friar's Hill " of 
230 acres in St. John's Parish. " Thomas's " in St. Paul's 
Parish of 520 acres was owned by James W. Sheriff. 



Arms.— Or, three. {H hoUij) leaves. 

WALTER TOBIN of Nevis 1707= 

.... Tobin of Nevis, living at the date of=p. . 
his son's marriage. [Mr. John Tobin of 
Nevis living 1724 and 1727.] 

Captain Tobin of the=f=Henrietta . 
ship "Apollo" bound | living 1731. 
to Nevis 1731. /jx 

A dau., mar. Maurice 
Berkeley, junior; both 
living 1731. 

Tobin of Nevis, Esq.,=p. 
recommended to be of the 
Council 1776 ; settled as a 
merchant at Bristol 1783. 
His bookplate above. 

dau. of George Webbe, Esq. (of Nevis, merchant, at one 
time of Stratford Manor House, Old Sarum, later of Bristol 
c. 1783, and died 22 .June 1804 at Bourne House, co. Cam- 
bridge) ; mar. 7 July 1766. 

John Tobin of St. James 
Parade, Bath, died 12 
Dec. 1794, set. 61. M.I. 
in Bath Abbey. 

James Webbe=p, 
Tobin, 1st son 
and heir, 
fromWadham | 
Coll., Oxford, 
9 Nov. 1787, 
ijet. 20 ; B.A. 
1791; died .30 
Oct. 1814 at 

George Tobin,= 
C.B., Admiral 
R.N., born 1 3 
Dec. 1768 at 
Salisbury; died 
10 April 1838, 
set. 69, at 
CO. Devon. 

■Dorothy, widow Eliza-= 
of Major Wil- beth 
liamDuffofthe Tobin, 
26th Foot and mar. 4 
dau. of Captain Jan. 
Gordon Skelly, 1808 ; 
K.N. ; mar. 13 died 20 
June 1804. May 

a3t. .52. 

:John Cob- John Tobin, born 26 Henry= 
ham of Jan. 1770 at Salis- Hope 

Barbados, bury ; of Lincoln's Tobin, 
Esq., died Inn 1784 ; dramatic " 
writer; died off Ire- 
land Dec. 1804, 
SBt. 35. 

26 Oct. 
1811, at. 
48. MI. at 
St. Paul's, 


Charles Meadows 
Tobin, matric. from 
Wadham College, 
Oxford, 9 Nov. 1792, 
ffit. 17; B.A. 1797. 

Henry Hope Tobin, 
drowned at Heidel- 
burg 5 June 1831, 
ffit. 17. 

Eliza Lucy Hope George Webbe Tobin,=^Susannah Christian James Cobham, 

Tobin, died 11 only surviving son, j Cobham, only dau., died 4 Dec. 1818, 

March 1834, set. of the 2nd Dragoon I died 2 Jan. 1840. aet. 9. M.I. at 

23, at Bath. Guards, died 21 Sep. M.I. at St. Paul's, St. Paul's, Bris- 

1840,a5t. 33. M.I. at Bristol. tol. 

St. Paul's, Bristol. ^ 

=Lucy, dau. of 
Thomas Oli- 
ver of Bristol, 
Esq. .formerly 
Lieut. Gover- 
nor of Mass. ; 
died 16 Jan. 
1857, ffit. 86. 
M.L in Clif- 
ton Church- 

Lucy Tobin, 
mar. Butler 
Claxton of 
Bristol, Esq.; 
Hving 1S12. 

Thomas Ayson of Bristoll, merchant, now residing at 
Nevis and bound to Bristoll. Will dated 21 April 1664; 
proved 11 Nov. lee.O by Elizabeth Ayson the relict. (135 
Hyde.) Poor of Madly, co. Hereford, £5 4s. Qd. per 
annum for bread, payable by the churchwardens & overseers 
out of my tenement there in the occupation of my father- 
in-law Joseph Symonds, & after the death of my wife Eliz. 
Ayson, his dau., £4 16.s. Orf. per annum for apprenticing. 
My dau. -in-law Mary Hurlock 30,000 lbs. of shugar out of 
my plantation. My kinsman John Brewett 20,000 lbs. To 

the poor in these two divisions, viz. Capt. John Smith's 
Company & Capt. Freeman's, 20,000 lbs. My wife Eliz. all 
residue & Ex'tri.x. My friends Capt. Walter Symonds, Esq., 
Capt. John Smith, & Tho. Nicholson overseers & 5000 lbs. 
each. Witnessed by Walter Symonds, John Haddow, Joseph 
Symonds, Edward Scott. 

Codidl. 23 Sep. 17 Car. II. Revoke 30,1)00 lbs. to 
dau. -in-law, & in lieu bond to her husband W'" Ueach. 
Witnessed by Thomas Wickham, Tiiomas t'ole, Itiehard 



Elizabeth Combes, wife of John Combes of Bristol, 
merchant, and relict of Thomas Ayson. Will dated 29 
Nov. 1685. (148 Cann.) My plantation in Nevis & slaves 
after the death of my said husband to my kinsman Walter 
Symonds. My kinswoman Eliz. Symonds, dau. of my 
brother John Symonds, 100,000 lbs. 

John Combes of Bristol, merchant. Will dated 11 April, 
proved 13 May 1689 by Susanna Combes the mother. (61 
Ent.) To be buried in S' James churchyard near my 
former wife. Mother Susanna Combes sole Ex'or. Wife 
Mary £500, coach, & horses. Brother Adam Combes i of 
the ship " William & Anne " of which he is Master. Sister 
Eliz. Herrin £20. Brother James Combes of Antego 
10,000 lbs. out of his debt. Sister Mary Combes £150. 
Wife i of negros & stock on my plantation in the West 
Indies, sister EHz. Herrin's 2 dans. Susan & Eliz. i, sister 
Mary Veale i, sister Mary Combes i, sister Rebecca ^larch 
i, brother W"- Combes i, Ex'ors |. Sister Martha Dorrill 
£50. W™ Minor & John Streton, late of Bristol, now of 
the West Indies, merchants, to sell the plantation I pur- 
chased of the widow Jones & " Crooks " & the land bought 
of Rob' Harrison in the low ground at Nevis adjoining the 
plantation of my late wife. Brother-in-law Henry March. 
Brother Rich'' Veale. Witnessed by J. Owen, William Cox, 
Notary Public, John Yeamans, jun., Francis Buckstuu. 

Adam Combes of Bristoll, mariner. Will dated 19 Sep. 
1691 ; proved 6 April 1692 by Joanna Combes the relict. 
(64 Fane.) Wife .loanna, dau. Eliz. by my P' wife Eliz., 
100,000 lbs. of sugar payable by M'^ Walter Symonds of 
Nevis. My 2 children Eliz. & Susanna & wife all residue 
& Ex'ors. Witnessed by Phil. Skrine, Nathaniel Coates, 
Ra. Barrow, Thomas Sampson, Jonah Jackson, Ed. Dorville. 

(Sir) James Tobin of Bedford Rowe, St. Andrew's, 
Holborn. Will dated 26 March 1732 ; proved 9 July 1735 
by the four Ex'ors. (162 Ducie.) All my estate to my 
friends M'' Thos. Beckford of Mark Lane, merchant, M'^ 
Alex"" Hume of Thames Str., on Trust to pay my nephew 
Edmond Tobin, son of my late brother Robert Tobin, 
£1000, to my sister Mary Tobin afs Binke £1000. M' 
Tho. Beckford, M"^ Alexia Hume, M^ Philip Cantillion, M^ 
Gregory Byrne, £200 each & Ex'ors. To James Arlond, 
son of the late Capt. Edward Arlond, £500. To the poor 
of Kilkenny where I was born £200, & the like sum to the 
Roman Catholic clergy, to be distributed by my brother 
Tho. Tobin. M'' Henry Byrne of Oporto £200, various 
legacies to friends & merchants. To my loving brother 
Thos. Tobin £50 a year. £4000 to trustees for special 
purpose. All residue to my nephews James Tobin & 
Edmond Tobin, sons of my brother Edmond Tobin, dec''. 
James to be educated a merchant & to go to Cadiz. — Burke, 
dau. of my sister Mary Tobin al's Burke. 

Codicil. 3 March 1732-3. The £4000 is for the boy 
called Michaell. 

Jos. Symonds, s. Walter, of the island of Nevis, gent. 
Christ Church, matric. 10 Dec, 1697, aged 18 ; brother of 
John 1705. 

John Symonds, s. Walter, of the island of Nevis, gent. 
Christ Church, matric. 30 Oct., 1705, aged 19 ; B.A. from 
Magdalen Hall 1708 (as Symons) ; perhaps a student of 
Lincoln's Inn ] 705 ; brother of Jos. 1697. 

1699, July 7. Walter Symonds of the Nevis Council 
dead. He was Speaker in 1668. 

1707-8. Census of Nevis. Walter Tobin. 4 white 
males, 4 white females ; 20 black males, 22 black females. 


1723. James Symonds a member of the Council of 

1724. Deposition of Mr. John Tobin of Nevis that his 
sister Symonds had not had an illegitimate child. 

1727. Census of Nevis. Thomas Tobin. John Tobin. 

1731 , Nov. About the middle of Oct. last some persons 
arm'<l broke into the House of M' Spike at Cove in Ireland, 
where lodg'd M"' Maurice Berkley, jun. his Wife, Wife's 
Sister, and a Servant Maid, Pa.'!sengers in the Apollo, Capt. 
Tobin for Nevis. They went up into the Chamber, where 
Mrs. Henrietta Tobin lay, took her out of Bed, and carry'd 
her oif with only her Shift on. The Principal in this Fact 
was one William Power, who had lately been several Times 
in her company. M^ Berkley took his Sword, engaged and 
wounded a Person who stood Centinel at the Door ; then 
pursu'd them to the Strand, where he was again oppos'd by 
three Men armed with Swords and Pistols. Upon which 
he cry'd out Murder, etc. two or three coming to his assist- 
ance, they follow'd them to the Water side, took Boat, and 
coming up with them, rescued her amidst all their Fire. 
The account she gave of their Usage was, that they forced 
her on Horseback before William Power, which with 
struggling, she had quitted several Times, and was as often 
remounted by his assistants. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 498.) 

There is, a tomb to Sir James Tobin, Bart, (sic, ? Knt.), 
1735, in St. Pancras Churchyard. (Lysons, vol. iii.) 

Sir Richard Everard, fourth Bart., of Fethard, co. 
Tipperary, married Catherine dan. of James Tobin, Esq., 
of Cumpshinagh in said county. 

1735, May. At the Bath, Sir James Tobin an Irishman ; 
he pretended that he was ill used by the East-India Company 
here, and therefore went over to Ostend, where he offered 
his Service and was accepted : He was the first that sail'd 
from that Port to the East-Indies to China, and made such 
vast Returns, there being then no Directors to swallow up 
the Profits of the Voyage ; that the Emperor Knighted him. 
(' Historical Register,' p. 24.) 

1743, June 1 (». M'' Walter Symonds, possess'd of several 
Plantations in the W. Indies. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 333.) 

1743, July. John Buttler Symmonds, Esq. ; of the 
Island of Nevis at his lodgings in Fenchurch Street. (Ibid.) 

1743, Aug. 1. John Buttler Symmonds, of the Island 
of Nevis, Heir to 1500/. per Ann. By the Death of his 
Brother. (Ibid., p. 443.) 

1757. Death of President Symonds of St. Christopher's 
announced. (B. T. Leeward Islands, vol. 33.) 

1701, Nov. 19. James Symonds,* Esq; of Margaret- 
street, Cavendish-square. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 539.) 

1766, July 7. Ja : Tobin of Salisbury, Esq ; — to Miss 
Webbe of Stradford, with 10,000?. (Ibid., p. 342.) 

1776, Dec. 3. James Tobin recommended as a Councillor 
of Nevis. 

1794, Dec. 12. At his house on S' James's parade, 
Bath, John Tobin, esq. ('Gent. Mag.,' p. 1157.) 

1804, June 13. Capt. Tobin, R.N. to Mrs. Duff, of 
Richmond, co. York, widow of the late Major D. of the 
2(!th foot. (Ibid., p. 595.) 

1808, Jan. 4. At Bristol, John Cobham, esq. of that 
city, to Miss Tobin, dau. of James T. esq. (Ibid., p. 85.) 

1811. The Hon. James Weekes of Nevis wrote that 
Mr. J. W. Tobin was first met by John Peterson 25 years 
ago, and that the former's mother's family was connected 
with the latter. 

1811. See an extract of Mr. James Tobin's letter in 
Southey's ' West Indies,' p. 498. 

1814, Oct. 30. Died at his father's estate in Nevis, of 
a fever, James Webbe Tobin esq. (A long eulogy follows.) 
He was brother to the late Author of ' The Honey Moon ' 
and other dramatic pieces. (' Gent. Mag.,' 1815, p. 178.) 

* For his will see under Dunbar. 



1815, Dec. 8. Whitehall. Capt. George Tobin R.N. 
to be a Companion of the most Honourable Military Order 
of the Bath. (' Gent. Map:.,' p. 629.) 

1817, Oct. 6. At Bristol, at an advanced age, .James 
Tobin, esq. {Ibid., p. 562.) 

18.31, .June 5. While bathing at Heidelberg, in his 
18th year, Heniy-Hope, youngest son of the late James 
Webbe Tobin, esq. of the Island of Nevis and of Bristol. 
{lUcl, p. 561.) 

1834, March 11. At Bath, aged 23, Eliza Lucy Hope, 
only dau. of Capt. Tobin, R.N. C.B. {Ihid., p. 566.) 

1838, April 10. "At Teignmouth, Devonshire, aged 
69, Rear-Admiral George Tobin, C.B. This excellent 
officer was the second son of .James Tobin, esq. of Nevis, a 
gentleman of high literary attainments. He was born at 
Salisbury on the 13th Dec. 1768." Entered the Navy 
1780 ; Lieut. 1791 ; Commander 1798 ; Post Captain 
1802 ; C.B. 1814. " He married in 1804, Dorothy, daugh- 
ter of Capt. Gordon Skelly, R.N. (who was drowned at sea 
about 1774-5) and wife of Major William Duff, of the 26th 
regiment. She survives him, with one son, George Webbe 
Tobin, esq. late of the 2nd dragoon guards." Capt. Horatio 
Nelson married a relation of his mother, Mrs. Nesbitt of 
Nevis. {Ibid., p. 101.) 

1840, Jan. 2. At Clifton, Susanna-Christian, wife of 
George Webbe Tobin, esq. only dau. of the late John 
Cobham, esq. of Barbadoes. (Ibid., p. 218.) 

1840, April 2. At Nantes, aged 78, James Tobin, esq. 
(Ibid., p. 670.) 

1851. Sir John Tobin, Mayor of Liverpool, knighted 
10 May 1820 ; died 27 Feb. 1851, aged 88. 

John Tobin. 

Born in the house now occupied by Mr. Foot, solicitor, 
in Endless Street, January 26, 1770. His father had been 
destined for one of the liberal professions, and his mother 
was the daughter of Mr. Webb, an opulent West Indian, 
who then resided in the Manor House at Stratford. At the 
commencement of the American war Mr. Tobin repaired to 
Nevis, to take charge oi" an estate in that island, which had 
been resigned to him on his maiTiage by his father. He 
left the subject of this article, and two brothers, under the 
care of their maternal grandfather, Mr. Webb, by whom 
they were placed in the school of Dr. Mant, at Southampton. 
Even at this early period young Tobin evinced a decided 
taste for dramatic representations. 

On the conclusion of peace in 1783, Mr. Tobin returned 
to England, and settled in a mercantile business at Bristol ; 
and his father-in-law in consequence removed to Redland 
in the neighbourhood. In the ensuing year John Tobin 
was articled to Mr. Wildman, an eminent solicitor in Lin- 
coln's Inn. He passed through his clerkship, without 
acquiring a partiality for his profession, and devoted his 
leisure to the cultivation of literature, especially poetry. 

On the expiration of his term he was admitted into 
partnership with his late master. His inclination for the 
drama became, however, still more decided. He composed 
several pieces, and was subjected to all the mortifications, 
difficulties, and disappointments, which generally await the 
early efforts of a writer for the stage. At length, in 18(i3, 
he obtained for a farce entitled " All's fair in Love," the 
honour of a representation ; but it was coldly received. He 
however persevered, and, by the influence of Mr. Wroughton, 
procured the acceptance of " The Honey Moon," to which 
he owes his reputation. At this period his constitution 
suffered from the effects of his studious and sedentary 
habits. He spent the winter in Cornwall, for a change of 
air and scene; but the appearances of consumption becoming 

more marked and alarming, he was induced to undertake a 
voyage to the West Indies. He embarked at Bristol, with 
aggravated symptoms, in the latter end of 1804, and sailed 
to Cork. From thence he took his departure on the 7th of 
December ; and the first night proving boisterous, exhausted 
the sinking powers of his enfeebled frame. On the ensuing 
morning he was found dead in his bed, and his remains 
were can'ied back for interment at Cork. 

" The Honey Moon " was represented at Drury Lane 
on the 31st of January following, and received with that 
applause, which it has never since failed to call forth. 
Subsequently his other productions were offered to public 
notice. " The Curfew," was acted in 1806 ; " The School 
for Authors," in 1808 ; and " The Faro Table," in 1816 ; 
but all without attaining that rank which was at once 
assigned to his principal composition. 

(Miss Benger's Memoirs of Tobin in Hoare's 
' History of Wilts,' vol. vi., p. 653.) 

Parish Register or St. John, Antkjua. 
1725 Jan. 23 Gustavus Christian and Frances Tobin. 

1757 Oct. 19 Thomas Tobin. 

Cove, Ireland. 
In the parish church is a plain marble tablet with the 
following inscription : — 

Saci'ed to the memory 


John Tobin, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, 

whose remains are deposited under 

the adjacent turf. 

He died at sea, 

near the entrance of this Harbour, 

in the month of December 


on his passage to a milder climate, 

in search of better health, 

aged 35. 

('Gent. Mag.,' 1815, p. 178.) 

Clifton Churchyard. 

On a stone tomb in Gothic characters: — 

Lucy widow of the late Henry H. Tobin Esq' and last 
surviving daughter of Thomas Oliver Esq"' | formerly 
Governor of the | Massachusetts North America died at 
Clifton XVI of January mdccclvii aged lxxxvi years. 

Bath Abbey. 
M.I. to John Tobin, who died 12 Dec. 1794, aged 61. 

St. Paul's Church, Bristol. 

On a tablet under the tower : — 

Susannah Christian Tobin wife of George Webb | Tobin 
Esq. daughter of late John Cobham | Esq. of Applethwaite 
Spring Barbadoes. | George W. Tobin Esq. of Queens Bay | 
died at Anglesea Villa 21 Sept. 1840 | aged 33 years. 

On another tablet (not copied verbatim) : — 
John Cobham of Barbadoes | died 26 Oct. 1811 ffit. 48 | 
Eliz. his wife daughter of James Tobin died at Clifton 
20 May 1824 aged 52. James Cobham (?) their son died 
at Bristol 4 Dec. 1818 aged 9. 



^etiisrte of Comltnsoiu 

"Walter Philips of Antigua, Gent., granted 
for 170 acres on 18 Feb. 1684 ; owned 
and 16 negros in St. Philip's Parish. Ist 

a patent= 
JG-i acres 

=JOHN TOMLINSON of Antigua, Major 1706 ; 
had a grant of Walter Philips's 264 acres and 16 
slaves in 1709 ; J.P. 1712 ; bur. 9 Oct. 1739 at 
St. John's. 2nd husband. 

John Tomlinson, junior, Esq., joins the Troop=f=Jane, dan. of Daniel 

1717-18 ; Chief Baron of Exchequer 1744 
Member of Council 1745 ; set. .51 in 1749 ; 
President and Colonel of Militia 1752 ; bur. 
11 June 1753 at St. John's. Will dated 29 
May 1753. 

Mackinen, Surgeon; 
bur. 9 Oct. 1736 at 
St. John's. 

Mary Tomlinson, only surviving Elizabeth Tomlin- 

dau., bapt. 4 Aug. 1703; mar. son, bapt. 4 Aug. 

26 Feb. 1726, at St. John's, 1703 at St. John's; 

Michael White of Montserrat, dead 1726. 

John Tomlinson, Esq., 
died a bachelor. Will 
dated 17 Dec. 1760, 
then of Bat'i : proved 
21 Jan. 1761. (38 

William Tomlinson, 
bapt. 19 Nov. 1721 at 
St. John's. 

I I I 
Elizabeth Tomlin- 
son, bur. 7 Aug. 

Mary Tomlinson, 
bur. 23 Sep. 1727. 

Mary Tomlinson, 
bapt. 1731 ; bur. 
31 Jan. 1731. 

Alice Tomlinson, bapt. 29 
Dec. 1733 ; living 1760. 

Elizabeth Tomhnson, liv- 
ing 1760. 

Penelope Tomlinson, bapt. 
19 Mavl735 ; bur. 19 Sep. 
1806. " Will dated 18 July 
1802 ; sworn 12 Sep. 1806. 

Mahitabell Tom- 
linson, bapt. 29 
Sep. and bur. 7 
Oct. 1736 at St. 

Jane Tomlinson, 
living 1760. 

Lydia Tomlinson, mar. Dela- 
court Walsh, Captain 38th 
Regiment, Secretary of An- 
tigua ; she was bur. 4 Dec. 
1800 at St. John's ; he was 
bur. 2 July 1784 and M.I. at 
Richmond, co. Surrey. His 
will dated 21 Sep. 1783; 
proved 11 Aug. 1784. (480 
Rockingham.) He mar. Ist, 
1 Jan. 1748, Mary, dau. of 
John Gamble. (See his will, 
vol. ii., p. 5.) 

John Thomlinson, Esq. Will dated 29 May 1753. To 
my dau. Lydia 2 negros & £1000 st. To my dau. Jane 3 
negros & £1000 st. To my dau. Eliz"- 2 negros & £1000 st. 
To my dau. Alice 2 negros & £1000 st. To my dau. 
Penelope 2 negros & £1000. Free certain negros. To my 
said 5 dans, my title to the house now in possession of John 
Hoskins. All residue to my son John. He & W™ Mac- 
kinnen & Harry Webb, Esq™, E.x'ors & £20 c. each. 
Witnessed by Thomas Eraser, Ashton Warner, Dr. William 

Codicil. My Ex'ors to repair my said dwelling house in 
S' John's. To my 5 daus. equally my furniture, linen, 
plate, china, wine, sheep, & 30 pistoles. Witnessed by 
James Scott, Thomas Fraser. Before Hon. Gilbert Flem- 
ing, Lieut.-Governor, was sworn Thomas Fraser 13 ... . 
1753. Recorded 4 July 1753. 

John Tomlinson of Antigua, Esq., now residing at Bath, 
CO. Somerset. Will dated 17 Dec. 1760 ; proved 21 Jan. 
1761 by James Scott, Esq. ; power reserved to William 
Mackinen, Steven Blizard, Francis Farleigh, Robert Chris- 
tian, and Oliver Nugent. (38 Cheslyn.) To Mary dau. of 
Henry & Eliz. Stokes of Ravenshall, near Betley, co. 
Stafford, £50 a year, & to her son John which she had by 
me £50 a year for life & £1000 at 21. Ex'ors to use £300 
of it for his advancement after the age of 12. To Mary 
Stokes £50. To Frederick Nicholas of London, sugar 
baker, £100. To Jas. Scott & to Jas. Langford, both late 
of Antigua, Esq'^', £200 apiece. Jas. Scott, W™ Mackinen, 
Steven Blizard, Francis Farleigh, Rob' Christian, & Oliver 
Nugent, all of Antigua, Esq"^ Ex'ors, & give them each a 
20s. ring. All residue to my 5 sisters Lydia, Jane, Eliz., 
Alice, & Penelope Tomlinson. Witnessed by Lacon Lambe 
of Bath, Michael Fletcher, servant to Mr. Tomlinson, 
Charles Bolton of Bath. Exemplification recorded in 
Registrar's Office, St. John's, 7 May 1761. 

Penelope Tomlinson of Antigua, spinster. Will dated 
18 July 1802. To Hon. Thos."^Norberry Kerby & Thos. 
Oliver of London, merch', my Ex'ors £50 each. £800 to 
be equally divided amongst Sam' M<^Kinnen, Chas. Mackin- 
nen, Thos. Mackinnen, & Lydia Hanen, children of Charles 

Mackinnen. To my Ex'ors £200 in trust to pay to Eliz"' 
wife of Geo. Molineaux Montgomery, dau. of Mich' White, 
detfi. To John White, son of Michael White & Mary his 
wife (late Mary Hussey) & grandson of the said Mich' 
White, dec'', £200 st. at 15, & if he die then to his sister 
Lydia White £100, & to his sister Eliz"' Hamilton White 
£100. To W"' White, son of the said Mich' White & Mary 
(heretofore Lee), £200 st. To Ann Byam Kerby, dau. of 
Thos. N. Kerby, £105 st. All residue to my Ex'ors in 
trust to pay rents to W"" White for life, & then to his 1»' 
son, & in default to his brother Michael White, then to his 
brother Rob' White. Trustees to be Ex'ors. Witnessed by 
Richard S. Byam, Mark Atkinson. Before Ralph, Lord 
Lavington, was sworn Richard Scott Byam, Doctor, 12 Sep. 

\st Codicil dated 5 Jan. 1805. Power to trustees to let 
my plantation called Tomlinsous & houses in High Street, 
S' John's. 

'2nd Codicil dated 28 Nov. 1805. All my real estate to 
my kinsman W"" White of Antigua, Esq., in fee simple 
& not in trust. Witnessed by Rowland Burton, George 
McKerran. Before Lord Lavington was sworn George 
Ross McConell of Antigua, writing clerk. 

1669, Aug. 31. Richard Glanfeild of Antigua, planter, 
leases 10 acres to Richard Mathews and Jonathan Tomlin- 
son of Antigua, planters. 

1708, June 3. John Tomlinson petitions that Walter 
Philips, late of this island, Gent., deceased, died seised in 
fee simple of 264 acres and 16 negros in Nonsuch Division 
and St. Phillip's Parish, which he by will gave to his two 
sons Walter and William Philips and his dau. Rachel 
Philips, all of which are since dead without heirs, and the 
said property escheated. Petitioner is married to the widow 
of Walter Philips, and has been an inhabitant for several 
years past, and has a large family of children. He is 
granted a patent. 

1709, June 3. John Tomlinson, Esq., 264 acres (Joseph 
French, Esq., escheator) granted by Daniel Parke. 

1744, May 8. John Tomlinson, Esq., appointed Chief 
Baron of the Exchequer. 

1745, Feb. 20. John Tomlinson, Esq., now Member of 
Council ; his seat in the Assembly vacant. 

T 2 



1746, July 23. John Tomliason, Esq., appointed Mem- 
ber of Council vice Daniel Mathew resigned. (B. T. Lee- 
ward Islands, No. 5.5, p. 279.) 

1749, Nov. 2. In a deposition of this date Hon. John 
Tomlinson was aged 51. 

1753, Sep. 2. Hon. .John Tomlinson, Esq ; deputy- 
governor of Antigua. (' London Mag.,' p. 439.) 

There was a family of Tomlinson in Bristol during the 
seventeenth century. 

Parish Register of St. John. 

1703 Aug. 4 Mary d. of John TomUnson & Elizabeth 
his wife. 

1703 Aug. 4 Elizabeth d. of John Tomlinson & Eliza- 
beth his wife. 

1721 Nov. 19 W" S. of John Tomlinson, Juu"', <fe Jane 
his wife. 

1731 Mary d. of John Tomlinson & Jane his 


1733 Dec. 29 Alice D. of John TomUuson, Jn', & Eliz"' 
his wife. 

1735 May 19 Penelope D. of John Tomlinson, Jn% & 
Jane his wife. 




Mahitabell the 1). of John Tomlinson, 
Jun"-, and Jane his wife. 




Rachel the D. of the Hon'ble John Tom- 
linson, Esq', by a Mulattoe. 




Michael White and Mary Tomlinson. L. 




William Lytton to Jane Tomlinson. L. 




Elizabeth the D. of John Tomlinson, Jun', 
& Jane his wife. 




M" Riddle, mother in law to Major John 




Mary the D. of John Tomlinson, Jun'. 




Mary D. of Jn" Tomhnson. 




Mehitabell the D. of Coll" John Tomlinson. 




Jane wife of Coll" John Tomlinson. 




John Tomlinson, sen', of this Island. 




Robert Tomlinson, Merchant, from Boston. 




Hon'ble Gov' John Tomlinson. 




Jonath" Thomlinson. 


June 24 

Mary Thomlinson. 




Jane Thomlinson. 




Elizabeth Tomlinson. 




Lydia Walsh. 




Penelope Thomlinson. 

^Bttitcjret of Crant. 

Arms. — Per pale azure and gules, two swords in saltier argent, hilts and pommels or, between three roses of the third. 
Crest. — A demi-eagle displayed. 

TRANT of London, merchant^ 




2nd wife. 

Sir Patrick Trant, created a Baronet=r " Gove 

1686; Commissioner of the Revenue; ! Trant. 
attainted 1691. His Irish estates 
were sold 1703. (See Pedigree of 
Trant of co. Tipperary in Burke's 1 
' Landed Gentry ' and ' Heraldic /K 
Illustrations.') s.p.m. 

-nor "=j 

r sis- 
ter of Sir 


aret Trant, 


A quo 

of Sir 


7 Oct 
St. Jc 



as Trant= 

1708 at 
hn's ; 

in 1711. 

i=Mary Wharfe, Nicholas Trant^ 

1 1 

=Ann Philip Trant, bur. 

living a Sep. 1713 at St. 
widow John's. 
1715. — 

Elizabeth Trant, 
living 1711. 

3f Mont- 

Murphy. Her merchant. Will 
will dated 9 dated 4 March 
Aug. 1737; 1711-12. 
sworn 25 April 
1759. ^ 

4th Earl of 
Cavan, who died 

on, mar. 7 Aug. 1 

serrat who mar. 
a dau. of P. L. 
Story and left at 
his decease a son 
and dau. 

orge Tra 

at, a minoi 

1711 ; bur. 17 April 1739 at St. John's^pJane Richards 

"36 at St. John's. 

Dhomas Trant, bapt. 1 Oct. 1738 at St. John'sT=Martha Bell, mar. 8 

Sep. 1 

759 at St. John's. 

Daniel Livingston Trant, bapt. 17 March=i=Rebecca Marshall, mar. 4 Aug. 1792 Ellinor Champen Trant, bapt. 13 April 
1771 at St. John's. I at St. John's. 1769 at St. John's. 

.... Trant, a son, bapt. 
1798 at St. George's. 

Abraham Trant, born 27 Dec. 1799 and 
bapt. 8 Oct. 1801 at St. John's. 

Eliza Trant, born 22 March and bapt. 
16 April 1796 at St. John's. 



Edward Trant, senior, of Antigua, Esq., joined the- 
Troop 1716 ; bur. 15 Nov. 1760 at St. John's. Will 
dated 12 Oct. and sworn 1 Dec. 1760. 

^Lydia Rodney of Old Road 1753 ; mar. 26 Jan 1722 and 
bur. 13 July 1782 at St. John's. Will dated 24 Feb. 
1779 ; sworn 25 Jan. 1783. 

bur. 10 

at St. 

mar. 9 
at St. 
John's ; 

Edward Trant,- 
junior, bapt. 
10 April 1726 
and bur. 30 
Sep. 1759 at 
St. John's. 


19 July 

I I I 


)rury Trant, bur. 
12 Feb. 1731 at 
St. John's. 

Drury Trant, bapt. 
26 Oct. 1740 and 
bur. 29 Nov. 17-45 
at St. John's. 

1754 at St. John's. 

Lydia Rodney Trant, 
bapt. 19 Jan. 1723 
at St. John's ; mar. 
Lawrence Nihell, mer- 

Ann Trant, bapt. 24 
Aug. 1729 at St. 
John's ; dead 1791. 

Edward Trant, 
bapt. 30 Jan. 
1766 at St. 

James Taylor 
Trant, bapt. 30 
Jan. and bur. 
1 Feb. 1766 at 
St. John's. 

Alice Trant, bapt. 
12March 1761, and 
mar. 7 May 1781, 
at St. John's, James 

Paulina Trant, 
bapt. 9 July 
1762 and bur. 
8 Jan. 1766 at 
St. John's. 

Elizabeth Sarah 
Trant, bapt. 28 
June 1764 at 
St. .John's. 

Penelope Trant, 

Sarah Trant, 

bapt. 25 April 

living 1779. 

1742 at St. 

John's ; dead 



Alice Trant, 


2nd wife of 

bapt. 21 June Stephen 

1743 at St. Lynch, Esq.; 

John's ; living dead 1758. 

Elizabeth Trant, bapt. 21 Feb. 
1768 at St. John's ; died in a 
convent at West Dean, co. 
Wilts; bur. 14 Dec. 1797. 
a;t. 30. 

Richard Trant, late of Barbados. Will dated 7 July, 
proved 8 Aug. 1684 by Patrick Trant. On 26 Jan. 1699 
commission to Thomas Trant, principal creditor of Richard 
Trant, deceased, of all goods left unadministered by Patrick 
Trant, deceased, John Trant the son having renounced. 
On 20 Oct. 1701 commission to Ann Trant the relict and 
administratrix of Thomas Trant, deceased. (106 Hare.) 
Near & dear kinsman Patrick Trant of London, Esq., sole 
Ex'or & Guardian of my son .John Trant. John Reid & 
Lawi-ence Trent of Barbados, Es(|"', & Tho. Trant of 
Barbados, Gent., overseers. Witnessed by James Nihell, 
Richard Nagle, Richard Comerford. 

Nicholas Trant. Will dated 4 March 1711-12. To my 
wife Ann my furniture, jewels, plate, horse called Blackbird. 
To my brother Philip Trant my Indian boy Bermudos, a 
2 masted boat, & my part of the sloop Ann & Mary, my 
horse Bell, trooping furniture, & best sword, gun, & pistols, 
also £100 c. To Geo. Trant, son of M . . . . Murphew, 
£100 c. at 21 & schooling. To my sister Eliz"' Trant 
£60 c. To my stepmother Eliza .... alias Trant £10 c. 
To my aunt Gall way . . . . c. To the poor of Falmouth 
parish £10 c. For a church in Falmouth £10 c. To my 
wife Ann all rents for her lile, then to ... . mas Trant, 
then to Philip Trant. My brother .... my friend Bartho- 
lomew Sanderson, & . . . . Trant Ex'ors. Sworn 19 July 

Mary Murphy. Will dated 9 Aug. 1737. To Mary 
wife of Thos. Sawcolt the free use of my chamber & kitchen, 
etc., in my house as she now uses for life. To Thos. 
Hanson, jun'', & John Watkins all my estate, slaves, etc., in 
trust for my son Geo. Trant for life, provided his present 
wife Jane be in no way dowable therein, & after his death to 
the child his wife now goes with. To my slave Molly her 
freedom & use of dwelling room. The use of the shedd 
rooms to Jane wife of Geo. Trant during widowhood. To 
George's godsons, viz. W" Holborn, son of John Holborn, 
& . . . . each a negro girl. All residue to Mary Sawcolt. 
Thos. Hanson & John Watkins Ex'ors. Witnessed by 
James Fogo, Sarah Richardson, Hesiah Richardson. Before 
George Thomas, Esq., was sworn Sarah Jones for Richard- 
son 25 April 1759. 

Edward Trant of Antigua, Esq. Will dated 12 Oct. 
1760. I gave to my 1=' dau. Lydia when she was married 
to M'' Lawrence Nihell 5 negros valued at £350 c, & have 
since given him £200 c, & do confirm the same. My son 
W"" with each of my daus. to have the like sum of £550 c. 

To my dear wife Lydia my house I bought of Cap. W™ 
King, & my daus. Anne, Sarah, & Penelope, & Henrietta to 
dwell there. To my wife all my furniture. On the marriage 
of my dau. Alice with M'' Stephen Lynch I gave her 4 
negros worth £222 c, she is since dead, & I give the said 
4 negros to Stephen Lynch with £328 c. To my dau. Ann 
a negro woman & 3 children worth £180 c. & £370 c. To 
my son W°' a negro worth £51 4s. c. & £498 16s. c. To 
my dau. Sarah £550 c. To my dau. Penelope a negro & 2 
children worth £93 c. & £457 c. at 21. To my dau. 
Henrietta £550 at 21. All residue to my daus. Ann, Sarah, 
Penelope, & Henrietta, my son W", & my sons-in-law Law- 
rence Nihell & Stephen Lynch. My wife & my friends 
Rich'' Kirwan & Rich"" Ottley, Esq''", my son W", & my 
son-in-law Stephen Lynch Ex'ors & Guardians. Witnessed 
by Richard Tuite, Mary Trant, Ebenezer Lovell. By 
Governor Thomas was sworn Ebenezer Lovell 1 Dec. 1760. 
Recorded 16 Jan. 1761. On 20 May 1761 before Governor 
Thomas appeared Richard Ottley, Esq., and renounced 
execution. Recorded 5 Oct. 1761. 

Lydia Trant of Antigua, widow, relict of Edward Trant, 
sen. Will dated 24 Feb. 1779. To my son W" Trant 
£5 c. yearly. To my dau. Lydia Nihell £20 s. To my 
dau. Sarah Trant £5 a year. To my dau.-in-law M" Mary 
Trant & to each of my grandchildren £19. All residue to 
my daus. Ann, Penelope, & Henrietta. Langford Lovell, 
Esq., & my grandson John Nihill, my dau. -in-law Mary 
Trant, & my daus. Lydia Nihill & Ann Trant Ex'ors. 
Witnessed by Elizabeth White, Elias Ferris. By Thomas 
Jarvis, Esq., was sworn Elias Ferris, planter, 25 Jan. 1783. 
Recorded 11 March 1783. 

Stephen Lynch, Esq., by his will dated 16 May 1786 
gave all his estate to his aunts Ann Trant and Penelope 
Trant and his kinsman Edward Nihell, clerk. 

Mary Trant, widow, of East Street, Red Lion Square, 
London. Will dated 19 July 1791. To Miss Ann & Miss 
Penelope Trant the use of the negros they now have in 
Trinidad. To D' Lawrence Nihill of Bedford Str. 2 negros. 
To Sam' Boutein of S' Vincent's, controller, 5 gs. All 
residue to Sam' Turner of London, merch', & Langford 
Lovell of Antigua, planter, in trust to permit my niece 
M" Alice Boutein to have my watch, plate, furniture for 
life, then to her dau. Alice, the income of my property to 
accumulate during the lives of Sam' & Alice Boutein & then 
to be equally divided amongst their children, & after the 



education of Edw-i Trant Boutein her son my trustees are to 
advance £200 for his benefit & £500 at 21. Sam' Turner 
& Langford Lovell Ex'ors. Witnessed by Mary Freeman, 
Ehzabeth Home, Margaret Ramsay. Recorded 9 Aug. 1792. 

From the Mackinen Petition it appears that William 
Bridges, Esq., holding Golden Grove in trust for Mr. Tho- 
mas Tract, a Roman Catholic, deceased, by his letter of 
attorney dated Nov. 1G98 appointed Mr. Garret Trant of 
Montserrat, Mr. David Rice, and Mr. Thomas Trant, jun., 
of Loudon, etc., to sell or let that estate, and two of them 
accordingly in 1702 granted a lease of it for 99 years to Dr. 
Daniel Mackinen at £100 a year. 

1709, Oct. 3. Nicholas Trant of Falmouth, merchant, 
is refused any grant of land because in the late war he had 
been iu the French service. 

1710, Jan. 3. Nicholas Trant petitions for four parcels 
of laud in Falmouth Town, bounded E. and W. with the 
main street, N. with the cross street, S. with the sea. 

1712, Losses at Moutserrat. Garrot Trant £151, in the 
Windward Division. (America and West Indies, No. 52.) 

1713, June. Deposition of Thomas Trant of Antigua, 
merchant, aged 30. (George French's ' History.') 

1714, Sep. 2. Thomas Trant petitions for land N. with 
Wine Street, S. with the sea, E. with Richard Buckeridge, 
Esq., W. with land and sea. 

1715, Dec. 24. Ann Trant, widow of Nicholas Trant 
of Antigua, merchant, grants lease to Rowland Ash, Gent. 

Martin French of Montserrat referred in his will of 
1724 to his friend Dominick Trant, then about to settle as 
a merchant in London. 

1729-30. Montserrat Census. Dominick Trant, Esq., 
Counsellor. 2 cattle mills, 3 men, 1 girl under 8, 80 negro 
men, 70 women, 75 children, 5 in family, 250 acres of cane, 
25 cattle, and 27 mules. 

Martin Blake, Esq., of St. Kitts, mar. 1742 Sarah 
daughter of Dominick Trant, Esq., of Montserrat ; he died 
the following year, aet. 29, but she was living in 1760 in 

1767. Mary Trant rated on 177 acres and 123 slaves. 

1798, Dec. At S' Luke's, Chelsea, James Trant, esq of 
Montserrat, to Miss Barrett, only daughter of the late 
Wisdom B. esq of Jamaica. ('Gent. Mag.,' p. 1147.) 

1803, Dec. 10. At Montserrat, in the West Indies, 
aged 29, Dominick James Trant, esq. {Ibid., 1804, p. 182.) 

Mr. Fitzgibbon Trant of Dovea, co. Tipperary, informs 
me that : " Sir Patrick Trant having left Ireland with 
James II. his estates were confiscated and all records lost. 
We believe he was one of a very large family located in the 
County Kerry. My great-grandfather Dominick Trant 
mentions in one of his letters the amount of income he 
received from his ' cozen ' in the West Indies — some £700 
a year, and he also mentions meeting his relation Mr. Trant 
of Montserrat during a tour on the Continent about 1759. 

"There is still an estate in St. Kitts called Trant's 
Estate, now held by the Rev. William R. C. Adamson, but 
by a deed dated 6 Oct. 1775 Dominique Henry Trant and 
Sarah Blake conveyed this estate in trust to Sir Richard 
Neave, Bart., and John Willet. In the ' Last Colonel of 
the Irish Brigade,' by Mr. M. J. O'Connell, are to be found 
some notes and a pedigree of the Trants prior to Sir Patrick 
Trant, and in King James II. army list (infantry) are to be 
found some more particulars." 


Aug. 24 


Oct. 1 


Oct. 26 


April 25 


June 21 


Mar. 12 


July 9 


June 28 


Jan. 30 


Feb. 21 


April 13 


Mar. 17 


April 16 


Oct. 8 

1803 Jan. 11 

Parish Register of St. John. 


1723 Jan. 19 Lydia Rodeney D. of Edward Trant & 

Lydia his wife. 
I72G April 10 Edward the s. of Edward Trant & Lydia 
his wife. 



Oct. 7 
Jan. 12 
Jan. 26 
Aug. 7 
Sep. 8 
April 9 
May 7 
Aug. 4 

Feb. 12 
April 17 
Dec. 27 
Nov. 29 
Mar. 9 
July 22 
Sep. 30 
Nov. 15 
Jan. 8 
Feb. 1 
April 10 
July 13 
May 10 
April 2 
Aug. 13 
Jan. 21 

Ann the d. of . . . . Trant and Lydia his 

Thomas ye S. of George Trant & Jane his 

Drury the s. of Edward Trant & Lydia 

his wife. 
Penelope the D. of Edward Trant & 

Ledya his wife. 
Henrietta the I), of Edward Trant & 

Lydia his wife. 
Allis the D. of William Trant and Mary 

his wife. 
Paulina D. of Tho= Trant and Martha his 

Eliz"' Sarah the D. of W"" Trant and 

Mary his wife. 
EdW" & James Taylor the S. of W"' Trant 

and Mary his wife. 
Elizabeth D. of William Trant and Mary 

his wife. 
Ellinor Champen D. of Thomas Trant 

and Miirtha his wife. 
Daniel Livingston the S. of Thomas Trant 

and Martha his wife. 
Eliza D. of Daniel L. Trant and Rebecca 

his wife. B. 22^ March 1796. 
Abraham S. of Daniel L. Trant and 

Rebecca his wife. B. the 27"" December 

Maria Hall D. of Daniel L. Trant & 

Rebecca his wife. B. the 18"* January 


Thomas Trant & Mary Wharfe. 
Henry Douglas and Mary Trant. L. 
Edward Trant and Lydia Rodeney. L. 
George Trant & Jane Richardson. 
Thomas Trant to Martha Ball. L. 
William Trant and Mary Taylor. L. 
James Boutein to Alice Trant. L. 
Daniel Livingston Trant to Rebecca 

Marshall, Spinster. L. 
Philip Trant. 
Drury s. of Edward Trant. 
George Trant of this Island. 
Henry Trant. 

Drewry Trant s. of Edward Trant. 
Caesar Trant. 
Peter Trant. 
Edward Trant, Jun'. 
Edward Trant, Sen"'. 
Paulina Trant, Child. 
James Trant, Child. 
Mary Trant. 
M"-' Lydia Trant. 
William Trant. 
Jane Trant. 
Eliza Trant, Infant. 
Martha Trant. 

Parish Register of St. Gi 
1798 Mar. 11 .... S. of Daniel Trant & his wife. 

Parish Register of West Dean, co. Wilts. 
1797 Dec. 14 Elizabeth Trant, one of the ladies in the 
convent, daughter of William Trant & 
Mary oUm Taylor of Antigua ; aged 30. 



Jfamtlp of Cvabeis. 

Robert Travis of St. Giles without Criplegate, Citizen 
and Salter. Will dated 18 Sep., proved 24 Sep. 1(567. 
(120 Carr.) Wife Grace. 

John Travis, Citizen and Salter of Loudon. 13 Oct. 
1080. (157 Bath.) Brother Gilbert Travis, sister Mary 
Katherine, cozen Joseph Travis. 

John Travis of St. Olive, Southwark, Gent. (174 Bath.) 
Children Bryan & Mary £40 each. 

Anne Travels of Fleete Street, London, widow. Will 
dated 19 Feb. 1693 ; proved 1 May 1694 by Henry Traveis. 
(110 Box.) To be buried in the Poultry Church near my 
late husband. My mother M''^ Mary Spire £600. My son- 
in-law Henry Traveis £40o. Sarah Allen £20, & to her 
son Henry Whiteing £10. To my cousin M" Sarah Clarke 
£10, & to her son Henry Newbeiry £20. My cousin 
Brockett & his wife £20, & to them & their dau.. Sara 
40s. rings. Dennis Skinner £4. My maid Mary Connors 
£5. Nurse Smith 40s. M'' W" Chapman & M'' John 
Chapman £5 each. M" Ruth Averett 40s. Capt. Smith 
& his wife & sister 40s. rings. My cousin Greene. My 
brother-in-law M'' Henry Traveis my silver mugg, & Ex'or. 
Witnessed by Mary Connors, Benjamin Bragg, Daniel 

Richard Traveis, now living in or near London, but late 
of Antigua, Gent. Will dated 5 March 1694 ; proved 
24 April 1695 by Sarah the widow. (60 Irby.) To the 
3 sons of Nath' Gale, sen', by his 2'' wife Anne Gale, viz., 
John, Joseph, & Nath' Gale, 10,000 lbs. of Muscovado 
sugar apiece. To Nath' Gale, sen'', after the decease of my 
wife Sarah, all the profits of my real estate in Antigua, then 
to my wife's heirs. I give him £10 it a guinea ring, as 
also to his wife. To M''^ Eliz. Freeman £5 & a guinea 
ring. To M' Rob' Araory £10 & a guinea ring. To M' 
Tho. Botely & his wife Eliz. guinea rings. To my brother 
James & to such of my relations as may claim it Is. All 
my estate, both real & personal, to my wife Sarah, & appoint 
her Ex'trix. Nath' Gale, sen'', & Tho. Botely overseers. 
Witnessed by John Monck, Thomas Heath, Nathaniel 
Wickhara. Recorded at St. John's 12 March 1690-7. 

By an inventory recorded at St. John's it also appears 
that testator was owner of one-eighth of the ship "y*' Happy 

jMary Traveis. '\\'ill dated 3 May, proved 10 May 1703. 
Commission to Daniel Puckle, guardian of William and 
Mary Helmes and of Henry Travels till 21. On 4 Nov. 
1707 commission to Richard Merryweatber, guardian of 
Mary Helmes, Daniel Puckle being dead. (138 Degg.) 
To my son W"' Helmes & my dau. Mary Helmes all my 
property, they to pay to my dau. Mary Smith & my dau. 
Anne Cary & my sou Henry Traveis £300 apiece. To 
M'' Azariah Penny, merch', £5, & he to be trustee for W™ 
& Mary Helmes. To M'' Daniel Puckle £100, & to be 
trustee for Henry Traveis. To M'^ Mary Cope £100. To 
my uncle Henry Traveis £10. To my coachman Jos. Wil- 
kinson £5. That part of my estate I hold in right of my 
husband I fi'eely give to my son Henry Traveis. Witnessed 
by Anne Pery, Sarah Cocburn, Anne Walford, John Jarman. 
On 10 May 1703 was sworn Anne Pery, wife of John Pery 

of St. Andrew, Holborn, Esq., and John Jarman of ditto, 
Gent. Testator died in her house at Hatton Garden of 
small-pox, within two or three doors. Dr. Coles attended 
her. She could not sign as she was then blind. 

Henry Traveis. 4 March. Adm'on to Fisher Tench, 
Esq., Guardian of Henry Traveis, a minor, son of said 
Henry Traveis, late of St. Bridget alias St. Bride's, bnt at 
Nevis, deceased. Mary Traveis was his widow and relict. 
Sep. 1708. Former grant 10 May 1703. 

By Governor Sir William Mathew. Whereas Mrs. Mary 
Traveis, widow, deceased, of Antigua, by her will dated 
3 May 1703, appointed Aezariah Penny of Antigua, mer- 
chant, trustee to her son William Helmes and her daughter 
Mary Helmes, which said children are in Europe and under 
age. Letters of Guardianship now granted to him 16 Feb. 
1703-4. Recorded 17 Nov. 1704. 

1704, July 14. Azariah Penny, guardian of William 
Helme, son and heir of Major William Helme, formerly of 
Antigua, deceased. Letter of Attorney to Edward Perrie 
of Antigua, Esq. Recorded at St. John's. 

Henry Traveis the elder of St. Michael Bassishaw, Gent. 
Will dated 29 May, proved 7 Nov. 1706 by Fisher Tench, 
Esq., and Samuel Thayer, Gent. (248 Eedes.) My loving 
kinsmen Fisher Tench of Low Layton, co. Essex, Esq., & 
Sam' Thayer of Bridgwater Square, London, G', Ex'ors in 
T., & on the death of either my coz. Fra. Asty, m', to 
be co-Ex'or, & if survivor die my lov. fr'' Jn" Young of 
Lond., m', a co-Ex'or. I give them all my personal estate 
on Trust, & they shall be each paid £15 a year for 15 years 
if my nepli. Hen. Traveis so long live. £300 to be laid out 
for setting up Hen. Whiteing, s. of my late niece Sarali 
Allen, dec'', & 2 years after his setting up he shall be p'* 
£200 more. All my personal est. to be laid out in the 
purchase of lands, houses, or ground rents, that when my 
neph. Hen. Traveis the younger, an infant son of my late 
nephew Hen. Traveis, dec'', shall attain 21 my trustees shall 
settle the same on him & his heirs, & in default ^ to Hen. 
Whiteing & | to be held for such persons as I shall appoint, 
& for want of such ^ to each of my said trustees. My 
messuage in London which I lately purchased to s" trustees, 
to go with my other lands. To S' Bartholomew's Hosp' 
£20. All my lands in cos. York & Lincoln to be settled 
on 9 trustees for support of certain poor children of the 
3 parishes of Thorne & Hatfeild, co. York, & Wroot, co. 
Line, according to the draft scheme I have drawn up. To 
my bro. Chester's dau., now wife of Thos. Fountaine, Esq. 
(if my brother do pay £51 to my Ex'ors due from my late 
coz. Edw'' Chester, dec''), the pearl necklace of 2 rows & a 
gold watch & fosset diamond ring my late wife's. My 
other pearl necklace of 1 row & my emerald ring to my 
neph. Hen. Traveis as heirlooms. To my coz. Eliz. Hardy 
my wrought bed with its hangings. To my Ex'ors & their 
wives £10 ea. Poor of Bexley, co. Kent, £10. To my 
coz. Martha Traveis & to M" Daniel where I now live 
£10 ea. To Jn° Squibbs of Line. Inn, Esq., £10. To he 
bur. at Bexley, co. Kent, n'' my late dear wife. £50 for 
funeral. My said coz. Tench's bond to me of £750. Wit- 
nessed by Gratian Bale, John Allbright, Benjamin Powuey, 
John Squibb. 



^ctrigrtt of Crabtis. 

Arms. — Argent, a saltier between four bnllerflies sable, in centre point a crescent. 

Crest. — A right forearm couped erect, vested argent and sable, the luind proper holding a club or. 

KICHAED TRAVEIS of London, merchant^p. 


John Travels of London, merchant=p. 

Margaret Travels, mar. Sir Thomas Blanck, Knt., Lord Mayor of London. 
He was knighted at Greenwich 5 May 1588. 

James Travels of London, merchantT=Margaret, dau. of Robert Cocke. 

Richard Travels of London, merchant, 1st son and heir, bapt. 21 April=pMary, dau. of Thomas Roe of Jane Travels, 

1594 at St. Maiy Woolnoth ; mar. licence dated 2.3 Feb. 1624-5, then London, draper, and widow bapt. 3 June 

of St. Martin in the Vintry, mercer ; died 27 Sep. 1661 at Mitcham, of Thomas Dorrell of All 1599 at St. 

CO. Surrey. Signed his Pedigree in the 'Visitation of London, Hallows, Lombard Street, Mary Wool- 

1633-5.' silkman. noth. 


Richard Travels of St. Botolph,-rSarah 

Margaret Travels. 


Aldgate, and Antigua, bapt. 19 

proved her 



Aug. 1629 at Mitcham ; settled 


Mary Travels. 


as a planter at Antigua later than 



1666. Will dated 5 March 

Martha Travels, 

1694-5; proved 24 April 1695. 

living 1706. 

(60 Irby.) 



Henry Travels the elder=f=. . . . bur. 
of St. Michael Bassi- at Bexley, 
shaw ; bur. at Bexley, co. Kent. 
CO. Kent. Will dated 29 
May and proved 7 Nov. 
1706. (248 Eedes.) 

^etiijree of CrtrntHs;, 

Lieut. WILLLIM TREMILLS of Antigua, carpenter, granted 300 acres ln=r. 
St. Mary's Parish 1678. Will dated 17 March 1686 ; sworn 5 Jan. 1692. I 1 




mar. 10 Jan. 




Will dated 

1794. 2nd 




Lucy Tremills, 
living 1732 ; 
mar. 24 March 
1738, at St. 
John's, Law- 
rence Scannell. 

John Tre-= 
mills, owned 
136 acres 
1693 ; bur. 
18 Jan. 1730 
at St. John's. 

^Elizabeth Ken- 
nedy, mar. 22 
April 1715 and 
bur. 23 Nov. 
1717 at St. 
John's. (? 1st 

Sarah Tremills, mar. circa 
1740 Patrick Wilson, gold- 
smith, of St. John's ; he died 
1755 in England. She 

remar Jones, and died 

Nov. 1759. Her son Pat- 
rick Wilson settled in 1766 
at St. Vincent. 

William Tre- 
mills, owned 
Will dated 18 
Feb. 1715 ; 
sworn 13 Dec. 

Robert Tremills,=r. . 
freeman of St. 
Mary's 1688 ; 
owned 40 acres 
1693; heir to his 
brother William. 
Will dated 19 
Nov. 1716. 

Mathew Tremills, owned 
48 acres 1693. 

Elizabeth Tremills, 
owned 48 acres 1693; 
mar. John Poors, planter. 
His will dated 5 and 
sworn 7 Sep. 1717. s.p. 

John Tremills, living 
1715 ; bur. 2 Aug. 
1725 at St. John's. 

Mathew Tremills, liv- 
ing 1717; bur. 21 
Feb. 1721 at St. 

Sarah Tremills, mar Mary Tremills. 


Elizabeth Tremills, mar. 
John De Witt ; he was bur. 
15 July 1723 and she 23 
Nov. 1743 at St. John's. 

mills, a spinster 



1646, April 13. Richard Traves of London fined £60 
on his houses in Coriihill. (Calendar of Committee for 
Compounding, P.R.O.) 

1678, Feb. 21. Richard Travis in the ship "Fellow- 
ship " from Barbados for Antigua, Thomas Pim Commander ; 
time out. (Hotten's ' List of Emigrants,' p. 410.) 

P.\RisH Register of St. John. 


1723 June 9 Peter Travers, Merch', of a snow ; from 

17.58 April 3 Frances Travers. 

Parish Register of St. Mary Woolnoth, 

City of London. 


1504 April 21 Richard s. of James Traves, Merchaunt. 

159.5 May 25 James s. of James Traves, Merchaunt. 

1599 June 3 Jane d. of James Travers, Merchante. 

1689 Feb. 9 Thomas Travvis, Bookeseller. Dyed 
Feb. 7. 

1624-5, Feb. 23. Richard Travis of S* Martin in the 
Vintry, London, Mercer, & Mary Dorrell, of All Hallows, 
Lombard Street, London, widow of Thomas Dorrell, Silk- 
man ; at S* Mary Somerset, Lend. (Marriage Licences : 
Bishop of London.) 

James Travels of London, mer-T=Jane 
chant, bapt. 25 May 1595 at 
St. Mary Woolnoth. Signed 
his Pedigree in the ' Visitation 
of London, 1633-5.' 

James Travels (? mar.= 
2ndly Anne, dau. of 
Mrs. Mary Spire. Her 
will dated 19 Feb. 
1693 ; proved 1 May 
1694. (110 Box.) 

Samuel Baker of London=r. 


Margaret Baker, mar. Hum- 
phrey Thayer of St. Dionys 
Backchurch. His Pedigree 
in the ' Visitation of Lon- 
don, 1633-5.' 

Mabell=j=Nicholas Tenche of London, merchant ; 
had a grant of arms 1 July 1628, 
4 Charles. His Pedigree in the ' Visi- 
tation of London, 1633-5.' 

Elizabeth bur.= 

7 Aug. 1663 at 
St. Dionys Back- 
church, London. 

1st wife. 

^Nathaniel Tench of St. Dionys Back-=pAnne, dan. and heir of Wil- 
church 1662-3, later of Low Layton, , liam Fisher, Alderman of 
CO. Essex, merchant ; Alderman of ! London ; mar. circa 1667 ; 
London ; died 2 April 1710, st. 78. ' died 25 April 1696, set. 50. 
M.L at Layton. Had issue eight sons and 

three daus. 2nd wife. 

Major William=rMary .... died in=pHenry Travels the younger 
Heimes of An- | Hatton Garden, 1 of St. Bride's, London, hnt 
tigua, brother of | London. Will died at Nevis circa 1703. 

Robert Heimes ; dated 3 and proved ! Adm'on granted 10 May 
of Nevis. 1st i 10 May 1703.11703. 2nd husband, 
husband. (138 Degg.) | 


William Heimes, 
son and heir, an 
infant 1703. 

Mary Heimes, an 
infant 1703 and 


Sir Fisher Tench of Low Layton, co. Essex,=j=. . 
1st Bart., only surviving sou ; High Sheriff" 
1712 ; created a Baronet 8 Aug. 1715; died 
31 Oct. 1736, »t. 63. He built the "Great 
House " designed by Inigo Jones and deco- 
rated by Sir James Thornhill. 

Henry Travels, a minor 1 703 ; heir 
to his great-uncle Henry Travels 
1706 ; matriculated from Trinity 
College, Oxford, 14 Oct. 1717, ffit. 17. 

Sir Nathaniel Tench of the Great House, 
Low Layton, 2nd and last Bart., died a 
bachelor 2 June 1737, fet. 40. His 
estate was sold to Richard Oliver of 
Antigua in 1750. 

dfamtlp of Crtmtlls* 

William Tremills, carpenter, of New Division. Will 
dated 17 March 1686. To my wife § of my real estate. 
All my goods & plate among my children, viz., my sons W">, 
Rob*, & John, & my dau. Eliz*. My wife's ^ after her 
death to be also equally divided among them. My sons to 
be Ex'ors. Witnessed by Ambrose York, William Grace, 
John Butler. By Christopher Codrington was sworn John 
Butler 5 Jan. 1692. 

William Tremills. Will dated 18 Feb. 1715. To my 
sister Eliz. Poore £40 c. To my neph. Jn° Tremills £20 c. 
To my niece Sarah Mi^Donough £20 c. To my godson 
W™ M'Donough £5 c. To my nieces Eliz. Dewifct & 
Mary Parre & Susannah Tremills 40s. c. each. To Eliz. 

M'^Donougli, Geo. Dewitt, Thos. Dewitt, children of said 
nieces Sarah & Eliz'", 40s. c. each. All residue to my bro. 
Rob' Tremills. He & Capt. Ambrose Yorke Ex'ors. Wit- 
nessed by William Kenedy, Peter Mathews, Thomas Pearce. 
Before Walter Hamilton, Esq., was sworn William Kenedy 
13 Dec. 1716. 

Robert Tremills of St. John's. Will dated 1 9 Nov. 1716. 
To my daus. Sarah M'^Donough, Eliz"' Dewitt, Mary Beared, 
Susannah, certain negros, & to the latter maintenance till 
17. All residue equally among my 4 daus. Jn° Tremills, 
Jn" M'=Donough, Jn" Poore E.x'ors. Witnessed by William 
Kenedy, James Pain. Before Walter Hamilton, Esq., was 
sworn William Kenedy 13 Dec. 1716. 




John Poore, planter. Will dated .5 Sep. 1717. To 
Leonard Allen £60 c. to buy 2 negros for his children. To 
my godson Lawrence Scanuel £G0 c. to purchase negros as 
his uncle David Scannel & my widow think fit. To my 
godson Mathew Tremills £10 c. & "ye whole duty of man." 
To ray godson Math. Barton £10 c. To Edw"! Trant 
£20 c. To Thos. Trant Creagh, 2'' son of ray cousin Pierse 
Creagh, £20 c. To my sister Julian Torrington of eo. 
Kerry, IreF, £500 c. due to me from Jn° Nibbs, Jas. Nibbs, 
& Thos. Hawes. 6000 lbs. to the children of my father 
after my own mother's decease to be shipped home. To 
Leonard Allen, Edw'' Trant, & Pierse Creagh each a ring of 
30s. All residue to my wife Eliz., she & Leonard Allen 
Ex'ors, & Edw* Trant & Pierse Creagh overseers in T. 
Witnessed by William Hillhouse, jun., John Tremills, Tho- 
mas Hanson. Before Edward Byani, Esq., was sworn 
William Hillhouse 30 Sep. 1717. 

Peter Mercier, merchant. Will dated 2 Oct. 1732. To 
my mother Susannah Mercier of London, wid., £20 a year. 
To my wife Lucy all residue, she to be Ex'trix, & Geo. 
Jennings & Jacob Thibou Ex'ors in Trust, & to each a ring 
of a pistole. Witnessed by Robert Delamere, Josiah Wake- 
lin, Gabriel Thibou. 

Codicil. 4 Sep. 1733. Having obtained judgment 
against the estate of John Tremills, dec'', for £918 c. I 
bequeath it to his widow Mary Tremills, my dMn-law, & 
to her 2 daus. Lucy & Sarah, but if she re-marry to my 
bro.-in-law Jacob Thibou for their benefit. On 27 Oct. 
1733 Gabriel Thibou was sworn by Edward Byam, Esq. 

1678, Aug. 20. Lieutenant William Tramill granted 
300 acres by Colonel James Vaughan. Surveyed 6 Sep. 

1679, Nov. 7. William Tremills in the sloop " Hope- 
well " from Barbadoes for Antegua, William Murphy 
Comander ; time out. (Hotten's ' List of Emigrants,' 
p. 412.) 

33 Chas. II., 1681, Aug. 22. William Tremill, 300 
acres. (Patent Book.) 

1686, Nov. 11. Levy on laud. On the back occur the 
names of Lieutenant William Tremills, B. Tremills, William 
Tremills, John Tremills, and Robert Tremills. (St. Mary's 
Vestry Book.) 

1688. Levy at Bermudian Valley. Lieutenant William 
Tremills. 7 negros ; 300 acres. Same date Robert Tremills 
is taxed 100 lbs. as a freeman. 

1688, March 2.5. Peter Mercier, Suzanna his wife, 
Peter, James, Suzanna, and Ann their children, aliens born 
to receive letters of denization. (Camden Soc. Pub., p. 52.) 

1693, Jan. 15. Levy. St. Mary's Parish. 

Acres. Negros. 

W-" Tremills . 
Rob. Tremills . 
Jn» Tremills . 
Eliz'i' Tremills 
Mathew Tremills 
1706, June 7. Levy. 
Mr wm Tremills 
M' Rob' Tremills 
M'' John Poor . 




1709, March 1. John Poore of Antigua, planter, and 
Elizabeth his wife lease 50 acres to Robert Hanson, jun., of 
Antigua, planter, for 15 years for 12,000 lbs. rent. Bond 
of Robert Hanson, sen. and jun. 

1712-13. Robert Tremills was uncle and guardian of 
the wife of Samuel Lightfoot. (Vol. ii., p. 183.) 

1716, April 26. Pew No. 12 was allotted to John 
Tremills, and No." 13 to Mr. Denbow and the land of 
William Tremills. 

Parish Register of St. John. 



(? April) 22 

John Tremills and Eliz» Kennedy ; by L. 


Oct. 30 

Peter Mercier and Lucy Burroughs ; by 


Mar. 24 

Lawrence Scannell & Lucy Tremills ; by 

William Mercer and Lucy Burroughs. 


July 11 



Nov. 23 

Eliz'h Tremill. 


Feb. 21 

Mathew the s. of John Tremills. 


Aug. 2 

John s. of John Tremills. 


Jan. 18 

M"- John Tremills. 


Sep. 13 

M' Peter Mercier. 


Feb. 6 

Lucy Mercier. 

dfamtl^j oi Cutoap. 

Clement Tudway of London, merchant. Will dated 12 
Dec, proved 8 Feb. 1688 by Rachel Tudway, Bastiaen 
Baijer, William Barnes, and John Pratt. (26 Ent.) To 
my dear wife Rachel i of the profits of my plantation called 
Parham Hill in Antigua & of Long Island, & of my j share 
of the Swan taverne in Old Fish-street, London, also all 
jewels & moneys given her by myself or by her mother Eliz. 
Clarke, & i of all my personal estate. All residue to be 
secured by my J^x'ors Bastiaen Baijer & W"' Barnes, jun^ 
for the education & maintenance of my children Eliz., 
Rachell, Sara, & Clement Tudway till 21, & all residue of 
profits to be divided among them at 21. Each of their 
shares to be made up to £1000. If any dau. die i of her 
share to my wife & | to her surviving sisters. If my son 
Clement die under age without issue then ail the rents & 
profits to my daus. If I have but one son then all my 
plantations in Antigua to him at 21, if 2 sons the younger 
to have £500 iu addition. If I have several sons then my 
estates to go to my 1" son, then to my next son, then to my 
daus., & after the death of my wife & children to the heirs 

male of my P' son, then failing issue i to my brother Thos. 
Tudway, i to my brother Rich'' Tudway, & i to my brother 
Chas. Tudway, & the | share of my estate in Old Fish Str. 
to my sisters Eliz. Clousley & Sara Floyer. My wife to 
relinquish all claim to dower, if not to have but ^ & not i 
of the profits. My brother Chas. Tudway to manage my 
plantations in Antigua & to have 12 "/„ of the profits. My 
Ex'ors to grant leases up to 11 years. To my mother Anne 
Tudway £90, & £6 a year, & £10 for mourning, & a 20s. 
ring. To my brothers & sisters Thos., Rich'', & Chas., Ann 
Turner, & Eliz. Whitfield £5 apiece & 20.'(. rings. To my 
sister Susanna Tudway £15 & a 20s. ring. To my mother 
Eliz. Clarke £10, to her & my sister Eliz. Clousley & my 
brother & sister Peter Floyer & Sara his wife 20s. rings. 
My wife Rachel Tudway & W"' Barnes the Younger Ex'ors, 
& Bastiaen Baijer, W™ Barnes the Elder, Francis Carlisle, 
W™ Barnes the Youuger, & John Pratt Guardians. Wit- 
nessed by Jos. Blackburne, John Carthitch, Henry Paulson, 
servants to Mr. Floyer, Elizabeth Bort, servant to Mr. 



Memorandum dated 27 Dec. 1688. John Pratt to be 
Ex'or. I intend making a mortgage of ^ of my estate in 
Antigua & Long Island which I purchased of Geo. Turney, 
deceased, as a security to Sarah Turney, Geo. Turney, & 
Anthony Turney, his widow & children, for £2300 due to 
them, viz., for £1050 with 6 "/o interest due 1 Nov. 1690 & 
£1250 on 1 Nov. 1691. My Ex'ors are to draw up this 
mortgage. Witnessed by Andrew Binks in A¥atling Street, 
Charles Tincker, Jane Crocker, servants to Mr. Floyer, 
Mary Prince, servant to Mrs. Clarke. 

1692, April 16. Thomas Tudway of Reading, co, Berks. 
Adm'on to Thomas Tudway the son. 

Charles Tudway of Antigua, Gent. Will dated 16 July 
1692. Bound to England. After my funeral expenses are 
paid, to my father-in-law M"' John Robinson & to my 
mother-in-law M™ Mary Robinson & to my brothers Tho. 
& Rich* & my sisters Ann, Eliz"', & Susanna Tudway -tOs. 
each. To my mother M" Anne Tudway of London £20. 
To my sister-in-law M''^ Rachell Tudway, relict of my 
brother Clement Tudway, Esq., deC", £20. To Francis 
Carlile, Esq., £20. To Nath' Barnes £20. | of all residue 
to my wife Mary Tudway of Wells, co. Som., & ^ to my son 
Chas. Tudway at 21. My wife & my father-in-law W John 
Robinson Guardians. My wife, M' John Robinson of Wells, 
& my friends Francis Carlile & Nath' Barnes of Antigua 
Ex'ors. Witnessed by Robert Strode, John Murray, Nicho- 
las Godman, William BayJey. By Hon. Thomas Duncomb, 
Esq., Member of H.M. Council, was sworn Robert Strode, 
Gent., 7 April 1693. Recorded 20 May 1693. Order to 
appraise the estate of the late Captain Charles Tudway 
dated 27 May 1693 by John Yeamans to Benjamin Wick- 
ham and James Porter. Inventory appended, four men, six 
women, etc., total value 46,290 lbs., one house at Parham, 
10 June 1693. 

1 692, Nov. Charles Tudway, at one time of St. Martin's 
in the Fields, London, later of Antego, but in the city of 
Canterbury, deceased, ilary Tudway the widow and relict 
states that five years ago her said husband went to Antego 
and left behind him herself and his only child Charles 
Tudway, then aged about three, and returned in Oct. 1692 
and died at Canterbury. Commission 26 Nov. 1692 to 
Richard Tudway the brother. 

Thomas Tudway of Reading, co. Berks, mercer. Will 
dated 1 April, proved 28 May 1695. (82 Irby.) 3 daus., 
Hester, Eliz., & Mary. 

Richard Tudway of London, merchant. Will dated 11 
Jan., proved 3 Feb. 1707 by Joseph Whitfield ; power 
reserved to Thomas Hawes Clarke. (46 Barrett.) To my 
honoured mother Anne Tudway, widow, £50 & £10 a year. 
To my dau. Eliz. Tudway £800 at 21, if she die before then 
without issue then £200 to my brother D'' Tho. Tudway of 
Cambridge University, £200 to my loving friends Guinnett 
Freeman, citizen & haberdasher, & Benj" Henshaw of 
London, merch', on trust to pay to those pei'sons my sister 
Eliz. the wife of Joseph Whitfeild may appoint, £100 to my 
nephew John Whitfeild, £100 to my sister Ann Cooper, 
widow, £50 to Mary widow of my brother Chas. Tudway, 

deceased, & to Chas. Tudway her son £50, they to release 
all claims against me on account of the estate of my brother 
Chas., £50 to Joseph Whitfeild my brother-in-law, £50 to 
my brother-in-law Tho. Hawes & my sister Anne his wife, 
to my brother D' Tho. Tudway & my sister Eliz. Whitfeild 
£50 each, to my brother-in-law Joseph Whitfeild & Eliz. 
his wife, to my brother-in-law Tho. Hawes & Anne his wife, 
& to my sister Anne Cooper £10 each. To Mary, my 
brother Ciias.' widow, & to her son Chas. Tudway £20 & 
£5. each, & I give them ray tenement in Parham Town, 
Antigua. All residue to my dau. Ehz. Joseph Whitfeild 
& Tho. Hawes Ex'ors. Witnessed by Frederick Hare, 
Richard Elford, Robert Waple. 

Codkil. If ray dau. Eliz. die under 21 then f of residue 
to my sister Eliz. Whitfeild & \ to my brother-in-law Tho. 
Hawes & his wife Anne. To my 2 Ex'ors 1 guinea each. 
My servant Eliz. Warwick £10. To be buried at S' Cath., 
Coleman Str., near my late wife. 

Anne Tudway of Brentwood, co. Essex, widow. Will 
dated 24 Feb. 1707 ; proved 4 March 1715 by Elizabeth 
Whitfield, widow of Joseph Whitfield, deceased. (6u Fox.) 
Aged. My late son Clement Tudway bequeathed to me 
£100 which is still unpaid & my son Rich'' Tudway 
bequeathed to me £50 also unpaid. To my dau. -in-law 
M" Rachael Tudway £5. To my grandson Clement Tud- 
way £5. To my granddaus. Rachael & Sarah Tudway 50s. 
apiece. To my son D' Tho. Tudway of Cambridge £30. 
To my granddau. Eliz. Tudway £20, but if she die £10 to 
my son D'' Tho. Tudway & £10 to my daus. Anne Cooper 
& Eliz. Whitfield. To my dau. Cooper £25 & to her son 
Tho. Turner £5. To my dau. Eliz. Whitfield £30. To 
my grandson John Whitfield £5. To my grandson Chas. 
Tudway £5. To my grandson Chas. Shugburgh £5. To 
my granddau. Letitia Shugburgh & my grandson John 
Shugburgh 50s. apiece. My wedding ring to my son D' 
Tiios. Tudway, & to him & to my 2 daus. Cooper & Whit- 
field each a broad piece of gold of 23s. 6rf. Tu my grand- 
dau. Eliz. Cooper 40s. To the widow Poole of Brentwood 
what she owes me by bond. All residue to my son-in-law 
M"' Joseph Whitfield & appoint him Ex'or. Witnessed by 
Mary Lawes, Thomas Warren, Ciiarles White. 

Rachaell Tudway of London, widow. Will dated 25 
July 1730 ; proved 3 Feb. 1732 by Clement Tudway the 
son. (67 Brice.) My dau. Rachaell Tudway £20, sister 
Ehz. Clowdesley £10, sister Dame Sarah fBoyer £20, niece 
Letitia ffloyer £10, cousin Sus'' Clowdesley 5 g'^ s.-in-l. 
John Cresswell £10, cousins W" Cartlitch & Eliz. Smith 
a ring. My 3 attorneys in Antigua, Col. Edw"* Byam, Col. 
Nath' Crump, & Geo. Byam, Esq., £5 apiece. Daniel Dod- 
Bon of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., a ring. Tho. flFenton, if living 
on Parham plant" in Antigua as manager, £10. To my s, 
Clement Tudway my leasehold messuage called the Indian 
Queen in Blow Bladder Str., London, nowin the tenure of Rich"" 
Llewellyn, which I lately purchased of M'^ Mary Arnold, 
charged with £20 a yr. for my dau. Rachaell Tudway & 
£20 a yr. for my unfortunate sister Eliz. Clowdesley. All 
residue to my son Clement & Ex'or. Funeral not to exceed 
£40. Witnessed by Jacob Shelton, Basinghall Street, Pope 
Gregory, clerk to Mr. Hamond in Dove Court, Lombard 
Street, Jonathan Fullagar, clerk to Mr, Hamond. 



^Sttitsrtc of Cutib)a|). 

Arms. — Ermwe, a lion rampant gules between three roses azure. 
Crest. — A demi-Uon rampant gules, Mding a rose azure slipped prq)ei: 

THOMAS TUDWAY, Gentleraair 
Clerk of St. George's Chapel, Wind- 
sor ; bur. there 25 Nor. 1671. 

=Anne, 5th dan. of Richard Plat, 1st sou of Sir Hugh Plat of Bedwell 
Green, co. Middlesex, Kut. Will dated 24 Feb. 1707, then of Brent- 
wood, CO. Essex ; proved 4 March 1715. (60 Fox.) 

Clement Tudway of=j=Rachel,dau. of Major Thomas Tudway,=rMargaret 




Parham Hill, An- Clowdesley of London ; Mus. Doc, P: 
tigua, and of Lon- ' bur. at St. Alban's, fessor of Music 
don, merchant, 1st | Wood Street. Will 

dated 25 July 1730 ; 

proved 3 Feb. 1732. 

(67 Brice.) 

Tiidway, born 1656 at=f=Elizabeth 

son, born 1649. 
Will dated 12 Dec. 
1688; proved 8 Feb. 
1688-9. (26 Eat.) 

at University of 
Cambridge, died 
23 Nov. 1726. 

Bradfield, co. Essex; of St. 
Margaret Moses, London, aet. 
34, 1691-2 ; master mariner in 
the Antiguan trade ; bur. at 
St. Catherine, Coleman Street. 
Will dated 1 Jan. and proved 
3 Feb. 1707, then of London, 
merchant. (46 Barrett.) 

Clement Tudway of Parham Hill, Antigua, Esq., only son and Elizabeth Rachel 
heir, died s.p. ; bur. at St. Alban's, Wood Street, London. Tudway. Tudway. 
Will dated 18 Nov. 1748, then of London; proved 20 March 
1748-9. (91 Lisle.) 


Steele of 
mar. allega- 
tion dated 
26 Jan. 

Elizabeth Tudway, 
only dau., a minor 

Thomas Tudway, 
born 8 and bapt. 
20 Jan. 1707. 

Charles Tudway of St. Andrew, Wells, born^pHannah . . . 
2 Nov. and bapt. 19 Nov. 1713; sole heir : living 1765. 
in 1748 to his cousin Clement. Will dated j 
9 Sep. 1765 ; proved 2 Oct. 1770. (380 

Richard Clement Tud- 
way, born 1 and bapt. 
16 Dec. 1716 ; living 

John Tudway, 
born 4 and 
bapt. 26 April 
1719 ; living 

Clement Tudway of Wells, born 8 Oct.= 
1734 ; J.P. and M.P. 1760—1815 ; 
died s.p. 7 July 1815. M.I. at St. 
Cuthbert's, Wells. Will dated 22 Dec. 
1814 ; proved 30 Aug. 1815. 

^Elizabeth, younger dau. of 
Sir Rowland Hill, 1st Bart., 
of Hawkestone, co. Salop ; 
mar. 7 June 1762 ; died 
13 Feb. 1828, aet. 88. 

Charles Tud- Robert Tud-n=Mary,dau.of Rev. 

way, Alderman way of Wells, John Paine, Sub- 

of Wells, died died there 1 Dean of Wells ; 

a bachelor May Dec. 1800. born 1745; died 
1810. 27 March 1823. 


John Paine Tudway, born 21 April=rFanny Goold, Rev. Clement Tud way,=f Elizabeth Pappod, dau. 

1775; J.P. and M.P. for Wells i dan. of Lucas born 20 May 1782; of Thomas B. Calley of 

Pulsford of liieut. 16th Dragoons ; Burderop Park, Wilts ; 

Wells ; mar. Vicar of Chiseldon, mar. 7 April 1807 ; 

1806. Wilts, 23 Aug. 1814 ; died 18 May 1836. 

1775 ; J.P. and M.P. for Wells 
1815—30; sole heir to his uncle 
Clement, from whom he inherited 
the Parham Plantation, Antigua ; 
died July 1835, aet. 60. 

Robert Tudway, 
died a bachelor. 

Tudway, died a 

Robert Charles Tudway of The^Maria Catherine, Isc dau. Henry Gould Tudway, raatriculated^pMary, dau. of John 

Cedars, Wells, J.P., and of 
Parham, Antigua, born 6 July 
and bapt. 30 Sep. 1808 ; High 
Sheriff of Somerset 1842-3 ; 
died 20 Oct. 1855. 

of Sir William Miles, 1st 
Bart., of Leigh Court, co. 
Somerset, M.P. ; mar. 3 
March 1846. 

from Trinity College, Oxford, 1 1 July 
1846, ajt. 19 ; B.A. 1851 ; M.A. 
1 853 ; Rector of Walton, co. Somer- 
set, 1855, till his death there 13 
Feb. 1866. 

Phipps of Leighton 
House, Wilts ; mar. 

Lady Edith Nelson, dau. of Horatio,=FCharlus Clement Tudway of The Cedars, Wells, Stoberry^Alice Coustauce, youngest 

3rd Lord Nelson; mar. 5 July 1870; Park, co. Somerset, and 17 Lower Berkeley Street, , dau. of Sir Frederick H. 

died 24 Aug. 1877. 1st wife. London, only surviving son, born 23 Nov. 1846 ; , Hervey Bathurst, Bart.; 

educated at Harrow. Owner of Parham Hill and I mar. 15 Jan. 1884. 2nd 

Parham Lodge, .-\ntigua. wife. 

Madeleine Constance Tudway, only child, born is .Vpril 

A son, born 23 Sep. 1888 at 17 Lower Berkeley Street. 



Charles Tudway of Parham, Antigua,= 
Gent., born 1660 at Windsor ; Captain 
of Militia ; died at Canterbury. Will 
dated 16 July 1692; sworn 7 April 
1693. Recorded at Antigua. 

=Mary, dau. of .John 
Robinson of Wells, 
CO. Somerset, by 
Mary his wife. 

John Tudway, bur. 1 Oct. 1662 at 
St. George's Chapel, Windsor. 

William Tudway, bapt. 15 Oct. 
1665 at St. George's Chapel, Wind- 
sor ; died young. 

I I 
Elizabeth Tudway, 
mar. Joseph Whit- 
field ; living 1707. 

Ann Tudway, mar. 
.... Cooper ; liv- 
ins: 1707. 

Charles Tudway of New Street in Wells, yeoman, only child, bapt. 24 Aug. 1684 and^pMary Cook, mar. 26 Dec. 1706 at 

bur. 24 April 1723 at St. Cuthbert's. 

St. Cuthbert's ; living 1765. 

Robinson Tudway o^Anne 
Bristol, hosier, born 
9 and bapt. 19 Nov. 
1721. Will dated 5 
April and proved 10 
Dec. 1763 at Bristol. 

Elizabeth Tudway, born Rachel Tudway, born 29 Mary Tudway, born Mary Tudway, 

2 and bapt. 24 Feb. Nov. and bapt. 14 Dec. 3 and bapt. 21 Sep. born9andbapt. 

1708; mar. 25 Nov. 1710 ; mar. 1 Nov. 1738 1712. (?bur. 28 15 Nov. 1715. 

1735 Robert Holloway. William Davis. Dec. 1715.) 


Elizabeth Tudway, 
mar. Rev. Francis 
Drake of Seaton, 

Mary Tudway, a minor 17(!5 ; mar. 
June 1773 Rev. Rowland Hill, 3rd 
son of Sir Rowland Hill, Bart ; she 
died 1830 ; he died 1833, set. 88. 

Richard Tudway. 
Ann Tudway. 
Jane Tudway. 

Sarah Tudway. 
Martha Tudway. 
Elizabeth Tudway. 

Fanny Tudway, mar. William 
Melliar of Wells, Esoj. ; he was 
born 14 Feb. 1757 and died 
7 Aug. 1840; she died 11 
March 1795. M.I. at St. 
Cuthbert's, Wells. 

I I 

Mary Tudway, mar. 
Rev. Edward Foster, 
Prebendary of Well.-. 

Sarah Tudway. 

. I 
Elizabeth Tudway, 
mar. Rev. Richard 
Thomas Whalley, 
Rector of Yeovel- 
ton, Somerset ; she 
died 183(1. 

Harriet Tudway, 
mar. July 1815 
Richard Biirford, 
Lieut. 23rd Regi- 
ment ; she died 
s.p. 1821. 

Caroline Tudway, mar. 
11 Aug. 1819 Andrew 
Carrick,M.L)., of Clif- 
ton ; she died s.p. 
June 1837. 

I I 

Jane Tudway, mar. 23 Nov. 1825 
Rev. Thomas Boucher Coney, 
Vicar of Pucklechurch ; she died 

Frances Henrietta Tudway, mar. 
23 May 1837 Arthur Constantine 
Phipps of Shepton Mallet. 

I I 
Emma H. S. Tudway, 
died 2 Jan. 1895 at 
Caledonia Place, Clif- 

Letitia Sarah Tudway, 
mar. Geoi-ge Filling- 

I I I 

Augusta Tudway, mar. Rev. 
Francis Fleming Beadon, 
Vicar of Shepton, Somerset. 

Mary Tudway. 

Harriet Henrietta Tudway. 

Clement Tudway 
of London, only 
son, born 7 April 
1809 ; died 26 
April 1867 in 







Clement Tudway of London, Esq. Will dated 18 Nov., 
proved 20 March 1748 by Charles Tudway. (91 Lisle.) 
To be buried near my mother's grave at S' Alban's, Wood 
Str. To my cousin .John Tudway £700 & forgive debts. 
To my cousin Robinson Tudway £1000. To my cousin 
Holloway, wife of M'' Rob* Holloway, £.500. To my cousin 
John Shuckburgh £300. To the dau. of my cousin Chas. 
Shucburgh, deceased, £300 & forgive debts. £20 to each 
of my attorneys in Antigua. To my cousin M'' Maiy Tud- 
way, widow, £10. To my cousin M" Letitia Woolley £21. 
To my cousin M« Susannah Clowdesley £10. To M" Mary 
Stockeld £10. To M" Jane & M" Alice Wickham £10 
each & forgive debts due from them or their grandfather 
W John Fawkes & their father & mother John & Jane 
Wickham. To my cousin Letitia Wotton £21. To M"' 
John Wilson, now of Grantham, £.50, & to bis sister 
M's Mary Fotherljy £10. To my goddau. Lenten, dau. of 
M"' Rossiter Lenten, £1(10. 2 gs. to each servant. To the 
poor of S' Paul in the Bayle of Lincoln £10. To M^^ Anne 
Ealand, wife of Rob' Ealand, £20 if in my service at my 
death. My good friends M'' .Jas. Douglas of Fan Court, 
London, merch', M'' W"' Wooley of Cheapside, hosier, & M' 
Anthony Pollet of the Tower of London trustees & to have 
each £200 & a guinea ring. All my plantation called 
"Parham Hill" & a plot of ground with warehouse in 
Parham Town, Antigua, & negros, etc., to my cousin Chas. 
Tudway & his heirs male for life in trust, then to my cousin 
Rich"* Clement Tudway, then to my cousin John Tudway, 
then to my cousin Robinson Tudway, then to their daus. 
similarly, but they to take my name. To my said trustees 
£3000 South Sea stock & £3000 bank stock to pay these 
annuities, viz., £10 a year to my cousin M'' Mary Tudway, 
mother of my Ex'or, £20 a year to my cousin M'^ Susannah 
Clowdesley, then to her niece M" Eliz. Child, then to the 
latter's sister Judith (her husband's name I forget), £30 a 
year to my cousin M" Eliz. Arnold, £10 a year to M" Mary 
Fotherby, sister of John Willson of Grantham, her present 
husband Tho. Fotherby, £5 a year to my footman Joseph 
Rowley, 25 gs. a year to my servant Ann Ealand, wife of 
Rob* Ealand, £10 to my cousin Tho. Tudway the Elder 
brother of my Ex'or. The dividends of £1000 S. S. stock 
to my cousin Rich<i Clemeut Tudway, then ^ for his widow 
& ^ for his children at 21, but in case they die the £1000 
between the children of my cousins Holloway, wife of Rob' 
Holloway, & Eacha«l Davis, also in trust to pay to my 
cousin Rachel Davis the dividends of £500 S. S. stock, then 
to her children at 21. All residue to my cousin Chas. Tud- 
way. Witnessed by William Hopkins, William Burford, 
Charles R. Porter. 

Codkil dated 26 Feb. 1748. To my trustees £1000 
stock to pay the interest to my good friend Edwi^ Hales, 
Esq., brother of Sir Christopher Hales, Bart., & son to the 
late Sir Edw« Hales, Bart. To my cousin Letitia Wooley a 
rose diamond ring given me by my mother & a gold locket 
& certain furniture in my house at Lincoln. The ring of 
Chas. P' head to M" Jane Wickham, then to her sister 
Alice Wickham. To my godson Clement Harrison £50. 
To Anthony Pollett 20 gs. To Eliz. Barber 10 gs., & to 
each servant 2 gs. 1 g. each to M"' Sara' Hughson of Dun- 
holme, n"' Lincoln, Rev. M"' Park, & Rev. Moses Terry, M' 
Watkinson Wildman, & M-- Rich<i Wheeler, M'' Thourough- 
ton, wife of Rob' Thouroughton, & my cousins Eliz. Arnold, 
Sarah Hopegood, Mary Whitick, Anne Wyvill, Rebecca 
Theldwall, 5 of the daus. of my late aunt Floyer. To M' 
W'" Houghton of Lincoln, apothecary, 5 gs. To my house- 
keeper Anne Ealand 10 gs. Witnessed by William Hopkins, 
John Ellington, Charles R. Porter. 

Robinson Tudway of Bristol, hosier. Will dated 5 April, 
proved at Bristol 10 Dec. 1763 by Anne Tudway the relict. 
To my s. Rich" £500 at 21. To each of my daus. Ann, 

Jane, Sarah, Martha, & Eliz. £300 at 21. To Jas. Ireland, 
sugar baker, 5 gs. All residue to my wife Anne Tudway, 
she to be Ex'trix, & with Jas. Ireland Guardians. Witnessed 
by William Wood, Richard Room. 

Charles Tudway of the Tiiberty of St. Andrew in Wells, 
CO. Somerset. Will dated 9 Sep. 1765 ; proved 2 Oct. 1770 
by Clement Tudway, Esq. (380 Jenner.) To be buried in 
the parish church of S' Cuthbert in Wells. To my wife 
Hannah £400 & to reside in my new built house for 1 year, 
then the house & furniture to my son Clement Tudway 
except £100 worth of furniture my wife shall choose. I give 
her the 5 closes I purchased of D' Sam' Cresswicke, Dean of 
Wells, of 30 acres in the tything of Dulcott in S' Cuthbert's 
parish which I hold by lease of the Bishop of Bath & Wells, 
& after her death to my son Clement. I give her also in 
like manner all the messuage I purchased of .John Holden, 
Gent., at Easton & Dursdown in S' Cuthbert's, all in lieu of 
dower. By the powers contained in my son Clement's 
marriage settlement, da. 16 Ap. 1762, I give £12,000 to 
my son Chas. Tudway & £5000 to my son Rob' Tudway. 
To my son Clement £3000 in trust for my dau. Mary Tud- 
way at 21, also £1200 for my dau. Eliz. Drake, wife of Rev. 
Francis Drake, & then to her younger children. To my 
honoured mother £10 & a guinea ring. To my brother 
Clement Tudway £30. To my sister Eliz. Raynes, widow, 
£20. To my sister-in-law Marg' Tudway, widow, £10. 
To each of my brothers & sisters-in-law a guinea ring. To 
my dau. Eliz. Drake £50. To my servant Jas. Green £30, 
& my servant David Taylor £20. To my uncle Tho. Moore 
& M' Rich'' Slade a guinea ring, & the like rings to the 
Mayor, Masters, Common Council, & Town Clerk of the 
City or Borough of Wells. All residue of my estate both 
real & personal as well at Antigua as in England to my son 
Clement Tudway, he to be Ex'or. Witnessed by Jos. Bacon, 
Charles Bacon, George Tuson. 

Codicil dated 23 June 1766. Having lately given a 
bond of £1200 to my son Chas. I give him 10,800 instead 
of £12,000. 

Sir Rowland Hill, Bart. Will dated 11 Jan. 1769. 
(26 Rockingham.) Names his 1st dau. Elizabeth wife of 
Clement Tudway, Esq., to whom he gave a considerable 
portion, and by his codicil dated 19 Nov. 1779 he bequeaths 
her £1000. 

Close Roll, 6 Geo. II., Part 5, Nos. 

Indenture made the 20th Dec. 1732 between Rachel 
Tudway of London, widow (and relict of Clement Tudway, 
late of London, merchant, deceased), and Clement Tudway 
their only son and heir, of the one part, and James Douglas 
of London, merchant, of the other part, witnesseth that in 
consideration of bs. Rachel and Clement Tudway grant to 
James Douglas all that plantation in the division of Old 
North Sound in the parish of St. Peter, Parham, Antigua, 
called Parham Hill, bounded N. with the town of Parham 
and the lands now or late of Sarah Waynell (?), E. with the 
lands of Sir William Codriugton, S. with John Pare, Esq., 
and Archibald Cochran, Esq., and W. with John Vernon, 
Esq., and all slaves and cattle and all that 60 
feet by 80 in Parham Town, bounded to the N. with the 
sea, E. with the house and lands of Captain John Coble, 
now or late in the possession of Richard Hillhouso, S. with 
Broad Street, and W. with Crosse Street, for one whole year, 
paying therefore one peppercorn that he may be in actual 
possession, to the uses of an Indenture to be made the day 
after these presents. George North, Humphrey Hackshaw, 



No. . . 
Indenture made 21 st Dec. 1732 as above, witnesseth 
that Rachel and Clement Tudway grant to James Douglas 
the said plantation, one third to the use of Rachel Tudway 
for life, and at her death to Clement Tudway and his heirs 
for ever. 

Close Roll, 2 Geo. III., Part 12, Nos. 21 and 22. 
Indenture made the 25th Feb. 17fi2 between Charles 
Tudway of Wells, co. Somerset, Esq., and Clement Tudway 
of the Middle Temple, Esq., his eldest son, of the one part, 
and Henry Wilmot of Gray's Inn, Esq., of the other part, 
witnesseth that in consideration of 5s. Charles and Clement 
Tudway grant and sell to Henry Wilmot all that plantation 
in the division of Old North Sound and parish of St. Peter, 
Parham, in Antigua, called Parham Hill, in the tenure or 
occupation of Charles Tudway or his assigns, bounded (ns 
before), and also all the negros, cattle, and quick stock 
whatsoever thereon, and all that storehouse 60 feet by 80 in 
Parham Town, bounded N. with the sea, E. with the house 
and lands of Captain John Goble, now or late in the 
possession of Robert {sir) Hillhouse, etc., for one whole year, 
and they constitute the Hon. Stephen Blizard, Esq., Chief 
Justice of Antigua, and Francis Farley and Robert Ban- 
nister, both of Antigua, Esquires, their Attorneys. John 
Lancaster, Valentine Henry Allott, witnesses. 

No. 21. 
Indenture made the 26th Feb. 1762 between Charles 
Tudway, Hannah his wife, and Clement Tudway, of the 1st 
part, Henry Wilmot, of the 2nd part, and Samuel Wildman 
of the parish of St. Mary le Bow, goldsmith, of the 3rd part, 
witnesseth that for barring and destroying all estates tail 
and remainders, and for releasing the dower, etc., of Hannah 
Tudway, and in consideration of 5«., Charles Tndway and 
Hannah his wife and Clement Tudway grant and confirm 
to Henry Wilmot in his actual possession being all that 
plantation (as in No. 22) in trust for Charles Tudway and 
Samuel Wildman and their heirs and assigns for ever, and 
as to the estate and interest of Samuel Wildman in trust for 
Charles Tudway and his heirs and assigns for ever. 

Close Roll, 46 Geo. III., Part 6, No. 1. 
Deed Poll. Manumission of a slave. Know all men by 
these presents that I, Clement Tudway of Wells, co. Somer- 
set, in that part of the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 
called England, Esq., in consideration of £100 sterling paid 
by Edward Byam Wyke of Antigua, Esq., have manumised, 
enfranchised, and set free, etc., from all slavery and servi- 
tude whatsoever, for ever absolutely discharged, a mulatto 
man slave named Alick Dow, so that neither myself nor my 
heirs, Ex'ors, etc., or any otiier person can, shall, or may at 
any time hereafter have claim, challenge, or demand either 
in law or equity, any estate, right, title, etc., into or out of 
the said mulatto, or to his labour or service in any manner 
whatsoever, but of and from all such estate, right, title, etc., 
«hall and will from henceforth be utterly debarred and for 
ever excluded, and I do hereby nominate the Hon. Rowland 
Burton and Thomas Norbury Kerby, Esq., both of Antigua, 
to appear before the Register of Deeds, etc., 19th June 
1806. George Brookes, Leicester Square, H. R. Rogers, 
clerk to Mr. 

Close Roll, 10 Geo. IV., Part 12, No. 1. 
Indenture made the 6th July 1829 between John Paine 
Tndway of Wells, co. Somerset, Esq., of the 1st part, Robert 
Charles Tudway of the same place, Esq., his eldest son and 
heir apparent, of the 2nd part, the Rev. Richard Thomas 
Whalley, late of Henstridge, but now of Yeovilton, co. 

Somerset, clerk, of the 3rd part, William Wilkins Dyne of 
61 Lincoln's Inn Fields, Gentleman, of the 4th part, Edwin 
Lovell of 6 Coventry Street, Gentleman, of the 5th part, 
the Rev. Charles Henry Pulsford of the Liberty of St. 
Andrew in Wells, Clerk, of the 6th part, William Melliar of 
Wells, Gentleman, of the 7th part, and the Hon. Samuel 
Athill, the Hon. Nicholas Nugent, M.D., George Weatherill 
Ottley, Esq., and John Freeland, Esq., all of Antigua, of 
the 8th part. Whereas Clement Tudway, late of Wells, 
Esq., did publish his last will dated the 22nd Dec. 1814, 
and after making certain devises in favour of John Paine 
Tudway aforesaid and Francis Drake, Esq., his nephews, 
devised all his manors and freehold estate in Great Britain 
and Antigua to the Rev. Edward Foster, Clerk, the Rev. 
Richard Thomas Whalley aforesaid, and John Holloway, 
Esq., in trust as to certain specific parts to the use of 
Elizabeth Tudway his wife (since deceased) and her assigns 
for 50 years if she should so long live, for her own use and 
benefit, and subject thereto to the use of Rowland, now 
Lord Hill by the name of Sir Rowland Hill, for 1000 years 
on trust to raise and pay certain annual sums to certain 
persons who, with the exception of Mary Hill and Mary 
Davis, have all departed this life, and subject thereto to 
John Paine Tndway and his assigns for life, with remainder 
to the trustees to preserve the contingent remainders to the 
sons of John Paine Tudway with divers remainders over, 
and declared it should be lawful for John Paine Tndway, 
after he should come into actual possession, to exchange the 
said freehold, copyhold, and leasehold property with any 
person, or corporation, or body politic or corporate, capable 
of making such exchange so that it should be fair and just, 
and such exchange made by John Paine Tudway as tenant 
for life should be as good, valid, and effectual as if he were 
absolutely seised, but on condition the lands exchanged 
should be subject to the same provisoes as by his will 
limited, and also devised all his messuages to the said 
trustees as to certain specific parts at Walcomhe upon 
certain trusts for the benefit of Elizabeth Tudway his wife 
for life, and after her death those parts and all other 
messuages to the person who should have the freehold 
estates, and gave to the said trustees all residue and all 
personal estate (except the slaves and stock belonging to 
his plantation in Antigua) to sell and to invest in tiie 
purchase of freehold messuages and lands, etc., in fee simple 
with liberty to purchase copyhold or leasehold if convenient, 
free from all charges except fee, farm, or quit, or other 
rents, in England, to be conveyed to the same uses as 
before ; and whereas Clement Tudway departed this life in 
July 1815 and his will was proved on the 30th Aug. 1815 ; 
and whereas Elizabeth Tudway his widow has since departed 
this life ; and whereas by virtue of the power contained in 
the said part recited will certain specific parts have been 
exchanged, and such lands exchanged have been duly con- 
veyed and settled according to the trusts ; and whereas all 
just debts and legacies, etc., have been paid from testator's 
personal estate, and all residue has been invested in the 
purchase of lands ; and whereas Robert Charles Tudway is 
the eldest son of Johu Paine Tudway and attained his age 
of 21 on the 4th July instant ; and whereas for making an 
immediate provision for him and for other purposes it has 
been proposed and arranged between John Payne Tudway 
and Robert Charles Tudway that all estate tail, etc., in the 
aforesaid manors, etc., devised by the will of Clement Tud- 
way, shall be barred and destroyed and settled to the uses 
to be mentioned. Now this Indenture witnesseth that in 
consideration of the premises and for barring and destroying 
the estate tail in remainder of Robert Charles Tudway in 
the aforesaid manors in England, hereinafter more par- 
ticularly described, and also in consideration of 10«., John 
I Payne Tudway, Robert Charles Tudway, and Richard Tho- 
i mas Whalley grant and convey to William Wilkins Dyne 



all the manors of Dulcet, otherwise Dulcote Wensley, other- 
wise Wellesly, Walcombe, Pen, and Wookey, all in eo. 
Somerset, and the various messuages delineated in the 
first five schedules and described as freehold, which said 
messuages, farms, etc., are in the in and out parishes of 
St. Cuthbert in Wells, the liberty of St. Andrew in Wells, 
and the parishes of Binder, Croscombe, Wookey, Westbury, 
West Harptry, Priddy Meare, Wedmore, East Brent, and 
Berrow, co. Somerset, and all other manors of which John 
Payne Tudway is tenant-at-law or in equity for life, and 
Eobert Charles Tudway in remainder in tail, to have and to 
hold for the joint lives of John Payne Tudway and Robert 
Charles Tudway, and it shall be lawful for Edwin Lovell 
before the end of the present Trinity Term to sue forth out 
of His Majesty's Court of Chancery one or more writs of 
entry snr disseisin en le post against William Wilkins Dyne, 
in trust as they shall appoint, and in default that Robert 
Charles Tudway may receive £40(1 a year from the said 
manors during the life of John Payne Tudway, and subject 
thereto to Charles Henry Pulsford for .50 years in trust, 
and after the determination of that term to the use of John 
Payne Tudway for life, and after his decease to William 
Melliar in trust during the life of Robert Charles Tudway 
to support the contingent remainders to the first and other 
sons of Robert Charles Tudway in succession, and for 
default to Henry Tudway, second son of John Paine Tud- 
way, for life and to support the contingent remainders to 
his first and other sons, and for default to John Paine 
Tudway and his heirs for ever, and as to all residue to John 
Paine Tudway and his heirs and assigns for ever; and 
whereas the terms limited to the above use are particularly 
mentioned in Schedules 4 and 5, and further witnesseth 
that for settling the leasehold estates of Clement Tudway 
for lives, and in consideration of 10«., and for settling the 
leasehold estates of Clement Tudway for terms of years, and 
in consideration of 10s., and for settling the copyhold 
estates of Clement Tudway, and in consideration of 10s., 
John Paine Tudway, Robert Charles Tudway, and Richard 
Thomas Whalley grant and convey them to William Melliar 
in trust (as for the freehold estates), and also witnesseth 
that in conformity with an Act of the General Assembly of 
H.M.'s Leeward Charibbee Islands, 4 Anne, and for docking 
and destroying all estates tail in possession or remainder 
vested in John Paine Tudway and Robei-t Charles Tudway, 
and all remainders whatsoever, and in consideration of 5s. 
each, John Paine Tudway, Robert Charles Tudway, and 
Richard Thomas Whalley convey to William Wilkins Dyne 
all that plantation in the division of Old North Sound and 
the parish of St. Peter, Parham, Antigua, called Parham 
Hill Plantation, formerly in the tenure or occupation of 
Charles Tudway, Esq., and afterwards of the said Clement 
Tudway, his agents and tenants or assigns, and now of 
John Paine Tudway, bounded N. with the town of Parham 
and the lauds heretofore of Sarah Maynell, E. with the 
lands now or late of Sir Bethel Codrington, S. with the 
lands now or heretofore of John Pare, Esq., and Archibald 
Cockran, Esq., and W. with the lands now or heretofore of 
John Vernon, Esq., and which plantation is now divided 
into three plantations called Parham Old Work, Parham 
New Work, and Parham Lodge, and also a parcel of land 
reputed to belong to the plantation in or near Parham 
Town, whereon is a building used for a storehouse, bounded 
N. with the sea or the seashore, E. with the house and lands 
formerly of Captain John Goble, S. with Broad Street, and 
W. with Cross Street leading to the sea, and all negros and 
other slaves mentioned in the several lists 1, 2, and 3 : — 
1, Parham Old Work (all names given), 197 men, women, 
and children ; 2, Parham New Work, 95 men and boys, 103 
women and girls ; 3, Parham Lodge, 100 men and boys, 88 
women and girls — as by registration founded on returns 
made by George Weatherill Ottley and John Freeland as 

Attorneys to John Paine Tudway, and all cattle as delineated 
in the sixth and last schedule in trust (as for the manors, 
etc.), the tenant in possession to have power to charge for 
any one child any sum not exceeding £2000, and the term 
of 50 years is so limited for the better securinir the £400 a 
year to Robert Charles Tudway and John Paine Tudway, 
Robert Charles Tudway and Richard Thomas Whalley 
constitute, etc., Samuel Athill, Nicholas Nugent, George 
Weatherill Ottley, and John Freeland their Attorneys. 
Joseph Lovell Lovell, Edward Lovell, Wells, witnesses. 

Close Roll, 11 Geo. IV., Part 10, No. 11. 
Indenture made the 21st April 1830 between John 
Paine Tudway of Wells, co. Somerset, Esq., of the 1st part, 
Robert Charles Tudway, Esq., of the same place, his son 
and heir apparent, of the 2nd part, the Rev. Richard 
Thomas Whalley, late of Henstridge, but now of Yeovilton 
in the said county, Clerk, of the 3rd part, William Wilkins 
Dyne of 61 Lincoln's Inn Fields, Gentleman, of the 4th 
part, and the Hon. Samuel Athill, the Hon. Nicholas 
Nugent, M.D., George Weatherill Ottk-y, Esq., and John 
Freeland, Esq., all of Antigua, of the .")th part. Whereas 
Clement Tudway, late of Wells, Esq., duly made his will, 
dated the 22nd Dec. 1814, will recited, and the will was 
duly proved by Edward Foster and Richard Thomas Whalley; 
and whereas Edward Foster and John Holloway have de- 
parted this life ; and whereas Robert Charles Tudway is the 
eldest son of .John Paine Tudway and was born at his house 
in Wells on the 4th July 1808 and was baptized in the 
parish church of St. Cuthbert in Wells on the 20th Sep. 
1808 ; and whereas by virtue of an Indenture dated the 6th 
July 1829 and of a common recovery suffered in perform- 
ance thereof in Trinity Term now last past, wherein William 
Wilkins Dyne was tenant, Edwin Lovell demandant, John 
Paine Tudway first vouchee, and Robert Charles Tudway 
second vouchee, it was witnessed that by force thereof 
certain farms, etc., were assigned to the use of the persons 
mentioned and to such uses as John Paine Tudway and 
Robert Charles Tudway should appoint, with power of 
revocation and new appointment by them during their joint 
lives, and by the said Indenture it was witnessed that for 
barring and destroying all estates tail and remainders and 
for the nominal considerations mentioned Richard Thomas 
Whalley and John Paine Tudway and his son did grant and 
convey to \\'illiam Wilkins Dyne all those plantations to the 
like uses and trusts ; and whereas it is appreliended that 
some difficulty may hereafter arise in proving the time of 
birth of Robert Charles Tudway and that he was of age at 
the time of the hereinbefore recited Indenture, the persons 
who can testify to such facts being few in number and of 
advanced ages, it has therefore been agreed that a new 
bargain and sale of the said plantations shall be executed. 
Now this Indenture witnesseth that in conformity with an 
Act of the Leeward Caribbee Islands, and in consideration 
of 5s. each, John Paine Tudway, Robert Charles Tudway, 
and Richard Thomas Whalley convey to William Wilkins 
Dyne all that plantation in the division of Old North Sound 
and parish of St. Peter, Parham, called Parham Hill Planta- 
tion, and all those slaves as by three schedules annexed, and 
lastly they constitute Samuel Athill, Nicholas Nugent, 
George Weatherill Ottley, and John Freeland their Attorneys. 
Edward Lovell, solicitor. Wells, Ann Lovell, servant to John 
Paine Tudway, John Westmore and James Shaw, clerks to 
Mr. Dyne, 61 Lincoln's Inn Fields, 

1696-7. Richard Tudway signed the petition of 22 
London merchants trading to Nevis. (B. T. Leeward 
Islands, vol. 5.) 

Of the musical composers living in Anne's reign .... 
there was Tudway, who composed an anthem ("Thou, (iod, 
hast heard my Vows") on the occasion of Queeu Anne visiting 



the University of Cambridge in 1705, which gained him his 
doctor's degree, and he was afterwards made public Professor 
of Music to that university, where he was longer remembered 
for his punning proclivities than for his musical talents. 
(Ashton's ' Social Life in the Reign of Queen Anne,' vol. ii., 
p. .35.) 

From the Royal African Accounts it appears that Rich- 
ard Tudway was in 1 700 Master of the ship " Codrington." 

Indenture dated 30 Aug. 1711 between Hon. Colonel 
Edward Byam of Antigua and .John Otto Bayer of Antigua, 
Esq., Attorneys to Madam Rachell Tudway of London, 
widow and ex'trix of Clement Tudway, late of London, 
merchant, deceased, and John Lightfoot of Antigua, Gent, 
and merchant. Lease to John Lightfoot of 20 acres in Old 
North Sound for seven years at £13 st. yearly rent; bond 
for £250 c. given. 

172fi, Nov. 23. Dy'd D' Thomas Tudway, Professor of 
Musick in the University of Cambridge. (' Historical 
Register,' p. 43.) 

1749, March 14. Clement Tudway of Lincoln, esq. 
('Gent. Mag.,' p. 141.) 

1749, March 15. Clement Tedway, Esq ; a gentleman 
of a large estate in Lincolnshire. (' London Mag.,' p. 145.) 

1770, Sep. 4. Charles Tudway, Esq ; late Memb. for 
Wells, Somersetshire. ('Gent. Mag.,' p. 441.) 

1773, June. Rowland Hill, Esq; (now the rev. M"' 
Rowland Hill) to Miss Mary Tudway, youngest daughter of 
the late Charles Tudway, Esq ; and sister to the present 
member for Wells. ('Town and Country Mag.") 

The arms of Clement Tudway, M.P., impaling Hill are 
engraved in William Tunnicliffs Survey 1789. 

Clement Tudway was rated for St. Peter's, Parham, 
1796—1825, and John P. Tudway 1821—1828. 

1800, Dec. 1. At Wells, co. Somerset, after a long 
and painful illness, Robert Tudway, esq. a truly valuable 
man. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 1294.) 

1807, Jan. 1. At Wells, co. Somerset, the wife of John 
Paine Tudway, esq. of a daughter. {Ibid., p. 88.) 

1809, Oct. 26. Rev. Edw. Foster, prebendary of Wells 
Cathedral, to Mary eldest surviving daughter of the late 
Robert Tudway, esq. and niece to Clement Tudway, esq. 
M.P. {Ibid., p. 1073.) 

1815, July 9. At Wells, Clement Tudway, esq. M.P. 
for that city such a series of years, that he has long been 
considered the father of the House of Commons. He was 
first elected in 1761. {Ibid., p. 184.) 

Map* of the Parham Plantations in Antigua, the pro- 
perty of John Paine Tudway, Esq., surveyed by T. Baker 
in 1819. 

Arms : Quarterly, 1 and 4, Ermine, a lion rampant 
between three roses ; 2 and 3, A chevron gules between three 
stags ; impaling .... a cross florg argent. 

Crest : A demi-lion couped, holding in its de.tter paw a 
rose slipped . 

The Old Work 
The New Work 

Acres. Roods. Poles. 
645 3 17 


1819, Aug. 11. A. Carrick, M.D. of Clifton, to Caroline, 
youngest dau. of Rob. Tudway, esq. of Wells, and sister of 
J. P. Tudway, esq. M.P. for that city. ('Gent. Mag.,' 
p. 178.) 

1823, March 27. At an advanced age, the relict of 
Robert Tudway, esq. and mother of Payne Tudway, esq. 
M.P. for Wells. {Ibid., p. 477.) 

1825, Nov. 23. At Wells, the Rev. T. B. Coney, Rector 
of Chedzoy, to Jane, dau. of J. P. Tudway, esq. M.P. 
{Ibid., p. 560.) 

• In the possession of the Hon. T. D. Foote, Mr. Tudway's 
Attorney at Parham Hill. 

1828, Feb. 13. At Wells, aged 88, Elizabeth, relict of 
Clement Tudway, for more than 50 years Member for that 
city, and aunt to Gen. Lord Hill. She was the only sur- 
viving dau. of Sir Rowland Hill, the fourth Bart, by Jane, 
eldest dan. of Sir Brian Broughton, third Bart, of Brough- 
ton, Staffordshire, and was married June 7, 1762. ('Gent. 
Mag.,' p. 189.) 

1833, April 11. At his house in the Blackfriars Road, 
aged 88, the Rev. Rowland Hill, M.A. the celebrated 
Minister of the chapel in that place. {Ibid., p. 565.) 

1835, June 28. At Wells, aged 60, John Paine Tudway, 
esq. {Ibid., p. 221.) 

1836, May 13. At Cirencester, aged 53, Mrs. E. P. 
Tudway, widow of the late Rev. C. Tudway, formerly of 
Wells, sister to T. Galley, esq. of Burderop-park, Wilts. 
{Ibid., p. 674.) 

1837, May 23. At AVells, A. Constantine to Fanny 
Henrietta, dau. of the late J. Paine Tudway esq. M.P. 
{Ibid., p. 82.) 

1846, March 3. At Henbury, Robert Charles Tudway, 
esq. of Wells, to Maria Catherine, eldest dau. of William 
Miles, esq. M.P. of Leigh-court, Somerset. {Ibid., p. 535.) 

1846, July 1. At Harrow, Emily B. youngest dau. of 
Clement Tudway, esq. of Edsleigh-st. Tavistock-sq. {Ibid., 
p. 220.) 

1866, Feb. 13. At Walton Rectory, Somerset, aged 36, 
the Rev. Henry Tudway. He was educated at Trinity 
College, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. in 1851, and 
proceeded M.A. in 1852. He was appointed rector of 
Walton in 1855, having previously held the curacy of 
Priddy, near Wells. {Ibid., p. 599.) 

1867, April 26. In London, aged 58, Clement Tudway, 
esq., only son of the late Rev. Clement Tudway, vicar of 
Chiseldon, Wilts. {Ibid., p. 825.) 

1873. C. C. Tudway, Wells, 2827 acres, gross rental 
£4511. Henry Tudway, Wells, 18 acres, gross rental £46. 
Mrs. Tudway, Wells, 54 acres, gross rental £180. (Parlia- 
mentary Return of Owners of Land.) 

Parish Register of St. Philip. 
1832 July 13 Gretta Tudway. Parham Lodge. 75. 
1832 Aug. 22 Brunsmell Tudway. P. Lodge. 51. 

1832 Dec. 13 Thercia Tudway. Parham Hill. 65. 

1833 Mar. 24 Hammond Tudway. P. L. 61. 
1833 July 14 London Tudway. P. L. 28. 

Register of St. George's Chapel, Windsor. 


William Tudway, son of M"' Tiiomas Tudway, was borne 

the 14 of September and baptized the. 21, 1662. 
Susanna Tudway, daughter of M'' Thomas Tudway, baptized 

the 15 of Octo-- 1665. 

John Tudway, son of M' Tho. Tudway, one of the Clarks of 

this Church, was buried the first daye of October 1662. 
M'' Thomas Tudway, one of the Gent. Clarks of this Church, 

was buried the 25*'' of November 1671. 

[The entries for the years 1652 — 60 are missing.] 

ister of Wells CATHEDRAL.t 
Robert s. of Robert and Mary Tudway ; 
born 9 May, and received at Church 
Sep. 7. 

* These entries probably relate to coloured persons, 
t From ' Wells Cathedral,' by A. J. Jewers, F.S.A. 





Aug. 24 
Jan. 20 

1708 Feb. 24 

1U71 Charles s. of Robert and Mary Tudway ; 

born 23 March, and received at Church 
July 26. 

1735 Nov. 25 Robert Holloway & Elizabeth Tudway ; 

Parish Register of St. Cuthbert, Wells.* 

Charles s. of Charles and Mary Tudway. 

Thomas s. of Charles and Mary Tudway 
of East Wells ; born 8 Jan. 

Elizabeth dau. of Cliarles and Mary Tud- 
way of East Wells ; born 2 Feb., priv. 
bap., brought to Church 15 March. 

Rachel dau. of Charles Tudway of East 
Wells ; born 29 Nov. 

Mary dau. of Charles Tudway of East 
Wells ; born 3 Sep. 

Charles s. of Charles Tudway of East 
Wells ; born 2 Nov. 

Maiy dau. of Charles Tudway ; born 9, 
priv. bap., and brought to Church Nov. 

Richard Clement s. of M"- Charles Tud- 
way ; born 10 Dec, priv. bap., brought 
to Church Jan. 3. 

John s. of Charles Tudway ; born 4 April, 
priv. bap., brought to Church April 30. 

Robinson s. of M"' Charles Tudway ; born 
9 Nov., priv. bap., brought to Church 
7 Dec. ; of New Street. 

Mary dau. of Thomas Tudway of Sadler 
Street ; born 4 Jan., priv. bap., brought 
to Church 17 Jan. 

Thomas s. of Thomas Tudway of South- 
over ; born 1 Aug. 













1716 Dec. 16 

April 26 
Nov. 19 

1731 Jan. 6 

1734 Aug. 

1706 Dec. 26 Charles Tudway, yeoman, and Mary Cook, 

botli of S' Cuthbert par. Licence. 
1738 Nov. 1 William Davis aud Rachael Tudway. 

1708 May 10 M' John Robinson. 
1708 July 20 W^ Robinson, widow, of East Wells. 
1715 Dec. 28 Mary dau. of Charles Tudway of East 

1723 April 24 M'' Charles Tudway of New Street. 

1625, Dec. 3. Thomas Tudway, of New Windsor, co. 
Berks, Gent., & Amy Gibson, of S' Giles, Cripplegate, Lon- 
don, Spinster, dau. of William Gibson, of Arnham, co. Notts, 
Yeoman ; at S* Alphage, London. (Marriage Licences : 
Bishop of London.) 

* From ' Wells Cathedral,' by A. J. Jewers, F.S.A. 

1691-2, Jan. 26. Richard Tudway, of S' Margaret 
Moses, Lond., Merch', Bach'', ab' 34, & M" Elizabeth Steele, 
of Winchester, Sp', above 21, with consent of her guardian 
M'' Fifield, her parents dead ; at S' Clem'' Danes, Midd. 
(Man-iage Licences : Vicar-General of the Archbishop of 


St. Cuthbert's Church, Wells. 
, white marble tablet on the south side of the choir ; 

to the memory of 


eldest son of CHARLES TUDWAY ESQ^ of this 

place I 


WHO WAS born OCTOBER 8™ 1734 

AND DIED JULY 1™ 1815. 




by whom he had no issue. 

he served the office of mayor 

of this city ten times, 

and had the honour to be one of its 

represf;ntatives in parliament 

from the year 1760 

to the time of his death. 

Adjoining the above : — 

Arms : . . . . three birds . ... on a chief engrailed yules 
three annulets, a canton ermine ; impaling, 1, Ermine, a lion 
rampant between three cinqitefoils ; 2, Vert, a chevron eimine 
between three stags. 











WHO died 11''= MARCH 1795 





Above is a large stained-glass window : — 


Wells Cathedral. 
On a white marble cross in the cloisters : — 


BORN SEPTE.MBER 17'''' 1824, 



Crest. — .4 slag's head. 

. TULLIDEPH, had five children^p- 

died If 



Rev. Thoinas= 
on-Tweed ; 
Professor of 
Divinity at 
St. Andrews 
1734 ; living 


Robert Tullideph, 
Lieut, in the 
Army 1759. 

.... Tullideph, 
1st dau. 1737. 

mar. 1746. 

Mary Tullideph, 

Dr. Walter Tullideph, educated at the=T=Mary, dau. David Tullideph^ 

High School, Edinburgh; went out to of Leonard ofWi8beach,mer- 

Antigiia circa 1726 at the invitation Burroughs chant, formerly 

of his cousin Dr. Walter Sydserfe ; and widow of Antigua, which 

Lieut.-Colonel in Militia Dec. 17.52; of John island he left 17 

.Member of Council 1755 ; owned the Tremills ; Aug. 1734 

"New Division" and "Musketo Cove" mar.lOJan. 47inAprill 

Plantations; purchased an estate at 1735-6; living 1794. 

Dundee 1760. Will dated 28 May living 1794. 

I I 
Walter TuUideph, 
only son, born 29 
March 1745; died 
10 June 1752 at 

Mary Margaret 
Tullideph, born 6 
Oct. 1739 ; mar. 
Hon. Lieut.-Col. 
Alexander Leslie ; 
she died v.p. 

born 30 
Oct. 1737; 
at Chelsea; 
mar. 1754. 

I I 

■Sir John Ogilvy, Katherine 

5th Bart., of Tullideph, 

Invercarity, co. 3rd dau., 

Forfar ; Member born 1 6 

of Council of Nov. 1740; 

Antigua 1782; died 7 Oct. 

died 1802. 1743. 

A child, 
born and 
died March 

A child, 




I I 
Sir Walter Ogilvy, 
6th Bart., born May 
1755 ; going to 
Eton 1766 ; died a 
bachelor 1808. 

Sir John Ogilvy, 
7th Bart., born cMra 
Oct. 1756 ; died a 
bachelor 1819. 

David Ogilvy, born 10 April 
1758; Lieut.-Colonel ; killed 
1801 in Egypt. 

Sir William Ogilvy,8th Bart., 
born 5 April 1759; Rear- 
Admiral R.N. ; died 1823. 
A quo the present Bart. 

James Ogilvy, died 
in the East Lidies. 

Alexander Ogilvy, 
mar. and left issue. 

Thomas Ogilvy, died 
in the the East Indies. 

Ramsay Ogilvy, Lieut. 
44th Regiment, killed 
at the capture of St. 

Ann A dau.=pRev. 




John Trotter, merchant 
at London 1744, at An- 
tigua 1745, at Glasgow 
1752, at Jamaica 1754, 
at Philadelphia 1757. 

Thomas Trotter, taken 
prisoner by the Spaniards 
1 743-4 ; died at Jamaica 

Two daus., one of whom 
was mar. in 1752. 

Adam Ogilvy, murdered 
on his father's plantation 
in Antigua 29 July 

Mary Ogilvy, born 
March 1760. 


Charlotte Ogilvy, born 



bur. 24 Nov. 1724 at St. John's. 

Leonard Burroughs of=pLucy Thibou, born in London of French=f Peter Mercier, merchant, mar. 30 Oct. 

Antigua, an EngHsh- 
man. 1st husband. 

parentage; under 50 in 1736 ; purchased I 1715 and bur. 13 Sep. 
" Tremills," which she conveyed to Dr. John's. Will dated 2 
W. Tullideph on his marriage ; bur. | 2nd husband. 
6 Feb. 1744 at St. John's. /K 

(33 at St. 
Oct. 1732. 

Isaac Thibou, 
Esq., living 

Benjamin BurroughsT=- • • 
of Bermuda 1737 — 
1748 ; " a poor re- 
lation 1756." 1 

John Tremills of Antigua,=rMary Burroughs,=rDr. Walter Tullideph, mar. 10 Jan. 1735- 
buv. 18 Jan. 1730 at St. I living 1794. | Will dated 1794. 2nd husband. 

John's. 1st husband. /f. 

1st son, of 
St. Croix, 
where he 
died circa 
July 1764. 


mar. at 
St. Croi.x 
and there 

.1-1 • 


2nd son 


A 3rd son. 

Lucy Burroughs, 
mar. 11 July 1743 
Dr. William Mercer, 
partner of Dr. Wal- 
ter Tullideph. 

Martha Burroughs, 
living 1748. 

Alexander Wilson, 
living 1734 ; mar. 
6 Jan. 1738, at St. 
John's, Elizabeth 
Cuppin. [Mar. 13 
April 1734 Wil- 
liam Coppin and 
Elizabeth Hues.] 

Patrick Wilson,=r(? Sarah)=F Jones 

goldsmith, of 
Antigua 1734 ; 
mar. April 1740; 
died in England 

died Nov. 
(See ante, 
p. 144.) 

(? Charles 
Jones, a 
sugar re- 
finer of 

Three children Patrick Wilson, only son and heir, at school in England 1754 ; ^t. 16 in 1760 : 
1764. a merchant at Antigua 1764 ; settled an estate at St. Vincent 1766. 

A dau., born 18 and 
died 19 April 1755. 



Alexander Sydserfe of Ruchlaw, co. Haddington=p. 

John Sydserfe of Dunbar, merchant, ;3rd son=r. . 


Dr. Walter Sydserfe of Antigua, "cousin" of Dr. Walter TuUideph, born 1692 ;=pMary or Margaret .... living at Bath 
bur. 21 March 1760 at Yapton, co. Sussex. Will dated 16 May 1759 ; proved I 1740 ; bur. 12 .Jan. 1758 at Yapton, 
1 April 17G(). (170 Lynch.) See ante, p. 128. co. Sussex. 

John Sydserfe. bapt. 12 Dec. 
1727 at St. John's ; died 
of consumption in 1752 at 

Thomas .Sydserfe, 
living 1752. 
(? died young.) 

rgaret Sydserfe, bapt. 19 Jan. 1724 at St. John's ;: 

at school in Chelsea 1736 ; mar. 1742-£ 
bur. 12 Dec. 1763, ast. 39, at Yapton. 

died 4 and 

Thomas of 
Yapton, 2nd 

Walter TuUydeph of Tiillydei)li Hall, co. Forfar, and 
formerly of Antigua. Will dated at Edinburgh 28 May 
1794. To the R' Hon. Geo., Earl of Dalhousie, Geo. 
Dempster, Esq., of Dunuichin, advocate, Sir John Ogilvy 
of Invercarity, Bart., Dame Charlotte Tullydeph aVs Ogilvy 
his wife, my P' dau., Rev. Tho. Tullideph, principal of the 
United College of .S' Andrews, M"^ David Tullideph, merch' 
at Westbeach, & Rev. Chas. Roberts, minister at Duudee, 
in trust, all my New Division estate, containing the lands 
formerly Tremills & Devereux's & the lands I bought 
of M'' W" York & Cap' Sam' Martin. I have bargained 
to sell to M^ Morris of Antigua my Musketto Cove estate 
for £18,000 St. All other my lands in Antigua & Mont- 
serrat & all personalty to my trustees, they to be Bx'ors. 
To my wife M" Mary Burroughs aUs Tullideph £400 a 
year, the life rent of Tullideph Hall is also settled on her, 
which will make up £600 a year, & £100 for mourning, 
6 cows & 4 horses, use of furniture, then to my dau. Lady 
Charlotte Ogilvy. To my granddau. Mary Ann Leslie, d. of 
the Hon. L' Col. Alex"- Leslie & of M'= Marg' Tullideph, 
deC^, my youngest dau., £100 a year till 21, then £3000 st. 
To Hellen Ogilvy, 1^' d. of Sir John Ogilvy, £1000 at 21. 
To his other children, except the eldest, £4000 amongst 
them. All my estate to Dame Charlotte Ogilvy for life, 
then to Walter Ogilvy, 1"' son of Sir John Ogilvy. If she 
die before Sir John then I give him £200 a year, & £300 a 
year to Walter. Trustees may sell estates .... Recorded 
at St. John's. (The remainder of the will is missing.) 

1731, Dec. 2. Dr. Tullideph to attend the Governor's 

1748, Feb. 23. Walter Tullideph elected a Member of 
Assembly vice William Furnell resigned. 

1750. James Doig a near relation of Dr. Tullideph's. 

1754, Dec. 10. Walter Tullideph called up to the 
Council vacates his seat in the Assembly. 

1767. Walter Tullideph rated on 144 slaves and 236 
acres, and in 1780 his estate on 325 slaves and 536 acres. 
(St. Mary's Vestry Book.) 

1782, March 7. Mandamus for Sir John Ogilvie, Bart., 
to be a Councillor of Antigua. His youngest son Adam was 
living at Antigua in 1794, and was murdered by a slave on 
his father's plantation 29 July 1799. 

Dr. Walter Tullideph's Letter-books.* 
June 25. Antigua. To Hon. Sir Hans Sloane, Bart., 
P.R.S. and C.P. : refers to his last letter of 28 April 1729 by 
his brother ; offers to promote natural history of these parts. 
June 20. Mr. Thomas Tullideph his Brother, who has 
been made Professor of Divinity in the new College of 
St. Andrews. " Your wife and bairns." 

' In the possession of Sir Reginald Ogilvy, Bart., 
kindly allowed me to make these extracts. 

vho very 

June 27. Mr. William Dunbar, his merchant in Lon- 
don, a frequent correspondent. 

July 10. Patrick Wilson and his brother Alexiinder. 
Wrote same time to John Chrystie per Captain Oliver. 

Aug. 20. To his brother Thomas : Brother David sailed 
the 17th ; your estates in Fyffeshire. Mr. Dunbar arrived. 

Aug. 20. Mrs. Elizabeth Cleghorn : a will made by 
your brother James Cleghorn wherein he leaves all to 
Walter Scott, apothecary in Canon Street. Mr. Hodge his 

Aug. 27. Mrs. Martha Murray at Dorchester, South 
Carolina : your suit is determined thus, that the negroes 
shall continue on the estate till the old man's debt of £300 
is paid ; your share will be four negroes. 

Sep. 3. Dr. Mathew Cargill's death at Spanish Town ; 
his widow. 

Aug. 29. John Chrystie administrator of his brother 
Alexander, deceased : bill of Edward Otto-Baijer drawn on 
Mr. Thomas Redhead at Mr. Gines, goldsmith in lumbard 

1734-5, March 24. " Hon. Colonel George Lucas, Esq. 
.... owed above £30,000 c, his Estates subject to severall 
mortgages, finding himself thus incumbred he calls all his 
Creditors together, offers his Estates to be delivered up and 
sequestred till each of their debts should be discharged, 
reserving to himself his Company in Brigadier Jones's Regi- 
ment and his Estate in South Carolina, to which they all 
agreed .... he has lately sold one of his Estates for £13,000 
and has two very good ones besides." James Gamble, Esq., 
a Gentleman of estate and Lieutenant in Jones's Regiment. 
William Crab's legacy upon his brother's estate. 


May 19. Dr. Scott's death last November .... his 
effects are fallen into the hands of one Samuel Redhead who 

June 19. Captain Partis dyed a few days agoue. 

June 21. Messrs. Rowland and Samuel Frye, merchants 
in London, re his sugars. 

Oct. 22. To Mrs. Ann Cargill at Mr. Edward Lothien, 
jeweller, in the Parliament Cross, Edinburgh : your father 
and mother out here ; your sister. 

Oct. ii. Brother Thomas Tullideph : our aunt Sandi- 
lands ; re my degrees — when I was in France. Dr. Syd- 
serfe's letter for me to come out to these parts. 

Nov. 8. Mrs. Martha Murray at Colonel Blake's, South 
Carolina: ? your little girl ; re the negroes; when Dr. Mur- 
ray was here. " Your Sister Bettey is married to a Scotch 
Taylor who has good business here in Town named George 

Jan. 20. " Silver embroidered stagg's head as my Coat 
of Arms." 


April 28. Brother Thomas : " I was married January 
10th last to an agreeable Young Widow, by whom I have 



got Possession of a very fine Estate." " I have laboured 
very hard these ten years past .... there is only the breadth 
of a Bay about two Miles betwixt Cousin Sydserfe's Estate 
and mine." His daughter Peggy went to London last 
summer to a school at Chelsea ; our cousin Hepburn at 
Chelsea ; your wife and all friends at Edrom. " The Old 
Lady her Mother (not being .50) conveyed the Estate to me 
in fee simple for ever ; per Captain Samuel Oliver." 

May 23. " I received yours of ye 31st January per ye 
Fanny, Thomas Oliver." 

July 16. To his brother David Tullideph, that he has 
let his (David's) store for £42 a year ; per the Resolution, 
Thomas Oliver. 

Oct. 12. John Burke's death. Died lately Mr. Jen- 
nings, Colonel Williams, Jacob Williams, and Captain 


May 25. " Samuel Oliver arrived here from Calls about 
10 days agone and in 6 days sailed directly for London." 
Johnny Martin sails in Thomas Oliver with Thomas Martin's 
wife and children . . . . " sent a bill of Exchange for £30 
sterling drawn by Captain Oliver on Messrs. Rowland and 
Samuel Frye, Merchants in London." 

June 11. David Tullideph and his wife's 5 uegros : 
were I to sell my Estate now it would produce no more than 
£5000 sterling. "My mother in Law's first husband's 
name was Leonard Burroughs, an Englishman, she of 
Frencli Parentage, but born in London, named Lucey 
Thibout, my wife's maiden name. Mary Burroughs was 
married first to one John Tremills, a Creole of this Island, 
an honest, good natured man, but his hospitality bordered 
on profuseness, by which his Estate was mortgaged, and by 
virtue thereof sold to my mother in Law, now named Mrs. 
Lucey Mercier, by Order of high Court of Chancery, and 
by her conveyed to me and my heirs for ever." 

Aug. 15. Dr. Sydserfe has purchased John Martin's 
and John Manwareing's estates at Five Islands. Csesar 
Rodenay is walked otl', but Sydserfe has got all his negroes 
but 3 or 4 he carried with him. Royall is gone to New 

Oct. 3. Refers to Copy of Colonel Williams's will, to 
whom Mr. Oliver and self are Executors .... about Jack 
Teaman's Marriage. 

Oct. 24. My brother David settled in England ; his 
6 negros to be sold. 

Dec. 21. To Brother Benjamin Bourroughs : your sloops. 
" We had a girl born the 30th of October, and is named 
Charlotte after your grandmother," after Mercier's mother, 
"after my mother Mercier's mother." Lucy Tremills has 
been very ill. 

1737-8, Feb. 28. " When Alexander Middleton went to 
Boston some years ago." 

April 10. To William Dunbar: If Alexander Middle- 
ton is not in London he is at Glasgow ; he is nephew to 
Colonel Middleton, and came out here with your brother 
some years agone. "The purchase of 50 Acres of Land 
I made of William Yorke two years agone for which I gave 
him £750 our money. I hear from Tortola that he is lately 
dead, now he has a wife that lives with her poor parents 
near Chatham or Rochester .... she is in extream want." 

April 17. " If you are in London in June you will 
have the pleasure of seeing Dr. Sydserfe's Lady, Son, and 

May 29. Dr. Young's purchase of Dabron's estate. 

Aug. 8. Received yours of June 26 per Samuel Oliver ; 
mentions Michael Lovell. 

Aug. 14. " John Yeaman's Creditors have allowed him 
five years' liberty, and his father has offered to plead for 
him at the Barr for some years till John can do it himself, 

and give all the profitts to John in the meantime." " Colonel 
Lucas is gone home about the Majority of this Regiment." 

Nov. 3. I have resigned all business in favour of my 
partner Dr. William Mercer, it was too great fatigue, and 
he allowed me in consideration £300, and I still hold all 
business that side of the creek next myself, which may be 
£200 per annum. Have practised much inoculation for 
the small-pox. 

1738-0, March 16. To Mr. Stephen Bayard, merchant 
in New York : I knew your brother Samuel when here. 


April 14. To Mr. Thomas Martin at Cork : " Samuel 
Frye's Widow .... informed you have interest with her sister 
Gamble .... she has been paying large debts every year." 
Am Guardian to her (fatherless) children. 

May 23. To William Dunbar : your cousin James 
Mackie's debts here ; his goods worth £600. 

.lune 5. To Brother Davie : Have built large works and 
lent my neighbour Leonard £600 ; am concerned for the 
loss of your child. 

July 1. Since Dr. Sydserfe left. 

July 1. Major Murray was married 14 days agone to 
Mrs. Otto, and go to New England to-day with John Frye 
and his family, but Murray will return again before Christ- 

Aug. 3. To Hon. George Thomas, Governor of Penn- 
sylvania, at Philadelphia. 

Sep. 1. To Walter Sydserfe, Esq., and Mrs. Thibou in 

Oct. 15. Sum due to Burke's estate for money advanced 
to Onozephorus Gamble. " My wife was delivered of another 
girl the 6th instant, to be called Mary." Also to Mrs. 
Elizabeth Gamble at Cork : your sister Frye's debt. 

Oct. 16. "Colonel Gilbert's Courtship, but believe he 
is now married to the widow Gaynor." Dr. W. Sydserfe's 
estates at Five Islands and Belfast. " Mr. Cope dyed some 
weeks agone. Old Tomlinson about 8 dayes agone ; he dyed 
suddenly of fitts. Thomas Crawford dyed lately and left 
Walter Paterson a negroe boy and his sister a girl. James 
Gamble is made Gunner of James's Fort and has 14.s. a 

Oct. 16. To brother David : glad brother Thomas is 
advanced to the chair of St. Leonard's. 

Nov. 18. Captain King's death. 


April 22. £400 given to Mr. Pattrick Wilson, gold- 
smith, who was married to one of my wife's daughters. 

April 26. To Brother Davie : congratulate you on the 
increase to your family. 

June 23. I have shipt 8 hogsheads sugar to Colonel 
Samuel Martin in Bristoll .... for about 15 years agone I 
came to this Island in his employ .... also to Mrs. Mary 
Sydserfe at Bath. 

July 5. " To Mrs. Elizabeth Gamble at Corke : Madam. 

1 received yours of December 30th, 1739, since which have 
seen a letter from Mr. Samuel Lyons to his friend here wherein 
he mentions his haveing purchased Golden Grove of you for 
£1200 Irish money, which has prevented me from propose- 
ing anything relateing thereto to Mr. Mackinnen .... I 
paid Miss Maly Frye's passage ; she behaves well, and is 
well respected by Mrs. Frye and her friends." Also my 

2 daughters Miss Charlotte and Mary Margaret. 

Aug. 28. To Slingsby Bethel, Esq. : " Mr. Ephraim 
Jordin is a very industrious man who by the interest of 
Colonel King and self as his securitys has rented a pretty 
large Estate at £350 Steriing per annum." 

Sep. 25. Thomas Hanson's and Dr. Young's death. 
MisB Turner's marriage. 



Nov. 12. Cesar Rodenay's death. 

Dec. 3. Halladay going to be married. Governor Byam 
and Jacob Thibou a-dying. 

1741-2, Jan. 9. Dr. Ranken selling his house and going 
to Jamaica. Governor Byam's and Jacob Thibou's death. 

Feb. 5. Mr. Gunthorpe's marriage. Dr. Dunbar's 

March 13. My wife delivered of a dead child. 


June. Per Captain Arthur Payne. Per Captain James 

June 28. Mr. Andrew Murray, merchant in Dublin. 
Samuel Martin, Esq., merchant in London. 

July 3. Dr. William Mercer ? at New York. 

July 27. To Walter Sydserfe, Esq. ; also to " Thomas 
TuUideph : wrote him with one inclosed to Mr. Hamilton 
from his sister Oliver." 

Aug. 30. Cousin Lucy Burroughs. 

Oct. 15. Mr. George Dunbar, merchant iu Edinburgh : 
his brother might owe £1000 ; I advise his sisters to send 
a power to his Executors. 

Oct. 18. John Watkins hath rented the Judges for 
£450 sterling. 

Nov. 15. Samuel Lyons, merchant iu Dublin. 

1742-3, J"eb. 2. Proposes oii'eriug £400 sterling a year 
for Mr. Smith's and £200 or £250 for Rigby's. 

March 2. Nichols's and Mrs. Blizard's death. 

Oct. 12. Ye Antigua Paukett, Samuel Oliver. 
1743-4, Jan. 28. To William Yeamans, merchant in 

Various accounts with — 
1731 — 4. Mr. Robert Martin ; Mr. Francis Francklyn 
£620 ; Mr. Thomas Powell ; Mr. Samuel Hanson £492. 
1732, Mr. William Bowers. 1733, Messrs. William, Edward, 
Anthony, and Joseph Bezunes ; Mr. John Bezune. 1734, 
Philip Darby. 1733, Mr. Robert Dunning. 1733, Mr. 
Perrie Yorke. 1733-4-C, Mr. William Hillhouse. 1733, 
Mr. Robert Martin mortgaged £620. 1734, Mr. Thomas 
Hanson. 1734, Mr. Ephraim Jerdin. 1735, William 
Gerrish, Esq. 1735, Captain Charles Goore ; Mr. Ed. 
Gregory. 1734-5, Mr. Robert Allen ; Robert Duuning's 
estate, ye widow. 1735, Mr. Jacob Thibout ; Mrs. Mary 
Tremills ; Mr. Thomas Dunning. 1734, Mr. James and 
Mr. Charles Murray. 1735, Mr. James Mackie. 1735, 
Mr. Samuel Martin iu New Division ; Mr. W. Yorke £750 ; 
Mr. Robert Delamere. 1736, Dr. William Boyle. 1735, 
Mr. Joseph Mathews ; Mrs. Judith Leott ; Estate of John 
Tremills, deceased; Peter Mercier an Executor 1736. 
1738-9, Mr. George Leonard; Mr. John Fyff'e. 1739, 
Thomas Hanson, senior, Esq. 

{End of Volume /.] 

1743-4, March 3. Thomas Trotter, a nephew of mine, 
taken by a Spaniard, with other passengers. 


April 24. Rev. Thomas Tullideph, his son Robin, his 
daughter Mary. 

July 21. To WilHam Smith, Esq. 

Aug. 13. Have prevented the forced sale of Mrs. Frye's 

Sep. 15. Young Carlisle would have attained 21 in 1738. 
Several letters to Philadelphia merchants. 

Oct. 28. Mr. Samuel Lyons, merchant in Dublin ; per 
Captain Samuel Oliver. Thomas Oestermau Williams. 
Mr. Rowland Oliver and self. 

1744-5, Feb. 28. Colonel Martin hath laid aside busi- 
ness (in London). " Mr. Shephard hath purchased Henry 
Osborn's Estate, and gives £10,500 for it and 30 negroes." 
Dr. Richardson, Grandson to ye Old man, inclines to rent 
his, but expects £500 sterling rent. To cousin John 
Trotter in London, brother of Thomas Trotter : your father ; 
signed, your aEFectionate uncle W. Tullideph. 

March 14. Mr. James Fyffe : your sister ; your brother's 
death and will. Mr. Earl Daniel. 


March 30. " Yesterday my wife was safely delivered of 
a fine boy." 

French war this year. 

July 12. To Mrs. Elizabeth (iaml)le : to settle your 
affair with Mrs. Moncrieff. 

Aug. 8. Robert Martin, manager of Governor Thomas's 
estate is a creole ; he was forced to sell his estate to his 
brother ; is a single man. 

Aug. 13. I hear John Trotter's brother died at Jamaica. 
Martin Goble's estate here is a very good one. Mr. James 
Stevenson is gone into partnership with Dr. Samuel Young. 

Oct. 5. To Governor Thomas : Harry Hodge arrived 
yesteiday from Loudon ; I hear he is confirmed a Lieutenant; 
congratulate you on the birth of your daughter ; Dr. Syd- 
serfe has gone to St. Kitts to see Mr. Willet, who hath been 
long in a bad way. 

Oct. 17. Mr. Willet died the day before Dr. Sydserfe 

Nov. 16. To his brother Thomas Tullideph: your 
daughter's marriage ; Mr. Spooner hath rented Blubber 
Valley from young Pearne. 

Nov. 18. Re death of Thomas Trotter. 


March 26. To Ferdinandu John Paris in Surrey Street. 

Aug. 27. Nephew .John Trotter has arrived. 

Aug. 27. To his nephew Robert Tullideph (Robin), 
son of Rev. Thomas Tullideph ; also to Mr. David Tullideph 
at Wisbeach : I made 140 hogsheads. 

Aug. 28. Steeven's estate owes to Captain Partis's 
estate £4000 currency. 

Oct. 29. To brother Thomas Tnllideifh : your daughter 
Peggy so well married. 


April 4. Ambrose York, the heir to Yorke's estate : 
his father's Executors ; believe that estate owes £5(100 
sterling to Mr. Young. 

Aug. 1 5. To brother Thomas Tullideph : Mr. Dewar 
has arrived ; I have purchased the equity of redemption of 
Yorke's, an adjacent estate, for £8000 from Yorke's heir ; 
cousin Cecil ; your family at Kilmux. 

Aug. 22. John Fyfl'e died in very bad circumstances 
.... his brother James died at Montserrat 18 months agone 
.... the youngest of John's daughters and the eldest hath 
old Jefferies's estate close by General Mathews. Mr. Robert 
Baker, Surveyor of this Island, proposes a draught of this. 

Oct. 11. Brother Benjamin Burroughs at Bermuda. 

1747-8, Feb. 7. Re Mr. James Fyffe, deceased; his 
niece Frances Fyffe, my goddaughter. 

1747-8, March 16. Old Colonel Frye died a few days 


June 25. " A few months agone a Cousin of ours. Dr. 
James Russell, son to Cousin Betty Tullideph's at Pearth, 
arrived here." 

June 27. Michael Lovell's account. Dr. Walter Syd- 
serfe back in London. 

Oct. 22. Brother Benjamin Burroughs: your daughter 
Martha's letter ; your uncle Mr. Stephen Outerbridge at 



Nov. 7. Mr. Francis Sanders in Nevis : " I understand 
by Mr. Rowland Oliver that you were lately married to Miss 
Martha Williams." Her father's affairs in my hands ; about 
£800 due to her and 16 negros. 

Dec. Old Ambrose York died in 1716, and left Thomas 
Hanson his Executor, who ruined the estate. 

Feb. 14. May add the Bear Garden to Yorke's, which 
will cost £9000 currency ; it owes Mr. Bannister, our 
Collector, £5000 sterling, to whom I have now lent £2100 

1748-9, March 2. To Peter van Brugh Livingston, 
merchant in New York : at the recommendation of Mr. 
Livingston I consign you 10 hogsheads rum. 
April 8. The Marshall .... is married to a sister of 
Francis Farley's. " As for James Garalile, Mr. Kerby is like 
to fall in his debt £5000 this money, which is to be divided 
amongst his Creditors ; his son Ned hath gone to pott, owes 
£5000, they say nothing to be gott there till Man's Estate 
comes to him on the death of his Mother. Colonel Martin's 
son George dyed aliout 14 days agone suddenly of a fitt, 
the fruits, I fear, of intemperance." Have not struck with 
Mr. Steevens for Bear Garden. 

June 4. I have purchased Bear Garden for £9000 
currency ; hope to make 250 hogsheads at ye 3 estates at 
20s. to 22s. per cwt. Ned Thomas's death ; death of brother 
David's wife. 

June 4. To George Thomas, Esq. : " Your Brother 
Ned Thomas and Son went Over to Barbuda about 3 weeks 
agone for ye recovery of your Brother's health, where he 
dyed Saturday ye 27th past. Your son (George) tells me 
that he made a will there a few hours before his death, and 
had left Messrs. Bannister, Evanson, and Addis his Execu- 
tors." Recommend George to your favour again. 

June 4. Duncan Grant part-owner in a cargo. " John 
King hath sold his estate to Robin Gray, and hath 60 or 80 
negroes reserved for his wife's Dower." " Our Great For- 
tune Miss Thibou was married about 3 weeks agone to 
Dr. Thomas Jarvis of Popeshead by the Consent of the 
family, and Mrs. Berry was mai-ried about ten days agone 
to young Dr. Frazer, who hath not been here 12 months as 
yet ; he lived with his cousin the other Dr. Frazer, and is 
a likely young man." 

Nov. 11. Mr. Doeg sells £4000 bank stock and gives 
him a bill of £2800 on Slingsby Bethell. 

Nov. 22. To George Thomas, Esq. : your agreeable pur- 
chase in England. Colonel Lessly lost his Second Son David 
of a fever, William Yeamons lost his wife a few weeks agone, 
and the Old man is now fond of his Son John, but whether 
he will pay his debts I know not. " Jack Yeamans's mother 
dyed a few weeks agone." 

Dec. 18. To Brother Benjamin Burroughs : Cousin 
Patty to tell me when of age to receive £60 from her 
grandmother's estate. 

Jan. 20. Mr. William Dunbar's death. 

1749-50, March 20. As for Billie Sheriffe he lived 

some time with Mr. Watkins to Settle Colonel Martin's 
Accounts .... Mr. Watkins thought him honest and sober 
but inclined to be idle, he proposes doing business as a 
Town Agent. " I was Liclined to Ship 20 or 80 hogsheads 
to Major Oliver as a grateful Sense of his former favours 
to me." 

1749-50, March 20. To Richai-d Oliver, Esq., re con- 
signments ; also to Mr. George Dunbar in Edinburgh : 
your brother's affairs ; Dr. William Mercer who upon remit- 
ting your Brother to be his Partner : your sisters. 
April 20. Mr. Frazer, the Collector at Parham, was 
this morning given over by the Doctors .... ill of a fever 
.... of which he died the next day. 

May 14. Our great Man .... his son Daniel was 
married last Tuesday to Mrs. Lyons, the daughter of George 
Byam and Widow of Henry Lyons's Son. 

June 3. Levy on Kerr's estate in right of Jack Yeamon's 
wife .... Parson Grant some time past Dyed at Tortola 
. . . . Duncan Grant .... Stapleton Dunbar hath been down 
at Nevis. I spoke to his brother William. 

June 27. Death of our worthy friend Mr. Thomas 
Martin. 10 hogsheads to Major Oliver, also to Richard 
Oliver, Esq., merchant in London. 

July 11. James Doeg, Esq., a near Relation of mine. 

[Walter Tullideph was in London in January.] 

April 3. Brother Benjamin Burroughs : your 2nd son 
Benjamin. I an'ived at Antigua 10th ultimo. 

April 8. To George Thomas, Esq., Yapton Place, near 

April ]3. To Walter Sydserfe : your brother Garrett. 
Dr. Dewar was married 14 days agone to a daughter of 
Dr. Bennets of St. Christopher's, an agreeable Lady. Mr. 
White lost bis son William a little before my arrival. Old 
Senegatt and his wife, George White and his, Charles Alley 
and his, Alexander Dow and his wife, and Robert Baker's 
wife have all dyed in my absence, as did Charles Mathews a 
few days before my arrival. 

April 14. Arrived here 10th of last month after a 
passage of 5 weeks. He left his daughter Charlotte at 
school in England. Richard Oliver, Esq., is now his Mer- 
chant and Correspondent vice William Dunbar, deceased. 

May 12. I have a Refining house. Rum 2.s. Qd. ; 
Sugar 30s. to 35s. ; Double refined Sugar 21(?. per pound ; 
Single refined ditto 15(i?. ; Bastards dd. (a large coarser 
loaf). Mr. John Trotter went home last year. Mr. Eph- 
raim Jordin acting for him. The North Sound sugars of 
George Thomas, Esq., were usually consigned to S. Bethell 
and James Douglass of London. 

June 28. Mrs. Rebecca Oaterbridge and Mr. Stephen 
Oaterbridge at Bermuda. B. B. rent paid. 

July 8. To Walter Sydserfe : Charles Dunbar and his 
son Billy have sold Witts of 16^ acres for £600 sterling, 
which I bought for you ; your brother Billie. 

July 12. Stapleton Dunbar's brother the Doctor. James 
Delap is dead since my arrival. 

Dec. 14. Mr. George Lucas Osborne, merchant in 
Philadelphia ; he was at Antigua in October. 

1752 (? New Style). 

Feb. 3. Mr. George Leonard at Tortola : expect your 
return to your family ; your boy George's education ; your 
wife indisposed ; Miss Ruth and Miss Durham ; your 
Mother ailing ; your works suffered much. " Dr. TurnbuU 
makes a Demand of your Sister TurnbuU's fortune in favour 
of his Two Sons." 

March 4. List of losses to my works. Billie Garrett 
and his wife. Miss Fanny Wier. 

March 4. Jack Sydserfe in danger of a consumption. 
Re £265 paid to Mr. Davison. Mr. Halliday in settling 
his accounts with his uncle William Dunbar. 

March 25. To George Thomas, Esq. : Mr. McKinnen's 
sister Mrs. Carlisle re her renting George Thomas's Win- 
thorpes. Your Brother Ned's Son Billie died here some 
time past ; I made Enquiry of Colonel Gilbert who were his 
heirs ; he told me as your Brother had left his Estate 
equally to be divided between his wife and Children, and 
the Wife had survived the Children, that she was Intitled 
to the whole. 

March 25. Mr. Doeg hath purchased Mr. Moucrief's 
Estate and given £10,000 sterling. 

April 11. Richard Oliver as Executor to late Thomas 
Martin. Charlotte Tullideph under Richard Oliver's care 



during Dr. Sydserfe's absence at Lisbon ; also to Mrs. Mary 
Hanson : have paid Mr. William Dening your £40, and 
Mrs. Weatherill £11 13.s. id. for 10 months' board of Wil- 
liam French Dening to the 10 March 1750-1, when he 

May 6. To Rev. Thomas Tullideph : Mr. Gregory was 
Surgeon to Captain Tyrrel, a worthy brave OfiBcer, who 
married a Lady of great fortune here ; Young Doeg goes 
home next month with his 2 eldest sisters, and will see you 
on his way to Montrose. 

May 9. To Brotiier David Tullideph : last April you 
were 47. 

May 11. Mrs. Jordin hath gott a Cancer of her breast ; 
our friend Ephraim. No rain since Christmas. 

May 25. Mr. Joseph Merry of Kingston in Jamaica : 
Your uncle Anthony Garratt and family here ; you will not 
be of age till April 1754, will be then entitled to £600 ; the 
way you left us ; your debts ; Antliony Garratt and self your 
guardians ; your relations at Barbadoes ; return here in 1753. 

May 30. To Richard Oliver : There is a young Gentle- 
man, a kinsman of mine, Mr. William Dewar, who proposes 
comeing out here in a Mercantile way ; his brother Dr. 
Dewar here. 

June 14. My dear Son (Waltie), who was Carried oiF 
with a malignant fever and Ulcerated Sore throat on the 
10th Instant. Also to Richard Oliver, Esq. : " I was not 
sure but you might be confined with the gout." 

July 7. " John Lyndsey (wlio was married last week 
to Mr. Doeg's eldest daughter) ." 

July 8. " Mr. McKinnon's Daughter was married last 
week to Young Dr. Frazer, he who was formerlie married to 
Mrs. Barry, and Mr. Fare's eldest daughter is to be married 
next week to Dr. Ashton Warner." 

July 15. To Walter Sydserfe : death of Jack ; Dr. 
Grant hath purchased Jack Yeaman's part of Kerr's Estate, 
which is where the workes Stand ; Mr. JefTreson hath bought 
Simon Farley's part of said Estate, 39 acres I think, and 
given about £80 per acre ; Pattrick Byrne lost his wife a 
few days agone ; she has left 2 daughters. 

Wrote Mr. George Leonard August 3 re sale of his uncle 
Hanson's estate 29 August. 

Aug. 19. General Mathew departed this life the 14th 
instant at 10 o'clock. 

Sep. 22. To George Thomas, Esq. : Mr. Martin (your 
Manager) moved from North Sound the 18th Instant, and 
is Succeeded by Mr. Edward Hamilton, a son of Rowland 
Hamilton, who hath the Character of an Honest, Active, 
Humane Man and a good Planter; is married, but not 
likely to have any children. 

Sep. 22. To Walter Sydserfe: "When Mr. Watkins 
surrendered up the lease last month to Mr. Jennings the 
reappraisement was £1500 in Watkins's favour. I askt him 
how he expected to be paid, to which he replyed he had two 
very good Men his Securitys, meaning you and Major 

Nov. 9. To Mr. John Trotter, Glasgow : your father, 
aunt, and sisters. 

Nov. 9. Richard Oliver, Esq. : I am glad the gout hath 
been so favourable these two years past. Mr. Delap's widow 
who hath a great many Sickly Children. 

Nov. 12. To Walter Sydserfe: your son Thomas. 

Dec. 3. Mathew Mills's death. 

Dec. 25. Cousin John Trotter at Edrom near Berwick 
on Tweed : your sister's marriage ; your other sister. 

Dec. 26. Mr. Fleming hath sent me a Commission for 

Jan. 24. Mr. Joseph Merry at Philadelphia. 
April 16. Mr. Robert Dewar's store. 
April 29. Richard Oliver, Esq. : " I would choose that 
you should get lodgeings for us in Upper Greenidge.'" 

[The last letter from Antigua was dated 19 June 1753. 
James Doig acts as his Attorney.] 

Aug. 16. Arrived at Dover 7th instant after a passage 
of 7 weeks. 

Sep. 29. Tjondon. Are moving into our house in 
Poland Street. 

Oct. 13. The Brigantine Sally, Captain William Hind- 
man, from Glasgow. Blast still troublesome. Our Island 
sugars rarely fetch 35s., but some of Mr. R. Ash's Mr. Oliver 
hopes to get 45s. Gd. for. 

Oct. 18. Mr. Peter Desmonts, Junior, "cousin," who 
is ill Holland and going to St. Kitts. Mrs. Wise's youngest 
daughter went to St. Martin's with Mrs. Desmonts ; also to 
Mrs. Ann Desmonts re her said son Peter .... Mr. Des- 
monts at St. Kitts. To Mr. Peter Tyson at St. Kitts : 

have seen your brotiier and yonr son. 

Oct. 23. To Ephraim Jordin : Remember me to uncle 
Isaac Monroe ; my worthy uncle Isaac Thibou, Esq. 

Dec. 22. Charles Alexander, Esq., and to Mr. William 
Garrett Hillhouse. 


Feb. 14. Brother David Tullideph : your sister Buxton. 

April 4. To Pattrick Wilson, who was off to Antigua 
the 10th ult. : his son Pattrick at school in England. 
Mrs. Wilson at Antigua. Mr. Francis Delap's Daughter 
being married. 

April 8. To cousin John Trotter, merchant at Kingston, 
Jamaica : I wrote to Mr. Denar of Vogrie. 

May 30. Who hath Joseph Merry married ? To Pattrick 
Wilson : a letter from Patie to Jiis grandmother about 
Charlotte's marriage. 

June 15. Brother Rev. Alexander Trotter at Edrom 
sent me a bill from his son's factor at Antigua. 

July 11. Ee marriage articles and Sir John Ogilvy ; 
going to spend 4 weeks in Scotland. 

[The last letter was dated at London 20 July, no others 
for this year.] 

Antigua. Jan. 10. Arrived here. 

Jan. 20. To Walter Sydserfe, Esq.: much sickness. 
Upon the death of Colonel Gunthorpe the General was 
pleased to press me again to take my seat in Council wliich 
I accordingly did last month, and Thomas Jarvis hath lieen 
since appointed another. My debt to Mr. Oliver. 

Feb. 10. I arrived here the 22nd November after a 
passage of 32 days besides 14 lying at Falmouth. 

Feb. 24. Mr. Robert Tullideph : dear cousin Robin re 
his love affair, he the 1st son. "My father had 5 Children, 
his Estate was such that he could not give more to your 
father, although his eldest son, than he gave us." 

Feb. 24. The large fortune I have acquired ; our cousin 
Thompson. Mr. Otto was swore into the Councill last 
meeting and stands next to Colonel Lesley our President, 
at same time was Colonel Byam who is the next above me, 
Mr. Oliver and Mr. Jarvis below me. A turtle for Sir John 
and my wife. 

Feb. 24. To Sir John Ogilvy, Bart. : your £3000 
settled. The Musketo Cove, Charlotte's estate, will make 
150 hogsheads. By the 19th of June the day you were 

April 5. To Mr. George Leonard, separated from his 
wife : his son George a promising youth, and daughter now 
grown up. £4000 debt paid off his estate of his own con- 
tracting since he went away. I gave my daughter £5000 

April 21. To Richard Oliver, Esq. : Mrs. Wilson was 
delivered of a Girl the 18th Instant who dyed next day. 

May 18. Mr. William Delap, merchant in Dublin : 
Your brother, my worthy friend, recommended me to you. 

July 14. Captain Alexander's lady has died. 



July 25. To Sir John Onjlvy : yours of 21 May 
acquainted me with Charlotte's delivery of a boy to be 
called Walter. About 14 days agone Mr. William Simms 
dyed of a fever, he hath dyed in good Circumstances. 

Aug. 30. To Walter Sydserfe : Captain Blair's addresses 
to Polly. I owe Mr. Oliver £3000, he may lend £5000 more 
for Polly's fortune. My New Division estate, containing that 
formerly Tremills, William Yorke's, and Samuel Martin's, 
is for Polly. My Muskito Cove, containing York's and 
Bear Grardens, is for Lady Ogilvy ; latter worth £3000 more 
than former. 110 negros to be mortgaged with Polly's 
estate. Captain Blair's Mother ; his intailed estate. 

Sep. 29. Colonel William Byam dyed at Barbuda ye 
25th or 26th instant and was there buried ; he was a good 
man and is a great loss to the Island. 

Oct. 22. Mr. Patrick Wilson, silversmith here, went 
home and is dead. 

Nov. 12. Miss Watkins's marriage to Byam Freeman. 
Mr. Thomas Elmes dyed suddenly one day last week. 

Dec. 20. To Sir John Ogilvy, Bart., of Invercarity, near 
Dundee : your house at Kinnordy. 

Dec. 28. I could have sold Pollies for £12,000 sterling. 
Mr. John Wise dyed lately, Mr. Dring the Taylor, John 
Blane, and Robert Cullen's wife ; he continued a widower 
only 3 months and is married to the young Widow Glanville. 


Jan. 10. Richard Oliver, Esq. : I wish to rent Pearne's 
Point of Mr. Pearne, West of Yorke's Mill, 200 acres, but 
great part of it rocky and hilly, and 50 acres of a salt pond ; 
offer £60 sterling a year for it. 

March 13. Colonel Home's marriage. Mrs. Wilson's 
uncle Mr. Benjamin Bourroughs, a poor relation. 

June 22. Young Mr. George Leonard at Cambridge. 

Oct. 12. Charlotte bravely recovered, and the little boy 

Oct. 20. Mr. Weir is a worthy, deserving young Gentle- 
man. I owe Mr. Oliver £3137. 

Nov. S. Helen Thompson's marriage, and Maly Thomp- 
son's death. 


Jan. ■>. To Richard Oliver, Esq. : Please to send me 
out by Convoy two Tombstones of White Marble for my 
two Children ; write on them thus, in black letters : Kathe- 
rine Tullideph the third Daughter of Walter Tullideph, Esq., 
and Mary his Wife, born Sunday November 16th, 1740, and 
dyed Fryday October 7th, 1743. Walter Sydserfe Tulli- 
deph, only Son of Walter Tullideph and Mary his wife, 
bora March 29th, 1745, and dyed June 10th, 1752. 

March 16. To Sir John Ogilvy : Mr. Auchenlect is not 
yet arrived .... I shall do him what service I can. 

March 24. Mr. John Desmont's son John's brigantine. 
Mr. Peter Desmont had gone to St. Martin's to escape from 
his creditors. Dr. James Russell is to manage estates of 
Dr. Walter Tullideph. 

May 16. To Andrew Aiton, Esq., merchant in Glasgow : 
You and I were school -fellows att the high School of Eden- 
burgh some 30 odd years agone. 

May 31. To William Thomas, Esq. : cozen Thomas 
was likely soon to bless you with another child. 

[Last letter from Antigua 3 June 1757, next one from 
London 1 August 1757.] 

Oct. 29. At Kinnordy. To Mr. Duncan Grant : Mr. 
Jordiu's death and will. 

Dec. 20. To John Trotter at Philadelphia : When you 
came out in 1746 you had a cargo of £1200, etc. ; your 


Jan. 31. Mr. Hart hath purchased Hamilton's Estate. 

Feb. 10. Provost Doig of Montrose, brother of James 
Doig, Esq., of Antigua. Mrs. Sydserfe 's death. 


Feb. 21. To Dr. James Dewar : I spoke to Vogrie about 
your proposals to your father. Mr. Doig went up to London 
with his father (James Doig, Esq., had arrived in England 
2 February) ; his wife was yesterday delivered of a fine boy. 

March 4. To Mr. Charles Jones, sugar refiner at 
Antigua, and his wife. 

.March 16. Young Mr. Dewar of Vogrie declared his 
inclination for Miss Policy, but it is now all over as she did 
not like him. 

April 11. Lady Ogilvy was yesterday morning safely 
delivered of another fine Boy. 

April 22. To Right Rev. Mr. Thomas Tullideph. 

May 30. To Mr. Pattie Wilson, who is to become a 
Hamburgh merchant : Your grandmama and I. To Walter 
Sydserfe, Esq. : I saw your brother and family here lately. 
Am furnishing a house at Dundee. 

June 30. Have been over to St. Andrews to the 
Funeral of my brother's wife who dyed the 15th. 

Oct. 16. This is the 1st letter to Richard and Richard 
Oliver, merchants in London ; also to David Doig, Esq., 
Provost at Montrose. 

Nov. Dundee. I have purchased a small estate (no 
house upon it) within a mile of this town, which will cost me 
near £6000. 


Jan. 19. My nephew Robert Tullideph, a Lieut, in the 
army. The Balgay writings. 

Jan. 31. Mrs. Wilson's, now Jones's, death announced 
in letter of November 20. 

Feb. 21. Mr. Pattie Wilson : the loss of your mother 

[The last letter in this book is 28 March 1759.] 

[Volume in. begins 2 April 1759.] 
April 9. Mr. Charles Ogilvy, a brother of Sir John's, 
who will be 21 next Aug., hath lived with a wine merchant 
as prentice. Lady Ogilvy was safely delivei-ed the 5th 
instant of another fine boy (4th) ; owe Olivers £1115. 
Wilson estate, the appraisement £7294, houses above £1600; 
total £8894. 

June 6. Dr. Boag dead. 

Nov. 12. Mr. Doig's death. I saw Billie Doig's son 
23rd ultimo, but hear he is dead. Saw Mrs. Darby at Rich- 
mond about 7 weeks agone, she was delivered of another 
fine girl. Miss Dolly, her 1st daughter, is a fine woman. 
About 2 months agone I bought another estate within 2 miles 
of Dundee, which cost me £8000, so that I am greatly in 
debt. James Corss to go out to learn plantation business, 
a relation of Lord Gray ; also George Ramsay, indentured. 


Jan. 16. Propose to leave the "Bank" to Lady Ogilvy 
and " Balgay " to Policy ; thought to rent Yorke's and Bear 
Garden for £1500 sterling. The number of renters surprises 
me much .... is it £1400 sterling Uncle Thibou gets for 
his estate ? 

Jan. 23. To Mr. James Crawford, merchant in Rotter- 
dam : Your worthy brother. The bearer Mr. Pattrick 
Wilson nearly related to me is 16 years old. 

Feb. 15. The Highland name of Tullideph signifies 
Hindhill, so call Balgay that and the other Tullideph Hall. 

Feb. 25. To Mr. Henry Hancock, merchant in London : 
asking him to lend 6 or £7000. "Messrs. Oliver have 
advanced so largely for the Gentlemen of our Island, and 
cannot soon call it in." I owe them about £1000. 

In a letter of the 22nd he wrote : " I have some reason 
not to be so well pleased with the Olivers, they are shy in 
advancing money equal to my wants on account of a late 
purchase." Duncan Grant in England. 

March 28. Dr. Sydserfe's death ; am sending barley 
and peas meal for the negros. 



April 7. To William Thomas, Esq. : your father Syd- 

serfe's will dated 16 1759 ; his sister Weir's small 

annuity; he died 13 March. Lady Ogilvy was safely 
delivered of a fine girl the Slst ultimo. 

[Letters now are dated from TuUideph Hall, Dundee.] 

July 31. Borrows £20U0 at, 4^ per cent, from Lord 

Aug. 2. Sugar sold at 42«. 6cl. netts, £20 sterling a 

[Loose letter dated 5 October 1758, London, from 
Richard aud Richard Oliver : " Death of Colonel King, who 
has left his Estate to the Son of Peter Lavicount."] 

[There is here a gap between 3 November 1760 and 
5 August 17()1, but no leaf torn out.] 

April 6. I hope Mr. Oliver, Senior, is got well again. 


Aug. 2. This letter is addressed to Thomas Oliver, Esq. 

Aug. 22. Mr. Oliver's death ; consign as before. 

Aug. 29. To Thomas Oliver, Esq. : " My very worthy 
friend, your deceased father, for whose Death I am heartily 
concerned." If R. Oliver comes home this year. 

Aug. 31. To Colonel Lesley (in Ireland) : your dear 
child with us. 

Sep. 10. Have started a Company at Dundee with 
Patty Wilson. Captain Peter Ogilvy commander of the 


Arrived at Antigua 6 January ; hope to make a £4000 
sterling crop. 

June 7. To Andrew Dewar, Esq., Collector at Dominica : 
Mr. Symes of Montserrat, to whom I have lent £5000 
sterling on mortgage at 8 per cent. ; I propose settling in 
London as a merchant with brother David ; Lieut. Ball- 
ingall of the 38th Regiment, a Fyff'eman born, who married 
one of Mrs. James Delap's daughters, may rent Tullideph 
Hall ; they sailed fi'om here yesterday. 

July 3. Mr. Thomas's Daughters have had a severe loss 
by the Death of their Mother. To Hon. Colonel Alexander 
Leslie : your business in the sale of the houses ; Lady Mary 
Walker the Daughter and coheir. 

July 3. To Mr. Francis Pearce, merchant at St. Croix : 
You knew my Wife's Brother Benjamin Bourroughs had 
three Sons ; the eldest, named Leonard, was married at 
your Island ; he is Dead ; his Widow, who subscribes her- 
self Mary Bourroughs, writes me she hath three Children. 
I saw your Sister three days agone. 

Aug. 3. Offers to seU Torke's and Bear Garden for 
£20,000 sterling, 400 acres good land, 115 negroes, stone 
mill, works, etc. 

Aug. 11. The ship Charlotte and Mary hath cost me 
near £1200 sterling. There is one Dr. Walker in London 
who is married to Lady Mary Walker, a Sister of my Colonel 

Aug. 11. Messrs. Richard and Thomas Oliver alone. 

Oct. 27. I have rented out my Musketo Cove Estate to 
Dr. Russell for £1100 sterling for 15 years. The Marshall's 
sale of Mr. Dunbar's estates. 

Aug. 26. Have taken possession of Symes's estate at 
Montserrat. Mr. Samuel Auchinleck still with me. 


Jan. 16. Yours of 7 October last informing me Lady 
Ogilvy was safely delivered of a fine Girl. Wattie going to 
Eton. Pattie Wilson has settled a Freehold estate at St. 

Jan. 19. Mr. William Daniel at Montserrat. 

March 22. To Earl Daniel, Esq. 

April 17. Mr. Daniel is my Attorney at Montserratt, a 
most worthy man ; he comes home tliis year to borrow 
£7000 sterhng to pay off all his debts ; not many years 
agone his father dyed and left him burthened with £26,000 
sterling, which he hath now discharged excepting the above 
sum ; his Estates make above 300 hogsheads. Mr. William 
Daniel. Edie and Laird are Dr. Tullideph's merchants 
this year, not Olivers. 

July 2. I sail hence the 6th instant. 

[The next letter is from Loudon, 12 September 1766.] 

Sep. 12. Mr. Earl Daniel at London ; he owes me 
£1380 ; his brother William who is on Symes's estate. 

Sep. 12. Mr. Benjamin Ailhaud my manager. 

[The last letter is dated from Tullideph Hall 18 April.] 

Parish Register of St. John. 
1745 May 30 Walter Sydserfe the S. of D^ Walter Tulli- 
deph and Mary his wife. 

1752 June 11 Walter Tullideph, a Child of DoC Walter 

1770 Aug. 31 John Ogilvie. 
1793 July 25 Alexander Ogilvy. 
1804 Nov. 7 Thomas Ogilvy, M.D. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 
1777 April 9 William Ogilvie, Mid. 

dfamtlj) of Cuntn% 

Thomas Turner. Will dated the two and twe . . . 1695. 
To my dau. Sarah Rutherford £200 c. & a silver cup 
formerly Erastus Riaston's, dec''. To my sister-in-law 
Cammell a negro girl, & to her daus. Elinor & Susanna 
1000 lbs. each, & to the y»t dau. Mary 1000 lbs. To Mary 
dau. of Sam' Boon my goddau. 1000 lbs. at 11. To my 
godson W" Walters 1000 lbs. at 10. To my brother Joshua 
Turner 2 negros & 15 acres adjoining Harry Biizard, & 
after his death to ... . Thomas & his heirs. To my only 
son Thos. Turner all my estate & my plantation in Five 
Island & his heirs, & in default to my brother Joshua. 

Thos. Turner Ex'or. Witnessed by John Perrie, Joshua 
Turner, Elizabeth Turner. By Christopher Codrington 
was sworn Joshua Turner 26 Aug., and Captain John 
Perrie in Oct. 1695. 

Sarah Turner of Antigua. Will dated 10 Nov. 1696. 
To my goddau. Susanna Evens my clothes & £10 c. To 
my prentice girl Marg' Worlan my worse clothes. To my 
son-in-law David Rutherford & to Sarah his now wife all 
my estate in England & Antigua & 2 negros, 5000 lbs. in 
the hands of Tho. Turner, & 7 negros. David & Sarah 



Rutherford to be Ex'ors. Witnessed by Peter Rogers, Eliza- 
beth Rogers, Jolin Moore. By Christopher Codrington, 
Esq., were sworn Peter Rogers and John Moore 2"^ Dec. 
1696. Recorded 28 Dec. 1696. 

Elizabeth wife of Thomas Turner of Antigua and North 
America, Gent. Will dated 13 June 1775. By Indenture 
da. 9 March 1744 between Ann Reynolds of Antigua, widow, 
Stephen Blizard, & myself by the name of Eliz"' wife of 
Thos. Turner, the said Ann Reynolds conveyed to Stephen 
Blizard 43 negros in trust for her life, then to me for my 
life, then to my sons in tail, then to my daus., then to such 
uses as I will. I now free Sammy, Giles, & George, car- 
penters, Sophia & Ailey, Daniel, Billy, Mary, & Barry. 
To Sammy £12 c, & to the others £6 c. yearly each. All 
my other slaves to Barry Conyers Hart my friend & clerk. 
By Indenture da. 29 Dec. 1749 between my husband, myself, 
& Sam' Young we conveyed to the latter a parcel of land in 
Popes Head Div°, S' John's parish, of 86 acres with house 
& negros for use of my husband for life, then to myself & 
heirs, & by another Indenture made 12 Aug. 1751 between 
Tho. Turner of Antigua, planter, & RowF Oliver, John 
Watkins, John Wise, raerch*, which, after reciting that Tho. 
Turner was much in debt, he demised to them the 85 acres 
for 99 years on trust, & my trustee Stephen Blizard com- 
menced an action against Tho. Turner for sums due, & on 
2 July 1765 obtained judgment for £494 8s. 8hJ. c. with 
costs. By another Indenture da. 28 Sep. 1767 between 
Sam' Henry Warner, dep. Prov. Marsh., & Stephen Blizard, 
the former for £400 c. granted to the latter all rights to the 
said plantation, which was done on my behalf. I now be- 
queath the said estate to Barry Conyers Hart & any other 
my estate. Mimba to be free & to have £6 c. yearly. £50 c. 
a year to be paid to my husband Tho. Turner at present of 
New London, N. America. £12 c. yearly to Frances a 
mustee dan. of Madlene a mulatto, as also to her sons & 
dau. John, W™, Eliz"--, Lydia, & Grace. Hon. Steph. Bliz- 
ard, Esq., Hon. Tho. Jarvis, Geo. Savage, Esq., & Barry 
Conyers Hart Ex'ors. Witnessed by Thomas Hughes, 
Charles Mathews, Joseph Bowyer. By Thomas Jarvis, 
E.sq., was sworn Thomas Hughes 14 Sep. 1785. 

1st Codicil dated 8 May 1777. Barry Conyers Hart has 
been my faithful steward & steady friend. I have no 
children or near relations. I give Giles to Steph. Blizard, 
Esq., as he is void of discretion & will be less happy free. 
Witnessed by John Jackson, jun., James Tenant, Joseph 
Bowyer. Before Thomas Jarvis, Esq., was sworn James 
Tenant 14 Sep. 1785. 

2nd Codicil dated 19 May 1784. Stephen Blizard being 
dead I free my mulatto Giles. To Eliz'" Clearkly, dau. of 
Erancis Turner, all plate & furniture, & to Ann Hart, d. of 
Barry C. Hart, 2 negros. To Tho. Jarvis & Geo. Savage 
£50 each. Witnessed by James Tenant, James Warden. 
Before Thomas Jarvis, Esq., were sworn James Tenant and 
James Warden 14 Sep. 1785. Recorded 24 Sep. 1785. 

Samuel Turner of Mincing Lane, London, merchant, 
and late an Alderman. Will dated 24 July 1776 ; proved 
5 March 1777 by Elizabeth Turner the relict and Samuel 
Turner, Esq., the son. (136 Collier.) To be bur. in the 
vault I built in S' Dunstan's in the East in 1765. To my 
wife Eliz"' £10,000. To my s. Sam. & my dau. Eliz. £5000 
in Trust to pay the interest to my wife for life, then to my 
s. Sam. I give my wife also ray freehold house at Farnham, 
her late father's, for life, then to my s. Sam', also the 
interest of £1000 mortgage on my late estate at Wapping 
M'" Tho. Kibbell purchased of me, then to my dau. Eliz., 
also £40 a year & £100 for mourning, & all furniture, plate, 
Jewells, linen, books, china, & pictures for life, then to my 
children, & all wine, coach horses, & live stock at Southend, 

& the lease of my house in Mincing Lane & that at South- 
end. To my dan. Eliz. Turner £3000 Orphan Stock & 
£2000. To my dau. Jane Turner 200 shares of the Lon- 
don Assurance Corporation & £2000. To my s. Sam. & my 
dau. Ehz. £2000 in Trust to pay the interest to my sister 
Sarah Farr. To my dau.-in-law M" Anne Turner £100 for 
mourning. To my grds. Tho. Turner £100 at 21, my gold 
watch & seals, the sword which was my dear s. Thomas's, 
books, etc. To my grddau. Eliz. Turner £50 at 21, & Hke 
sum to all my gi-'dchildren at 21. To my aunt Mrs. Diana 
Hodges 20 guineas & to her children. To my cousin Sam. 
Hayward, Esq., of Gloucester 20 guineas, & to his lady & s. 
& dau. 5 guineas each. To the Rev"* Sam. Markham & to 
my niece his wife 20 guineas each. To M' W" Longman 
of Aldershott 20 guineas, & to his wife & dau. 10 guineas 
each. To M'' John Longman of Farnham & his wife 10 
guineas. To my friends Sir Geo. & Lady Colebrook 20 g'^ 
apiece. To the Minister & church- wardens of S' Dunstan's 
20 guineas for the poor. To the treasurer of the charity 
school Tower Ward 30 g"'. To my wife I ready money & 
the other | to my 2 daus. Eliz. & Jane. All residue to my 
s. Sam. £32 a yr. to Tho. Woodward of Farnham. To 
my son my ring in memory of my late dear Mother & the 
picture of his brother. My wife & s. Ex'trix & Ex'or. 
Witnessed by John Barker, Alexander Aubert, Arnold 

Colonel Turner of Tobago, Esq. Will dated 3 June 
1810. To my friends Rob' Paul of S' Vincent, Esq., John 
Balfour of Tobago, Esq., Alex'' Innis of London, merch', & 
Colin M'^Lachlan of Glasgow, merch', £200 c. To my 
friend D' Rob' Smith of Tobago £100 c, & to my goddau. 
Charlotte his dau. £200 c. To Duncan Turner, overseer 
on Riseland estate in Tobago, £200 c. To Henrietta Gor- 
don, a free coloured woman, all my furniture & £200 c. 
Ail my real estate in Tobago to trustees, viz., my plantations 
called King's Bay, Friendsfield, & Belvidere to sell & pay 
legacies & £50 yearly to each of my 2 sisters Janet & Marg'., 
all residue to their children & to those of my sister Ann 
who died many years ago. Rob' Paul, .John Balfour, Alex' 
Innis, & Colin M'^Lachlan Trustees & Ex'ors. Witne.ssed 
by Robert Newton, Alexander Paul, Thomas Gerard. Before 
Sir William Young, Bart., Governor of Tobago, was sworn 
Alexander Paul, planter, 9 Sep. 1812. 

Codicil dated 4 Sep., sworn 14 Oct. 1812. Witnessed 
by John Glanville, C. Hamilton, George Cumine. 

This will was proved 9 Sep. 1812 by John Balfour and 
Robert Paul. Copy of will sent to Antigua 1 Aug. 1815 by 
John Balfour, President Commander-in-Chief of Tobago. 

1667, March 2. Thomas Turner and John Bridges, 
266f acres by Governor Winthrop ; surveyed 8 July 1668. 
This grant is recorded in the Book of Patents for 1668. 
The land was in St. John's. 

1669, Jan. 1. Jane Turner, deed of gift of all her 
plantation to her husband Thomas Turner. 

1671, Oct. 31. Thomas Turner and Alice his wife, late 
widow of William Milman, deceased, for 21,000 lbs. sell to 
John Pulton of Antigua, carpenter, and William Morgan of 
Antigua, planter, 35 acres at Popeshead. 

1672, Feb. 13. AUice wife of Thomas Turner, planter, 
deed of gift to him of all her right to the plantation of her 
father Lawrence Jones, deceased, by will after the decease 
of her mother-in-law Mrs. Ann Jones. Her dau. Sarah 

1673, Aug. 14. John Polton of Antigua, carpenter, 
and William Morgan of Antigua, planter, sell to Thomas 
Turner, Gent., 35 aci-es at Popeshead. 

1678, Dec. 16. Thomas Turner, Gent., sells to George 
Smith, Gent., 30 acres in Nonsuch Division. 

Y 2 



Arms. — Per pale gules and azure, three hounds in full crij argent. 

Crest. — An antelojte sejant ermine, attired or, reposing, the dexter foot on an escutcheon of the 
(? Granted 1769. Vide Edmundson's ' Heraldry.') 

SAMUEL TURNER of London, a West India Merchant, •=f=Elizabeth, dau. of ... . Wright of Farnham, 
Lord Mayor 17G8 ; died 23 Feb. 1777. Will dated 24 July I co. Surrey ; mar. 1739. 
1776 ; proved 5 March 1777. (136 Collier.) 

Samuel Turner, born 21 July and bapt.=pAnne, dau. of Dr. John Athill of Antigua ; born 9 Oct. 
9 Aug. 1745 at Stoke Newington ; died 1753, bapt. 30 May 1757, and mar. 24 July 1770 at 
24 Feb. 1815 and bur. at St. Dunstan's St. John's ; died 16 Aug. 1833 ; bur. at St. Dunstan's 
in the City of London. in the East. 

I I 
Elizabeth Turner. 

Jane Turner. 

Thomas Turner, M.D., of Curzon Street,=j=Lucretia Grace, Samuel Turner^pElizabeth 

Mayfair, Physician Extraordinary to 
William IV., M.D. Camb., F.R.C.P., etc. 
(see Munk's Roll) ; mar. 2ndly, many 
years after 1826, his cousin Dorothy, 
widow of Dr. Hackett, by whom s.p. ; 
died 10 March 1865, aet. 93. 

1st dau. of Sir 
John Blois, 5th 
Bart. ; mar. 14 
.Jan. 1805; died 
23 Dec. 1826. 

of London, 1 

Rev. Samuel Blois=pMary, dau. Henry Blois Turner,- 

Turner, B.A. 
1876 Rector of 
South Elmham, 


E.I.C.S., of Bombay. 

Richard S. Turner, 
4 th son. 

dau. of 

Charles Turner=j=Maria, dau. 
of Liverpool, of 


B. Athill of 
Antigua ; 
cousin to her 

Samuel Athill Turner of Antigua,=pEmily, 1st dau. of Dr. 
educated at Eton ; Baron of Ex- I Nicholas Nugent of 
chequer and Lieut.-Colonel of Antigua ; mar. there. 
Militia ; died 1849 at Bath. | 


Charles Agnew Turner, 5th son, matricu- 
lated from Trinity College, Oxford. 

1680, April 15. John Bushoone and his wife Elizabeth 
widow of John Thurland, deceased, sell 10 acres at Dicken- 
son's Bay to Thomas Turner. 

1680, May 7. Jonas Langford and Edmund Hull in 
right of Aron Atkins (John Atkins being deceased), lease 
11^ acres at Popeshead to Thomas Turner. Schedule: 
2 negros, 1 mare, etc. 

1689, July 8. Mr. Thomas Turner, planter, 90 acres 
late Lieutenant Roger Complin's, deceased, and 4 pro- 
portions at Is. c. yearly rent ; patent granted by Sir 
Nathaniel Johnson. 

1724, Dec. 7. Richard Oliver, Esq., of Antigua, Ex'or 
of Thomas Turner and guardian of Thomas Turner, jun., 
infant, leases 162 acres to Philip Reynolds. Inventory 

1731, April 12. Petition of Richard Oliver, Esq., as 
guardian of Thomas Turner, a minor. 

1755, Aug. 26. Petition of Rowland Oliver, John 
Watkins, and John Wise, merchant, trustees fur Thomas 

1777, Feb. 23. Samuel Turner, Esq ; late Alderman of 
Tower Ward, London. He had served the first ofBces of 

the city, with honour and applause, and had retired from 
public business, on account of his ill state of health. (' Gent. 
Mag.,' p. 96.) 

1822, June 7. At Liverpool, John Hayward Turner, 
esq. youngest sou of the late Samuel Turner, esq. of Upper 
Wimpole-street, to Elizabeth, third daughter, of the late 
Nicholas Crooke, esq. of Liverpool. (' Annua] Register,' 
p. 248.) 

1826, Dec. 23. Lucretia-Grace wife of Thos. Turner, of 
Curzon-st. M.D. and half sister of Sir Charles Blois, bart. 
She was the eldest dau. of Sir John the fifth and late bart. 
by his second wife Lucretia, dau. of — Ottley, of the island 
of S' Christopher, esq ; and was married to D'' Turner, Jan. 
14, 1805. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 645.) 

1865, March 10. In Curzon-st., Mayfair, aged 92, Thos. 
Turner, M.I), formerly Physician to St. Thomas' Hospital. 
He graduated at Trinity College, Cambridge, (M.B. 1799, 
M.D. 1804,) and was a Fellow of the College of Physicians, 
being censor 1807, 1817, 1827, 1829 ; consiliarius 1836, 
1844—1846 ; and treasurer 1823 to 1845. He delivered 
the Harveian Lecture 1822, and has a paper in the Medical 
Transactions. {Ihid., p. 533.) 


Lawrence Jones, dead 1672=p. ... .... Turner^ 


Alice Jones, dau. and heir,- 
mar. 1st William Milnian ; 
2ndly Thomas Turner be- 
fore 31 Oct. 1671 ; living 
13 Feb. 1672. 2nd wife. 

=Tlioma8 Turner, senior, of Antigua, =pJane . . . .=pSarah .... Will 

planter, in 1667 ; bur. 23 Aug. 1695 
at St. John's. Will dated 22 ... . 
1695 and sworn 26 Aug. 1695. 

Sarah Turner, mar. David Ruther- 
ford ; both living 1696. 

living 1 
Jan. 1669. 
1st wife. 

dated 10 Nov. 
and sworn 22 
Dec. 1696. 
(?3rd wife.) 

Joshua Turner of Popes- 
head, Antigua, 1695 ; 
bur. 24 Jan. 1724 at St. 

Captain Thomas Turner, junior, only son and=pElizabeth, dau. of Hon. Colonel 
heir, bur. 31 Oct. 1719. His brother-in-law I Richard Oliver of Antigua ; 
Richard Oliver, Esq., was his Ex'or. mar. 1711 at St. John's. 

Thomas Turner, a minor in 1724 and=pElizabeth Reynolds, mar. 24 Jan. 1734 Richard Turner, 

1731 ; a spendthrift ; living 1775 at I and bur. 10 Sep. 1785 at St. John's. bur. 18 Aug. 

New London, North America. Will dated 13 June 1775; codicil 1726 at St. 

1784 ; sworn 14 Sep. 1785. John's. 

Elizabeth Turuer, 

mar. 27 1741, 

at St. John's, 
John Wise. 

John Hayward=rElizabeth, 3rd dau. Eliza 
Turner. ---.-- - - ~ 

of Nicholas Crooke 
of Liverpool ; mar. 
there 7 June 1822. 

I I 

I I 


I I 

Maria Turner, mar. 
Sir James S. W. 
Lake, Bart., of Era- 
erton, CO. Middlesex. 



Of Wimpole Street. Lucretia Turner. 

Sophia Turner, mar. 
Rev. Atwell Lake 
(brother of Sir James 
S. W. Lake, Bart.) ; 
he died s.p. 1849. 

I I 




Horace Turner of Antigua, 
merchant and Member of 
Council ; mar. Louisa, 2nd 
dau. of Dr.Nicholas Nugent ; 
she died s.p. 1851 ; he lived 
later at Highfield House. 
Liverpool, and died 3 Sep. 

Alfred Turner. 

Augustus Turuer of 
E.LC.S, wounded at 
Cawnpore ; mar. a 

dau. of Rev 


Athill Turner. 

Edward Tindal 

I I 
James Turner, 
died s.p. 

Anne Turner. 

I I I 
Julia Turner. 

Henrietta Turner. 

Fanny Turner. 

Samuel Turner. 

Sophia Turner. 

Elizabeth Henrietta 

Parish Register of St. John. 
1803 June 1 Mary Ann D. of William Turner, Junior, 
and Ann Frances his wife. B. the H"" 
April 1803. 

1805 June 19 William Jarvis Jones 8. of William 

Turner and Ann Frances his wife. B. 
the 13"' March 1805. 

1806 Sep. 24 Samuel Eugene S. of William Turner and 

Ann Frances his wife. B. the S''"' 

August last. 
1808 Oct. 7 Thomas Lynch S. of William Turner and 

Ann Frances his wife. B. the 5"" 

1808 Dec. 27 Ann D. of Edward Turner and Mary Ann 

his wife. B. the 12"' September last. 
1814 June 3 Frederick Adolphos S. of William Turner, 

Junior, and Ann Prances his wife. B. 

the 31'' January last. 


1701 May 13 George Hearn & Eliner Turner, Widdow. 

1711 Thomas Turner & Elizabeth OHver ; by 

Governour Yeamans. 

1734 Jan. 24 Thomas Turner and Eliz" Reynolds. 

1737 Feb. 16 James Paine & Margaret Turner. L. 

1741 .... 27 John Wise and Elizabeth Turner. 

1770 July 24 Samuel Turner to Ann Athill. L. 

1780 Mar. (? 24) William Sim to Sarah Turner. 

Thomas Turner, Sen^ 
Ellizabeth Turner. 
Capt" Thomas Turner. 
M"' Joshua Turner. 

Richard s. of Cap' Thomas Turner, deced. 
M'* Sarah Turner. 
Elizabeth Turner (Popeshead). 
Edward Turner. 
Eliza Turner. 
Martha Turner, Infant. 

Parish Register of St. Paul. 
May 7 Hannah Rebecca Elizabeth ; b. 15 Nov"^ 
1811, d. of W" Turner & Ann Francis 
his wife. 

































^Sttittjrte of Curntj>. 

JAMBS TURNEY, living=j=Frances .... Turney ov Tourney of co.=r. . . . bur. at St. 

1686-7 in London. living 1686-7. Lincoln, bur. at St. Gregory. I Gregory. 



George Turney,=rSarah 

William Tur-=i 

= =i=Anthony Tournay, Esq.,=FJane, dau. of Robert 

John Turney. 

Gent., owned a 

ney, Citizen 


of St. Mary Hill, Citizen 

Biddolph of Alder- 


plantation in 
New North 


and Merchant 


and Skinner, set. 30 in 

manbury, Esq., mer- 

Anne Turney, 


Tailor, born 

1681 ; named in the will 

chant, bv Jane his 

a spinster, bur. 

Sound, Antigua; 


at Glentham, 

of his brother William ; 

wife ; Eet. 19, 1681 ; 

at St. Gregory. 

styled Lieut, in 


CO. Lincoln. 

died 26 Oct. 1726, aet. 77. 

died 10 Mav 1718, 

Will proved 

1673. Willdated 

Will dated 15 

M.LatSt. Mary Abchurch. 

ast. 57. M.I. Left 

1665. (19 

9 Jan. 1686-7 ; 

April 1657; 

Will dated 13 Feb. 1722 ; 

three sons and four 


proved 15 Oct. 

proved 1660. 

proved 31 Oct. 1726. 

daughters. 2nd wife. 

1687. (131 Foot.) 

(33 May.) 

1 (213 Plymouth.) 

George Turney, heir to his George Turney. John Tournay. .lane Tournay, mar. Deborah Tournjiy, mar. 

father; a minor 1686-7 

— Harwell Smith. Nathaniel Bateman ; 

living 1709, a merchant. 

Elizabeth Turney. Edward Tournay, a — he diec 

24 Dec. 1726, 

— bachelor 1722 ; died Katherine Tournay, set. 43. 


Anthony Turney, merchant Ann Turney. 6 

May 1727, set. 20. mar. Stephen Jen- 


(? living 1709). 

— M.L at St. Mary kins. Duglas 

Tournay, mar. 

Mary Tu 

ney. Abchurch. 



William Turney, Citizen and Marchant Taylor of Lon- 
don. Will dated 15 April 1657 ; proved 12 Feb. 1660 by 
the two Ex'ors. (33 May.) S. Geo. lands in Asleekby* 
& Kingbyrbyt & Glentenn,t to pay £6u a year to his 
3 sisters Eliz., Anne, & Mary. Brother Anthony Turney 
£10. W"» s. of Edward Turney 20s. c. Poor of S' Gregory 
by Paul's. Poor of Candey & Glentenn where I was born. 
Friends Roger Rines, grosser, & Rob' Sewell, cit. & mar- 
chant taylor, Ex'ors, & £25 each. Witnessed by James 
Etheridge, Edmund Sawyer. 

Anne Tourney, spinster. Will proved 1665. (19 and 
22 Hyde.) Bro. Geo. Tourney. Brother-in-law Ralph 
Copinger & my sister Mary Copinger. To be buried at 
S' Gregory near my father & mother. 

William Turney of Lambeth, Gent. Will dated 1670. 
(104 Penn.) Sister Eliz. Heyward. Cozen Barnard Tur- 
ney of Northall, brother of W™ Turney, sen. Cozen Tho. 
brother of W™ & Barnard. Bro. Jas. Turney. To be bur. 
at Mitcham, etc. 

Bernard Turney of CO. Bucks, Esq. 1682. (123 Cottle.) 

Antigua. George Turney. Will dated 9 Jan. 1686-7 ; 
proved 15 Oct. 1687 by John Vernon, John Frye, and John 
Yeamans. (131 Foot.) My wife Sarah obtained a deed of 
jointure before her marriage, by which she is entitled after 
my death to the half of my plantation & negros in New 
North Sound Division. I give her J of all my personal 
estate if she release to my son Geo. Turney her right to the 
said moiety of my lands. I give him also all my plantation 
& negros & ^ of my personal estate. To my son Anthony 
^ of my personal estate. If my wife refuse to give up all 
claim to my plantation then all my personal estate to be 
paid over to Jacob Lucie of London, Esq., for my said 
2 sons at 21, he to be their Guardian. My Ex'oi-s may 
lease out to Jeremiah Blizard for 10 years all that part of 
my plantation not already leased to Tho. Everett, the rent 
for the P' year to be 15,000 lbs. & for each subsequent year 
20,000 lbs. of Muscovado sugar. To John Vernon, Esq., 
£100 out of the money due to me from M'' Clement Tudway 

* Aslackby, a parish in the wapentake of Aveland, co. Lincoln, 
t Kingrerby, a parish in the wapentake of Walshoroft, co. Lincoln. 
X Glentham, a pariah in the wapentake of Aslaooe, co. Lincoln. 

of this island in Oct. 1687, & to John Yeamans, Esq., £100 
& my bay horse, also all my negros (except those rented to 
Tho. Everett) being those I had from Blubber Valley. To 
Eliz. Carlisle, dau. of Francis Carlisle of Antigua, Esq., 
30,000 lbs. of sugar due from her father. To Tho. Everett 
10,000 lbs. To John Nibbs 10,000 lbs. To the 2 daus. of 
John Fry of Antigua, Esq., each 5000 lbs., being the 
balance due from their father. To M'' Roger Royston, 
Gierke, 2000 lbs. after preaching my funeral sermon. All 
residue to my son Geo. Turney. My beloved friends John 
Vernon, John Frye, & John Yeamans, Esq"S Ex'ors. 
Witnessed by Francis Carlisle, Esaii Burgeois, Jeremiah 

Memorandum. To my loviug father & mother Jiis. & 
Frances Turney £200 out of my estate in London. 

Before Hon. Colonel Edward Powell, Deputy-Governor 
of Antigua, were sworn Captain Francis Carlisle and 
Jeremiah Blizard, carpenter, 14 Jan. 1686-7. Recorded in 
Secretary's Office 18 Jan. 1686-7. Walter Quarme, Deputy- 
Secretary of Antigua. 

Edward Powell, Esq., Deputy-Governor and Ordinary. 
On 18 Jan. appeared before me Francis Carlisle, Esq., aged 
about 38 or thereabouts, & Jeremiah Blizard, Gent., aged 
26, persons well known, & of good fame, credit, & estima- 
tion, & made affidavit as to having seen Geo. Turney sign 
his will, etc., & that he died within 3 days. Dated 8 Feb. 
1686, 3 James 11. We did see Edw-i Powell, Esq., sign this 
certificate. James Ingle, Jn" Osborn. 

2 Anne. Sarah Turney of London, widow and relict of 
George Turney of Antigua, Gent., deceased, and guardian 
and mother of Anthony Turney, one of his sons. George 
Turney's will was dated 9 Jan. 1686-7, and he gave all 
residue to his sons George and Anthony, and .John Vernon, 
one of his Ex'ors is since dead. Letter of Attorney to 
Edward Perry of Antigua, Gent., to get sums from John 
Fry and John Yeamans the other Ex'ors. Recorded 
2 March 1703-4. 

Anthony Tournay, Citizen and Skinner of Ijondon. 
Will dated 13 Feb. 1722 ; proved 31 Oct. 1726 by John 
Tournay the son. (213 Plymouth.) My son John £2000, 
& his wife my chariot & horses, my father's picture, my 
own, & my brother John's, those of my aunt Awdrey, & Sir 
Fra. Drake. My son Edward £1000. My son-in-law 



Barwell Smith & his wife Jane my dau. £30, & to their 
children £100 each. My son-in-law Stephen Jenkins & 
Kath. his wife my dau. £30, & to their children £100 each. 
My son-in-law Nath' Bateman & his wife Deborah my dau. 
£30, & to her & their children £200 each. My son-in-law 
James Sandwell & his wife Duglass my dau. £30, & to their 
children £100 each. My cousin Hester Kitchin & to her 
children £20 each. To Christ Church & Bethlem £100 
each. All residue to my said 6 children. My son John 
Ex'or. Witnessed by Benjamin Betts, William Myors, 
Seth Harrison. 

Alice, daughter of Peirce Morgan of Blackfryars, Gent., 
was wife of John Tourney at the date of the Visitation of 
London, 1634. 

1673, Sep. 24. Lieut. George Turney, 93 acres New 
North Sound, surveyed. 

1686, April 26. Thomas Horsnell mortgages his moiety 
of Jolly Hill to George Turney and his heirs. 

1686, Nov. 3. George Turney, 132 acres granted by 
Sir James Russell, Knt. (Captain-General pro fern.). 

1709. By Indenture George Turney, merchant, Sarah 
Turney, widow, and Anthony Turney, merchant, all of 
London, release to William Codrington and Valentine 
Morris their title to half of Jolly Hill, containing 200 acres. 

1715. Barbados Census. St. Philip's Parish. Mr. 
Robert Turney, 36 ; Mrs. Aviss Turney, 35 ; Mrs. Jane 
Grant, widow, 70; Henry Turney, 13; Mary Ross, 121; 
Elizabeth Turney, 10 ; Ann Ross, 10 ; Frances Turney, 7 ; 
Frances Ross, 7 ; Dorothy Turney, 5 ; Thomas Turney, 2 ; 
Mary Turney, widow, 50 ; Mary Turney, spinster, 25 ; 
Ann Turney, 18 ; Hannah Turney, 15 ; Sarah Turney, 
spinster, 15 ; Thomas Turney, 38 ; Elizabeth Turney, 25 ; 
Rebecca Turney, 4 ; Henry Turney, 2 ; Thomas Turney, 
2 months. 

A Pedigree of Turney of Cavenby was entered in the 
Visitation of co. Lincoln. (Harl. MS. 1550, fo. 113 b.) 

St. Michael's, Cornhill. 


1692 Jan. 20 Barnard Tuniey son of John & Elizabeth 

his wife. 
1694 Mar. 28 Margarett Turney dau. of John Turney 
& Elizabeth his wife. 

1695 June 30 Ann Turney dau. of John Turney & 

Elizabeth his wife. 

1696 Aug. 22 Anthony Turney son of John Turney & 

Elizabeth his wife. 

1701 July 13 John son of John Turney & Elizabeth 

his wife. 

1702 Nov. 15 Thomas son of John Turney & Elizabeth 

his wife. 

1705 April 15 Harry son of John Turney & Elizabeth 

his wife. 

1706 Nov. 10 Anne dau. (posthumous) of John Turney 

& Elizabeth his wife. 

1692 Jan. 26 Nathaniell Peacock, of S' Leonard, Shor- 
ditch, and Mary Turney, of S' Giles, 
Cripplegate ; by D"^ Meriton ; by lie. 

1706 May 4 M'' John Turney, of this par. ; in the 

lower vault. 
1726 Mar. 19 Elizabeth Turney, widow ; in the chy''. 

1626, June 21. W-" Turney of Corbye, elk., at. 30, & 
Eliz. Turney, of same, sp"", ast. 22. (Lincoln Marriage 

1681, Nov. 1. Anthony Tourney, of S' Mary Hill, 
Lond., Citizen & Skinner, Wid', ab* 30, & M" Jane Bid- 
dolph, of S' Mary Aldermanbury, Lond., Sp"', ab' 19, with 
consent of her mother M" Tymme alias Biddolph & the 
L'l Mayor & Aldermen of Lond. ; at S' Mary Aldermanbury, 
S' Andrew, Holborn, or Gray's Inn Chapel. (Marriage 
Licences : Vicar-General of the Archbishop of Canterbury, 
P- 77.) 

St. Mary Abchurch. 
Jane Tournay, dau. of Robert Biddulph of Alderman- 
bury, Esq., merchant, late wife of Anthony Tournay, Esq. ; 
she died 10 May 1718, £et. 57, and left three sons and four 
daus. Also Anthony Tournay, Esq., from co. Lincoln, died 
26 Oct. 1726, set. 77. Also Nathaniel Bateman, their son- 
in-law, died 24 Dec. 1726, set. 43. Also Edward Tournay, 
youngest son, died 6 May 1727, set. 20. (Seymour's 
' London.') 


Edward Tyley of Antigua, merchant. Will dated 29 
May 1761 ; proved 23 Sep. 1762 by John Freeman the 
elder and John Freeman the younger ; power reserved to 
Robert Scott, Esq., Samuel Redhead, Esq., and William 
Dickinson. (403 St. Eloy.) My dweUing house & lands at 
Ampthill, CO. Beds, lately purchased of Maj'' W" Gordon, 
to my dau. Eliz. Tyley & her heirs, then to my niece EHz. 
Murr, dau. of John Murr of Bristol, scaymaker, & to my 
sister his wife £20 a year. To Eliz. Murr £100. To each 
Ex'or 10 gs. All my lands & stock in Antigua to my son 
EdW" Tyley. Rob' Scott of Peackhani, co. Surrey, Esq., & 
my cousins John Freeman, sen'', & John Freeman, jun', of 
Bristol, merch'% Sam' Redhead, Esq., & M"' W" Dickinson, 
both of Antigua, Ex'ors. Witnessed by Robert Bannister, 
Mark Ward. Before his Excellency George Thomas, Esq., 
were sworn Robert Bannister, Esq., and Mark Ward of 
Antigua, Gent., 8 Oct. 1761. Recorded also at St. John's 
in Libro "C." 

1752 July 16 

1772 Mar. 4 

1810 Sep. 14 

1813 April 7 

Parish Register of St. John. 


1745 June 25 Elizabeth the D. of Edward Tyley by Mary. 

1749 Mar. 5 Edward the s. of EdW Tyley and Mary 

his wife. 

George the s. of Edw"^ Tyley and Elizabeth 

his wife. 
Margaret Scent the D. of Edward Tyley 

and Lucy his wife. 
Eliza Frances D. of John Tyley and Jane 

his wife. B. the 2'"' Feb. last. 
Sarah Usher D. of John Tyley and Jane 

his wife. B. the 2°'' Nov. 1811. 


1771 Feb. 9 

Edward Tyley to Lucy Thomas ; by L 


1746 June 16 

George Tyley. 

1752 July 17 

George Tyley, a Child of Edw" Tyley. 

1752 Aug. 13 

Elizabeth Tyley. 

1757 Oct. 30 

Catherine Tyley. 

1781 Dec. 13 

Mark Tyley. 

1784 June 4 

Elenor Tyley. 

1798 June 5 

Luke Tyley. 

1801 Mar. 29 

Francis Tyley, Infant. 

1802 Mar. 17 

Mathew Tyley. 

? 1811 Aug. 21 

Mark Tyley. 


^etiigrte of 2^au5i)an. 


.... Vaughan=r. 



James Vaughan, merchant,^ 
a widower and set. .32 in 
1666 ; Deputy-Governor of 
Antigua and Colonel of 
Militia 1678 ; died at sea. 
Will dated 14 Oct. 1681 ; 
proved 1 Aug. 1683. (9;i 

■Elizabeth, dau. of George Bodding- 
ton of London ; born 1 Oct. 1641 
and bapt. at St. Margaret, Loth- 
bury; mar. 1st, 17 April 1666; 
2ndly William Williamson, who 
died s.p. ; she died 11 April 1700 
and was bur. at St. Margaret, 
Lothbury. 2nd wife. 

Vaughan, .John 
died be- Bell of 
tween 14 Antigua. 
Oct. and 
19 Nov. 

Roger Vaughan," 
cousin - german 
of Governor 
.Tames Vaughan; 
dead 1681. 

Thomas Vaughan of Warfield,: 
CO. Berks, Esq., only son and 
heir. Will dated 16 July and 
proved 12 Oct. 1728. (307 

:Anne, dau. of William Boddingtou; born John Bell, 
10 Oct. 1674; mar. 1702; died 12 Dec. juuior, of 
1727. M.I. at Warfield. Will dated Antigua. 
5 Dec. 1727 and proved 5 Jan. 1727-8. 
(27 Brook.) 

I I 
Roger Vaughan, living 1681. 

James Vaughan, living 1681. 

Frances Vaughan, only child=pFrederick Voguell* of London, 

and heir, mar. before 1728 
in 1730 recovered her grand- 
father's plantations in An- 
tigua ; died before 17.52. 

merchant, mortgaged his plan- 
tations in Antigua to Henry 
Voguell in 1734 ; dead 1746. 

Henry Voguell of London, Hamburgh Merchant, died 
Oct. 1746, set. 65, at Bremen. Will dated 12 June 
and proved 6 Nov. 1746. (339 Edmunds.) Owned 
Roger Williams's plantation of 500 acres in Antigua. 
I have his engraved portrait. 

Henry Voguell, in Frances Christiana Voguell,=pGeorge Edward Pakenham of Elizabeth Voguell,=pRichard Cleeve of 

1746 inherited i mar. 29 May 1746 ; 

of Roger Williams's heritedf of Roger WiUiams's 

plantation in An- plantation ; died 24 Jan. 

tigua. 1788 at Peckham. 

London, Hamburgh Merchant, inherited ^ of Cornhill, London, 
brother ofThomas, Lord Long- Roger Williams's \ Citizen and Pew- 
ford ; died Feb. 1768, set. 54, plantation in An- i terer. Will dated 
at Peckham. Will proved 20 tigua ; survived 14 Feb. and proved 
Feb. 1768. (77 Seeker.) her husband. ,' 24 April 1765. 

(135 Rushworth.) 

George Edward Pakenham, 
died 3 Feb. 1768, set. 20. 
M.I. at St. John's, Antigua. 

Thomas Pakenham of Hart 
Street, Bloomsbury, died a 
bachelor 5 Oct. 1780. 
Adm'on granted 27 Oct. 
1780 to his brother John. 

.=pJohn Henry Pakeii-=f=Ann , 


ham. Captain 1st 
Dragoon Guards; in 
Feb. 1812 of Graf- 
ton Street, Fitzroy 
Square ; died 22 
Feb. 1826, set. 72, at 
Bath. Will proved 
2 April 1826. (228 

her hus- 
2nd wife. 

27th Foot, 
died 1779 
at St. Lucia. 

Mary Cleeve, co-= 
heiress; in 1788 
of St. John's, 
Hackney, widow ; 
inherited f of 
Roger Williams's 
plantation in An- 



bapt. 27 
Feb. 1754 
at St. 

Anne Maria Henrietta 
Pakenham. Amelia 


Maria Christiana Pakenham,=f=Edward Dyke Poore Sophia Paken-=rJohn Marsh of Snave 
mar. 20 Feb. 1812. I of Tidworth, Wilts, ham. Manorand Ivy Church, 
died 1859. | Kent. 
^1 A 

Edward Dyke Poore, J.P., D.L., of Syrencot,=fFrances, dau. of Rev. J. Williams of Matherne, 
Wilts, died 1874. | co. Monmouth : mar. 1840. 

For much of the above Pedigree the Author is indebted to Mr. Reginald S. Boddington, many of whose notes have been 
published in ' Miscellanea Genealogica at Heraldica,' Second Series, vols. iv. and v. 

* The grandfather of Sir Julius Voguell, K.C.M.G., Premier of New Zealand, was a London Merchant in the West Indian and South 
American Trade. (' Illustrated London News,' 1875, July 3.) 

James Vaughan of Antigua, Esq. Will dated 14 Oct. 
1681 ; proved 1 Aug. 1683 by Elizabeth Vaughan the 
relict ; power reserved to the son and other Ex'ors. (99 
Drax.) Rings of a mark each for my bearers who shall be 
6 of the superior officers of my regiment. To my sister 
M" Frances Jones £50 st. To my sister M" Hannah Bell 
4 negros & a pickoninge to be delivered to her husband. 
Cap. Jn" Bell, he to settle them with the land I granted to 
him when I was Gov"' on himself, his wife, & his son Jn° 
Bell, jun'', & their heirs. To my hon'''= mother M™ Hannah 
Boddington a 20«. ring. To my sister Eliz"' Wight, my 
bro. Geo. Boddington & his wife, my bro. Jas. Boddington 
& his wife, & my sister Sarah Boddington rings of a mark. 

To my dearest wife Eliz"' Vaughan & my son Thos. Vaughan 
(whom I appoint my Ex'ors) all my personal estate equally, 
& I give her | the profits of my real estate for her life, the 
other I to him, & after his mother's death the whole to him 
& his heirs, & in default to Jas. Vaughan, son of my cozen 
german Roger Vaughan, dec'', & his heirs male, then to 
Roger Vaughan, bro. of said Jus. Vaughan, then to my heirs 
geni, then to the Bayliffs of the town & corporation of 
Tewkesbury (?), co. Glouc, for repairs of the great Abby 
Church, the Ministers, free school, & the poor of that town. 
My honoured friends Col. RowF Williams, M"" Tho. Dun- 
comb, & M' Tho. iErskin of this island Ex'ors & Trustees, 
& I give to each a £5 ring. Inventory of debts due as 



by my books, 450 acres in the Body, 20 negros & 3 
pickoninges as per list, 27 acres with a house, stable, cook- 
room, & pidgeon house by S' John's Town, 27 acres at the 
Point with a crabb to heave down ships. Witnessed by 
Thomas Duncombe, John Willford, Thomas Jilrskin, Roger 
Randall his +, Mark Toker his +. 

Codicil. 19 Nov. 1681. Whereas my sister M" Han- 
nah Bell is since dec''. I revoke the legacy of 5 negros. 
Witnessed by Thomas Duncombe, Thomas .^rskin. On 
9 Aug. 1682 appeared Thomas Duncombe, Esq., John Will- 
ford, and Marke Toker and swore they saw testator Colonel 
James Vaughan sign. 

John Bell of .St. Mary's, Bermudian Valley. Will dated 
25 May 1698. All estate to my children John & W" Bell 
& y= child my wife now goes with. Cap. Rob' Martin of 
Five Islands & M"' W" Duning of Bermudian Valley Ex'ors. 
Witnessed by William Dining, Robert Tremill. Sworn 
19 July 1698 and recorded 1 Aug. 1698 at Antigua. 

Anne Vaughan, wife of Thoma.s Vaughan of Warfield, 
CO. Berks, Gent. Will dated 5 Dec. and proved 5 Jan. 
1727 by Thomas Vaughan the husband. (27 Brook.) My 
will for so much as my late mother M" Frances Boddington 
bequeathed to me, the most valuable part of which she left 
with Lovelace Hercy, Esq., & M' Rich'' West her Ex'ors in 
T. by her will da. 12 Dec. 1726. I give all my Bank of 
England & South Sea stock to my husb"* for life, & all linen, 
plate, jewels, etc., that were my mother's, & all bonds & bills, 
& after his death to my son-in-law M"' Fred. Voguell, but he 
to add the same to my dau. Frances his wife's joynture & to 
give bond, otherwise everything to my husband absolutely. 
Witnessed by Elizabeth Russell, Thomas Lacy, Sarah Day. 

Thomas Vaughan of Warfield, co. Berks, Esq. Will 
dated 16 July and proved 12 Oct. 1728. (307 Brook.) 
To my uncle Jas. Boddington, Esq., & my aunt M" Sarah 
Ford, my cousin M'» Hannah Jones, M' Hen. & Miss Sophia 
Voguell, M'' Rich'' West, Lovelace Hercy, Esq., M" Rebecca 
M'^William, M" Anne Hercy & her sister M''^ Mary Parmen- 
ter, £10 St. each. To Rev. Bernard Mould, M''= Fra. Foster, 
& M" Sarah West £50 each. M" Sarah Milward £20. 
Each servant £5. £100 for funeral. To the poor of 
Warfield who don't receive parish alms the interest of £200 
for ever, providing the Minister & churchwardens w'ithin 3 
years agree for the purchase of land. To my grandchild 
Fra. X'ian Voguell all jewels, silver plate, & £10oO at 20. 
My son-in-law M'' Fred. Voguell & his wife Ex'ors to whom 
all residue. Rev. Bernard Mould & M"^ Edw"" Clive, jun., to 
take an inventory of all my securities. To M' Edw'' Clive 
£50. Witnessed by David Lawes, Elenor Breghton, Samuel 

Henry Voguell of London, merchant. Will dated 12 
June and proved 6 Dec. 1746 by Robert Nettleton, Esq., 
and James Heywood ; power reserved to Gerard Van Neck, 
Esq. (339 Edmunds.) If I die in Eng. to be bur. in 
Camberwell oh. y", co. Surrey, M'' Geo. Edw"" Pakenham of 
L., merch', to build a vault there. Funeral £150. By 2 
Ind. da. 7 & 8 June 1734 my kinsman Fred. Voguell, late 
of L., merch', dec'', conveyed to me sev. freehold est., also a 
leasehold one, on T. for paying | of £15,700 owing by 
him & his partner Anth" Furstenau to Fra. Strengfellow, 
w., & I, having advanced the money to pay the same & other 
debts amounting to more than the value of the est., give all 
said estates to Hen. Voguell, Fra. Pakenham, wife of said 
Geo. Edw" Pakenham, & Eliz. Voguell, the 3 ch" of Fred. 
Voguell, viz., ^ to Hen. Voguell at 21, f to Fra. Pakenham, 
& I to Eliz. Voguell at 21. Their aunt M'^ Fra. Streng- 
fellow has promised to provide for them. A partnership 
was lately carried on between me & Anth° Furstenau & 
John Adolph Schroder. All my freehold messuages to Hen. 


Uhthoff, jun^ s. of Hen. Uhthoff of Bremen, merch', then 
to Gottfried Moiling, now living with M'' Gotthelff Bagge 
of Hamburgen, merch'. Messuages at Billington, co. Lane, 
& in Mumford's Court aTs Page's Alley in S' Mary Magdalen, 
Milk Str., L., to Hen. Uhthoff, juns then to Gottfried 
Moiling. If they as aliens cannot inherit then to Eliz. 
Voguell. To Fred. Ludowick Metzner of L., m', £100. 
To Hen. Klausing, P' s. of X'an Klausing of Harford in 
Westphalia, organ maker, £500, & to Ann Francisca Klaus- 
ing, dau. of the same X'ian Klausing, £500 at 21. To 
Gerhard Arnold Walther, s. of W" Walther of Goest in 
Westphalia, apothecary, £100 at 21. John Thorbeck of L., 
m', & Ann his wife are separated, she liv. with his parents 
at Hamburgh, & if she shall again cohabit with him I give 
her £1000. To ... . Thalitzer, wid. of Zachary Thalitzer, 
late of Berlin, m', £500. To Christoph. Mathias Moiling, 
Minister of Drubeck, n' Halberstad in Germany, £20. To 
my gods. John Hen. Haddon, living with me, £100. To 
my neph. Peter Shuter, Minister of Dornberg in Westphalia, 
£500. To Fra. Henrietta late wid. of Johan Fred. Von 
Laer of Harford, m', dec'', but since married again, £20. 
To the wife of Becker of Beilfeld in W-phalia, D' of phys., 
& dr. of Jobst. Hen. Stembolmer of Usthow, W-phalia, m', 
£20. To Hen. Uhthoff, sen^ of Bremen, m«, £200. To 
Chr. Mathias Moiling, rector of Harford, P' s. of Herman 
Chr. Moiling, late Min' of Iselhorst in W-phalia, dec'', £20. 
Bequests to divers friends. To my cousin Hen. Otto Voguell, 
Burgemaster of Harford, £100 To Hen. Julius Speckboe- 
tell of Harford, m', £50. To Joliana Voguell, only d"- of 
John Hen. Voguell, late of Hamburgh, m', dec'', £100. To 
the Lutheran Ch. in Trinity-lane, L., £200, & to the Min'' 
there 10 g». To the Lutheran Ch. at Harford £150. To 
Anth" Furstenau £50, & to Sophia Ernestina his wife £100. 
To the ch" of my neph. Conrade Smith of Bristol, my 2'' 
cousin Sophia Ernestina Furstenau, my g'niece Cath. Toder- 
horst, wife of Diedrich W>" Fred. Pritzler of Well Close Sq., 
Goodman's Fields, Mid', sugar refiner, & my 3'' cousin Fra. 
Pakenham, to every male child of aforesaid £1000 each. 
To my partner Theophilus Pritzler £5000 out of the 
£15,000 lent him. To my other partner M^ Geo. Amyand 
£1000. To my 2'' cousin John Fred. Moiling at Bristol & 
to his bro. Gottfried Moiling £1000 each. To John Rule, 
apprentice to Arch'' Maclane in Cheapside, £1000. To Eliz. 
Voguell all my furniture, plate, & goods (except pictures) in 
my house at Peckham. My landlord M'' Jas. Strengfellow 
of Manchester. To my niece Christina wife of X'ian Klaus- 
ing of Harford, organ maker, £40 yearly. To Marg' Eliz. 
wife of John Siegfried Dorrien of Minden in Germany £40 
yearly. To Amelia Francisca wife of Geo. X'ian Luders of 
Hamburgh, m', £40 yearly. To Sophia Moiling, wid. of 
Herman Christoph. Moiling, Min'' of Iselhorst, £10 yearly. 
To Cath. Eliz. Andre, wid. of ... . Andre, late Min-- of 
Soest, £10 yearly, & to Margt. Eliz. Andre, wid. of ... . 
Andre, also late Min'' of Soest, £4 yearly. To Eliz. Eleanora 
Rule, wid. of X'ian Rule, £10. To John Hen. Voguell, 
only s. of John Hen. Voguell, late of Hamburgh, m', dec'', 
£20 yearly. To Clara Eliz. Voguell of Harford, sp'', d' of 
Conrade Hen. Voguell, late Min'' of Deeshold in Hanover, 
dec'', £20 yearly. To Anth° Ernest Klausing, 2'' s. of X'ian 
Klausing, £30 yearly for 5 years. Gerrard Van Neck, Esq., 
m' of L., Rob' Nettleton of L., m', & Jas. Heywood of L., 
linen draper, Ex'ors &. £500 each, & if either die M'' Fred. 
Ludowick Metzner an Ex'or. Witnessed by Edward Grubb, 
John Humpage, jun., Stephen Totton, jun. 

Richard Cleeve, Citizen and Pewterer of London. Will 
dated 14 Feb., proved 24 April 1765 by Charles Hatt, Esq., 
Samuel White, Esq. (by mistake in the will called Thomas 
White), and Charles Green. (135 Rushworth.) £3000 in 
trust to Edward Fursteneau & Geo. Ed. Pakeuham to the 
uses of my marriage settlement. To my wife Eliz. household 



goods & plate with our joint coat of arms. The will of my 
bro. Benj. Cleeve, dec''. All estate in trust to my brother- 
in-law Cha. Halt, Esq., & friends Tho. White of Enfield, 
Esq., & Chas. Green of Christ's Hospital, Gent., my Ex'ors, 
for my daus. Sophia & Mary Cleeve at 21. 

Thomas Pakenham, late of St. George, Bloomsbury, 
Middlesex, Esq., bachelor, deceased. Adm'on 27 Oct. 1780 
to his brother John Henry Pakenham, Esq., his mother 
Frances Christiana Pakenham, widow, renouncing. 

Close Roll, 5 Geo. II., Part 7, No. 21. 

Indenture made the 16th Nov. 1730 between Frederick 
Voguell of London, merchant, and Frances Voguell his 
■wife, of the one part, and Richard Oliver of Antigua, Esq., 
of the other part. Whereas by Indentures of Lease of 
4th Nov. 1730 tripartite between Frederick Voguell and 
Frances Voguell his wife (daughter and only child of Tho- 
mas Vaughan, late of Mills, Berks, Esq., deceased, who was 
son and heir of James Vaughan, Esq., deceased, formerly 
Lieut.-Governor of Antigua), of the 1st part, Richard Oliver, 
Esq., of the 2nd part, Gilbert Fleming of St. Kitts, formerly 
of Antigua, Esq., of the 3rd part, Frederick Voguell and 
Frances his wife demised to Richard Oliver, among other 
lands, all that Roger Williams's plantation, containing 470 
or 500 acres, in St. John's and New Divisions in Antigua, 
bounded N. with the lands formerly sold by James Vaughan 
to Thomas Buncombe, S. with the lands formerly belonging 
to Luke Child and John Coker, now or late in the possession 
of William Home, W. with the lands formerly of one 
Fletcher, now or late possessed by Samuel Martin, Esq., 
E. with the lands formerly of John Lucas and John Traverse, 
but now or late in the possession of Edward Byam, jun., 
Esq., and the heirs of one Penny, deceased, to hold from 
the 17th Aug. then last past for 21 years, with a covenant 
to leave on the premises all works, buildings, etc., mentioned 
in a schedule annexed to the Indenture, valued at £111 
currency ; and whereas the title of the said demised plan- 
tation has been but lately recovered at law in Antigua by 
Frederick Voguell and Frances his wife from William 
Gregson of London, Gentleman, under an intail thereof 
created by the last will of James Vaughan aforesaid, de- 
ceased, dated 14th Oct. 1681, and on which recovery 
William Gregson has brought a writt of error before the 
Commander-in-Chief of the Leeward Islands and the Council 
of Antigua, upon which writt of error and the judgment to 
be given an apiwal is intended to be brought to the King 
in Council by either party against whom the Commander- 
in-Chief and Council shall give judgment ; and whereas it 
is agreed by the Indenture of Lease that if it is finally 
determined on the appeal that the title is not in Frederick 
Voguell and Frances his wife (in right of Frances) but in 
William Gregson and his heirs, who claim the same under 
Roger Williams, formerly of Antigua, planter, that the 
intail created by James Vaughan's will is sufficiently docked 
and baiTed, then the said lease shall be void from the 
beginning ; and whereas Richard Oliver is minded to build 
a windmill and also, if he shall then proceed, to erect a 
convenient and necessary small dwelling-house, which will 
be to the advantage of Frederick and Frances Voguell, but 
it is not provided for by the lease. Now this Indenture 
witnesseth that in consideration of the said Indenture of 
Demise and of bs. Frederick Voguell and Frances his wife 
agree to pay to Richard Oliver the half part of the full value 
of such erections, the value to be settled by four indifferent 
men which shall be then inhabitants of Antigua, and if the 
appeal confirms the right of Frederick and Frances Voguell, 
then the lease to Richard (Jliver to remain in force. 

[A copy of above deed was recorded at Antigua in 
Libro Y, and it is therein stated that the estate was leased 
for £200 sterling a year.] 

Close Roll, 5 Geo. II., Part 4, Nos. 1 and 2. 

Indenture made the 11th Feb. 1731 between Frederick 
Voguell of London, merchant, and Frances Voguell his wife, 
of the one part, and Anthony Furstenau of London, mer- 
chant, of the other part, witnesseth that in consideration of 
5s. Frederick and Frances Voguell gi-ant, etc., to Anthony 
Furstenau and his Ex'ors, etc., all that Roger Williams's 
plantation, containing 470 or 500 acres, and another plan- 
tation, containing 53 acres, also in St. John's Division, 
bounded E. with part of St. John's Cove and St. John's 
Harbour, S.W. on St. John's Harbour, N.E. with the land 
formerly of Anthony Racson [Royerson], the other part 
bounded with the sea, and also another plantation, contain- 
ing 27| acres, in the parish of St. John's, situated at the 
N.E. angle of the town land of St. John's, and bounded N. 
with the land late of Roger Complin, E. with the land 
formerly of Carolina Guess [Guest] and late in the possession 
of Thomas Dunbar Parke, and to all the other parts with 
the town land of St. John's, and all those 15 negro slaves 
(names given), 3 men, 4 boys, 4 women, and 4 girls, all 
which premises are now in the possession and occupation of 
Richard Oliver of Antigua, Esq., or his under-tenants, by 
lease thereof to him, and all other lands and late the estate 
of James Vaughan, deceased, and which were devised by 
his last will in tail, in fee, or otherwise, to the said Thomas 
Vaughan, or which descended or came to the said Frances 
Voguell as daughter and heir to Thomas Vaughan, and all 
reversions to Anthony Furstenau for one whole year, paying 
therefor one peppercorn only at the Feast of St. Michael 
now ensuing, that he may be in actual possession, etc., and 
enabled to accept and grant and release, etc. 
No. 1. 

Indenture made 12th Feb. 1731 between Frederick 
Voguell of London, merchant, and Frances Voguell his wife 
(daughter and only child of Thomas Vaughan, late of Mills, 
Berks, Esq., deceased, who was son and heir of James 
Vaughan, Esq., deceased, formerly Lieut.-Governor of An- 
tigua), of the one part, and Anthony Furstenau of London, 
merchant, of the other part, witnesseth that for docking 
and destroying all estates tail, reversions, and remainders 
created either by the last will of James Vaughan, deceased, 
dated 14th Oct. 1681, or by any other will deed, and to the 
intent to vest the fee and inheritance in Frederick Voguell 
and Frances Voguell his wife and their heirs, and in con- 
sideration of 5«. they grant to Anthony Furstenau, in his 
actual possession now being, and to his heirs and assigns 
for ever, all the above plantations, to the intent and purpose 
that he shall stand seised thereof only to the use and behoof 
of Frederick and Frances Voguell and their heirs, etc., for 

Close Roll, 29 Geo. II., Part 14, Nos. 4 and 5. 

Indenture made the 3rd July 1755 between Richard 
Cleeve of Cornhill, London, merchant, Citizen and Freeman, 
and Elizabeth his wife, of the one part, and Anthony 
Furstenau and George Edward Pakenham, both of London, 
merchants, of the other part, witnesseth that in consideration 
of 5s. Richard and Elizabeth Cleeve grant, etc., to Anthony 
Furstenau and George Edward Pakenham all those three 
undivided sixth parts, making one full moiety, of Roger 
Williams's plantation, containing 470 or 50u acres, for one 
whole year. Richard Wyatt, John Potter, witnesses. 
No. 4. 

Indenture made the 4th July 1755 between the above. 
Whereas by articles tripartite made the 2nd June 1752 
between Richard Cleve, of the 1st part, Elizabeth Voguell 
of Loudon, spinster (one of the children of Frederick Vog- 
uell, late of London, merchant, i)y Frances his wife, both 
then deceased), of the 2nd part, and Anthony Furstenau 
and George Edward Pakenham, of the 3rd part, reciting 



that a marriage was then intended to be had and solemnized 
between Richard Cleve and Elizabeth Voguell, and that 
Frederick Voguell in his life-time had by Indentures of 
Lease and Release made the 7th and 8th June 1 734 granted 
and conveyed to Henry Voguell, deceased, among other 
things, the several freehold plantations, etc., therein men- 
tioned, in Antigua to him and his heirs, upon the several 
trusts therein mentioned, and particularly upon the trust, 
either by sale or from the rents and profits, to raise and pay 
two third parts of a debt of £1.5,700 then due from him 
and his then late partner Frances Strongfellow,* widow, 
since deceased, to whom, as therein mentioned, he demised 
the said premises for 1000 years for securing repayment 
with interest at 4 per cent., and Henry Voguell had become 
bound to Frances Strongfellow for the payment, and also 
reciting that Henry Voguell did make his last will dated 
the 12th June 1746 (recited), and also reciting that the 
money advanced by Henry Voguell in his life-time and by 
his Ex'ors since his death amounted to £21,000, and that 
Elizabeth Voguell had then attained to 21 and was there- 
upon become seised of three-sixths of the said several 
freehold plantations, etc. (subject to such right and equity 
of redemption as Henry Voguell (son and heir of Frederick) 
might possess), and in consideration of the marriage she 
agreed to convey to Anthony Furstenau and George Edward 
Pakenham all those her three-sixth parts in trust ; and 
•whereas the marriage soon after took effect, and the said 
recited articles were sent to Antigua to be recorded, but 
being delayed in the passage did not arrive within the time 
prescribed by the Acts for Registering Deeds after the 
execution thereof ; and whereas it is necessary that the 
articles should be carried into execution by a proper convey- 
ance. Now this Indenture witnesseth that in performance 
of the several trusts and agreements contained in the articles 
of the 2nd June 1752, and in consideration of 10.s., Richard 
Cleeve and Elizabeth his wife grant, etc., to Anthony 
Furstenau and George Edward Pakenham in their actual 
possession now being all those three undivided sixth parts 
in trust for 99 years in case Richard Cleeve and Elizabeth 
shall live so long, to permit Elizabeth Cleeve and her assigns 
during her life to receive the rents to her sole use, and after 
her death to the use of Richard Cleeve for life, and after the 
death of the survivor to all children as they may appoint, 
and failing their appointment to the first son and his heirs 
male lawful, etc., and if Henry Voguell, son and heir of 
Frederick, should pay to Anthony Furstenau and George 
Edward Pakenham the two-thirds of the £21,000 and dis- 
charge the mortgage of the 7 th and 8th June 1734, they 
are to receive the money and lay it out in lands in fee simple 
in England, and they are to receive all rents till a son of 
Richard and Elizabetli Cleeve is 21, and to apply a sum not 
exceeding £100 a year meantime towards the education and 
maintenance of such eldest son, and not exceeding £50 a 
year for each younger child till 21, and all residue to increase 
the portions of younger children, the said lands are free 
from all claims, etc., save one Indenture made the 13ih 
July 1750, purporting to be a lease of the said plantations, 
etc., in Antigua, and granted by Henry Voguell, George 
Edward Pakenham and Frances Cliristiana his wife, and 
Ehzabeth Voguell (now Elizabeth Cleeve) to Richard Oliver, 
Esq., for 9 years from the 18th Aug. 1751, and lastly they 
constitute Thomas Warner and Stephen Ijlizard of Antigua, 
Esquires, their Attorneys. 

Close Roll, 28 Geo. III., Part 3, Nos. 6 and 7. 
Indenture made the 9th May 1788 between Mary Daw- 
son of the parish of St. John's, Hackney, widow (one of the 
two daughters and coheiresses-at-law of Richard Cleeve, late 

* St. Mary Aldermary. Mar. 1707, Oct. 28, William Streng- 
fellow, Rector of S' Dunstan's in the East, single man, & Frances 
Bodington of the same parish, single woman, by Licence. 

of London, merchant, and Elizabeth his wife, both deceased, 
which said Elizabeth was one of the children of Frederick 
Voguell, late of London, merchant, by Frances his wife, 
both also deceased), of the one part, and Joseph Eyre of 
Christ's Hospital, Gentleman, of the other part, witnesses 
that for extinguishing all estates tail and remainders, etc., 
in those three-sixths of the plantation in Antigua hereinafter 
mentioned, and that the fee simple and inheritance may be 
vested in Mary Dawson, and in consideration of 10s., Mary 
Dawson grants, etc., one moiety of those three-sixths in all 
that plantation called Roger Williams's, containing 470 or 
500 acres (as in Voguell and Furstenau), to have and to 
hold to Joseph Eyre that he may be in actual possession, 
etc., and Mary Dawson constitutes John Burke, Esq., 
H.M.'s Solicitor-General, and Thomas Fairbarne of Antigua, 
M.D., her Attorneys. Hester Chowner, Hart Street, Blooms- 
bury, John Eyre, Christ's Hospital, witnesses. 
No. 6. 
Indenture made the 10th May 1788 between Joseph 
Eyre, of the one part, and Mary Dawson, of the other part. 
Whereas by Indenture of the previous day Mary Dawson 
granted to Joseph Eyre in trust to reconvey. Now this 
Indenture witnesses that in pursuance of the trust and in 
consideration of lO.s. Joseph Eyre grants, etc., all that 
moiety of three-sixths (as above) to Mary Dawson and her 
heirs for ever in fee simple. 

Close Roll, 38 Geo. III., Part 3, No. 15. 
Indenture made the 30th June 1798 between John 
Henry Pakenham of Catesfield, co. Southampton, Esq., of 
the one part, and Robert Pitches of Swithin's Lane, London, 
Gentleman, of the other part, witnesseth that for barring 
and destroying all estates tail and remainders in two-sixths, 
intended to be hereby granted, of the plantation hereinafter 
mentioned, and in consideration of 10s. John Henry Paken- 
ham conveys to Robert Pitches all those two-sixths of him 
John Henry Pakenham in Roger Williams's Plantation, 
containing 470 or 500 acres, in trust to the only use of John 
Henry Pakenham and his heirs and assigns for ever. Samuel 
Sampson, clerk to Robert Pitches, witness. 

1675, Jan. 29. James Vaughan, Barnard Schenckingh, 
and Arthur Middleton, merchants, letter of attorney to 
Vincent Goddard of Antigua, merchant. 

1678. Colonel James Vaughan then Deputy-Governor 
of Antigua. 

Mr. Thomas Vaughau GOO acres. Governor Colonel James 
Vaughan 328 acres. Warrant dated 26 March 1679 from 
Colonel James Vaughan ; hath patent. Surveyed 22 April 

1679, May 2. Captain John Bell received a patent for 
62i acres. 

1679. Colonel James Vaughan, 600 acres for ever pay- 
ing an ear of Indian corn. Patent from Sir William 
Stapleton dated 26 April. 

1 679, July 8. Colonel James Vaughan grants to Major 
Jeremiah Watkins 100 acres in St. John's Division in 
exchange for 70 other acres. 

1679-80, March 15. Colonel James Vaughan to Mr. 
Thomas Duncombe and Hannah his wife, sale of 500 acres 
at St. John's. 

1680, May 6. Nevis. Walter Symouds of Nevis, Esq., 
sells to Colonel James Vaughan of Antigua 600 acres in 

Mr. Cornelius Vaughan is named in a will of 1703. 

1728, Sep. 17. Dy'd Thomas Vaughan, Esq. ; of — 
near Windsor in the County of Berks, formerly a Turky 
Merchant. (' Historical Register,' p. 51.) 

Francis Fane, Esq., reports on 16 Oct. 1730 re an Act 
concerning Vaughan's estate of which he strongly disapproves, 



because the plantation was sold without the sanction of the 
mortgagor. He recites the will of James Vaughan, Esq., 
and goes on to say that his widow married William William- 
son and by deed quadrupartite of 10 and 11 Feb. 1696 
between Thomas Vaughan, son and heir of James Vaughan, 
Esq., William Williamson and Elizabeth his wife, of the 
2nd part, Roger Williams, of the 3rd part, and Joseph 
French, of the 4th part, Thomas Vaughan and William 
Williamson and Elizabeth his wife for £500 conveyed to 
Roger Williams the said plantation. (This was a mortgage.) 
Roger Williams in 1713 owed £1200 to William Gregson, 
and mortgaged the estate to him. Roger Williams by will 
left it to Allen Smith and William G-regson. (B. T. Lee- 
ward Islands, vol. 21.) 

[The Act for the sale of these lands was evidently 
negatived by the King, as Mrs. Prances Voguell in 1730 
stated that she had just succeeded in recovering possession 
of them. Francis Fane was the legal adviser to the Privy 
Council and all Acts, etc., passed through his hands, the 
King and Council acting on his written report. — V. L. 0.] 

1746, May 29. Geo. Edw. Packenham, Esq ; Hamburgh 
merchant in Lime-street, — to Miss Voguel of Nicholas- 
lane. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 272.) 

1746, Oct. Henry Voguel,* Esq ; an eminent Hamburgh 
Merchant in Nicholas-Lane, Lombard-street, noted for his 
many Acts of Generosity and Kindness in his Life-time. 
He died at Bremen. ('London Mag.,' p. 534.) 

1780, Oct. 5. Tho. Pakenham, esq; of Hart-str. 
Blooms. (' Gent. Mag.,' p. 495.) 

1826, Feb. 22. At Bath, aged 72, John Henry Paken- 
ham, esq. formerly of the 1^' Dragoon Guards. {Ibid., 
p. 285.) 

Parish Register of St. John. 
1705 Sep. 10 James Vaughan & Sarah Tuch. 
1725 Mar. 5 Edward Vaughan and Frances Monke. 

* The Author has an engraving of him, the margin of which 
has unfortunately been cut off ; it is noted in pencil " Henry Voguel, 
London, Merchant, set. 65. Schmidt 1746." 

1708 Nov. 6 Sarah Vaughan. 

1732 Aug. 27 Robert Vaughan. 

1733 Dec. 28 Rachell Vaughan, a child. 

1666, April 12. James Vaughan, of Hackney, Midx., 
Merchant, Wid', ab' 32, & M" Elizabeth Bodington, of S' 
Lawrence Jewry, London, Sp', ab' 20 ; consent of father 
George Bodington, Gent. ; at Hackney, Newington, or 
Islington, co. Midx., or S* Botolph, Bishopgate, London. 
(Marriage Licences : Vicar-General of the Archbishop of 

St. John's Churchyard, Antigua. 
On a headstone: — 

To the Memory of 

George Edward Pakenham Jun Efq 

who departed this Life the 3 Day of 

February 1768 in the 

21^' Year of his Age. 

(One Greek line above and two Latin ones below.) 

Warfield Church, co. Berks. 

Herevnder lyeth the Body of 

Ann lately y'= Wife of Tho. Vaughan Efq^ 

She was born the 10"' Ocf 1674 and 

Departed this life y« 12"> Dec' 1727. 

(Six lines follow.) 

Camberwell, CO. Surrey. 

At the south-east end of this churchyard is a very neat 
monument : — 

To the memory of 


Wife of HENRY VOGUELL, Esq. 

Who died 28th o{ February, Yllb, aged 28 years. 

(' A Collection of Epitaphs,' 1802, p. 265.) 

dfamtlj) of ^^ernon. 

Everard, Gent. Will dated last of Jan. 1662. 
To my sister M" Dorothie Everard £10 st. for a diamond 
ring. To John Jarssie, s. of W" Jarssie of Antigua, 300 
lbs. To my loving kinsman Edward Sewster, merch', my 
silver-handled rapier & belt. To my friend M"' Nich» Hart- 
noil of S' Christopher's 1000 lbs. All residue to my wife 
Eliz*!' Everard, my 1" dau. Dorothie Everard, & my youngest 
dau. Eliz"' Everard equally, to the latter at 18. If both 
die without issue then to my sister M" Dorothie Everard. 
My wife Ex'trix. If she marry before ray daus. are 18 then 
Cap* Sam' Winthrope, M' Hen. Meyer, & M' Hen. Clarke 
feofees in trust & 20s. apiece. Witnessed by Thomas Allen, 
George Carter. Recorded 1678, Lib. B, fo. 30. 

Thomas Hill, Esq., Lieut.-Governor of St. Kitts, by his 
will dated 5 April 1697, bequeathed £500 c. to Elizabeth 
Vernon, dau. of his wife Margaret, provided Captain John 
Vernon her then husband made her joynture of £2000 in 
England according to promise before marriage. (See 
Vol. II., p. 72.) 

John Vernon, late of Antigua, now of St. James in the 
Liberty of Westminster, Gent. Will dated 17 June 1704 ; 
proved 2 Nov. 1705 by Elizabeth Vernon the widow ; also 

23 Dec. 1710 by Nathaniel Carpenter, Elizabeth Vernon 
having married again ; power reserved to Sir William 
Mathew, Colonel Rowland Williams, Colonel Edward Byam, 
Archibald Hutcheson, Esq., and Major Edward Nott. (231 
Gee.) To my wife Eliz. £500 & all my jewels, plate, 
furniture, & ^ of monies in England & \ the produce of my 
plantation in Antigua in lieu of dower, but | only if she 
marry, subject nevertheless to the payment of \ of the 
legacies given by my father John Vernon, deceased. My 
wife to have the care of my plantation, but if she marry, 
then His Excellency Sir W" Mathew, Col. Rowl'' Williams, 
Col. Edw"* Byam of Antigua, & Archibald Hutche.son, Esq., 
Major Edw'' Nott, & M' Nath' Carpenter of London to have 
charge of it. To my daus. Mary Vernon £1500 & Eliz. 
Vernon £1000 at 21. To my sons Tho. & Jas. Vernon 
£1000 apiece at 23, they to be brought up for the University, 
to have £40 for books & £80 a year till 23. To Rob' 
Jefferson, son of Sam' Jefferson of Antigua, £200 c. All 
residue to my 1" son John ; if he die under 23 without 
issue then to my son Thos., he paying to ray daus. Mary, 
Eliz., & my sou Jas. £500 each, then to my son Jas., he 
paying to my daus. £500 apiece & £500 more to Rob' 
Jefferson, then to my wife, then to Rob' Jefferson, then to 
the 1" son of Geo. Sims, formerly of Antigua. My wife 



sole Ex'trix, but if she marry then my trustees to be Ex'ors. 
To Mary & Sarah Carpenter, daus. of Nath' Carpenter, £50 
each. Witnessed by Ann Fisher, Charles Humfrey, Lucy 
Ladd. Recorded also at St. John's, fo. 99 in Libro N, 1714. 

Anne Vernon alias Lysons of Wivenhoe, co. Essex. 
Commission to John Vernon, Esq., the husband, May 1733. 

William Rawdon Vernon of Frodsham, co. Chester, 
Gent. Will dated 29 July, proved 22 Aug. 1755 by James 
Vernon the brother. (229 Paul.) My brother Jas. Vernon 
of London, merch', to pay all my debts, etc., & I give him 
all my lands in Over, co. Cambridge. To M'' Joseph Keeling 
& his wife Hester of Fingringhoe Hall, co. Essex, & to 
M' John Miller & M' John Codrington of London, merch'% 
each a ring. My best silver-laced hat to Master Edwi* 
Custard, son of M'' Corbett Custard of Frodsliam. All 
residue to my brother Jas. Vernon, he to be Ex'or. Wit- 
nessed by William Lowndes, George Whitley, D. Astley. 

John Vernon of Barking, co. Essex, Esq. Will dated 
30 Aug., proved 1 Oct. 17G5 by James Vernon, Esq., the 
son ; power reserved to Sir Edmund Thomas, Bart., Martin 
Madan, Charles Spooner, and William Brown ; proved also 
28 May 1773 by William Brown, Esq. ; power reserved to 
Sir Edmund Thomas, Martin Madan, and Charles Spooner. 
(393 Kushworth.) All my real estate in Antigua to Sir 
Edmund Thomas of Winvoe Castle, co. Glamorgan, Bart., 
Rev. ilartin Madan, Cl'k, & Cha. Spooner, Esq., both of 
St. Christopher's, & W" Brown of Cursitor Str., co. Midd., 
Gent., in Trust for my son Jas. Vernon & his heirs male, 
then to raise £3000 for each of my son's daus. at 21, then 
to my son John Joseph James Vernon (whom I had by my 
late wife Eliz. Weston) & his heirs male, then in default his 
daus. to have £3000 apiece, & then J for my dau. Hester & 
her children & i to my dau. Teresa Susanna. To my son 
Rob' (by my late wife Eliz. Weston) £100. To my son 
John Joseph James £1000 at 21 & £100. To my dau. 
Hester £120 a year & £100. To my dau. Teresa Susanna 
£3000 at 21 & £100. To Chas. Spooner of S' Christopher's, 
Esq., £20. To Martin Madan £20. To W" Brown £20. 
To M" Eliz. Murphy of Bolton Row, Piccadilly, £40 a year 
for her fidelity & £50. I charge all my real estate in 
Antigua & at Egham, co. Surrey, called Little Foster House, 
with the payment of annuities, & my personal with debts & 
legacies. To Joseph Keeling of Cierkeuwell, Esq., & my 
son Jas. Vernon £200 in trust for Jas. Asser, the natural 
son of my son Jas., at 21, as likewise £200 for Joseph son 
of Eliz. Murphy at 21 & £10 a year. All residue of my 
personalty to my sons & daus., Rob', John Joseph James, 
Hester, & Teresa Susanna at 21. Trustees to be Ex'ors. 
Witnessed by Christopher Musgrave, W. Rayment, William 
Jackson, Attorney in Winchester Street, London. Recorded 
also at St. John's 24 April 1766. 

James Vernon of Egham, co. Surrey, deceased. Adm'on 
Aug. 1769 to Margaret Vernon the widow. 

Thomas Vernon of Bristol, Esq. Will dated 8 Feb. 
1765 ; proved 5 April 1777 by Elizabeth Vernon the widow. 
(188 CoUier.) I confirm the deed made by myself & my 
wife Eliz. with my son-in-law M"' W" Browne & my dau. 
Jane Eliz. Browne his wife since their marriage, & he is to 
be paid £1000 as agreed. To my wife £1000 in trust to 
pay the interest to my other dau. Eliz. Isabella Vernon, & 
the principal if she marries with her consent. Under the 
settlement & will of Sir Harry Tyrrell, Bart., father of my 
P' wife Frances Vernon, deceased, I became entitled to, & 
by a decree of the Court of Chancery recovered, £750, part 
of £3000 belonging to the 4 younger children of Sir Harry 
Tyrrell, of whom my late wife was one, & my wife left an 
only child by me called Frances Penelope Vernon, who after 

her mother's death married M'' W" Watkins & died leaving 
2 children, to whom I give the £750 at 21. To my son-in- 
law M"' W" Browne, attorney-at-law, all my law books. To 
my wife Eliz. my house called the Long Room at Clifton, 
now leased to M»' Rob' Morgan, & my 2 other houses leased 
to M"' John Duport, & all stocks, plate, & all residue, 
appointing her sole Ex'trix. Witnessed by Paul Methuen, 
Joseph Blisset of the Six Clerks' Office, John Davis. 

\st Codicil dated 19 Feb. 1767. My dau. Eliz. Isabella 
has married without my consent ; the interest of her legacy 
to her for life, then the principal to her childreu. Wit- 
nessed by H. Burnes, Laz. Veuables, William Roberts. 

'i.nd Codicil dated 7 July 1772. Late of Bristol, now of 
St. George the Martyr, Esq. By the death of my nephew 
Jas. Vernon, Esq., I as his paternal uncle & heir-at-law am 
entitled to a messuage called Little Foster House at Egham, 
which I give to my wife Eliz. Witnessed by John Wynde, 
Richard Hatch, Thomas Perry. 

Elizabeth Vernon of St. George the Martyr, widow. 
Will dated 21 July 1783 ; proved 17 May 1788 by William 
Browne ; power reserved to Paul Methuen and Jeremy 
Bentham, Esquires. (275 Calvert.) All my messuages, 
farms, & lands at Highwood Hill & at Sanders Lane in the 
parish of Hendon to my son-in-law W» Brown of Lamb's 
Conduit Sir., Esq., for his life & for that of my dau. Jane 
Eliz. Brown his wife, & after their death to such of their 
children as my dau. shall appoint, & in default of such 
appointment to her daus. Eliz. & Arethusa Martha Brown. 
All my messuages, farms, & lands at Totteridge, co. Herts, 
to my dau. Eliz. Isabella Barclay, widow, of G' Ormond 
Str., S' Geo. the Martyr, on condition she do not reside in 
Scotland or the East Indies ; if she does the estate to go to 
her dau. Ann Eliz. Barclay, then to her sou Jas. Barclay 
my grandson. All my lands in Dole Str., Hendon, to my 
grandson Jas. Barclay on the same conditions, otherwise to 
go to his sister. All my lands at Clifton, co. Glo'ster, & my 
estate called Little Foster House, Egham, to my daus. Jane 
Eliz. Browne & Eliz. Isabella Barclay, subject as regards 
Clifton to the payment of £500 to M' Hancocks & £500 to 
M'' Moss, given to them by the will of M'' Sandford. To 
my dau. Jane Eliz. Browne my brilliant diamond hoop ring 
& my single brilliant diamond ring. To my granddau. 
Arethusa Martha Browne my silver inkstand & all other 
rings. To my granddau. Eliz. Brown a 5-moidore piece of 
gold & the garnett bracelets with the pictures of her father 
& her aunt Barclay thereon. To Arethusa Martha Browne 
my gold watch & chain with the picture of my late husband 
set in gold. All residue of plate & linen to Jane Eliz. 
Browne & Eliz. Isabella Barclay. All household goods & 
pictures to my son-in-law W" Browne. To Paul Methuen 
of Holt, CO. Somerset, & Jeremy Bentham of Lincoln's Inn, 
Esq., 10 gs. each. All residue of personal estate to my 
4 grandchildren Eliz. Browne, Arethusa Martha Browne, 
Jas. Barclay, & Anne Eliz. Barclay. Paul Methuen & Jeremy 
Bentham, Esq"', & my son-in-law W™ Browne to be Ex'ors. 
Witnessed by Jo. Allen, David Colvard, Jo. Allen, jun. 

Codicil. 15 Aug 1787. My granddau. Martha 
Browne is dead. To my granddau. Eliz. Browne my 
Brussels lace & Turkey hoop ring. To my granddaus. Miss 
Browne & Miss Barely all my china. To my granddau. 
Eliz. Anne Barely, in case her aunt Browne do not change 
the watch left to Arethusa, a gold watch & rose diamond 
cluster ring, & diamond & emerald ring. To my grandson 
Jas. Barclay a ring with his grandfather's hair sec round 
with brilliant diamonds. To my cousin M" Sarah Cookson 
£100. To my cook Mary Childs £20. To my maid Fanny 
Wad all cloches. To my 3 servants 5 gs. each. To be 
buried near Arethusa. On 7 May 1788 were sworn John 
Alexander, jun., of Bedford Row, Gent., and Ann Pierson, 
wife of James Pierson of Brownlow Street, taylor. 



Arms. — i., Or, mi a fess (azure) three garbs 
(of the first), Vernon ; ii., Gules, a saltire 
argent, Andrews : impaling, i., Quarterly, 1 and 
4, Sable, a lion rampant argent, Casamajor ; 
2 and 3, Argent, a crescent . . . . ; ii., Gules, 
three atitique crmvns or, Grant. 

Crest. — A demi-figure of Ceres, habited 
azure, crined or, holding a garb or in sinister 
arm and a reaping hook in dexter hand. 

Motto. — Semper te digna sequare. 

Colonel Clement Everard of St. Christopher's 1647 ; appointed Deputy-Governor 1654=j= 
by Cromwell ; displaced 1660 ; residing at Barbados 1665 ; Member of Council 1672. : 

.=rCapt. JOHN VERNON, born 1610; clerk^ 
1st in the Secretary's Office, Antigua, 1670; Randall Russel of 
wife, one of the two persons chosen to take Nevis, Esq., and 

care for the relief of poor for North Sound relict of Robert 

1671 ; Member of Assembly 1675-6 ; Jeaflfreson of St. 

inhabitant of Old North Sound 1678; Christopher's; 

Captain of Militia 1680 ; one of the two remar. 1663—72. 

representatives for Antigua at the General 

Council and Assembly of the Leeward 

Islands 1681 ; Speaker 1682 ; Member of 

Council 25 May 1683 : died 1689. /K 

I 1 ; 

Elizabeth, dau. of=fThomas Everard of Dorothy Clement Everard, 

Antigua, Gent., died Everard, junior, of Antigua, 

circa 1663. Will 
dated SlJan. 1662. 
Owned the" Waker- 
ing Hall " Planta- 
tion in Antigua. 


Gent., 1668 ; had 
160 acres at Popes- 

John Vernon of " Vernons" in St. Peter's Parish, 
Antigua, born 1650 ; recommended as a Member 
of Council 1699; died at his house in Golden 
Square ; bur. 23 June 1704 at St. Edmund, 
Lombard Street. Will dated 17 June 1704, then 
of St. James, Westminster ; proved 2 Nov. 1705. 
(231 Gee.) His estate was disintailed by Act of 
1724 on the petition ot William Moore and 
Elizabeth his wife. 

=pElizabeth .... mar. 
before 1681; Es'trix 
1704 ; remar. 29 June 
1710, at St. Edmund, 
Lombard Street, Wil- 
liam Moore ; both 
living 1724; she died 

Dorothy Everard, 1st dau., under Elizabeth 
18 in 1662 ; owned half of 380 Everard, 
acres in 1672 in her own right, 2nd dau., 
which she conveyed by Act of dead 1678. 
1678 to her stepfather John 
Vernon ; mar. George Symes in 
or before 1679, when "Wakering 
Hall " was settled on them. 

Anna, only dau. and heir of George Lysons of^pJohn Vernon of "Vernons 

Lincoln's Inn and CO. Gloucester, by Magdalene, | "Little Fosters," Egham,_co. Surrey, 1st 
dau. of Sir Marmaduke Rawdon of Barbados 
and CO. Herts ; stated to have died 1732 at 
Wivenhoe, co. Essex. Adm'on May 1733 to 
1st wife. 

Antigua, and of=pElizabeth Weston, 

and I died 1760 at Bark- 
heir, born 1696; Major 1736; Member of Council ing; bur. with her 
(resigned 1742-3) ; bur. 26 Sep. 1765 at St. Edmund, parents at Pad- 
Lombard Street. Will dated 30 Aug., then of ' dington Church. 
Barking, co. Essex, and proved 1 Oct. 1765. (393 2nd wife. 
Rushworth.) ! 

died s.p. 

Vernon of "Vernons "^Margaret, dau. George Vernon, died s.p. 

in Antigua and of "Little 
Fosters," Egham, and of Lon- 
don, merchant, died 16 and bur. 
22 Aug. 1769 at St. Edmund, 
Lombard Street. Adm'on 30 
Aug. to his widow. 

of Sir Crisp 
Knt., Lord 
Mayor of Lon- 
don ; he died 
28 Dec. 1761. 

I I 

I I I 
Katherine Vernon. 

William Rawdon Vernon 
of Frodsham, Cheshire. 
Will dated 29 July and 
proved 22 Aug. 1755. 
(229 Paul.) 

— Hester Vernon. 


Teresa Susanna Vernon. 


John Vernon, born 1773 ; of St. Peter's=pElizabeth Grace, 2nd dau. of Joseph Vernon,=pSarah, dau. of Seven others. 

College, Cambridge, 1795, M.A., Sen. 
Opt. ; Colonel of 18th Hussars and 
Quartermaster-General ; died 1859 at 

Justinian Casamajor* of Pot- 
terells, co. Herts, by Mary, 
dau. of Duncan Grant of 
Antigua ; mar. 17 Oct. 1808 
at North Mimms. 

Captain in the 

who all died 


John Justinian Vernon, Captain 15th George James Vernon, Henrietta 

Vernon, Hussars ; assumed the name Captain 47th Regi- Vernon, 

died s.p. and arms of Casamajor by the ment, died s.p. 21 Dec. 

1831. will of his grandfather Justinian 1844 at Potterells, co. 

Casamajor dated 2 Sep. 1816; Herts. 

died s.p. 1842. 

Cecilia Vernon, mar. Emma Vernon. 
Christopher Mus- 
grave, son of Dr. 
Anthony Musgrave 
of Antigua. 

* See Vol. II., p. 29 ; also ' Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica,' New Series, vol. i., pp. 87—90. 



Close Eoll, 7 Will. IV., Part 11, No. 9. 
Indenture made the 4th March 1836 between Justinian 
Vernon of Boulogne-sur-Mer, at present in London, Lieut. 
in H.M.'s 4th Light Dragoons, of the 1st part, William 
Jenkins of London, merchant, of the 2nd part, and Robert 
Grant and James Farley Salmon of Antigua, Esquires, of 
the 3rd part, witnesseth that in order to bar the estate tail 
of Justinian Vernon in the property hereinafter mentioned, 
and all estate which may take effect after the determination 
of the said estates tail, and also in confirmation of Indentures 
of Lease and Release dated the 24th and 2.5th April 1835, the 
release being between John Vernon (father of Justinian 
Vernon), of the 1st part, Justinian Vernon, of the 2nd part, 
and William Jenkins and George Allfree, his then co-partner 
in trade, of the 3rd part, and of an Indenture dated the 
28th Dec. 1835 between the said John Vernon, of the 1st 
part, Justinian Vernon, of the 2nd part, and William 
Jenkins, of the 3rd part, Justinian Vernon, with the consent 
of William Jenkins in whom the first estate of freehold is 
vested, grants to William Jenkins all that plantation in the 
parish of St. Peter and division of New North Sound, con- 
taining 400 acres, and also all the compensation sums of 
money payable to the ownei-s of the plantation in respect of 
the late slaves belonging to tiie same, and all other real and 
personal property whatsoever comprised in the aforesaid 
Indentures to have and to hold in confirmation of the said 
Indentures, subject to the right of redemption reserved by 
the said mortgage securities, but with all such powers and 
rights as were thereby vested in the said mortgagee. Lastly 
Justinian Vernon appoints, etc., Robert Grant and James 
Farley Salmon to be his Attorneys to appear before the 
Secretary in Antigua to acknowledge the present Indenture, 
and also the Indentui-e of release before mentioned dated 
the 25th April 1835, and also the Indenture dated the 28th 
Dec. 1835. Justinian Vernon, Tiiomas Smith, Raymond 
Buildings, Gray's Inn, Thomas Hanson Peile, Old Broad 

Street, witnesses. William Jenkins, Thomas Hanson Peile, 
Old Broad Street, W. I. McKellar, 2 Judd Place East, New 

1647, Jan. 10. Samuel Winthrop writes to his father 
of " Cap'an Clement Everet (of 8' Christopher's), a justice 
of peace, who being o"' country man & hearing o"^ name, vsed 
me verry courtiously, and assisted me much in my law suites, 
which were there verry many. Justice Froth,* who was of yC 
acquaintance in England (as he informs me), was his grand- 
father. I have left in his handes my busines in S' X'per's." 
(' Winthrop Papers,' part iv., p. 239.) 

It is probable that this Clement Everard was a member 
of the Essex family whose pedigree may be seen in the 
Visitation of that county. 

1659. Twelve articles of complaint were drawn up 
against Colonel Clement Everard the Deputy-Governor of 
St. Christopher's, but the petition and sentence have been 
lost. (Calendar of Colonial Papers, 1674 — 1660.) 

1665, July 5. Clement Everard of St. Christopher's, 
Esq., now resident at Barbados and bound for England. 
Letter of attorney to Peter Hancock of Barbados, merchant, 
for goods worth 18,528 lbs. Valued by Richard Jelly, 
Richard Morris. 

1668. Clement Everard, Gent., jun., 160 acres at Popes- 
head. (Book of Claims.) 

1670. Colonel Clement Everard, an owner of estates 
in the Leeward Isles, named in a petition of St. Kitts' 
inhabitants. In June 1672 he was a member of Council of 
St. Christopher's. It was stated in 1673 that his estate 
had been devastated by the French since the notice of the 

' Governor Wiuthrop married 16 April 1605 Mary daughter of 
John Forth, Esq., of Great Stambridge, co. Essex. The latter died 
15 May 1613. 

youngest son, 
under 23, 1704. 

I I 

Mary Vernon, a minor 1704; 
mar. William Oxenden of 
CO. Kent, Esq. 

Elizabeth Vernon, a minor 
1704 ; mar. Thomas Hurst 
of Stamford, Esq. 

Frances, dau.=pThonias Vernon of Bristol,=rElizabeth Nicoll of Hendon, 

of Sir Harry 
Tyrrell, 5th 
Bart. 1st 

Barrister-at-Law, 2nd son, 
bur. 11 April 1777 at St. 
Edmund, Lombard Street. 
Will dated 8 Feb. 1765 ; 
proved 5 April 1777. (188 

Robert Mary, dau.=pJohn Joseph James Vernon=pHannah, dau. of 


and heir of 


Rev. Randal 



died s.p. 

Vicar of 

Preston, co. 


1st wife. 

of "Vernous," Antigua, 
Esq., succeeded 1769 ; born 
1744 at Montauban, France ; 
Capt. 4th Dragoon Guards ; 
died 1823 at Chester. 

Miles Mason of 
2nd wife. 

Frances Penelope 
mar. William Wat- 
kins : she died 

CO. Middlesex, mar. 1736 at 
Somerset House Chapel. 
Will dated 1 July 1783 ; 
proved 7 May 1788. (275 

Jane Elizabeth Vernon, mar. 
William Browne, Attorney- 
at-Law ; both hving 1783. 

Elizabeth Isabella Vernon, 
mar. 1765—67 .... Bar- 
clay ; living his widow 1783. 

Susan, dau. of= 
Dr. Kemball of 
Maldon. 1st 

Rev. William Vernon, born 1792 ;=pElizabeth Henry Vernon, had=rH. Parker of Bury, Eleven others, 

.... an only child Hen- co. Lancaster. who all died 

2nd wife, rietta. /fs s.p. 


M.A. Cant. ; Perpetual Curate of 
Grindleton, Yorkshire, 1822 ; 
Vicar of Patcham and Little- 
hampton ; died 1871. 

John James 

scholarof St. 
Hall, Can- 
s.p. 1850. 

William James Vernon, 
B.A. and Sen. Opt. St. 
John's College, Cam- 
bridge, 1855. Sent 
account of family to 
' Gent. Mag.' 1867. 


Henry Hannotte Ver-= 
non, M.D.Edinburgh 
1853; M.R.C.S. Eng- 
land 1854 ; of South- 
port, CO. Lancaster, 

Elizabeth S. 

Caroline H. Vernon. 

— Helen Victoria Vernon. 

Frances M. 
J. Vernon. 

Henriette Veruon. 

Joiin Justinian Vernon, M.B. Edinburgh 1889 ; of Soulhport 1896. 

* Randal Andrews, only son of Kandall Andrews of Wellington, co. Salop, pleb., matr